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Favorite Model of 2019


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The community website got the poll up and I found it be a pretty hard choice. Loads of good models and it made me realize just how much 40k we got this year too. Wound up going with Keeper of Secrets since I feel they pulled off a difficult concept (monstrous/beautiful) quite well. Skullmaster, some of the 40k chaos stuff, and basically all the Gloomspite Releases were up there for me too. Just wondering what and why other people picked.  

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Dankhold Troggoth for conversion versatility and allowing many a monster build.

The Unmade take the best unit slot for me, they’re just so creepy with their flayed belts.

Runner ups. The Corvus Cabal for Corvine Ninjufury, Katakros for having a strong presence without pointing or shouting. And Abaddon because he’s the poster boy for Space Chaos. Skagrott because he’s a ****** Mushroom Goblin King and prophet of an evil moon. 

It’s been a good year, now give me a plastic Shaggoth and I’ll stop the whining. For like a month tops.

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I just got Grombrindel home, but it's probably Gotrek for me. Godsworn Hunt is nice, the best of the warbands I own, but has a few overdone figures in it.

Karl Franz on Deathclaw, Pistoleers, Greatswords, Demigryphs and the Excelsior Warpriest are somehow missing from the choices, and are better than any of them.

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Lotta good choices - the Gobblapooza are the funniest and most creative of a funny, creative range - but it’s got to be Katakros. Incredible details, a variety of well-executed textures, one of the most exquisite poses of a GW model, a whole characterful narrative from the diorama. Easily one of the best miniature made for AoS.

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