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  1. It's still kind of soonish* though how soon is difficult to say
  2. The stromstrike chariot, whose riders are in thunderstrike, belongs to the vanguard auxiliary chamber already.
  3. Celestial Warbringers and Knights Excelsior are confirmed to have LC currently, Gardus could have been Hallowed Knights’ LC but he refused, so I guess no LC for Hallowed Knights atm. Gotta admit, GW indeed did them a bit over the top...
  4. Worse or better depends on one's perspective Some may call it flavorful while other people claim it boring, though.
  5. I personally don’t think it’s going to be spiderfang. I mean, the preview video makes it quite clear the spider-thing is very “chaos-related” So it won’t be something associated with the main game as much as the shadowstalkers. Could be wrong, though.
  6. Btw, squats got semi-confirmed for 40k as a faction.
  7. You can be a bit more optimistic, eh, just a bit!
  8. Nah they are the wind dragon and the iron dragon, both scions of the Emperor And there are heavy cavalry and flying cavalry
  9. Just in case Cathay is gonna be previewed in 10 minutes.
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