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  1. Generally speaking, Greenskinz don’t usually use “C” for pronunciation, so maybe replace that with another letter. Warclans may have new members! I doubt IJ will like these new lads! Swamp maybe not the place for gitmob though, sadly Time to watch Lotr and Hobbit again ! Visually speaking Hobbit maybe a little bit more modern
  2. You guys are just why the sky is gonna turn dark!
  3. In the preview trailer writers are just saying they are gonna redefine the lore of the setting, things will get even more grim. Prepare yourself.
  4. I mean, you really just have spearmen, archer, silverhelm, boltthrower, blademaster and loremaster aosfied...... These are really pretty whfb
  5. People keep telling themselves that Then that’s when cunningly brutal kicks in
  6. But it’s not plain English sir, it’s aelven^tm English We counsel you to meet Sigmar Unberogen The Barbarian in the demand of simple English speaking.
  7. Well I believe they have confirmed that all three models previewed are in the starter box
  8. But these new boys are not new chamber They are effectively just veteran liberators elites changing their armours and weapons. However it’s true they are surely not gonna replace liberators in several years btw Sigmar is really nostalgic recently
  9. Not really I mean, just look at his homeland the old empire, sigmar’ heirs had all sorts of military weapons such as spears & shields, swords, halberds etc.
  10. Nah thunderstrike are really just primaris Stormcast By the lesson from 40k apparently GW is not gonna erase oldcast at once TBH I guess they will buff oldcast in the 3ed as appeal to veteran players and then gradually support newcast supplement by supplement and 2 or 3 editions later there will be no one using oldcast Then that’s the moment they will justify retiring oldcast, maybe not giving them rule adjustment as the first step.
  11. Well technically greenskinz are already half fungoid, so maybe they can be considered as evil swamp plants...
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