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  1. Auction of blood and Tainted Axe are also sequel short stories of Eight Lamentations
  2. Morghur ascended into godhood if my memory is right
  3. Well I think it is just a nod for fun, you know, nowadays BL writers really like to hint elements of WFB (Settrus, Ikrit, Blood dragon, etc) Honestly I love and hate them at the same time for this 'habit", on one hand I really want to see something in aos is from old world, on the other hand BL novels don't necessarily link to GW's new products unless the fluff is confirmed in battletomes (Thanquol, Oak of ages past, etc.), so do not be too excited about what is in the novel. But hey that's indeed interesting, even if the possibility for Brets to come back is so small that nobody cares about it I still want to see more about them in the future! Who knows what decision gw will make!
  4. I don't really think they will release a new battletome for SCE so SOOON or will they?
  5. I'm not sure, but I guess so because to me they looks quite similar, but maybe not as I have no confidence in art appreciation On city book you can at least see 2 free people, one knight (may be a general, I am not sure) on demi-gryph and one fire mage As far as I recall no information about date mentioned
  6. They announced several things during the seminar The title of the game is called 'Soulbound' The cover art of the dm book will be the right part of the cover art of the core book we have seen, on it there will be chaos gods and forces just like the big head of Nagash For starter set there will be two books, one campaign book and one city background book. The starter campaign will begin in a newly created free city in Aqshy whose name is still unknown The city is facing an assault of TZ daemons and players need to help to defend it. The cover of the city book shows on the ground how free people battle against daemons and the cover art of the campaign book shows underground characters secretly fight against a group of daemons (there is even a lord of change!) Just like the core book and dm book, these two covers can actually be combined to form a larger picture The key point of the campaign is a sealed realmgate Background and daily life of people and characters in mortal realms will be detailed in the book
  7. Yeah that is a bit too strange to me What civilisations can build wonders like realmgates without help of gods? And as far as I recall, when Sigmar woke up the realms are just forming up. This new 'long-lost civilization' thing makes no sense to me at this stage, it is too abrupt.
  8. Any thought of this? Civilization? What civilization?
  9. Maybe influenced by China-US trade issues or Brexit? Don't know, heard no news, hope the delay will not be too long.
  10. Just to ask for a confirmation Someone told me that the silver knight met by Araloth in plague garden in the ET is Gardus But when myself read through the Quest of Gal Maraz I never found any hint about what happened to Gardus during his adventure So is that just some random internet shxt or I missed something? Also found Oak of Ages become Oak of Ages Past in Mortal Realms, to be honest another funny name transformation haha
  11. 40k and Aos are certainly on totally different stage, let alone their themes and atmosphere are completely different, or even opposite 40k is on the road of already decades of developing, its theme is about the rotting and dying and struggling of the whole galaxy, (except greenskinz or nids I guess). Its frame is well-established and development must be steady and reasonable. It is for sure you will not see 'new things' as often as in Aos for there were already so much treasure written in its long history, creativity or 'new thing' doesn't always mean 'welcomed' in the case of 40k (just look at the impact caused by the invention of primaris). Surely a series of events after 8e mainly focused on the imperium, since imperium is now facing a disaster never seen before and 40k means to be a surviving story of humankind in grimdarkness of the far future and this is why it is unique. Moreover, it is safe to predict when the dust of crisis of imperium is settled, we will see more from xenos (to be fair they have already mentioned a lot about xenos, take Ynnari and GSC as examples) Aos, however, means to be new. Although writers have done a great job on establishing the world, especially after 2.0, there are still so many gaps and mysteries yet to be solved. Without constant content updating Aos can not grow into a mature setting. Ppl usually feel there are constant new things created for Aos, this is very true, because this world lacked so much when Aos was launched! They used to only have the base setting of the world! Aos now is experiencing exactly what happened to 40k from 2017-2018 when 8e launched, for all factions need a refreshment of 2.0 rule if Gw still wants them playable otherwise they will be cut out just like greenskinz and Gitmobs (temporarily at least). What we truly need to consider is where the world will go after the tide of refreshing finally ends and all must-have factions get released (light/dark elves, traditional dwarf and mortals aka free people, etc). My guess is more campaign books like Vigilus and Forbidden Power in which we can find expansion of rules and development of lore, sometimes get new factions hinted before in fluff (sky grots, etc). However, my worry is how those talented writers will create mortal heroes, for it appears to me that the time span of events in Aos is usually about hundreds of years, which is long enough for heros (I mean mortals, not sigmarine or chaos or undead) to get old and die. In this case creating famous mortal heroes will be quite difficult, as long as they do not simply transform every hero into SCE.
  12. Truely those bald men and women are good citizens of imperium, I will give you that. Maybe that's because the whole Aos is generally new I guess
  13. It always makes me laugh everytime I read the core book for it says as soon as Nagash was freed he secretly started the plan to make himself supreme, which means he betrayed Sigmar at once despite he was just released by Sigmar. And years ago Sigmar still believes he can make friend with Nagash Haha very funny
  14. Guess what, Myrmidia does exit in AOS and has her own kinght order
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