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  1. Thanks for the reply! Oh now this is getting more interesting... But yeah I still hope the Soulbound thing is optional since pc will always try to play some wired characters such as seraphon or good vampires
  2. What about SCE Soulbound? They also explode and no reforge? Can a Soulbound mortal human be reforged? And idk? Can’t their souls get back into coral? What about Sylvaneth’s lamentiri?
  3. Oh why don’t just make the chair flowing? Come on you have the magic to bind soul already, you just need a bit more to make you cooler!
  4. There are some in the short stories ( Japanese Samurai, Monks etc) but never in real models
  5. Agree BL’s characters such as Balthus, Gardus, Ramus and Hamilcar are much better than most of characters in the Battletome \ Whitedwarf Heck the only not-hammer SCE special character is literally a nobody-loser of anvil with no specific model
  6. No I think you misunderstand the point I totally understand what OSB are and why they are look so different Yet I still complain about them because I am a big fan of ‘proper human skull’ I like skull because of the chilly terror and emotionlessness given by it, so it’s difficult for me to accept the mockery and weird grin on these new homeboys faces I am just sad we lost a opportunity to get some new sculpts skeletons and how amazing these guys could be if they had proper skulls
  7. I like the mount of SC far more than the normal one, but think the face of generic one is better, looks more like a proper skull Also their pose just looks like mirroring IDK Akelian Kings
  8. But, but good sir, in my mind as one of 3 (well, 5 now) mortarchs, one of the few creatures (?) who is just less powerful than a god, master manipulator and the oldest spymaster in the mortal realms, Neferata should just be like the "really smart vampire" that you described, not some arrogant cartoonish bad girl who grant happiness and superiority from tricking young boy and his ancestors...
  9. But the cleaning thing has been already mentioned in the corebook! So I expected something more! And you are right, SOH is indeed a master piece, I actually expect something like these art for other cities in this new tome...
  10. Well to me latter novels Neferata seems a bit too naive and childish for an old vampire like her Curious to see how is it in this one
  11. It’s Gordrakk who aims to crack the gate of Azyr open and fight Sigmar face to face
  12. Have just finished the lore part of the COS Well, let's say I'm a bit disappointed about the book I won't give it a 'meh' level, but it's only 'ok' Quite much content is what we already known and repeated from firestorm campaign book or former short stories/ novels. There is indeed some new stuff but quite limited to several specific factions such as anvilgard and order serpentis Nothing new about dipossessed, wanderers or shadowbalde etc. They just rectoned shadow warriors to make them shadowblade and pretend swifthawk agents never exist (strangely eldrich concil does get mentioned). Although flaggnent is in the book but no lore for Devoted of Sigmar—— kind of making sense because without witch hunter and warrior priests or even excelsior priest, flaggnent is the only Devoted unit, who would bother explaining what they are? The eventline in the book is which I believe to be the shortest one in 2.0 battletomes. I also believe there is only one (living city battle scene) or two (if you count cover) new art in the book, the rest are just copied from WHFB and Firestorm. Some funny contradictions also occured, such as saying 'Sigmar punished and killed all those people with malice and cruelty to purge taint in his realm' and later describing how dark aelves, aka Sigmar's close ally in Azry, are cruel and merciless. Seraphon got mentioned in first several pages as allys of Free Cities but rulewise COS can't ally with Seraphon. This book indeed helps to flesh out the setting a bit, however far less than I expected . For Sigmar's sake I still don't know how a day of normal man should be like in Hammerhal, it's claimed to be a continent-sized magical metorpolis with population over billions but only gives me a feeling that it is some random fantasy medieval city with elements of magic and steam punk. Overall I am not satified with this book, it is still worth reading, but not good enough to change the hollowness of the contemporary setting. BTW: JR's 7 short sotries are still gold and obviously my favourite part of the book, which actually flesh out how different races fight together, I especially like the one of Greywater Fastness with stubborn Dwarf Cogsmith.
  13. But hey, Britain doesn’t have thanksgiving, isn’t it?
  14. Dark soul aos ver SCE are just what we have for undead in aos
  15. But this does not help to explain why ironjawz, a aosy new faction, will not have terrain or spell or whatever new model they deserve
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