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  1. Stormvault The power of the engines was based on souls
  2. No, this is the example given of what can be in stormvault and how Teclis knew Sigmar tricked him It is nothing with the thing released by Olynder
  3. Believe it or not, it's up to you. Just don't be too regret when get all your chaos stuff sold and new models announced. Besides, what good can I get from lying to you?
  4. Well, that website is actually quite popular among 40k orks player, not well known among aos players is reasonable.
  5. The website called Da waaagh was called down by GW as a result of someone leaking pictures of new Chaos stuff. Evidence erased, but you can still find the remain of that dead website.
  6. Let me just say this: new Chaos lord on horse and new Chaos knights are coming
  7. What a good day, just think about that good old great sword on the cover and tons of lore and settings we can get from that book...... I can ask no more, well done GW, well done, will buy the book as soon as possible
  8. Well to me the new “old ones” seem to be more Cthulhu like, not the same things with Lizardmen’s traditional “old ones”. By Seraphon battletome, traditional old ones are hinted to be constellation of stars now.
  9. Yeah you are right. I just mean those “old ones” and “Sotek” seem to be “star gods” now
  10. It was hinted in new Slaanesh Battletome that some elves survive the End Time by “secret haven”
  11. I am sure that some of the old gods did survive and even became part of Sigmar’s pantheon, Taal was mentioned being worshipped in Ghur while Myrmidya has her own knightly order. Gazul and Valaya were very likely alive at the time of myth but some things had happened to them, like, it was mentioned that Gazul was defeated by Nagash but part of him still preserved by his worshippers. Kurnous seems very likely survived and got name changed for copyright issues, Khaine was half-dead but there is still chance for him to rise again though little. It was also mentioned that Teclis was trying to revive other old elven gods. Lizardmen’s gods, aka “old ones” seem also still exit in AOS, they, such as Sotek, are now “star gods” who were constellations and still able to bless Space Lizardmen. It is interesting that Sotek even has human worshippers now.
  12. Like, eh, SCE can fall in love with each other and be able to do sex?
  13. Well, though off topic I have to say at least the concept art of SCE by Blanche is amazing...
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