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  1. Please stop constantly pointing out how dumb Nagash can be, for the sake of his little heart
  2. Sigvald maybe? There is several hint of his soul trapped in a mirror of shadeglass
  3. Archaon singlehandly defeated Nagash in the dual do not forget
  4. Tzzangors and Cultists may be separated just as SCE
  5. I heard the ET has been planned relatively long, but the idea of AOS was only created half an year they really destroyed the old hammer
  6. Agree, but I do feel the endings for many beloved characters in ET were bad written, they deserve something more in the new legend After several hints and Gotrek, GW will certainly continue to bring some of them back Looking forward to the novel for Olynder though, as a mortarch she should not just be a "bad hateful female ghost"
  7. The new dlc of TWW actually reminds me how good and popular Malus was Since we have Gotrek back and potentially more old characters back, I really wish one day GW will bring Malus back as well, he is that kind of anti-hero AOS now needs.
  8. Boring ”you can plan for it blah blah” is just a excuse to cover up.
  9. Since the narratives of Warhammer is always kind of turn-based, I am guessing it's definitely gonna be Chaos' day and Katakros will be kicked right on his big boney ass By BIG A
  10. Presenting pictures of tournaments held in the UK or US ”Hey there are only white males!” You can’t be serious.
  11. I obviously want more female models But I dislike sce and I especially dislike golden sce And I utterly HATE literally-who golden sce so when they release golden sce literally-who men and women I just hate them
  12. A Z U R E B O L T … S, sorry but I just can’t help bursting out a laugh
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