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  1. Are we gonna enter social philosophical debate here? I’m ready to make some references from Wittgenstein and Russel XD.
  2. She’s in the shadespire, or at least her inspiration came from shadespire model.
  3. From a player viewpoint, this, definitely this. From GW viewpoint, well, I think if they consider female models will bring in more profit, then they will design more, if not then less. At then end only profit matters, it’s capitalism after all, isn’t it?
  4. Yes, space marines would not have been so messed up if there were females from the very beginning. XD But seriously you can not deny some people just like space marines for their, well I don’t know if these terms are suitable here, their “stupidity” and misery. You really can’t blame a setting whose very major themes are just stupidity and backwardness, can you?
  5. Honestly, any new designs, especially females with different equipment from males, are welcomed for fyreslayers, since what they have now are just naked male muscular berserker dwarves with mohawk and beard repeating 1000+ times....
  6. Oh well fyreslayers are still dwarves, dwarven females are rare but do exist.
  7. Well though I do want female fyreslayers but their society doesn’t work like that. Their worship of Grimnir makes their culture pretty patriarchal and the power pass from father to son. The female member in the family is called hearth wife or hearth mother, and most of them are not expected to engage in a war. But there are indeed rumors about fyreslayer queen in the battletome .
  8. I think we don’t really need to find gender category for the beings that are too alien, too different or just beyond human sanity...
  9. I believe in WHFB even elves’ strength is superior to human?
  10. I mean, if AOS skaven can play with space and time, I can hardly believe their biocrafting ability has declined...
  11. That, I think it’s based on the design elements and what kind of faction culture designer want to express with these miniatures. What I can see is GW’s elves generally represents a more advanced and civilized (no offence to other factions) society to a point which is nearly akin to the reality, while the humans (especially back in the day of WHFB) are deliberately designed as a civilization around certain historic era. So it ends as elves are quite gender balanced while humans are not. Although it’s quite controversial, I think it was not a bad idea for designing a fantasy world setting at the moment. Now in the AoS we are having much more choices and possibilities to explore for many factions, but generally speaking I guess GW will still retain some unique elements for each faction. For example elves are still more gender mixed than traditional dwarves (like fyreslayers), though we now have capitalist Kharadron which gives female dwarves much more spaces to shine.
  12. Fair point, honestly I do understand at this stage it is the best way to represent the diversity in the miniatures from a commercial viewpoint. However I just feel it’s a shame they choose a very old fashioned troupe(males are buff and strong, females are slender and with boob plate etc.) rather than a more clever and subtler way to represent gender diversity.
  13. Yeah that’s exactly what I mean, don’t you think that’a too much and absurd for an superhuman army comprised of both genders? Greco-Roman theme itself is emphasizing musculinity.
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