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  1. Well by Phil Kelly this is actually a slippery of writing, an exaggeration rather than real scale description. He says the Hammerhal is still massive, “as large as modern London” but certainly not on the same size of a continent. And yeah from description in Soulbound, the great patch is around the same size of Eurasia.
  2. It’s about one fifth of whole Hysh
  3. Anything Josh Reynolds At this stage I would highly recommend Dark Harvest.
  4. No this article is just like a jest of how “normal people” view strange things in the mortal realms Much of content has been mentioned before: Bugman was here since the age of myth, seraphon is battling against Da Moon, Slaanesh is escaping, ur-gold is for reviving griminir, and at last, though Malerion never leaves his throne in Druchiroth, where there is shadow, there is the king of shadow.
  5. Lorewise people should think LRL this way: they are “High elf plus elemental path” instead of “high elf integrated with elemental path” Were they aosy high elf? Yes. But “something” happened. Then there came the elemental path. But this doesn’t mean the high elfy part is gone. Their relationship with nature and elements is very much like what happened in Princess Mononoke and ancient Chinese philosophy “be the one with the world/realm.”
  6. To me, the only thing wrong with these elves is the elf head
  7. Cow is just the avatar of mountain, the spirit of mountain is not even a living creature but a grand statue possessed by the natural spirits. It has no connection with Slannesh except shared elements of the same animal Other paths such as wind and river will also have their own animal avatar of the natural power, just like the god beast in princess mononoke.
  8. Old ones are potential creators of the realms, the pole gates in the old world are actually just realmgates The technology of seraphon is incredibly advanced. To them miniature realmgates are just like daily tools, there are multiple small realm gates in one temple-city, and the ark of Sotek is actually a very small realm gate. Their mothership can be broken up into several small ships to land as the foundation of temple-city. When they land the majority of the ship will phase into the ground, the soil replaced will be directly teleported into space. Basically these spaceships are like world ship in sci-fi works, have everything from environmental engine to self-replicate building systems. All worship of old-ones, like tepok, is passed on, they are now just traditional lizardsmen with higher tech and magic. It is also mentioned during the time of Old World, their pyramids were actually under auto-construction all the time, and only finished all the remould in time during ET. Sunblood and Eternal Warden are hinted to be fragments of characters what they once were(old Lizardmen characters) reborn into life through spawning Many of mortal empires in age of myth which had incredibly advanced technology or arcane technology is a result of relic of old ones bestowed to them by Slann.
  9. New seraphon lore is really interesting, like the old good lizardsman merged with protoss
  10. Kurnothi is more like sylvaneth than wanderer, and I bet they will get their book eventually
  11. They will not miss an opptunity to flesh out what happened and what is going on in the mysterious realm
  12. All vanari are standing-soldier, they are both Teclian and Tyrionic. However you can argue they are not the truly elite soldiers, which may be under direct command of Tyrion more often
  13. So if you read Slaanesh battletome and community articles, it is very clear that Teclis and Tyrion are in the same faction. However only Teclis listened to Morathi and decides to take direct action, while Tyrion is too confident in himself and Malerion to do anything. Considering what the twins are used to do in the old world, Teclis' force may be meant to be the vangaurd of whole lumineth.
  14. Keep in mind that only Teclis has mustered his force, his big brother still sit back home
  15. If you release a whole legion of Varanguard and with Archaon at its front nothing in the mortal realm can stop that, let alone strong but still mortal elves.
  16. Ppl should expect anything connected with stone in this faction also associates with auroch, so...
  17. Interestingly to Soulbound Sylvaneth it can be seen as a way to escape the hive mind of the race and the ultimate rule of everqueen.
  18. How strong Teclis is depends on from which standpoint you view it Quantity of spells on par with Nagash? I think not. Quality? Maybe
  19. From what I understand that is a complete recton Lizards are no longer star ghost summoned from the memory of the past, but creatures of flesh and bone with magic. It is the foolish free people mistake them as pure magic creature
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