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  1. The stromstrike chariot, whose riders are in thunderstrike, belongs to the vanguard auxiliary chamber already.
  2. Celestial Warbringers and Knights Excelsior are confirmed to have LC currently, Gardus could have been Hallowed Knights’ LC but he refused, so I guess no LC for Hallowed Knights atm. Gotta admit, GW indeed did them a bit over the top...
  3. Worse or better depends on one's perspective Some may call it flavorful while other people claim it boring, though.
  4. I personally don’t think it’s going to be spiderfang. I mean, the preview video makes it quite clear the spider-thing is very “chaos-related” So it won’t be something associated with the main game as much as the shadowstalkers. Could be wrong, though.
  5. Btw, squats got semi-confirmed for 40k as a faction.
  6. You can be a bit more optimistic, eh, just a bit!
  7. Nah they are the wind dragon and the iron dragon, both scions of the Emperor And there are heavy cavalry and flying cavalry
  8. Just in case Cathay is gonna be previewed in 10 minutes.
  9. You can always contact their Stormcast friends
  10. You don’t ride your boss, even if he is a dragon, right? Soon!
  11. Wrong CA’s design is based on the material provided by GW And considering the production process if TOW is gonna be released in 2022 or 2023 The mold of miniatures should have been completed at the moment and even some experimenting models have already been produced
  12. Kurnothi live in hidden glades of Ghyran where only sylvaneth know though.
  13. To be honest, TTA seems unlikely to me at the moment.
  14. Yeah, though I think the redesign and resculpting in modern vibes may take a bit longer, I bet even by now they have already put some efforts into reintroducing “classic” factions If choose only between the two new ones, I think atm Kislev is a miss for me. I personally think the design vibe is too realistic, lacking that intriguing combination of mythical and realistic elements in the broader scenes of WFB. The focus on bear is fine, but the way how they resolve it lacks of creativity, they can do something more like the elemental bear, snow leopard or streltsy (which is my favorite), or even dive into the Eastern European folklore and deconstruct it. Cathay is the one yet to be seen, and I am interested to see the warhammer take of Far East cultures. Giant flying snakes and terracota army would be fine, but if it’s just that copy paste over a thousand of times, it’s gonna be too mythical and lame, on the other hand, limited on monks and kungfu fighters are also boring to me. Something akin to Sekiro* would be my taste. Broadly speaking? It’s time for the first priest king and lord of Khemri to show people what imperishable means once again and I am ready to put Nagash‘s skull under the wheel of his chariot😜
  15. The overall art design of Cathay and Kislev are all done and good enough to make a video game though. It’s just the production process taking time
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