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  1. Greenstuff and clippers, to be fair I mostly make monster units so its easier. Currently doing some Gavespawn Gors/Bestigors. The original unit I had which was made from the gor box was just too idebtical for what I’d see gavespawn Gors looking like. So I’m assembling and disassembling lots of beast sized foot troops. Again, much easier with Chaos but no reason why you couldn’t clip weapons, remodel poses, cut at the waist and reposition or attach to different legs or even just do a head swap.
  2. The fella (Judge?) is not, but we still don’t know what that big giant terror is? Voice of the video and revealed new character, which is also a few of the rumour engines, seems to be a Mortal Realm denzien given a special position by Nagash mich like Lady Olynder. But we still don’t know who or what the thing within the tomb in the artwork is. Also, this fella with the slab on his back reminds me of this guy 😂
  3. Rumours! - Thanks to @Charleston I would almost bet on a serious one like this for example And breakdown from @sorokyl Looks like Ogors gave their dead in exchange for peace. The truce/peace seems to be broken. Reccomended to take with salt but not OTT rumour.
  4. Cyanathair the Corrupter, nearly complete, Gavespawn character of Morghurs spirit with aspects of Malagor.
  5. Beastman Chaos Spawn “Scorpion Cow”, made this cute fella from a whole bunch of junk kicking around, literally made from scraps leftover from other conversions, rather fond of it though.
  6. @Antonio Rodrigues thank you very much, really appreciate that 😊 Small update on Gor Dum, warrior aspect of Morghur in the visage of Gorthor. I see Morghur’s true form being too powerful for the Mortal realms so he splits himself into three beings (Triumvirate of the Gavespawn?), Morghur the Devolver, an anarchic Beastman Avatar/Daemon. Cyanathair the Corrupter, Winged Shaman and Prophet/spiritual leader of the Devolver, and lastly Gor Dum the Master of Skulls, renowned duelist among the Gavespawn. His spear, the Gnarled Impaler shares an equal notoriety.
  7. Makes sense that Dragons will now only be a Dark Elf Image seeng as Malerion will be some sort of dragon fusion god and if the other Aelfs are a tell tale then that might mean the Dark Elves might be draconic in aspect, or winged, or have derpy dragon heads, I don’t know just a thought.
  8. Man so much being squatted. I’m surprised Volkmar’s going, Alhough it not quite for me I always thought it was quite a neat kit. i do wonder how much thats sold out from the list has been bought by people trying to get what units they can, and what amount are people trying to make a quick buck on eBay?
  9. Third Photo splirge, trolls with legs and bases.
  10. If you mean Lady Olynder I think you are mistaken. She was sent by Nagash as he wants the evil within. The Legion of Grief was assembled and marching their, Sigmar responds and I think that’s where we’re at now. If I’m mistaken please do correct as I’m not entirley well verse din AoS Lore as much as I would like. NVM, you’re referencing that odd film about the witch, my bad...
  11. From the rumour Thread, curiouser and curiouser...
  12. And a rumour engine revealed, the spear.
  13. Beastgrave is the best reveal of the year for me, exciting Kurnothi Aelfs, beautiful beastmen, love it.
  14. Man, the hobby sure has come a long way, so great to see such a beautiful model and the steps it takes to make it. Hats off mate.
  15. And finally the Chaos Troll hag that still needs and assortment of bits and saggy...things.
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