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  1. I’m quite happy with the reveals thus far, but there has been a lot of chaos bits and bobs for modeling as opposed to gaming which is my bag, which I can see why people maybe a little let down. That Larp trailer was quite tastelessly Cheesey I have to say. After the beutiful an8mation trailed they did for things like a Gloomspite and DoK I’m suprised they didn’t do more along those lines, the DoK one 8n particular near gave me goosebumps when she shouted.
  2. 100 points for Slytherin! I liked the look of the faction, but now even more. Some neat bits in there for conversion.
  3. Looking forward to the winged variants too. From Dakka. Edit Forgot this this was a Ninjitsu Forum too.
  4. And the other two, absolutely love these, hope to see more undivided daemons.
  5. For my first ten years collecting I would wander heavily with a severe shiny-toy lust, the stronger contenders in that time being goblins an trolls and evrery now and again Chaos, particularly Nurgle, but I’ve collected from Tomb Kings to spacewolves to Chaos Dwarves (that one got quit intense). Liber Chaotica kick started my strong intrests in all things Chaos. Then one day GW gave us the concept of Throgg, and that was really all my desires in one, Chaos Monsters, repulsive mutation and most importantly Trolls, which bounces off my facination of Norse Mythology. I did get distracted by the Heresy for quite some time, mostly because I really do like Primarch models. But then slowly my eye wandered back to Trolls and Chaos. And thats when my Grand Alliance of all Things Chaotic and Monstrous started and now I have a huge army Consisting of Chaos Trolls, Gavespawn Beastmen, Chaos Ogors and Forsaken Mortals (with the odd miscallanious beast like Fimir, Gargants etc. Technically it’s four armies and some warbands, but they all fall under the unbrell of the Monstrous Horde, which harkons back to my love of Norse Myth, I see the army almost as the Jotuns and beasts marching against Asgard to bring down the fall of the Aesir Gods. In this case Throgg fullfiling the role of Surtr with his Hammer, destined to shatter Mallus. If anything it was the new open setting that made me fall back in love with Trolls, I like a narrative in my armies and models, and AoS is megalithic in its size of setting and time that I can write in histories into the Age of Myth or even now without need to think it would need to happen in some alternate timeline. The last Two years I would say my Focus has directly been the Monstrous Horde, so much so that I buy things now only to convert, r because I want some more monster sin the Horde, not because it’s new. Admitedley I did fall for the Death Guard (all those Nurgles bits....drool) but eventually this was staved off before it went any further than a unit or two....many ended up part of the army though. So although I collect Undivided Chaos, it leans most Heavily on Nurgle, the reason, I feel is primal. Nurgle is the most equivalant thing Chaos has to a God of Death. Humans have an innate facination with Death (spiritual, scientific, historical, you name it) and Nurgle takes Death, amps it to 20, puts some teeth on guts and some tentacles on the arms and says not today. Its a corrupted shadow of immortality. It combines life, death and the paradoxes of Chaos. To me it’s the most insidious and repulsive of all the Chaos Gods...of all the Chaos Gods, how far does a mortal truly need to fall and suffer to come into the embrace of Nurgle, and then the creepy ****** smile about it too. I guess to me thats pretty frickin cool bruh.
  6. Been thinking the same thing. Which led meto think it may be dark elves... but I’ve been hurt before.
  7. Most of my Chaos Horde is Forgeworld based, from my Chaos Eolves converted from Wolfkin of Russ, Sayl and Nightmaw conversions, my Wulfrik made from Sevartar, Forsaken made from Gal Votbak and Blade Dlaves. Throgg using many bits from the Skaarwc. My Growing ogors made from various forgeworld ogors and ogryns. But most of all my Chaos Trolls now Numbering seven made from Bile Trolls. Miniatures look better with a touch of resin! I eidh there was more beasts like thr Monstrous Arcanum exploring the Mortal Realms and their Fauna.
  8. You’re right, and its wooping them too. Creature Caster just seem to be doing the job that Forgeeorld has neglected to do for fantasy. I’m not saying this as if I can think me or the community are owed more by FW, just simply that it seems like Forgeworld would have had a thriving Fantasy range thats being picked up by competitors. And doing very very well if ai may say so.
  9. I’m optimistic that not only will there be more mortal units, I think they’re going to be the showstoppers. Much in the way Gloomspite revealed the gobbos and squigs, and then the big juicy stuff like manglers and Trolls were shown/leaked. There’s a lot of cat hing up to do in terms of Champions representing Slaanesh. The. Urrent marauders on Steeds kind of fill the role of pusgoykes, tzaangor enlightened and Crushers. So I think we may still see some foot type troops (or snake bodied going bythe aelves). It’s a very Nice release as it it, and it msy be hopeful hype, but I can’t see gw missing out on Mortals for the Dark Prince. They Also haven’t revealed armies in full for some time now. Time will tell. On another Note, Creature Casters “Ectasy” Range revealed, for the most part, at adepticon kinda blew gw’s reveal out the water in terms of quality. Though GW’s kos wins it for simply for the subtlety, which is refreshing. The Drakon Ogre Centaur not-shaggoth is stunning tOo.
  10. That Keeper of Secrets is an outstandingly good model. There’s so much subtle detail, composure. I can’t see a skull or a spike 😮. It may be one of my favourite kits of recent years. Can’t wait to see the other options that come with it, also can’t waitto convert it. All the Slaanesh units look great, that Daemon prince/Daemonette duo look like they stepped out of the Dantes inferno Boss Concepts. This book is a definite for me, I really want to know what Kinky Boots has been doing all this time.
  11. As others mentioned I see not difference in Slaanesh’s depravities to that of other armies. Fimir of Old perhaps taking the award for the most tabboo of all army concepts. But then again, from the Skaven Mothers, Ogor omnivorous culture (loved that poem they had about eating that Bret Knight near enough as a specific recipe) or even the Chaos Dwarfves which ensalve and torture everything. If there’s a bone that would need picking (no puns) it would have to be the Dark Elves of old Naggaroth. Slaves, debauchery, murder, hedonism, assassination, pillaging, brutally training animals, they did it all. Yet probably nothing unseen in the backwaters of the Mortal Realms. Dark stuff. Edit- in addition, I could see any of these unsolved engines relationg to SLaanesh either directly or indirectly via Aelfs if they were tied through the storyline.
  12. Along with your other thread titled Tyrion, I don’t see why you didn’t just post these on the wishlistimg thread. Getting some unnecessary hopes up there bro.🤬
  13. I used to frequent the bolter and chainsword until my intrest in heresy and 40k fizzeled out into trolls magic and chaos. Lovely forum, full of lovely people, had a similar forum vibe to hear, but woth more bolters and marines (well similar amount of marines 😂).
  14. Love the mew disciples, defintley have some somehow in my StD Army. on another note, I know its HH bit a Daemon is Daemon. This popped up on rumour sites, saw it on spiky bits. Seems to be an undivided Daemon, I can only assume it will follow some day (hopefully not 3 year gap) with a beautiful Resin model on par with Samus and Utterblight. Only time will tell but my burning wallet sense is tingling.
  15. @Skabnoze did they not reveal Idoneth lasy year though at Adepticon? Or was that GAMA? for my cents I think more Shadespire reveals is a given, I’d expect something imperial for 40k though I think SoB is still far off, could be very wrong though. I don’t think we’ll see darkoath until Warcry where the Chaos tribe hype for both might push sales? Or at least release dates closer to each other.
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