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  1. Not to get booger in 40k talk, but I would rather they had used an imperial hellblade style concept for a mechanicus flyer, like. Hellblade but pre chOs and with some softer edges. The mechanicus flyer is embarrassing from what's supposed to be the pinnacle of human technological progress. Would love to see a freeguild engineer or khradron flying that sucker.
  2. Different events from what I gather, Throne of Skulls at Warhammer world, and Pax Unplugged in the States.
  3. Galrauch, base work on body and legs done, can now move onto arms, tail, head and neck and then start working on laters and scales. Check him out next to Throgg, mu previously largest mini. And poor Johan on the far right.
  4. Have we got any news about Scions of the Flame. Are they in the book, is there a picture?
  5. The Gorgon came back today, there is still hope, albeit a fools a hope.
  6. Some gs slowy crawling up the torso on my Chaos Godbeast, Galrauch.
  7. I’m hoping for something daemonic and summoned the samewat Sylvaneth got their caterpillar wyrm, and bonreapers got Beta Nagash. So if it was summoned I’d quite like to see some sort Daemonic entity maybe ripping through reality from Wastes, so claws teeth eyes and tongue, free floating albeit by some clever strand from the rift touching some pillars. Like the realm portals fused with Fw lord of change summoning. As for Pure magic or similar, I’d rather like something Fiery and again maybe forming into a large Daemonic brute, could even resemble one, or a few of the FW Daemon Brutes. Also terrain has been a key theme with most releases, and I haven’t seen what StD will recieve but I hope it’s covered with trophies and spikes that I can pillage for conversions. Otherwise a totem of the gods similar but more elaborate from the War shrines, with runes and blood moat, etc.
  8. To be fair the only “living” descendants of the Nehekarans are the Vampires which all have pointy Ears... I know it’s from the transition but it’s something.
  9. More work on Galrach’s legs and feet
  10. Wip Glottkin. This model has lived many cycles, firstly as the orginal glottkin, then as a Chaos Mammoth, that as a Mutalith Vortex Beast, and now back as. Glottkin. Quite happy It’s come round again as I needed a Nurgle Character to represent the Nurgle in my Forsaken warriors force, Glottkin would be the best suit but my Throgg is too heavily based off the Original Glottkin Model. This works just fine, quite liking the stocky look for him.
  11. Some more work on Galrauch, love these old Fire Dragon Wings, can’t wait to mutate them!
  12. Little update on Galrauch, had to change the base, needed something smaller pr by the time I finish his head and horns I wouldn’t be able to fit him in my display case, but thankfully it means the old base can now be a nifty bit of terrain and his new base is sturdier but more so I feel more dynamic for his pose. I’d like yo add a crumbling sigmar statue at the top of the left column. also small update on Scylla, really struggling finding good legs and tail for him.
  13. Just a heads up for those of you claiming and spreading rumours about a Gargant Faction. Please take into account that I’m a sensitive soul, gullible, but more-so prone to grudges. Thanks. also thats a tasty looking Rumour engine.
  14. The animal skulls with the goulish nurgle bodies is simply ingenious. I love the last one with the half skull.
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