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  1. Not sure if that blurred pic in the intro is concept art or a sneaky glimpse, I mean either way it will translate int9 models. Very excited for this release. I love Giants so this release may be expensive.
  2. I’d love to see the Original Bloodline Vampires Return (Neferata was cool, but would have hoped for a more singular model and not part of a dual kit). Could have these Vamps almost like Fantasy Undead Primarchs, just absolute powerhouses in lore and in game. I can’t see a way for their being other Gods pf death without retconning a lot about Nagash and changing his whole dynamic of ego and wanting sole power over Death, fella doesn’t share well. Bit would like to see some deities crop up, or even have aspects of Nagash. The Battle Wizard, The Warrior, the Necromancer, the Nightmare, the Icon of Death, etc Plenty of arms on the kit to represent a different aspect/emotion. As for Destruction, Split Gork and Mork sounds great, If anything I think it should be a continuous cycle or splitting and Joining. That would make 3 Destruction gods 😉.
  3. - Man I’m not loving the cow. Well not at least for it’s intended purpose as a monster unit for an Aelf army. Remember a few years back when there was rumours of Treeman potentially joining High Elves, simpler times. I can imagine that the success of treemen in Wood Elf/wanderer/Sylvaneth armies brought by the idea that High Elves could have their own version of an anthropomorphic Elemental. I’d have rather a Pile of stone, tall armoured an elegant, much in the way of te cows main build, but withouth the cow/beastmen features. -The Hammer Elfs look cool, definitely reminiscent enough of High Elf elite, but enough of a different take to not be a copy paste job. I am however struggling to like this release. -Scions of the flame are even better than I imagined they would be, needed me some devotees/Flagellants for my Galrauch. Looking forward to next weeks reveal.
  4. So, could be nothing, could be something. And humble apologies if its been posted somewhere before. Today I couldn’t help notice the number of rather large skulls on some OBR models, more specifically Katakros and the spooky bone wizard (I’ve invested no lore time on OBR). Thing is, there’s no OBR kit of a giant skelly, and all the much larger terrain or spell type large skulls look nothing like these. These look almost Organic. Which ither leaves the possibility of a Future OBR giant. Or these are skulls linking in the aforementioned Sons of Behemat. Or I’m deprived of cool monsters and hope that the base decor will one day be a model.
  5. More Galrauch. Starting work on face and started mutating the wings.
  6. Galrauch Update. Jumped into gsing the neck. Still want too some eyes, teeth and tattered flesh but fairly happy with the sinew and veins so far. I’m not contemplating but mostly procrastinating out of fear how I go around mutating the wings and the head. Both are the only really bought pieces for this project. But equally stick out because they’re not mutated but also draw the eye fairly quickly being the core aspects of a dragon ( head and wings. I’ll sit on ot for a while and see what happens. Tail I reckon I’ll have to scratch build from wire and then fill out. Ps, check out Johan again, this thing got bigger than I anticipated .....
  7. I’ve learn’t to never trust these rumours, (grumbles and shakes fist at zoat-not-kroxigor-but-nostalgically-cool). With The stone moon though is hard not to see Lumineth
  8. What a creepy contraption, cool conversion and gritty palette to match. If anyone where to have an infernal mobile laboratory it would have to be the Necrarchs.
  9. Looks brilliant, loving the palette changes for mutations.
  10. I know mentioned it before, but now with pictures, the Sphinx for me is the High point of the reveals, it really does match the aesthetic of mtg sphinxes, and I freaking love mtg sphinxes....Now I want a Sphnix army with the Chaos Wild Cat as a core and this sphinx as a lord, sigh.
  11. Wow, wouldn’t have called much of these. The Nurgle warband is stunning, all three of them. A great HH character model. Hysh elves turned out mor High Elf than I anticipated (strange right) and just can’t but any model that nice and clean. But damn those Phalanxes and the Hollow knight are simply beautiful sculpts. The Skitarri would work so much better in AoS as an Ironweld Arsenal/cogfort, just doesn’t speak Mechanicus to me. If anything it reminds me of Futurama when they discover Da Vinci was a Genius on Earth, but on his own planet he was as thick as they come. Now Teclis, Ticks soo many boxes for me. God Model, Check. Beast, check. Dynamic pose, check. Unnecessary terrain base which gives so much flavour, check. Old world links, check. MTG -ish inspired High Fantasy, (especially the Mount) check. However it is very difficult to see Teclis under all that Raiden.
  12. I don’t know much about the deep background of Age of Sigmar (I do find a bit of the stormcast storylines rather trivial, and I couldn’t care much about these vaults) Necroquake was cool. However what I love thats theres so much unknown, leaving room to write in areas as a fan to make concepts which are just fantastic and wild. Still love the Old World, but the Mortal Realms, and the Realm of Chaos is so vast it’s an open canvas for creativity. My criticisms is my old broken record. I wasn't more damn God models. Hopefully in a few hours we see Teclis which is a step in the right direction. Once you start seeing the likes of Nagash, Mathlanns Eidolon, Alarielle and Morathi its difficult to appease that level of Awe for another static general. So give me Sigmar, give me some Idol of Grungni and please give me Kurnoth.
  13. So the Gargants are confirmed, and after High Elves no less.
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