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  1. Kronos

    Adepticon Predictions

    @Skabnoze did they not reveal Idoneth lasy year though at Adepticon? Or was that GAMA? for my cents I think more Shadespire reveals is a given, I’d expect something imperial for 40k though I think SoB is still far off, could be very wrong though. I don’t think we’ll see darkoath until Warcry where the Chaos tribe hype for both might push sales? Or at least release dates closer to each other.
  2. Kronos

    The Rumour Thread

    So I came across this, the artist seems to have done other work for GW but to what extent I’m not sure, there seem to be early designs of what we now have as the Archaon model, as well as some other miniatures which have come out in the last few years such as the mounted stormcast. I’don’t know whther they were done inretorspect of the models being released, but if so then this concept art would be odd in that its’s not based ona model. Could be fan art, if its the fella needs a job with GW now. if not, I can’t wait for this to be a miniature. speculate away...
  3. Kronos

    The Rumour Thread

    Also looks like these will be the first two Chaos tribes we see and there seem to be 4 more from what the tribe symbol bit seemed to say.
  4. Kronos

    The Rumour Thread

    Really like the Chaos Hound, and what look to be furies. This Box is cool, reminds me me a bit of HATE.
  5. Kronos

    The Rumour Thread

    Ok, so the video all looks very, Tomb Kings to me... pyramid styled city, sphinx styled Griffon infront of the chamber with what looks like an Indiana Jones set, and the “Even. a God may Regret what he has done”, gw breaking down some sort of fourth wall with Sigmar now acting as a touchstone....I’m clawing at desperate straws for something cool from not very much.
  6. Kronos

    The Rumour Thread

    If I were to call what we’d see at GAMA (and build up unesseccary hype on the innternet and for myself and then be dissapointed that my hype was not matched), it would have to be: -KO warband, maybe some glimpse at another few bands coming up. -Some more Necromunda warbands, enforcers/arbites would be pretty cool. -Blood-bowl Lizardmen would be a nice change of pace and bring in some more High Fantasy, a plastic Kroxigor kit would be a conversion dream too. -Some other expansion kit for Blackfortress a la Ambull. - some terrain. -I’d assume a mention for the next army coming for AoS, is it not yet time for Darkoath?
  7. Kronos

    Familliars, pets and greeblies

    Huron Blackheart has a cure little daemon familiar. FW Plague Ogres come with two intresting Nurglings. Great Unclean One Kit, Mortarion and Glottkin all come with some Nurglings too. Plague bearers come with maggots and nurglings. Gloomspite Dank Hold comes with a host of weird critters. Giant kit comes with two little birds (crow and a vulture). Underworlds Darkoath have a Hound - warhammer needs more dogs.
  8. Kronos

    Crossbreeding Dire Wolves

    Wow, thats a heck of an improvement, great result.
  9. So so so good. Hats off man that is a beautiful mini.
  10. Kronos

    Kronos' Monstrous Chaos Log

    Quick wip of my chaos Troll Characters, some new facial work on Ghrandukker u’Raak Throgg. A bit more work on my Chaos Troll Hag, Hela Gutsplakka, daughter of Throgg. And lastly my Troll prince and Favoured scion of Throgg. Raaknar Throggson. And Also some new Trolls, the for now called “Chaos Cave Trolls”. Exceptionally poisonous and dimwitted, the most primitive of trolls (cant even use a club!) Blind troglodytes that move around their foul tunnels through smell, sound and touch.
  11. Kronos

    Story of the Dragon

    Wow, just wow, such a cool idea and. Well executed conversion.
  12. Kronos

    Kronos' Monstrous Chaos Log

    Little wip pic of my current project, Chaos Troll Hag - Hela Gutsplakka, Daughter of Throgg. Also look forward to showing what I’ve done with the three Dankhold heads, but they need more work.
  13. Kronos

    Mixed Offerings

    Those disc riders are so cool, you mayhave just inspired my next mini. Great work!
  14. Kronos

    Kronos' Monstrous Chaos Log

    Some more work on Ghurth Spawnmaw and some of his Ogors
  15. Kronos

    The Rumour Thread

    As someone who shares no love for TK I think thats pretty cool... But then again it’s not my army, I’ve said it before, Undead Order based in Azyr would be fantastic for TK, their background would suit the idea of them being Lore tied to the Realm of Heavens, but I imagined something along the line of “Good” undead with a dislike for tainted Chaos, looting Destruction, and Nagjash’s smelly undead Legion. Gold Flying Chariots, Death mask soldiers, Giants Constructs all led by withering Liches and princes in fine ornate armour...But guess they’re just in the Chambers now.