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  1. Yall can joke but I could fully get behind a platypus dragon. side note, the internet is truly a weird and marvellous wasteland of creative content.
  2. I just wanted Kurnothi and some Dark Elves, and I get a big centaur boy and some Spider Cult Genestealers. I quite like the model but man is that random in the context of what still needs to be fleshed out from the known lore. Curious to see if the rest of the warband will be similar or have some strong variations within a running theme. I hope there’s a scuttling one 🕷
  3. My Unpopular opinions - -I think Daughters of Khaine are not a very good concept, I don’t like the look of the army. It’s only saving grace is Morathi. I particularly dislike the harpies and Gorgon units. -Sigmar should be a Martyr - again. If he’s gonna lead from a throne he should either be dead or dying.
  4. That looks like a David Gallagher piece. Hope it’s more than just nice art.
  5. I would need to see it to believe, cos, well -
  6. Please don’t jinx it. I’m impatiently waiting for the Old World to drop. I took to AoS with openarms, the concept is great, the factions too (mostly, but I’m not gonna judge hardwork on my aesthetic or lore preference. Not least for the fact that Gods get to lead armies. But I have such a deep yearning to visit the Drakwald, Lustria, the Mountains Mourn. Etc. Age of Sigmar has its place, and the more ways you can squeeze out more Warhammer Lore the better. Whether it’s a campaign in Chamon or a full release of Kislev. The biggest disappointment for me has always been the closure of Warhammer Forge and not exploring more alternate Timeline scenarios like Tamurkhan (yes that broken record).
  7. Every Sunday whenever I see the preview and it’s not Malerion, Grungi, Kurnoth, Angron, Fulgrim or Chaos Dwarfs. Looking foward to 2022 and a fresh take on the going ons of the Realms.
  8. Closer look into Harrow Deep and a miniature reveal, but doesn’t saymof the reveal is related to Harrow Deep.
  9. So what are we expecting to be released in the last 3 months pf 2021? More Stormcast and Kruleboys individual starter kits? Dragons? Harrowdeep?
  10. There was a warhammer community article on them yonks ago but can’t find it, these I got just from image searches, Blanche possibly?
  11. Scampering about on the web (this one is for puns) and looking back to some of the old Gloomspite concept art, lots of unused spider concepts there.
  12. nono, I saw it too, was gonna make a Meme with him catching one of the Necron’s, but a lot of work to do for a Primaris mini 😂😂
  13. There better be some substance to that Morghur hint and lack of dismissal. My achy breaky heart can’t take another pounding. Additionally, a £150 minimum price spend for a Limited Ed mini is some cruel and frankly quite elitist marketing. I don’t care how you paint it (no pun), surely they could sell the marine at a Premium £30-40 mark and also have it free for those spending £150 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. I feel that these “spiders” are going to be a bit of left field lore expanding. The way Kragnos came out of nowhere. I don’t know why but I keep watching these reveals and always come away a little bit negative that something “huge” hasn’t been revealed. I just think there’s so many ApS big characters missing, and so many Primarchs, Daemon Primarchs and Xenos special character that I wonder what exactly they’re waiting for?
  15. Ah man this news is a downer. I don’t even play but always enjoyed reading a tidbit or lore or unit special rules and background. You’re making it difficult to love you GW. But next cool release I’ll be smitten and don’t care how they treat me 😂
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