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  1. Yes you can get the shining company benefit again if the unit makes a set up move so for example if it uses soulscream bridge to set up.
  2. The old mixed order softback book that was released around 3-4 years ago
  3. Hi, Yes there are, dm me your number and ill get you added to our WhatsApp chat so you can arrange some games.
  4. Hi, We have a WhatsApp group to arrange games of aos, dm me your name and number and I'll get you added.
  5. They are on 32mm bases, confirmed on GW website.
  6. Something that's been missed out on the GMG review is that the Morsarr get -2 rend and 2 damage on the charge with their spears.
  7. Baz

    Why play Wanderers?

    Its in the Grand Alliance Order book in the Wanderers section.
  8. or could it be more malign portents stuff, one of the signs was a ship. https://malignportents.com/#panel-8
  9. The new faq regarding set up makes it clear: "Models can set up within 3” of the enemy, even if they are set up in the movement phase, unless noted otherwise." So as written you can set up in combat if using Stalker of the Hidden paths. GW dropped the ball by missing out the relevant distances on stalker of the hidden paths and the wending wand. Rectified this on the faq but once gain missed out on clarifying the 9" away from the enemy. Ultimately its up to you how you want to play it.
  10. I remembered today that the Lord Aquilor's command acuity astral compass rule is very similar to the Realm Wanderers rule. In fact the wording is almost identical. However when you consider the rapid fire rule used by Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane crossbows then it all falls into place. A common tactic is to use the astral compass ability to move the raptors so they can use the rapid fire ability. As the raptors are set up in the movement phase and don't actually move they can use the rapid fire ability. No question about this as I've seen this tactic used at tournaments. The more I think about it the more I am certain that abilities that require units to stand still (quicksilver shot, precise shot and fortress of boughs) can be used with the realm wanderers rule. Its also clear that the sentence regarding it being their move for the movement phase is there to stop people from moving their units once they have been set up, and does not mean that the unit has moved. As mentioned previously I have contacted GW about this, however the more I consider this in light of the Lord Aquilor and compass ability, the more I am certain that we can use the stationery abilities on units when using the Realm Wanderers ability.
  11. email sent, got a thanks email and apparently another faq is due in March.
  12. a very valid point, so it can be broken down into 3 parts: 1. Instead of making a move. 2. A setup 3. This is the units move for that movement phase. Pretty confusing rules writing, I will fire off an email to GW.
  13. The exact wording is: "This is the unit’s move for that movement phase" We can ask GW for clarification but wont know until the next FAQ which is in July.
  14. The rangers dropped in cost from 200 to 180 but at the same time the other aelf elites like phoenix guard, swordmasters and white lions also dropped in cost. The Phoenix guard are now 160pts, they are much more survivable and only really lack the rend. Would like to see the rangers go down to this price. Buffed up rangers with mystic shield, shield of thorns and inspiring presence is the way to go. 2 units of 30 GG can do a lot of damage with the -3 rend, after this has been used up you can use them as a shield for the rest of the army. Its a solid choice for pure wanderer armies.
  15. The faq states that a set up move can be within 3" of the enemy and the stalker rule is a set up with no mention of being 9" of the enemy. GW confirmed at the tournament that you could play it like this but it would be faq'ed in the next few weeks along with vanguard wing.
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