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  1. WOW ! well done ! It is really inspired ! Guldan (from weirdnon shaman miniature) is awesome I like very much also Dal Rend (from warchanter miniature) . can I ask you how did you convert it ? WaaaghCraft !
  2. Via age of miniatures: The following armies (all battletomes from Cities of Sigmar onwards) will not have points changes in the actual GBH 2020, but will get an update in digital form ( faq/errata): Cities of Sigmar Ossiarch Bonereapers Ogor Mawtribes Slaves to Darkness Kharadron Overlords Disciples of Tzeentch Seraphon
  3. Do you mean this article ? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/03/23/the-old-world-ice-guard-of-kislevgw-homepage-post-4fw-homepage-post-2/
  4. Considering that GW financial year is ending on 30th of May They already said they are expecting revenue for 6 months from 1st november not less than 70 m pounds (which is great considering covid lockdown) June usually start the financial year with a boom : new edition ,new starter box , big release
  5. Just one : Soul wars - Rage of the fist of gork Featuring Gordrakk, orruk warclans, gloomspite,ogor Mawtribes Vs Stormcast + Freeguild + Duardin Placed in Excelsis , Ghur I want to believe !
  6. This is what I heard/read from age of darkness podcast last december:
  7. Actually forge world studio is part of specialist games studio Andy Hoare is head of design studio. As for Necromunda and Blood Bowl , I will expect core game by GW , special characters and units by FW My two cents
  8. There will be an update about Warhammer: The Old World on Warhammer Community this week As said yesterday on " this week video" on WarCom ( most probably before Adepticon reveals) I think with all the worlwide mess of coronavirus GW will try to keep hype high and entertain us on those strange and unpredicted pandemia days
  9. Azyr is not safe "The Hammer God’s the only one still worth fightin’. He’s a proppa warrior. Proppa enough to earn the respect of Gorkamorka. But time’s changed,’ Gordrakk’s eyes narrowed as he gripped his axes tighter. ‘Now da Hammer God hides up in the stars. He’s forgotten who he was. But I know. I can kick over every one of his precious little cities. I can duff up the biggest and ’ardest of his champions. I can grind these realms to dust beneath me boot. But I ain’t never gonna be satisfied until I can get at the git that fought Gorkamorka to a standstill.’ The hulking orruk shook his head. ‘I ain’t gonna be satisfied until I’ve had a crack at the Hammer God.’ [....... ] ‘Hammergord, fer the Hammer God. If he won’t come and fight me, then I won’t give him the choice. I’ll smash up his poncy empire. I’ll break down the gate to his star-realm myself if I gotta. I’ll crush everything in my way until there’s just me, an’ him. The Great Green God and the Hammer God. And then we’ll see who’s best.’
  10. Yes I am supporting a new campaign book destruction vs order aka Gordrakk attacking Azyr
  11. Scions of flame is next for Warcry Daughters of khaine is next for Underworlds I expect a teaser of sons of behemat at gama studio preview Maybe a campaign book ( As Wrath of everchosen) focused on destruction vs order aka Gordrakk attacking Azyr No more than that actually
  12. From warhammer wiki : 1991: Gunpoweder is introduced to the fractured Empire by their dwarf allies. Wizard's War is ended. So if it is set in early age of three emperors: yes ,empire could be differrent. Someone says that Sigismund herald shield shown on revealed map could be Emperor Sigismund IV who lived around 1700 .
  13. I think we can expect Specialist studio to make the main core game with plastic miniatures and FW to do add-ons in resin. I think it will be 28mm scale exactly as old WHFB (with limited factions and models ranges) and i believe that narrative side of game will be very important with books and campaigns.
  14. This a rumor from past November: "A bit of news from Tom on Warhammer weekly.(rumors)Big faq will be delayed,not until JanuaryHe was also told that the Seraphon book will come in January followed by Kharadron and Tzeentch in February. No info about minis." Faq was in december ,Kharadron and Tzeentch at beginning of January, so probably Seraphon will be out in february.
  15. There is one more card of the naked bad green musk guy
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