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  1. Well of course Vlad is dead. He is a vampire after all...
  2. I also think its more an indication that the units who can be Mercenaries are units with Unique Warscroll, like Named character. What is interessant here in the name is the mention of Maneaters, who are no longer sold by GW. So either a new kit will come out, either its a case of "take your Ogors and play them with the Gutstuffer Maneater Warscroll", which seems more reasonable to me. It will probably be the same thing for the dwarves: buy a unit of Vulkite Berzerker and play them with the unique warscroll of the Lodge.
  3. Yeah i do think the new rumor engine is Warcry - related. A shyish chaos warband seems like a good guess. The bone tendrils could also come from there; they could be a new endless spell for Forbidden Power tough. Hard to say.
  4. Saw it too. Finger crossed for a megaboss on pig, but probably just a conversion.
  5. Rumor engine time ! The curved segmented metal thing could be on the head of new Chaos character. Or some kind of mutation weaponized. Somethjng is on the way. And i dont think that the segmented organic thing is the one on the back of the Arch Revenant so.... another new sylvaneth unit?
  6. Doesnt it looks like a box "Blasted Hallowheart" style, with foldable cardboard terrain?
  7. He has Wings! And his opponent will surely be the loonboss on grot. Good!
  8. Well if Gutbuster is rolled into BCR, it is just logical to make a new battletome At the start of winter, thematically. Just like Orktober =D Quick mafs, as one can say.
  9. Combined ogor can be good. The ironblaster is already trcted by a rhinox. The tyrant can ve renamed to Frostlord on foot. Just new kit for tyrant/hunter, one for frost sabre, one for Gorgers/Yhetee, one for Butcher and we are good to go, army with a lot of choice. So just 4 kits and a proper battletome with reworking on the warscrolls (hunter). I do hope for a huskard on rhinox, so we can put an all-rhinox army! could be fun.
  10. So, Rumor engine time ! sounds like you all think the new RE is for Death?
  11. well we know the name of the mirror thing: The contorted epitome. So its certainly unique, and seems like a support Hero, probably with some kind of aura.
  12. Quick question: to your opinion, is it worth it to include some sabertusks in a gutbuster list? They have some perks: quick movers (9"), attacks with rend and low cost.
  13. That is a great opportunity to make a new Hunter and cats. Because the hunter is a leader in BCR, but not a monster in close combat in AoS. I probably would instabuy that
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