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  1. well we know the name of the mirror thing: The contorted epitome. So its certainly unique, and seems like a support Hero, probably with some kind of aura.
  2. Quick question: to your opinion, is it worth it to include some sabertusks in a gutbuster list? They have some perks: quick movers (9"), attacks with rend and low cost.
  3. That is a great opportunity to make a new Hunter and cats. Because the hunter is a leader in BCR, but not a monster in close combat in AoS. I probably would instabuy that
  4. Fabius Bile would be great with the all slaanesh thing.
  5. Sure about that? Its not the same to me... the torch look more like the one on roboute base, but still its not the same (you can tell it by the way of the fire flow).
  6. So, rumor engine recap ! What are your toughts?
  7. So, should we talk here about the fact that there was no BCR and no Gutbusters in the survey, but a single choice of "Ogors"?
  8. Well, there is a question where they ask what do you play as faction. No BCR and no Gutbusters were mentioned. I guess it is just a mistake...
  9. True. But if you do the math, there is already 6 bands for Orders, 6 for Chaos, 2 for Death and 3 for Destruction. So far only the faction with battletome have been granted with aos warband (ok, skaven came late but still). So if i were guessing i think we can reasonably expect for the next season a new box Stormcast vs Destruction. So we will probably have DoK, ID, Bonesplitterz, some kind of Ogor (new hunter+ frostsabre? would be cool), a band for slaanesh and another for nurgle, then a band for death (FEC i guess). That make 2 warband for each GA (only one for death). And i think with that, all the current faction with battletome will have their warband. Correct? Edit: oh and we had normal leaders for season 1, wizard for season 2. I guess we will have priests for season 3 (hag for DoK, soulscryer for ID, some kind of priest for the stormcast, some kind of priest for bonesplitterz... and the rest i really have no clue ^^)
  10. Did Ariel and Alarielle not have merged during end times?
  11. Ah yes nice! Thats interesting! Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone ! Quick question about the spells of the shamans: If i take an army with the Destruction allegiance, can a shaman use the spells who are in the book? Or the army have to be Gloomspite for the shaman to use those spells? Thanks,
  13. So, i'm as anybody a little disappointed for fyreslayer and i think the new models for slaanesh looks good. The spells en the KoS are the best imho. And for Warcry its a good news to see that there will be 9 non chaos faction available. But do they will have new models? Thats another real question. And on the models for warcry, i want to make a comment over... THE NEW PLASTIC OGOR !! So ok it is a chaos ogor, but still! Is it a hint to whats next for ogor / gutbusters? Because he looks different. He's more ripped, have less fat and more muscle than the "normal" ogor who looks more like Homer Simpson than schwarzeneger...
  14. Hey, does anyone have the picture with all the rumor engine unsolved? I'd like to take a look back and see if i see something ogor-esque, in regard with the recent ogor discussion.
  15. I would love that kind of kit for my gutbusters! But the beast really looks like a thundertusk, especially the body. So its maybe more an idea of conversion for someone who play BCR for the rule but not for the lore.
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