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  1. rattila

    The Rumour Thread

    OH MY GOD! Anyone else noticed that the rogue trader in the video just recruited a ranger eldar in his team? Just like the rogue trader Vhane Glorious! What if the adventurer of WH Blackstone Fortress are the same? (aka the rogue trader, a female imperial guard, a male ranger eldar and a techpriest) ??? You heard it here first.
  2. rattila

    The Rumour Thread

    Totally! And that is why i think that sylvaneth should be in Destruction. I wonder what the warscroll for AoS will show. I hope it will be interesting to field them!
  3. rattila

    The Rumour Thread

    Those are really nice models! the skeletons looks good, and finally Death got new zombies models ! (ok, only three and for blood bowl... but they do look really good!) No idea what is the big guy. Some kind of Zombie Ogor?
  4. rattila

    The Rumour Thread

    But there is no mini in the game of wizkids?
  5. I would really dont mind the fact that gnoblar could be wiped out of gutbusters; because they dont need chaff units (in the fluff). They are not an army nor a unified people, but a multitude of tribes. So they dont fight the same way an actual army does, but like a bunch of alpha male who just want to show who is the best. I would find more logical to have a lot of different allegiance and artfact to show that than some more units. However i do agree that several units need new mini... And maybe have 2-3 more heroes.
  6. rattila

    How best to build a cheap army...

    In every case, i wouldnt go stormcast. Yes you can have a lot of mini with a good price, but you will have to spent every year for a new battletome, being the poster boy and all that...
  7. i want a battletome for gutbusters+ maneaters, and a focus on the "mercenary" side of the ogors, by being able to be allied to anyone in the 4 grand alliance and take anyone as allies in the 4 grand alliance. So you could have 400 pts of ogors out of 2000 in your stormcast army of 400 pts of ironweld arsena out of 2000 of your gutbuster army (something like "sir, those cannon have to go to Ghyran but we dont havr enough men to protect it" "just hire an army of mercenary ogor !" The first Ogres Kingdom army book allowed that and it was awesome. Oh and a way to field an army of gutbusters and squigs. I know everyone fin that the squig have to go with moonclan... but comon, a squig is just a maw on foot. And who does the ogors worship? The Great Maw. Squigs should just be sacred animals to them! In any case, that will be the theme of my gutbuster army once they finally release plastic squigs.
  8. rattila

    The Rumour Thread

    It doesnt look very organic to me with those "buttons"... I see it more as a klaw for destruction; grot or ironjawz. But if this is "organic" , then it could ve a horn and not a claw. That would make more sense to me. A horn of a new daemonette of a new herald..
  9. Do we have the lists of the Order Soup? I'm interested in that...
  10. There. That's the problem, when several units fulfill the same role, we take only the strongrest choice. That's why they need a change in the warscroll and not a change in the price. Maybe GW should extent the capacite that double the number of attacks to every Order or Stormcast Eternal Hero instead of just lord castellant et lord veritant. Of give them a native possibility of attack that have more rend of 6+, of who can reroll 1's to wound... but something.
  11. rattila

    Size base of endless spells

    There! I have to paint and base them but you got the idea =D I thinl these endless spells are great for conversion!
  12. Hey everyone! With the GHB 2018, it seems now that the retreat move isn't 1d6 ps anymore, but just up to 6 ps. What do you all think of this? Does the gryph-hound deserve more to be taken? They still seems expensive (140 pts for 6)...
  13. Same for Allopexes... maybe in the next edition all of them will have good rules and more people will buy them. o/
  14. rattila

    The Rumour Thread

    I agreed for the first part: there is no reason for GW to do 2 brand new armies of elves in 2019, not after DoK and Idoneth. I will be less surprised if they just put back together the biggest part of dark elves (darkling covens & order serpentis) in a battletome with as new models only Malerion and maybe one dual-kit unit and endless spells. The same for light elves (White Lions, Phoenix Gard, Eldritch Council, Order Draconis...) in a battletome with new models for Tyrion and Teclis, 1 dual-kit and endless spells. It would have more sense, and they can always expand those faction after, or re-imagine some units. The same way they have done with Beast of Chaos: new battletome with older faction, re-packaging of some models + 1 model (herdstone) and endless spells. I think BoC players are happy (maybe 1 or 2 models more would have been fun). Otherwise, it would make really A LOT of elves, where there is actually no human (barring Stormcast, who are not really 'human' anymore). But i'm really waiting for new battleforces and Start Collecting (those namarti are expensive for a unit who is not dual kit!)
  15. rattila

    Allopexes - how to buff them

    Hi everyone! So i love the mini of the allopex and i want to include several of them in my army of mixed Order (or later, Deepkin with allies). I know that the interactions and buffing between units is very important in AoS, but i cant see a lot of opporunities to buff them. So i need you to give me your wisdom to find a cool way to do that. What i already know: - Akhelian King give re-roll of 1 to hit (but its 240 pts...) - Knight Azyros give re-roll of 1 to hit (and its only 100pts) - an assassin can hide himself in an allopex - a soulscryer can make them come from the back of from a flank. And... thats all i know. Have you pther ideas? Thanks!