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  2. Hysh elves allying with Hysh gargants circa AoS (colorized)
  3. I'm not sure about need, the 30k knight list was pretty interesting even before they had those, but it could certainly benefit from them. Those could be armiger-sized things or yeah, elves on something like discs of Tzeentch swooping around their giant friends casting spells and linking rituals.
  4. You don't see how the (entirely justified) previous assumption that the Old Would and WHFB were never going to be updated ever again would be demotivating for players, while the unexpected announcement that GW were going to revisit the game/setting in the future would re-invigorate players to get their minis out for a single nostalgic game - perhaps as a little celebration?
  5. As a concept this sounds cool but even this army sort of needs other units IMO, specifically smaller ones. Maybe the elves teamed up with the giant angel thingys lol?
  6. GW will most certainly have things crossing over. Even if they don't the preservation of the same scale will mean that gamers will cross things over on their own. Heck the fact that AoS is pushing toward high fantasy and steam punk concepts might mean that things such as, Cities of Sigmar, could go through some big visual shifts in their AoS line when GW comes to pay attention to updating and adding to the force. Meanwhile Old World will preserve the older style of design in a lower fantasy setting. So you can easily have two very different design ethos for the "same faction" at their core. Players will easily adapt to using bits of both and swapping them over. Heck Demon players have been swapping armies between AoS and 40K and 40K and Old World for yeras.
  7. I'm glad you like them! Please let me know how the game goes – I'm always interested in feedback, and there's only so much playtesting I can do myself.
  8. How about an army of stern civilised Hyshian giants that can channel beams of light, giving them a powerful shooting attack? Maybe they can somehow link beams like the old eldar Fire Prism in 40k, fitting into the whole elaborate ritualistic approach of Hysh and making their gameplay about manoeuvre and a specific form of synergy. This is completely spitballing ideas of course and there's no reason to believe GW will take this approach but the point is that there's nothing inherent about an army of half a dozen models - even if they're coming from maybe three fairly customisable kits and getting less attention than imperial knights - that precludes interesting mechanics and creative design, shooting-oriented or otherwise. I am also perfectly willing to admit that this idea came from the spectacle of the Tomb Kings Hierotitan in TW: WH2 (their focus on light and Egyptian aesthetic was always similar to that of Hysh in WHFB and even AoS) striding across the battlefield and just vaporising fools with its eye-lasers.
  9. If i were a betting man then I would bet on GW specifically designing the game to allow factions and parts of factions with crossover to make crossover as easy as possible. encourage as many Sylvaneth players to buy wood elf specific models and visa versa, for an easy example.
  10. Yea but a giant man with a bow ain't the same as a Knight. /s I think it will be harder to introduce these kinds of models for AoS though since there is less shooting. I think it will be way harder to balance aswell. Dragons would be cool. Angels would be even better but that would make them GA Order.. 😴
  11. Based on some of your recent posts it sounds like even without this news, you were fast heading out the door wanting/looking for a reason to justify abandoning AoS. And that's the thing. The people who will "leave AoS" are those who likely aren't all that enthralled with it. Who wanted Old World and Rank and File. Without GW they would have likely just drifted away from the group and left or moved to 40K or 9th Age or Kings of War. Ergo they were already leaving, whilst when they remained they might have been a local source of complaint about AoS rather than full support of it. This won't "split the community". Horus Heresy didn't split the 40K block. What's more likely is that we'll see a different generation and block of gamers come into clubs; growing them (That is, of course, if you run a hobby club and not "only AoS" club). We'll see growth of the market. Plus you can bet many many people will play both. Again all this talk of doom and gloom of the end of AoS is overblown. There's already competition within GW for fantasy, its called Lord of the Rings. Theres always competition outside of GW with other rank and file game systems. Kings of War even don't do a good job of building their own brand loyalty (though it seems they slowly are) and thus many people use GW models in Kings of War game.s
  12. That's not really a fair comparison. One is the sudden extinction of a game and setting that had been around for 30 years, and replaced with something completely different that was initially flawed in many respects. One is a hint of a game in the distant future that will almost certainly not replace the current game. Your message feels like it is throwing shade on the WHFB community compared to the AoS one. While the AoS community may indeed be "better", let's not pretend that this so-called upheaval to AoS players even remotely compares to that upheaval for WHFB fans back in 2015. It's not even close. To have a fair comparison, you would have to have GW have released a video or book where the Mortal Realms are suddenly destroyed, half its miniature range is squatted and then a teaser video is released to say that the Old World has returned to replace the Mortal Realms with a new rank-and-file game on square bases. Then the AoS community - myself very much included - would be up in arms, and rightly so.
  13. I played this exact list this weekend against a 2k Ogres list. it was very fun to play (even with spontaneous outrageous comments from my opponent how ridiculously overpowered new armies are, but he always complains and it is not meant in a negative way 😀). we played knives to the heart (1 objective each player, whoever's is holding both from round 3 onwards wins). the Ogor player had lots of ogors and iron guts, 6 of the leadbelchers, a scrap launcher, a iron blaster, a butcher and the tyrant, and 3 yheetis (who did nothing except dying against the riders^^) in the first round (he started) he killed only a few guards (his leadbelchers were -1 to hit from my nexus), so everything was healed back. I just moved a bit forward, trying to let him charge to keep my guards in range for my harvester healing). in the second round, he got some lucky shots and killed my first harvester with his shooting (the iron blaster dealing 6dmg on his d6 weapon), so the first blob of guards died in the first wave of iron guts due to not being able to resurrect (they dealt 3mw on explosions). I then moved up to him, getting a double turn and locking his iron guts with the 2nd block of 20 hoards, now with harvester support. the ironguts killed 21 skeletons (8 popping back due to the harvester) who exploded to 6mw. did not do so many wounds, but survived for a while. he then got lucky on a charge with his normal ogors, and 2 (!) of them were able to kill my 2nd harvester with lucky rolls. had then a lucky moment with Arkhan rolling 24mw with his curse against his iron gut unit (the last one survived with 1wound due to rolling a 1), however it was just a uphill battle from this point for me, being tabled in round 5. it was very fun, ogors being a good counter for the OBR, dealing mw on a charge and having tons of wounds. I watched through the game how it would have been with petrifex, then my harvester would have survived much longer and it would have been played out differently. however, the army feels vulnerable against ranged weapons and mw, so a skilled and adaptable opponent won't have to much issues against them.
  14. I appreciate the feedback and I am definitely liking and leaning towards this tactic. However how did he get 14 in the squad? I thought you had to take them in groups of five?
  15. Almost the list I'm going to build. Probably a bit stronger. Now I'm worried.
  16. @Kyriakin send me a message with your IP details and I'll have a look. At a guess I would say it's on the Chinese side due to this being a message board. Thanks
  17. Yeah. that would be fun. I want them to be little cannonballs that die instantly. I can't warpstone them for extra damage. Gahh! So frustrating. Putting them in a unit would be great too, a couple of you mentioned that. I had the idea that they get to attack at the top of combat if they make a charge move, so even if they still never hit hard, each one can guarantee that they'll get to attack at least once. Frankly I should just have fun playing with Doomwheels. They do everything I want them to do since the warscroll update.
  18. Today
  19. Ah, Doom-Flayers. Inexorable proof that not everything is fine in Skavenland. Some warscrolls have a goal but fail to achieve it, like rat swarms. They at the very least know what they want to be when they grow up. A problem fixable with points. Doom-Flayers just don't have a goal. Folk legends and wild-haired prophets speak of times when they roamed across the lands and mutilated man-things. But... for 60 points, on the charge and overloaded (1/3 chance to blow itself up) it's 7 attacks do 2.7 mean damage vs 4+. Even with MMMWP you only reach 4. 4. That's the same damage as 60 points of Clanrats with swords, hardly destroyers of worlds. At the same time you pay 4 times as much per wound on the model. Investing MMMWP on a Ratling Gun (plus a spark to be fair) you get 12.3 mean damage. Three times as much. From range. Sure, you might say. They don't hit hard, can't take a punch and increase my drops since I can't even stack them. But they are fast! They are warpstone-crazed bikers! Well, 2d6 movement .... Maybe cutting down the cost to 30 and giving the option to take them in a unit of 3 so you could buff would fix them, but even then I remain skeptical. This unit needs a rework. I'd love them to have an auto-destruct overload mechanism where they increase their speed to 3d6 but they explode for d3 MW within 3" a the end of combat. This would at the very least make them fun.
  20. Shame they didn’t show as much enthusiasm when 8th was out 😉 I wouldn’t worry crikey I’d probably have a game of WFB for nostalgia’s sake as a one off same for 40K Rogue Trader doesn’t mean I’m not going to play the new stuff. There might be a silver lining the fellas you’ve not seen before may stick around and play some games of AoS and find out they like what it’s evolved into.
  21. I tend to spend a lot of money on therapy and quality alcohol... Just had a look at the deathriders from obr and then at the Bloodknights... wept salty tears of hate. 180 vs 200, the offensive is roughly the same, Bloodknights might win a bit on charge and against no rend attacks... but the obr are 2“ faster, and you are able to heal and resurrect them if you field f.e. Arkhan... then cp shenanigans and then you’ll ask yourself why you’re even trying. but that’s for waac and min-max soulless people. My knights died with all the heroics against stupid tarpit of doom. For general, I think it is tempting to take the vamp lord on dragon, but considering his offensive playstyle, he is supposed to suicidecharge. I‘d declare the necromancer within the big blob, maybe even with some regen artifact, or the small vamp in the blob with vile-T as spell... i guess against the new madness, you’ll have to rush the objectives and endure... as LoN dropped I wiped the board with my orruk arch-nemesis (nagash in first cohort) at „battle for the pass. tabled him end of round three, but victory on VPs was end of round 5, so to speak...
  22. Sadly yes this is definitely true. I mean total war vermintide they are all set in the old world and are ripe for miniature form. Wfb was my childhood and teenage years. Seeing my old enemies the high elves go the way of the dodo in age of sigmar was a sad time. Now bring them back in three years time. With my own chaos army to fight them and I cold happily abandon AOS forever.
  23. If you run with Rippa's, can you pile in? This is a very good point, because you can hunt small heroes or retreat to pile in again.
  24. People reacted pretty well to the one model army release that has already been put to you as an example - Imperial Knights. Well enough that it got 2 more models last year and a chaos knights codex and kit this year.
  25. I do wish you the best of luck in your tournament! Gnash-gnaw on their filthy bones! May your rats be rabid, your blades foetid and your plagues contagious! However it always pains me to see a Skaven list with less unit diversity than Ironjawz. 😪
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