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  2. I would be incredibly surprised if it wasn’t. Come on let’s face it, it was a bit of an oversight. A sort of hold over from fantasy that doesn’t quite work in AoS.
  3. Yes, people are free to their feelings, but my crux of the argument and where I'm disagreeing with you is that people should also take responsibility for their own thoughts and feelings. Just because some had lofty expectations that doesn't meant that GW lied to them. Simple as that.
  4. I think Wanderers are looking very safe right now. Not only were their units prominently displayed for the free cities book, but the new Underworlds teaser has what looks like Centaur/Satyr Aelves with Wild Rider/Wardancer styling. That said, odds are at least a few of the metal/finecast hero kits are likely to be retired, and I wouldn't put much faith in Glade Guard either.
  5. Yeah, but then i can't play vampires. Played a game and it worked but going to change it a bit. I needed more screams The fun factor was establisment me and my friend had a lot of laughs at -1 bravery goblins ( we now it cant get that low but still XD ) I did make a mistake by doing two squads of vampire. He could take out one squad because i double charged whoops. I changed my list to: LegionOfBlood Allegiance: Legion of Blood - Mortal Realm: Shyish LEADERS Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (440) - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Trait: soul crushing contempt - Artefact : Ethereal Amulet - Lore of the Vampires : Vile Transference Vampire lord on nightmare - Lore of the vampires: Amarinthe orb Banshee Allies; Lady Olynder ( love the model) UNITS 10x zombies 5 x hounds 10x zombies 10x Blood Knights Allies: 3x Cryptflayers Behemoth: Terrorgheist ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN Horrorghast 2000 points round You get some more scream attacks. The necromancer didnt ad to much to the army except for the spell. At higher point i will propably play neferate voor the spell plus debuff.
  6. Hello folks, Been a Guardians player since release. Thought I wasn't half bad with them but my last tournament showing demonstrated that Mollog is not my boi. Thinking of either going old school with Reavers for the spike damage, or picking up Profiteers because I think they actually seem to play quite well into Mollog. Looking at this deck to start: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,249,361,N499,P32,331,332,N385,N322,N255,N235,N529,N254,N253,369,N436,P36,257,P57,N302,N310,P20,P48,N250,N248,N476,N501,N503,306,N305,P19,348,P54 There's a chance of bricking the opening hand with any combination of Escalation, Victory after Victory, Combination Strike and Denial. But any other objective thrown in there will give me a chance to get the ball rolling. Thoughts?
  7. I think if Skaven and LON Battletomes taught us anything, it’s that soup is powerful and more tools are always welcome. Purists can do their thing but I’m really stoked about picking my fave units from both and bringing a green tide to the board. If there is summoning too that will be bonkers.
  8. Well I took that list to a local RTT here in Virginia. I ended up going 3-0 and winning the event, as well as best painted single model for my converted/kitbashed warshrine. The epitome was great. The reliable spell casting was ..different LOL and nice to have. The only time it was ineffective was against Arkhan legion of sacrament list with arcane terrain. But in that game (relocation orb) just ran away from him, I bogged him down with blightkings and just summoned onto the objective wherever it landed. Secon game there was some controversy and I'd like your guys' opinions on this. It was against a Deathmarch. He had a big unit of black knights, 40 skeletons, 10 skeletons, 10 skeletons, 30 grave guard, coven throne, and some support characters. Mission was battle for the pass. I was shocked when he gave me first turn. So I ran my block of marauders onto my left objective. And had gutrot come in from the edge on the right objective. Here is the controversy. Spume and the kings must be within 6" of the board edge. The objective must be 12" from the board edge. Do I control that objective? There is an FAQ that says you are within a point on the battlefield if you are EQUAL to or LESS then the specified distance. So the TO sided with me when I showed him this and awarded me the objective, I ended up winning the game because of this. Several people told me I shouldn't have won, and I was being a WAAC player. And I wasn't playing to the spirit of the game essentially. My opponent (who is a close friend of mine) was really chill about the whole thing. It was everyone else around that were kind of being dicks. The 6" objective capturing bubble should mathematically touch one point on the base of the model that is at the apex of that bubble. Basically because both lines (spume and the objective bubble) meet at the same point, and the FAQ specifices EQUAL TO.. thoughts? Third game was against nighaunt (death riders battalion) on scorched earth. I played like ****** but still won on the back of blightkings just doing work. Anytime I got onto an objective I burned it and didn't try to be cute and hold as many as I could. Just get one it, burn it and move to the next one to try to play a morale game (morale of my opponent) and force some bad decisions or scrambling. To his credit he stayed cool and had a chance to win but I had GREAT rolls on the VP d3 rolls and him not so good or average. Three highlights: 10 blightkings with RR 1s (epitome) and RR all wounds (warshrine) charging in and wiping out an entire unit of 40 skeletons. 45 attacks from 9 kings with blades of putrefaction just obliterating 10 hexwraiths. Summoning a gnarlmaw, off my initial gnarlmaw, and then summoning 5 plaguebearers from the second gnarlmaw onto an objective and razing it for 3 VP.
  9. A Sigmarite walks into a Sylvaneth non-metal bar. The treelord bartender says “AU, get out of here.”
  10. GW has specifically sold this as: a) the equivalent of Kill Team e.g. intended to be a catch-all skirmish game for AOS that will be an active part of the stable for years to come b) perfect for narrative gaming and campaigns If you were able to see past that to some hidden truth, fine, but it's not unreasonable for people to take that at face value and be disappointed if it doesn't meet those points for them. Obviously it was never going to be a new Mordheim, and GW would never invoke that name, but I don't think it's crazy for people to expect a new narrative skirmish game from GW to include some things they liked from past narrative skirmish games from GW (or even current ones, like Kill Team, Necromunda, or Blood Bowl). People are allowed to feel things about things, just because we disagree doesn't mean we have to dismiss each other. For me personally seeing both positive and negative opinions is helpful in informing whether I want to buy in to this or not.
  11. I've been pondering the same thing... have generic warscrolls and have the race you select offer the difference either with small buffs or purely aesthetically.
  12. I would also like more Ghur-themed AoS terrain in general. More mountains, caves and bone-structures.
  13. I'm thinking that the resin Empire Captain (Freeguild Generals on Foot) are going to go. Secretly though I would love a Freeguild Captain warscroll, a cheap buff character who can be outfitted to buff Freeguild Guard or our ranged units as a compliment to the Freeguild General.
  14. What are people's thoughts on Pusgoyle Blightlords? They seem like really cool models but I'm not convinced even with the points drop. They seem to hit all the good parts: Fast, tough, can hit like other armies' heroes, but you don't see them a lot. I have two and am strongly considering getting a SC! box since I need an extra 5 Blightkings anyway, which would give me 4. The main issue I have is the unit size is 2 so you're screwed if you want to make one into a Lord of Affliction, you'll have to hunt eBay for a single Blightlord or trade with someone who also made a LoA or something. The LoA himself seems like he might be worth taking even on his own, since he's a pretty fast and hard-hitting character (I am considering taking him with a Rustfang and sending him to assist a 10-man Blightking Bomb w/Spume) but he himself costs as much as a unit of 2 regular guys.
  15. You are correct. The Endless spells are tied to the key words not the faction, so as long as the wizard has the correct key words they can cast the spell even if they are being allied to another army or part of a grand alliance army.
  16. We actually have much better options than most for dealing with Slaanesh. The key is hordes and decent shooting. They can't do much against large units of Bestigors, Ungors and Ungor Raiders. They also often struggle for board control early on (unless they are also using beasts), which we excel at. No a silver bullet, but since we've got a lot of 1 wound options, we can definitely minimise their summoning with clever list design. Deprived Drove Slaanesh is a different matter as they have access to our best horde units and see to be less dependant on summoning.
  17. So a theory I have (will not happen but who knows?) maybe the Free Cities will have generic unit entries. Similar to how the Cannons can be Dwarfen or Human, you could have "Gunners" be Dwarven or human, archers be human or elf, crossbowmen be dwarven or elven. Greatswords could be any of them and just have great wepons. Probably not but might be cool and cover some dropped units
  18. I'm guessing a good amount of change. Some are laughably bad...
  19. So i went to a 2 day, 5 round event this past weekend....and it was DOMINATED by Slaanesh. Had to play the buggers twice myself. Ended up 4/1 and playing on table 1 round 5...but just couldn't get over on the Invaders list at the top table. My list was as follows: Reapers of Vengence / Ulgu Gore Pilgrims / Charnel Host BT of UF: Mage Eater, Crimson Crown Blood secrator: Skullshard Mantle 2x Slaughter priest Blood Master Deamon Prince: sword of judgement 2x (10) bloodletters (20) bloodletters (5) blood warriors (10) blood reavers karanak 3 x Judgments The list hinged on the 6" pile in and the fight twice from reapers...and did rather well. there ended up a 4 way tie for 2nd and the killpoints were the tiebreaker. I already have some adjustments to the list to make...but it was dishearting when Slaanesh took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Do we have a answer for the net variety list that they can bring? They seem to outclass us in almost every aspect. (one game i managed 3130 kill points because of all his summoning). Have others had similar exp in this new meta? am i crazy and their is a silver bullet against Slaanesh?
  20. So with Orruk Warclans and Cities of Sigmar coming soon, I honestly think we may well see something like "Chaos Hordes" as a future book; wrapping up Slaves to Darkness, Darkoath and who knows, maybe even Everchosen too as a single big chaos book focused on undivided mortals. They'll probably make "Undivided" a proper thing and mean you cannot use KHORNE marked dudes in an UNDIVIDED allegiance etc too. Who knows?!
  21. Chances are good that it will have a completely different aesthetic for it's boards and card art since it's supposed to take place in Ghur, I would guess you can probably use you're old Shadespire/Nightvault boards still though since I believe the narrative is that there is a rift or multiple rifts connecting the Beastgrave to Shadespire. I reckon we'll definitely see a more brown,green and amber colour pallet for it that's for sure.
  22. So it's either dark riders (which might prove problematic too, given that their crossbows have different to hit and attacks values than bows) or playing Open only with Legends reaver rules, then ; ) I assume giving them actual guns is out of the question? ; )
  23. Even the Enchanted Bows of Sister of the Watch don't have Rend. They only hit and wound on 3+.
  24. I disagree. I think people should manage their expectations if they don't want to end up disappointed. You don't ever hear a company saying something along like "this is intended for fast games, narrative and campaign players need not apply". They want to be as inclusive in their marketing as possible. Also, I have followed Warcry pretty extensively and I never heard GW saying it will be like Mordheim. In fact, they were pretty vague about how it looks up until now. But I've seen some people from the community hyping up the game in that manner, so there's a bit of that broken telephone effect where the actual message gets all muddled. Then the result will be disappointment because the game wasn't "what GW promised".
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