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  2. If you can face the hassle, you might be better off + get them a lot quicker buying a couple of sets of FEC endless spells yourself and putting the two other spells on ebay. The barricade alone seems to go for about a £10.
  3. Oh honey! I think you underestimate the seriousness at which some attach thier self worth to this and other hobbies! From the WC article: You’ll be able to order the first of the Ossiarch Bonereapers from October – Nagash waited for an aeon to unleash his creations, but you only have to wait a couple of months. Can’t wait for more goodness from the Mortal Realms? Don’t fret – before these guys arrive, both Order and Destruction aficionados will have a chance to bolster their defences with new battletomes coming in the next few weeks.
  4. I am an arborist IRL and can offer some insight into the Sylvaneth portion of the OP. Trees (on Earth anyway..) can be monoecious, diecious, or polygamodioecious. This means that a particular species can produce ONLY male flowers and will require a separate individual with ONLY female flowers to produce a seed (diecious), or a single individual can have both male and female flowers and can produce seed without any other individual (monoecious), OR a a specious can be be EITHER monoecious or diecious. Red maple (Acer rubrum) for example, is polygamodioecious. One maple tree may be ONLY male/female, while the maple right next to it might have BOTH male and female flowers. So in regards to sylvaneth, it is unclear what particular species of tree they are, perhaps many different species. I know in LOTR, the ents are all different species and that is some sort of class system in their society. Perhaps that's the case with Sylvaneth? Regardless, its likely they reproduce in much the same fashion as trees on Earth (or the world that was) and have many different variety of tree species each with their own characteristics. Aside from gardeners/arborists, not many people can distinguish between tree species so perhaps thats why its not expressly written in the lore. If you are interested in both trees and miniatures (sometimes combined! See my Nurgle Army "Wicked Garden") follow me on instagram @alexandria_arborist - https://www.instagram.com/alexandria_arborist/)
  5. Warhammer Bingo is the best way I've heard it described, Ive been to all of them so far and can defiantly recommend it.
  6. I think a lot of people just look at them as a hammer nothing more. What many tend to forget is once you steal an objective with a hammer unit, it's yours until they cap it back in almost every battleplan. Cover the hole with Clanrats if you want, but generally you don't need to worry about it unless they have something flanking wide or teleports\summons (which is why I'm forced to play extra cagey against Seraphon, which is obnoxious). The utility of the Bell can be great but I generally think 2 of them is one too many for what it does. Just having the AW is nice and his profile is what saves him.. but he doesn't have MW protection. You really have to keep an eye on him as you have no redundancy without a second source of MMMWP, and honestly with those 9 Fiend lists, that's really all you care about; once that's gone their output goes down drastically and even more so since your AW would likely have Vigordust and Deranged Inventor on it as well. If you could somehow squeeze in a regular Engineer\Bombardier on top of that for redundancy (or go back to using 2 or 3 Engineers) then you would be better off against something sniping out your AW. Bell with Death Frenzy and all Engineers with MMMWP is what you need to succeed.
  7. I think the important difference is that the Gorghons wound table has lower degradation rate than chimera has when losing wounds. Plus depending on the target you might be able to pop Bloodgreed healing up a little. While not super relevant I remember one game where I managed to get back 2W from it, and it was just enough to get me to the dmg tier above the one it was. That extra attack was enough to help me win that combat, though I believe it got murdered shortly after. If only we had an actual reliable heal spell, it would be very amusing to try and keep your spellcaster close to the big gribblies, making sure to keep them healthy and stacked up with bunch of attacks
  8. Lack of buying is most certainly happening as people are saving to see what happens. Some units might become elites whilst others could become hordes. Changing from their original roles. So why risk buying a load of warriors that could change in such a fundamental way. Some might also change in weapon options and such - eg the dark elves have a kit which makes 3 warrior types currently, but the two clsoe combat versions could merge into a single option representing a combined armies unit that has a single profile for the weapons even if two are modelled. All kinds of things like that could happen, so holding off to wait for the "very soon" battletome makes full sense.
  9. XReN

    Lets talk Morghasts!

    I probably won't be getting Morghasts before the tome, for utility - 3d6 charges all the way, I percieve them only as assasins that surge deep into enemy formation to cut down support pieces, the weapon choice will come down to what buffs are available, if they can get +1 attack - than halberds, if there is no such option than it will depend on what I feel they will face, but from 3+ save halberds will make more sense.
  10. Don't worry, I have not forgotten, and I think we're quite a few, seeing how the Dispossessed section has been deserted since the axe-session. I personnaly have stopped to buy, paint and even play my short-legged tincan since, waiting to see what will happen to them and if I'll set my way away from GW for them. It's not anger (not anymore), just common sense as to see if GW can satisfy my dwarven needs or not and what their lack of communications means. And I'm probably not the only one thinking that way.
  11. Eh anyone (casual or competitive) who was a high elf player or collector one of the several msaller subfactions won't have forgotten the cull; it will be right at the fore of their mind. Dark elf, human and dwarf players will have it better off since their reductions have been more staggered rather than all at once and they've overall lost less. Old Wood elf players already had to contend with half the army vanishing at AoS launch (loads of metal lords and winged eagles) and then half again with Sylvaneth stealing the queen and splitting off as their own faction. So that's an old sore wound. Right now all those players have had from GW since the start of AoS is reduced model support, reduced purchase options and fragmented arimes. A few side armies appeared using bits of the original forces, but not for all of them. Cities especially represents a lot of negative feeling form the fanbase in the way GW has treated them over the lifespan of AoS. So this Tome is really important to them. It's the first "here you get something from us - and a sense that some of what you love is staying in AoS"
  12. The old WFRP books posit that Humans, Mutants, Beastmen, and Daemons don't actually fall into nice neat categories as most people would like. Instead they are a continuum. Humans are the mostly un-mutated end of the spectrum. Mutants have some mutation, but can mostly pass as more or less human. They are arguably the largest category. Beastmen are the more bestial mutants, which kind of breed true, and so form distinct abhuman races. Daemons are everything that has gone too far, and is no longer really a living being, but has been subsumed into a facet of a chaos god's will. Anything can slip from one category into the next, if it gets close enough to warp energies, but going back is not nearly so easy...
  13. It may be quite dangerous to invest in morghasts currently. For all we know the rules may change when the tome hits the shelves? Maybe they are a suboptimal unit as well. As for conversions, I think you can just take whatever look you prefer and specify it to your opponent. If you model all of them with chest plates it hardly changes the WYSIWYG.
  14. I love morghasts! Personally i find the sword armed models no to my liking and -2 rend 3 damage has always appealed more to me. The 3D6 charge presents another problem in that they usually end up to far away from a hero to get the 6+ save. Also in grand host they get an extra attack as well which almost makes them worth the points. I'm really hoping the Bonereapers tome drops them further in points or changes the warscroll somehow; maybe we will finally find out what the reanimant keyword means?
  15. Today
  16. Hi All, I'm looking to pick up a couple of corpsemare stampedes from the Fleash-eater Courts endless spell set if anyone has spare? UK based
  17. Maybe they wanted the bad reaction to the cull to blow over by the time the actual book is released. I'm not sure that's happened for folks on here, but I could see them hopping that at least the casual fans (which is most of their market) will have forgotten about the cull by now, and will just see it as a new thing. Whereas if it all happens at once then the removals kind of overshadow the release.
  18. Personally if I was to build some of these I would go for the long charges and halberts and use them as a fast unit to kill enemy elites.
  19. That sounds pretty darn reasonable from a back of the napkin math and available data!
  20. It's surprising how long GW has allowed the cull and release to be separated. One would have thought they'd have wanted to pair them close together, esp as the cull didn't have GW casting to replace (working to a deadline) and was clearly more working to stock running out. Thus GW can be sure that many didn't get all they wanted and are sitting on potential money for more sales for current models. Normally one would expect both to happen on the same day or at least within a week or so of each other.
  21. I would expect you aren't hearing anything about free people book because there aren't really going to be new models and the warscrolls are likely not going to be changed much at all. Its going to probably have some new abilities and spells, and cull a good part of the collection to legends. Unlike the new undead force which is all new models, so they will highlight that.
  22. We've had some aquatic lore. One of the Inferno books talks of undersea creatures which are basically sea versions of the sylvaneth, tending to kelp beds and coral instead of trees. They were said to have allies in merpeople and also great sea serpents as well (plus being a short story that likely was all there was room for). The realms certainly appear to have a wealth of potential sea races who could, one day, come ashore. Not all as the Idoneth with tehir sea magic; many would likely be capable of breathing both saltwater and air; or were always air breathers having to come to the surface to breath. That said its almost big enough to be its entire own world down there with its whole story, settings, lore and battles without ever coming ashore.
  23. And working on factional terrain piece:
  24. Hey Everyone! I am back from my break and I am feeling refreshed and eager to dive into some more hobby projects. I kept busy during my time away and gave a lot of thought to the future of this blog and my content. I have a few ideas that will require some changes to my previous schedule, but it should hopefully provide all of you with even better content than I have been over the past few years. Before I talk more about the blog I want to share some of the stuff I have been working on over the past few weeks! View the full article
  25. No it's not part of Legions of Nagash, it has nothing to do with that book at this point in time.
  26. Trying to decide between 2 lists: List 1: Drycha: Regrowth TLA: Verdurous Harmony, General w/ trait Arch Reveant: The Frozen Kernal Branchwraith: Throne of Vines, Extra cast artifact 30 x dryads 15x Spite Revenants 5x Spite Revenants 5x Spite reveants 5x Tree revenants Outcasts Battalion 6x Hunters w/ scythes Spiteswarm hive 2000 even Or -5x Spite reveants -5 spite reveants - outcasts +20 dryads A lot more bodies, but I'm worried i'll miss the the extra cast branchwraith for more consistency. The 15x spites (instead of 20) in the first list bought me an extra 10 dryads, but could also be 5 spite reveants and a command point. Or an endless spell I guess.
  27. The oldest lore states that first beastmen were mutated livestock and wildlife as well as human mutants. Beastmen as a species are farily old, older than humans, and possibly as old as elves and dwarves, as they were essentially mutated animals, both life stock and wild life, created by the power of Chaos, and were around ever since Chaos made its entry into the mortal realm. There were also beastmen tribes formed of human mutants. If a child was born with mutation, and the parents didnt have the strength to kill it, they abandoned it in the forest, where most of the times they would be adopted by raving bands of lesser beastmen and human mutants. So your memory does indeed not betray you on this one There was a lesser mutated Ungor character > Ungrol Four Horn, who led a band of ungors and human mutants, and hated everyone equally since he was cast out of his own tribe, thus forming a ravaging band of opportunists on his own. I remember that guy 75pts and could be taken only in a unit of Ungors and only in the same way as a unit champion could. And like most old 7the Armybook Beastmen heroes, he wasnt really worth it. ... This is one of the sad parts of BoC release - bunch of cool characters got squated. All the named ones, regardless of if they had miniatures or not. So much potential wasted. I was hoping to see Moonclaw son of Morshlieb riding Umbralok in AoS. Sigh.. There was even a short part in some older books, where they stated that Beastmen "evolve" to suit the fears of the people in that land. Beastmen in the old world looked like goats and bulls, spurring huge horns and hooves as if to feed of the fear of the typical Satanic evil the people of the Empire associated the chaos with. Meanwhile the Beastmen in the Kingdom of Ind resemble Tigers, Elephants and wildlife associated with that region. And funny enough not spurring horns, as that is not something the people of those lands found as "scary". Thats how Chaos works ^^ It warps its chaotic children in a way to squeeze out the most delicious emotions of terror, anguish and hate from the mortals living in those lands. **I also heard from a friend of mine there was a mention of Aquatic Beastmen in AoS. I mean it only makes sense for there to be some, but I dont know where this info was taken from. Maybe Idoneth battletome ?
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