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  2. Furuzzolo

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    I just read Soul Wars by Josh Reynolds ( @JReynolds ), missing the last 30 pages to be honest and i must say that it is a beautiful book. Really doubling on the depths and relation between nagash-Sigmar, souls serving the one-Stormcast etc; but that's not the topic. I want to set this spoiler-free but in the book some pages are spent narrating battle and in this battle Dispossessed duardin from the rivers clan fight alongside the others faction in the book. The description of those brave duardins is very refreshing and their Thane, his wit and pragmatism are everithing Dispossessed are in my mind. We may not have a rulebook, a tome and a narrative main plot-line but thanks to the work of Black Library writer such as Josh we can still fill part of the setting. I recommend the book to all of you, we may not be the main characters in it but reading about Duardin go to war and the roar of our weapons satisfied my duardin- need.
  3. MitGas

    The Rumour Thread

    IJ could really use more than a single hero though. They are pretty limited in terms of units, perhaps the most limited force so far (I don't know all, so I could be wrong). What they do, they do well but it would be great if IJ - or Orruks of any flavor - had more options to choose from. Maybe they'll start fusing stuff together more now that some factions had a few pretty awesome releases. Or perhaps give some armies more of a bonus for taking certain allies... (like more than so many % of the army could be from X allied faction or Y allied faction will benefit from certain army rules and so on and on). Then it would be up to the player to make limited, ultra-elite lists like current IJ. I'm feeling extremely blessed with my big love Tzeentch having so many options - I could use Warriors, Tzaangors/Arcanites and Daemons all at once and that is amazing. The only thing I could wish for are new sculpts (for Warriors or Chosen), a better way for Varanguard to work under Tzeentch (one can wish...) but the first thing is probably just a matter of time - and I hope other factions will land at such a great spot one day too. Not that they are as great or deserving as loyal followers of Tzeentch but let's just say us Tzeentchians are merciful creatures. B)
  4. Avatar Rage

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    Fixed, thanks for catching that.
  5. kenshin620

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Hmm so the rules for the Feb WD have surfaced. As long as picture leaks aren't shared, we can talk about that right?
  6. CountryMou3e

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    6 enlightened and 2 x 3 skyfires are the sweet spot for me
  7. HollowHills

    The Rumour Thread

    I do think it may be a bit of an all in one thing where you get Darkling Covens, Wanderers and a new name for the high elves as three separate factions in the same book. A bit like spiderfang, trogs and moonclan. Different keywords, but one allegiance.
  8. JackStreicher

    Death Wishlisting

    The constant reroll you get for „5 or more models“ is the issue. 5 or more usually means always. Pair that with 2 attacks/model and a 2“ reach plus their mobility and you start to see why they‘re so good. they should change the rerolls to „more than 10“ or the weaponrange to 1“ I like death as a faction as well though I haven‘t played them in quite a while 🤔 time to bring them to the field once more
  9. bearstronaut

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet (wow 78 pages), but if your opponent is cunning and leaves your Mangler Squig in the 'middle range' of the damage table for his worst stat profile, have the Arachnacauldron take a bite out of it to deal D3 mortal wounds and motivate it a bit There is a very high chance you will at least get to the 2nd best stat profile, and a 1/3 chance to be fully operational if the Mangler was dealt 7 wounds. It's in the hero phase, doesn't cost you anything like a spell cast use, and it gives you a 'free' turn with the Arachnacauldron.
  10. Grotruk

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Thank you ! These arguments convinced me, and I'm happy to read that because i've the "arcanite changecult" box ! 😛
  11. PJetski

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I hope they update the Liberator warscroll to allow 2 in every 5 models to use a Grandhammer and/or Grandsword.
  12. Lord Ashmodath

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    I'm working on another hero, and I've mostly completed my leader.
  13. Nevar

    Death Wishlisting

    I understand the idea that Chainrasps and Grims will get a point increase... but it seems to me more of a side effect of the other death options being weak that causes us to see nothing but Grims in top lists. If they were to 'buff' grave guard, that could easily change the unit selection we see there. Likewise, if it is the 'bring back a whole unit' part that makes them OP, then only LoN would need some modifications. I don't play at top tables, but most people are aware that the top tables in the hobby have a 'meta' all their own. Down here in the regular man's trenches everyone I know who had picked up Nighthaunt with the release of Soul Wars has long since forsaken Nagash's Will. Many tried to swap over to LoN, but all eventually sold their Death and went back to Chaos or Order. I think a couple jumped on the Orruk/Gloomspite trains. I am the only Death player in my local area that I know of, and while I will hear complaints from time to time using the online rankings as sources that Death is OP, those complaints only pop up when an opponent loses a game. In my opinion, the way Death overall 'plays' is interesting, fun, and varied... it is unit selection that stagnates mainly because a lot of our units fall into the 'not so great' grab bag of options no one will take. People mention zombies multiple times here. No one in their right mind even considers filling their BL with zombies. Their profile is not THAT terrible, and with enough buffs they can be lethal. The problem is, for their points pretty much everything outclasses them. I think the 'death problem' can be solved with some serious points adjustments, and I do not think Nighthaunt units really need any increases. If it truly was just a Grimghast Problem... then we would see Nighthaunt -somewhere- in the leaderboards, especially when we spooks can take the Grims as our battleline.
  14. Indeed - both Holy Wars and Holy Havoc use a mixed format like this and have for the last couple years. For Holy Havoc, it is a team tournament where each player brings 1.5k of points and they field 1k in each game (for 2k combined). Holy Wars is a singles event where each player bring 3k and fields 2k in any given battle. Part of your scoring involves using at least 500 of your sideboard in a majority of your games. This format has seemed to work well for these events and it is my absolute favorite format. Another format is how Nashcon requires players to bring 2 separate lists and one has to be chosen for each scenario with only knowing the scenario and what two lists the opponent might play. Both lists have to be played at least once in this 5 game event. This is another format that I enjoy as well 🙂
  15. S133arcanite

    Exploring and Expanding the Ironweld Arsenal

    @Melcavuk I'd love to help out in the narrative section. Perhaps a few short stories and the timeline? For example, we could do a series of events like in recent battletomes. By the way, is the battletome meant to be published and available to fans like the Tomb Kings one? Love the work, you've done, keep it up!
  16. Magnus The Blue

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Dragon Ogres are conversions, Tzaangor heads and weapons, Gryph-charger body/legs and armoured torsos/arms from stormcasts. Makes them nice and Tzeetchy and about as bulky ask the official models Good point about raiders as an expanding screen, but I do love the centigors for their tactical flexibility (act as screens, tanks and can hit hard when charging drunk). Will have a think about how to get some raiders in there.
  17. Lucky Snake Eyes

    Death Wishlisting

    I know they want to step away from characters a bit with AoS, but I would like to see more factions get characters and some fan favourites to make it to the table again. FEC doesn't need much but it would be cool to see them get ushoran as a character hero. I would likewise like to see abhorash or one of the von carsteins for soulblight.
  18. Honk

    Vampire lord on abyssal terror

    You missed the fluff... XD
  19. michu

    Model Warning for all Skaven!

    Yes, they have mixed sprues and you can't sell skaven without aelves and vice versa.
  20. mmimzie

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    This is why i think 3 man dankhold trogoff units into combat might be out best real hammer unit in a troll focused list. While the math on the pts they dont seem as effective the fact that 3 can general fight in about the same place as 3 or 4 rockguts is a massive differ in terms of concentration of melee power. Also the crushing grip attack can be used to force unit's to split, and with 3 such attacks it won't be to tough to do. Rock gut's are basicly like tanky wizards that can't be dispeled and have 50% chance to get thier mortal would spell off. They arent the most durable unit, just ranged mortal wounds that work decently well when repositioned by hand of gork. Also note they can run and still throw a rock, so they have a much larger threat range than would be expected. Lastly rockguts can also throw the rock even if locked in combat because it's not a shooting weapon. (I believe?)
  21. This is wonderful and I will support it with my own theoretical lottery win. I would also fund TGA, on the agreement that maybe six times a year, at a time of my choosing, all avatars would randomly change to something sausage-related for anywhere between six and twenty four hours.
  22. DrDemento

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Right, not abandon but some would be forced out. Maybe cogforts are to reclaim the lost karaks and free cities, maybe the underground pathways are blocked by the gloomspite and skaven. I’m not a lore expert by any means, really just glean bits here and there.
  23. Blightzkrieg

    The Rumour Thread

    These all seem like reasonable assumptions. Maybe a mid sized Slaanesh update this spring or summer and a larger Gloomspite style StD update near the year's end, with a handful of minor updates scattered in between. The Aelves have always been the big question mark to me among the potential soup factions. There are just way too many different styles going on (which is why they became so fractured to begin with).
  24. Furious

    Greenskin start collecting gone

    This week's Made To Order is a bunch of old Orcs and Goblins stuff - and the copy definitely references Greenskinz in the same sentence as Ironjaws, in terms of using the models in current armies. IDK why they'd be doing a run of old Greenskinz-style Orc models if there are plans to just trash the army soon, but GW has done some wonky stuff like that before.
  25. Honk

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    ...? that’s not how my history teacher told me...
  26. Kirjava13

    Model Warning for all Skaven!

    I'm sure it's something to do with the moulds and the fact that GW accidentally got some High Elves on the same sprue, but I remain baffled beyond the capacity for rational thought as to why the stuff from Island of Blood/Spire of Dawn is not being sold individually now.
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