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  2. TheAntsAreBack

    The Day I Broke Maths

    I think that Nighthaunts are also now allies, since GHB18.
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone had any advice on converting the ghoul king from the vlozd kit into a vampire lord on foot? My current thinking is to give him the sword from the kit and a grave guard shield (maybe). I’ve also got some Dark Eldar scourge wings to attach. I think all the spines around the arms and body need to be clipped off. I guess I’ll be going for a more crazy looking, approaching vargheist look than regal vampire in armour. Is there anything else that can be done to make him look more vampire and less ghoul? Or is it just down to the paint job in the end? Bit concerned about the animal-ish looking legs... or maybe that’ll look good? Hmmmm... btw I don’t have much / any experience of convesrting models.
  4. I asked if you have read the AoS lore because you are on a AoS forum and you are talking about very old lore, Not once you mentioned anything about Sigmar as a god and how he brought an age of prosperity, safety, art, and glory to the mortal realms. And Judging him based on when he was a mortal barabarian. And like I said, "Good does not mean nice". The first 2 wars were justifiable in the context of situation of the old world tribes. if he had not forcefully brought them into the fold, The armies may have been under powered against enemies they face. It could have meant doom for all the tribes as a whole. And the fact he is a barabarian and thought like a barabarian would have. The only thing I will agree with you on is the killing of the children of the chaos tribe, as they could have been turned from chaos.
  5. He does this pretty consistently all over the forums to everyone, dont feel too bad about it.
  6. NurglesFirstChosen

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    I know what you’re saying and it makes sense a lot of the time. But believe me, a savy player can zone you out on a 6’’ wide deployment zone with chaff. I remember one game in particular against seraphon where the player had the majority of his force central and then a unit of skinks on either flank. That basically kept my kings out of the game for 3 turns. I agree that they’re useful however! They’ve won me many games. Still think I would limit it to a 5 man unit’s against most factions though.
  7. Overread

    I h*** my Sylvaneth

    Honestly unless they've bought dozens of them they can just use them as terrain without any loss; sure its not "as good" as it once was but its still very viable terrain and possibly themed to their army. Another thought - instead of a large tree have a huge root erupt from the earth. Representing one of the mighty ancient trees burrowing through the lands before rising up to give aid.
  8. Justinbot

    I h*** my Sylvaneth

    Pros: Look amazing when painted, unique flavorful mechanic, synergizes with army, adds another level of strategic depth to the army/game Cons: Pain to transport, expensive, raises barrier of entry into the game, difficult to manage model movement/placement on, complicates table terrain placement. To me it seems like GW already had the Citadel Woods models when designing Sylvaneth so they went with those instead of coming up with a cleaner design. Now a few years later or whatever the woods don't quite seem to really functionally fit with the rest of the game given that so much now is focused on AoE mechanics. Yeah this is kinda what I was thinking too. Then again given the amount of $$$ most Sylvaneth players have already invested in Wyldwoods I dunno how excited people would be to have new terrain models show up 😅
  9. amysrevenge

    I h*** my Sylvaneth

    We (ie. the two clubs I have regularly played with) do Rule of Cool. Set up a cool looking table as fairly as possible. Could be easily gamed for success, but basically never is.
  10. NurglesFirstChosen

    Who was to blame for the death of the world that was?

    I can’t remember the names of the 3 tribes he attacked. The first 2 unjustifiable wars were against the two tribes of men who refused to answer sigmars calls. There was also another tribe who Sigmar wiped from the old world. And finally, when Sigmar attacked the norsai who resided on the main land, he wiped them out entirely- the sick, women, and children included. No one was spared his wrath. Even Pendrag disagreed with him in both of these exploits. When you say good doesn’t mean nice - id question your wording by saying order doesn’t mean good. Seems to me that in the mortal realms, none are innocent. Heh heh. Why do you keep asking if I’ve read lore because my perspective differs from your own. Like I said before, there’s no need to personalise the debate 👍🏻
  11. Gwendar

    2k DoK list Critique

    About the best breakdown I could ask for. Thanks for that. I have definitely encouraged her to try a few things out, but I think she's more inclined to only use it on Witch Aelves either way which makes her lean away from morathi as general. If she wants two units hitting then she would just bank some points and use it more than once per turn on another unit. I think the trait benefits far outweigh an additional unit getting a second pile in/attack per CP spent. Thanks again for the help. Now just to get her to finish building/painting everything.
  12. Turbo_Otter

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    I'm with @jondoe297 and @Sangfroid. I always treated the unit as a "retreating unit" for the rest of its turn. The mentioned shenanigans would be pretty tasty though...
  13. What unjustifiable wars? the war to rid mainland of the barabarian tribes that worship chaos? It's sigmar's why or death you say. Then what about the people he protects that don't worship him or don't live up to his expectations? Have you read the AoS lore? Good does not mean nice.
  14. sorokyl

    New DoK army - What to build, Where to go next?

    something to consider is that for the almost exactly 1" to matter, we are assuming your ranks are in a perfect square, and they are perfectly square with the opponent ranks. Any shifting in those 3 lines and it's going to be a good bit less than 1". Hopefully your ranks aren't square anyway as that's wasted space.
  15. Mikeymajq

    Advice/help in keeping to an army!

    I have six armies for AoS at the moment. In various stages of painted. Mostly at least base colour/s down but my nighthaunt are still in gray plastic. I had a plan. It was as follows: play seraphon and paint them up based on my lists. I played two games and uh. Somehow rebased my entire Blades of Khorne army and painted 5 chaos knights and Skarbrand.. and uh.. played 4 games in a row with them so far. Tl;dr I have no idea what I'm doing or what I want.
  16. Overread

    I h*** my Sylvaneth

    Well page 227 says a suggested ratio is at least 1 bit of terrain per 2 foot squared of table. Page 267 lists a few ways you can put terrain on the table from rolling off dice; to alternating to one player putting it down and the other choosing their start location. And that is about it really - unless there is a mention on specific battleplans there's really not much if anything about how to setup terrain in the book. It's one BIG area where I think GW should put more attention on it; but I dont think that will happen until they allow the rules to be more than the 8 or so pages it currently is. A lot of terrain rules and themes you'll see are likely hangovers from previous editions of the game or 40K
  17. Today
  18. NurglesFirstChosen

    Who was to blame for the death of the world that was?

    There was at least 2 times when Sigmar waged unjustifiable wars I assure you. Not to mention the manner in which men, women and children were butchered in the alliances efforts to rid the mainland of the barabarian tribes. You might say that although Sigmar saved the people of the empire from many threats, the very formation of the empire actually empowered the chaos gods (thinking mainly tzeentch and khorne). Also the blood thirsty manner in which the northern folk were driven from the main land and forced north would have created generations of hate. I must say, I was a bit extreme in saying Sigmar was of the same virtue as the chaos gods. But Sigmar definitely was not An entirely virtuous man. In fact, Sigmar himself admits to his enjoyment of the bloodshed for example. It’s always been Sigmars way or death, and that’s not changed. All this aside, I appreciate your opinion 👍🏻 Anywayyyy, it appears my views on Sigmar have sent this thread off track. Anymore opinions on the thread topic?
  19. heywoah_twitch

    noob question about allies

    I'm going to come in hard as dissent here and say that there is no reason to do this at all - *viable listbuilding wise* Obviously you can have fun hobby reasons for doing this, but your question was mechanical and so I'm treating it as such. The strength of ironjawz is largely synergy based and several critical effects require keywords (waagh needs # of units, warchanters buff, weirdnob casting bonus, mighty destroyers movement, charge bonus, smashing and bashing!) and you are diluting the list for every non-orruk you bring. Not only that, but ironjawz units can do anything a gutbuster can do only better. 'ardboys make better objective campers / anvils and can do more damage with buffs. Brutes outclass ogors in melee, gore-gruntas are better than mournfang when you factor in cost/wounds/buffs. Leadbelchers have some ranged, which ironjawz lack, but it's not actually good ranged. Weirdnobs are better than butchers as well (butcher spell is not great and his cauldron doesn't affect non-ogors). If you absolutely must use allies in ironjawz, it should be for something that fills a crucial need and does it exceptionally, because you give up a lot for it - and leadbelcher's random short-ranged attacks (or even worse, falling for the trap of scrap-launcher / ironblaster) are a far cry from that. I'm all for being positive, but let's not give someone bad advice either.
  20. Aezeal

    I h*** my Sylvaneth

    Isn't there a guide about how to place terrain in the new rule books somewhere? I couldn't find it last time I looked but I thought it was like both roll a d3 for 3 parts (2x2)of the table and place the terrain there... That really helps since even if you roll 3 pieces you can place them on a side of that part and keep some space. Having said that... placing a forest with 3" space around it (tla ability) is often impossible. I really need to use a spell etc to place a forest 1" outside of other models.
  21. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    Yes and no. I honestly think the best approach is to keep several of them and flesh them out like Daughters of Khaine and then have a couple that are gathered up as an allied force so that they remain viable but are either allied together always (so they can take each others units without the allies limit hurting them) and so that other factions can still use them. That is the best of both worlds - keeps the faction numbers down and yet keeps things in the range.
  22. Skinnyboy

    The Rumour Thread

    You just made my day, thank you!!
  23. LLV

    The Rumour Thread

    I think the old elf stuff will largely be retired, unless they somehow fold them into to the coming Shadow Aelf and Light Aelf stuff
  24. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    Age of sigmar needs a series of big releases; they've split the Aelves up so much that they've got to get several full factions marketed out there for them. They didn't "have too" as they could have put them back together and had the old armies back; but if they stick to split Aelves they've got to be bolstered. Same for the human factions. Now Darkling Covens could be bolstered up fairly well with only one or two new models and a bit of marketing focus (of all the old Dark Elf groups they have the most units)
  25. The only people I remember sigmar killing to wipe them out in the old story was chaos worshipers. If not for Sigmar, the old tribes of the empire would have been doomed. If not for Sigmar, the peoples of the mortal realms would have still been a bunch of savages being preyed on by monsters. It was Sigmar that raised the people up, brought them civilization and taught them how to defend themselves, It was Sigmar and his pantheon that brought an age of prosperity, safety, art, and glory to the mortal realms. Sigmar is no where near a chaos god in their evil. The chaos gods completely wipe out entire species and destroy worlds for their own enjoyment.
  26. Infernalslayer

    The Rumour Thread

    I was eagerly awaiting for Darkoath this year as well. I hope GW doesn't move their realease around too much and we wait another year or so 😭
  27. Skreech Verminking

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Well to be absolutely true, it would be stunningly incredible if Gw chose to firstly make a mixed skaven army battletome and with it update all metallic or funky looking models like gutter runner/night runners, plague censer bearers/monks, Arch warlock and many more (we definitely need some good locking weapon teams) but that’s only my oppinion. (still hoping for that mixed battletome death style)
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