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  2. It's fine. The lists are shared before anyway comments are welcome. Allegiance: Nurgle- Host of Chaos: Munificent WanderersLeadersGreat Unclean One (340)- Bile Blade & Doomsday Bell- Artefact: The Witherstave- Lore of Virulence: Favoured PoxesPoxbringer Herald of Nurgle (120)- General- Command Trait: One Last Gift- Lore of Virulence: Favoured PoxesLord of Blights (140)- Artefact: MucktalonBe'Lakor (240)- AlliesBattleline30 x Plaguebearers (320)30 x Plaguebearers (320)10 x Plaguebearers (120)10 x Plaguebearers (120)BattalionsTallyband of Nurgle (160)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsGeminids of Uhl-Gysh (60)Extra Command Point (50)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 240 / 400Wounds: 116
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  4. i hope they're not too expensive.. I like the Stormcast dice but they feel a bit overpriced so I haven't bought them
  5. Yep, that's totally something I could explain to the wife, no problem. "Yes dear, I swear I bought these fuzzy hancuffs to help decorate my toy soldiers...."
  6. @Acid_Nine I mean, we are talking about the character who was the greatest mage of his time, on par with Nagash and the original Caledor. From a game play perspective, he was fairly dominant in 7th and 8th edition WHFB. And after all the hype, I can't see GW not giving him some love.
  7. So I know it’s more speculation, but I will say that I hope teclis can do some amazing things in game. Just got finished played the two quest missions he had In total war warhammer 2, and with his spells alone he deleted so much of the enemy army and was able to buff his units with key spells at the right time. The image of being able to magically cast a net across an entire section of an enemy army so they can’t move while being pincushioned by archers, followed by a roaming area of effect spell that blasts everything it touches across the immobile army is just so perfect.
  8. Woot! Somebody unearthed a shipping manifest, there's going to be Lumineth dice! I probablt shouldn't be as excited about that as I am...
  9. Huh. That's interesting. Wonder if we'll see any of that for tomorrow's announcements. Probably going to be specialist game stuff tomorrow though.
  10. Of course! Happy to. I added trees (sylvaneth bits) to keep on theme with the rest of my army. But the shields, horn blower were added from the skeletons kit. I also cut off the chem tanks and any grenades they were carrying. In terms of gw sponsored events.. I was on the warhammer TV stream at adepticon with these conversions. This means warhammer community team members inspect and approved my army to be on their official twitch stream. Nobody (opponent or TO) has ever even wary of these conversions! Hope this helps! While I appreciate the kind words, @Crowvus! I’m hardly the best Nurgle player. Just happen to go to a lot of events and like to keep a dialogue going!!
  11. I guess this is where I get stuck, and a big part as to why I want to switch out my 2x5 heartrenders for something with some damage. We dont have any significant poke with our shooting, especially against the -1 to hit from look out and -1 to wound from their relic. That is the one list I've truly struggled against.
  12. I have 2 lists that I like but not sure which one I like more. Alternatively im wondering if I can somehow fit a Hag + Cauldron into one of those...hmm... List 1: List 2: Edit: Made a 3rd list. I kinda like this one over the other 2.
  13. I played them for the first time at LVO twice and got max points from them (I think max) twice Just pick off their characters and you are golden. Id use the SOS/WE to slow their advance. Shadow warriors, Khinari and chariots to poke at the characters. Even arcane bolt from the 2nd Medusa. Fully buffed snakes in combat (using scenery to filter so only 1 or 2 units hit you max. Medusa x 2 in with the snakes using their stare I would hang the slaughter queen back to just both/command point use. Shes not worth losing to a protracted fight Worse case I sacrifice Chariots and Khinari's to keep slowing them down as they are cheap throw away units. Hell, even throwing a second medusa is a fine road block if needed lol. My whole army is sacrificial, bar the SQ and Sneks
  14. Well, it took some budgeting (a good bit...besides with what IRL has been throwing at me I deserve it) and a bit of headache but I did it. I successfully have taken my first step in this army. Sir Mordroi Ghulfang himself. He’s not glued onto his base yet because I am not sure if I’m going to edit the base or want to paint him separately from it so I can get the undercarriage. Thought I would get the one resin model out of the way. Probably the smartest move I’ve made thus far.
  15. Hmmm. I'd say that my goal is somewhere between #1 and #2. Meaning, my main motivation for this StD army is to play and have fun - but, at the same time, I'd like to have a chance of actually winning battles. So, while I'm not looking for an super-optimized configuration, I'd want to build an army that makes a degree of sense. You say the army I listed is lacking in damage-dealing capacity... well, I'm not going to field Marauders (unless GW releases some new updated models for them), but how about using allies to fix this problem? How about adding 20 Kairic Acolytes + making one big unit of 20 Chaos Warriors + adding 2 Chariots? Of course, some Warcry Cultists would have to be ditched...
  16. Sorry to counter burst your bubble, but a command TRAIT and a command ABILITY are two very different things. And Spectral Summons is an army wide command ABILITY.
  17. I loved sylvaneth in the old book but since moving to the new one I'm really struggling to enjoy it as much. 1) I feel like I really have to work hard to play 'the sylvaneth' game. Like I want to be summoning woods and jumping between them and being sneaky, but then since the main way to get more is the spell, I find I have to take things to boost casting to even be able to reliably do the thing my army should be good at. Alternatively, I take the treelord anciet. I love love love the free woods he brings, but he never seems to do that much else. Or he does a little bit of everything, but it never adds up all that well. It feels like I have to commit several hundred points and possibly my artifact to consistently summon 2 woods a game, which just feels bad. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Maybe I should reexamine the acorn? 2) I feel like I'm lacking either an allegiance ability or a scenery ability. When I compare them to my mawtribes, I'm aware exactly what feels like allegience (counts as 2 models, damage on charge) and what counts as scenery bonus (+1 cast, army wide heal). Instead my allegience ability is.... Deep-strike into trees and .... a terrain piece makes me battle shock immune. Wait! Thats a scenery ability again! When I compare them to something like skaven, skaven get almost the best part of the scenery bonus (the teleport), but start with 3 instead of 1 already, get a much more useful +1 to cast (instead of the kind of finicky woods explosions and deadly rule and still have useful actual allegiance abilities. 3) The suballegiences are all kind of samey- The main bonus for each seems to be some variation on reroll 1's, with a caveat (only some units, near wizards, charging etc.) This is hardly strong enough to make me want to build the army much differently. Only the deadwood command ability is seems worth using relative to even just rerolling charges or whatnot. The artifacts are OK, but then I'm left wondering if I should just take the regular ones. In fact, basically every other book has more variability and interest in their sub-allegiances than sylvaneth. Maybe I should just play dreadwood? I kinda wish they had just kept the actual battalion abilities as the groves, instead of changing. +1 cast is very strong on hallowheart, but with less good wizards and no buffs to cast, I don't think would be broken on sylvaneth. It only makes ogor butchers average, they still aren't particularly strong, for example. +1 to cast and charge would also have been an interesting grove, giving reliability that we lack completely. Alas.
  18. The Master Moulder can also heal them and use the allegiance ability to buff one up to a sort of unit leader
  19. Sorry to burst your bubble but this is a Core Rules thing for Named Characters:
  20. Well Skaven is a popular one but also pretty big. I reckon any update would be focussing on a specific clan rather than updating the main book. I think that was their idea from the beginning but then AoS 2.0 came and they did not have time to do all clans and they merged them together. For the same criteria I believe some clans will not get any update in the near future. Cities too I think it’s a soup and any other human faction will exist parallel maybe with some intersection. LoN has his days counted as it makes every day less sense as many units cannot be used and was always hard to balance, will see if it gets transformed or simply fades away like Tamurkhan Horde, technically still playable but most of the range not sold anymore. Gloomspite it’s an interesting one as basically has a brand new core but seems a bit of a mash of different things that don’t really work together so will see how and if it will be expanded. Then there’s the borderline category where certain armies may not get any new model for some time especially because extremely tied with a potential Old World release, at least until they figure that part out. Those would be the Sylvaneth and the Seraphon for example.
  21. That's a good call on the Killa' Beat. I normally don't much use out of it, but that's possibly because I lean heavily into Ardboyz and Gore Gruntas, who have a longer threat range. I don't think I can fit many units in an Ironfist. The bossfist requires 2 units of brutes, and the ironfist fist needs a minimum of 3 units. I can just barely fit 3x 5-man brutes and 2x 5-man ardboyz to meet the minimum number of battleline, That could be worth exploring, though, since an extra metalrippa's klaw could make a boss much more useful.
  22. @Lanoss Played against Slaves to Darkness on Total Commitment. My buddy played very conservative at first, while I ran towards him. 2nd turn he ran in, which allowed me to be close enough to get the charge. I waaagh'd and gave violent fury to one set of brutes. Nearly wiped out 2 sets of 10 chaos warriors and put a hurtin on the 20 stack of chaos warriors. From there it was pretty much over, I moved into his territory and began to take one of his objectives. He tried to fly behind me with a 1 health Manticore/chaos lord but I caught up with it. The extra attack with the battalion was quite nice. I'd like to try it without a warchanter to see how it feels. Overall, I think Ironfist is better, but this is fun and still decent.
  23. You could always just make them pink fluffy handcuffs..
  24. Is it going to be around adepticon does everyone think ? I’m ready to leave my stormcast and go back to the lizards they were my first warhammer army and the whole reason I got into the hobby. I just don’t want to start buying without reading the book so I don’t go from one army in a rough situation to a new that isn’t much of an improvement.
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