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  2. So one of my arguments is that the weirdnob itself is just a bad warscroll. Ignore everything else which goes on around it, ignore artefacts and the warscroll is awful. As to the HoG being random, unbinds are a thing and a lot of races have them. So you first have to cast it, then you have to have it not unbound which when you consider the number of "No" floating around actually becomes tricky. You're also running into things which have high + to cast/unbind native. Hence my comment that it's random. I'd just rather have a Wurrgog prophet who takes morks boney bits and is just an amazing warscroll on it's own. This is the problem, the weirdnob doesn't exist in a vacuum and the options around it are all amazing. So the thing about mighty destroyers has always been. A free move in the hero phase is amazing, a free pile in and attack in the hero phase is amazing, a charge in the hero phase is just bleh. The trick makes the charge in the hero phase amazing. So it now doesn't matter whether the opposing unit is within 12" or not you're pigs should always be getting that massive mobility. As to the beat, again it contributes to threat range, a unit of Ardboys can now be theoretically pulling a 21" charge, that's just mental. More over if put on a flying unit, like say a cabbage, the threat of jumping the enemy line is now crazy. Combine with a MD charge, 18" run over their line and suddenly all the support pieces are under threat. The list isn't about doing trixy stuff, it's about straight up beating anyone who tries to fight it at any range.
  3. I'd like to see the return of the Lion Rangers. I love my Lion Chariot, and would like something similar (dare I hope better?). Maybe even winged lion mounts if we have to have flying cavalry.
  4. Groomy

    15 New Warbands

    This. I'd be overly happy if this happened mid-year or prior to a TOC but a month after TOC feels weird. Nontheless. There might be a demand for goblin cards so if the price is right I might even get em. After a billion other warbands that I really can't wait to build! The gryph hound statement is weird. There is a gryph already in an SCE warband. Now one has a chance to play more units from their army. Why duplicate the same fighters in different warbands is beyond me.
  5. So because I can't make a magic heavy KO list the new tome is bad? Orruk Warclans changed Ironjawz big time (I don't play Bonesplitterz so can't really comment here) and made it a very viable and real army without having to rely on a single round where everyone had 10+ attacks due to Waagh stacking. I'll agree the different clans aren't super interesting, but that is largely due to how good Ethereal Amulet is. For me this ruins anything that locks me into picking a certain artefact or trait for my general. This isn't related to Ironjawz, but rather how GW decides to design their chambers/hosts/clans in every tome. I realize there must be a price to pay for getting additional bonuses, but I really wish they would redo Malign Socery artefacts, because a couple of them are simply way too strong and makes for some really poor matchups. I don't think many enjoy fighting a monster with a 3+ unrendable save when you can just spend a CP and reroll 1s. Some monters even get full reroll saves. If the clan didn't lock my general, it would be very real - Deciding between -1 hit in first round plus a super interesting CA that lets me charge in the enemys charge phase vs. getting a free, non interruptable Hand of Gork spell off vs. being able to reroll charges and have Warchanters buff the entire army rather than a couple of select units. The book gave Ironjawz so many new tools to play around with. Even with a limited amount of warscrolls, the army plays very differently depending on what units you field. This is much different than most other armies, that largely play the same even if you switch almost all the warscrolls for something else. There is no shooting in Ironjawz, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I think it's OK the different factions are actually different and not just reskinned. You can certainly go magic heavy with Wrath of Gork and tons of MSU Ardboyz units etc., or play Big Waagh and get access to their casters and build them for magic. You can make a Wurrgog Prophet +4 casting wizard with 2+ spells a turn, which includes his rather awesome warscroll spell plus a fight-last spell from the BS spell lore. Could the Orruk Warclans tome be better? Sure, but couldn't every single tome? I had personally hoped Big Waagh would incentivize mixing Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz units more, but due to keywords IMO it is a matter of picking largely an Ironjawz army (from an IJ perspective) with a couple of Bonesplitterz support heroes sprinkled in. Not related to above, but I find it rather amusing to look through the different replies in this thread and see how differently people look at the armies/tomes. It is pretty interesting to read the people's different take on things.
  6. The changeling has the horror hero keyword so it can be a part of the changehost. The list is legal.
  7. I'd be very surprised if most/all of the remaining warbands aren't released next week. Remember, they're only putting up the one new monster up this week along with Spire Tyrants, it makes perfect sense that wave two will be the two remaining monsters, more card packs and probably more of the warband reboxes. If we look at the remaining Warbands from last year, they did 3 reboxes, leaving Deepkin, DoK, Ironjawz, Bonesplittas, Legions, and FEC. Out of those, I don't think Bonesplittas will get a rebox, since you've already got the warband in a box with their infantry kit and I don't think they would add boars. FEC and Legions boxes are probably unlikely for similar reasons, though Legions is a maybe. Looking at the 3 reboxes we have, they all look like basically two kits or 1.5 kits, so with that in mind, I could definitely see DoK combining 2 out of the Witch Aelf/Khinerai/Melusai boxes, or an Ironjawz Ardboy/Brute box. Neither of them have any real new units to add in though.
  8. I'm not sure the number 2 is even legal. Can Changeling be part of the Changehost? Isn't it 8 units? Edit: No big deal really, since you'll just force to spilt your Flamers to 2 units to make it legal and it becomes 2 drop.
  9. Agreed. I also don't see why they aren't releasing all the warbands noted in the tome of champions. Do we have any idea when the rest will be released or do we think the others might get this mini warband sort of box?
  10. Can you explain this in a bit more depth? Ta.
  11. Today
  12. I agree on Gitz but will have to disagree on OBR and Warclans on some points. OBR has plenty of options and playstyles, they also have nothing that prevents the opponent for doing any tactics or strategies unlike many other tomes. So this perception must really come from too much echo chambering in communities. People say they are boring to play against, why? Only because of high saves? Many other books have standout units being a pain, in this case 1 legion and 1 unit (Mortek Guard) seems to grind the gears of people. But unlike Slaanesh they do not rob you of your turn to fight, in fact you can plan for all their moves as they have no shenanigans other than just being really good at the base rules. Yes 1 legion is poorly balanced as all heck, but that does not just make it the worst book of all time as this thread seems to indicate, just a lot of salt it seems from people refusing to learn to fight the new thing, and be in old man yells at cloud mode instead. I'd love for petrifex to be nerfed/removed though to get rid of this perception, as it really is a good book, with very cool fluff and also plenty of options, you can make a movement and cavalry foced list, you can bring some big monsters and named heroes, you can bring exploding battlelines, you can focus on artellery fire, tanky elites or fast elites, all are options! Then look at Warclans, for some reason mentioned a lot here as good, why? As an Ironjawz player I got 3 clans, instead of 6 options most others get. No terrain, no endless spells to stand out, not even a new hero from a box or something. There are only 3 non hero units, 2 of which basically does the same thing, the third also doing the same thing but a bit faster. Do you want a shooting IJ lisT? nope, want a heavy caster focus? nope bad idea. Want to use the new brute models? nope nothing supports them well, so even with only 3 units, internal balance is still poor, wow, and the narrative is not moving anywhere there really. Anyway overall I have few tomes I find without any issues, but I find some really great elements of some and would like to point out the best and worst specific parts (despite otherp roblems there might be): Best parts: Fyreslayer lodges, while they do have standouts, they are still all cool and thematic and creates diversity of playstyles in a limited unit roster, which as mentioned somethink like Ironjawz allegiance completely fails at. Examples like a Magmadroth focused lodge with mount traits for all or the one where your small heroes can fight at the same time as nearby heroes and get more artifacts, so you can really doube down on having a small thematic elite force. Gitz and Ogors are both great and is indeed as some mention where the game would be in a healthy spot, Ogors did a much better job at giving the option to focus on specific parts of gutbusters or beastriders but also organic ways to mix them, which Warclans failed at. Gitz does this without using a clan/tribe mecahnic at all, for good and bad, I do prefer the Ogor way here I think with a happy middle ground. Khorne, this book has it all with a lot of options and interesting units, building a list takes some planning and you need to use a lot of synergies, but if you do and execute well, then the army can steamroll in a thematic way without being bonkers (expect when you get hit with 24+ mortal wounds from Skarbrand in 1 swing maybe). Worst parts: Slaanesh just to beat a dead horse, even with the new FAQ it simply doubles down on the worst offenders and punishes the non meta lists, it brought down the external balance issue a little bit, while exaggerating the internal balance issue, which was a poor fix to an obviously broken primary mechanic of the tome. Except the new heroes which are great, the book lacks compelling and diverse battelines and elite units, with everything doing almost the same thing. Fyreslayers again, which shows how a tome can be both good and bad we can just take a look at the battalions on offer, with many battalions in 2nd edition becoming increasingly mediocre, we see a standout which is 100% a pick and anything without is intentionally nerfing your army potential, you will have to knowlingly give yourself a handicap to play anything more diverse, which brings me to. Bonereapers. As mentioned before there are good parts of this tome, calling it all bad is a mistake and saying no diversity is plain false with a big new range of units with most of them being completely viable on the table. However the subfactions are horribly balanced in such a degree it has created such a hate train you can hardly play the army in some communities without being treated like some kind of leper. Sylvaneth as an dishonorable mention here, even though I do not play them myself, I play against them a lot and the army is just strangely disjointed and more annoying than anything. The Sylvaneth player has to carry all these terrain pieces around, any narrative table setup mission turns into arguing about room for those stupid trees and the entire book seems like a scheme to sell cheap china plastic woods. The main face of the former book and in part the new ones are the tree revenants, but you have no option to make them the main fighting force in any functional capacity and the new revenant hero buffs kurnoth hunters and not revenants, wow, completely puzzled here.
  13. I don't feel like Neferata is a very big threat, why would an enemy team focus her ? Only because of etheral spell or her CA ?
  14. You could fit in 1k: Loonboss on Mangler - Fight Another Day + Artifact of choice 10 Boingrot 10 Boingrot Squig Herd Squig Herd Squig Rider Battalion - Reroll movement rolls 960 pts Probably not the best 1k squig list, but fun!!
  15. Simply click on "Sort by date" below the original question.
  16. Considering I really enjoy using cavalry units (plus always find them the coolest looking) I hope there’s a sub-faction all about them.
  17. I will try to only buy the Battletome first hehe Is anyone else especially excited about the Subfactions within the Pointy Aelves? I always was very fond of this design descision since it was implemented into AoS. You get inspiration for different colour shemes with them - different origin stories, fighting styles, etc. Sadly I never got into Warhammer Fantasy Battles - but reading about Ellyrion, Yvresse, Avelorn, etc. was always so much fun. Every Realm had an appeal and something special. In Hysh there are "Ten Paradises" - we probably will not get 10 Subfactions, however If you were to design them: What Core-Themes would you like to have in a Battletome. For example in the Ossiarch Battletome we have: -Poster Boys (Mortis Praetorians who are an example to everyone else) -Guys that explode -super dureable Guys -the Immune to Magic Guys -Horses and speed faction -look fabulous and go berserk faction Obviously we dont know anything but let your imagination go wild!
  18. In the rules subforum there is the possibilty of up- and downvoting answers. This changes the order that those answers are displayed. In some cases, that makes it very hard to follow the back and forth that oftens occurs in such threads. Can we please get rid of the reordering of answers in the rules section? Example of such a thread:
  19. Ah. I made an assumption that your opponent will never get the initiative or will never give you first turn because your alpha-strike potential. I am not sure whether drops matter at the moment. My mates don't think so because they themselves wouldn't give up the first turn. I feel like it doesn't matter but have not had experience that tell me so.
  20. Funnily enough I can remember saying this back when it happened to me the first time around (think it may have been an FAQ on a Khorne unit). The downside I could see of doing this is that it could make changes to warscrolls occur even less often as there would be a direct financial cost to those making those changes. Although less ideal, having a printable version that is the same size & format as the changed one could be a half-way house, the PDF's online are great for printing, but you couldn't print one out and glue it to the front of the old warscroll 😃
  21. I've been saving for them ever since they've been mentioned, even with side vices (Desert of the dead KS) I have enough for few boxes, book and characters. Can't wait for Friday morning, hope I don't wake anyone with my excitement.
  22. There were not a lot of hints for potential future stuff in the KO book that I could find, but there were multiple mentions of Grotbag Scuttlers (naturally) and the description of the age of myth indicates that were actual golems in ancient Chamon "for a time, the clans of duardin, men and gholemkind that dwelt in the heartlands of Chamon did indeed thrive."
  23. I feel like things have been going great lately. If anything, the biggest issue is that the release schedule blazes on so fast, I hardly feel like I can keep up with the stuff that I want to. One thing that I think could use some love though is narrative play. It would be nice if the GHB's Narrative section included an actual narrative setting/situation for the year that players could sink their teeth into. Maybe include a map, a handful of battleplans, a story (what's going on there?), and some neat narrative mechanic. So like, in 2020 they might have a map of some region on Ghur and have rules for fielding wild beasts in your army and some battleplans that interact with that. Then in 2021, they could have a region in Chamon and rules for fielding giant robots or something. I like the narrative stuff they've put out thus far, but aside from Malign Portents it's all felt kind of generic while Narrative play itself is anything but.
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