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  1. Yeah it’s by no means perfect, as the theoretical maximum VP is in reality very hard to achieve. But it’s a level playing field for everyone in each battleplan, it’s just the weighting between them is not completely balanced; that shouldn’t matter that much in theory though.
  2. I’ve made a system to differentiate between players at a tournament by using the amount of Victory Points scored in each battleplan as the metric. As each battleplan has different ways of scoring and therefore a different total VP available, each battleplan has had a weighting applied to it based off the maximum available VP one player could score if they held all objectives for all five turns. I feel this tiebreaker system represents player skill with less of the random opponent factor of Strength of Schedule for example. It is also more objective based than using Kill Points avoiding giving a bias to just wiping out an army. I have attached a spreadsheet to use if anyone is interested, simply input player VP scored under the battleplan and the Tournament Points for the W/L/D etc. Then use a sort on the total column each round to determine placing. Battleplan weightings: Blood and glory. 1 VP x50 Escalation. 12 VP x4.17 Border war. 45 VP x1.11 Three places of power. 45 VP x1.11 Gift from the heavens. 28 VP x1.79 Take and hold. 1 VP x50 Knife to the heart. 1 VP x50 Total conquest. 40 VP x1.25 Duality of death. 30 VP x1.67 Battle for the pass. 45 VP x1.11 Starstrike. 40 VP x1.25 Scorched earth. 50 VP x1 Total commitment. 40 VP x1.25 Focal points. 40 VP x1.25 The better part of valour. 48 VP x1.04 Shifting objectives. 25 VP x2 Places of arcane power. 45 VP x1.11 The relocation orb. 15 VP x3.33 Stregth of Win.xlsx
  3. The problem with your argument is that you think 70+ models is a horde, which is probably more like the average model count of an army. Having two units of 30 as part of an army is hardly a horde. When I go to tournaments or club night, I generally see a mix of armies, some horde, some monsters, all sorts. And they’re all having wins and loses not just the horde armies.
  4. Still better than just counting as 1, seems OP to have something big counting as 16-30 until it dies.
  5. I agree with this wholeheartedly. I would even go for using wounds remaining to make things interesting.
  6. I don’t really know what you want from these armies though? These are armies that are heavily based around units of infantry/hordes which are supported by other larger units, not the other way around.
  7. I haven’t seen gloomspite horde armies doing that well in tournaments. I wouldn’t say the general meta is even horde biased at the moment. We’re regularly seeing bloodthirster, keeper, GUO, GKoT, heavy lists in the top of tourneys and outside of that it’s a very good mix of factions and builds. So I don’t think there needs to be a fix for a horde meta as in general there isn’t one. The internal balance of gloomspite may be a bit off though as troggoths aren’t that competitive but can still do okay. They may even get a points change in the latest July update for new battletomes so wait for that. Anecdotally I play with multiple ghorgons in my BoC army and generally do alright and have a great time with them.
  8. You are correct. Resolve all attacks from a unit before removing models. However this is generally not followed in play but should be accounted for if doing so in this sort of situation.
  9. eBay really your main option. Or buy the box and sell the ones you don’t want?
  10. 1. Mildly annoying, probably more so as you’re used to fatmats. You could use a felt dice box though 2. Very solid, don’t tend to break. 3. Pretty well, the camps are pretty solid too. 4. Yeah it can do, but some coats of varnish should stop it really. It does look super awesome, I think the downsides are outweighed by the upsides.
  11. It’s probably blightking parts there’s always loads spare in the box.
  12. eBay is your best bet I think they’ve not been sold at forgeworld for a couple of years now.
  13. Depends what you want from this to be honest, there’s a lot of factions who can do things and build armies in very different ways. Not all armies need hammers, anvils, large units, chaff etc... so a catch all guide like this is probably not so useful. If you’re doing matched play, the stuff you want to be thinking of are all battleplan related. So do you have, heroes, wizards and artefacts etc to meet objective conditions. Further to that armies can rarely do all the 18 battleplans perfectly so some you have to plan to win suboptimaly, ie playing not how your list wants to play, if that makes sense.
  14. I wouldn’t say it’s bad game design, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a thread where someone dislikes them, they’re almost universally loved as part of the game. Mans with the cost situation, some 2000 point armies will cost you 2-3 times as much as another army. Some armies without a terrain piece are crazy expensive (fyreslayers) compare to some of those with them. Nearly all terrain models are relatively cheap, especially from a discount store or second hand. I really just don’t think the situation you mentioned is very likely.
  15. No one is forced to take the scenery. You’re just at a disadvantage if you don’t. They build interesting mechinics in to armies that wouldn’t be possible without a physical terrain piece. They’ve added load of fun to games with them. And to those saying it’s unrealistic etc... who cares?! You’re playing a fantasy game with all sorts of crazy, the logistics of how they het there is the leasts of the realism concerns. How about why am archer can only shoot his arrow about 50 metres? Tops. When in real life it should be triple or more. Or how come cannons only have the power to shoot about 100m...
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