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  1. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Minus to hit modifiers and how you see your units

    Whilst there are many units with negative modifiers out there you can’t really account for them in list design, only on the battlefield when you know what you’re against. Every army is at the same level in this respect younjust have to deal with it when it happens I think Also it’s usually only a few units or abilities that grant the buff so you can either ignore/chaff those units or kill the source.
  2. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Getting started with Beasts of Chaos

    Beasts of chaos is in a pretty good place to be honest, most units are viable it’s pretty well balanced. There are of course some which are better or worse but all are usable. You will certainly want to get a Herdstone. Bestigor, ungor and all the tzeentch stuff are above average. Most warherds are below average. For more info I would suggest joining the beasts of chaos Facebook group.
  3. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Breaking Down the Stardrake and Why it's Bad.

    It’s just a different unit with different purpose. You can’t fairly compare it to Alarielle or the Freeguild general as they are point costed in line with different armies and both are fairly easy to kill in comparison to the Stardrake. Yeah it’s likely a bit overcosted (and alarielle is a little undercosted) but it’s not a bad unit, points may change with the next GHB as the meta changes and older warscrolls are less powerful in comparison. It’s a great and thematic monster that certainly has a role in an army, which of course becomes a focal point and main receiver of buffs, it’s the same in many other cases.
  4. The Jabber Tzeentch

    The Rumour Thread

    I’d also like to add that if there are any relevant rumours that people want on the first post, tag me in a comment and I’ll do it. I do try to read this thread aand pick up anything new but its so full of general chitchat I’ll miss stuff.
  5. The Jabber Tzeentch

    The Rumour Thread

    I do occasionally update the first post but most stuff these days isn’t rumours it’s more vague detail from GW. Which I don’t count. Bottom line is most stuff is either kept close to GWs chest or is released at their discression, not really rumours in my eyes. Bottom line is anything said by GW isn’t a rumour and all info comes from GW now, so I rarely update the first post.
  6. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Most Defensive Army?

    You’re probably looking at Fyreslayers, Maggotkin or a stormcast variation. However i must warn you that these types of army can be slow to play if you focus on being defensive and you may not get through a full five turns. Best is to makes the most of the defensiveness but work in offensive parts to your army too.
  7. The Jabber Tzeentch

    The Rumour Thread

    Is that not a bloat fly from rogue trader?
  8. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Shooting and the Meta

    I think the issue is that in the new cool armies there’s better models and units than having a shooty army. And in the armies heavily based on shooting they’re older models and non-battletome factions like Freeguild, wanderers, ironweld etc. Khadron are the most prevailent but their recent nerf has lowered them in the meta its just a case of not enough armies being released based solely on shooting.
  9. The Jabber Tzeentch

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    It’s terrible in my experience. High casting roll, reasonable chance of doing nothing, unlikely to get the exceptional roll you really want. I would always take something more reliable. However it has its uses, the unlimited range and potential (albeit unlikely) for damage it’s scary for opponents and they will try to dispel it most times. This can allow you to get your next spell through if they don’t have many unbinds. Magnificent Buboes is my mortal spell of choice, decent range and with multiple debuffs it’s usable in almost any battle.
  10. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Crowdsource Points Project: AoS Gunkulator

    Whilst I admire the scope of this and the very well put together post, it has been attempted by many people (including myself) many times. I don’t want to say it’s impossible but... It’s hugely subjective with a lot of the warscroll rules, and some units are only good at certain sizes and when combined with other units which may or may not be in the same allegiance, and then are better against some armies but not others... etc... It’s really evident from design that a deep mathematical approach has not been used to create the GHB point values. I really don’t think it would help to be honest it would only move the bar to another area, making different units optimal. But enjoy the exercise of doing it, it’s fun and I still tinker with my spreadsheets when I’m mathhammering lists but I don’t use it as a be all and end all.
  11. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    In my mind they’re not proxies, a proxy being a temporary stand in. If they’re based coherently and painted and suit the theme of your army then there should be no problem in pick up games or tournaments. Rule of cool, essentially if it’s cool it’s alright.
  12. The Jabber Tzeentch

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Maybe try the spoiler filter next time! I e only just started listening lol
  13. The Jabber Tzeentch

    A Real Concern re: Black Library

    The audio drama is priced in line with other similar brands. But as Charles stated, get Audible if the price bothers you. Personally I love the audio books, and it’s voiced by Brian Blessed! They have to pay these people you know.
  14. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Most sporting opponent......

    There’s also ge possibility that the level of sportsmanship was high all over making the choice of best sport a lot harder. My best vote this weekend went to an opponent who destroyed my army and was a competitive tactical player, but he did it with character and grace. I think it’s not worth overthinking. Most years I get about 3 best sports votes and this year only 1. And I placed only just above the 50% mark. Was I a ******? Was my army bent? I don’t think so, probably there’s just a lot of sportmanlike player there this year.
  15. The Jabber Tzeentch

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    I’m just getting in to the new BoC and was hoping for some input on this style of list: Darkwalkers allegiance Doombull, Nomadic Leader, Desolate shard Doombull, Herdstone shard Great Bray Shaman, spell: Titanic Fury 3x3 bullgor 20 ungor 2 Ghorgon 2 Cygor Brass Despoilers Chronomantic Cogs 1950 +2 CP Plan is to ambush both ghorgon a doombull and some bullgor, use the Cygors to weaken wizards namely alariel, Nagash, arkhan etc ungor for throwing in the fire, probably just to summon more ungor for objectives. Use cogs for charge bonus on ambushing units and 2CP for charge rerolls. Once everything is in combat pop the one use reroll wounds and +1 to wound and hope for good hit rolls!