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  1. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    In my mind they’re not proxies, a proxy being a temporary stand in. If they’re based coherently and painted and suit the theme of your army then there should be no problem in pick up games or tournaments. Rule of cool, essentially if it’s cool it’s alright.
  2. The Jabber Tzeentch

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Maybe try the spoiler filter next time! I e only just started listening lol
  3. The Jabber Tzeentch

    A Real Concern re: Black Library

    The audio drama is priced in line with other similar brands. But as Charles stated, get Audible if the price bothers you. Personally I love the audio books, and it’s voiced by Brian Blessed! They have to pay these people you know.
  4. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Most sporting opponent......

    There’s also ge possibility that the level of sportsmanship was high all over making the choice of best sport a lot harder. My best vote this weekend went to an opponent who destroyed my army and was a competitive tactical player, but he did it with character and grace. I think it’s not worth overthinking. Most years I get about 3 best sports votes and this year only 1. And I placed only just above the 50% mark. Was I a ******? Was my army bent? I don’t think so, probably there’s just a lot of sportmanlike player there this year.
  5. The Jabber Tzeentch

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    I’m just getting in to the new BoC and was hoping for some input on this style of list: Darkwalkers allegiance Doombull, Nomadic Leader, Desolate shard Doombull, Herdstone shard Great Bray Shaman, spell: Titanic Fury 3x3 bullgor 20 ungor 2 Ghorgon 2 Cygor Brass Despoilers Chronomantic Cogs 1950 +2 CP Plan is to ambush both ghorgon a doombull and some bullgor, use the Cygors to weaken wizards namely alariel, Nagash, arkhan etc ungor for throwing in the fire, probably just to summon more ungor for objectives. Use cogs for charge bonus on ambushing units and 2CP for charge rerolls. Once everything is in combat pop the one use reroll wounds and +1 to wound and hope for good hit rolls!
  6. The Jabber Tzeentch

    New team event format at WHW

    Really good to see them take this style. Similar to the ETC matchings. I’m hoping to go if I can get a team together
  7. Attached is the top few. I am sure Ben will post full results up to the blood and glory website in due course. Otherwise AoSshorts website will probably get them up soon.
  8. The Jabber Tzeentch

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Yes you definitely can still take unique characters but they won’t benifit from the tamurkhan bonuses
  9. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Why units do not move on failed charge ?

    I expect it’s just for simplicity. Imagine it as the unit being disorganised, confused infighting etc instead of just not moving far enough. Perhaps an easy change would be that the unit moves half the distance rolled. But it’s unlikely to be changed anytime soon, it’s not really considered a problem.
  10. The Jabber Tzeentch

    What sort of 'Collector' are you?

    I try my best to slow play it and get a unit or two at a time (Fyreslayers) but every now and then I also succumb and blow out on a whole army (Freeguild). If I like the army I will build it to 2000-3000 points to have extra options and add new units as metas change(Nurgle).
  11. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Battleplan Idea Battlefield Operations

    Sounds really fun. I look forward to any battle reports of this and seeing how it evolves. I notice with conquering an objective you’ve mentioned attackers hit points, did you mean wounds? Or models? As the defender is counting models.
  12. The Jabber Tzeentch

    Optimal blightking unit size?

    Depends what you’re using them for. If you focus on blightkings in a Cyst then 2x10 and 2x5 can be good. But just 3x5 minimum is fine if you use Gutrot then 10 is probably the most you want to go with him as more will be unweildy on the board If you want to stack buffs on them and don’t have a cyst then 20 is good for the discount. Units of 5 are pretty effective in most lists with maybe one unit of 10. Its really up to you and what else you have in your army. There’s no optimal size for them.
  13. Thinking about it in a multi game tournament perspective, which is what it seems to be designed for, it will be a much better and interesting game if these are what you play for over kill points in case of a VP draw (which happens often enough). Ignoring the triumph, it has solid merit as a better decider compared to kill points. It will also make the game more interesting if you’re likely to draw as you’re both trying to figure out each other’s hidden agenda and stop them. Looking forward to playing it out at blood and glory next month.
  14. The Jabber Tzeentch

    A slowplayers confession - advice needed

    I’d be interested to see the average amount of turns played at tournaments. It seems to me people get tabled by turn two or three, or it’s a slog fest that has to be speedplayed for turn 4/5 to make the time cap. I wish games were 3 hours as a standard.
  15. The Jabber Tzeentch

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    You can use stenchplate artefact to do it as well ??