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  1. More Battle Reports! GAME 1 vs IRONJAWZ (me as dwarf) GAME 2 vs GLOOMSPITE GITZ (Me as Gitz)
  2. @Oath Stoned Thanks for the feedback! A lot of my statline decisions have been predicated on Grudgebearer, and now Shield Wall. Especially on the warriors. I've made it so you can get em to 5T reliably through doubles. 4T's a great baseline, but 5T is where you get rank and file hurting you on 5's only. I didn't want to push this further than that however as it'd invalidate a lot of the other faction's 5Str options vs our chaff. Don't forget Resolute in Defense used in conjunction with Shield Wall also lets them add a total of +2 to their tough, meaning any one warrior can get to 6T, and -1 to all damage for two doubles provided they got a champ/leader nearby. Bumping warriors and miners up to 10 wounds however is something I've been considering, and will now likely put in with 1.02. Hammerers and Longbeards are wonky atm, and will get a good looking at. The longbeard is meant to be a support model that can attack from the rear, ala the bonesplitter totem boy. The hammerer is meant to share a similar spread tweaked for 1 inch punchy burst, sort of the irondwarf equivalent of the classic slayer. Ironbreakers are getting -1att +1tough, because I actually would like ironbreakers in particular to easily invalidate everyone else's 5str.
  3. You get two duplicates of the one orruk set in the box. Each set has enough for one big stabba, one melee leader, one bow leader, and one totem and skull drummer. That's two melee leaders as intended. The bow leader only really needs a choppa in one hand to be wysiwyg. That's three bodies for your leaders. Two totems is all you'll need in most cases, same with big stabbas. That's 6 bodies for the stabbas and the totems, 9 total. That leaves you with 11 more orruks to work with. I'd say you won't need more than 3 of each kind of melee boy, and likely never more than 2 arrowboyz. So it comes down to exactly what you need! EDIT: Also unless you really like em or they get faqd I'd just make the morboyz into more spear, arrow, or shieldboyz.
  4. @Skyeline Fabulous! The only thing ever holding us back from 3 player games of this was the funky deployments on the basic plans, so these are a huge help.
  5. Yeah the movement isn't so big an issue when you realize you can shoot at the entire board, even with a mixed loadout. It also pushes people to drop points into miners, and not just take more guns. If you do use em I recommend going for the classic dwarfs (warriors, thunderers, slayers, miners + their leaders) as I feel they're in a fantastic place atm. The irondwarfs, not so much. I'll likely be focus testing the modern models for a longer period of time. Leaders, especially duardin melee ones, actually aren't all that big an issue to play around with. You'll find that for most factions the footslogger leaders have the exact same spreads, essentially behaving as the same frontline buff vectors with varying toughnesses and max wounds. The biggest one to pay attention to for me was the Ironwarden, and potentially the smashboss Slayer leader. Both feel like they're pretty alright at the moment, though I need to play em both maybe half a dozen more times each to get a really good say on it. Additional prospects are a Quarreler leader (just a tweaked thunderer leader with a different range band and damage swing) and maaaaaaaybe a Prospector once I square everything else off. Final note, I'm trying to get as many options in as I can because the primary goal of the homebrew is to let people play with as wide a range of their toy soldiers as they can. Balance is something I pay attention to, but it's always with deference to options.
  6. Testing Battle Reports! GAME 1: vs Bonesplitterz (me as orruks) NOTES: Game 2:vs Flesh Eater Courts (me as dwarf) NOTES: *** That's all for right now, I've got a couple more games lined up soonish, one with all all classic slayers list vs squigs, one with thunderers spam vs all brute Ironjawz!
  7. Fast, punchy, and tough. They can sacrifice speed on their bruiser options to get more ghouls in. Cannot stress how fast these guys are across the board, at 5 move on the ghouls and access to a triple which is the same as an ork waaagh. Skewering strike and chosen of the king are insane doubles. Death scream can be a surprisingly potent horde clearer if you chuck a triple 6 into it. I think their listbuilding is quite flexible despite the base format looking very samey at 2-3 knights + X amount of ghouls left over.
  8. I use cave squigs predominantly, they're pretty damn good with multiple herders helping to push em along. I've one shotted a few SCE with em, great fun every time it happens.
  9. Chalk it up to an anti-monster weapon being wielded in quick melee combat I guess? But likelier to be a go at balancing em out. The big footprint means a 2 or 3 inch range would give them an enormous threat zone.
  10. Main post updated with a quick fix to the Dispossessed PDF. Testing battle reports coming soon!
  11. soak314

    Is SCE OP?

    If you're talking narrative play in a campaign with all the good scenario generation stuff, then maybe. They're excellent at pinpoint murder and not dying. In matched play? Na. Also daily reminder to people that cover rules exist and will save your butt vs the stormcast.
  12. That'd be awesome! Campaigns are a great driver for play and narrative motivation, and the warcry ones can get pretty involving despite their simplicity. Lovely to hear! Noted, but for now I'd like to run some personal tests on em (or wait for people to weigh in after some games on their end) before making any big point or statline changes. *** A little peek at what I'm working on next:
  13. Cheers! I had to include miners and slayers because I wanted to include all of the old dwarf infantry options. Part of the goal of homebrewing dwarfs in particular is to let people with old collections still field em in the cool new system. If GW ever makes dispossessed rules for warcry, I'm sure it'll be around the Ironbreakers/drakes. This way I'll still have a ruleset for the classic stunties even if I have to pull out the fancier duardin. Tying into what i just said about future proofing, it might be a good idea to not tie one whole ability to being one of the newer models. However, I've actively avoided buffs that work in a bubble that increase range/enhance shooting. This is because people have tended to be very leery of shooting in this game (i.e. people dogpiling on stormcast for being broken because of shooting + toughness). Something that increases range also ups the potential for shooting alpha strikes to be a thing, and that's the last thing I want my rules to do is feel like it's brought that back in from AoS/40k/KT. You'll mention the leader quad later, and that's my stealth group shooting buff. Along with rune of accuracy, they're the only true offensive abilities I've given em. You'll find that if they work in tandem it can deal a pretty ridiculous amount of damage, especially when you also gang up on the grudged unit. I'm definitely going to look at Gromril forged armour, though. I think I can work it into something more group defensive (Shield Wall?), that doesn't exclusively belong to the newer models. That'd mean them dropping the bulwark keyword, or potentially giving it to the basic warrior. And I've definitely considered the Quarreler leader. I think I'll give him the same range band as the rank and file, a longer range, maybe slightly cheaper option to the thunderer veteran. Tradeoff for the range would be the inability to shoot into melee, and str 3. Yeah I was thinking of giving both shooty leaders the Destroyer keyword so they get access to the big triple. I'm not sure what to call the ability itself, but I was definitely considering renaming it. Giant Slayer was what I was first thinking, but that's already a model name! Going back to this, I'm thinking of replacing the Gromril double with a triple that works off either leaders or champions. 6" radius, +1 toughness, -1 damage to all hits. Further incentive to take longbeards! And going off my bonesplitterz, I'd say just the +1 tough by itself can be an immense PITA paired with a cheap 4t chaff unit.
  14. I'd normally say yes to 'within X of Y model' abilities working on the fighter using it, but in this case the ability refers to a model that *isn't* the activating model, and is also asking for visibility. I think as intended, it's not meant to work on your leader. Good way to get a horror to a very nasty state, though.
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