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  1. The issue with going spell heavy is all your dmg needs to come from those endless spells. Then you need to pray they arent reveresed on to you. Your trying to pull a LoN or Tzeentch but without the actual firepower or bodies
  2. All those factions mentioned, except Tzeentch, will get hit within a couple weeks. GW already said their points adjustments are coming in july. Predictions are gristlegore gets stomped down. Skaven bs get reigned in via increase to Verminlords and guns. The terrain rules already mess with them. No idea about slaanesh. Fyreslayers will definitely get increases for HB. Gloomspite will most likely have reductions for squig stuff but increases for all wizards. Everyone is still adjusting to the points changes.
  3. So i dont know where im going with this lol any help/suggestions to get this to a workable 2k? Edit: everything except for the EvoCats can be swapped/shuffled - Stormhost: Celestial VindicatorsLeadersLord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (220)- General- Trait: Single-minded Fury - Artefact: Stormrage Blade - Spell: Celestial Blades- Mount Trait: Pride LeaderKnight-Heraldor (100)Knight-Incantor (140)Lord-Ordinator (140)5 x Liberators (100)5 x Liberators (100)5 x Liberators (100)3 x Evocators on Dracolines (300)War MachinesCelestar Ballista (110)Celestar Ballista (110)Everblaze Comet (100)Total: 1520 / 2000Extra Command Points: 9Wounds: 81
  4. Found it. Its in the arcanites section. I dont look there usually lol
  5. Where are the rules for arcane sacrifice? I cant find them anywhere
  6. With points changes to Pinks what kind of lists can abuse them now? MultiHost? Changehost?
  7. Agree. They are a fast punchy unit. Just a heraldor and CV for +1 attacks is good to smash into almost anything then delete it. If i want tanky calvary i would look at Fulminators
  8. Whats a good baseline list that includes Dracolines?
  9. Anyone make good use of thundercats? What would ve a decent list to build around some thundercats?
  10. Yeah ill probaby only use them in GHoN lists as the other Legions wont have a use or benefit as much
  11. To be fair though almost all death units just crumble. Thats why you play the long game and bring them back over and over
  12. Since the new GG is the exact same as the old Grims its pretty much a direct swap. Im going to play around with 2 units in order to take advantage of them being battleline for GHoN. Morghast coming down by 20 will help cover the ne Necromancer cost. Im glad they didnt touch the VL or VLoZD
  13. IJ are definitely not broken and the brooch is 100% mandatory in all list building from this point on for IJ at least. Way too many CA to use and not enough cp generating
  14. Sure until the holder gets sniped turn 1 lol
  15. Cp is going to be a real problem I think with all these new abilities
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