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  1. He can be scary now that he can be buffed by all the abilities
  2. People on FB are saying the Idol is staying at 400pts but the change in the keywords means it can be fully and properly buffed by IJ and Bonesplitterz abilities. That combined with its potential crazy damage output is huge
  3. Theres a Tempests battalion that can take up to 2 gunhaulers but not sure what the battalion abilities are
  4. Anyone planning out some Tempest's Eye lists?
  5. I didnt jump into IJ to play with ****** Ardboys models and spamming them seems to be what this is leaning towards. Bonespitterz made out waaaay better. Going back to Troggs/squigs or until Mawtribes release.
  6. Yeah the lack of rend is puzzling. How is a giant man sized jagged axe only marginally more deadly then stone weapons?
  7. Bonesplitterz got good melee profile buffs across the board it seems. IJ got...streamlined. Some improvements, some strange choices
  8. Yep just slap the shields on their backs since all the attack profiles are the same. Give them double weapons and a shield for looks. Brutes are...strange...their weapon profiles are all over the place. Looks like Ardboy hordes will be a thing. The MBMK weapon profiles are a strange change. Gore-hacka/Choppa has 2 more attacks, 2" range, and same profile as the other. Way better then bouncing MW back. Unless there is a build similar to the Fyreslayers MW bouncing droth build. Gruntas look better overall. Warchanter is auto-include. Probably 2 of them. FootBoss looks fine. Nothing special. Still slow af. Weirdnob looks like a lateral change. Took away the + to casting but at the same time he wont hurt himself, blow up heads, and gets a second cast of Green Puke if he is babysitting some Ardboys.
  9. Yeah I think its fairly straight forward. Only attacks made against them from Drakkfoot would go through. Doesnt mean at all that the ability is disabled for any reason for the Drakkfoot player or Nighthaunt player
  10. Maybe the hammer can only be picked up and moved by those who are worthy like a certain other lightning based deity...so it could be right where he 'died'. He just needs to go get it. Or it was beamed back like everything else
  11. Not necessarily. Even with just one profile they might have special abilities for the shield and double weapons. Its just streamlined like the Megaboss now
  12. Only the big choppas had rend. If they only have one melee profile now that means double weapons, big choppas, and shield builds all have rend
  13. Ardboys with rend? Is that real? Depending on their points that could be nuts. I hope the Weirdnob got a serious warscroll overhaul
  14. Hold up...Ardboys with rend now? Time for some Iron Tide list building depending on new points
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