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  1. It's very important to note that there will also be a faq. Points are only half the picture.
  2. I think with modern gw absolutely anything is possible. The sisters box arrived a couple of months before the main release and then that release itself was spread over a couple of months with other 40k stuff between it. I guess the original plan was Lumineth box April, Lumineth main May, and Sons in June. I also think the ghb is releasing exactly when it was intended to. There is still a bunch of side game stuff that had been previewed but not released. It is entirely possible that July and August are 40k, necromunda, underworlds etc and we don't return to AOS until September. I am more curious when the next AOS preview will be. It has been more than 2 months since we last saw a new AOS mini previewed. I think we will be waiting at least another 2 months for anything new. I hope everyone really takes their time reading the ghb because that might be all we get for a while.
  3. Seeing that arm gives a very strong dark eldar vibe. The four metal dots on the knuckles and the raised sleeve are identical. Either way I'm happy. The drukhari are my favourite 40k faction and they make great conversion material. The hints that the rumour engine has been showing recently have been very interesting. I count 14 different images that I am very curious about.
  4. Drazhar has fabric tied through his blades. Dark Eldar is definitely a possibility. The only thing it could be other than an Aelf/Eldar is something Slaanesh, though this is an outside possibility. Whatever it ends up being it will have my interest, unless it turns out to be a body on a nurgle base or something.
  5. I think the op must be a Stormcast as they seem to have lost their soul. The tragedy of the Stormcast is that they aren't simply losing their personalities, they are losing everything that makes them human. They are all suffering from something akin to Alzheimers. Read what Terry Pratchett said about it. He made a documentary about people choosing death rather face the slow erosion of humanity that the disease brings. There really can't be any bigger stakes than this. As for the size of the Stormcast army. There is one anvil of apotheosis. The reforging is not a fast process. The malign portents story "the price of apotheosis" hints at this. The six Smiths are essentially conducting surgery on the soul of the Stormcast. It is not unreasonable to assume that the process can take hours. In the world a human dies about every two seconds. If we assume each realm is about earth size, than about 100,000 souls are sent to Nagash for every Stormcast that is reforged. This reforging time puts a hard cap on the possibile size of the Stormcast armies. If we assume that one Stormcast is reforged per hour that's 720 Stormcast a month. So if more than that are killed and sent for reforging then the army will not be able to be replenished. In the soul wars novel this exact problem is described. In fact a lightning gheist causes the whole process to be stopped for a time. All this goes to show that the idea of everyone in the mortal realms becoming a Stormcast is nonsense given the established framework of the lore.
  6. A lot of what gw has done recently has been pretty popular. The only products that I can think of which didn’t sell are the massively overpriced blood of the Phoenix box and the Khorne Slaanesh demon box. A lot of the newer armies feel like they have been partially designed to bring in old warhammer fans. The Lumineth are directly targeted at old high elf fans. The gloomspite is largely just better sculpts if old models. OBR is pretty new but it definitely nods towards the tomb kings. The only armies that really feel different are the KO and the Idk. All this is just saying that they don’t have much else to bring over from the old world. Maybe dark elves, vampires and an empire equivalent. While we are all very impatient gw has at least a ten year plan for AOS. I will be surprised if there is more than a maximum of three new armies in a given year. In fact before this year gw has been doing just one all new army each year. 2015 Stormcast, 2016 fyreslayers, 2017 ko, 2018 idk and obr in 2019. The other waves of miniatures: DoK, gloomspite, StD, sylvaneth, ironjawz, nighthaunt, and the 4 chaos god releases are all expansions of existing ranges. So that’s 20 major waves of minis in 5 years (3 waves of Stormcast) with an average of One all new faction and 3 expansions a year. I see no reason why gw won’t continue in more or less that fashion for the foreseeable future.
  7. Stormcast have had this twice. Gloomspite was quite big faction before it expanded. Slaves to darkness was a faction that gained 13 new units thanks to warcry. There is absolutely president for expanding factions. Before AoS that was pretty much the standard practice. With the books being more or less up to date, it is very plausible that gw will go back to adding a handful of units to a faction and putting out a new book. We just saw that model with the admech in 40k.
  8. I think the problem is the perception of advantage rather than the reality of it. It is probably down to the ndas you have to sign but there is a fair amount of mystery surrounding the playtesting process. How far in advance you playtest, how much you playtest, how much influence you have over the final product and whether you get early access to a finished book is all a bit of a mystery. It is my opinion that if you are paid by gw it probably reasonable that shouldn't get to use new books at a tournament. As volunteers it becomes a very different discussion. It is good for all of us if playtesters are good at the game. Putting restrictions on playtesters might stop top players from volunteering. People like Rob are very interested in preserving the integrity of tournaments as sporting events and there's certainly a debate to be had about whether that's the direction things should be headed but if you want to ensure a level competive playing field it is probably better to err on the side of caution. A flat ban on new books until FAQs are out might be advisable.
  9. That's the theme of the game. The imperium has stagnated, the eldar and the necrons are shadows of their former existence. Any time they introduce new imperial tech they have to find a way to explain that it was always there, they just didn't find it yet. In AoS order is expanding out of Azyr. New cities are constantly being founded. New technology is being developed. It is a setting full of potential. This is the hook that differentiates it from 40k and the old world and is a big part of why I like it so much.
  10. I'm pretty sure icegoat is a troll account but to give a serious answer I believe that gw admitted a previous preview seminar that they were finding it difficult to come up with a good concept for regular humans in AoS. I wouldn't be surprised if this experimentation with what makes a regular human in AoS led to warcry. The truth of the lore is that the majority of humans did fall to chaos. The fun part of AOS though is that this is a game of growth and expansion rather than the stagnation and decline of 40k. Personally I would love to see a devoted of Sigmar army that borrows a bit of the triumph of st Katherine aesthetic from 40k. It is already an established part of the lore that devoted of Sigmar armies have been marching out from the free cities purifying the land with their blood. I could see some interesting mechanics built around that concept.
  11. I think the most surprising thing for me is how slow the post lockdown release rate has been. When apocalypse released last year they put out 18 different boxes in a single week, many of them big army boxes. This week we got just one box set. I feel like they could easily have put out the two underworlds warbands at the same time. Maybe they don't want to put strain on their warehouses and the factory which is fine if true but the overriding message right now seems to be - prioritise 40k. Who knows when we will see the next specialist games release. Hopefully we will see a bunch of stuff next week before the 40k avalanche.
  12. This is a start collecting set with a bunch of extra gubbins. None of the minis are exclusive to the set. The savings are minimal especially if you aren’t interested in a limited edition battletome. The comparison to the sisters box doesn’t work. All the minis in that box were unique sculpts and the price per model was lower. We will probably be able to buy them all individually in a couple of months. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a start collecting set or a battleforce around Christmas time. I am very interested in building a Lumineth army but I will wait. As for the future we still have a huge backlog to work through. We have the rest of the Lumineth, sons of Behemat, bloodbowl treeman and snotlings, 2 Warcry warbands, 2 underworlds warbands, new Titanicus knights and a campaign book, Eomer and more books for Lotr, Escher stuff for Necromunda, pariah, 40k ninth new necrons and marines. Anyone waiting for what’s next for AOS after and sons of Behemat will be waiting a long time.
  13. $185 is the price of the nighthaunt battleforce which is £110 in the uk. That’s definitely on the pricey side. Assuming the two units are £35 each, the hero £25 and the the regular battletome is £25, we would have a total of £120. That’s not much of a saving. Would much rather have a regular book, no gubbins and the archers. That would make a good set.
  14. Preorders usually go live at 10am in each time zone. Not sure about America.
  15. Ghb would be a very pleasant surprise. I have absolutely no idea what they are going to include this time.
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