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  1. They will probably do the easy to build 40k kits alongside Pariah. I would expect Sons of Behemat the week after, followed by the new codexes.
  2. I thought the general consensus was that a hag with a wound shrug would be pretty useful. I've also heard a lot of people singing the praises of the untamed beasts with their pregame move. If the khainites get some movement shenanigans, which their shadow aesthetics suggests they might, they could be useable.
  3. DoK are getting a new unit with the warcry warband. Between the box set, warcry and underworlds DoK are getting three units this year. With the rules updates that are presumably coming that's not a bad little update.
  4. What a fantastic preview. The warcry starter, the underworlds starter, the seraphon, the two new heroes and the new book series all look absolutely amazing. It's going to be an expensive year.
  5. No. Its just the paperback release of the second one. It is a bit disappointing that we have so few AOS novels recently. With Josh leaving it's left a bit of a vacuum. It is encouraging, though, to see new writers like Dale Lucas working on AOS books. I hope we can uncover a few more new AOS writers in the near future.
  6. Regarding new releases. Gw was closed for two months, but new 40k jumped the queue and was only a month late. The Stormcast and nighthaunt battletomes were released in August so the 40k codexes in October is back to being two months behind schedule. It looks like gw is going to take the 9 weeks between now and October to release the other models they previewed during the lock down. So that means underworlds, 2 Warcry warbands, Escher Necromunda, bloodbowl treeman and snotlings, Eomer for Lotr, Lumineth and of course Sons of Behemat. They will probably also release the easy to build 40k models in this window. The Lumineth novel goes on preorder September 5th so that looks like the date for the battletome. That means we could see a new AOS preview in October.
  7. Yeah it's definitely a lack of supply, which is caused by a combination of the kits selling well and the production being limited. The factory is still not operating at full capacity.
  8. One of things I enjoy most about AoS is the space it gives the imagination. It allows the player space to create their own stories within the wider framework of the setting. A good example is the corner of the setting that Nick Horth describes in his novels. Within his corner of the setting events have consequence, deaths of characters matter and the fall of a city would be a massive calamity. AOS lets any player do that against the back drop created by gw. In the old world the only way to create a campaign with serious stakes was to play what if scenarios. If Altdorf actually fell it would kill the setting, which is actually what happened. As for contradictions, when I was at school I studied two documents describing a battle in 8th century England. The two 'historical' documents had different sides winning. I actually like that some parts of the setting are left open to interpretation. The fact that the myth of Katakros the undeafeted had little to do with reality made that part of the lore more interesting to me. He was essentially retconnning his own defeats into victories. Overall I love that AOS is still growing. The fact that we can keep finding mythic figures like Katakros is one of the things that keeps me invested.
  9. The trouble is that we know from an original flyer that 40k is launching a month late. Since gw was closed for 2 months it means 40k jumped the queue by a month, It has probably pulled the marine and Necron releases along with it, so anything that was originally intended to arrive before 40k now has to wait until 9th edition, the new marines and the new necrons have come out. It means we are going to have a long wait for those AOS releases.
  10. After aos2 gw released the Stormcast and Nighthaunt battletome on the same week, and then gradually released their models alongside specialist games stuff over the next few weeks. I wouldn't be surprised to see the same again. There have been some pretty widespread rumours that the rest of the Lumineth are coming in September. The million dollar question is whether the sons of Behemat manage to squeeze into August or of they have to wait until the end of September. My money is on the latter. I think we will see the remaining underworlds warbands and the scions of the flame in August, Lumineth in September, Sons on pre order at the end of September and new warcry in October. I am quite curious when we will next see an AOS preview. It has now been a full 3 months since the last AoS preview and there isn't one on the horizon. I think gw delayed the AOS faq on purpose in order to give us something to look forward to because it's going to be 40k centric for a while.
  11. Nobody knows how much of something gw sells except gw. Any numbers you do see are probably just guess work. All we do know is that in the 3 years that dark imperium was on the market gw did about £650 million of business not counting royalties. 35,000 copies of dark imperium would be about 0.5% of that which is maybe a little lower than you would expect from their flagship product but they do sell thousands of products now so its not impossible.
  12. It’s 8.30pm on release Saturday and still no reviews on YouTube. What’s going on?
  13. The ghb is already an obligatory extra book. They are already putting out PDFs of FAQs which people need to download. I genuinely think minor edits to about 20 or so outlying warscrolls on either end of the scale and changes to 4 allegiance or subfraction abilities would leave the game in a very good place going forward. The thing I worry about with a new edition is that they tend to introduce a lot of variables which makes the game different rather than refining it. The mess with stacking command abilities is a good example of a major problem that second edition introduced.
  14. I think they are too cowardly with the ghbs and change too much with a new edition. A ghb with 20 or so warscroll updates and some allegiance ability changes would be much preferable to a new edition. A new edition feels like going back to square one in the search for a balanced game.
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