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  1. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/10/20/coming-soon-the-feast-of-bones-begins/ Not only the bone daddies but Mawtribes too!
  2. The biggest difference between now and the lotr time is diversification. When lotr was doing gangbusters, gw had just three product lines, black library before the Horus heresy and a very small number of licensed products. Now gw is actively supporting 12 different game systems and a much broader range of licensed products. I doubt gw can continue to grow as exponentially as it has been, but they are extremely unlikely to crash if any one of those systems fail.
  3. Yeah, I am well aware how reluctant many people are to modify the rules. It is an attitude I find surprising and frustrating. People will carve up beautiful and expensive models to adjust them to their taste but are unwilling to tweak some poorly written words on a page in order to find a better play experience. I also think gw is much more likely to listen to suggestions when players have tried them out in a game or two.
  4. I think there has always been a fundamental disconnect between they gw internally plays games and the way the community does. For the vast majority of their history gw has focused on playing fun games. The battles shown in white dwarf always feature a wide variety of units with little spam. They often fudge the mechanics in order to allow for heroes to face off, or create exciting encounters. Winning the game usually comes second to having an enjoyable play experience. The community on the other hand does the opposite. Spam is common. Players don't choose the most fun or thematically suitable abilities. They choose the best. Since Ben Johnson joined the studio gw have gradually started to come around the the way that people actually play the game but it is a gradual process. The fact that the rules team is one of the smallest in the company and that playtesters are all unpaid volunteers are testament to this. I hope this change continues but I think the is an old guard in gw who is resistant to it. For the future of the game I think the community needs to step up. If you think the rules are not balanced then use a house rule. If you are taking three keepers to a club and people are complaining that it is not fun then change your list. If you have an idea for a change that you think is good then email gw or send Sam Pearson a message on twitter. It always saddens me that the conversation is always about how broken something is rather than about how we can fix it.
  5. I posted this a couple of times but it is worth repeated. When gw talks dates it is ALWAYS the preorder date and never the release date. I also posted when they were first announced that the preorder would be the closest Saturday to Halloween. As for the future gw is doing its next preview event at spiel on October 24th to 27th and then another at blood and glory in the first week of November. Those two events should tell us a lot about the near future.
  6. While it is clear that Slaanesh need to get adjusted a bit in the next faq, I am encouraged by the fact that 26 different factions have come in the top 5 of tournaments in the last 4 months. It feels like a good enough general can do pretty well with almost any faction.
  7. Just a little heads up to confirm a couple of things. According to Ben Johnson in Warhammer live today any points and allegience abilities from the ghb will be valid until the next one comes out. After that they will be moved to legends which will have points but won't be permitted in most tournaments. So you still have 9 months in which you can run an order draconis or swifthawk army in a tournament.
  8. I'm confused. Did everyone miss that the save on the ironbreakers and irondrakes has gone from 4+ to 3+ ? A flat 3+ save is much better than 4+ ignoring -1 rend. Isn't it???
  9. I’m going to say gloomspite, Slaanesh, nighthaunt and fyreslayers. That gives one of each grand alliance, each of which has never had a battleforce before. Nighthaunt has been in a lot of sets, but that didn’t stop the Stormcast from getting a battleforce.
  10. You won't hear another word about bonereapers until the preorder announcement which will be on the 13th or 20th of October after more marines and phoenix rises. Regarding the lore , I'm not sure why people are so obsessed with lore and trade in AOS when it didn't seem to matter in the old world. I l know more about how the realm of death functions as a society than I ever did about Khemri. Can anyone of the top of their head day what the major export of Altdorf was? I know that Hammerhall Gyran exports water. I know that the gloomspite gits covet glass objects because they don't have the ability to make them themselves. Does anyone know anything similar about old world goblins? As someone who was around for the early days of Warhammer and 40k , I feel that AOS is in a better state lorewise than either of those games was after 3 years.
  11. I have a feeling we might not see Mawtribes until next year. The rest of this year is pretty packed. We've got more marines, psychic awakening and bonereapers in October. Sisters of battle, new necromunda and aeronautica stuff in November. Then we have chapter approved and probably this year's battleforces on December with the 14th bring the last preorder week. As well as those they need to find room for another chaos battletome (probably Tzeentch) two more underworlds warbands, two more warcry warbands, a blood bowl team and rohan stuff for lotr. That doesn't leave much room for Mawtribes.
  12. I have been saying for well over a year that we will see the slaves to darkness book once all the warcry warbands are out. We still have two warbands to go. That will make for 11 new warscrolls for slaves. It would be very strange if gw didn't put out a book that capitalises on this. In terms of releases for next year, I think we will see slaves with a few new models, maybe three or four kits. Mawtribes with a similar number of new kits. Ko and Seraphon with minimal support. New Aelves of some sort and new destruction. We probably won't see our first refresh of a 2.0 book until 2021. That would make for 4 substantial miniature releases in 2020 which is the same as we are getting this year with gits, slaanesh, warcry and bonereapers. As for a new side game we could see a new edition of Warhammer quest at the end of 2020. Pete Foley said in a recent podcast that they want to make quest a thing going forwards. A game every two years, alternating settings seems about right. I think we might see the specialist games studio finally getting round to Mordheim in 2021.
  13. By the way, have you emailed gw or sent a DM to Pete Foley on twitter? Both of those methods would be more effective than posting on here.
  14. At this point I am willing to bet that we will see cities and/or warclans after beastgrave. Gw just said that they will share more news about the marines in October and the next phoenix rises preview is on Monday ( not Sunday) That leaves the next AOS book to go up on preorder on September 28th unless gw gives us some new glue or something.
  15. Some potential bad news for us. There have been a bunch of 40k leaks recently which may have resulted in gw moving their releases forward. If this is the case we may see the AOS books moved back.
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