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  1. GW have stated in their financial report that their intention regarding prices is to keep the price of their back catalogue but to increase the price of new releases in line with inflation. Its not great but if you keep this in mind when new releases come along you are less likely to be surprised. Also GW is having triple keeping stuff in stock recently. A standard solution to that problem is to increase prices.
  2. I skimmed through the podcast so I may have missed stuff, but it is mostly talking about them setting up a dedicated age of sigmar studio, and some of the ways they are thinking about the future in non specific terms. The only specific future release that got namechecked was Warcry. I want to go back and listen more carefully as it was quite interesting.
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/22/battletome-preview-hedonites-of-slaaneshgw-homepage-post-2/ Lots of interesting stuff to mull over on the 1000th page. Slaanesh can make units fight at the end of the combat phase or cancel out the always fights first ability. This army looks pretty strong.
  4. I think gw shot themselves in the foot with this one. If they had simply come out at Adepticon and said this was a daemons only release, people would not be so disappointed now. Using a piece of art with mortals in it as a preview is just rubbing salt into the wounds.
  5. As I said before, it is that particular combo that is broken , not the mechanic itself. As I also said before, almost every army has a way to deal damage at range using magic.
  6. I think if it wasn't for gristlegore, people wouldn't be complaining. If we look at the units that have it so far. Bloodthirster- hits like a truck but pretty fragile. Can be neutered pretty easily. Idk. Can only do it on a single turn. Hearthguard - reliant on low wound squishy heroes to get off, slow movement. Tree Revenants. Can only do it on a 3+. Makes them pretty unreliable Fantatics. Can do some damage but 1 wound 6+ save means they aren't going to hanging around. Gristlegore gkot. Good attacks, good movement, can be made pretty tough and can fight twice- broken. That's six units in the game that have the ability, and they all use it differently. Slaanesh will probably get something like this too. Only one of these is really a problem. Almost every army has either decent, destructive magic or good shooting. Screens are useful against all of them, though screening effectively against gristlegore is difficult.
  7. I was listening to warhammer weekly the other day, and Tom brought up the idea of alternating activation for the shooting phase. I liked this idea a lot. It could be introduced without impacting the rules of the game significantly. A lot of people like the tactical challange of the double turn but dislike spending lots of time doing nothing. This would help both sides of the argument. Another interesting idea is introducing more abilities that mess with your opponents turn. How about an ability for certain units that let them move in the other players turn, or an option to declare a sequence braking charge if an enemy unit moves within range? I’m not a game designer, so there could be unforeseen consequences of this, but the game could be very interesting if they sprinkled these rules through the game, in the way they are doing for fight at the start of the combat phase . Gw introduced the endless spell movement mechanic in order to make the play experience in the enemy’s turn more interesting. I think Gw hasn’t fully explored that space. There is a lot they could do to make the game more interactive in the other players turn. This could add to the uniqueness of AOS rather than going back to old ways, or copying modern skirmish games.
  8. The stabbas, troggoths, dankhold troggoth, and the Arachnarok spider have all been sold out at some stage. That doesn’t look like a range that sold poorly. Obviously we don’t know how many gw made, but at the very least selling out suggest they succeeded internal expectations.
  9. You should get a chaos warshrine or three. They do exactly what you are asking for.
  10. After the hints on Thursday, it looks like we will see a Slaanesh reveal tomorrow, with their preorder starting on the 27th. Disappointed that the Ko warband is almost the same as the usual units. I guess it means the new book is still a way off.
  11. Giving it to lots of armies is fine. It's just another element of design space that they opened up by seperating out the combat phase. It is also a way of representing high initiative units. I agree that some old armies will suffer in comparison. Hopefully we will see most of the old armies updated this year. The only real problem is gristlegore which gets to go first twice. All the others can be dealt with to an extent.
  12. Yeah. I think they don't want to be tied to the release schedule any more. They also said that the community site does new releases better. I'm not sure how far in advance they make them now.
  13. I think people are forgetting the production schedule on these boxes. Gloomspite only came out 3 months ago. The Looncurse box was probably planned at least a year ago. White dwarf magazine always used to be written three months in advance. Any products they covered in the magazine would already be designed and manufactured before that.
  14. We will definitely see Emperor's Children stuff eventually, but not with this release. With both nurgle and Tzeentch the daemon and mortal releases were separated for 40k but combined for AoS. I don't see this being any different. That lets GW do an aos release which is also good for 40k players, and then do another dedicated 40k release later.
  15. Wow, lots of exciting stuff happening. I must admit that it is a surprise to see Slaanesh so soon after the fyreslayers. That said, if the art is accurate, I am not sold on the mortals. Hopefully the final models are more like the new daemon Prince and less like the current Hellstriders. I really thought that Slaanesh would be the big centrepiece of aos at warhammer fest. If they are already out, it leaves the door open for another full army. The pace of releases really is extraordinary. The hedonites book would make 6 books in 4 months. If they keep that pace up, we will have an 18 book year. I think the pace of releases will slow down in the second half of the year as they do more boxed games like apocalypse and warcry, but the pace is still extraordinary. It does make me slightly worried about quality. There are only 3 rules writers for AoS. They talked about this in another excellent episode of warhammer weekly this week. The faster they pump out the books, the more likely things like Gristlegore and the rat trap will fall through the cracks. I would much rather have 10 amazing books this year than 15 mediocre ones, even if my most wanted book gets delayed until next year.
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