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  1. Couldn't the eightfold watcher just be Archaon? The whole theme of Warcry is everyone trying to impress him. Could the other warband be a small group of Varanguard on foot, looking to rise up the circles?
  2. I'm not sure if I like the broodmaster but they don't trigger my arachnophobia, which is a plus. Looks like there's some new scenery in that video, so we are almost certainly getting a new box set. I'm sure it will be fully revealed on the 30th.
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/10/17/sunday-preview-more-stormcast-eternals-crash-into-the-realms-as-darkness-rises-in-middle-earth/ New Stormcast and Kruleboyz next week. Dragons are delayed until December.
  4. You should all read Callis and Toll: the Silver Shard. It is the sequel to city of Secrets and a much better book. Then you should read Thieves Paradise and Heart of Winter, the two novellas that feature some of the same characters. Those would be my top 3. I really think Nick Horth is my favourite AoS writer. As a bonus if you can get of hold of some recent white dwarfs the sequence of Duardin stories by David Guymer is excellent, as is the sequence of stories that Guy Haley wrote for inferno. As a further bonus anything written by Evan Dicken is worth your time. There's a lot a lot of excellent AoS fiction that gets missed.
  5. So this rumour from Norray ties in with the earlier rumour from Warhammer weekly Tom. A Melarion focused core set next summer would work nicely alongside the rumoured campaign.
  6. Ok here goes. 1- most of the opinions listed here aren't unpopular and just represent what most of the community thinks. 2- The only game that gw wants to be competitive is Warhammer Underworlds. For every other game, the focus is narrative play by which I mean two players deliberately tailoring their lists in order to see exciting things happen on the table rather than aiming to defeat the other player. The only truly competitive player in the studio is Ben Johnson and he doesn't write the rules. As such if we want AoS to be a balanced competitive game, it's on us. 3- we should always play RAI if we aren't sure. The insistence by the community to always play RAW has made the game worse by forcing gw to write their rules like a legal document. 4- Comp is good for the game. Gw has repeatedly said that they intend their rules to be a sandbox that players can pick and choose from to make an enjoyable game. There was a tournament the other week that had a no named characters rule and it created some really interesting results. 5- If I was to run a tournament next week I would make Morathi take 4 damage a turn, make the sentinels bird ability once per battle, and have the mightier makes rightier rule degrade as the gargant takes damage.
  7. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/10/14/harrowdeep-might-be-dark-but-the-warhammer-underworlds-road-map-reveals-a-bright-future/ A very new direction for Underworlds. A new roadmap with a mid year starter set. A model from the next warband. Didn't that new user say we were getting pirates this year?
  8. It looks like we'll be getting a roadmap or a hint about the next Underworlds warbands this week.
  9. Where are getting £65 from? Over on Dakka, they said it would £60.
  10. That's definitely nighthaunt. New book and mini(s) coming next year? It currently the third oldest book and in more need of a leg up than nurgle or idk.
  11. This might be my favourite limited mini so far. It looks like October 30th will be the day when we finally get some news about the future of AoS.
  12. I think people forget what gw was like when Rountree took over from Kirby. There was AoS which had a terrible start under Kirby, 40k which was in a pretty bad place, Horus heresy which was doing ok and the Hobbit which was dying. White dwarf was weekly which was probably it's worst iteration and the first you heard about a new release was when they went on pre-order. There were no official tournaments, no start collecting boxes no faqs, no Hachette magazines and no social media presence whatsoever (though admittedly it sometimes feels like that is still the case) Under Rountree they've introduced Underworlds, warcry, Kill-team, Bloodbowl, Necromunda, Titanicus, Aeronautica Imperialis and revived middle earth. As much as some of the recent decisions may annoy some of us (the removal of digital army books is one of the worst decisions of the last ten years) Rountree is arguably the most successful CEO in the UK. 5 years of consistent growth with the last three being GW's best years ever. A large part of the recent problems has been gw being unable to keep up with demand. Anyway, where are our dragons? Damn you Rountree!!!
  13. That was Tom Kirby, the old CEO. Gw does market research now.
  14. You would have 0 stormdrake guard. They've said coming soon a bunch of times but never anything else. They usually don't change their language until the product is just a couple of weeks away.
  15. I have a feeling that our next pre-order will be Harrowdeep. We've had four previews of the set now, and the 'right around the corner' is more than the usual coming soon we get.
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