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  1. Less than 48 hours to go until the next show!! My predictions are: More Lumineth including Tyrion A sons of Behemat tease with a partial glimpse of a model. 40k primaries marines and Necrons A new board game- would love to see a new AOS Warhammer quest.
  2. Ben Johnson all but confirmed more Lumineth next week on twitter.
  3. So, what if the zenith is just Tyrion and Teclis each with their associated spirit? The zenith is literally the upper reaches of the sky where one finds the sun and the moon. With all the flowing tassels going on it seems crazy that they wouldn't include the wind. As for new kits, the Nighthaunt got 15 new kits not counting underworlds or soul wars. Gloomspite got 13 kits and 2 underworlds warbands. The last army to be previewed thus extensively was the sisters who got 16 new kits and a battlebox. Tyrion as the zenith plus 2 kits for air and river would make 13 kits. Add in endless spells and terrain and you have the same size of release as the Nighthaunt.
  4. Love the scions. Definitely my next warband.
  5. Phil said there are four elements. We have only really seen the core units and the stone themed units. I have a feeling this might be a huge range. Three units for each of the other aspects to match the stone ones suggests 9 units left to show and probably Tyrion as well. Edit those hammerers could well be a dual kit. The art shown in the background doesn't quite match these guys, especially the helmet. So maybe 5 or 6 more kits. That would make about the same number of kits as the Nighthaunt got.
  6. Warcry is handled by the main AOS team. Killteam is handled by the main 40k team. The boxed games team is running underworlds and Blackstone fortress along with all the random games that pop up in Barnes and noble. These are the three parts of the main studio. Forgeworld and the specialist games studio are essentially the same thing now with small dedicated teams for each sub game. They are in charge of bloodbowl, Horus Heresy, middle earth, Adeptus titanicus, aeronautica Imperialis and Necromunda. This has all been explained in the official podcasts. It is true I think, that the AOS and 40k teams will do rules for forgeworld minis in those settings.
  7. I think we will see the Lumineth revealed in full on Saturday alongside the next psychic awakening book. In April we we see the Sons of Behemat and the first reveal of 40k ninth edition. There will be a fair few extra things including war cry and the other specialist games. A hope there are few genuine surprises but I will be happy enough just to see the models for the two upcoming factions.
  8. The global death rate has tripled in the last week to almost a thousand people dying in a single day yesterday. That's really not a trajectory we want to see continue. Yesterday was also the worst day so far for infections with 15,000 confirmed new infections. Anything we can possibly do to slow that trajectory will literally save lives. It's not every day you have a chance to be a hero by just not going out.
  9. Next week will probably be the zoat and some more underworlds. Then on March 28 we will probably get saga of the beast preorder. In April we have ad mech and Aeronautica confirmed. We will probably get Lumineth some time in April too. Sons of Behemat will probably come in May. In the summer we will get Ghb 2. It seems likely we will get a new Daughters of Khaine book with new minis and Slaanesh mortals later in the year. We will probably get a new season of underworlds and more for warcry beyond the scions. I wouldn't expect much more than that for AOS this year.
  10. It is sad to see this but it is absolutely the correct decision. I feel particularly sorry for Domus was has been painting a vast amount of terrain for the event. Warhammer world should probably cancel its upcoming events too.
  11. I genuinely don't understand some of the complaints. The quivers being too big or Teclis's trousers being reminiscent of MC Hammer I can understand but what exactly is it about the faces that is such a problem? Teclis looks like he is sneering to me and the archers look to be frowning in concentration. If anything the painters may have overdone the highlights on the eyebrows a bit. The archers are wearing conical helmets which is a fairly typical helmet design for an archer. I don't see the problem with them. I understand the criticism of the bows, but I am more interested in the three different upper limbs than the three strings. I have seen lots of complaints that these don't work but a quick Google doesn't explain why.
  12. I really like the archers and especially the mage. It is exactly the kind of wackiness I like to see in AoS. I am really curious to see how deep this range goes. We have got the hammerers coming and presumably Tyrion. I am hoping we see a monster or two, at least 3 more unnamed characters and some heavy cavalry or a flying unit.
  13. We have the next Lumineth article tomorrow. They haven't said what it is about which makes me hopeful that we will see something new. There is also the Gama tradeshow next week. Last year gw showed off quite a few things: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/11/breaking-news-from-gama/ They haven't hyped the event this year and they do have the 40k ghaz reveal tomorrow so that might be all we get. Then we have the Adepticon event on March 25th. We will almost certainly see the full Lumineth range and at least a tease for the Sons of Behemat. After that we have Warhammer fest in the first week of May which will show off most of the summer releases.
  14. A rumour courtesy of warhammer weekly. It seems that we may be seeing new minis for Daughters of Khaine and Slaanesh later this year. Maybe we will finally get those Slaanesh mortals. Tom also mentioned the rumour about giants playing football with objectives and said that Teclis will be the best spell caster in the game. Warhammer weekly Tom does know people with inside info but he has been massively wrong in the past so it’s just a rumour for now. Those upcoming releases do make sense though especially if gw wants to develop the Slaanesh escaping storyline.
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