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  1. Ok. Here are my thoughts on Warhammer+ It's very good that they are resculpts of existing minis. I hope that's a pattern they continue. It would have been nice if it was a choice from 3 each year. 1 40k 1 AoS and 1 random specialist games mini. The white dwarf vault is a great idea. If they add the previous years white Dwarfs every July that would be pretty decent. Old books lore sections is also nice. I hope this shows they understand that people want to be able to read lore digitally. The AoS app is an area of potential concern. Does this mean we won't be able to see warscr
  2. I could imagine Kruleboyz with warclans, Dawnbringers with cities, Umbraneth with DoK, New Duardin with Fyreslayers and/or KO, Chaos Duardin with slaves to darkness and Kurnothi with Slyvaneth. That would give six new factions but possibly one less battletome than we currently have. I'm not sure I actually want this plan but it would make a certain amount of sense. It would let GW add a bunch of new things without making it impossible to keep up with updates in the future.
  3. All the Duardin stories in white dwarf have been great. David Guymer really gets the race. I hope they get released as a collection in the future.
  4. There have been persistent rumours of Hobgrotz cavalry. Also they are said to be mechanical specialists. So I could see a cavalry unit, a warmachine and a hero or two. On the other hand we could get none of those things. As for the Dominion situation. I check every day to see if the coins are still there. If those sell out, I'll have a decision to make but until then there's no rush. I can't be the only person to think like that, can I?
  5. I can only provide the most anecdotal of anecdotes. I'm precisely in the camp of wanting to wait and see. I love the gutrippas and the heroes but I'm not a massive fan of the Hobgrotz. If the army turns out to be 50/50 orruks and Hobgrotz then I'm out, but if they show off some cool centrepieces and orruk cavalry then I will pick up the Dominion box as a starter. I'm sure the number of people in my position isn't insignificant. I'm also sure there are also people wanting to see if they can do a full Thunderstrike army.
  6. Whitefang already gave a confused reaction to the idea of a renamed unit. A version of vindictors with different weapons sounds much more likely.
  7. Well my new hobby is checking Whitefang's likes. When someone suggested new ranged unit or renamed hunters they got all confused, but someone else suggested new agressive melee unit, their heart was full of joy so I'm going to go with that.
  8. I'm hoping it's a warclans subfaction full of Kragnos's followers.
  9. Anyone else notice that Kragnos gained some new keywords? That second one is particularly interesting. Edit it's not very be clear in the pic but it's Drogrukh. He's also a totem now.
  10. Surely you do a register of interest if your financials are tight. It does suggest that the new box isn't doing great, but they sold out in a matter of hours at the new price so perhaps they overreacted.
  11. I really think that part of the reason why the hype for this box isn’t as high as expected is because we haven’t seen the rest of the models yet. I’m waiting to see what a full Kruleboyz army looks like. I’m sure there are plenty of people like me who want to see whether the two armies have a cool centrepiece model. I’m sure the leak of the Necron monolith and Void Dragon made people more interested in the Indomitus box not less.
  12. Really? Where? It’s only been two days, not exactly time to panic yet.
  13. The Stormcast and Nighthaunt battletomes came out the week after second edition but they'd already shown off most of the new ranges at warhammerfest in May. Even the black coach was there. They only things they held off on were Lady Olynder and the Tauralon. The fact that we have heard hardly anything about the new ranges makes me think they aren't coming that soon. Every day I check the community site for something new and maybe today will be the day.
  14. After Indomitus launched gw had a week of just Titanicus, a week of just black library, starter boxes, then a week of Necromunda and a week of Underworlds. They could easily have condensed some of those if they wanted to get the codexes out earlier. The ETB kits are deliberately designed to be stopgaps until the main release and I would be very surprised if we see the battletomes before the starters and the new scenery. I'd love to be wrong but I expect we'll see some new models in a launch day preview, but I think it will be a minimum of 4 weeks after launch until we see the new b
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