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  1. So we have seen 4 Lumineth kits. Recent major releases have had about 12 (Obr, idk, Ko, gloomspite). That means we have a lot more to see. Still hoping we get a dragon or two. Regarding the Seraphon art I have some bad news. It is clearly the Saurus oldblood on the cover. The shield and the weapon are exactly the same. The snake crest is also there but it's been scaled down to make it look better. It's a shame Seraphon aren't getting any new minis but I'm not surprised. Gw is in a weird position now in that they can produce books much more quickly than miniature ranges. That's why we are seeing all these psychic awakening books with just one or two minis alongside each one. Still the future is pretty exciting. We will probably get the Sons of Behemet reveal at adepticon.
  2. So I think that a refresh rate of a new book every 4 years would be acceptable, with campaign books, underworlds warbands and the like coming in between refreshes. At a rate of a new book every 1.5 months gw can have up 32 armies before it gets too unwealdy. There are 22 battletomes right now, so we could comfortably have another 10 armies.
  3. It’s an interesting problem with black library. It is all essential tie in fiction and the is very little in that field that could be considered genuinely excellent. Part of the problem is the limitations put on writers. From what I understand a writer is usually given about 3 months to write a novel. Even fantasy writers who we would consider to be fairly prolific write about one book a year. I am sure that there is a stipulation in each brief that there must be a certain amount of fighting. I have certainly never read a warhammmer novel that didn’t have any fighting in it. That said, there are plenty of AOS books that I found very enjoyable. Soul wars was a big surprise as it took its time to build tension before the fighting started. While there’s plenty of talk about City of Secrets the follow up, Callis and Toll:The Silver shard is a much better book. I also strongly recommend anything written by Evan Dicken. He has a really interesting take on the mortal realms. I hope he is given the chance to do a full novel soon.
  4. Some of your comments really are hilariously awful. Plague monks, screaming bell, marauders, flamers, skinks, and moonclan grots would like to say hello. All at least 10 years old. Those units are clearly quivering in their boots in the face of the awesome power of the gobbapalooza, the new skulltaker , the new chaos warriors and all the warcry warbands.
  5. Aether war, the admiral and thunderers are all out of stock in the UK online store so I guess some people are buying KO.
  6. The box set they're describing would be £150 worth of minis on the idk side alone. There's no way a dual box would include a kit as big as a Leviadon. Also aren't we pretty sure the sillouette is Teclis? I wouldn't expect to him in a dual box either.
  7. So in terms of kits and warscrolls DoK is actually the least supported faction. Ko has a wide variety of good looking kits. A decent variety of warscrolls and some unique play mechanics. There's some talk from people who I usually trust about the new book being weak but I don't see it. In my eyes the future for Ko is pretty bright.
  8. I noticed that the aether war box set is limited to 2 per order. Has that always been the case?
  9. I'm pretty sure icegoat is a troll account. They always spout utter nonsense. The sylvaneth and Skaven boxes sold out in the first day not the first hour. They were both cheaper than this set with more models. Gw publicly acknowledged that Ko sold well initially. Since then they have been hampered both by their own rules and the changes to the core rules. They finally got a start collecting box but it didn't include their only battline unit. This battlebox contains almost the same contents as that box and until now competitive Ko lists didn't even contain one gunhauler. Fortunately the new book looks much better. I love KO and Tzeentch but I'm not going to buy the box as aside from the heroes it doesn't contain anything I don't already have several of.
  10. The new supplement is very interesting. Really curious to see where it takes things.
  11. I'm preparing myself to hear no AOS specific news today. We have two battletomes up for preorder today, and the LVO preview coming at the end of January. Today's AOS entertainment will be man reads book.
  12. No they don't. Deathriders can also be battleline. They may not be the best choice but they are an option.
  13. That’s a good start. If they are doing those, there’s a good chance there will be others. In the old book you had to pay 360 points before you could make any actual choices.
  14. The biggest problem with KO right now is the lack of battleline options. If the new book makes thunderers, endrinriggers and gunhaulers conditional battleline then we could have a very exciting book with lots of different builds. If we are stuck with the arkanaut company as the only battline, I will join in the complaints.
  15. Yeah you've got the order of this wrong. Core book page 37 Nagash abandons Sigmar at Shyish All point gate. Sigmar gets mad and "battered a path across Shyish in search of retribution". This is when he fights Katakros. Page 38 The battle of the Burning Skies. Nagash "did not fully commit his strength."
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