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  1. A big problem is that gw is still growing. Earlier this year gw gave a profit warning but profits have actually gone up. Most companies make estimates about production based on past sales. The decisions about production were probably made a year ago. These estimates always err on the cautious side. Better to make to few and sell them all than have extra product filling up warehouses. In GW’s caw the lack of warehouse space is such a problem that they are building new facilities in both the uk and America. Until those new facilities are completed and GW’s sales level out, we will continue to have these shortages.
  2. I wonder if there is room for certain powerful abilities to cost more than one command point. There are rumours that command points might become harder to come by after the new ghb. This would also help with the imbalance. Gloomspite who have great command point generating engines would instantly become a better army. I think there is room in the game for very powerful abilities but they should have a very high opportunity cost.
  3. Interested to see how the “tomb kings” shake out. I think I’d prefer if we had a completely new army that was loosely inspired by the tomb kings rather than bring back the old kits. A few of them do hold up but it feels like a cop out to back to old kits after dropping them.
  4. Yeah. I was saying the 8th or the 15th of July. They always start doing previews of the rules the week leading up to the preorder. This month I expect the ghb immediately after contrast so we should start seeing previews for that from Monday 10th of June. The only thing they might sneak in first is the next warhammer Quest expansion.
  5. For some reason they've got the date wrong in this email but the info in the text is more interesting. That pretty much confirms it is either a July 20th preorder with early purchase for attendees, or July 20th is the global release date. We should start seeing rules previews on the 8th or the 15th.
  6. I think that's a pretty safe bet. and, most exciting of all, a Warhammer Preview giving you a glimpse into the future of the Mortal Realms… I think July 20th will probably be the preorder date for Warcry. I also don't think we will see another battletome except Sylvaneth before August.
  7. People need to think logically about this stuff. Clearly the Sylvaneth battletome was intended to go up for preorder the weekend after warhammer fest. That would make 7 battletomes in 5 months, already equalling the most books released in a year for a Gw fantasy game. That record was set last year. Forbidden power was probably intended to go up for preorder this weekend, which is why this week has nothing. Forbidden power and ghb would make up the June releases. Warcry and some more terrain would be July, which means the next scheduled battletome will come in August. With three or four more battletomes scheduled this year, I would expect about one a month for August- November and probably nothing except bundles in December. As for what we have seen today, someone earlier was lamenting the lack of wood elves. Gw literally just showed off some very nice sculpts which would make excellent conversion fodder for a wanderers army and noone has batted an eyelid.
  8. Yeah. The Ninety- nine Feathers is the first thing I though of. Love this warband.
  9. I expect we will see one new battletome or a release date for Sylvaneth if that is ready. I think we will see the warcry box contents and hopefully something about gameplay. We will get the enforcers gang for Necromunda and Apocalypse info for 40k. It really depends when GW decides to do other events. We currently don't have any previews confirmed until the end of August at Nova. If they add some more preview events over the summer, we might not see much tomorrow.
  10. The terms ip and core game are somewhat distracting. Warcry was initially developed by the team who made underworlds led by Dave Sanders. Since that time gw has divided their studio into three distinct departments each with their own rules writers, background writers, artists, photographers etc. Only the miniature designers will continue to work on all systems. The three departments are AOS , 40k and boxed games. Underworlds, warhammer quest and the like will be covered by the boxed games department but killteam will be supported by the 40k department and Warcry will be supported by the AOS department. I think this is what they mean when they call it a core game. Essentially what that means is that Warcry will not be done when they do the first six Chaos warbands. I am really curious to see how it develops. I kind of hope they do rules for the six regular chaos factions (5 gods and beasts) and more monsters before they move on to the other grand alliances.
  11. No the launch release will be the starter box and rules for the non chaos warbands. The release pattern will probably be the same as we have seen with underworlds with one or two warbands a month after the first release. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the slaves to Darkness battletome in January or February next year once all the warbands are out.
  12. It is such a shame that Spear of Shadows didn't sell well. It is probably my favourite AoS novel. If anyone on here hasn't read it yet, I strongly recommend picking it up.
  13. That rumour looks so much like a Seraphon Dino that it must be something else. Exodites?
  14. I always think that having realistic price expectations is the best way of surviving as a GW player without getting stressed. The ferretonic furnace is a 40k scenery piece which contains 2 sprues for £30. The shattered temple contains two sprues plus the big tile for £27.50. I not saying it is not expensive but it is very much in line with gw's previous releases. As for forbidden Power, it is usually £20 for three endless spells. Forbidden Power has 4. The scenery piece is a bit bigger than the channel throne which costs £22.50. That leaves £12.50 for the book and tokens. Again. I am not saying that these prices are not expensive, merely that they are very much line with previous GW products. There are a couple if things worth thinking about for the price conscious. The malign sorcery book is currently available digitally through the app for £20. I am sure they will do the same for this book. GW has repeatedly said that the warcry release will be treated in a similar fashion to the Killteam release. One feature of that release was Killteam boards and a bunch of terrain sold at a discounted price. Some of this scenery is ideally suited to that kind of treatment. If you don't have an immediate need for the new scenery, it may be worth waiting to see how that release shapes up before spending your money.
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