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  1. The only part I find strange is the rerelease of the watchtower as a scenery piece. It is a rather big, somewhat plain looking kit with a firmly old world aesthetic.
  2. Not surprised in the slightest that slaves aren't coming until next year. I have been saying that since the first warcry previews. I don't think they have been pushed back. This was probably always the plan. Gw probably wants to put the warcry warbands in the book and we have at least two still to come. I think we will see the next two warbands sometime towards the end of the year with the slaves book coming in the spring with several new minis. Giving warcry a bit of space to be its own thing is also a good idea.
  3. Really surprised that people think the upcoming death release will be a small one. Gw don't do animated teasers with voice overs for small releases. The tithe video is undeniably about death: the subtitle is the necropolis and it is obviously refering to the forbidden power story. That video was also just part one. This is clearly the big autumn release for AOS. I am expecting something at least as big as the slaanesh release.
  4. We essentially have four layers of rumours. 1) new battletomes for each grand alliance. 2) forbidden power narrative teases an old ally of nagash. 3) Tom Lyons seems pretty confident a new shooty death army is coming. 4) the recent teaser. That's as good a rumour as we've had this year.
  5. @Hannibal could you possibly post a pic of the shattered stormvault board with the scenery on it? The official photos don't really give a sense of how well the scenery fills the board. Thanks.
  6. I would let you count it as wanderers even in a tournament. Its not nearly as powerful as plenty of things that are totally legal. If you wanted to bend the rules with Skaven or Slannesh, I would be a lot less lenient.
  7. There's been a lot of talk about production capacity being the reason for the discontinuing of these models. That isn't the problem at all. It is storage that is the problem. Gw is still a company with a large retail presence. The average retail store can stock a fraction of gw's total product line. Warehouse storage is also a serious problem. In a number of interviews with Adam Troke when he was in charge of lotr, he said the biggest barrier to them bringing back old kits was the lack of warehouse space. This is also the reason why gw errs on the various side when producing limited run products like Looncurse. The rumour is that an over production of gorkamorka almost killed gw back in the day. The new production facilities will make this problem even worse. Gw has already produced somewhere in the region of 80 kits this year. I remember reading a white dwarf article which said they had produced that many kits in the entity of 2016 so production has already increased significantly. The recent financial report showed that gw's worst performing sector was online orders. So gw has not been selling these kits in any significant numbers. Gw will constantly be looking to make cuts in order to manage their inventory. Unfortunately for us it wouldn't surprise me to learn that virtually noone has bought some of these kits for months. Gw is improving their warehouse facilities in Nottingham and Memphis, but that is probably being done to cope with the ever increasing demand for new products rather than the minimal return that these old products will bring. That said , I do think these are all the cuts we will see for this selection of order units for a while. I would expect to see Mawtribes, slaves to darkness and Seraphon lose a few units especially in light of how poorly the slaves to darkness army box sold. The area where I think gw could do better is the way they manage these changes and the rules support. They should have announced the changes the day after the AOS open day with a community post explaining the situation, a commitment to keeping points for legacy minis in the ghb even if they are no longer updated and a statement that old models which have a warscroll and points will be officially useable in tournament play until at least the next edition .
  8. In light of the recent news about the discontinued order minis and the loss of green skins earlier this year I'd like to encourage tournament organisers around the world to ignore a recent gw faq. This particular faq states that any models which don't have a pitched battle profile in the most recent ghb are not eligible for matched play. In my opinion this is a very poor decision by gw. I strongly believe that any warscroll or battalion published by gw for use in AOS with a pitched battle profile should be playable in any matched play game so long as the most recent version of that scroll and the most recent points are used. Due to the lack of synergies and army rules old warscrolls will never be broken. Over time players will gradually move to new armies as gw releases cool new Aelf and destruction armies. You will probably never see more than a handful of these old units or armies at a single tournament. Please let players use their toys.
  9. I think you misunderstood me. I'm not saying it's a perk. I am personally pretty disappointed by some of the changes especially the wanderers heroes. I was responding to one person who said they wouldn't even get a single game with a newly converted model. This is not the case. They will be able to use that model and indeed any discontinued model so long as it has points in the most recent ghb. Again to be clear this is not a net positive but it is not quite as terrible as some users are thinking it is. I absolutely understand the disappointment of a player who has been waiting for years to get a battletome for their favourite faction only to see the range discontinued. But to lose the ability to use your lovingly painted and converted minis in the game at all, is a much bigger problem. In the case of these order minis we haven't quite hit that wall yet.
  10. I'll say this again. If a model doesn't get a new warscroll in the cities book, the old warscroll and points will still be valid until the next ghb comes out. So you can use that arch mage for another 11 months at least. Discontinued does not mean removed from the rules. It just means no more updates.
  11. I know. I'm just saying it's not quite time to throw your models away just yet. At the very least you will get 11 more months when they are considered up to date, especially in the case of mercenary companies. Also a lack of updates doesn't bother me too much. It is gw saying in the latest faq that models not in the ghb are not allowed that makes me a bit angry. Due to a lack of synergies and army abilities , old minis will never be super competitive. Why not let people take them to tournaments if they want?
  12. Don't forget being discontinued doesn't necessarily mean the rules are going away. Tomb kings are still in the ghb despite being out of print for years. Anything in this ghb is legal until the next one comes out.
  13. Slaanesh is very strong in a combat heavy meta. They are even weaker to shooting than the other combat armies though. If the cities of sigmar book has some good shooting options and if the the new death book does turn out to be a shooting army, we will see Slaanesh drop off a bit. Skaven have got very strong units in all areas. That book will continue to be top tier whatever happens to the meta. Ironjawz have been getting a few podiums recently. If the new book builds on the changes from the ghb and adds in a few bonesplittas shooting options they could well be right up there. Ko are definitely competitive again. I think we will see Slaanesh continue to win a lot of tournaments unless Ko start to come back in a bag way or the new books have good shooting. Under Slaanesh, skaven, DoK, KO, FeC, shootcast, Ironjawz, Fyreslayers legion of grief and Khorne all have solid chances of getting a podium.
  14. A word of warning about GenCon. Last year the big reveal was Munchkin. Don't expect too much. The Saturday reveal is 40k only.
  15. Gw is doing a preview event on August 3rd but it is for 40k only. Gw will be at gencon but they haven't said anything specific about announcements. There is a possibility we will hear more about beastgrave or warcry but probably not anything for mainline AOS. The next big preview event will be at Nova at the end of August.
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