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  1. I agree on every point. Crawlers and double harvester blobs are not necessarily overpowered, but they create very negative play experiences. The goal of the game is to make sure both players are having fun and creating statistically immortal units and situations where your opponent cant do anything are not good for the game as a whole.
  2. OBR may not be overpowered, but they have some seriously stupid mechanics that are not fun to play against. Tip #1: Cast endless spells (like a Pendulum) through your Crawlers to weaken them and make it more likely that you can instantly kill models. Then start targeting support heroes, or target the models in the middle of a unit to break coherency and cause half the unit to die at the end of the turn. Tip #2: Put two harvesters inside a block of 40 Guard. Each time a model dies within 3" of both of the harvesters you roll 2 dice and respawn a guard for each 4+. Since the harvester ability activates immediately when a model is slain, and since damage is allocated 1 at a time, on average your unit of guard will take 0 damage when it gets attacked. It doesn't even matter how much damage your opponent can do. With a block of 40 Guard youll have enough models to make the odds of killing the unit (0.25)^40 at best. If you play an army that can't kill the Harvesters then youll almost never kill the guard.
  3. This is a strange rule... My understanding is that "damage" only refers to a weapon attack; abilities that do mortal wounds do not have a damage characteristic.
  4. My favourite part of reveal season is that some people lose their minds and cry that it is overpowered even though we have only seen a few sentences of rules.
  5. Allies are based on keywords found on unit warscrolls, not the book those units are in. Fyreslayers can ally with Ironweld Arsenal, so they can use Gyrocopters.
  6. PJetski

    The Grymwatch

    If you need to grab a free objective then I think Faneway Crystal would be better for that purpose, as it doesn't use up a gambit slot. The gambit slots are more valuable to me than the upgrade slots for this warband. I think Double Time only worth a gambit slot if you are running Longstrider/Burst of Speed.
  7. PJetski

    The Grymwatch

    You are running a lot more mobility and objective holding focused cards, so it makes sense that you would be struggling when it comes to kills. The best defense is a good offense. I would swap out cards like Dug In, Countercharge, Double Time, and Aura of Command to focus on more aggressive options. I also really don't like Larval Lance, since it's not really worthwhile until Round 3 and the first 2 rounds (especially the first round!) are much more important for Grymwatch. You can see in my current deck here I have a strong focus on objectives as my primary focus, but there is enough aggression/counter-aggression packed in there to help secure kills and stay alive in the early game.
  8. PJetski

    The Grymwatch

    No, I would play it like controlled aggression. You keep trying to score your deck but you also go in for kills when you can get them. Ghouls without support are not going to get any kills, but once you throw upgrades on them they should be able to get kills against Thorns and Profiteers. The cool thing about Grymwatch is that the consistent high glory they can earn without fighting means the enemy must try to fight you. You let them come to you and then counterattack on your terms.
  9. PJetski

    The Grymwatch

    Hmmm that's not consistent with my experience so far. I have found favourable matchups against Thorns because you have better movement, better damage, and you can bring fighters back. You can play the aggressor to deny them objectives while simultaneously scoring with your superior Surge+objective cards. The Butcher with +1 damage (or a damage ploy) and Crown of Avarice is a nightmare for Thorns to deal with. The matchup against Profiteers is roughly even - they have range, but you have the mobility. The Profiteers don't have the mobility to reliably deny the Grymwatch inspire condition, so if you can avoid letting them shoot you turn 1 then you should be in the clear. It starts to tip in the Grymwatch's favour if they pick the right boards to have good Blocked Hex placement. Aggro Mollog is an interesting matchup. You need to keep the Night's Herald adjacent to Mollog as much as possible. If you get Madness Dart it becomes almost impossible for Mollog to land a blow. The best thing about Grymwatch is that they can switch to aggression fairly easily if you stuff their deck with damage ploys.
  10. PJetski

    The Grymwatch

    Here are my impressions after the first week, testing it against both control and aggro playstyles. Overall I found that this warband must inspire on round 1 or it falls behind very quickly. The additional stats are necessary to keep up with other warbands in round 2 and 3. You need a deck that can reliably keep enemies out of your territory in the first round, so late game cards like Larval Lance, Inspired Attack, Denial, etc. can't be clogging up your opening hand. It may seem like you want to place boards first so you can get 3 objectives, but this warband has enough mobility to score objectives even when placing second. Against aggro you want to place second because the lane control is too important for a warband with 7 fighters that start with bad stats - you want to take away as many advantages as possible from an aggro warband. Lethal hex placement is very important. Use it to create a chokepoint for enemies coming into your territory so you can score kills while pushing them out, or place it in front of your objectives so you can threaten kills if they come to push you off. Place it 3 hexes away from your objectives to limit Profiteer/Farstrider shooting options. Cards I found to perform well, as expected: Most of the objectives Most of the upgrades Pit Trap, Snare, Encroaching Shadow - Most of my kills were from lethal hexes or these ploys. These were invaluable against 4+ wound fighters, and against weaker fighters (Chainrasp, skeletons, etc.) it allowed me to use my 1 damage fighters to score kills. Seized Weapon - It's a damage ploy that doesn't take up a ploy slot. Awesome! Cards that worked better than expected: The bats - This fighter is not just a danglebro! Starting with 3 health makes him a good damage sponge, and his high movement and flying lets him leap over the frontlines to grab objectives Scrum - This card is incredible. I am going to slam this into so many decks that I make from now on Appaling Visage - Not only can it guaranteed push people out of your territory to get the inspire, but it can also push them into lethal hexes. Sometimes two! Transfixing Stare - This was incredibly important to shut down aggressive melee warbands like Stormcast Madness Dart - I was on the fence with this one, but af Survival Instincts - Permanent guard isn't just good for staying alive, it's also great for standing on objectives Crown of Avarice - I knew this would be good, but sticking it on Night's Herald with his -1 dice ability made him a real nuisance Cards that worked worse than expected: Conquering Heroes - This was too risky against aggressive warbands and didn't offer enough glory against control Ghoul Pack - This is harder to do than it seems (defintiely much harder than Scrum) and there are better Surge cards out there Shifting Madness - Either the easiest objective or the hardest objective. I prefer consistency, and this feels like a high roll card to me Upper Hand - Banned cards don't perform very well! Lethal Ward - This is the worst damage ploy card, and with Seized Weapon there is enough instant damage in the deck Irresistable Prize - It's a lot better to make the objective move where you want Strident Summons - I didn't use it once across 10+ matches. You can't respawn your best fighters, and the free ghoul in round 2 and 3 was usually enough. Spectral Armour - Survival Instincts seems to be better, but I like the combination of these two cards together Faneway Crystal - I never found that I needed the extra mobility to score objectives. The game is all about controlling the center of the board now; flank attacks are not as useful any more. It's not worth diving that deep with the Duke, and without ranged attacks the rest of your fighters are very limited in their aggressive potential with this card Spirit Bond - This is unfortunately the 4th best choice for a restricted slot Cards I swapped in: Path to Victory - Big glory gain and it is a lot easier than trying to score Tactical Supremacy Combination Strikes - I'm not 100% sold on this one but I can't think of a better one Pack, Advance! - I can't believe I didn't have this one before. Not only can you immediately change the entire board state, but you can use it to do stuff like push an enemy off an objective then push a ghoul onto it to score In the Name of the King and/or Swift Capture on your turn. Combat Drill - This card pulled everything together. It helps score Keep Them Guessing, it gives you support on attacks, it allows you to charge your Duke for his Range 2 attack and immediately put a wall unit in front (like the Night's Herald for his -1 Dice ability!). This card is so good that I'm considering running Recycled Riches just to get it back in my hand Frenzied Search - The condition of holding an objective is almost passive, and discarding the worst card in your hand to dig 3 deep is a small price to pay for a huge benefit. I can comfortably run 22-24 card decks when Frenzied Search provides so much card cycling. Restless Prize - This card has helped me score objectives while playing safe against aggro and steal objectives from other control warbands. I highly recommend running this card because it's like the oil you need to keep your decks running squeaky clean. Sudden Growth - This was necessary to keep the Duke alive in some matchups, and in other matchups it was used to make my respawned fighters even harder to remove. I wish I could run another one. I'm going to do more playtesting this week and post an updated decklist after that.
  11. Here are my first impressions: PROS: 7 fighters, 3 of them can be respawned Fighter card action (Great for Keep Them Guessing) The Duke is a great fighter, inspiring to 2/3 Smash with Range 2 and Cleave Everyone inspires at the same time Great inspire condition Fast! Move 4 base, everyone inspires to 5, and bats are 6 Loads of great objectives that don't rely on getting any kills Faction version of Defensive Strike Surge Supremacy Can score Longstrider and Burst of Speed with the right gambits CONS: 7 fighters means you have to fill every starting hex Ghouls are fragile; you will feed your opponent glory a steady stream of glory all game long Rebound, Last Chance, etc. have rotated out of the game so your tools to deny kills are few and far between You must respawn ghouls that have died at the start of your turn, even if you don't want to Ghoul respawn location is randomized Only 2 competent fighters, the rest heavily depend on attack upgrades Rely on gambits for action economy An upgrade that does 1 damage immediately No wizards No Range 3 attacks No baseline Cleave or Knockback for What Armour? and Get Thee Hence It seems like the Grymwatch easily slot into a control playstyle. In the first round you want to try to score some positional objectives while keeping the enemy out of your territory in the first phase, then in rounds 2 and 3 you can go on the offensive. You want to absorb charges with your ghouls then riposte with the Duke and Gristlewel then riposte. Unfortunately their damage is pretty poor so you will be relying heavily on gambits to deal the extra damage you need for kills, but you also rely on Gambits for added mobility. It will be easy to keep slower warbands out of your territory because Move 3 doens't allow them to get very far, but faster warbands (and Mollog) can get deeper into your territory. I think upgrades that give your minions Knockback (Mutating Maul, Hammer of Scorn) become more important when you need to push fast warbands out of your base, but I'm not sure if they can make the cut when there are so many good faction upgrades. I have attached my first draft of a deck, let me know what you think
  12. Maybe it's intentional that nothing should be able to tank 3 combat phases and 2 shooting phases Maybe focused fire is what the designers intended to be the counter to healing. Nothing should live forever, stalemates and tarpits are boring
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