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  1. Everyone would just pick Aqshy all the time forever
  2. I wouldn't even know where to send it, or if they would even bother reading it?
  3. Liberators are bad but they're a 5 star unit compared to Castigators. Max 3 damage and 6 wounds on a 4+ for 80 points. God awful. Castigators are without a doubt the worst unit in the game, somehow even worse than the 1.0 Troglodon. Even at 60 per 3 they wouldn't be worth using. Eternity Warden is a top contender for "most useless warscroll" because Saurus Guard serve the same purpose but are better at it, but at least it's not objectively bad like the Castigators. Many of the Underworld warbands are probably in consideration for worst warscroll
  4. I'm waiting for the FAQ before I start making any value judgements on units. Bastiladon, Stegadon Chief, and Engine of the Gods need some erratas Bound spells, too
  5. Yeah that's true, I forgot to include the extra Jaw attack.
  6. March 2020 Update: https://imgur.com/a/tCyMsVJ My two main goals with this update are: 1. Inject more flavour into each of the Stormhosts. I'm trying to think of answers to questions like "How does each Stormhost approach a battle? What are their favoured units? Who are their leaders?" Please look over the Stormhosts with fresh eyes and let me know what you think! Hammers of Sigmar They take a general approach to war since they don't favour any one aspect, instead focused on defense and rapid reinforcement. They are the only Stormhost to add more units to the table. The God-forged Blade is a very powerful offensive artefact, and it creates a story where a chosen champion gets the killing blow while his army holds back the tide of enemies. The Hallowed Knights Their faith gives them purity against foul sorceries. This is reflected in their battle trait that allows them to ignore spells. The Hallowed Knights are the holy crusade of Sigmar, boisterous and inspiring, heralding the end of Chaos and a return to Order. This stormhost should utilize many Priests and prayers. Sacrifice empowers their allies, and this is reflected in the Command Ability. Martyr's Strength creates a story where a unit is slain, but before they are sent back to Azyr a portion of their power is captured by a nearby PRIEST and transferred to another unit. Celestial Vindicators Controlled rage unleashed at the right moment. Celestial Vindicators are the de-facto melee stormhost, and their current rules reflect it well. This stormhost wants to use units with multiple weapon profiles, powerful weapons with low attack values, fast units that can get the charge off, and strong melee heroes I have only made minor improvements to this Stormhost, since I think they already have a good niche carved out for themselves. Anvils of the Heldenhammer Anvils are ancient, ordered, and grim stormhost. They focus on morale effects and improve the power of larger units. This is the only stormhost that can shoot twice, and although they can fight in the hero phase it's not as useful as being able to fight twice in the combat phase after moving and charging into the position you want The previous version of Deathly Aura forcing enemies to take battleshock tests was an unintuitive mechanic, so instead it reduces enemy bravery by 2 Knights Excelsior Relentless, merciless, uncompromising This stormhost favours overwhelming force that leaves nothing to chance. This is reflected in their Storm of Annihilation battle trait and their No Mercy command ability. Their leaders are are jailers and executioners, reflected in Divine Executioner command trait and Chains of Celestial Lightning, an artefact that prevents all nearby enemies from retreating. This is the only stormhost that can fight twice in the combat phase Celestial Warbringers Celestial Warbringers should really want to use a lot of Wizards and Priests, as they are more attuned to the spiritual visions they receive, and the visions should define their gameplay. Fearless Foresight now works in every phase rather than every turn, but it can only be used by a WIZARD or PRIEST unit Portents and Omens has been made more powerful, but also has a higher casting value "Portents and Omens has a casting value of 8. If successfully cast, subtract 1 from attacks that target friendly CELESTIAL WARBRINGERS units wholly within 18" of the caster." Tome of Augury also teaches the bearer every spell from both Lores Tempest Lords The Tempest Lords are masters of combined combat, never dedicated to any single engagement, always able to slip away and reinforce another part of the battlefield. This is reflected in their immensely powerful Grand Strategists battle trait that allows them to shoot and charge even if they ran or retreated. The Tempest Lords should favour units that can both shoot and fight, like Dracoths and Prosecutors. They want to shoot from the edge of combat and then dive in for the kill. This is reflected in Rousing Oratory, providing a boost to shooting hit rolls and combat wound rolls. Their leaders are heavenly nobles and master tacticians. The Patricians Helm allows the use of a command ability for free every phase, while the command trait provides a significant accuracy boost for a mounted hero but only while they stay near their allies. Astral Templars Battle Trait now better reflects the survival and tracking skills of the Astral Templars as a Stormhost from Ghur, and pushes the idea that they will utilize many mounted units (Dracoths, Palladors, Dracolines, etc.) Their leaders are experienced hunters, slayers of the most dangerous beasts in the realm (or a just regular beast in Ghur) +1 hit against MONSTER was either too powerful or completely useless. I have changed it to activate against any unit with 8 or more wounds. To limit its power I have changed from a passive ability into a Command Trait aura 2. Make Lord of the Host (+1 save to army) accessible to all Stormcast generals rather than just Lord-Celestant generals. Is it overpowered to give Stormcast +1 to save? I don't know. For the number of wounds and their point costs, it seems like Stormcast units need to be more durable than a 4+ save. Other changes since the last update: All Lords with 5 wounds now have 6 wounds All mounted Lords with 7 wounds now have 8 wounds (Vandus has 9) Lord-Celestant on Dracoth - Shield Wall command ability now allows you to re-roll all saves but those units cannot retreat, run, or charge. Stardrake Great Claws now deal 3 damage instead of D3. 6 attacks at 3 damage... yup! Lord-Relictor's Relic Hammer does D3 damage instead of 1 Lord-Veritant's Judgement Blade does 3 damage instead of 2 Knight-Azyros' Starblade does D3 damage instead of 1 Strife-Ender now adds 2 attacks, or 3 vs CHAOS Obsidian Blade improved Rend by 2 instead of 1 Spellshield reworded: "Once per turn the bearer can attempt to unbind and dispel one spell in the same manner as a WIZARD. Add 2 to an unbinding roll or dispel roll made in this way."
  7. Kroxigors in a Thunderquake Templehost are pretty good. You get 7 attacks per model on 3+/3+/-1 and either 2 damage (maul) or a chance at mortal wounds (bite). That's pretty good for a 140p unit.
  8. Shadowstrike Templehost is a very good battalion. It fills 2 battleline slots and includes a hero you will probably be bringing anyway, so it's pretty good to slip into a list for a cheap artefact. It also gives a significant hit buff that stacks with the Skink Priest command ability so you can easily get your units to +2 to hit rolls. 12 Terradons 16" Fly move Run & shoot & charge (Skink Priest - Starstone Staff) Hunter's Steed asterism for +1 run and +1 charge +1 hit from battalion, +1 hit from Herald of the Old Ones (Skink Priest), reroll hit1 (multiple sources), and Serpent Staff (Skink Starpriest) to cause mortal wounds on wound6 Coalesced so +1 Jaw attack Shoot for an average of 42 attacks (should be easy to get everyone within 6" with +1 run & shoot). Average 27 wounds before saves and 7 mortal wounds. 3d6+1 charge to drop 12 rocks (probably on top of a different unit since youre about to massively overkill the first one). With a Terradon Chief nearby you do an average of 20 mortal wounds. Attack in melee with 60 attacks (if you can fit everyone in range) for an average of 39 wounds and 10 mortal wounds. You can debuff one unit with the Starseer to effectively give the Terradons Rend-1. Total average damage: 66 wounds before saves, 37 mortal wounds. Point cost: 150 (battalion) + 360 (12 Terradons) + 70 (Chief) = 580 Alternatively you can run Ripperdactyls and pump up their attacks with command points and you can massively overkill everything in front of you. With +2 hit and Serpent Staff even the riders are going to do significant damage. With +2 to saves from Priest + Starseer maybe you can actually survive some damage in order to fight again, though I see this struggling compared to the Terradon kamikaze squad.
  9. PJetski

    Seraphon Allies

    What allies would you consider for a Seraphon army? I think that the Knight Azyros to re-roll hit rolls of 1 against enemies within 10" is going to be very useful since there aren't many ways to gain rerolls in a Seraphon army. This will be especially important for boosting the accuracy of low-volume, high-impact attackers like Salamanders and Stegadons. The Lord-Arcanum's command ability to move an endless spell an extra D6" seems pretty useful in a Slann + Kroak magic domination list... you'll have lots of endless spells and lots of command points.
  10. It works on mount attacks. HERO is just a keyword like any other.
  11. I predict they're going to announce the Adepticon reveals since the event was cancelled
  12. Yes. Stormcast lack the bodies to fight over objectives with body count, and are too fragile to play a long attrition game. We can build for strong defensive units like a 1+ Stardrake but that's an expensive combo, and few Stormcast units do any meaningful damage so we can't afford to be spending 700 points on an unkillable monster that does little damage. The best strategy is to swiftly and decisively wipe units out so that you take as little damage as possible as you get on objectives.
  13. Channeling does let them reroll saves, though? Yes a screen is a unit taking up space between your important units and the enemy. The purpose of a screen is to be either so tough it can repel enemy attacks or be a cheap throwaway unit that is meant to die and hold people up for one turn. Libs and Seqs are not durable enough to stop any serious amount of damage. It doesn't matter if it's 20 damage overkill or 30 damage overkill, the unit still dies either way, so spending points to improve their damage doesn't make sense.
  14. It depends on your list? Coalesced lists will probably still run a Starseer, a Starpriest, and/or Kroak so +1 to cast is pretty good. 6+ ignore is pretty good, too. Probably worth 140 points and a leader slot... I think if he was 100-120 he would be a no-brainer.
  15. I love the models but I would never use them unless they cost exactly as much as Liberators. Maybe if they were 10 points more and didnt require an Arcanum to be battleline... but I would probably just take an Endless Spell instead. The purpose of Liberators and Sequitors is to screen, and spending more points without gaining more bodies or wounds just doesn't make sense for a screening unit.
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