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  1. I don't play 1500pt games often but I don't see why not. 6x Desolator + Castellant is only 720 points, that gives you a lot of room for battleline and support units.
  2. For Runesons both weapons kinda suck but I prefer the axes because they can be turned into a somewhat decent melee weapon when you buff them with rerollable hits, rerollable wounds, and +1-2 Rend. For Vulkites I prefer Pickaxe + Shield for a defensive style of play, but dual axes is good if you plan on letting the unit die and attack again with Berzerk Fury. Normally a screening unit will just die and accomplish nothing, but berzerk fury with rerollable hits and wounds lets your squad of 10 Vulkites do an average of 16-17 wounds back (before saves) when they die. This is pretty scary for a lot of big monsters in the game.
  3. 6x Desolator lists are quite good, but it seems like Anvilstrike is still the top of the pile
  4. Their stats are quite bad, but their cards are very strong. I don't see how they can reliably take down models with 4+ wounds so they are really going to struggle in the stormcast/mollog/magore meta.
  5. I hope it is just a big swarm of 6 ghouls and a courtier.
  6. That's a big waste of a command point. You only need the Azyros within 10" of your target so in most situations a run is enough to get him there.
  7. You would still be too far away to actually hit anything because you have to be >9" from an enemy when you finish a teleport and moving 6" would place you >3" away and not within range to actually attack anything.
  8. Ah good point, I forgot about the rotation
  9. There is a full spoiler available if you know where to look for it... They have a lot of great Surge cards, and it seems like they can easily score stuff like Cover Ground, Longstrider, and Keep Them Guessing. They seem to play very similar to Spiteclaw's Swarm (5 dudes, very fast & fragile) but they trade the ability to respawn dudes for access to some magic and ranged attacks.
  10. Im assuming this is okay to post since it's available on the web
  11. Saves happen before damage is allocated, and the Warding Lantern effect of rolling a 7+ happens immediately when you make the save roll.
  12. Fun fact: You can use Prayer of Grimnir's Fury on Gotrek to allow him to fight in the hero phase
  13. Are you talking about this one? It doesn't quite match the stormcast grip/handle style
  14. Having artefacts in your army is part of your allegiance bonuses. There are no artefacts that are not tied to an allegiance, so it can be said that if you don't have an allegiance you can't select any artefacts. Realm Artefacts can be chosen instead of your normal artefacts, so if you can't take artefacts then you also can't take the realm artefacts. Allies cannot benefit from allegiance and artefacts are part of your allegiance, therefore allies can never take artefacts.
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