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  1. Anvilstrike is still oppressively strong against any melee army, but it gets checked by Seraphon, Tzeentch, and KO. It was great in the 2019 meta which was dominated by melee armies but in 2020 there are loads of shooting/magic armies that can kill your Longstrikes and/or Evocators before they can do significant damage.
  2. Further to my previous post, I have some general rule changes I would want to see. 1. I don't want to see Strength/Toughness in the game, but I think big monsters should be a bit more difficult to hurt than an infantry unit. Attacks against a unit with MONSTER have -1 to wound rolls. Units with MONSTER keyword ignore this penalty. Some units will have a Monster Slayer rule added to their warscroll. This ability allows them to ignore the penalty to wound rolls when attacking MONSTER units. 2. A maximum of +1 or -1 to any hit, wound, or save roll. I really like how this rule has worked out in 40k and I think it should be brought to AOS. 3. Command Abilities in general should not stack, unless specifically noted otherwise. 4. All abilities that allow you to "fight again immediately" should have their wording changed to allow them to be selected to fight a second time later in the phase, and only if an enemy is within 3" (even if you charged) rather than fighting a second time immediately. 5. The number of artefacts/mount traits/etc. your army can take is determined by the size of the game, not by the number of battalions you bring. You can take 1 at 1000, 2 at 1500, 3 at 2000, and 4 at 2500+. With the removal of Malign Sorcery I think it would be fine to allow more artefacts into regular matched play games, especially since subfactions generally require giving up your first artefact choice. This has a knockdown effect of making battalions less valuable, and therefore they can be made cheaper while still giving interesting effects. 6. Subfactions need to cost points, and all subfactions that exist right now start at 0 points. This opens the door for adjustment through the regular pitched battle profile updates rather than through erratas. If a particular faction is overperforming (eg. Hagg-Nar, Petrifex Elite, Hermdar, etc.) then instead of errata buried in documents on the website they can be hit with a small point nerf which is easily understood and accessible to the general public since everyone gets the latest points from the GHB.
  3. I think the game is too fast and we should slow things down. Maybe it's just my experience, but you can predict who will win by the initiative dice roll for round 2 in >99% of games. I would like to get back to a point where turn 1 charges are not the normal, you actually play out all 5 rounds of a typical match, and maybe even have some models left over at the end. Furthermore, I think that there is too much overlap in what armies can do. You don't ask your opponent "can your army deep strike/teleport?" you ask "how does your army deep strike/teleport?". Similarly, actions outside of their normal phases are too common. These special effects should be rare and army defining features, but they have become the norm and the few armies without them are left to suffer. Too many armies have reserves and/or teleport. We need to tone down mobility, change some reserves/teleports to movement bonuses. Too many armies can do actions outside of phases. Extra shooting, extra combat, extra movement - these are incredibly powerful force multipliers and should be rare, but they are instead commonplace. Combat phase arms race needs to be dialed back. Fighting first (or making enemies fight last) and fighting twice are too prevalent, too easy to use, and too powerful. Horde units are too easy to use. I think you shouldnt be able to easily fit so many models into a combat. There should be more risk to using large blocks than there is right now. Maybe the solution is to add more terrain to battlefields, like they did in 40k 9th ed. The game is too lethal - combat doesn’t last more than a single round because everything does too much damage and is too accurate. It used to be that elite units were on 3+/3+ with rend, but now that is the baseline and most units are even more accurate than that. The game is starting to require too many models after years of point cost reductions. Wipe the slate clean and increase point costs across the board. Too many mortal wounds. Across the board I would reduce all sources of mortal wounds from D3 to 1, and change some D6 to D3. Battleshock needs a revamp. Too many armies can either ignore it outright or take minimal effect, and it's usually the armies that ought to be punished by it the most with immunities.
  4. I agree. I don't mind DOK having good durability but it's not being expressed properly in terms of rules; stacking save bonuses just isn't the right way to display their agility and faith-based shielding.
  5. I'm not too concerned with whether DOK should be an elite army or use huge blocks of infantry. I'm far more concerned that an army of naked knife psychos is so durable. That doesn't make any sense to me both in terms of aesthetics and gameplay. They really messed up when writing the rules for DOK.
  6. Block charges with cheap screens (Aetherwings and Liberators work well) then counterattack with your strong combat and shooting units.
  7. Change inspiring presence to reduce your battleshock roll to 0 instead of giving you an automatic pass. The test still happens, modifiers still apply.
  8. You are misunderstanding how movement works in this game. You can't end a move within 3" of an enemy model during the movement phase. If you make a move in any other phase that rule is not relevant.
  9. Is that a raven or a crow? I wonder if this has anything to do with Lethis? They are also called the Raven City and Forbidden Power goes into some detail about how they worship a death god that uses raven symbolism.
  10. Surely it must be Hearthguard Berzerkers
  11. You dont always jump into melee, but if you are ignoring their powerful melee attacks you're not getting the most out of sal/raz. Those Rend-2 2/D3 attacks are brutal, especially on Salamanders because they can activate It Burns in melee. Also worth noting that if you're playing Coalesced then Salamanders get an extra attack in melee (it is a Jaws attack), and if you're playing Thunderquake Templehost you can give them another attack in melee.
  12. If your army isn't very strong then it's a good time to work through your backlog of models you would never use in a matched play game
  13. I guess if you just ignore their charge phase shooting, Rend within 6", and combat phase then Salamanders are much better.... though I'm not sure why you would do something that silly It's also much easier for them to hit targets behind screens with their 18" range, even if it means you lose out on Rend-1
  14. Razordons and Salamanders were pretty close when they were both 80pt. With Salamanders going up to 110 it will be easy to swap to Razordons and keep Salamanders in the summoning pool.
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