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  1. Idoneth will get endless spells right after Stormcast get some faction terrain
  2. Battle-scarred Veteran is a command trait, so it will not effect any mount attacks. Mounts cannot benefit from command traits or artefacts. They can benefit from everything else (unless otherwise noted).
  3. There are 4 matched play battleplans and 4 narrative battleplans in Forbidden Power
  4. Yes, but not on the same unit (unless it has some ability to fight more than once) Yes, it says "at the start of the combat phase" not "at the start of your combat phase".
  5. When I play Anvilstrike, or any list with any reliance on shooting like Thunderquake or Lofnir, the priority is to always be winning the ranged war because that's how you win the 5 round objective game. You need to make sure your shooting is unmolested while their shooting is disrupted. You can do this either by superior positioning, like keeping key units out of sight/range of their shooting, heavily reducing effectiveness by debuffing, or by prioritizing killing their shooting units without risking the loss of your own. Longstrike vs Jezzail the advantage goes to Longstrikes because you can either deploy them out of range or off the table, then teleport/drop where you need to be in order to shoot the Jezzails. Lists with 9x Jezzails typically lack the bodies to completely zone you out of shooting range. If their positioning is exceptional and you can't kill the Jezzails then make sure you charge into them to tie down their shooting for at least a round (Aetherwings are great for this since they have a 12" fly move and a small footprint). Shooting vs Shooting is a very difficult matchup and Stormcast have a tremendous advantage over other armies because of our unique positioning tools.
  6. Plague Monks are a slow melee unit with paper thin defenses. Don't let them get the charge on any unit that matters and you'll be fine. Try not to engage them with melee weapons since you'll take a bunch of mortal wounds back (evocator lightning blast avoids this ability since it's not a melee weapon). Avoid killing them in melee altogether if they have Death Frenzy - it's worth using a dispel scroll on Frenzy if you plan on engaging them in melee. You can't bring more than 4 WLC at 2000pt so I'm not sure how that is a problem. Do you mean 9x Jezzails?
  7. Have you guys tried the battleplans in Forbidden Power? They are really cool, it's a shame they didn't see reprint in GHB2019.
  8. In my experience it's not even worth casting since it can be negated by simply moving >6" away from the model before shooting, and there's a chance they can come back to harm you. If you want to stop shooting you should run stuff like Tempestors (12" -1 hit aura, harder to remove), Fulminators (+1 save against shooting), and Geminids (-1 hit debuff that sticks). Also worth mentioning that hit debuffs do nothing against WLC and Thundertusks, don't do enough to stop Longstrikes since they hit on 2+ and get mortal wounds on unmodified 6, but they are great against Jezzails, Skyfires (kinda), Auric Hearthguard, Dracoths, Shootas, and Ballistae.
  9. Seems like my local meta has finally started to shift towards shooting... The 32 player event this weekend has 3 Anvilstrike lists, some ballista drop lists, 3 Skaven lists with 9x WLC, only 3 FEC (2 of which have zero monsters), and only 1 Slaanesh.
  10. I think we are very likely going to have the next part of Soul Wars revealed
  11. I would be surprised to hear a tournament using any battleplan printed before 2019... but especially those from 2016, that's really weird. My top 12 would have to be the 12 battleplans from 2019.
  12. I think if you are running Desolators + Drakesworn you want to take advantage of the +1 to cast, so bringing along some more wizards and some endless spells would be a good idea. Longstrikes are really only worth using with Anvils stormhost and only in squads of 9+. You are better off spending 330 on Ballistas instead (and cutting the Aetherwings) especially if you are playing Astral Templars. 6x Desolator + 9x Longstrike in an Anvils list is a great combo, but it's expensive and you need different support heroes (like a Castellant) so you don't have any room left for a Drakesworn.
  13. PJetski

    Vanguard Hunters

    No, they have to use Scions of the Storm which requires Stormcast allegiance.
  14. Nah it'll be a 2nd warband from Aqshy because that's the only realm that really matters to GW
  15. Sure, it's something like this: 120 Runemaster - General, Prayer: Prayer of Ash240 M-Runeson - Smoldering Helm, Mount: Coal-heart Ancient260 M-Runesmiter - Lofnir artefact, Prayer: Molten Infusion, Mount: Ash-horn Ancient120 Runesmiter - Prayer: Searing Heat140 Battlesmith240 10x Auric240 10x Auric120 5x Auric160 Forge Brethren40 Fyrewall 60 Flamespitter 1740/2000 The idea is to stack tons of save bonuses on the Runeson with Smoldering Helm to make him unkillable and do tons of reflected mortal wounds. The Magmadroths and Fyrewall block melee while the Flamespitter and Aurics shoot everything down. The command ability from Lofnir make the Aurics very accurate shooting units. Then you can either add another Runeson on Magmadroth (to block more space and reroll hits with both Runesons) or more Auric Hearthguard, or branch off into some other options like a Knight-Incantor to help deal with spells.
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