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  1. Anvils 20 Judicators 5 Judicators 5 Judicators 3 Longstrikes 3 Longstrikes Relictor Incantor Azyros 12 units of Aetherwings 1980
  2. 20 Judicators is only 560 points now. I wonder if a 2x20 Jud Anvils list has some potential
  3. Since there are no nerfs to OBR (in fact they were buffed) I can only assume they will be changing the Petrifex save bonus. I am going to guess it will be "reroll save rolls of 1" instead of "+1 to save rolls".
  4. If you use Anvils you have enough CP to make all 3 units of Longstrikes shoot twice in the first turn. Thats potentially 36 shots in a single round, which would take a normal 1x9 anvils list two rounds. Very interesting.
  5. Point leaks are out. It's very close to what I was hoping for... almost every unit is cheaper.
  6. Despite the news that Liberators will be cheaper, Im still ready to be disappointed by Stormcast in GHB 2020
  7. Realm artefacts from Malign Sorcery are being phased out with GHB 2020, which is another big blow to Stormcast since we leaned on those artefacts.
  8. I think Kroak is fine at 320. He's a named character 4 spell wizard with effectively 14 wounds... that's good but not out of line with a lot of other creatures at that point level. He seems to be fine in a Seraphon army and as an ally unit without the support pieces (Seraphon allegiance, spell lores, astrolith bearer, balewind vortex, saurus guard, vassal casting) his power is drastically reduced. Only Stormcast armies can use him as an ally so the extra command points are very limited value. If anything regular Slann and Troglodon are overcosted and should probably go down to 200-220.
  9. The best units in a Stormcast army right now are Salamanders and Lord Kroak. I don't think they can do much to fix it with points, because they would have to slash almost everything down by 20% to make this army competitive. The knockdown effect of that is Stormcast bringing a lot more bodies to the table... which doesn't seem to fit with the idea of what this army ought to be doing. The main issues I see are threefold 1. The allegiance abilities suck! The artefacts are junk, the spell lore is underwhelming, all the subfactions are just terrible. Anvils is the only good one, and it has been power crept hard. 2. The warscrolls are out of date. An elite army shouldn't have basic troops with a 4+ save and no rend on their attacks, and general type heroes with only 5 wounds. Even the newer units are underwhelming - Wizards with no casting bonuses, overpriced battleline and the worst shooting unit in the game (Castigators). The battalions are all trash, too. 3. Too many overpriced heroes that don't do much. There is very little synergy between units, and what is there is generally not worthwhile. Even as combat heroes Stormcast are underwhelming - the wizard heroes do more melee damage than the non-wizards! Though I am extremely pessimistic about the state of Stormcast and think they need a new book, I would like to see the following point changes in the meantime: Point changes Strike Chamber Celestant Prime 340 > 280 Castellant 120 > 100 Celestant 100 > 80 Celestant on Dracoth 220 > 180 Relictor 100 > 90 Veritant 120 > 110 Questor 100 > 80 Venator 120 > 100 Vexillor 120 > 100 Liberators 100/520 > 80 Judicators 160 > 140 Prosecutors 90 > 80 Decimators 180 > 150 Retributors 200 > 160 Protectors 180 > 150 Extremis Chamber Drakesworn Templar 420 > 380 Celestant on Stardrake 500 > 420 Concussors 240 > 220 Fulminators 240 > 220 Tempestors 200 > 180 Vanguard Chamber Aquilor 180 > 160 Hunters 110 > 100 Gryph-Hounds 140 > 120 Sacrosanct Chamber Aventis 340 > 300 Arcanum 160 > 140 Arcanum on Tauralon 320 > 260 Arcanum on Dracoline 220 > 200 Arcanum on Gryph-Charger 220 > 200 Exorcist 120 > 100 Ordinator 140 > 120 Sequitors 130/440 > 110 Evocators 220 > 200 Castigators 80 per 3 to 100 per 6 Ballista 110 > 100 Dais Arcanum 30 > 20 Celestian Vortex 40 > 30 Everblaze Comet 100 > 80 Role changes Hunters battleline in Stormcast army Palladors battleline if your general is a Lord-Aquilor Prosecutors battleline in Stormcast army Retributors battleline if your general is a LORD-CELESTANT Tempestors battleline if your general is a STARDRAKE or DRACOTH These are significant changes across the board, but I think it's warranted because so many Stormcast units range from underperforming to downright awful.
  10. 4+d6 max damage per shooting phase at that accuracy and rend for 160 points is not very good
  11. Not all stormcast use straight meteor tails - look at the wings of Prosecutors and you'll see wavy tailed comets.
  12. Everything looks bad compared to Salamanders, they are probably the single best unit in the game so it's not a totally fair comparison at all 😄 You spend 220 points on a Bastiladon to get a very durable monster on a big base and sometimes its laser does something useful. I would always run 1 (and only 1) in Thunder Lizard lists because the double tap is pretty good long range damage, but in any other list the Bastiladon would be there primarily as a mobile wall.
  13. 1. You definitely want a Bound Burning Head to boost shooting lists 2. I think you're going to run out of command points. Allow me to explain: Bastiladon shooting is really only useful if you boost their accuracy with +1 hit & reroll hit1, and then double tap from Thunder Lizard. That's at least 2 command points per shooting phase per bastiladon. With 2 Bastiladons thats 4 CP per turn, which is a big ask. Furthermore, a big weakness of Coalesced Salamanders is their bravery. After losing 7 skink handlers you are guaranteed to lose all your Salamanders, so you want to make sure you keep some command points to use Inspiring Presence. lf you're playing that many Salamanders you need to bank some command points for inspiring presence, which comes to odds with the amount of CP you are using to boost Bastiladons. I think running 1 Bastiladon is fine, but the 2nd one is too much of a CP sink. 3. Personally I think if you want to run a shooting list you should run Fangs of Sotek with big hordes of skinks and teleporting Salamander squads, or Dracothions Tail to deep strike multiple Salamander/Razordon squads into play. Also, summoning more Salamanders and then immediately teleporting them into shooting range is incredible. 4. Your biggest weakness will be lists that can bog you down in combat and/or fight twice. Bastiladons do little damage in melee and the 30 skinks won't last long. Without the ability to just teleport out of combat you will find yourself tied down in long battles you can't afford to fight through, or even risk losing your key Salamanders. 5. Kroak without an Astrolith... not sure that's worth running. 6. You want some kind of large infantry block or fighty hero that can charge to contest objectives on scenarios like Duality of Death.
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