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  1. Ooh ok thanks. Maybe Bless Weapons isnt as useful for units that do MWs on 6s
  2. Not sure if this was discussed and if so I cant sift through all the back pages, buuuut how does Bless Weapons interact with Judicators Celestial Blast(1 MW and attack sequence ends)? Bless Weapons gives 2 hits on a 6 but on a 6 to hit the bow does 1 MW and the attack ends. Does Bless not work on something like that? edit: I guess the same would apply to Vindictors
  3. Yeah some hammers will need to be thrown in there but for the core of the list though im thinking a looooot of redeemers. A nice shield wall with maybe some ranged behind or maybe something with bite to flank and pin something
  4. Anyone going stormkeep and just loading up on battleline? Might be cool to have 3x10 Vindictors back up by a LRelictor and LCastellant. Stab stab for MWs
  5. Better or not I absolutely hate Ardboys. Long live Brutes!
  6. MSU is looking like its the way to go. Plus Evokitties are more efficient on their own compared to a lot of other stuff
  7. I would say I have one of the larger phones. Galaxy Note20 5g Ultra...and the format is messed up unless I flip it horizontally. Slightly annoying.
  8. Well of course. Its in your name. Cant hold someone back from their true nature and all that.
  9. Yep I found it. Dont know what round this is but im going in swinging.
  10. Anyone dreaming up a thundercats list? Or is everyone distracted by those flying lizards?
  11. For Android or that other inferior one? Ill check but im getting tired of uninstalling and reinstalling when it wont even open. My phone even thinks its a threat due to background crashing and eating up battery power
  12. Yeah US shipping is way behind. 15-20 day wait for my pre-order
  13. Welp im done with the app. Too many times have I had to uninstall and reinstall it to get it to work for maybe part of a day.
  14. Oh im not saying the current book is bad or we need a new one. I was just pointing out that after everyone was saying it was designed as a 3.0 book it turns out that it wasnt. It was just a beta test that was thrown out. I dont like how they are stripping the unique command abilities away. I do like the different versions of core battalions though.
  15. Yeah I thought the Soulblight book was sort of a beta test style book for 3.0. Which it could have been given that going forward the other books are formatted very differently. Im not saying we need a new book at all, its fine, but its definitely not a 3.0 book now. As much as I hate getting piecemeal rules from WD that is probably what will happen for stuff like the core battalions.
  16. Same for me and I have the Note 20 big boy
  17. Any guesses when Soulblight get its 3.0 book? Based on the new Warclans and SCE book the Soulblight one was definitely not made with 3.0 in mind.
  18. Im in a holding pattern until the 3.0 book comes out. Based on the Warclans and SCE book a lot will change for the Mawtribes
  19. Same. First time I opened, I signed in, and it ran fine. Next time though I tapped, nothing. Tapped again, again, again, oh it stopped working. Uninstalled, reinstalled, opens fine again....only a matter of time...
  20. App discussion thread needs more app discussion. The old app was much better in all aspects. This new one is copied from the 40k app which barely functions and is riddles with errors that somehow take them way too long to update and fix. This new app also barely works and I have a top of the line new phone. Ive had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to even open again. Now on the other hand I do like that the overall format, look, and ease of use is improved over the 40k version. Still not as good as the old app, but updated and better then the source it was copied from, the 40k app. I get that the app is a rules reference but I liked flipping through and reading the stuff in the digital books on the old app too.
  21. While the all dragons approach is cool those lists wont be able to do anything objective related. And what about meat grinder lists? OBR, 100+ skaven, 100+ zombies, splitting horrors.
  22. As cool as that sounds I would be worried about battleshock taking out half the unit
  23. I would love to go ham on a Brutes heavy list
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