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  1. Great stuff, thanks all! Does it come with a base? Might buy one if it doesn't so I can base it the same as the rest of the army.
  2. Wondering if I can fit this in my display cabinet with the rest of the Gitz, any idea what height, length and width it is?
  3. OK cool, thanks! I don't plan on playing ultra-competively, but I was worried about annoying my future opponents once I get my army ready for battle πŸ˜…
  4. I was thinking of posting a thread about this but will just post these quick questions in here instead: I built my Dankhold Troggoth as a hybrid model with the Troggboss stalagmites back piece and neck and the regular Troggoth's large two handed club, thought I could use it as either a Trogboss or a regular Troggoth and just tell my opponent beforehand - is that OK? Their weapons in the rules looked identical. Also, would it be generally frowned upon to use the Boggleye model as a Madcap Shaman and the Shroomancer model as a Fungoid Cave-Shaman? Cheers!
  5. I love the idea of mercenaries so I look forward to finding out more about this, though I can understand the concerns over the impact on game balance. Hopefully they'll do a decent job of it!
  6. Just received an email about this community survey from Games Workshop, here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SH89F3Y
  7. Great stuff, lots to get listening to there, cheers!
  8. OK so it's not just me then! Cheers for the responses πŸ‘
  9. Got any Age of Sigmar podcast recommendations? Looking for something to listen to while I glue my new models 😊 Many thanks!
  10. Hi all, are the FAQs and Errata on the Age of Sigmar app up to date for anyone else? For some reason the app on my phone isn't showing the same FAQs and Errata documents that are available on the Warhammer Community website, so I was wondering if it's a glitch or are these documents just not placed on the app anymore? Thanks!
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