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    I have done some detective work using the power of computerized technology! As we can see there are blurry shapes. Now, if we enhance.. Oh yes! A clear shape of some snake-like creature, perhaps a centipede, or some kind of.. Wait! No! Get out of here! Wrong book! Wrong book!
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    The newest release teaser has perked my interest again so I’ve opted to build toward Gloomspite with my partner. She has started off simple with a colossal squig to paint up whilst in chipping away at converting my own tribe of Morks Toofy Gitz. Led by the Smilin Tyrant they originate from fungal marshland. in the process of repainting my Gobba and have converted a counts as Loonboss on Giant Squig along with my Arachnarok. All bases are WIP with miliput adding depth before I apply dirt and then paint the marshland
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    I’m so ready for a little waaagh! it has begun. Grovelsnot hasn’t mustered his horde in almost a decade but the time has come. (Holding off on basing till I’m 100% sure he says on 25mm)
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    Well since this was revealed I've been looking at spider options (since we probably aren't getting a new spider kit) and honestly I think the old one can work if people are willing to put the effort in as I found this on google. It seems with a hobby knife, careful clipping & some greenstuff the current models can look quite good. Pair them with the new riders for the Squig Knights and I think we have some really cool options to play with.
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    So, i was poking around on the community site, hoping for a new post and I noticed the filenames of the big holiday image that now has a goblin... https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/vtrhevGloomspike_snowy_banner_DAY-03-.jpg https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/nrfDAY-03_-OUT-.mp4 so a couple of things. 1. it is a daily thing and we are day 3. 2. gloomspike. What significance does that have? Googling, i found this reference: https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/warhammer-fantasy-a-dynasty-of-dynamic-alcoholism.13745/page-2588 " the deadly Blackvenom forest goblin tribe has been seen riding their horrifying giant spiders south, while still further east the Gloomspike forest goblins of the Forest of Gloom have been doing the same " but really not much at all. is the term gloomspike really related to Spiderfang? Anyone else have anything?
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    Honestly...call me heretic, but I haven`t played a single game with points yet. I actually believe it is a step back, as the basic ruleset (which still applies, GHB is an add-on!) forces players to interact with each other and to actively work towards a good gaming experience for the participants. Did the game have problems in the beginning? I would say no. What most people spotted, was a big portion of bitterness from disappointed folks. As sorry as I was for them, I do understand, that these folks are simply the most vocal ones on the net, reprising their point of view permanently in all kind of forums and constantly brag about the same stuff. But this hardly means the game had problems. Two of my near-by retailers sold more Warhammer miniatures than they have sold in the last five(!) years before that. The game was dying. The majority of people I know and play with, did not have a problem with the lack of points. People who are satisfied simply do not tend to constantly repeat that. They just enjoy.
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    I'm so happy to see my precious spiders included into this book! So glad I hold on to them. Now to finnish off their bases.
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    Well after several pretty good efforts they've finally managed to take faction dice to new un-thought of levels of form over function.
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    It’s actually grown a bit but this is the last muster of my Nurgle army, it’s just ticked past 7000 and I believe there’s a few Nurgley goodies under the chrimbo tree as well. I don’t think i’ll ever stop adding to the army, it’s always fun and a forgiving hobby project... if I make a mistake I can just blob on some Nurgle’s rot.
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    Interestingly, BL has started asking us to cut down on narrators (or leave them out entirely), when it comes to the audio dramas. I don't know why, but I suspect that they want to make them more like radio plays. Makes for an interesting challenge to write, though. You never realise how much you relied on a narrator to deliver exposition until you can't lean on that particular crutch anymore. Also, glad you enjoyed it!
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    As a player who was new to miniature gaming (AoS was my first ever experience), I can tell you that the rules as they existed on release were actually a big draw for me. I can’t speak for anybody else, but at the very least the idea of the release being universally poorly planned is not a fact.
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    Just found this, its from ancient Warhammer: Age of Reckoning concept art.
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    Well, actually I'm close to 8000 models at the moment. This is how it looks like: My largest army are my Bretonnians (which you can imagine from my nickname). They are about 30k points. I took this picture 5 years ago.
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    They uploaded more pics! Maybe because of the leaks?
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    I heard there is a scenery piece which is a ruin covered in mushrooms, althe Loon King who is a named character, some new squig riders, a big mangler squig, some fungoid trolls and some new fanatics. I reckon the three eyed guy has to be a model as well, but that's a total guess. We will see tomorrow I hope.
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    There are too many legit rumours in this thread. Like 90% of this thread isn't even speculation it it's just rumours. Can we get a new thread for actual rumours so we can keep it clear here for people who just want speculation? Ahem... I have no idea what forge world are doing about AoS but I'd like to speculate we see some releases from them next year.
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    Thanks guys! Another one painted ( excpet the metal part, i completely forgot to finish them 🤐) The face had some problems because i tried the warpaint more than once but i was never satisfied, in the end i left this spartan/rough warpaint style, i like it but it's not as i wished.
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    Gotta love that voice acting... My wallet spoke to me once...It said it's empty🤣
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    Also did a quick Lord of Plagues, which is a really cool model. Here is the next group shot I took:
  23. 12 points
    I don't think I'm overreaching or talking out of turn when I say that literally everyone I know in the entire world loves grots and are clamoring for multiple grot battletomes!
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    I think one thing to bear in mind is that the only people who truly know the reasons for what was done aren't going to make it fully public - just odd snippets. Regardless of how "rocky" it was, AoS suddenly opened up being the fantasy side of things to the masses. Gone were the days of needing to spend months worth of wages just to purchase an army. Finally there was an accessible game that you could play without having to sell a liver without a set of rules that resembled a encyclopedia*. It's also allowed us to build a much more friendly community around the new game. My own experience of WHFB** was that it was very elitist, it was expected that you'd be running certain lists with certain models and wanted to play tournaments - something that very much put me off getting an army built. I've not experienced that within AoS, despite matched play getting "more screentime", there are still loads of people playing much more casual games. I can't speak for other people, but I genuinely feel immersed in AoS's overall atmosphere. * the paper version of wikipedia for younger folk ** your own mileage may vary
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    My gaming room is done. All miniatures moved in there. There is even a little space left for more...