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    Am I the only one who thinks that some days this thread is a lot similar to the movie: Groundshog day? The tread goes: GW: Next hype train will be leaving in a few days. us: “whoo who this will be totally awesome! It’s guarranteed to be _________, I’ve felt it in my soul for months and even my fortune cookie told me that ______ will get a new updated________”. AFTER THE EVENT Us: “I am so dissapointed I feel like selling my 1000000pt army just to stick it to GW. GW hates me and they will never update my army just to anoy me”. Also Us: “Now there calm down sonnyboy. Back when I was a wee lad they only realeased a single new mini on the first morming of christmas every year. You kids don’t know how to appreciate what you have”. Us again: “please everyone this thread is about rumors! Not wishes, wants or tips on how to feed your cat”. Us also: “But there are no rumors and hoping for tinkerbell to update my army is also kind of a rumor.. kinda..”. Then some would be funny guy writes something like this and gets a time out by the moderators. GW: uh everyone next hype train will arriwe in a few weeks. Us: woooohooo THIS will be totally aweso....
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    sheesh... Mini Campaign comes out (MP) with months of free online stories around Death. The narrative of the core game focuses on death. Two new battletomes come out. One with a fully fleshed out new army. The main setting side game features more death narrative. How much more focus can there be? Do you folks already own every bit of AoS 2 and have it all painted up ready to play? Played through all the battle plans? Read all the tales? Sitting on your hands already waiting for more? Have all the FEC And Deathrattle models painted as well? No wonder GW closed their forums long ago...
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    Suspicious goats indeed! I'm currently on holiday in France, and yesterday evening my Labrador and I were confronted by and then chased for roughly half a mile by this hideous thing (maybe the size of a large cat), displaying at least 2/5 of the signs of seditious behaviour mentioned above and violently bleeting at us in (what I can only assume to have been) the dark tongue: Beastmen are definitely coming! 😟🐐
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    Morning all, Like the proverbial Phoenix, it's time for this thread to rise! As previously suggested, I have decided to revisit this army for AoS 2 with some new additions. Unfortunately the new allies rules within the game weigh heavily on this highly limited minor allegiance, so instead of stressing out and trying to find the "best" list, I thought I'd stick to the theme and hopefully keep the aesthetical value high. With the reduction to Phoenix Guard and me not being able to use all the allies I painted for the campaign, I had a LOT of points to fill when writing a 2,000pt army in AoS2....unfortunately, without painting more Phoenix Guard (which I fancied a break from, truth be told!) it turned out to be really hard to actually fill those points. In the end, I realised that I could use Endless Spells to help close the deficit. I instantly knew I wanted to use the Everblaze Comet as 1) it looks awesome, plus thematically is cool and b) it seemed pretty awesome in game! I then had to do a bit of researched into whether this would count as an allied unit, both in terms of numbers and also points. In the end I established it counts for neither. Whilst it has to be cast by Stormcast Eternals wizard, it is not a Stormcast unit or anything like that. You could put it in an Ironjawz army if you wanted...you'd just never be able to cast it haha! This made me feel kinda smug as it almost allows me to break the allies system which has plagued my armies since AoS 2 was revealed! I mulled over taking a Knight Incantor and 5 Evocators to accompany the Comet, only the Incantor would be able to cast it but it would still be a strong choice. As per above though, in the end I opted for aesthetical value and decided upon Aventis Firestrike, Magister of Hammerhal. It's a stunning model, but personally I wasn't keen on the head and decided to convert him to more suitably fit into my army. This was not an easy process and ended up being one of the longest and more in-depth conversions I've ever undertaken. I won't post any work in progress photos here, but if you visit the media section of my Twitter page (@the_black_sun) you can see some of my earlier attempts - I think I ordered just about every feathered head in the AoS range, cut them up and mocked them up with the Tauralon body. Some were cool, some were plain awful, but none were right...though I was close at one time (after cutting off the arms) to making the Tauralon much more avian (basically a chocobo). After putting the model to one side, not content with my work so far, I began assembling the Stormcast section of my Soul Wars box. It was at that point I realised that the Gryph Charger was basically the same size and pose as the Tauralon, sans wings or tail. So without much further thought I butchered the poor Gryph Charger for his head and arms. I instantly knew this was the correct choice....however the parts were not a perfect fit, so greenstuffing was required. I consider myself a good hobbyist, but really struggle with greenstuff and am constantly amazed at what some people can do with it. Anyway, I won't get into further detail, suffice to say I finally finished the model and undercoated it....only to find that my greenstuffing was as bad as I feared. I had to scrape a few bits off and start over. Again, this is all documented on Twitter. In the end I was able to basically extend the breastplate armour to form more of a collar which covered the neck join. I was able to get this nice and smooth and it basically fixed the thing. Phew...sorry, rambled on a bit more there. To be honest though, I don't really need to comment on the painting side of things at all. As with Lotann and the other non Phoenix Temple models I have painted in this scheme, everything is all pretty much predetermined as I have set rules in place for what colours go where in this army now. I was able to successfully (I think) port the Phoenix scheme onto the Tauralon and with the addition of the pattern on the forelimbs I think he came out pretty sweet. I may extend this patterning in the future, but kinda like the subtlety of it at present. Also, one of the coolest parts of the Tauralon kit is probably the basing stuff...unfortunately due to pre-established rules of this army, that wasn't going to fit so I went with my usual LotR ruins. Thankfully @Bueno was after the basing, so I was able to recuperate some of the models cost as well as ensuring we get to see those cool pieces used by someone else. Finally, I added the Everblaze Comet. Whilst seemingly at odds with the rest of my army (fire over snow), I think I have managed to introduce the odd flame here and there as almost a kind of spot "colour", so I think it works well. I added some of the basing pavement stuff to the base so it kept in fitting with the rest of the army and used the same colours for the flames. I was really happy with how this turned out actually and it was a lot of fun to paint. Got me pumped for more Endless Spells. I took the army to army to the Element Games Grand Slam this weekend and had a great time. Got 4 major wins in my first 4 games but fell short at the final hurdle so ended up in 6th place (52 players). I won Best Order player and also got 2nd Best Army, losing out (narrowly I believe) to @Percivael's stunning Nurgle army (which got my vote). Not bad all in all. But yeah, you don't care about any of that, you came here for the pics! Hopefully they are worth scrolling through all the above for!! With the conversion and change in paintjob, I felt my version of Aventis needed a slight rename, so here is Aventis Frost-strike, Grand Astrologian of Coerthas and Aide to Prince Xarca; Cheers for looking, Chris x
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    Honestly I can't see the cause for any negativity here. Brayherd players just got the following: Full access to all the units they lost during AoS 1 like Warherds, dragon ogors etc. Their own endless spells A new herdstone and possibly other new minis A revamp of items and allegiance abilities Access to the full range of Tzaangors from the Tzeentch book A strong chance of getting marks, giving them access to a range of really useful allies. Their range back in stores No longer having to buy a separate pack of round bases which added 4-6€ to the price of each unit.
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    Cmon guys, think labyrinth and dark crystal and many other Henson creations of the vein, this embodies that whimsy and AoSifies it. I think it’s great! A nice break from the grim nighthaunt!
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    The Protectors of the Candle "We protect the light in the darkness." — motto of the Protectors of the Candle. Like any other major city of Order, Port Stellis is governed by a Conclave composed of representatives of the various factions, guilds and corporations of the city: the aelf corsairs, the miners' syndicate, the knights of the Order Serpentis, the astromancy guild, etc. Each of these groups seeks above all to protect and develop their own interests. As a result, there are often rivalries and tensions between them. However, there are two factions that do not participate in this game of political influence because they exist primarily to fulfill a duty: the Stellar Champions and the Protectors of the Candle. The first are stormcast eternals stationed in a fortress on the edge of the city and they live to accomplish the mission that the God King has given them. They are not involved in Port Stellis' internal affairs and will only intervene in cases of war or chaotic corruption. The latter are none other than the city watch who ensures security inside Port Stellis. They are men and women who have chosen to enlist, wear uniforms, enforce laws and maintain public order. While it should be prestigious role, it is rather an ungrateful and dangerous job. Soldiers with several years of service are generally considered particularly tough and stubborn. The budget allocated to the city watch is very limited, so the hierarchy is forced to be cheeseparing over every expenses. For example, the uniforms are all the same size, each soldier having to sew it up if necessary. In addition, the city watch is lacking men, especially for a city the size of Port Stellis, which makes the work considerably more difficult. And as if that wasn't enough, the soldiers' pay is rather poor... Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Port Stellis must admit that without the Protectors of the Candle, the city would quickly fall into anarchy. Isilde Brumehaut "We're not giving up ground! Hold your positions! And remember: we protect the light in the darkness! Let's show them what we've got! For Port Stellis! For Sigmar!" — Isilde Brumehaut The Commander of the Candle is Isilde Brumehaut, an upright soldier descended from a noble lineage of azyrite origin. Not only does she command her soldiers and supervise the security of the city, but she also serves as a member of the Conclave. While she never falters in her task and never loses her seriousness, the days spent arguing in endless debates in the Conclave and mediating conflicts between guilds make her regret not being on the field as a normal soldier any more. Her desk is invaded by staggering piles of administrative paperwork that seems to renew themselves every day and her drawer is filled with migraine medication... But sometimes, when the city is in danger, she can gladly abandon her administrative duties and lead her soldiers into the action along with the champions of Sigmar.
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    Hi everyone, Recently had a flurry of activity, and I've finished off a scratch built chaos temple based around Tesco Halloween skulls from last October, plus finally began to go back and document my ongoing gamesmastered narrative campaign from the start. Here's a few pictures, as with my last big terrain project I'll do an article on construction in the next few days (check out HERE if you're interested) 😀 Mark (IG: @hippy_hammer)
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    Nope, it is not a coincidence. While all of the rumors and leaks for the last year have pointed to grots, this is the first obvious Aelf image leak. This is most undoubtedly from the new celestial elves that have been hinted at in the background. It’s a shame too as I am a bit tired of Aelf releases and I was hoping to see something different...
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    Here we go.... first of many! For the comment above, yes all underworld stuff is ETB, but not all moonclan stuff coming will be ETB Also here’s a bone for some... see how similar the spore stuff is on the club to the rumour engine pic....Similar but not the same!
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    The only advice I could give would be to play in a more relaxed environment, without players having obvious WAAC lists. Maybe a Path to Glory campaign, or an escalation league?
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    Narrative play is an excellent way to make the hobby fun - giving both players a chance to care about the outcome of a battle without it being solely about winning or losing. (Don't get me wrong - competitive games are great, but they're not the only way that the hobby is enjoyable. If I just wanted to pit my wits against someone and win or lose, I'd play chess). However the game still needs to have an unpredictable element, in order to maintain the narrative suspense. For example, I recently set up a scenario for a campaign I'm running in my local group where a Khorne army was trying to breach a fortified gate in order to enter the campaign and realm of play. We wrote some rules whereby the Khorne armies couldn't climb the walls of the gatehouse until they'd taken a certain number of casualties (i.e. they had to literally climb the piles of bodies to reach the top, which seemed suitably in character). However, the Khorne army had unlimited waves of models - the defenders were just trying to buy enough time to seal the gate. Similarly, some of the doors in the fortress were deemed wide enough only to admit one model at a time - leading to some more balanced combats between chaos champions and phalanxes of defenders. My opponent also limited his list picks to units he felt were appropriate to the narrative, and sent models into battle in an order that was more characterful than good for tactics. After an epic battle, the game literally came down to the last dice roll - if a 5+ save came up, the gate was held. If it failed, the defences had fallen. It came up. I've never seen two people care as much about the result of a save roll - and, better still, it wasn't a positive or negative result. Instead, it reshaped completely the plans we had for future battles: instead of Chaos pouring into the realm (as we'd both expected!) we had to decide if the Khorne player would take up a new army - or if the defenders would pursue the defeated Khorne forces into the realm from which they'd come. It is a challenge to mess too much with the carefully tested lists/scenarios in the GHB in order to create games that fit your narrative but still produced balanced, or at least unpredictable, results. In addition, it's hard to rely on players in tournaments to bring a list that fits the theme rather than be competitive - it only takes one player to break ranks and disrupt the game. Hence it may be the best option for all players to bring competitive lists as that way you can be 100% sure it's balanced, and then fit the narrative around them. The tournaments that have non-standard lists work hard to make their rules support this type of gaming - I'm particularly looking forward to RAW18 and Fate of Sigmar.
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    It's remarkable how similar these two look.
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    The longer the wait between Waaaghs! the bigger it will be when it finally gets here.
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    Interesting URL... (Found on Reddit)
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    Looks like brayherds are next MOD Edit: Know it's a bit late, but TGA has a no leaked pictures policy
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    You have not really looked at what GW has done with Goblins throughout the entire tenure of Warhammer Fantasy have you? Childrens Cartoons have firmly been the domain for Goblins as far as I can remember. Personally, that is what I love about them. Not every army is going to appeal to everyone. There are lots of armies in Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar that I love and plenty that I don't. However, even when it comes to armies that don't visually or thematically appeal to me I do appreciate that GW tries to satisfy a broad range of tastes with their game. I appreciate that the game has armies for those who are more serious and armies that appeal to those who like the more goofy stuff. I have been worried that when GW gets around to doing Grots for Age of Sigmar that they would lose their heavy comic cartoonyness. As someone who has collected all things goblin (along with other armies) since the mid-90s I really want to see them retain their core sillyness but transfer into Age of Sigmar. Ironjawz are a more serious take on orcs and an evolution of the serious & highly-martial theme of Black Orcs from Warhammer Fantasy and I appreciated how GW handled that. In the end, I think we should simply be glad that GW is catering to a lot of different tastes while accepting that something is bound to not appeal to everyone.
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    The Pallid Legions of Slaanesh The Pallid Legion travelled to the Realm of Light when seeking out Slaanesh, but the realm's magic was too strong for them and the searing rays of the realm caused the eyes of the entire legion to burst and for the colour to drain from their skin. Deprived of one of their senses, they went mad and began to seek sensation in the extremes of every other sense - no matter the cost. Now they hunt for their sensation the Realm of Light, though no matter how much they experience, it is never enough. The legion is lead by the Exalted Greater Daemon Lilith, who sought to overthrow Slaanesh by tricking the blind legion into thinking that she was their god, but was blinded by the Dark Prince as a cruel and ironic punushment. She is a shadow of her former self and, without her eyesight, she is bound to the band of stumbling miscreants that she leads. The Faceless Prince is the Lieutenant of the Pallid Legion. Once he was a proud leader lead his daemonettes into battle, now he is a insane shadow of his former self. With his eyesight gone, it became a literal case of the blind leading the blind, and so he leads his legion to whatever direction he likes most at the time. Below hopefully illustrates the theme I was going for
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    I think one of the reasons Slaanesh has mysteriously disappeared over the past few years in both systems is to give GW the chance to work out how to do an aesthetic which isnt based on ****** and pincers. Cant say that word apparently. How about mammaries? You up on that one word filter? Haha I got past you.
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    I'm not surprised by the overhype. How to write an article for warhammer community: - "We have some *major* reveals coming soon" (ie some things are coming at some point) - "The box is absolutely *packed* with content" (ie we added some doice and rulerz to the box) - "The unit just received a *massive* point drop so that you can fit it *very comfortably* in your list" (ie minus a few points) - "This rework is *absolutely insane*, we are so *thrilled* by it" (ie minor upgrade, borderline nerf) Etc. It kind of reads like a Robert E. Howard novel
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    Gargoyles (alias the vargheists)done!
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    Yeah I hate when people do that. Everyone knows Slaanesh is Drugs and Sex AND Rock n Roll
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    My color scheme for Deepkins What do you think?
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