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  1. 18 points
    I finished the Shadows over Hammerhal heroes!
  2. 17 points
    It's absolutely not inevitable. Many businesses are approaching this situation in the opposite way; they see that consumers have less to spend and are trying to increase value and/or decrease prices in order to drum up more business.
  3. 17 points
    One of the reasons I have been so optimistic about seeing a mounted Lord option within the Lmineth release is that I have been planning/working on a conversion idea based around a mounted character since Teclis was revealed in January. At the time it seemed inconceivable that there would not be some mounted Hero alongside the reimagined High Elves for Age of Sigmar. Since that is looking unlikely, I'm left a bit forlorn and so will have to look at available allies to represent this model in game. That said I've put too much work into the creation to simply abandon it, so I've decided to share it here instead. One of my favorite aspects of the Warhammer hobby, is taking snippets of lore and background and then crafting unique personal characters which fill that niche while still connecting with the broader design language of the faction. Creating things that both "fin in" and "stand out" all at once. With that in mind, This was my take on creating a elemental spirit which would eventually serve as a mount for a prince character. The initial design was meant to play with the Asian inspired design language of the Lumineth and to be representative of a Quilin or Kirin, a Dragon Horse in east asian mythology. Instead of the more traditional deer-like head of the Japanese Kirin, or the Dragon-like head of the Chinese Quilin, I chose to emulate the masks seen on Celennar the Moon Spirit and the Alarith Mountain Spirit. To further tie it in with the Lumineth, I've given it both Moon, and Phoenix earrings to show that it is balanced between Teclian and Tyrionic side of Lumineth Culture. There is still a great deal of work to do, around the head, the mane directly behind the mask needs to be sculpted, and of course I still need to figure out what to use him as. Additionally, the rider is a placeholder for the moment, but I feel it is in a state that is worth sharing.
  4. 16 points
    Sharkpunk is a great anthology. I really recommend it. It was edited by BL alumni Jonathan Green and has some great stories. And the decision to part ways with BL was mutual, with no hard feelings on my part. We simply reached a natural point of divergence in our working relationship. They wanted me to go one way, and I wanted to go another, so I went and they wished me all the best.
  5. 16 points
    Stress relief in trying times.
  6. 15 points
    Not a Rumour but i'm loving AOS: Soulbound, can't wait for further expansions
  7. 15 points
    Finished painting the Rat Ogors!
  8. 14 points
    The Loonshrine at least!! I can’t even frame properly this monstruosity!
  9. 13 points
    My mind went towards wanderers as well but looking at it again, I think this definitely is a vampire. There's the drops of blood alright and I'd make a connection between those two protrusions on the blade, which have some similarities to old undead models (and current Mephiston) but the real giveaway is the combination of a curvy handguard with a straight quillons. That is characteristic of most modern GW vampire sculpts with swords. See below. New Soulblight, who up.
  10. 13 points
    Guys, I cannot believe that nobody noticed that they teased a new unit today, right under our noses!
  11. 13 points
    Must not touch Katakros until the horsies are done now!
  12. 13 points
    My painting level is nowhere near that of others that we've seen over here, but I'm nonetheless happy to announce progress on my Fyreslayers! I managed to complete the 10 vulkite berzerkers that I pledged at the beginning of the month, albeit only up to a battle-ready level and admittedly cutting some corners with contrast paints. I also readied the base for the Magmadroth. Next up, completing the Magmadroth and its rider... Also, I'll someday learn how to take pictures of my stuff. But today is not that day...
  13. 13 points
    Powercreep is what intractable players call the thing that makes them have to learn new tactics, adjust to new threats, and overall become better players when all they really want to do is field their same tired old units and expect to win 90% of their games. 🙄
  14. 13 points
    I had planned to paint a 2k tzeentch force before the lumineth were released but work wasn't as quiet as I thought so I've only managed 15 acolytes and a gaunt summoner. Once the elves are released they won't be getting finished for a long time 🐄
  15. 13 points
    New home with a new office for work and hobby stuff and plenty of isolation time really put some drive into my gloomspite gitz project. After posting my finished Loonshrine a week or so ago heres my loonboss on giant cave squig
  16. 12 points
    Hello everybody!! One thing I love about AoS are all the warbands from Underworld and Warcry. They add lots of variety to this universe and usually the sculpts are great! I made this topic in order to share with you my warbands as soon as I finish them! here is my Skaeth's Wild Hunt! Let me know what you think!
  17. 12 points
    Hi all. I've been able to complete my pledge successfully, to my relief 😅 Further more, It's the first time I have added some rust effects on some metals (subtle, still) and I've been improving my gradient skills, with (i think) good results on reds, nice results on greens, and mixed results on blue. I don't do heavy gradients yet, tho. Still improving. Now the photos. I've liked a lot painting the thorns, as i have already painted 20 chainrasps, I got the trick of it. Added rust effects to the blades, and nice gradients on the reddish parts: With that practice, I went on to further work on the reddish gradients on the tomb banshee. Also, first time using Green Fluorescent paint (Vallejo) for some effects on the eyes. I'm quite happy with the outcome: Enough red. Next, for a total change of theme, I painted the Knight Questor, giving him extra care. First time adding some freehand details. I'm very happy with all of it. But, yeah, I've given this guy around 8 hours of my life.... And last but not least, I painted all three vampires of the diorama, which I call "my RGB vampires". Very happy with all, as well. The blue one gave me some problems on the highlights in blue, because I went with turquoise, but got it more or less sorted with a glaze, and learnt a lot in the process, about gradients, 3d prints, magnets (I magnetized all the vampires and the cauldron), creepy eyes... The Treelord is still wip and the banshees for the mortis engine are finished too, but I won't post the photos again because it looks more or less the same as last month's without them Also, my 10 year old kid wants you all to know that he has painted a kurnoth hunter (only small fine detail corrections from me) Very satisfied!! On to next month!
  18. 12 points
    "Price adjustments" is marketing speak for "price increases." Let's just keep further pushing the cost so fewer and fewer people can afford this hobby. Because you know what else hasn't moved in years? Wages. *Steps off of soapbox*
  19. 12 points
    All the heroes (and one ironbreaker) finished for my Cities army so far.
  20. 12 points
    Needed a break from the Deathriders so finished up the Aviarch Spymaster.
  21. 12 points
    Vine-Lord Here is my Vine-Lord (Rune Lord) for the army. Really happy with how this chap has come out, feel I've been able to properly show the cross between the Dwarfs and Sylvaneth I wanted for the army.
  22. 12 points
    Woo, progress! Got my first Warcry warband done, Legions of Nagash:
  23. 11 points
    I'm sure we'll get one in time, but I think what we have seen thus far, is it for the immediate release. One of the best parts of the Warhammer hobby is getting creative, I love making characters/miniatures that don't exist and making interesting conversions to fit existing rules, there are tons of existing warscrolls that can be used in novel ways! For my Idoneth, I wanted a dragon mounted character, but since GW never made one, I created one myself, using the rules of an Eidolon. For the Lumineth, I also wanted a mounted hero, so I've decided to do the same thing! I posted some WIP images of the sculpt a few pages back. I'm creating a hero mounted on a Aelementor Spirit, and I'll end up using the Generic Alarith Mountain spirit as his warscroll (that way he can use Lumineth Relics or command traits). When you look at other armies, a lot of "heroes on great mount" have similar statlines/attack profiles to the mid sized monsters like the Mountain Spirit and the Eidolon. If that doesn't work for you, start looking at some of the potential allies Lumineth might have for a suitible warscroll, and then go crazy converting an appropriate Lumineth model!
  24. 11 points
    I bought the Anvilguard start collecting box because I really wanted the Kharibdyss for my Living City but after painting it up (posted pictures last month’s contract) I didn’t feel it fit in. So I’ve instead allied it to my Idoneth Army, unfortunately I’m out of water effect so the bases aren’t finished but you get the idea
  25. 11 points
    Indeed it was a monumental marketing blunder on GW's part alone. End Times proved that Old World worked. The thrust of marketing, new models, new direction and attention sparked peoples interest. Then came the rumours (remembering this is GW of old so we did NOT get marketing like we do today - we had NO idea what was coming). Then came GW kicking the feet out from all those renewed interest players in a brutal manner. That times back then were hostile toward AoS from a market of Old World players and enthusiasts who had just been fired up from potentially seeing their game lost - to seeing the company actually kill it off - was no shock. The greater shock was that GW did it and it cost them several years of sales and a huge turn around in attitudes, marketing, their upper management and in investing heavily and changing the whole focus of AoS to recover. However as a result we now have AoS as it is today - VASTLY improved and improving in general all the time (provided we can overlook some of Gw's classic overpowered balancing "blunders/tactics")
  26. 11 points
    Ogors. Hands down. Easy to move around so it makes the games quick. They play exactly like you'd expect ogors to play (hit like trucks, somewhat sturdy) Very fair, no sneaky gotcha moments for your opponent, forces you to play good fundamentals. Still strong enough to win games overall, great internal balance means many different lists are possible and fun. They can play in every phase of the game Might makes right means you always feel in the game, even down models Other important (But fun things about them) Cheap to start (BC start collecting is great value, even the regular gluttons kit is tons of value) Easy to convert Easy to transport (it does indeed matter) Nobody ever seems to have a bad time playing against my ogors and I never have a bad time playing them. Would highly recommend.
  27. 11 points
    AND WE'RE LIVE! We're delighted to announce that Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, the first ever tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Age of Sigmar, is now live! You can pre-order the standard edition or stunning collector's edition through our shop here. You can also purchase an A1 print of the Great Parch map, created by renowned cartographer Jared Blando. As well as that, we have some awesome All Rolled Up dice trays, and we're doing an advance pre-order on the Gamemaster Screen so you can bundle everything together and save on shipping. All the details can be found here. If you pre-order the standard edition or the collector's edition, you will receive the PDF straight away! If you want to buy the PDF by itself, you can purchase it directly through our website or on DrivethruRPG. Thanks folks. Excited to hear what everyone thinks and for all the adventure in the Mortal Realms!
  28. 11 points
    Why not do both?
  29. 11 points
    Hey guys, I don't often post but I felt like sharing this project I've worked on ! hope you guys like it. I've put more pictures on the blog https://lachroniquedestrois.blogspot.com/ . It's not often updated, but hopefully that'll change in the future
  30. 11 points
    According to Orcs you get them when you hack an elf or dwarf in two with an axe. (you get two halves even!)
  31. 10 points
    I feel as though with Warcry opening up to non-chaos warbands, my immediate thought for all rumour engines is now warcry. Owl - Kurnothi Warband Crab claw - Idoneth Warband 40k Bolt Rifle - Space Marine Warcry Warband
  32. 10 points
    Ever an optimist, I can respect that. I’ll be here to give you a hug.
  33. 10 points
    Continuing my odyssey to sculpt a wind spirit for my eventual Lumineth, I have been working on what will serve as the creatures base. The primary reason I choose the Kirin/Qilin as the basis for my Aelven Wind Spirit was the Buddhist description of them, being so gentle that they refused to step on living things, including grass. This is why many depictions of them historically, show them galloping on clouds, giving them the colloquial nickname of "windsteed." The mountain is basically done, inspired the GW studio terrain features that accompany the Lumineth in Videos, and the Alarith Mountain spirit. I Think I will eventually add a few of the Bonsai trees to the rock fixture supporting the Spirit. I'm testing out a bunch of different things on the Clouds as they are slowly being built up layer by layer. As I find sculpting tricks that work better, I keep going back and smoothing/altering them. But I think it is in a state that shows the general theme of the Wind spirit and how it will rest when finished. The base size is also a placeholder as this will most likely sit on a 100mm circle base to use in place of the Generic Mountain spirit. I'm loving every step of the this creatures creation and can't wait to begin working on a Lumineth rider.
  34. 10 points
    I’ve gone full Lumineth now. At the start my hype died and I was looking into ways of making them more traditional WH High Elf. But the more time’s gone on the more I’ve accepted what they are and am a full convert. I love the cow stuff, speaks of a different culture, more Indian, Egyptian or Greek. They still feel like high elves to me, with how they’ve gone about the designs, just from a different angle. I totally get why they’re not for everyone though, but I’m full battle cattle.
  35. 10 points
    Stone Breaker Test Mini So here is my test mini for my Ironbreaker unit. You may of noticed the lack of armour, well metal armour felt wrong for them, so instead I've gone for a mix of stone armour and then arcane runes that make there skin as hard as stone. As for the weapon, the tiny bit of lore we have on the Root-Kings is that they can make weapons out of the seedpod of a devourer plant, so I'm painting up there blades like rose thorns. Originally I tried doing a basic dirt and grass basing but found that it made the model overall look quote dull. To combat this I gave it an Autumn theme instead which I think looks great against all the green. What do you all think?
  36. 10 points
    Somehow I have been fast this month. But for sure I won‘t stop painting. Next goal is now a test clanrat as preparation for the horde of ratman jet to come. And now, here is my ambitious warlord, ready to conquer the realms. 😊 I hope, you like him.
  37. 10 points
    Just realized this post probably belongs here instead of in Cities of sigmar subforum Either way, here is my High Elves, quite a bit of Island of Blood (one of the best kits ever if you ask me!) but there are some other stuff as well. Some units such as the archers are kitbased to look more in line with the rest. They are built and modelled to work as an Cities of Sigmar army, with primarily Freeguild units, but there will probably be other stuff as well. Heroes (Battlemage, General on foot, Annointed, Battlemage) Griffon: Phoenix: Lion riders (Demigryphs with Halberds): Swordmasters (Greatswords): Seaguard (Freeguild Guard / Eternal Guard?) Archers (Crossbowmen): Elyrian Reavers (Outriders): Currently working on more of these Dragon Prince ( Demigryph Knight with lance)
  38. 9 points
    Well I failed at not touching the model, or painting more of it but... the deathriders are finally finished after about 3 months of procrastination!
  39. 9 points
    I agree that with everyone saying we're not going to see new models, but I remain baffled as to the design choices behind it. Not only is Lumineth one of the smaller factions, as has been discussed endlessly, the distribution of warscrolls is really weird. Unless there's some details we haven't seen, there's more hero warscrolls than unit warscrolls, and fully half of the hero warscrolls are unique named heroes (Teclis, Eltharion and Avalenor matched up against Scinari Cathaller, Alarith Stonemage, and the basic Mountain King). There are almost as many named heroes as there are unit choices, especially if the Stoneguard weapon options are part of a single warscroll. Further, we've got at least three mages, compared to a single non-monster melee hero--and even that option ends up being one of the named options. It feels like it will seriously limit army construction options and playstyles, above and beyond the already present issues with the size of the range. I just don't get the design choices here, especially when combined with the scope of the marketing (which was already in unusual amounts of hype before COVID forced them to stretch things thin). There's a part of my brain that is screaming that there has to be more, even as the rest of it is pointing out that if there were more, we'd have seen hints of it by now.
  40. 9 points
    I get that repeatedly beating a dead horse can be negative by just saying "warhammer is too expensive" repeatedly, but GW is the one that just increased prices in their announcement again- they made this their news. As this is significant news to some people- how would this not be the place to discuss reactions to brand new information and guesses as to what the upcoming price changes will be, and how that may affect someone? Whether it is pleasant or negative, it is new information and new prices are a major part of the game for a lot of people. If changes happen that people don't like, isn't it normal for some negativity to come in the news thread until that naturally blows over? I personally am not surprised that they did it again already. Look at the sky-high price of the greater daemons price hike from last time. It doesn't make sense why Alarielle or even Verminlords would remain at the same price tier if they hiked greater daemons to be that high. The price gap had left half of their lineup way more affordable than their recently hiked ones. Sadly GW is well aware. I have seen people go but there's also people who just switch to much more affordable methods to obtain the models. I don't think those of us who have dropped out has made enough of a difference for them to notice, for whatever reason. I think that it's because even if they turn off a significant percentage of their fanbase, ALL board games interest in general for the population at large is at an all-time high, so new people just keep coming.
  41. 9 points
    It's on the way...
  42. 9 points
    Hey there TGA, long time no post! I have been absent from the forums for a while, because my hobby became very 40k focused, but I have recently gotten back into Age of Sigmar! Last time I was on here I was writing about my Gharuki Forest Duardin. This time I'm being slightly less adventurous and painting a largely unconverted, established army, the Celestial Vindicators. The Celestial Vindicators are known for their war chants, which they use to keep their rage in check. I plan to build a warrior chamber called the Warsong Chamber, or Warsingers, who channel their rage into epic symphonies and songs. Eventually I would like to represent this with a trio of converted Knight Heraldors. My main objective is to achieve a clean and beautiful Army in a GW style, replicating the sort of work done by the Armies and Battlefields team. As I post this I have already completed 12 models which comes to about 600pts (I have Knight Questor Larissa Shadowstalker, who doesnt have a proper points cost). Here are the models so far! Liberators - Lead by the fearless Starla Goldmane. She does not allow her men to dual wield weapons, because they get out of hand! Steelheart's Champions - As of yet unnamed Steelheart's Champions equivalent! Love these models Liberator Prime - Liberator prime Argus Ragefist, soon to be accompanied by his dual hammer wielding men. Knight Incantor - Gaia Stormheart accompanies the Warsong Chamber on their quest. Questing Knights - As of yet unnamed errant and knight questor tag along for the fun! Looking forward to expanding these guys over the coming months! I will start to take some army shots when I get to 1000pts, and some WIP shots along the way. Next up is a unit of 5 Judicators! Thanks for having a look
  43. 9 points
    Finally got my custom Endrinmaster in Dirigible Suit painted up. Combined an Endrinmaster with the riggers kit and a few other bits.
  44. 9 points
  45. 9 points
    Bases are still wip, waiting for the snow I ran out
  46. 9 points
  47. 9 points
    I decided to take a stab at sketching a view of the city, inspired by everyone’s ideas and @JPjr ´s first map. It’s quite rough and the scale is off but maybe it’ll help inspire some more stuff
  48. 9 points
    Katakros,Mortarch of the Necropolis finish..
  49. 9 points
    I just wanted to say a big thanks @Sedge and Mini Mag Tray for coming on board as a continued advertiser especially during these uncertain times. Visit the site here to check them out - https://www.minimagtray.co.uk
  50. 9 points
    After fews months of Pc gaming and painting other stuffs. Im back to my Dwarf Projet. Adding the lastest entry my Warden King.
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