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    And finally here are some pics on the day! Don't have a proper set up yet for taking nice photos of something so big. Really pleased with this as my first piece of terrain.
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    Hi all, just want to share this concept and work in progress I've been working on. I always loved the moonclan and regular orruks but think they were lacking a bit for AoS with the ironjawz. I set about creating the theme for an armoured Moonclan who scrapped together bits and bobs, I'll flesh out the lore and backstory eventually once I get more of this done. A very slow WIP of the first grot in his fully armoured form, still rocking the classic hood, stabba and shield. Looking to expand this into a full force, maybe some armoured squigs who knows, no limits with the greenskins. Still refining the paint but it's a good base. Happy for any C&C to be thrown my way too. Will be updating as the project moves forward.
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    I say this as an Ork/Orruk player of about 25 years or so... Orc players who scream "WAAAGH!" at the top of their lungs, or loudly speak in Orky accents while gaming. I applaud the enthusiasm, but maybe try and figure out how to behave in a social setting - even one that involves pushing little plastic men around
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    At the beginning of the week I stumbled upon a New York Times opinion piece from September called, "In Praise of Mediocrity" written by Tim Wu (sauce: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/29/opinion/sunday/in-praise-of-mediocrity.html). This article is NOT about Age of Sigmar or even War Gaming in general so I don't expect anyone to read it but the strapline is, "The pursuit of excellence has infiltrated and corrupted the world of leisure." It's a premise that hits close to home for me as I often associate success with my hobbies, whether streaming, writing, or gaming, with the worthiness of that hobby. Simply, I MUST be good at the thing and receive validation to know that the thing I just wasted my precious time on was the best possible use of my time. "Success with hobbies." It''s a foolish, paradoxical notion but one that I can't help but notice as a factor for me. In Age of Sigmar we actually see it in a multitude of ways. Paint scores are a part of tournaments often as soft scores, sometimes as a separate award or competition. They nudge the "hobby" toward excellence. Even casuals are sneered at for bringing their gray tides to battle at the LGS. Maybe not by me or you, dear reader, but certainly by the AOS community at large. This is where I say that "it's me, not Age of Sigmar." It's also where I need to say that I'm not WAC or a complete must-win, must-win tryhard. Just that through all my struggles with my own personal demons, I only pursue hobbies that "I'm good at" or can become good at. The problem comes in with validation. How does one truly measure if they've achieved excellence in what should be a leisure activity? Isn't that you have a hobby good enough? You shouldn't have to be good if it makes you feel good, right? I have a few short stories published on digital platforms, if those don't get enough thumbs up, did I waste my time? Should I be discouraged by all the rejection letters that have piled up for the rest of my writing over the... decade? What if my paint score holds me back from placing top ten at a tournament, should I go back to Magic the Gathering where how cool my card sleeves are doesn't affect the outcome? Age of Sigmar straddles an interesting place in my life. It's sort of the playground where all the voices in my head can come together and hang out. My creative vices are tapped, my competitive side comes out, my love of GMing interrupts occasionally, and then there's the simple enjoyment of a community. Still, 'it's a hobby.' GW sells it as a hobby. Models their business of it as a hobby. Hobby's by nature should be leisure activities... and yet they have the audacity to give me win conditions. A cheap way to validate if I'm good at my free time. Time is precious. I apologize if I've wasted yours with my pontification but now we get to my question(s) and reason for writing: How do you balance the hobby that we play? How do you keep the burden of excellence from creeping in? Do you strive to be great or are you just happy to spend your time doing something you enjoy free from the expectations of self or others? I think being happy with mediocrity and grateful for the simple zen of a leisure activity are great things to aspire to and I envy people that keep their personal vanity out of their hobbies unlike me.
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    thought i'd share my army i've been building since i started the hobby last year. its all grots other than gordrakk
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    Afternoon all, Today I am sharing some photos of my 1,000pt Beastclaw Raiders army which I recently painted up for a Doubles Tournament by @Theslowcentury. Whilst some of you may have seen this stuff on Twitter or the TGA Gallery, I thought it would be nice to post some photos in the thread as well. I'd like to say in doing this I could explain my plans and thought process behind this pretty bizarre army, but I don't really know where it all came from!! Let’s see how I get on. It started a few weeks back when me and @Forestreveries decided to reform the MegaBros and attend Kirton Games recently doubles event. Previously we've taken pretty filthy doubles armies together, but made the effort to paint up nice armies at least. With our former effort (a Tzeentch army) we actually agreed on a colour scheme and painted the armies identically, which was a really fun project. For this event we mulled over a couple of different list ideas, but with Aaron working on a variety of Destruction stuff for a narrative event (He's made up a full army with allegiance abilities etc.) we settled on Beastclaw Raiders pretty quickly. The models are lovely and we'd be giving something back to the community by way of three easy wins for our opponents - I won't get into the games here but they were actually all really good and we could've probably done better had we not been hammered!! I originally was thinking about just borrowing some stuff but with the great value offered by the Start Collecting box and the small model count required, I thought it would be a fun little project. The list writing came together quick enough and we both took identical builds; Huskard on Stonehorn Thundertusk Beastriders 4 Mournfang Pack w/ Gargant Hackers Some true power right there! So I promptly ordered two Start Collecting boxes from Element Games and begun thinking of how I would paint them. I knew that for this project we wouldn't paint identical armies, but with Aaron's being more of a natural army based around the steppes I was initially inclined to go for something similar. I was having ideas based around the savannah, with my creatures also being painted in a natural palette inspired by real world animals. The Ogors themselves could be dark skinned and I'd use lots of tall grasses on the bases. I still think this is a pretty cool concept that I'd really like to see. It was whilst I was thinking of a giraffe pattern on one of the Beastclaw models that my mind starting moving towards the theme I ended up with. What if these usually drab, natural creatures were instead super bright and colourful? I was then perusing a range of tufts and basing materials, looking for stuff to work in my savannah theme when I saw some brightly colour alien tufts. The combination of this with my above thoughts really had me sold - So I ordered about 5 packs of them (I knew that I wanted the bases of this army to be lushly pack with whatever plant life I decided upon). In the couple of days before the stuff got delivered I had this weird idea to make the Ogors all blind. I honestly don’t know where this came from or why, but I liked the idea of it. As it came to pass everyone assumes the idea is that the army lives underground or whatever, but I think in my mind I must have initially decided because everything else was so bright, they'd be blind! I somewhat expanded on this concept (but not by much), that the army comes from an area of the Realms which has six incredibly bright suns and no night-time. This has caused all the fauna to evolve blind. I had some spare Ogor heads so I played around with greenstuff a little, but eventually settled on just carving out their eyes and smoothing the area with plastic glue. I was happy with this look. So....Saturday morning came around, everything got delivered nice and early, good start. Everything had to go to plan as the Tournament was precisely a week later, so it would need to go from delivery to tournament table in that time - scary even for a low model count army. I sat at my desk and began assembling everything - really fun kits to do and I spent most the day on this, including building the bases up with milliput and slate. At some point along the way I decided that to further accentuate the blindness I would give them some antenna type things, presumably to help them find their way arounf. This would also add to the almost alien look I was going for with the army. So I simply rolled these out from greenstuff and stuck on at the end of the day. I was able to finish the day by undercoating everything, ready to make a start on the painting Sunday. I got up Sunday, sat at my desk again and suddenly wondered what on earth I was doing...I had no real plan in mind for how to paint the creatures, so promptly got out a bunch of bright colours and went to work laying down some basecoats. With the Ogors it was slightly easier as I'd already decided I wanted to try out the new Deepkin skin colour paints on them (using the recipe from the Citadel Paint app), so that was fine and worked exactly as I hoped. By the end of the first day I had a bunch of basecoats down on everything but it just looked a mess. Have a look at this; Eurghhh. Awful. Anyway, I took on some advices from my painting group chat where it was pretty unanimously agreed that it was the bronze metal (which would've ended up bright and with oxide) that was one of the main problems, as well as the base colour I'd chosen for the bone, which would've been built up to almost red. I went to work Monday morning (yeh I had a full working week so now just had 4 evenings to paint the army as I was out the Thursday night as well) and was constantly thinking about what I was going to do. I spent a lot of time on the Citadel Paint app (it's actually really now IMO) looking at various recipes and combinations. I was also googling various things for inspiration. In the end I settled on what is basically one of the Idoneth Deepkin colour palettes for the Namarti - with silver armour and weapons (shaded different colours) and black cloth. Monday evening I decided that I really needed to get a proof of concept going here as I wasn't feeling overly positive. So I finished up one Mournfang and was really happy with it. I've rambled on enough here, so suffice to say on Tuesday I painted the other three Mournfang, Wednesday I did the Stonehorn, Thursday was out and Friday I finished up the Thundertusk (there's probably a Craig David remix in there somewhere!). So by the time Saturday morning rolled around, I had the army on the table at the event exactly one week after the postman delivered in BNIB, pretty cool huh?! A lot of people say I paint really fast, but tbh it's more I binge paint - so I cram in many hours over a short space of time. 2am was the earliest I went to sleep each night that week (with no sleep on the Friday). So yeh, it's not really an advisable way of approaching the hobby, but I think I must get some kind of kick from it as I do it again and again! I'm now moving into a bit of commission painting so it'll be interesting to see how I balance what I'm charging vs the time taken, as right now I really have no concept of how long stuff takes me. In terms of this Beastclaw raider army, I'm actually really happy with it. I like it a lot and am very pleased the bizarre concept seems to work somewhat. My favourite comparisons have been those likening the army to something from the film Annihilation. It really does show the endless scope for uniqueness offered by the Mortal Realms in AoS - you couldn't do something like this in the Old World! There are elements of the army that are an utter mess - the black bone for example is really poorly done across the big areas and tidying this would be the focus if I go back. I'd also spend a little time highlighting the fur of the creatures and it's mostly drybrushed (Mournfang are the worst for this - I did drop some targeted highlights on the big bois). But yeh, that's it really. I could spend hours improving other areas of the models but honestly, I don't know that it would really help that much - people will either like or dislike the army for what it is regardless. On the day myself and Aaron, who had similarly painted his army in a week (mostly), were fortunate enough to pick up the award for Best Painted Army, which was a really nice way to round off the week. Anyway, here's some photos. I may revisit this topic if I expand to 2,000 points in the future. Enjoy, Chris The Sunleth Annihilation
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    In the final days of the Age of Chaos, a fleet of skyfaring vessels, early ancestors of the Kharadron, crashed into the Forest. The few who survived were helped by the fledgling Gharuki and treated like kings. A few eventually repaired their crafts and left for the skys, but there were a few who remained, grateful to their forest brothers. The Endrinmasters shared all that they knew with the Gharuki and they now have a sizeable fleet of of gyrocraft and airborn fighters. Eschewing tradition these Duardin live high in the canopy of the forest and send out squadrons to scour the continent to assist all that they can, remembering how their people were chased from their homeland.
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    The GT Final has been won. Ben Savva @Age of The Erstwood defeated Gary P in the final round to take the title. Winning list was Daughters of Khaine. Full top 10 was: DoK w/Morathi Nighthaunt Nurgle Daemons Stormcast Sacrosanct Chamber Nagash DoK Snakes Order Soup Idoneth Nagash Daughters Horde Quite a mix. The final was streamed and the last game was quite a nail biter with some ballsy play and great sportsmanship. An amazing advertisement for the game We had Realm rules, spells, artefacts all in play. Soft scores too. No dramas. Fantastic split of lists and a worthy winner. @LLV is already working on getting the match ups from GW and i'm sure @Antipodean7 will be putting together one of his epic run down blog posts. If you were at the event let us know how it went, if you were watching from home what questions do you have for the players?
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    1. People who I can smell across the table. This is sadly a common occurrence in the wargaming world. 2. People who agree to a narrative game with fluffy armies, then turn up with a list specifically designed to murder yours on turn 1 after you chatted about what you'd bring. 3. People playing with the same grey plastic army week after week, without any attempt whatsoever to paint it. 4. People who proxy almost every model in the army. I once played a game against round wooden counters with the type of model written on it, and a squeeky toy proxying one of the giant beastmen things. I nearly flipped the table over. The list goes on, but those are my top four!
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    Allegiance: Nurgle Mortal Realm: Ulgu Leaders Great Unclean One (340) - General - Plaue Flail & Massive Bilesword - Trait: Pestilent Breath - Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak - Lore of Virulence: Glorious Afflictions Great Unclean One (340) - Bile Blade & Doomsday Bell - Artefact: The Witherstave - Lore of Virulence: Sumptuous Pestilence Rotigus (340) - Lore of Virulence: Favoured Poxes Battleline 30 x Plaguebearers (320) 30 x Plaguebearers (320) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) Battalions Thricefold Befoulment (120) Total: 1940 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 128
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    Hallo! I’ve been working on some Ironjawz for an upcoming tournament event at warhammer world and I thought I’d post them here for some feedback/advice. I’d love to hear some thoughts on the scheme I’ve chosen; I’m fairly happy with the basic colours but I’m concerned it might need some more spot colours to pop more. Please let me know what you think.
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    Honestly for the sake of the game I think they need to do this. Even after collapsing half the factions into soup armies you're still left with a vast number of armies, more than can reasonably be supported in any meaningful way within the lifetime of a game's edition, and especially so if the future is about introducing, and supporting, brand new factions who are unique to AoS (after all everyone is already desperate for KO to get an update). Plus to give it more oomph, they could all be thematically linked to the rise of the new cities and could make for a fun narrative campaign too, SOUP WARS! (in fact you could easily work in the Beasts of Chaos too, they'd have a similar animus to the rise of cities as the Great Horde would, but maybe in this case it's more the Free Cities expanding into the wilds and encroaching on their space). So I'd opt for the following as a way of throwing some love at these older units and models without having to produce entire new ranges... The Free Cities / Combines - Ironweld Arsenal, Disposessed, Collegiate Arcane, Phoenix Temple, Order Serpentis, Eldritch Council, Devoted of Sigmar, Wanderers, Free People, Swifthawk Agents, Lion Rangers, Order Draconis, Darkling Covens, Scourge Privateers, Shadowblades. Sigmar's Stormcast Eternals have struck back in each of the mortal realms, claiming vital realm gates. But if the lightning boys are off being literal stormtroopers, someone has to stay and defend theses newly bridgeheads. So around each captured gate has sprung up a city populated by those (and their descendants) who sought refuge in Azyr when Archaon's wrath first swept across the realms and the Aelves have been abandoned to their fate by Teclis, Tyrion and Maelrion who have shiny new Aelf toys to play with. The book would provide rules for several different cities in different realms, like Stormhosts, that each come with certain rules, abilities, colour schemes etc. Some might have restrictions on what they can field, so they may be be more (trad) Aelf focused whilst others more magically inclined or more based around war machines and nascent technology or they might be port based cities to introduce a naval theme. This would provide a way to make the disparate forces have a reason to be working together, unified liveries etc so they feel more like an army than just a ragtag bunch of old models thrown together, and would be easy to include rules to create your own city. And as I've said before an army that wasn't racially just one thing is actually quite unusual whilst making total sense within the lore, each of these small factions exist within the new cities and have roles to play, whether as scouts keeping an eye on the surrounding areas, defending the cities or keeping them running. And you could certainly imagine certain sub-factions, Darkling Covens etc whilst wanting to still be part of Sigmar's grand order (of Order), wanting to set up camp away from Azyr where they might have a bit more freedom to pursue their own interests. Loads of models/units to pick and choose from, just give them some endless spells and maybe some new general type figures who could represent a senior figure form some of the main factions. The Great Horde / Combines - Beastclaw Raiders, Greenskinz, Gitmob Grots, Maneaters, Troggoths, Firebellies, Gutbusters, Aleguzzler Gargants In the vast plains of Ghur a new power has arisen. Angered by the rise of new cities and the return of civilization to the realms a great Ogre Tyrant has appeared, stronger, larger and smarter than your average ogor he has carved out his own nomadic empire and declared himself Khan. Leading his army on a rampage of destruction he has attracted to his cause all the disparate (read neglected) forces of disorder under one tattered banner. A thematic counterpoint to the Free Cities, The Great Horde sweeps across the realms like a plague of angry club wielding locusts, destroying, looting and pillaging everything in sight. Civilisation brought chaos and ruin to the realms and now the Great Tyrant Khan will offer them all up to his god the Great Maw as a sacrifice, whether the people of the Free Cities like it or not. This would give a point to all these factions existing, yes they're brutes deadset on wrecking your ****** but they're not mindless any more. They're on a holy jihad to cleanse the realms of civilization, for its own good and return everything to its primal, natural state. Well at least the chiefs are, the rest just know there's a good fight going on. and want in on it. Loads of models/units to pick and choose from, just give them some endless spells, a new model for the Tyrant king. The Children of the Horned Rat / Combines - Masterclan, Clan Skyre, Clan Verminus, Clan Moulder, Clan Pestilens, Clan Eshin Well this is just obvious really, but lets say The Horned Rat having elevated himself to the Pantheon of the Chaos is hungry for more power and a new Verminlord has arisen to, just about, unify the backstabbing little rat men. Once again it can be linked back to the rise of the Free Cities. As these new metropolises grow and expand, well all that aelf, human and duardin effluent needs to go somewhere and when they're not building machines of war the engineers of the Ironweld are busy building giant sewer systems under the new cities. Sewer systems that are home to thousands of rats and their larger kin. As Crowley taught us 'As above, so below' and beneath each of the gleaming new cities of Hammerhal, Glymsforge etc grows a vile, twisted reflection, a mockery of all that Sigmar holds dear and threatens to destroy the new shoots of order by gnawing at their roots. Obviously they need some new plastic models, but not a huge amount as there's still lots to choose from, but throw in some endless spells, a new large character and some kind of thematic scenery piece like the Herdstone, maybe a Black Pillar of Commandment. The Ruinstorm / Combines - Everchosen, Slaves to Darkness, Darkoath, Daemons of Chaos, Monsters of Chaos For over half a millennium the forces of chaos led by the Everchosen have held the Mortal Realms in their mailed fist. The people, and indeed creature and land itself, that found themselves under the boot of Archaon and his dire lieutenants have been twisted out of all recognition. But now for the first time they find themselves on the back foot as the forces of order strike back across the realms. Order may still only have the tiniest of toeholds but that's still an affront to the Dark Gods and their herald who has rallied the warriors of chaos, the barbarian tribes and the creatures of the realms that have been mutated beyond recognition and once more leads them against the tiny flickering flames of hope that are the Free Cities. Just add Darkoath as an interesting new faction to represent the tribes that were left behind when the gates of Azyr were barred and you have a big old army to pick and choose from. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best thing about is is people can pick and choose, want their Free City to be mainly Duardin? Well you do you my friend, welcome to Nu-Karak but now you can thematically add in a few wizards or whatnot and have it make sense. You still have hundreds of Gitmob models? well yours is just one wing of the Great Horde but now you can add in a select few models and get some new abilities to buff you up. I mean combine all those into 4 big tomes and that still leaves an absolute unholy amount of armies to pick and choose from, but it makes it slightly more manageable, throws a bone to older collectors and a lifeline to older models (I know I'd be tempted to create my own 'Free City') and means they can concentrate on padding out, updating or in the case of Dark/Light Aelves, releasing all the other ranges that are new (or newish) to AoS. Anyway is it really obvious that I have loads of work that I need to do this morning and am desperately looking for things to do that aren't that...
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    There's no need to be so rude/sarcastic for not knowing the entire schedule of the hobby. And it's not justified for only an off-topic post of only a sentence. Sorry if it hurts u so bad to see some off-topic posts, I will try not to make it more here. Btw, the next post u made is not a rumor post and seriously I don't care ur thoughts about a new FW miniature, so as many others will not care. But theres no need to say u anything to make an off topic answering a thing someone else said, as I did before.
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    @Oneyah Looks awesome mate, really strong theme. Here is my Gharuki making an appearance at the GW in Birmingham. Will do a big post in my thread this week.
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    Wait, I'm sorry...is your suggestion that the Darkoath art and the one Harbinger model available to us is worse than Slaves to Darkness? That faction is extremely dated, and includes the Marauders unit as battle line - which is in the discussion for the single ugliest GW kit currently in production. The unbelievably static and boring Chaos Warriors and Knights kits aren't that far behind, either. The few Darkoath things we have seen suggest an army that appears to have leaped from a vintage Frank Frazetta novel cover. I mean I get that art is subjective, and that we all have different tastes when it comes to aesthetics and all, but wow man...I feel like you really need to reevaluate your priorities!
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    Orruks iz da best... [Sorry someone had to do it]
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    Some pics closer to finishing:
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    Lack of hygiene. Lack of social skills. Right attitude for the match type (Casual, be casual. Competitive, be competitive) Skaven players who talk all skaven-y.
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    Hey Guys! Just finished up a small local club tournament over the weekend and took 1st! There were only 8 attendants, so nothing huge, however there were some interesting and difficult lists which made my new list even more fun to try out. List Below Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords Mortal Realm: Ghur Skyport: Barak-Mhornar - Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People Leaders Aether-Khemist (160) - General - Trait: Opportunistic Privateers - Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm Aether-Khemist (160) - Artefact: Rockjaws Battleline 30 x Arkanaut Company (360) - 9x Light Skyhooks 20 x Arkanaut Company (240) - 6x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3x Light Skyhooks Units 5 x Grundstok Thunderers (100) - 5x Aethershot Rifles 6 x Endrinriggers (240) War Machines Arkanaut Frigate (240) - Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon - Great Endrinworks: The Last Word Arkanaut Frigate (240) - Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon - Great Endrinworks: Malefic Skymines Battalions Iron Sky Squadron (130) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 115 Match 1 - Focal Points - Daughters of Khaine The first match I decided to take the first turn. My opponent had Morathi, a couple of the support characters, 30 witches, 10 witches, 10 witches, and then the Warlocks on horses. He lined up right on the line, as did I, and stretched his units of witches in the very front. Morathi had in the back of his lines. In the past, this army has crushed mine due to the movement speed and high damage output he's been able to do against my lines. This time I ran the gambit to see if I could cripple him enough to keep myself alive. It worked out better than I had thought. Turn one found 45 of 50 witches dead, the warlocks wounded heavily and simply his characters remaining. He called it shortly after as he felt there was nothing he was able to do to come back. after my initial onslaught. -Major Victory Match 2 - Duality of Death - Spiderfang Grots Spiders upon spiders upon spiders. His list was 4 of the Arachnarok behemoths, a Spider shaman dude, unit of orruk boar boyz, a Warboss on Boar, and I believe 5 units of grot spider riders. With all his behemoths and characters I knew this was going to be difficult. I needed to secure, or at least deny as quickly as possible. I took first turn and managed to rip through 2 of the Arachanroks and put damage on the other two enough to reduce their effectiveness. He hit me early with charges, however between the khemists being able to sap some of the attacks and the size of my Arkanaut units, I was able to take the hits and fire back with loads of firepower. This one ended in turn 4 with a full wipe of his army and me being able to claim the objectives with khemists. -Major Victory Match 3 - Total Commitment - Sylvaneth I was worried about this one as Sylvaneth can be a very tanky army and eat up a lot of damage. His list was Allarielle with a Spirit of Durthu tanking wounds for her. Another Treeman, a branchwraith, 3 units of dryads, and those sneaky dudes that can deep strike (Revenants?) I knew Allarielle would going to be the lynchpin and I had to take her down first I wanted to accomplish anything. She also has the free extra summoning which was going to do havoc to my lines if she got that off. I had basically one chance to take her out. I targeted her first and threw the entire army's worth of shots at her. She tanked a good chunk off to Durthu, but a final charge of Endrinriggers managed to take down her last wound. His counter charge was pretty nasty, but I managed to tank a lot of the attacks. Having the Endrinriggers that far up in his business took a lot of the flakk off my other units. I managed to take out the rest of his items over the course of the next couple turns and once he had nothing but dryads left he called it. -Major Victory Overall the ability to drop everything between the battalion and Frigates within was a huge benefit. I focused a lot on trying to get as devastating of an alpha strike as possible with targeted skyhook shots and clean up with the pistols on the Arkanauts. The Endrinriggers were a fantastic speed bump and clean-up crew as were the Thunderers(100 points and could wipe small MSU units off of objectives easily.) I enjoyed the army overall and it worked about as I was expecting it to, if not better.
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    Not sure how many of these are canon, but there's some random AoS lore factoids (that I haven't seen elsewhere) sprinkled in the recent "500 Facts for 500 Stores" Warhammer Community post. Some of these I haven't seen elsewhere (although, to be honest, I haven't read every single AoS book). The single world aspect of #199 was the most surprising.
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    Hi TGA. Back in feb i gave a shout out for help to this amazing community which ultimately resulted in me being told the many varied and wonderful ways that you would all like to support the site. The gist of this is that the site is getting very expensive to run (I’ve paid out over £3000 in the last 12 months) and as the community grows the costs are ever increasing. I previously wrote about this in detail so I won’t go into it all again, but the response was just amazing! Its taken me another 6+ months to get around to it, but over the next few weeks I will be introducing a 3 ways that will help cover the running costs of TGA. I’ll talk here about how we will be doing this, and why I have chosen each of them. Advertising. After thinking about this long and hard, I have decided that I WILL be including display ads on the site. I was initially very much against doing this as the last thing I want is for the site to look like many other places online where you get bombarded with Ads. However, if done right I think it can work very well. I will be finding advertisers that are relevant to our community and working with them to help their business, which in-turn will better the community. It will also be a way for to support the site without forcing anyone to pay. The amount of ads will be tiered. Guests will get lots, Registered members less. There will also be an option to ‘turn ads off’ by joining one of the premium membership groups, which leads me nicely onto the next bit… Premium Membership. Available right away is just a single membership group. I hope to expand this in future to offer higher and lower options for those that would like to give more and receive move value in return, and also for those who would like to support the site but are limited in what they can afford (or are willing) to pay. That is a further cost to get implemented so fo now we have a single membership group. TGA Members - £5 per month Fuzzy Feeling – a warm and comforting glow from knowing that you are actively contributing to TGA’s success Less Adverts - We reduce the adverts to members around TGA Unlimited Likes - Unrestricted amount of likes available per day (MOST REQUESTED FEATURE!) Club Badge – special forum badge to show you’re a proud supporter in your posts/profile Sign up here - https://www.tga.community/subscriptions/ Donations Donations are a simple and fuss free way of contributing. A one off payment, of any amount you like, however often you like. Donate here - https://www.tga.community/clients/donations/
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    I used to be on the same side as those who said they don't like playing against unpainted models till I met a guy in my previous store. On the surface, he was just another guy that was playing with an unpainted army. However, as I played him I realised about half way through that when he held things his hands were shaking every slightly but constantly. After the game he was apologising for some slow play and mentioned that he has a condition where his hands shake uncontrollably in a minor, but constant manner that affected his ability to hold things and thus he was more careful and slow moving his models. It made me think back to some other people I know with far less obvious disabilities that would also be unable to paint, or at least paint regularly enough to get a full army done ever. Who am I to decide that they are taking away from the hobby by not painting their minis. Am I going to demand that they announce to every opponent they have some kind of disability and just hope that no one makes fun of it (unfortunately the prevelance of 1d4chan humour shows ableism is common in the hobby). Now I know the counter argument is "how would they even get the models made in the first place if they can't paint?". To that I say it's one thing to ask a friend to build some models for you as an occasional one off when you want to expand your army, it's another thing entirely to ask them to paint them all for you when they are likely busy with their own stuff. Paying for it often isn't an option for everyone either because that's expensive. I'd far rather play an inclusive game where people of all abilities can feel welcome playing without getting attacked for things outside of their control by a group of elitist gatekeepers than one that has a bunch of painted models (even if the painted models one is far prettier on the surface).
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    Big update time! I have been working on these guys for several months now, painstakingly painting longbeards at only 10 points a pop! Reintroducing, the Gharuki Forest Duardin! During the Age of Chaos, the Duardin of the Chamonite Continent of Agrellia were almost hunted to extinction. A small portion of them retreated into the depths of the gargantuan Gharuki Forest. So deep and dark was this wood that the roaming bands of Khorne and Tzeentch neglected to delve too far inside. As the Duardin hid they took solace in the solidity of the ground, building their community around the roots of the leviathan copperheart oaks. Over time they began to revere the trees and their civilization ventured upwards. Now, in the Age of Sigmar their huge city sprawls from miles underground up to the forest canopy itself. They refer to themselves now as the 'The Gharuki' The Gharuki are now a diverse mixture old and new, tradition and change, engineering and druidism. Their society is divided into four main factions. First amongst these are... Steeped in tradition and stoic to the last, the root guard are the conventional military wing of Gharuki Society. Preferring to live under the trees than around them, these Duardin are a superb warriors and immovable defenders. Their armour is crafted from the vibrant inner bark of the Copperhearts, as strong as steel and much more flexible. They vigilantly patrol the forest floor and have fought off any force that dares to trespass.
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    Ok so here is my first Deepkin build painted and ready to go. After I came up with color scheme the army was done by good friend of mine from Micro Art Studio. Can't wait to give it a go soon :D