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    I thought it was very clever now he was portrayed in Undying King. To use a real-world analogy, he almost came across as senile. His consciousness seemed to have become so fractured as a) a result of his defeat at Archaon’s hands and b) actually having become fractured across all the untold billions of dead things in his Realm that he seemed to be losing himself. (In being ‘All’, I got the impression that he is sliding dangerously close to being ‘Nothing’, if that makes sense, edging towards becoming Death itself at the risk of himself.) He frequently seemed scattered or stretched thin across his undead minions, like an impossibly powerful thing dispersed to the wind, and when he does recall who he is, it read to me almost like he was remembering parts of himself, or moments in time, but not the sum whole. As a result, he often came across as confused and distracted. Imagine someone who has forgotten they have just introduced themselves going through the motions again, and again, except they’re a megalomaniac, near omnipotent Lord of Death... I liked it because as has been called out in this thread a few times, it worked to ‘rein him in’, in this instance enough that the events of the book could unfold without him just turning around on page two and eliminating everything. I also thought it made an interesting parallel between him and his Mortarchs. Nagash is All but like his servants (or all Undead things I suppose) he is also a shadow of himself, an echo. Not in power level but in terms of the person inside. It also really shone a light on why the Mortarchs were needed. Centuries might pass in which Nagash is non-corporeal, a fell spirit, disembodied, passing like a whisper or a tickle through the innumerable dead as he scours the realm. His Mortarchs are essential for maintaining order in that time, and in some cases (as is seen in the book) for ‘focusing’ Nagash when he is needed most and helping to remind him who he is. (To go back to my senility analogy, at times, I felt Arkhan could almost have been his ‘carer’.) I felt this representation of him was really nuanced and opened up lots of doors for Death, particularly as (to my mind, at least) it did give an element of fragility to the hierarchy of Death. Nagash is All and that’s undisputed but it’s also sort of his undoing because he came across as losing himself along the way, leaving open some tantalising opportunities (and large gaps in time) for other fragments of Death with self-awareness (however artificial or imagined!) like the vampires to play their cards and make their moves and do their thing. This turned into a bit of an essay — apologies!
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    I was finding lockdown very hard to begin with. As a way of coping, I started on a new project that brought together some of the things I love most: Warhammer, Lovecraft, writing, horror fiction, storytelling, the sea. I began with a rough outline of a story I wanted to tell, focusing on a small town clinging like a piece of stab-coral to a coastline in Ulgu. It takes the tragedy and horror of the Idoneth Deepkin’s mythos and blends it with that of the mortal inhabitants of the realms. Parallel to that, I worked on a diorama to help bring the town to life. I wanted it to be moody and menacing, a place filled with shadows and stories, as dank and esoteric as one of Lovecraft’s tales. The project has been an absolute life-line and I’ve fallen head over heels for it. The story is at still going at 70,000 words while the diorama is finished, but I already have plans for other areas of the town I want to recreate, as well as more of the peculiar folk who call it home. If you’re interested in following it, I’m on Instagram (@welcome_to_innswich).
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    Ehm...broken realms morathi, giants, lumineth, shadow and pain, hedonites slaanesh stuff, more coming for sure...so no i dont think so personally...but they have released and previewed quite a lot even tho its not the stormcast u want. And gw may have been hit hard in terms of their plans, on the other hand im pretty sure they financially had a great time with all covid hobbyists This feels a bit like a troll post. Furthermore as an edit, i am a player and hobbyist who came back after years of break. Theres a few nice aos communities and people, but this supposedly big aos forum has so much negativity..every day the same complainers about GW selling and release strategy, the I want bretonnia back whiners and why does my army not get more my life is so difficult because of this and i want more horses for my army so now i feel neglected mimimimi, and constant other things that come back every thread i wonder if people shouldnt just get a different hobby where u can play 1 model and have no releases and just be happy.
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    Important news people!! Some insane smith has gone beyond the veil of the realms and has apparently committed a great act and has forged Gotrek's AXE! There will be a video going up at some point showing the making and such of the axe (apparently in the next day or two since the axe is now completed). https://www.youtube.com/c/michaelcthulhu/videos And yes as far as he can work out that's the accurate height and size for the axe.
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    I apologize in advance if this backseat moderating, but are we really at a place where we are making balance complaints about units that we don't have any of the rules for yet? Furthermore, I very much empathize with those of you who were hoping to see more today with the reveals. I'd have loved to have seen some of the advent rumor engines solved, or to have seen new Death models or even the full Slaanesh release. But does it really add anything constructive to the discussion to complain about what we did get? Would you rather have the old GW that didn't preview anything until a week before release? Clearly GW is managing a logistical nightmare with the COVID situation, and I very much doubt the logistics folks are the ones writing the WarCom articles, so coordinating between teams is likely another logistical challenge on top. I also find it hard to understand how people are simultaneously complaining that GW isn't previewing enough stuff and complaining that there is too much time passing between previews and releases. As far as the advent rumor engines goes, yes it would have been slick to reveal some or all of the models today. I don't deny that. But what if those models are far enough in the future that it'd be months before they get released? Would you be happy with that? Would you have been happier if all of the rumor engine images were from the Slaanesh models previewed today? Given that we've already seen the Underworlds warband, headshots, and blurry images I doubt they would have generated the same kind of excitement and speculation that most rumor engines do. If a few month gap between previews and releases is too much for you, then you might be better served by checking out from the rumor scene for a while until the COVID situation stabilizes. I don't hold it against you for wanting to make your opinions known, but this thread may not be the most constructive place to do it. And it takes away from the rest of the discussion without adding much back. _________________________ OK, all that being said I think the new Slaanesh models are gorgeous. I especially love the new steeds -- they really knocked those out of the park for me. The overall aesthetic is stunning, but I do have one worry/caveat. I really hope that these units are all very elite as they are so so detailed. Lumineth models can be very time consuming to paint well, and these guys look a step (or two) above even the Lumineth. I could see painting these kits in small numbers being a real joy, but painting large numbers of them could be a very difficult hill to climb.
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    I'm of the exact opposite opinion - I wish we'd have more bulky women. As a women, it's a shame that a lot of female models (especially older ones) were basically skinny pretty ladies (or as pretty as they could look in finecast, for example the Bretonnia caster, the female vampire lord, the female elves, Valkia, even Khalida the mummy) whereas men were depicted as hulking brutes (orks, ogors, chaos lords, daemon princes etc), pretty boys (high elves and Sigvald), just normal human warriors (Empire), heavily armoured tanks (dwarves and Bretonia), little sneaky creatures (Skaven and Goblins), and, well, you get the idea. I'm very glad women aren't just stuck in the box of "traditionally feminine" in AoS anymore. It gives more narrative potential, more diverse models, and on a personal point, makes me glad my entire gender isn't narrowed down to one concept/body type. Edit: reading a few of your other responses (sorry, I was on the wrong page and didn't see page 4 too), it's a shame you think that people who want bulky female models "don't know what women look like" or are just "white knighting" (I can assure you I know more about women than you do ), and that you don't think people would want more Nurgle female models (assuming because they're brutish, ugly, and disgusting - as they should be). It seems like you only want female models that would be considered attractive, but don't hold male models to the same standard (so men can be bulky monsters but women can't); I don't want to accuse you of anything, but I'd ask that you reflect on why you think this should be the case? Personally, I'm always a little wary when people complain that female models aren't attractive enough (but never that the male models aren't attractive enough) because it implies that the main value of a female model is their "sexual" appeal (not that they get their rocks off to minis, but I can't think of another way to word it atm). Personally, I'd like it if female minis were the norm in all factions and didn't need to meet a special femininity bar for some people.
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    Rumour: Indeed Vampires are coming. Part of their army will consist of current zombie and/or skeleton models. They are not the usual gothic, noble vampires. Expect a twist to them like some other armies received. Legions of Nagash will be transformed into something new, some models will be torn out from it. Shouldn't say where have I heard it.
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    So this is long but I think there's a few things here and it's possible to like or appreciate some, see some as ok in theory but poorly executed, and see some as just unfortunate contingencies that come with the existence of a new dwarf faction based on a conceptual/aesthetic subsection of the old dwarf range. CONCEPT The point about nude and brightly coloured Slayers standing out from the rest of the (earthy, clothed) dwarf army is a fair one, and ultimately if you are going to have a whole faction based around the elements that made them stand out, you're not going to get that contrast any more. It raises the fair question "should a faction be so heavily based around a narrow sub-concept of an old WHFB army?" As you say, you lose something of the Slayers' distinctiveness by making them the whole deal for an army. I can see arguments that it's not a good idea but if you look at e.g. Nighthaunt or Kharadron, you have examples of how it can be done vividly and fruitfully. Unfortunately Fyreslayers aren't really that, sadly. As NotAWzrd put it they "seem to be extrapolated from a single unit and stretched out into an entire army rather than being a reinterpretation of that army." Ironjaws had the same lack of conceptual depth, but the better sculpts sort of make up for it. Flesh-Eater Courts and Beastclaw Raiders were also pretty one-note but to my mind the delusions and Everwinter concepts are striking enough to make up for it. Fyreslayers have a poor concept and indifferent sculpts, along with the unique burden of the original dwarf Slayer concept being an absolute banger, one of GW's few original(ish) ideas, and hard to live up to. Background-wise, they suffer from being one of the first factions for AoS and show the signs of a pretty half-assed "uh, they're warriors who go Super-Saiyan from gold runes and are also mercenaries" concept without much thought given to anything deeper than that; the models are the faction rules are the background, just like most early AoS armies. It's been gently nudged into a slightly deeper "warrior cult society" direction since but there's still not much there compared to the Kharadron or the Ossiarch or nearly any WHFB faction. There's a way it could be done better, perhaps by emphasising that while the cult of Grimnir is dominant in Fyreslayer society, it's not there to the exclusion of everything else. The Kharadron have different strands (the crews, the Grundstok company, the guilds), why not do something like that? WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN With that in mind, it's possible to imagine a Fyreslayer-like force which still has orange-bearded nude warriors at the core led by lineage-focused heroes on magma-monsters, all venerating Grimnir, but has other elements too. Elements like: Zharrgrim Priesthood: robed and masked priests, including female priests. It is a lodge, after all. Make it cultic, make it dark, pick up the Chaos Dwarf threads. Old rituals under the mountains, all fire and the glimmer of gold, the eerie side of runecraft as opposed to the more scientific angle exemplified in the Kharadron. They want to rebuild Grimnir and we know they're keeping it at least a bit secret. Maybe have some sort of small temple guard unit as well, or even summoned/bound Fire Elementals between the old K'Daai Fireborn and the Molten Infernoth, or fire-powered magical golems. Retool the Grimwrath Berzerker to something like the temple champion, a living weapon of the priesthood, a dwarf whose body is barely holding up under the throb of runic power, completely apart from the normal concerns of the rest of the lodge. Non-cult troops: How about Fyreslayer "civilians", the miners and farmers of the society rather than the professional religious mercenary-warriors. The term "Fyrd" originally meant militia or levies, go for something like that: lay members of the cult of Grimnir rather than full initiates like the Vulkite berzerkers. Fighters who don't have dragon helmets, who wear trousers and scale-mail coats so they're distinct from WHFB dwarves. Maybe like the Infernal Guard but lighter, without helmets and with bare arms. They fill the roles cultists don't. How about a missile unit to replace the Auric Hearthguard? True warriors of Grimnir should be getting stuck in, leaving the backline defence to the Fyrd Gunners or Magmapikes. How about some portable war machines, bolt thrower versions of the fyresteel javelins. Auric noble cavalry: Everyone seems to want small magmabeasts so cool, go for it, dwarf monstrous cavalry (think juggernauts, mournfangs) would certainly be fresh for GW. Make it another cultural/social thread in the faction: the fyreslayer nobility. Of course all of them are senior in the cult but they also have this angle of temporal/'secular' politics as well, it's already been hinted at with different runesons. The Auric caste, the dwarf nobility of the lodges, riding variously mini and regular magmadroths, and competing for glory as much as for their faith/ur-gold.. Throw in a heavy chariot too, maybe give it an alternate build with a Zharrgrim Runcaster on it. This is the sort of thing that can't really be retconned in now but would have, I think, made for a more interesting and broader faction that would still keep what's best about the current look and feel. It takes some of the Slayer ideas and marries them to a kind of fundamentalist version of dwarf society where tradition, ritual, worship are even more important. As far beyond old Karak Hirn from WHFB as the Kharadron are beyond the WHFB Engineers. Runes and magic and brawn rather than gunpowder and clockwork. On the tabletop, it's still a CC-focused dwarf army with more visual variation. Also... fix the naming scheme. Call the nobility the 'Auric' or something and use that as a signifier; Auric Lodgefather, Auric Lodgeson, Auric Magma-Riders, maybe Auric Hearthguard as the bodyguard unit. Keep the 'Rune' prefix for more obviously priestly stuff; Zharrgrim Runemaster, Zharrgrim Runesmiter. Vulkite becomes the rank-and-file of the cult warriors, the current Vulkite Berzerkers and maybe some other Vulkite unit, as well as the Vulkite Battlesmith. Fyrd becomes the term for non-cult troops: Fyrd Gunners, Fyrd Magmapikes, Fyrd Bolt Thrower. AESTHETICS Beyond that 'what might have been' speculation and putting aside what's missing, even within the limited range we have they're pretty rough. Other than weaponry there's practically no difference between the sculpts for the Vulkite Berzerkers, Hearthguard Berzerkers and Auric Hearthguard. The two elite units (out of a total roster of three units) look 99% the same as each other and probably 97% the same as the basic troops. It's just a sea of nude dwarves with no significant variation outside of the occasional magmadroth island. It's just so dull. Even FEC have more visual variation going for them: little ghouls, big ghouls, big flying ghouls, monsters. Sculpt quality is maybe another thing. The metal sculpts in your first pic, the old giant/dragon/daemon slayers, are better than the fyreslayers but they're certainly also a lot better than the later (7th ed?) metal trollslayers they're lumped in with in the second pic. You're spot on about the faces and general emotion/feel/character and there's also something there about beards as well as a few other ropey sculpts like the Runefather and the poses on most Vulkite berzerkers. One positive note I'd throw in though is that the Fyreslayers range does a particular kind of curved dwarf axe (which GW largely dropped around 7th ed in favour of right angles everywhere for dwarf designs) extremely well, better even than the giant slayers. That's largely down to casting technology but it's a nice feature. I didn't vote yes or no because as bad as the execution was - and a lot of that is down to half-assed early AoS problems, above and beyond what other factions got - I still think there's potential there. Cultic traditionalist dwarves that use pieces of their god to go Super-Saiyan is a decent idea at its core and the mercenary angle is a delightful paradox. It would need a sizeable expansion though and something of a conceptual reset, which is probably above and beyond what GW will give it.
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    Strange aside, but does anyone else really enjoy the use of Kharadron Overlords in the marketing material ala. Bugmansson Claus or their Update on Warhammer releases? I like that they are promoting AoS but also that they are doing so with a unique army that works well for the messaging and not simply pushing SCE but allowing one of the other armies room to be shown off. I also feel like it hopefully hints at continued support for released factions within AOS*. *heres looking at youTyrion and Fyreslayers!
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    My biggest fingers crossed hope for 3.0 is the introduction of a system like Crusade to the game for narrative play, as well as putting the Anvil of Apotheosis into the core rules for narrative. As much as I know competetive is often seen as the definitive way to play I just want to have excuses to make custom models to represent an unfolding story.
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    As part of the GW promotion to give away armies we build in Battle Forge, I have come to appreciate the AoS process of making army lists. Don't get me wrong, I find making an AoS list to be needlessly complicated and tedious, but trying to make a legal list for 40K is a darned nightmare. The new app really highlights how crazy-complex it is. Sheesh! Be thankful, AoS players, that AoS list building is only a 7 out of 10 on complexity. 40K goes to 11.
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    Are you looking for funny “lol same 🤪“ replies here or do you need to be told that you waste your money by some other adults? Collecting grey plastic and creating depressing lists about it is barely a hobby. Sell most of the listed models and discipline yourself to focus on one army. Batch painting might help: Build all the models in you army, prime all of them at once and apply the first base coat. Set yourself a goal to make this one army at least tabletop ready. If you don‘t want to read such advice by a grumpy german then: lol same🤪!
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    Glad you asked! Kharadrons have a lot in their background, from specialist units to unique titles or new characters: Lord Magnate: We already have Brokk, but it's a title granted to the most wealthy Admirals. As we can see in Brokk design, they usually use custom-made equipment, weapons and fashion (that top hat). Brewmaster: Kharadron Society seems to catch up with the old brew tradition from Fantasy. Brewsmiths are a revered job that, if mastered, it become a Legend inside KOs society with a new title called "Brewmaster". We recieved the first one in Jakkob Bugmansson XI (but he doesn't have any rules) and Soulbound has an archetype and adventure around it. Khrundhal-class Battleship: Not sure if it should be a model or just a battleplan (and we play on it) but seems to be a sculpt for Forgeworld! The most powerful skyvessel in any KO fleet, this massive Battleship is big, really big, as you can see at the back of this picture: Arkanaut Captain: Maybe not as a "new sculpt", but rules or even a possibility to play as an Arkanaut Captain (bottom-right dude) without a ship. 2nd in charge under Admirals. Black marines: Awesome Grundstock Thunderers-like troops that fought the Wraith Fleet (Firestorm Supplement)!! I really want them!!! Copperhats: Our "longbeard" version of Grundstock Thunderers. They could work as a "melee" arkanaut-like troops. Makaisson-Class Gunhauler: A new skyvessel from Spear of Shadows. Captain Njord Brondt gave a ride to humans (Owain), Fyreslayers (Lugash) and even a Demi-gryph (Roggen mount)!! Let's be honest, how many of you dreamed about Gotrek bowling around the table in a Gunhauler?! Zonbek: Flying lighthouse-like constructs to secure profitable trade routes. That SCREAMS terrain in to my ear. Sponsors: Maybe not a new unit, nor even a hero, but maybe something (rules?) to represent the sponsored fleets from all the companies? Gw, make it happen!! I'm sure that there are a lot more units that exists (and I will want when I read about them), but that's the ones that I remember.
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    Okkk... sooo, like, I cant be the only one that sees how he's holding that weapon right? I can't UNSEE it now... This chaps about to go full helicopter!!! 🤣🤣🤣
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    My Lumineth Realm-Ladies project is finished ( amazingly brought to life by Studio Erstwood). Its an all female (almost) army inspired by backstory about female army of magical clones. Its also my go-to army for competitive play in 2021.
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    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time
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    The fact that Katakros got his rightful 1st place stolen in 2019 and now Eltharion got cheated out of a place in the entire list in 2020 is proof that we should riot.
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    How GW had to put Teclis in there instead of Eltharion just to make people believe, that a lot of people find that model good XD. I call it first: That "contester" is fake.
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    There’s a whole thread for TOW, could we keep the discussion there instead of in two places? Every time I see this thread is updated I think it might be something that’s actually related to AoS
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    On the contrary, the reception amongst the Lumineth fanbase seems to have been very positive and I highly doubt GW cares about what a few screeching reactionary grognards think.
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    Behold the Sons of Bearhemat:
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    That's the thing, this dude absolutely is cool enough to be on his own. Best model in the Ossiarch range to my mind. But does he actually have his own warscroll or worthwhile substitute, can you actually use him on his own without recourse to the DIY hero ruleset or your own work? Unfortunately not, unlike some older WHFB kits. It's a minor thing but unfortunate and comes as a corollary of GW's models/rules design practices.
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    @Golub87 Hey, it's fine if you don't like AoS lore!! I agree in some points, but if you come here to write why you don't like AoS setting, I suppose that it's because you want to like it. So here I go: I'm not fond in over-the-top mythical AoS conflicts (that's your whole argument too, so we are at the same square), but there is a whole new level under the Gods. I'm talking about the normal toy soldiers that you play with, they have an story, but it's not really explained in most battletomes and they have a really small part in the Great Conflict (that is explained and repeated in every product GW release). That's why I will recommend to read books that talk about them, to see how they live, to know how they feel, and what problems the Great Conflict are causing to them. In the end. they are the focus of TT game (Nagash still counts as 1 model to capture objectives XDD). Dark Harvest is a book that explains a bit Sylvaneth and Cities of Sigmar, it has a strong feeling of Fantasy, and I love that. That is another feeling that you can find in AoS and it seems that you don't know. Btw, that's my favorite AoS book. Same with City of Secrets. An small adventure of normal people (a witchhunter and a freeguild captain). It's a bit more fantastic, but it has the feeling of a mix of old sword&magic adventures and accion/intrigue . Both characters have a second novel called Silver Shard that it has the same feeling. Code of the Skies is a a bit more High Fantasy, but with a touch of movies from '60s (Captain Simbad, jason and the Argonauts, etc...). It explains a lof of the KO society and it gives you an old school adventure. Spear of Shadows is a mix between normal people and high fantasy, wrapped by a classic adventure. The main stars embarc in really fun journey that visit exotic places as The Crawling City (a City build on the back of a giant worm) and met/ fight Skavens, Orruks, Vampires and Corrupted Dudes (freaking chaos!). I would add that I really enjoy reading Soulbound and all it's expansions. Everything that you seems to like (normal people, their fears, goals, feelings, etc...) are the main part of it. And I hope to see more AoS development, because it's what I miss the most (and they are doing a good job). You can imagine what army I play (KOs), suspiciously, they are one of the armies that respect but don't follow any god (Barak-Thryng doesn't count, they don't even know how to make a good ale!).
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    Behold true art! (credit to the creator over on Facebook)
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    That model of the year award is a joke until the split AoS and 40k. It would be like asking for "story of the year" and put movies and books into the pot, sure some books might have the best stories, but a movie would still win. Same with combining 40k and AoS, just so so so many more 40k players and primarchs winning every year.
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    Nagash, Sigmar and Chaos will do battle for a soul, The Lumineth collect Aetherquartz en mass, The Duardin fight for their various forms of Gold, The Gloomspite Gitz they scavenge for Glass, The Seraphon follow the Stars The Ossiarchs will collect a Loan The Orruks brag about their Scars The Ratmen love their warm Warpstone Yet soon my friend, you shall see... It is a Critter who holds the Key! Beyond that it is simply a hypothetical game we have been discussing in light of the various rumour engines featuring Critters holding Keys. I still hope that GW sees these posts and comes up with some actual rules or a silly Warhammer quest game featuring Critters and Keys.
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    Not meant specifically against you, just generally speaking - the other type of war hammer they have though, is probably one of the closest weapons in AoS to a real-world war hammer/ pollaxe (still way to big of course and missing the spike on top). About the hammer as such - in Warhammer Fantasy, the White Lions wielded big axes, also "traditionally" a dwarf weapon, but the White Lions are often brought up as the gold standard for proper Warhammer elves now. Axes weren't normally a weapon you associated with elves either before White Lions - just GW made them so, because someone had the idea that White Lions were woodsmen and axes look cool. And now they have done the same with hammers. There is no real difference there. Hammers are also wielded by Stormcast, Chaos and other factions. It's one of the most basic weapons there is. The High Elves probably also had war hammers - Vaul being a thing - just by chance we didn't have a unit, because there wasn't a "Vaul's Anvilguard" or something like that. It's fine if people don't like them, because tastes are different, but I honestly don't get the all fuss about the hammers. If you go outside of Warhammer, Gondolin (can't get much more High Elfish than that) had a military order with hammers, you have High Elf knights and paladins with hammers and so on. I just don't think it's that extraordinary or weird. I feel the same about the helmets. If you think a Dragon Knight helmet, the Warcrown of Saphery, or the thing Tyrion has on his head are proper head-attire, but can't wrap your head around the Stoneguard, or Teclis new helmet, I really don't know. And don't get me wrong, I like those too and own all of those. Seems to come down to disappointment that people didn't get exactly the thing they wanted and - I like chicken and bats, but not cows. Which again, as such is fine, I just don't get all the fuss about it or where suddenly practicability becomes a factor.
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    Yup, and in the same way, some shops in Germany (during Covid and not being their main market) not selling Lumineth well, or some people don't liking the Alarith are not an indication that the Lumineth sold badly, and it's still discussed here as a verified truth without us having any idea about the numbers at all. I think it's fair to say that GW didn't sell as much army boxes as they hoped for, but they could still have sold more of those boxes than any previous AoS box in history - and we wouldn't know. Because we don't know how many they produced and sold. Stoneguard have been sold-out on their online store in many regions since months. Could be a sign that they are really popular, or just that GW underestimated the demand slightly and now have problems during Covid, or some problem with production for this specific model. Who knows? We have zero information about any of these things. I think it's better to be a bit more humble about ones own assumptions, it's really easy to take just one piece of information which seems to verify ones narrative and run with it.
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    A small factor that might influence the gut reaction to new Lumineth Realmlords and the timing of the releases. Unless you own them, you've probably never seen them in action. I don't own any, and still haven't seen a single Lumineth model in-person: neither on sprue, nor sea of gray, nor painted. Parts of the world vary I suppose, but I haven't had the opportunity to throw dice since March. Which makes them seem "just released yesterday" new. Even though the first box set came out about 6 months ago (which is forever in Warhammer time). But in a normal year, they would have been played at local stores, and in garages, and on kitchen tables, and at many marquee internationally-covered events. We'd have already had all the endless arguments, backed with empirical evidence, of exactly how good or bad they are. We'd already be tired of it, and on to talking about the next thing. In a normal year, they'd be old news. But instead, they are still, 6 months later, "brand new". Now, I'm not saying that a second wave of models and possible new book in less than a year would be normal or anything (not counting SCE of course). I'm just saying that the reaction to it has to be coloured at least a bit by the circumstances.
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    I cannot be the only one thinking this zombie pirate guy is the spitting image of Le Chuck.
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    Complaining about complainers isn't very constructive either, it always just comes off as very self-righteous and smarmy. If people weren't able to exclaim their disappointment- well, we might as well all be posting on GW Facebook groups instead and patting one another on the back about how perfect Daddy GW is and literally everybody thinks everything is wonderful forever in one, big, corporate hivemind. Nor do I think it was an unreasonable expectation that the Christmas Day reveals were going to be the Advent Calendars. I mean that's pretty much how advent calendars work and reviewing this thread, it's very clear almost everybody was expecting the reveals to include those from the Advent Calendar, so clearly GW put across the wrong expectation.
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    There are photos of this sprue floating around the internet, so it certainly existed at some point. There were rumours of the steel mould breaking, and deemed not to be financially viable to remake. Edit: Found it!
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    Can we stop the space marine whining? This is not even a message board about a game they are in.
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    you're really going to come in here and call us white knights because we think that a fantasy tabletop game can include hulking warriors that are ladies? If you've never met or even seen a woman who is taller and/or broader than you, either you're The Mountain in real life or you don't know what women look like yourself.
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    No, no, no. i was okay with ya’ll shouting for vampirates. But I’m drawing the line at vampire baby’s.
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    Happy new Year, fellow gitz! Recently i finally finished a long project making an allied mega-gargant proxy for a Gloomspite army and decided to share with yall. Here is a Giant Throgg Fanatic. He`s 9 inches tall, stands on a 130mm base) Designed, printed and painted all by meself. Hope you enjoy, cheers! Other images
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    I use Fireforge zombies (they have the good size for warhammer minis unlike their other products) for my Mordheim warband + Frostgrave Good sculpts and its all hard plastic. So yeah like Kingbrodd said, I imagine the new deadwalkers to be very different more like draugr but pirate
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    What a great topic and amazing models. For me, 2020 meant the return to the hobby, first with joining TGA after the Pointy Aelves video was released. The first half of the year I spent happily speculating with others about how the Lumineth would turn out to be. I really enjoyed that, and becoming a part of the community here. Since July/August (when most of the paints arrived) I spent my time painting the Lumineth. The hobby part has been much more fun than I expected. When I last played Fantasy I enjoyed the gaming part much more. This all I have finished so far. Another 9 archers and the Geminids have been painted except for the bases.
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    Orpheon Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis, arrives at the city walls "We are here to BONE" Glutos Orscollion, Lord of Gluttony, greets him "Oh my, so are we"
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    Edit:apologies for the many errors english isn't my first language and can falll apart when I get into technical things. I'm going to try to give some answers as someone who has some hobby and professional casting experience. I use to caste lead toy soldiers as a kid(this was a real thing kids use to do and i inherit a simple casting set from my great uncle with some molds), i studied and worked as a metallurgist and a machinist off and on for about 15 years now covering bronze age techniques to modern ones using 3d printers( though not the same tech as GW). The material science i m going to be kinda glossy on cause some things i m not too sharp on and others are trade secreats. Starting with the simple lead mini of your this is the simplest usually a sculpt is made as a master( carve it, greenstuff, miliput whatever) and this is pressed into a ceramic(or other industrial material such as steel and carbon coke) mold using usually a hydraulic press or similar tool. At this point some tooling may be used to carve out details in the mold but unless you got someone really good with an eye for it probably just have the mold put straight into production. The master can often be damaged right here in this process and be gone for good.(a similar method is done by resin sculpting hobbyist) You now just pour white metal into the mold till heat, or wear and tear cause a crack or carving leading it yo break(but like i said earlier white metal and a good mold can last a century but your limits by luck and what form you can carve as some will just guarantee a break simpler soft shapes most likely to last) the simplest form you can see this wear and tear is the mold lines on older designs. This is the method most scene by blackmarket re casters using a Original sprue as the master with zero to lil tooling done to improve the mold they make. Now this is a limited process, most industrial white metals sky rocketed in cost in the 90s and we tend to frown upon lead toys. Most have switched to plastic which tends to use molds at lower heat but weaker material(not like glass vs steel but enough to make a difference when scaled up production level). Either material you dont really wanna just rely on a crucible and a steady hand to produce your line. So most manufacturers use probably injection or spin casting(or something akin to it their is stuff like raising casting but it relies on similar principles). With injection the machining of the mold is paramount cause if the shape isnt done right the material wont fill the mold no matter what(this was probably the cause of much of the notorious fine cast flaws in the early days as it was a whole new way of tooling molds for GW). This leads to more complicates and worked molds leading to higher chances of a nick or dent that will eventually break the mold. Many mini companies use a spin process where a wheel of molds is made and spun using the centrifugal force to push the hot material into the mold again you can see how wear and tear would be likelier then my coke covered ceramic mold and casting sand. I should note this does not always mean a degrading quality over time I can definitely tell for example without looking at production numbers for example my bretonnian sprues got better in quality after a new mold was made the master is the same design of course but clearly the tooling and machining of the mold led to sharper detail. The design remained the same but the team at the factory or design level(it can vary from company to company) either got better tools or better practice(or less management oversight) and were more willing to spend time machining a mold to allow better details in casting Which brings me to 3d printers now professionally I am somewhat limited in my experience as they are something I mostly either order masters from a catalogue and it comes to me printed ready for a single casting(we use em for lost wax casting a method where you keep detail by having the molten metal fill the space the master is pressed in) or its some custom thing a customer designed on a shop front software. Very often however (especially the custom stuff) breaks easily or even in mold. As the designs are often made with only the 3d model in mind not the tooling or casting process let alone the material concern(thin bands, or a mold that structurally cant hold form in softer metals). Part of the price of the convenience of 3d design is the material structural needs of actually printing a master which is different from those of casting it.(less so with CNC machine designs and lathes but id bet these arent used much in the GW processs) Now some tooling and fixing can be done but it can often be not worth it for us production wise for a few reasons. Primarily you need the right eye and good skill to solve the issue not good for mass production. Materially cause the mold would need to be tooled for every cast, the master doesn't hold form in the shape it was machined/printed in we can usually tell before hand and send it back to the designer. Now in jewellery i can negotiate if a custom piece or mold fail and still make a single version similar with hand tools and torch. No company that produces minis can do that. I already work for a company that does a lot of production(I'm on the more one on one customer end but still probably have 150-300 pieces go through my workbench a day) and we try not to produce molds unless we have too cause it ends production at some level. there are a lot of technical differences between methods used but the general principle of wear and tear is hopefully explained well enough. Couple the every day problems with mass scale like GW does and i hope ive shed light onto what may be behind some decisions they make productionwise.
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    I have a very different memory of AoS 1.0: Kunnin Rukk and even double Kunnin Rukk builds Thundertusk spam Mixed Order shooting lists Shootcast Tomb Kings (lol) Settra lists with like 12+ Necropolis Knights Sayl + Bloodletter bomb Grimghast Reaper spam Skyfire Spam I'm probably forgetting some bugaboos but all of the lists I mentioned above were capable of tabling opponents in the early turns just as much as current lists are. There were some aspects of the game then that were arguably more powerful than current mechanics. For example, the Settra and letterbomb lists were triggering mortal wounds on like 4+ instead of 6+ because all of the stacking hit bonuses also worked on the mortal wound trigger. The double turn is a polarizing mechanic for sure, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. But the double turn has been there since the beginning, and there have been armies that can take advantage of it just as much as current ones can. I'll readily acknowledge that your experience of the game may be different now than it was in 1.0. Maybe your opponents are more likely to play high powered lists now, but during 1.0 you managed to avoid opponents bringing the kinds of things that I mentioned above. Regardless, if you want to play massed infantry now there are several armies that can pull it off. Daughters of Khaine, Cities if Sigmar, Orruk Warclans, Fyreslayers, OBR, Maggotkin, LRL, and Seraphon all have competitive lists that use large blocks of infantry and that's just off the top of my head. But no matter what you do you are going to have some bad matchups. That's the nature of the game -- if you don't have any opponents who give you problems, then your list is probably the broken one that needs to be fixed.
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    I truly hope we get a classic Baroque Vampire army as opposed to Vampirates. Or perhaps there will be defined Sub Factions and Vampirates are one of those? Meaning that another Sub Faction could be Undead beasts and we can have an entire Werewolf/monster army!! Seeing as we have a Frankenstein ish monster for BLOOD bowl maybe we can get another Flesh Construct for these guys? Especially if the new Deadwalkers are in fact mixed with parts.
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    Leasbelchers were in the original ogor release too, look at the 6th edition army book. Ogres (that is, the gluttons, ironguts and leasbelchers) are probably THE best of the 6th ed kits. They might be less detailed than today's miniatures, but they're large and brutal enough that it just looks like an aesthetic choice. The slightly static pose isn't an issue either, it communicates a lumbering gait. And even with the pose, they've got so many options bursting with personality. On top of all the options the base kits give you, they're compatible with the 8th ed mournfang and stonehorn bits, it's a kitbashers dream and GW won't create its like again. Being an ogor player I'd obviously love an update, but for yhetees and maneaters. Coz if I was gonna rank 15 year old plastic kits still in the game, ogors are like the S tier.
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