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    Someone summoned me from my exile. Idoneth endless spells?!
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    So based on the fact that they don’t have a thread yet when a lot of people will still be asleep and we know nothing about rules or anything yet you think GW should be worried? I really don’t think that’s the ‘ominous sign’ you think it is, and it just seems like you think they’ll fail because you don’t like them.
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    A warband unlike any we've seen? A noble king and his trusty retainers. When they inspire, flip the cards (and replace the models) to reveal their true nature, an Abhorrent Ghoul King and ghouls!
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    But then I spent so many nights thinking Sigmar did me wrongAnd I grew strongAnd then I made a bony thong...
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    Always here to chime in with my jaded unpopular opinions. When even base-line foot soldiers are all 100% fantastical super-powered beings, living in impermanent dimensional realm settings, that's when immersion starts breaking for me. ACTUAL super-beings like Archaon and Alarielle have less impact to me when there is less contrast between the super beings and the ways of regular mortals/elves. At least having some consistent, lower fantasy elements woven throughout the story and throughout the factions helps to ground things and sets the importance of things that transcend from the mortal. At a certain point, with certain factions (at the risk of sounding elitist), the miniatures can begin to look less like representations of troops in a "real" conflict, and more like toy action figurines.
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    Hey guys, I wrote a little blog entry about my time at this year's NOVA. Enjoy https://daviseford.com/blog/2019/09/02/nova-open-2019.html
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    I hate to say this, but this new faction is just not doing it for me. The detail is incredible, and there are some aspects that I really like but overall it's a pretty big miss for me personally. First off, the positives: I really like the basic concept The catapult is pretty interesting I really like the basic design of the mortarch as a kit. Adding bulk to the kit by making it a diorama instead of just making it a big monster or a guy on a big monster is a really exciting development in design. I know not everyone is going to like it, but for me it's a big hit. It's taking something like the Contorted Epitome and taking it up three levels. That said: Although I like the basic concept, almost everything else is a pretty big miss for me. It all seems very confused with too many details from different sources of inspiration. I also am not a fan of the bone armor, although I think it's more an issue of the execution on these kits as I like the morghasts a lot. Part of the problem is that many of the kits just seem really derivative. You've got your knockoff liberators, your knockoff varanguard, and some, uhh, tyranid warriors? There is so much that I like about the mortarch kit. The stuff I mentioned above, all of the amazing details... I love the messenger dude with his undead carrier pigeons. The problem is that every time I look at it, my eye is drawn straight to the center, which happens to be a bone codpiece that makes Orpheon Katakros look like some sort of nightmare Ken doll. To me there is a big disconnect between the fluff and the models. The fluff is very dark, but a lot of the models just look silly. I think the bone masks are a big part of the problem, but I think it's also that horror depends on at least some element of familiarity. These guys have a lot of very subtle elements of familiarity, but none of them evoke horror -- they just look muddled and, dare I say, silly. Overall, the faction very much reminds me of poorly thought out fusion cuisine. Fusion cuisine works when it takes familiar elements from different cuisines and combines them in a way that both captures something essentially attractive about the inspiration while also creating something new and harmonious. Bad fusion happens when you take inspirational elements that don't work well together and cram them into something that becomes totally unrecognizable. There are design elements here from so many sources and poses that are reminiscent of so many different existing sculpts that the design ends up feeling both too unfamiliar to evoke horror and yet still somehow derivative. Just my personal take on it -- I very much hope that others like it a lot!
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    See people with ridiculous strawman arguments on the rise. You are comparing old and outdated models with completely new up to date models. A better comparison would be the Sepulchral Guard which don't look generic/boring at all:
  9. 8 points
    Since the new GHB dropped we have only played ME. It's faster then a 2k points game and more balanced than a classical 1k points game. I particularly like the fact that it is possible to score points both by taking objectives and by outkilling the opponent.
  10. 8 points
    The armours and weapons are really Morghast-style and I like it because they are the very first models which attracted me while I was passing in front of a GW shop gallery some time ago, and which made me start this hobby So far I understood that we have: 1. A single same voice speaking over the 3 trailers: a general in life and emperor in death, destroyed and reborn, who survived Storm God's hammer and freed from his prison. This last statement links to the old entity (old ally of Nagash) released from the Midnight Tomb by Lady Olynder? 2. A Mortarch (of Bones?). But I am not sure if the previous entity old ally of Nagash is the Mortarch itself, or if a new Mortarch is acting on behalf of the released entity. The main character/general in the 3rd trailer has a shield with a figure which looks a lot like the entity released from Midnight Tomb (mouth wide opened + magic runes). Does it mean that this character with the shield is the Herald of the army, but no necessary the Mortarch itself (like the Knight of Shrouds was a Herald for the Nighthaunt)? 3. An ambassador/tithe collector, a distinct character going from city to city to announce the coming of the army and the collect. 4. A well organised legion/type of army of bones constructs, marching in with banners, in Asian and Morghast style (no wing but undead mounts) and catapults ...throwing what? (green magic?)
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    I agree. The radio silence is pretty bad. Every week I eagerly await the community page articles leading up to the release only to be disappointed.
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    I'm crossposting this from the Cities of Sigmar thread. Pure conjecture on my part, but I hope it helps! List of confirmed "safe" Cities of Sigmar kits from the Open Day article and photos: General/Battlemage on Griffon Freeguild Guard Freeguild Handgunners/Crossbowmen Demigryph Knights Pistoliers/Outriders Steam Tank Lumminark/Hurricanum (components used as scenery) Cogsmith Ironbreakers/Irondrakes Nomad Prince Wild Riders/Sisters of the Thorn Eternal Guard/Wildwood Rangers Worth adding that the plastic Battlemages were on display at the Open Day as part of rules writer Sam Pearson's personal collection, while large parts of his longstanding Free Cities army created using axed and long OOP kits (Freeguild General multipart kit, Battle for Skull Pass Dwarfs) were not, so it's pretty safe to assume they're probably getting (re)repackaged as a box of two. If we go by the kits seen on display in Sam's army, and this collection of models representing the inhabitants of the various Free Cities, originally painted and converted for Season of War: Firestorm (models that were later axed like Freeguild Archers and Swordmasters had been removed or replaced for the display), we can add the following kits to the list: Battlemages Flagellants Burricanum/Luminark (confirmed as a miniature, not scenery) Runelord Longbeards/Hammerers Phoenix Guard Shadow Warriors/Sisters of the Watch Black Guard/Executioners
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    I dont think the problem is inspiring presence. I think the problem is battleshock is a joke to most armies. Several armies just ignore it and a baffling number of hordes are near immune to it. My ogors cry sweet tears.
  14. 6 points
    So the Warhammer Underworlds website has been updated with some Beastgrave stuff: https://warhammerunderworlds.com/ The rules changes are largely covered in this WHC article but the setting and warband sections are probably of interest for the background. The Beastgrave is essentially a giant carniverous mountain that acts like a psychic angler fish, planting dreams and visions of treasure in mortals' minds to lure them into its caves, where it will consume them. This also has the effect of warping its victims' minds into more bestial forms, more aggressive and compulsive about being predators or prey. The mountain was then affected by the Necroquake, which has basically intermingled it with the city of Shadespire so they all but occupy the same physical space. Phil Kelly uses the analogy of a cracked mirror with this mountain behind it and the cracks being cracks in reality, hence those trapped in Shadespire accidentally slipping in and out of the Beastgrave. He also mentions the possibility that those warbands are somehow spreading the curse of Shadespire to those they fight, so the Kurnothi and beastmen are now just as much subject to the weird reality-mirroring/warping/resurrection nonsense that Nagash de-facto inflicted on those S1 warbands. I would also note that Kelly did call the Kurnothi 'aelves', though given everything else I suspect we're talking about a pretty broad spectrum of what could roughly be considered an aelf, with your basic Azyrite dudes on one end and tree-revenants or whatever on the far end.
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    With the latest round of reveals, and eliminating the obvious 40k ones, there's actually a fairly small number left.
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    I like (pseudo)-historical, with a twist of fantasy. Plus, i tend to be more interested in the mundane lives and concerns of low-level elves/humans/daemons/skaven (etc.) than the stories involving powerful gods and emperors. That said, i only need one army, so if CoS works out i can just happily go full Kislev, and leave others to enjoy their flying sharks and new-fangled bone-whatsits*. *shouts at cloud*
  17. 6 points
    I guess dealing with leaked pictures isn't as bad as some of the mods here make it out to be. GW seem to deal with it in a professional manner. They are not delusional believing if a picture leaked out, the information will disappear by removing it. At this point everyone is informed anyways Great Job GW and your media team. And Kudos to whoever leaked that stuff
  18. 6 points
    OK! Well that was completely unexpected. I participated in the 36 player RTT at NOVA yesterday. Ended up going 3-0, coming in 1st overall and winning the damn thing! Came in 4th for battle points. Top four for battle points were: Daughters of Khaine, Slaanesh, Slaanesh, Nurgle (me), and FEC (feast day). My games were great. First was against Matt Obringer from BWG group in PA. VERY competitive group. Mission was scorched earth. He played a skaven list, with like this CP generating farm using Thaanquol's command (that gives three heros the ability to use the generic commands for free), and then the verminus allegiance ability to get a cp back on a 5+, the brooch, and the master manipulator trait. So every time Thaanqoul would use his command, he could potentially get 16 CP generated!! Then the clawlord goes nuts with his command giving +1 attack using all those CP (because its uncapped). Luckily for me his rolls were poo and he left the stormvermin unscreened. Marauders with blades crashed into them and took them out. I took the lead and just summoned to zone out and didnt yield any ground. Second game was against a DOPE nighthaunt list. The type of list I would play if I played nighthaunt. LOTS of bladegeist revenants. 30 of them. 30 grimghasts, some chain rasps, shroud guard battalion, reikenor, dreadblade harrows, and knight of shrouds. On total commitment so I lucked out there. I butt rushed him with the marauders on an objective guarded by chain rasps. He attacked my weak flank with the 30 grimghasts. I left only 10 unsupported kings (hubris) and they murdered them. I countered with 10 fully buffed kings and took them out in one go. Rolling 11 6's on 30 attacks will do that o_O. He had a hail mary at the end with 5 bladegiests on a 9" charge on festus guarding my home objective but rolled an 8 for the charge with no cp. Last game on table 1 was against a thunderquake star host seraphon list on Three places of power. OOOOF tough matchup. Two bastillions ran up and parked in front of the objective, flanked by terrain. Engine of the gods and Slaan moved behind them onto the objectives. I thought the game was over then and there. I took the third objective, and tried my damndest to best those bastiladon to death and break through. COULDN'T. Tried outflanking with gutrot and charging the slaan. Finally hacked through the skink wall, made it to the slaan, started working on him.. until the rippers swooped in and got him. Ended up finishing off the Slaan with stage 6 cycle. Festus dispelled his balewind and ran over there. Took a bastiladon solar beam to the face. survived. managed to SOMEHOW claw my way back to tie him on VP's. And since the only unit he killed was gutrot (one blightking of ten had ONE wound left HAH) I took the minor win. Looking forward to the GT on Saturday.
  19. 6 points
    Planning a play through of the original Skirmish book. Made an archeologists camp from Mantic Games Terrain Crate sets to use in the Treasure Hunt skirmish scenario. If my warband camp comes under attack it will double as a Freeguild scout camp.
  20. 6 points
  21. 6 points
    I’m the player that took CCBB! I’ll try to post a quick recap but I’ll be on Aethercast Saturday to discuss the event. Feel free to ask questions, I’ll do my best to answer them later tonight!
  22. 6 points
    Took a break from coding to finish painting my Dread Saurian Anyone have any tips for using this guy in a game? I feel like his large base size is going to severely limit his effectiveness.
  23. 5 points
    But then the Slaanesh player summons 6 more keepers, so really you’ve done him a favor i haven’t matched it out yet, but I’m fairly sure your big unit of blight Kings can one round him if they get the drop on him 48 wounds isn’t a big ask in aos. Skeletons, skaven infantry, a bunch of chaos units, gobbos, and more can easily mass 48 wounds gotrek ruins the day of people whose army plan was “I’m going to shove my big gribblies down your throat turn one.” And Gotrek is a good solution to that issue mechanically skaven are barely going to care though, and I’m not sure Slaanesh realistically will either. This is the final nail in gristle gore. I can’t imagine another undead army having much issue with Gotrek though. Or either of the nova top 10 tzeentch lists. I dunno, maybe daughters of khaine will have a problem? But, man, they’ve been top tier for like a year so many armies revolve around dumping their entire army in your face in a couple turns with units that do as much or more damage than Gotrek will and ruining your day, and I think that is particularly unfun interactions for the game, so more reasons to not do that is pretty solid
  24. 5 points
    But if I’m saying I like it and it’s blurry or making a visual assessment that is clear despite the picture why that comment censored? I mean ones judgement of what’s considered bad is different form another's. As the dude would say, “that’s like your opinion, man”. but the pictures really aren’t that bad, certainly not enough to remove comments because the images to you are below your standard worthy of comments. It’s simply, weird. Feels like I can’t have my own judgement or thoughts on something, even if it’s a picture of the lockness monster. total buzz-killington on the excitement (removal of images and link I understand), due to censoring of comments about said “poor quality” pictures where within the next day or so said comments will still be valid about the images because personal taste and opinions are to each their own.
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    Hello folks I just wanted to let people that my Youtube channel has a Stardrake giveaway running at the moment. To enter simply clink on the link to the video below and hit the subscribe button, all existing subscribers are already entered! The winner will be announced during the community section of Doomcast Episode 5 which is scheduled to be released in approx 2 months. All proceeds and revenue generated by my channel are donated to charity and this months charity is Dementia Australia. Good luck to you all!
  26. 5 points
    I am the Nurgle player that played William round one at NOVA. It was a great game. Something he didnt mention was that he had 100+ depravity points by round 3 LOL!! because my list was 30 blightkings. My only real chance at winning that game was to make the charge on the flank with 10 blightkings and gutrot. With a 4+ roll, gutrot can really neuter a large character by taking away a weapon profile. But I didn't get the charge. His army looks flippin amazing. Each keeper is completely converted. His list is killer. I play against a slaanesh player semi-regularly but William is incredibly skilled at piloting his list. Was a GREAT game! My nurgle list included a contorted epitome as an ally. Since we were playing in aqshy (which has inferno blades and stoke rage) I decided a double caster/unbind with RRs was worth 200 points! Anyway here is the epitome I converted up using the greasus goldtooth model combined with the mirror from the bloodwrack shrine, and rouge trader era nurglings. The coins I individually cut from greenstuff! I this as a symbol of excess of wealth and vanity (note the reflection in the mirror), that also touched on nurgle as a symbol of stagnation.
  27. 5 points
    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Not impressed at all with the way this thread has gone. This is not how we treat people on TGA. @Maturin - Can you please read the Rules about how we want you to behave on this forum.
  28. 5 points
    Welcome to the fold my frozen friend!
  29. 5 points
    So... Now that we have a new army on the way WHEN are we supposed to get CoS and the Orruks book? I know some of you have done some shamanistic-calendar-prevision of the upcoming stuffs. I mean, it's all cool and fun but I got a cover art 30 days ago and dead signal...
  30. 4 points
    I've never liked any of the goblin wolf rider sculpts of the past, but these guys knock it out of the park. The posing of the mounts and riders and the overall detail is absolutely on point. I love that GW is showing that they can absolutely execute on both new designs and on throwbacks like this.
  31. 4 points
    I think it will be the same moment when Fyreslayers finally resurrect Grimnir...only for Gotrek to end him again.
  32. 4 points
    I absolutely love the model - it's such a joy to paint as well... on the tabletop, though: - 1000 pts: don't even think about it - seriously, go for Lady Olynder instead (what you get for a few points more... amazing stuff). - 2000 pts: I've tried him in multiple occasions, with very mixed results. The main problem with this lad is that he's utterly unreliable. Sure, he can deal an impressive amount of damage (chiefly against the enemey general...), which is an ability something that NHs sorely miss. However, you can't really count on him to deliver consistently. But then, what are you left with? Seven rather squishy wounds, no buffs to anybody around him, and very erratic "I've stolen your CP on a 5+". Not great... I have recently tried to swap Kurdoss with 5 blood knights (same pts!). Alright, they are not as good as they are in LoB (they're still not summonable and tricky to heal there too, though...), but the punch they can deliver on the charge is something way more reliable than Kurdoss. You can deepstrike the latter turn 1 against the enemy general, but any decent opponent would make it impossible - and there you have it, that lazy Craven King ambling on a 6" move. Conevrsely, blood knights move 10", typically 12" in NHs (if you're not running the cogs, you're not really playing NHs). In a nutshell: amazing model, real fun to play with (when he spikes, man, he really spikes...), but not reliable enough, in my very personal opinion, to be included in what people would probably call a competitive list (assuming such a thing makes sense as we speak with our beautiful flimsy ghosts). P.S. All of this coming from a relatively new player currently losing an awful lot of tournament games with NHs, so take it with a grain of salt!
  33. 4 points
    I think it still falls into "just your opinion" category.
  34. 4 points
    Gotrek is likely gonna be one of those models that are gonna be absolutely brutal in beginner/casual games, but fall off once you get to tournaments where players know exactly how to adapt/fight him.
  35. 4 points
    Charge the Aether carbines and ready your supremacy mines, Grotbag Scuttlers on the horizon!
  36. 4 points
    Rawr, havent posted any dudes in a while. Have a hag
  37. 4 points
    Totally agree. Delighted to see Beasts of Chaos and Everchosen warband rune marks. It's exactly what the game needs going forward. Also happy with the Allies list. I would love a Forgeworld monsters supplement where you could add in Skinwolves etc but so far so good imho.
  38. 4 points
    Neat thread, here's my take on accurate but balanced rules for the old setting's unluckiest trollslayer: Deals as much damage as a charged up Celestant Prime, is as hard to shift as a Great Unclean one, is unfortunately stuck at a 4" move that can never be buffed or improved. Has a special rule called Worthy Doom, that means that if he hasn't manged to get killed by the end of the battle the player using him's victory threshold goes down by one (so a major victory becomes a minor, minor victory a draw, draw a minor loss, ect) Is always being followed by at least one of Thanquol's kill squads, hence all the dead skaven on the base. Represented by the player fielding Gotrek having to provide a unit of 20 Clanrats who respawn from a table edge when slain for their opponent to use.
  39. 4 points
    That's not "this sort of game" though. Underworld has two key differences: 1. No random. You buy the cards you want. You spend for the items you want. No ambiguity. I want that card, I get it, I play with it. I build my experience around expectations I control. 2. Models. Painted models. This is an investment of time and effort that far exceeds the casual foil ripping of a card pack. Losing that is terrible.
  40. 4 points
    Here's my account of shooting: unit (points) - wounds caused vs 4+sv - wounds/point Hurricane Raptors (140) - 3.75 - .0268 Ballista in 18 (110) - 2.59 - .0236 JavelinProsecutors (90) - 2.07 - .0230 Longstrikes (170) - 3.78 - .0222 Xbow Judic (160) - 4.67 - .0292 BowJudic (160) - 2.48 - .0155 Castigators (80) - 1.20 - .0150 Ballista in 36 (110) - 1.30 - .0118 Hammer Prosecutors (90) - 1.02 - .0113 Palladors pist+jav (180) - 1.22 - .0068 Palladors jav (180) - 0.89 - .0049 4 ballista + ordinator (580) - 15.56 - .0268 3 ballista + ordinator (470) - 11.67 - .0248 Note i included unit leaders for these minsized units, some units don't scale linearly when taken in larger groups. I also assumed Prosecutors outside 9", values are halfed when within 9" ofc.
  41. 4 points
    This is the second time that something has been announced AFTER cities and warclans, and been released BEFORE cities and warclans, within a week of being announced (space marines & warcry expansion). I'm a little salty.
  42. 4 points
    Nice idea! I'm thinking of going for a theme similar to the Draugr from Thor: Ragnarok. Would be my first non-default colour scheme army and not sure what paints would make it work.
  43. 4 points
    Swifthawks were mentioned a lot throughout the lore.
  44. 4 points
    Obviously we're all here because we enjoy fantasy. That's a given but some people really appreciate fantasy grounded in reality... Ghosts float because they're not tied to our physics based plane of existence.... Walking trees "teleport" through a radically accelerated growth and breakdown cycle in their genetic make up... Gigantic fat piles can walk around because, well, that fat pile is tied to a muscle system.... A good portion of us want to look at these fantastical things and have them be believed in our minds that it "could" work. My personal appreciation of this kind of art is heavily linked to this. I like "believably " functional fantasy. To each their own but what one fan finds cool that rules others will breakdown in there minds that it doesn't work and isn't cool. Room for all.
  45. 4 points
    Well different people, different opinions. Nothing to argue here. However as someone who likes the classic Skeleton look and would agree that the old models look boring I can say that these don't look boring for someone who actually likes that look.
  46. 4 points
    I really don’t know how you can judge how well they’re going to sell. Tomb Kings didn’t sell because they weren’t updated (rules or models) for a long time, and when they were fantasy wasn’t doing well anyway and they didn’t have great rules post update. I don’t know how well Necrons do but it seems to be as good as any other Xenos army.
  47. 4 points
    My army is the Grand Host of Nagash, and they march forth from Nagashizzar, at the heart of Shyish, the realm of Death. As such, for thematic reasons alone, I personally have always taken the Realm of Death's Ethereal Amulet over the Realm of Shadow's Doppleganger Cloak on my own Dragon Lords.
  48. 4 points
    Finished me first snake boi. I'm quite happy with the scheme so I get to do the leader next 😁 glad I chose red over white/blue.
  49. 4 points
    Can we finaly bury the Settra back meme plz? These don't look like mummies to me...
  50. 4 points
    Personally I really enjoy the roll off for initiative. Adds some suspense to a game.
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