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    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/10/04/sunday-preview-huge-news-for-the-mortal-realms/ THEYRE HERE THEYRE FINALLY HERE!! MY FACE IS BEGINNING TO HURT FROM SMILING!!
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    I wanna see two big men with big... chests and big muscles, bumping meat. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I watched wrestling as a kid. You want your five star matches? You want your 30 minute classics? Not me. Big meaty men slapping meat. That’s what I want.
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    This Apologia of Chaos is supposed to counteract views of the Chaos gods both as essentially evil, and as rigidly onedimensional both in their own aspects and how the Chaos gods relate to each other. I want to enable people to think of Chaos both in a fundamentally nuanced way, and even in an alien morally sympathic way as a force of catharsis. In this first post I have started with Khorne, mainly because he is the Chaos god people would most think of as mindless. This text is merely one variation of turning to Khorne, and with a cursory consideration, there are other accounts you could write that show different aspects of Khorne : 1) - The honorable warrior who despises dishonor and grows ever more pathological in that sense (whereas my account is not based on someone who is already a warrior) which is the classically nuanced account of Khorne. 2) - The person who despairs at reality but turns to rage instead of acceptance at it (see chapter master Kyras in DoW2 for example) 3) - The soldier, commander, civilian or administrator who grows more and more irritated and enraged at the incompetence or cowardice with which their side or their colleagues are carrying out some military operation. This is close to the account you are about to read from me, but not the same. Simply encouraging the enemy's command & control and regular soldiers to act on these latent or open feelings is also how I imagine Khorne insidiously destroys enemy armies, logistics and fortresses from within, equivalent to how the other Chaos gods would in their own ways. But this particular account based on sins and "social justice" is the one I chose to write for now, as I feel it's both the most general for how different people would fall and most clearly subverts a perhaps more typical expectation of Khorne as someone that civilians would hardly turn to, when in fact to me civilian life is rich in the path to Khorne. One might even ponder that it could particularly be those who are the most used to a life of "civilized" convenience and vanity that would be more susceptible to Khorne (and not merely to Slaanesh as one would stereotype), as they with their lack of perspective and humility would be more easily angered and frustrated by smaller perceived slights and setbacks. I plan to write accounts of the 3 other Chaos gods too, including the different aspects they all have in themselves and how the other Chaos gods both overlap and conflict with those aspects. For Khorne I already hinted at different accounts/aspects above. My goals are to make you feel sympathy for the human condition as a prerequisite, and then ultimately to make you see Chaos as protagonistic - that in its twisted alien resolutions to the human condition, it may actually be cathartically benevolent. If only you let Chaos into your mind... ---------------- Khorne Emotion: Anger (Frustration, Rage, Resentment, Hate) Notions: Justice, Righteous Disgust & Fury, Respect It may not be the warrior who creates the Rage, but the Rage that creates the warrior. Khorne’s faithful can be drawn from the most forward-looking and just-minded of people. Those who seethe at oligarchic privilege, those with a keen ill regard for economic rent seeking, corruption and fraud, those who despise the violently antisocial and petty lowlifes, those who hate the child or animal abuser, rapist, the lying and unfaithful, the human trafficker and domestically violent, even those who are enraged at pollution or social custom – they are at the forefront of who may fall to Khorne. Khorne sees your Anger, and urges you to set things right and not stop until all the injustice has been righted. The perpetrators know what they are doing and you bitterly know they can only be dealt with through destruction. But there are also those who might claim to feel a sense of right, but do not show the righteousness to act on it. They enable or excuse the presence of evil through their languid comfort, foolish pity, or blind legalism. Do they not have the sense of Justice? They must be swept into your fold, or if they do not feel the conviction you do, swept away as despicable accomplices too. So begins the life for Justice. And your tendency toward reaction against perceived slights grows too until it is intolerable to abide the common people around. You may already have a negative reaction to the inane humor, witless or wanton disrespect, stupidity, carelessness and hypocrisy that other people display. Perhaps you are even mindful of this in yourself too. What harm is it if creatures like these die? Their natures are an incorrigibly ugly sight. The world is at no loss without them. So the spirit of Khorne gives you the clarity to wipe away the evil sin and the ugly flaw. But this could not last forever. When at some point the devotee reflects on their pursuit, they might come to consider that some they have killed may not have deserved death. As they face the killer they have become, they realise that the person they are now may serve as an example of what could’ve driven their earlier self down this path in anger in the first place. Now, at last, they feel their most profound sense of insight. For in reduction to the sinful, the flawed and the murderous, who all deserve Justice, the world has become one of limitless potential for it. And each killing of the innocent brings the world closer to this state as well, both physically through their elimination and spiritually through turning the killer into a hypocrite, who now stokes anger in those who were as they once were. And so the enlightenment of Khorne is revealed. Now, free at last through Khorne, you have the life for a higher cause and eternal paradise of Justice that you always desired. Blood for the Blood God! ---------------- So what do you think? I wrote and edited this text just in the last hour or so, it is meant to be an oversight of Khorne's concept rather than a deep personal story. Did you like it? Any critique of my prose or concepts? Hopefully it gave you something.
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    Very true this forum is by far the most open and community oriented warhammer group I have seen online. As a matter of fact, it is probably one of the best online communities I have encountered period.
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    Please, be it a soulblight teaser !!!
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    I finished my Ymetrica Mountain Spirit. Such a beautiful model. Cant wait to get my hands on Avalenor!
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    I feel this lord of change is a bit less imposing than the previous one
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    This is a long post, there is a conclusion and tl;dr at the bottom; I would recommend at least reading the titles to get the jist of my argument. While the addition of any 40k like rule into AoS is often met with pushback (see the initial announcement of command points in second edition), I believe there are still things to learn from 40k's ruleset. One of the more controversial additions, which I will be arguing in favour of, is strength and toughness. For those who don't know, strength and toughness are the equivalent of AoS's 'to wound'. Every model has a strength (S) score, which is often modified by a weapon, and every model has a toughness (T) score, which is very rarely modified. You use these two values to find the 'to wound' value; to do this, you compare the S & T to one another. If the S is half the T, you wound on 6s, if the S is less than T, you wound on 5s, if the S is equal to T, you wound on 4s, if the S is greater than T you wound on 3s, if the S is double the T you wound on 2s. The idea behind S and T is to create a difference between 'strong' (e.g. a greater daemon) and 'weak' (e.g. a grot) models so that they fight on an unequal playing ground, better representing their points cost. In theory, it stops a horde of 60 weak models taking down a very strong model in one turn (and helps that strong model beat the horde). I am not arguing that 40k’s implementation is totally balanced, but rather a well done implementation in AoS could help the game a lot. In this piece, I will discuss how it could be implemented in AoS, why it would be good for AoS, and countering some of the common arguments against the introduction of S & T. How it would be implemented Generally, the implementation would be similar to 40k (e.g. how you compare S & T), but with some key differences. The strength would not be the model's strength, but would be attached to the weapon. This is for simplicity's sake. For example, a bullgor's great axe may have S6, their small axe have S5, and their horns have S4. Toughness would only ever go up to 8. It very rarely goes over in 40k anyway, but this is to ensure we keep with workable numbers Note, I am not proposing we have a weapons bloat like 40k, wherein every profile has loads of weapons attached that each modify S in a different way, nor am I suggesting weapons should be costed differently. In my proposition, the variety of S values would be akin to the variety of 'to wound' values found on weapons on the same warscroll. Why would strength and toughness help AoS? One of, if not the, most important question is why would this make AoS a better game? It's all fine adding strength and toughness, but if it doesn't help at all then it's a waste of time at best and game breaking at worst. I've summarised a few reasons that I believe S and T would help the game: Add an extra tool of list consideration More tweakable stats increases the number of ways a model can be created, and thus played. This does not mean they will be better balanced, but rather having more numbers means the rules writers have more control in how a model works and so more interesting considerations for players to make while building their list. For example, AoS could do away with wound rolls all together, but that would mean that the ‘to hit’ value would become much more valued and weapons could not be diversified on having a good ‘to hit’ and a poor ‘to wound’, so the players have less engaging decisions to make With S and T, if the average T was 3, a weapon with S4 may seem very tempting compared to an alternative with S3 (e.g. if a hand weapon had S3 vs a great weapon with S4, but the hand weapon lets you have a shield) as you’ll wound more things on a 3+ rather than a 4+. However, against a T5 enemy, both the hand weapon and great weapon are wounding on 5s, so the hand weapon is always better in this case (as it comes with a shield). These extra considerations mean a more engaging list building stage, and not much more complex than the current rules. Breathing new life into disappointing warscrolls Judging by the recent ‘most disappointing units’ thread, a common theme is disappointment in elite units. For example, chaos warriors and knights are often outclassed by marauders; a chaos warrior has 2 attacks at 3/3/-/1 with their hand weapon, and a marauder (in a full or larger unit) has 2 attacks at 3/4/-1/1. As you get far more models in a marauder units point for point, marauders end up being far more lethal than their more elite allies. If S and T was in AoS, a chaos warrior may have S4 and T4, compared to a marauder’s S3 and T3. This doesn’t just mean that warriors would remain better at wounding, but would also be much more resilient (with a better save and most enemies having a harder time wounding them). To compare 10 warriors (rerolling saves) vs 20 marauders (horde bonuses) now, the marauders do 6 damage against the warriors and the warriors do about 6 against them. To compare them when using strength and toughness, the marauders do about 4 damage (and the chaos warriors do 6). This means a unit of chaos warriors would likely beat a unit of similarly costed marauders with ease, which they should do lore wise. However, in other situations (e.g. against a T3 unit with a 4+ save) the marauders would do more damage so would still have a place in the army. Basically, S and T allow elite units to have better stats than weaker horde units, allowing them to have better ‘to wound’ values and defences against chaff, without skewing the game from horde units to elite units as there will still be areas where hordes are better. Bring monsters back into AoS It’s no secret that non-hero monsters aren’t considered fantastic in AoS. Monsters such as the ghorgon, aleguzzler, and jabberslythe (among others) are considered very weak; not just in a competitive sense, but also in a narrative sense - you see a towering monstrosity of bovine fury ready to tear the enemy limb from limb, before it’s taken down by a bunch of goblins wounding on 2s. It doesn’t feel great no matter how you play the game. Unfortunately, weight of decent attacks from hordes and a poor save for most monsters mean they don’t find a place in lists no matter the style of play. There are other issues with monsters, but S and T would at least give them a few advantages. Not only would monsters be able to more easily cleave through the average horde (assuming S6 vs T3), but they would be able to weather measly attacks from the standard solder (assuming S3 vs T6). For example, a unit of 20 marauders do 11 wounds against a ghorgon, and a ghorgon does about 6-7 damage against the marauders. With the suggested S and T, the unit of marauders would do 3 damage, and the ghorgon would do about 8 damage. This gives the ghorgon more of a fighting chance, being much more defensive against enemies that reach their ankles. This helps make up for the fact that a ghorgon can’t hold a point on its own, and still has a low save when considering it fighting other monsters. S and T empowers monsters, but does not make them overpowering as they still suffer from a degrading profile, small board presence, no objective capture power, and generally weak saves. Instead, it gives them a battlefield roll of being able to take on small hordes. Help with the 'feel bad' moments of the double turn I’m sure no one here is a stranger to having your army crippled by a double turn, losing key pieces due to a huge weight of attacks. Thankfully, S and T have a place here too - shields around key models can be created using models with high T to help ensure that they don’t get wiped away, exposing the key models for the double turn. Monsters and heroes may have a higher chance of surviving mass weak shooting that would normally clear them from the board. It would allow the combats to be more predictable (not to the point of boredom, mind) so you could better plan for the double turn. If you know what parts of the opponent’s army can charge or shoot you first turn, you can look at their strength, and try to plan around them with favourable T matchups. This also makes reactive deployment more important. Diversify lists Unfortunately, AoS lists often have a high weight towards one type of unit in competitive play - eels in Idoneth Deepkin are found in abundance, with thralls and leviadons often not finding a place. With S and T, models can be tailored towards certain rolls so the best lists usually have a bit of everything - a horde unit can’t take the place of a monster, and a monster can’t take the place of a horde unit. For example, if I brought a Slaves to Darkness list with hundreds of marauders and some lords and sorcerers to buff them, currently I wouldn’t do too badly as they have a high damage output against nearly every unit. Under S and T, I would be wounding any monsters my opponent brings on a 6 - I would struggle to do enough damage, and I’d need to consider bringing my own monsters or elites. But if I just brought monsters or elites, I’d lose objectives to hordes and ultimately lose the game. If a list is mixed, each unit has a role they can fulfil, and the player has to make engaging choices when list building and when playing. They must ask themselves if it’s worth bringing two monsters or just one - two gives more ways to use them, but less overall board presence. In the game, they have to decide whether it’s worth putting the monster into the horde to tie it up, or to go into the other monster to deal with it. The strategy isn’t more complex (as in, a new player isn’t expected to do hard maths to do anything), but is more engaging and will allow players to employ more strategic manoeuvres. Create more narrative heroes Age of Sigmar tells stories of heroes and villains carving their stories through the mortal realms - chaos lords cleaving through foot soldiers, lord celestants smiting unworthy bloodreavers, megabosses krumping skeletons, and vampire lords dispatching grots with contempt. Unfortunately, in the game these on foot heroes are best leading from the back. Aside from supporting their troops with a safe joint charge, they’ll likely never see combat - and certainly not combat befitting of the title ‘Mighty Lord of Khorne’. The narrative and rules just don’t jive here. S and T allow these combat heroes a fighting chance - if combat heroes like vampire and chaos lords have T5, and combat giant heroes like Mighty Lords of Khorne and Megabosses have S6, they have a larger defence against the unwashed masses they shouldn’t fear, but still have to be careful about challenging monsters to 1v1 combat. Not every hero needs a high S and T, certainly I wouldn’t argue for Lord Kroak becoming harder to kill, but this is specifically for combat heroes. Finally, god models like Archaon, Nagash, and Allarielle would be some of the few to have T8 (other big models could still have S8 weapons) - meaning that only the most powerful attacks could reach them - no more cowering in fear from a horde of daemonettes. Many of these god models are already very powerful, no arguments there, but it feels very strange to have them taken down by a bunch of mortal bowmen. They may need a points boost to compensate, but overall I think god models feeling as such would help the narrative of the game. Arguments against Strength and Toughness While I believe that there are strong arguments for S and T in AoS, there are certainly potential issues. I will try to address these issues. It’s great for monsters and elites, but not for hordes A lot of what I have spoken about talks about how this will help heroes, monsters, and elites - but I’ve said very little on how this will benefit hordes. And in a way, it doesn’t (though some hordes may have points reductions in response to this change). I would argue that hordes as a whole don’t need a buff - generally they are the strongest type of unit in AoS. With a higher volume of strong attacks, benefiting the most from buffs (due to their higher number of attacks), suffering the least (besides heroes) from battleshock, having the most wounds per point, and being able capture objectives easily, hordes are often the star of an army. All adding S and T would do is partially take away some of the punch power and staying power from hordes, but not the other advantages they have. In addition to this, if we assume that hordes (generally 1 wound models) tend to have T&S3, elites (generally 2 wound models) tend to have T&S4, and super elites (generally 3+ wounds) tend to have T&S5, then hordes would be better than elites against super elites (considering the other advantages of hordes), but not as good against monsters - they would still have a role and some good damage behind them. It’s too complicated - AoS is meant to be a simple game It’s true, S and T would be more complicated than a simple ‘to wound’ value. But I would argue that it’s not that much more complicated - certainly not the hardest rule in the game. All it involves is the ability to divide by 2, and confirming S&T with your opponent, and I think the vast majority of players can do that. Without the massive selection of weapons of 40k, and how they interact with a model’s strength, I doubt this would confuse many players. Only one number would be added to the warscroll (toughness), and strength would replace a weapon’s wound characteristic. I believe this slight bump in complexity would help the game overall. We already have something similar - to wound, rend, save, and wounds At the moment, these four values do seem to be the equivalent to S&T. The wound value is most equivalent to strength, and rend vs save is like strength vs toughness, and the wound value is just toughness. However, I would argue that the lack of interactivity between wounding and the target model means you get odd scenarios where grots can stab the ankles of Archaon with a higher ‘to wound’ than Slayer of Kings. This flat ‘to wound’ value means hordes are very killy. The rend vs save is more of an interaction, but as we can see with many monsters, they have a 5 or 6+ save; being tough doesn’t equate to a good save, and being weak doesn’t mean they have poor rend. The wounds are a different story - tougher models do generally have a higher number of wounds (e.g. Ghorgons have a whopping 14). However, as we’ve seen, these models lose these wounds very quickly; a ghorgon takes 11 wounds from a unit of 20 marauders, and while a full wound ghorgon will kill about 6-7 marauders, there are more marauders dead than ghorgons, but the ghorgon has taken more damage - and it will be in a rough state with the damage table decreasing. If the marauders were buffed, they would probably kill the ghorgon in a single combat activation. Basically, wounds are not enough to make a model tough. It would require too many changes, and would be a massive amount of work on GW’s behalf Adding S&T would take a lot of time - no arguments there. It is a change large enough to come from a new edition; yes, every warscroll would need an edit, but the same happened in 40k 8th edition and I think 9th. An index, free erratas on the website, and an updated app would ensure everyone would get up to speed, and if GW pumped out battletomes like they’re meant to be doing with the new 40k codexes, everyone would be up to date soon. Not every army has the tools to create a varied list While I have said that there is a big advantage that more varied lists can be created, that only works if every army has the ability to take these varied models. Looking through the armies, there is only one army I can see without a monster (though it does have elites) and that’s Nighthaunt - but even then, they have the black coach and a mortarch. I don’t believe it would be too hard for GW to rejig Nighthaunt so they had an answer for monsters. All armies have elites (including cavalry) of some kind, though not all armies have one wound hordes (however, this is fine as not having one wound hordes doesn’t matter if S and T are added) Conclusion Overall, there is difficulty when introducing Strength and Toughness in Age of Sigmar. However, I believe there are strong reasons to push pass those difficulties and make the change which would have positive effects for the balance, narrative, and list building of AoS. I look forward to hearing the views of others on this topic TL;DR I believe that strength and toughness have the ability to revitalise certain warscrolls - especially elites and monsters, add more tactical depth, join the narrative and gameplay more, and diversify lists. While there could be issues, none of them are severe enough to offset the positive consequences. I would recommend reading the titles at least for the fors and againsts - while the entire post is a lot to read, the headings will give you more of an idea.
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    Recently I've been getting quite tired of Warhammer Community**. When the U.K went into lockdown and GW had to roll back production etc. it broke up a never ending cycle of product hype and marketing that had been going for years. It made me step back and realise that all the articles about the new release are just marketing, they aren't helpful free things, they are just there to sell the new release, all the different previews whether they are rules, fluff, painting all have the same core message, buy, buy, buy. It was so nice to have a break from it all. Even if you don't go on Warhammer Community a lot of other websites just copy and paste the articles.*** This article is a good example. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/10/12/hobby-at-home-getting-started/ It starts off talking about how people are experiencing difficult times and then goes into 'instructional advice'**** how to set up a hobby area and find space to play in. But really all it is doing is trying to sell some of the worst priced items GW make.***** It creates a problem then solves it with a link to buy one of their products. I did a quick count there are 18 links in there to buy things, the cost of the hobby items alone is £150. "Experiencing hard times? More free time because you lost your job due to the global pandemic? Well your good friend Warhammer Community's got you covered, with expensive hobby items you don't need."****** The writing style of Warhammer Community is also especially inane.******* The constant use of asterisks is completely unnecessary and quite annoying. It was a joke that was mildly amusing on one article.******** Also the constant use of 'we've got you covered' which just means spend more. I know White Dwarf is designed to sell products, but it does occasionally have some interesting content in it. It isn't all just marketing. Sorry, I know the site rules, topics shouldn't just be complaining, and I have been doing a bit of that recently, maybe I should take a break from posting for a bit. That article rubbed me up the wrong way, and I just think GW are taking the Mick********* out of their customers at the moment with their record profits, record price rises, record new prices. Any shine has rubbed off 'New GW' and Warhammer Community has been a big part of that. I think they are being exposed for the greedy company they are and not the matey one they try to trick you into thinking they are. I'm starting to miss the 'Old GW' where they didn't communicate with the community at all. Am I wrong? Have I got the wrong end of the stick? Does Warhammer Community actually deserve the word community in its name? * replace 'your helpful friend' with 'cynical marketing under the guise of being your friend.' ** Community maybe the wrong word for advertising. *** free hype! Actually just a bad joke that you had to scroll down to read. **** it's not instructional or advice ***** no it's not the Mega Gargant, that's already being sold in the first sentence. ****** you can find better alternative for free lying around your house. ******* god these are annoying aren't they. ******** joke is maybe too strong a word, I don't think a physical smile crossed my face. ********* ****
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    I'm surprised no one is talking about this. Although it has been edited fast and replaced by "daughters of khaine". Still, seems like we got the name of malerion's faction: The Umbraneth. (Or at least part of the name, they can be named Umbraneth Shadowmuch or something like that).
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    I don’t like to derail the thread to a “GW is so expensive”, because we all know this is an expensive hobby. But they have arbitrarily raised the price like 2 or 3 times just in last year (besstgrave warbands for example). I know inflation is a thing, they’re not our friends and brexit didn’t help but they’re having a dangerous pattern of increasing the price on every release, making this hobby less and less accesible to new players, which in the end will hurt not only our wallets (remember we’re in a global crisis) but also our hobby communities, I already know about people who will leave or have already left. Sorry for the wall of text. /endrant
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    Been lurking on this thread a while, thought I'd jump in. I'm a long time High Elf player (20+ years), and I've been mainly playing with my Elves, first as a disparate order army (which wasn't particularly easy against all the powerful synergies in the other battletomes) and then as 4 Cities of Sigmar armies. When the Lumineth were announced in January, I was excited - so much so, that I spent the next four months looking for anything I could find on them! I've got a good chunk of them painted, though these are the ones I'd call complete (awaiting some more basing stuff to finish). Though I am going to also show off my Avelenor, because I'm pretty happy with it so far. I've also had an opportunity for a couple of games! Currently 3 for 3, but it's certainly an army that requires a lot of thought! I've played 1000pts vs Maggotkin, and 2k vs a nasty Living City CoS army with a huge amount of crossbowmen, and 2k vs Nighthaunt.
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    This is a reasonable suggestion if you feel as though you are getting fair value for the price that you are paying. Budgeting is always a good idea for personal finance. My issue with the SoB release is that the consumer is not getting fair value. In Aus they cost $320 AUD, that's not fair value at all. I can "afford" to buy a kit. I can "afford" hundreds of them today, technically, but why the hell would I when there are better things to spend my money on? No one, well almost no one, has infinite money. As adults we need to buy/pay off property, make investments, save for retirement etc. So fair value is extremely important when deciding how to use the money that we have for discretionary spending. I could spend $320 on this gargant kit, or I could make that $320 go MUCH further in a myriad of other ways. IMO the only people at this point who defend GW pricing either a) do not understand the value of money or b) have infinite money. I suspect it is more a) than b).
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    Not done a massive amount of AoS painting recently as I've largely been doing 40k/Necromunda. However this weekend I painted up one of the Warcry Ogroid Myrmidon's (it's being sent off to be added to a joint Armies on Parade entry). It's been really nice to paint something completely different and lovely to do something that wasn't destined for an army. Although this had a pretty quick turn around, the sculpt is fantastic and if you've been toying with the idea of picking one up, I would thoroughly recommend it. I'll try and get some better pictures of him at some point - his posture actually makes it pretty tricky to get a good photo of as his face is quite far forward. Really fancy painting the fomoroid now 🤔
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    what makes the Megas another no-go for me is that they are dwarved by Archaon. They are less tall than a Knight castellant and have about the same height as the Glotkin while costing SO much more. The only thing that‘s mega about them is their price... Well I am still looking forward to fighting them or getting one Second Hand.
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    Your ringtone is way too loud! I try to sleep over here!
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    Play the armies you already own and add a unit or two each year. And collect WU Warbands for painting.
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    Personally I shall wait until xmas to even consider the MG and will be buying a Mr Potato Head instead, €20, about the same size, variable builds, comes with loads of customisable parts and extra options. Perfect.
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    Colour me surprised, the website owned by a company exists to sell and hype up that company’s products. With all due respect, what did you expect?
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    I know what you mean. Last weekend I was telling my husband that I really hoped the Sons of Behemat came out soon. And he asked why since I wasn't going to be buying a new army (he's mean that way) and I explained that King Brodd needed them and he thought I was crazy.
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    I've grown impatient for GW to come out with some really cool Vampires and with the COVID Pandemic it has given me suffcient time to hobby. So without further ado, I present House Corvent, a Vampire Coven that turned its back on Nagash and made a deal with Khorne. House Corvent “To be on the cusp of dominating the mortal realms, only to be denied such power from a group of greedy rats only shows how ignorant he really is.” - Duntov Von Corvent, discussing Clan Eshin’s intervention during Nagash’s Necroquake and the Arcanum Optimar. House Corvent is an ancient Soulblight Coven that is of significantly smaller size than many other Soulblight Covens. Despite its size, House Corvent’s members are known as being some of the deadliest and fiercest fighting of all Soulblight. This has resulted in the Coven being tasked with some of the most difficult and deadly missions. Duntov Von Corvent, the head of House Corvent dates back to a time when there were only faint whispers of blood sucking immortals that inhabited the realms. Duntov has served under Neferata since she turned him centuries ago. However, that came to an abrupt end several years ago when Duntov made a deal with the Blood God, by turning the Covens back on magic and the Great Necromancer. In return House Corvent would, for the first time in centuries, have their minds free from Nagash’s grasp and no longer would they be puppets in his undead army. Having served Neferata and as a result Nagash, Duntov became increasingly frustrated with the strangle hold the Undying King and his Mortarch had over their servants. It was during a bloody battle in Shyish when the forces of Khorne appeared and House Corvent was sent behind enemy lines to assassinate leaders of the invading Khorne Warhorde. Duntov ruthlessly slaughtered a high-ranking Chaos Lord, plunging his sword through the Chaos Lord's skull and then sucking his body dry of any remaining life blood. The feasting did not stop there, the warriors of House Corvent drained the warriors of Khorne of their blood as was the Soulblights nature. It was at this very moment that the eyes of Khorne gazed upon Duntov and house Corvent, for the Blood God cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows, and on this particular occasion the blood flowed endlessly. Khorne was aware of the existence of the Soulblight, however never had he seen such bloodthirsty warriors as those from House Corvent and this pleased the Blood God. Sensing turmoil within Duntov and his House, Khorne appeared to the Vampire Lord offering House Corvent freedom from Nagash and Neferata and in return they only needed to turn their back on magic and pledge loyalty to the Blood God. Duntov and his House accepted the offer, and at the snap of his fingers, the Chaos powers of Khorne freed House Corvent from the grasp of Nagash and his Mortarch of Blood. The following years proved to be difficult for House Corvent, no longer would they have the luxury to do as they pleased in Shyish; no longer would they be the apex hunters of the realm of Death, now they were the hunted. Despite being incredibly cunning, Neferata was blinded by her rage, one of her oldest and most elite Soulblight leaders had defected to the forces of Chaos. She would send countless Deathrattle legions in search of the traitor Duntov Von Corvent and his House. However, each skeletal legion was met with swift destruction. Duntov not only had the elite forces of his House to command but was supported by Khorne daemons. In one particular bloody battle against the forces of Death, Duntov called upon The Tyrants of Blood and he was greeted by Skarbrand and two Bloodthirster escorts. The trio of Bloodthirsters went on to decimate the front lines, allowing Duntov and his Blood Drenched Knights to ride down the remaining forces of Death. The once powerful magic wielding Soulblight in House Corvent, now turned warrior-priests, were often found drinking the blood of their fallen foes so that Khorne would answer their prayers. Top Lieutenants, now called Deathbringers were found spearheading charges, some aspiring to gain Khorne’s favor and others being exalted by their new God. Through these victories in Shyish, the locals in surrounding areas bore witness to an alternative life, one that wasn’t dictated by the Undying King. Over time these locals would flock to Duntov Von Corvent, pledging loyalty to him and worshiping Khorne as their new God. Most would fill out the ranks as Bloodreavers or Chaos Warriors, but those that proved particularly savage would receive The Red Baptism and become a fearsome Blood Warrior and thus was established the Corvent Warhorde. Less than a decade after their pledge of loyalty to the Blood God, House Corvent had grown to become a thorn in Nagash’s side and for a fleeting moment the Undying King questioned the vulnerability of Shyish. House Corvent Organizational Background of Notable Leaders & Units Faction: Chaos, Khorne Realm: Shyish Motto: Ut neque quod duceretur captum neque quartam partem dare, non accipere vulnerum occidioni (Take no prisoners, give no quarter, accept only bloodshed). Duntov Von Corvent (Chaos Lord on Karkadrak): Often found leading his House into battle from atop a Karkadrak. He carries a Khorne blessed Sword as old as House Corvent itself, forged from the metal of Chamon that has the ability to pierce even the strongest armor with relative ease earning its nickname The Gorecleaver. Arkus Zrone (Chaos Lord on Manticore): The famed Vampire warrior and right hand of Duntov Von Corvent, Arkus leads the troops of House Corvent head first into combat, riding atop his Chaos Beast. Cazdrakk Corvaul (Chaos Lord on Foot): Perhaps one of the most ruthless and bloodthirsty officers in House Corvent. Cazdrakk prefers offense to defense and thus throws caution to the wind, wielding a Reaperblade in one hand and a Daemonbound Axe in the other. Cazdrakk leads House Corvent’s foot soldiers and is usually tasked with taking and holding areas of great importance on the battlefield. Zori Zosix (Priest): Oldest in House Corvent, second only to Duntov Von Corvent himself, Zori was the spiritual leader of the House in their mortal days. When Neferata turned Duntov and subsequently the remainder of the House, these rituals were practiced in secrecy as it was seen to be heresy. However, under their new Chaos God, their bloody rituals are welcomed. In battle, Zori is often found atop his skull altar or warshrine praying to the Blood God for support in battle. Sometimes answered in the form of daemons, other times in the judgments of Khorne. Lt. Unu (Bloodstoker): One of Duntov Von Corvent’s most trusted lieutenants, he is tasked with keeping the infantry known as the Gore Seekers in line, whipping anyone that dare disobey an order. The Blood Drenched (Chaos Knights): It is rare to see Duntov Von Corvent without his royal cavalry escort of Chaos Knights called The Blood Drenched. Their name paints an accurate picture, as these former Blood Knights charge at terrifying speeds, crashing into enemy lines breaking bone and detonating organs creating a red haze in the air and soaking the riders and their mounts with their enemies’ blood. Gore Seekers (Chaos Warriors, Blood Warriors or Bloodreavers): The Gore Seekers are a general term used for the foot troops within House Corvent. The Gore Seekers look to capture The Blood Gods' eye through spilling as much blood as possible and as a result they are usually found on the front lines and oftentimes they are the first to see combat, in hopes that their eagerness will earn Khorne’s favor. Art of Duntov Von Corvent Duntov Von Corvent on Foot (Chaos Lord) Duntov Von Corvent on Karkadrak (Chaos Lord on Karkadrak) Arkus Zrone (Chaos Lord on Manticore) Cazdrakk Corvaul (Chaos Lord on Foot) Zori Zosix (Priest/Chaos Warshrine) The Blood Drenched (Chaos Knights) with Duntov Von Corvent on Karkadrak
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    That’s an important point. Even if you could afford it, at some point it just feels like you’re being ripped off, and it makes the purchase more difficult to justify in the light of its usefulness. Buying something has to feel right.
  26. 12 points
    I for one applaud the Citadel Butt Plug
  27. 12 points
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    This 'new Xenos race in January' rumour is nonsense spread by Spikeybits/The Long War. The Xenos art image in the Codex release roadmap is just a placeholder and not related to any models. It's more likely going to be Orks or Drukhari because we already saw in a recent preview video that there are new models coming for those armies. GW staff already stated that the art connected to this rumour isn't going to be models, it was just created as a fun piece for the new rulebook:
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    Definitely this Slaanesh Shield.
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    This is my camera, I've spent more on this than many people will spend on one 40K/AoS army*, and yet its got problems. Sometimes the AF misses its mark or isn't fast enough to keep up. Sometimes the lens has colour fringing (just look at all those greeny and purply fringes all over the place!) Sometimes its not got enough ISO range to get a good shot in all conditions Sometimes its operator is a twit (thankfully I think I've deleted/lost all those photos!!!) It's got issues! It's not perfect and one can see that even just with software updates its AF could be improved, its ISO algerithms polished, its overall performance enhanced. A few mb of code, less than most games get in a single patch, and my camera could work better. A few improvements at design and manufacture and it could work better. More sensors, better AF, faster processing. There are a slew of ways it could work better that would likely have little effect on its end price per unit. I can write pages on faults and failings of the camera, accessories, attachments, addons and more. Every part of my setup has flaws and issues in its design and features. Things that manufacturers could improve on, adjust and fix. Both before and after sale. However it also works great, fantastic even! It's far more capable than its operator is half the time and has infinite potential if one is willing to put the time and effort in. To learn its weaknesses as much as its strengths, to work with those strengths. Indeed when one chooses to work with it its potential is astounding and far beyond me. This doesn't make those problems go away, they are still there, they will still always happen. However its my choice on how I can react to those problems. I can let them dominate me, let them win. I can let them overwhelm me; throwing my hands in the air that unless the manufacturer improves the product its hopeless. That my potential is constrained and limited, restricted and prevented. Sure there are limits, sure there are constraints, but if I choose to focus on them in a negative way then that's going to taint me. It's going to limit what I can do and what I can achieve. Perhaps sometimes those limits are too strong, they are too powerful and I have to consider what I do then. Do I give up and move onto something else; do I try something new; do I change manufactures and buy into a different line of equipment that gives me potential to do things that are otherwise impossible (or very hard) with other setups? Well all hobbies are like that. All have their ups and their downs, its how one chooses to react to them and work with them that defines who we are and what we can achieve within our hobbies. The same is also true about how we conduct ourselves in public when interacting with others in the same hobby. Are we griping and complaining, bitter at the hobby and others at failings and problems. Choosing to focus on those negative aspects and to hold them up high as our main problem. Are we focusing on the success stories, on when things are great and looking at the positive side of things. Choosing to share our success with others, our creations and our joy. Or have we left the room, deciding that the problems outweigh the good and moving onto something else. Indeed are we in another room sharing our joy and optimising on something else. Personally I think that the mental attitude and how we conduct and relate ourselves to our hobbies is very important. I think that when a person chooses to share the negative in abundance; when it becomes a prime part of their focus and how they talk with others, then they've hit a very low point. Misery loves misery and it will drag a person down far worse than anything else. It will reinforce your demoralising elements; shore up the problems; make them from surmountable hills into insurmountable mountains. What might be a minor annoyance at the start of the week, reinforced with the complaints of others and our own act of reinforcing our own by repetitive talking/typing of those thoughts, can turn them into huge issues by the end of the day, let alone the end of the week. At the very same time reinforcing our own enjoyment and sharing that with others. Repeating describing and talking about what we enjoy, what we've achieved and what we are looking forward too. This will also have an impact on us and those around us. We've not ignored the problems; we've not overlooked them; we've not forgotten them. We have put them in their place to the side and chosen instead to reinforce our enjoyment and our achievements. When we learn something we repeat it and what we repeat we learn. If we repeat the negative we learn the negative; if we repeat the positive we learn the positive. In my view a hobby is something to be enjoyed and shared, something to gain a sense of self worth and value. If I choose to repeat the negative then all I am doing is undermining myself; if I repeat and share the negative then I'm dragging others down too. All moving toward losing that sense of self worth, value and confidence. So I'd encourage you to pause and think about how you choose to interact with your hobby as well. Are you focusing on the achievements and good side? Are you repeating the good, fun points. Are you helping yourself along and others when you share your enjoyment. The latest greatest battle (even if you lost); the latest conversion or paintwork; the latest book you read or bit of artwork you found. Heck maybe you draw or paint and you are sharing your creative work. However and whatever you do in whatever hobby I'd encourage you to be aware of what you share; how you talk; what you talk about. *fun fact is the camera end is now worth less than most people would spend getting started with a new army.
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    Why stop at that, use some green stuff and make him a 3 headed mega gargant, you could say the heads argue all the time and the head currently in charge dictates the army type Of course that needs to be shown, so the leader will wear a tattered top hat, this top hat you could magnetize to indicate which head is in charge of your army!
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    I've done an article on 3rd Party Giants that you might be interested in: https://plasticcraic.blog/2020/10/07/third-party-giants-spectacular/ I've already had a lot of great suggestions for other Giants to include, so I'll be doing a follow up article too.
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    Worked out my color scheme on this unit. Still needs some cleaning up.
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    I picked a bloody great time to start work didnt I!! Absolutely bouncing to get on break and read this!! I'll do my best to cope!! But with AOS there is always hope on the horizon!! And with the ending saying a new World Titan may come, it gives me hope King Brodd may even get a model or at least a larger Leader!! And hey we still have a 3.0 BT to look forward to after. Honestly guys I'm just so ****** over the moon with this single article, it's already fleshed out the Sons so much that I cannot wait to get my hand on the BT and read it over and over. The artwork is perfect and the tales that sound like folk stories are truly incredible. I'm so happy right now!! EDIT. Re reading the article I am bloody loving the whole mix of Fairy Tale and Ancient Mythology. It's just so much better and rounded than I could have even hoped. Perhaps one day we will get our first Tabletop Godbeast in the form of Behemats descendant.
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    I'm not sure I agree. WHFB died for many reasons. Lack of support for many factions (everything has a current AoS BT except FW stuff). Cost and pagecount of rules required to at least play a little (extra books will muddle it more and more, but you can start with free warscrolls and free core rules). Multiple year imbalances (there's an attempt at balancing twice per year). Awkward lore to get into (we have to face that the map was too much an earth map, with all its implications. Mortal Realms are different). Lack of gryph hounds (they are cute). Too many models/too high a cost required to enter (Underworld -> Warcry -> Meeting Engagements -> 2k points make it easier to get into) Now, I don't like price increases, but that wasn't the only, and probably not even defining reason WHFB failed.
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    Broken Realms wishful thinking time! This would probably a great deal more than we will get, but that is what wishful thinking is about after all. If we follow the psychic awakening format and amount of books: Morathi DoK Snake lady hero Slaanesh Pointy shoes dude hero Nagash LoN Soulblight general Soulblight court guards Bloodknights Fyreslayers Magmadroth youngblood riders Allarielle Sylvaneth Revenant Bee riders (yeesssss plbzzz) Revenant archers Mawtribes Butcher Gorgers Archaon - Stars and Tribes StD New Chaos marauders Real kits for the Start collect warriors, knights and Karkadrak Seraphon New Kroxigors Kroxigor hero Sigmar Cities of Sigmar Freeguild general on warhorse Freeguild knights Nighthaunt Reaper lord hero (Mourngul size monster hero) Tyrion Lumineth Tyrion Anything but cow hat aelves Maggotkin Carcass trebuchet The Carrion king - Chivalry is dead Flesh Eaters The Carrion king! New ghoul kit Bonereapers Mortek arbalests Lord Screetch - Vermintide Skaven Stormvermin New rat ogres Idoneth Akhelian myrmidons (elite infantry) Gordrakk Ironjawz Brute wreckers (monstrous infantry) Megaboss on Gore grunta Stormcast Probably something with terrible rules Gitz Doomdiver!
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    Ummm i don't think you will, your aggressive tone and berating an unknown employee is not going to help you or getting any response. if you wanted a response you should have wrote it more professionally , be polite, and added your criticism in a more constructive manner. this come out as hate mail.
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    Warhammer community exist to sell you things . They also bring some community features . It’s not a charity - it’s a business. The guys you see on camera work INCREDIBLY hard to bring you community features . So I think you’re being very unreasonable .
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    Hey everyone OP here, just wanted to say extremely thankful for all the great responses. I think after having time to think about it I'm finally able to articulate a response. First off I would like to apologize if I came off as too dramatic, I'm not the best at writing and the news of the pricing came to me at an all ready high anxiety time. But now, with everyone's advice and suggestions I think I know what I'm going to do. I mainly like the narrative, building, and painting side off the hobby, and I definitely have models that I have to finish before I should buy new model. For now I'll keep up with the hobby with books but I'll slow things down. Look for better deals and get some of the less expensive giants at some point and heavily convert them. I've been meaning to look for time to work on scratch terrain and my evolution game. On the actual issue of pricing, I do feel GW is going too high with its price and I am worried about how it's affecting the industry. I would once again like to thank everyone for the help and interesting replies.
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    that's a proper "look what we just found in an old box in the warehouse" give-away
  41. 11 points
    They just don‘t. GW has boldly increased prices despite COVID-19 and despite having had a record year. At some point we have put a hold to what the Companies Leadership is doing. It‘s not the cool people on WHTV that set the prices, it‘s the managers. Justifying anything will hurt the hobby big time very soon if this pricing madness does not stop. Edit: Heck two of my more or less regular game mates were priced out of the hobby... they play Legions now.
  42. 11 points
    Also finally finished my 5 Dawnriders. Teclis be praised. The other 10 I have will have to wait for a while.
  43. 11 points
    Finally finished my Dawnriders! I think it will be a while before I tackle another unit of them - there is a lot of detail. I painted them assenbled apart from the shields, which also made it tricky to get to some places. Currently building Sentinels, which look a little easier.
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    If it follows the trend, it will probably cost 100-120€ /s
  45. 10 points
    Hi there I just started my lumineth, this is my cathalar. Hope you like it
  46. 10 points
    I apologise for contributing to this pricing. I myself know it's horrible.
  47. 10 points
    Expense is all relative isn't it, it's a very expensive hobby compared to hiking or writing poetry. People have different priorities, different incomes, and different ways of hobbying. In my case I'm fortunate to be a slow painter and to enjoy scratch-building terrain which are two things that produce a favourable ratio of time spent to money spent. However if someone says they are disappointed by the price of something I would be inclined to take them at their word, rather than jumping to the conclusion that they lack self-control or are old and bitter, those don't seem like reasonable (or kind) things to assume.
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    Always an interesting topic to see how people handle their own hobby spend and loads of fantastic tips. Miniature gaming is very much a premium hobby (though still cheaper than many sports out there) and GW certainly hold the top spot in the way of prices - that said they also hold the top spot for quality of miniature too. Here's the tenants that I try to live by! Regular savings (the Hobby Pot) - I put aside £32.50 a month. This gets increased if I get some kind of pay increase (e.g. cost of living etc) I'll top up my Hobby Pot if I have any cash left aside at the end of the month. Not all of it, but might see a tenner or two added to the pot Avoid new releases like the plague unless you need* them immediately Avoid limited edition miniatures unless you need* them If in the last quarter of the year, wait to see what Christmas Battleforces appear in December Don't buy a full army in one hit, it may be tempting but try to save and purchase a unit (or start collecting/battleforce) at a time Try to finish the last purchased unit before buying the next - this is probably the hardest thing If you don't have a space for it, you can't buy it Any purchases over £30 go to a third-party retailer - Alchemist Workshop or Element Games normally who offer 15%~25% discount depending I do think that AoS has ended up with a pretty high entry point now because it's sadly become more of an army game where the general thinking is you need to immediately start off playing at 2000 points. As a few other people have mentioned, we're seeing more and more skirmish sized games being added to GW's range which have a slightly lower entry point and don't escalate to the same level (unless you want it to). I think these are going to go from strength to strength as time goes on because most don't have a self-perpetuating power creep - or at least that creep is significantly less. Plus it's a lot easier to justify collecting another warband/gang when you're only looking at one new box and a book. * I need food to live and enough money to keep a roof over my head, it's rare that I need a new miniature
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    I'm gonna spoiler this so I dont ruin KingBrodd's enjoyment... Also can we start an #BeMoreLikeKingBrodd campaign? We need more of his positivity in the world.
  50. 10 points
    I'm a guy who got into the hobby because my friends love the game and showed it to me. They knew me well enough to show me an army that fit in my aesthetics perfectly and I fell in love with it instantly. My friends are the type of players who play for the love of the game, who love to toss ultra-competitive lists at each other and muse we could go 3/2 (at least) in tournaments, throw together fluffly lists just for a what-if, play narrative games to relive lore moments, craft our own narratives, and play stupid stupid lists that violate all sorts of rules, all just to have fun. These are the players you want to surround yourself with. Players who love to play and don't care about win records or the best builds. I'm also a guy who has felt that pain that comes after putting a considerable amount of time and monetary investment into an army, who became attached to it, and the got sidelined, tabled, ridiculed, and told I was wrong for wanting to play it. My army is Nighthaunt. And I have been laughed at for telling others I love them. And I mean literally laughed at. It's become a sort of a meme or unspoken rule among the greater AoS collective that you can love the way Nighthaunt models look, but you can't love to play them. They are only there to paint and look pretty or hold up as a shining example of power creep or some other GW failing. And it gets frustrating. It narrows down your potential playing group encountering people like this. And it drains you when you have to constantly fight against it and tell yourself to stay positive. And what's worse? When you do well and they have to tear you down for it. But ultimately the choice is yours who you play with. You can simply choose to not play with the negative players, even if they are your friends. You might change their attitude, too, if they see you always playing with positive players and having fun. Ultimately that's what I did, I just stuck to playing with people who made every game a laughing roaring good time. And win or lose we'd BS over the highlights, the things we did well and our screwups. Oh, and take breaks. When things get to you it's okay to step away for a bit and regroup. Give it time and grow your personal playerbase.
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