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    Haven't we all been preparing for this moment for years by stockpiling massive backlogs of unbuilt and unpainted models?
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    The UK Government has today announced that it is recommending people to avoid all contact which is non-essential, in order to limit the contagion risk for Corona Virus. Our gaming group have just unanimously decided that we should no longer meet, and I would ask all those in the UK to do the same. Wargaming is non-essential contact. Theres no grey areas there. I work in Healthcare provision and expect to soon be joining my colleagues in supporting and isolating and treating vulnerable individuals from the virus in the biggest battle the NHS has yet faced. In order to do this it is essential that the spread is limited to ensure that when these people get Ill, they can be cared for with the appropriate care and expertise and equipment required for people with weak immune symptoms fighting off pneumonia. If they do not receive that support, they will die. If the level of spread is in anyway multiplied by unnecessary social contact, such as people going to work who can work at home, or people going out to play football or to the pub or to play war games, then our health system will soon be swamped. In which case anyone requiring critical intervention regardless of cause is also likely to die. If that happens, then people with health conditions which are not usually fatal will without the requisite resources to support them become critical, and then they will die. And so on. The evidence in Italy at present is that the real danger of COVID 19 is not that it kills people, it's that it kills hospitals. Dont go out and play war games, or indeed to do anything non essential. Not only do you put yourselves at risk, you put others at risk, and you create a negative example that encourages others to do likewise. On a similarly related note, given the social isolation to come, while possible can I encourage you to please order things from Independent Hobby shops etc if you're going to buy anything over the next week or so. Many of them struggle month to month as it is so weeks without custom Is going to be brutal. Our actions now will endanger lives or save them. Wash your hands as well as your brushes. God bless everyone x
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    Here you go: "Well, they didn't show those miniatures some internet guy said they will release, even when there was no hints about them. Oh, and there is nothing new for that faction that they released last week, clearly they forgot about it and it soon will be squated. And they didn't release that faction from my homebrew lore. That was such a letdown! Warhammer is ruined!"
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    New comic guys, forgot to post it here yesterday!
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    Also, I've seen a lot of people online complaining about this saying that they would be happy to "sign a waver" to show up, that hey "don't mind getting sick", ect. But It's important that people understand why big gatherings like this are being thoughtfully canceled/postponed. It's not about individuals getting sick, but about them becoming contagious and spreading the virus to more people once they leave. A rapid spike in people getting sick can lead to healthcare services getting overwhelmed, as there are only so many nurses, doctors or even beds in hospitals. By slowing the spread through postponing events like this, it also lowers the transmission vectors, and so perhaps the same number of people still end up catching the illness, but it happens over a longer period of time allowing, health services to keep pace with demand for aid. tldr; It's not just about keeping you (an individual) from getting sick, but about slowing the spread of infection.
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    +++ MOD HAT +++ Don't think that playing the blame game is the right approach to take here. It's irrelevant which country this came out of or why, just that we try and tackle it in the best way we can whilst protecting the vulnerable, and develop a working vaccine as quickly and safely as possible.
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    The humble Liberator is always my go-to for a bad unit. They're understatted, their shields suck, they have no banners or drummers, they have terrible bravery, their weapons hit like a wet noodle and they are totally barren of useful warscroll abilities. And SCE is still required to shove in 15 of the goobers because they're the only moderately affordable battleline. They also have no reach weapons despite their heug bases, which means that as soon as you go above minimum size they'll struggle to pile in and fight (not that they'd do much damage even if they could). You're left with an overpriced minimum size screening unit that punches down and melts to even the most pathetic overtures of aggression. They're a tax on any SCE list and while any unit can serve as a speed bump, they're a particularly expensive and unimpressive speed bump even by speed bump standards. I actually wonder if after more than a year of battletome releases anyone still has to suffer a battleline as awful as the Liberator.
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    Doctor: Uh oh, I've seen this before. Nurse: What is it doctor?! Doctor: He's getting his hopes up for a speculative new army. That can only mean 1 thing. Nurse: No! Doctor: That's right. The AoS announcements this weekend will be limited to a more official preview of the recent Lumineth we've seen in the Lowdowns, plus a warcry warband. His disappointment will be so crushing... he may lose all faith in future previews... Nurse: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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    Hey guys, it’s that time of the week again! Today you can see why disciples of tzeentch have learned to be extremely specific when asking their patron for something...
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    Just finished my Emerald host, though I have another 10 Hexwraith making it a total of 20. Just qurious but how many Hexwraith for which general do you guys run?
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    Nurse: *Sobbing* But Doctor, isn’t there anything we can do?! Doctor: No...... I’m afraid the only thing we can do is pray that the patient realizes that the hobby is not dead just because the previews didn’t fit his expectations. Nurse: *Sobs even harder* edit: Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all quarantine.
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    +++ MOD HAT +++ OK folks, time for Rune to do do a "Dad" talk. Coronavirus is pretty big news, it's not often (thank goodness) that we have a pandemic, nor one that's been escalated both within the WHO and world media. It's really important to be aware that we don't all deal with stress in the same way - us Brits have a habit of making a bit of a joke out of it, it's not that we're not taking it seriously, but a coping mechanism that many people share. Not everybody sees the funny side in a time of crisis though, a poor joke (and let's be honest many of our jokes can be a bit naff) can actually go down really badly - we don't know what circumstances people are currently having to deal with. Our hobby is amazing, it's a safe place and sanctuary for most of us away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. So when the real life invades it can be a massive shock to the system. Let's try to be thoughtful when dealing with this pandemic, accept that people have different coping mechanisms and circumstances and try most of all not to make anybodies life more difficult with comments.
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    Hi everyone. I'm pleased to announce that Bad Dice podcast is back on the mics and we have returned with a review of the new Seraphon Battletome. On the show I have @Jack Armstrong and @Paul Buckler to talk about the book and their experiences playing with it so far. you can get the episode on YouTube the podcast is at anchor.fm/baddice and will be up on all the usual podcast locations soon. We look at lists and combos that are sure to see the tables. New rules including Star-born and Coalesced armies as well as going into detail on all 4 constellations. Jack has played Lizardmen since the early days of WFB and even won an Age of Sigmar Masters with Seraphon. Paul has more recently built a ‘Coolest Army’ winning Seraphon force. They both have bags of experience to share in this episode. New Seraphon Army List’s On the show we covered 4 different lists. Jack’s Fire Lance Temple Host. Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur – 250 Saurus Scar Veteran on Carnosaur – 210 Skink Starseer – 140 Skink Star Priest – 120 15 Saurus Knights – 300 15 Saurus Knights – 300 10 Saurus Knights – 200 10 Skinks – 60 10 Skinks – 60 3 Salamanders – 240 Fire Lance Battalion – 160 Pauls Fangs of Sotek Slaan Starmaster – 260 Skink Priest – 70 Skink Priest – 70 Skink Starpriest – 120 Skink Starpriest – 120 40 Skinks – 240 40 Skinks – 240 40 Skinks – 240 3 Salamanders – 240 5 Chameleon Skins – 90 5 Chameleon Skins – 90 5 Chameleon Skins – 90 Bound Gemini – 70 Bound Quicksilver Swords – 40
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    We have decided that a bit of fun is in order so myself, @ianob and @Paul Buckler are running an online, interactive game of Age of Sigmar. Team Bad Dice vs Team Just Play. Ian and I will be team captains and taking opinions, tactics and strategy’s from everyone watching at home to play against each other from afar. @Paul Buckler Is the games master who will be playing out the game at our instructions. Play by Mail for you young uns - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play-by-mail_game Over the next few days we will take suggestions on how best to play this out, the battle plan to play and the lists that are to be used. There will be multiple daily updates but I expect a game will take at least a week. Social media posts for discussing should use #AoSbyMail let us know below if you are #TeamJustPlay or #TeamBadDice
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    https://www.goonhammer.com/the-goonhammer-interview-with-james-hewitt-part-1-age-of-sigmar-and-40k/ There's a good interview on Goonhammer with James M Hewitt of Needy Cat Games, possibly best known in the GW games community as the designer of the excellent Adeptus Titanicus rules. Here he talks about his experience working on the early releases for AoS. There's some fascinating stuff there, he's got a good bit of criticism as someone who has seen how the sausage gets made, even though you'd never characterise him as an AoS-hater or anything. On the 'funny rules' that accompanied the first warscrolls: On how the core rules were designed: On the assumptions behind the core rules only being four pages long: It's well worth reading the whole thing, dude's got some good thoughts on game design and interesting experiences.
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    I have consulted the stars, read the tea leaves, looked into the crystal ball and concluded lizards are coming tonight. (Disclaimer: it was completely overcast so saw no stars, used a tea bag so there were no leaves and I don't have a crystal ball so used a magic 8 ball. It said - try again later.)
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    Hello friends! I am fairly new here and I've mainly been posting my stuff on Instagram and Facebook but I've always liked having some sort of forum log while posting(let's people see both the WiPs as you make em and the end results) So here goes: My khorne beastmen army , This is a quite massive project so if you want to see more I'd advise checking out my instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/the_khorne_werewolf_guy/ ). These are run as beastmen (mostly in the khorne battalion) in both AoS, Warcry and Underworlds My Hellenic Seraphon: These guys are a stretch when it comes to conversions I know... But running a 2+ save shieldwall of saurus guard felt like the only right choice when making em. (originally I got the idea from Duncan Rhodes Solokai spearmen, More army close ups on my instagram aswell. ) My Ghurcast stormcast. As you've already seen I enjoy making my own spin on army builds, which include my stormcast...Yes those are the great wings of sanguinius. They are my smallest project atm, but I aim to make em a full 2000p force before long. My current WiP and the army I am dedicating the most time to atm: My Cities of sigmar. Also a quite massive project that has more closeups on my instagram. This project is my current one so I will be sharing alot of them the coming months! ...Yes the fountains work... video-1582046726.mp4 And lastly C&c is always appreciated.
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    Just putting the photo here
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    Aelves players asked for giant war cows made of rock and armed with a massive hammer for years. So happy for you guys. 🐮💖
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    Here we go for episode 5, a case of mistaken divinity! Stay healthy folks, another one next week 🙂
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    you should demand a refund...
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    Hey Everyone, Weird times we live in. I'm even unsure how to begin this post. I hope you all are safe and keeping up the spirit. I've had a hit to my studio as the facility I work out of has closed down for at least a week. I currently work from home which is hard to manage moving from a very optimal setup to a small kitchen table digging paints out of a bucket. My apprentice was hired on two weeks ago and hes also working from home without getting much aid. I wanted to share my Archaon update. Despite my desire to have him done by Adepticon week, this will not happen as my studio closed down. So here's a WIP shot of how far I've gotten thus far. I will finish him. I have put in an estimated minimum of 100 hours on him so far. Thanks so much for checking him out and I hope you all are OK financially and medically, but also Mentally. If you need any aid in tutorials, find them FREE here: www.youtube.com/oscarlars Here is Archaon with the 10 chaos warriors that made up my Team list. Unfortunately I could not start my display board. This was gonna be built This week and next.
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    I want to see fully painted armies everywhere when we come out the other end of this!
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    I think this is correct, and the t-pose is just cake icing for some. I’ve seen less savory forums posting this to describe his face expression:
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    Personally I can see how they came to the decision of what goes into this box reasonably easily. Let's imagine we're assembling a GSG Start Collecting Box. OK, first things first let's say we want it to just include models that were part of the new release last year, after all those are what we're most proud of and show off the range to best effect. Right that done let's remove from consideration any 'Unique' models, so if people buy more than 1 box they can still use everything in it. Sensible right? Ok so that get's rid off... Skragrott The Loonking Mollog's Mob Zarbag's Gitz Ok, I'll take a liberty here as they're not unique as such but pretty close and so we can bin the... Gobbapalooza Next up models that are new but probably too big/expensive for a SC box (sure you get similar sized models in some sets but I'd argue they're mainly old models not ones from the past year or so), so that gets rid off... Mangler Squigs w or w/o Loonboss Dankhold Troggoth/Troggbos Right, so we will need a Hero model in this set, but we've already got rid of most of them leaving us just three options, the Loonboss, the Fungoid Cave Shaman or the Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig. The guy on the squig literally only got released last week as a standalone miniature so let's rule him out straight away. I guess you could make a good case for either of the other two but the Loonboss both feels more generic (useful for multiple box buying) and of course his big banana head is on the cover of the battletome. He's literally the poster grot for the faction so he just gets the nod here... Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig Fungoid Cave Shaman Loonboss Right we need some battleline in this box, Squig Hoppers are conditional battleline whereas Squig Herd are always battleline, so it makes sense to include them, also you get lots of hoppers/bounders in the Battleforce set, which is still available, in the new Warcry set, and in the Looncurse set so Squig Herd seems to be the obvious choice. Squig Hoppers / Boingrot Bounders Squig Herd Finally we need one remaining unit to fill up the box, I'd argue that Fanatics and Sneaky Snufflers could be considered too niche, as it were, wouldn't make for a particularly eye catching addition and they respectively feature in the Battleforce and Warcry sets. That would also make it a solely Grot box which doesn't really represent the diversity of the faction. So that just leaves Rockgut Trogoths, which have the advantage of being conditional battleline, showcasing the full (new) range and they're also nice big sized models so you feel like you're getting something chunky for your money to throw down on the table... Fanatics Sneaky Snufflers Rockgut Trogoths So there you have it, thanks to me having an article that I need to have written by this afternoon that I really can't face doing until the last minute I have scientifically proven why the contents of this box is as it is. As for a lack of synergy, personally I think outside of people that like to fetishise spreadsheets that doesn't hugely matter to most people and almost certainly not Gloomspite Gitz players/collectors!
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    I just cant be bothered with the Old World now that we have AOS, and the fact that its Years away still.
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    Speed painted my last hero and now my leaders for the Blood Gullet mawtribe are done
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    Ultimately whether a model looks good or bad is totally, 100% subjective. There's no point trying to argue about it or declare things objectively right or wrong. It's purely personal taste and to each their own. Even stuff like the three strings on the bow... it doesn't matter whether things like that are realistic, for some people it looks silly but for others it looks cool, and ultimately looks are all they're going for. It's not like these bows actually have to function at any point… I really don't like the look of the Lumineth myself, but I don't see that as something to complain about. It's nice to have less temptation in my hobby life, to be honest!
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    Without Adepticon they could show those previews right now! (Wishful thinking, I know )
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    It is wednesday my dudes, which means it's time for another Mortel Realms comic! Some of you may have already seen this one a while ago on the forum, but don't worry as I am working on some new ones for as soon as I am done posting my backlog.
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    Something I found interesting from the video, in the lore that Phil Kelly detailed about the Mountain spirit, is that the mountain spirit is still just a mountain, sentient and magical but still a mountain. It's the aelves that crafted an avatar for the Mountain spirit to inhabit and march to war "They wear these sacred masks that enable them to take form". and "transfer their mountain spirits into a host body" Phil kelly also named the creature that the mountain aleves revere, calling it an "Emetricon Longhorn" which is a creature on the slopes of mountains in hysh, that is effectively immortal. It can only be killed by another, not of natural causes. He says to the elves, these creatures embody endurance, Imortality and stoicism and that is why the elves of the mountain path take them as their sacred beast. So from this it seems like the bull motif was a choice by the elves, that they themselves imprinted bull aestetic onto the mountain spirit avatar on the mountains. That's all to say it has nothing directly to do with Slanesh impacting the design of aelves in age of sigmar. However, that said, Slaanesh impacting the appearence of the new aelves is already well established. The serpentine form of Morathi, and by extension her melusai are stated to be artifacts of their internment within slaanesh. The lack of eyes on nemarti in the idoneth range as well is a design choice meant to "taint" the appearance of new aelves by association with slaanesh. The new aleves incorporating slaanesh is nothing new.
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    Some pics of my 2k points list 🙂 I still can‘t believe how small our model count on that points level is, but on the other hand I completely tabled a Hermdar list recently without losing much. (I lost a gunhauler, 10 Arkanauts and 1-2 Thunderers, he lost about 160 wounds of Fyreslayers) I hope Nurgles grip loosens soon so I can start making profit again! Anyway, stay safe and healthy out there fellow Skyfarers 🍻
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    Found this site today https://www.player.it/astropate/419977-lumineth-realm-lords-analisi-dei-nuovi-modelli.html I can't read Italian but the author put some work into tracking these runes down. Go give their article 5 stars!
  37. 12 points
    @Sigmarusvult See, that's exactly what I like about them. They seem to have just enough crazy, but still being like my old elves. A good blend between the two in my opinion.
  38. 12 points
    Updated! Important milestone as of today (ok technically a week today) the whole game is now running on 2.0 rules. Every single army has an up to date and modern Battletome. Whilst not every army has terrain or endless spells (which both did appear to be fairly standard additions to the majority); each battletome is running on the 2.0 rules system now. Importantly this means that we should now see an end of random army/model removals en-mass from the system (excepting from Forgeworld where we saw a good few removed this last winter). Moving forward I would expect more normal GW release patterns. That means most models should hang around until they are replaced with an updated sculpt. Sometimes we might see individual models removed, although I'd expect this to go hand in hand with new additions to armies. With two new armies on the horizon and with several new starting sets released (including Daughters of Khaine) the times are good for AoS. If you run or are involved with a local club its now a fantastic time to get new people into the game with fully updated 2.0 armies new people can freely choose any of the armies without the worry of getting removed or having to run highly substandard or outdated rules.
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    Hey everyone, here is my latest commission. It’s split into parts so this is part 1. I hope you all like it.
  40. 11 points
    Hey guys, some of you have already seen my webcomic Neverchosen that was commissioned by Warhammer Community. since people seemed to like it, I have decided to do my own series that I can publish while waiting for the next order from GW. It’s called Mortel Realms (my art name is Pierre Mortel) and will be released every Wednesday. I’ll post them here in this thread when they go up, to avoid spamming the forum. I hope you’ll like them!
  41. 11 points
    Somewhere out there is one person who has been waiting 20 years for Zoat model only to have it snatched away when it was so close.....
  42. 11 points
    Well i got the virus! Looks like my prediction was true- my friend who's a policeman who got sent home with the symptoms had contracted it. She has now recovered. I had the worst fever I've ever had friday night and most of saturday- sweating constantly, constant headache and severe joint ache. Dizziness when I tried to stand. I'm already feeling better and will likely have recovered by early next week. I'm 31 years old with no existing conditions, so I'm in the best position to recover really. Annoyingly it means I've lost the whole weekend to hobby and have to wait another week. But I am thankful I'm ok and my family haven't contracted it. Please stay home as much as possible- this thing spreads so easily.
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    I've heard him on two podcasts since leaving being nothing but effusive about GW and his time there. On leaving, basically said he felt it was time for a change and essentially had been mission accomplished In respect to his initial aims, and wanted to spread his wings and promote other aspects of the hobby he also enjoys. He said in both he still believes GW make the best toy soldiers in the world and loves them. I take his own words as being more reliable indications of what happened than total hearsay.
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    To be fair, they already were!
  45. 11 points
    Managed to get a fair bit done the last few days, have a 1000pt event coming up that’s really helping with motivation. Really enjoying painting the Mawtribes at the moment! These photos were taken in the evening so the quality could be better, apologies.
  46. 11 points
    Not really a good time for Nurgle jokes bro!
  47. 11 points
    It answers what they'll do with the drunken sailor.
  48. 11 points
    Should I continue the pattern and post the link too?
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  50. 10 points
    Five new spider riders and a Scuttleboss done! Loonshrine I’m coming for ya!
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