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    • Blood and Glory 2018 was my first ever tournament...and the reason I've been to at least 12 tournaments so far this year with 6 more in the calendar. You better believe I'm coming back for this one!
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    • Inspired by @Ben's question about Better Part of Valour I got curious: What's your favourite scenario? No wrong answer possible.

      And let us know why! 

      For me it's gotta be Relocation Orb. I get that's a bit of a crabshoot but it's always fun. It requires both anticipation and the ability to react. You need to be able to block, and you need to be able to move. In no other battleplan do I need so much time to decide going first or second. 
      I love it, never had a bad game with it that wasn't fun. 
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    • Path of the Changer
      Tzeentch be praised!! Welcome to my Tzeentch AoS PLOG.

      To start with, a little background.  I'm based in Manchester in the UK and I've been on these forums for a few months now, mainly as a lurker but also an occasional poster.  I've recently moved house and have been itching to get back into painting - all of my stuff has been packed up for a couple of months now.  The birth of my son last year really impacted the amount of time I had to paint; but I suppose that's what comes with fatherhood.  I've decided to start this PLOG to give me an additional incentive to find time to paint - I'm a painter first with my hobby, and a gamer second.  I've been to numerous Throne of Skulls tournaments held at Warhammer World, where my armies have been nominated for best painted twice and I've won the coveted award once.  I'm a perfectionist, and I've been known to strip a model and start again just because I've not been able to get a blend right.

      Anyway, enough of that rubbish.

      My favourite Chaos god has always been Tzeentch; the magic, the mystery, and the fact that even in the face of losing game after game I know that it's all part of Tzeentchs' plan.

      I've had Silver Tower since it was released - I love all of the models in that box and really wanted those to form the basis of my AoS force.  I want my force to be striking, and draw the eye - basically, I'm aiming to paint an award winning force again.  I've decided to start by painting the Gaunt Summoners (I have both the one on foot and on disc) and the familiars to get a feel for an overall colour scheme.  From these, I'm starting with the familiars - basically because if I ****** them up I have replicas from the box.  So without further ado, here's a completed Blot, and a WIP of Slop.  Bases will be completed at a later date, once we have a better idea of how the realm of metal looks.

      C&C is always welcome.
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    • The Hag!
      The Troggoth Hag is definitely a piece I believe every Troggoth army needs. It's amazing as a model and amazing on the table.

      I rarely do such detailed eyes and faces but when working on a model that is the centrepiece of your army you want to spend some extra time just to make it special. This is surely the best work I have ever done on a models face and I think there is just a lot of character and emotion on the model. 

      My smaller Troggoths are just green and blue but for this model I felt like it really needed another color to make it pop more so I asked some people what would be best and after many recommendations I decided to go for a nice bright orange and I think it really fits nicely. This picture also shows well the addition of mushrooms all over the model. Even though my Troggoth army is based on swamp themed bases with lots of water effects the mushrooms really tie it to my Grots and Squigs that are based on more rocky bases but with lots of mushrooms. The base on this model was definitely one of the most fun parts of the process of creating it.

      Here we see a detail shot of the base with the small Free Guild soldier hiding from the lumbering Hag. I love the base I did here. The water effects came out nicely and the base that comes with the Hag looks really nice after I added all kinds of fun stuff like mushrooms and skulls to it.

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    • The 5000+ Owners Club
      A simple showing off and inspirational thread where those with 5K or more points in a single army (formal army not grand alliance army) can show off those huge model counts! Gives you an excuse to get the whole army on the table/floor/shelving and show it off! 


      Some people have some really huge armies, 10K, 20K or rarely even more in points; and I think those armies are worth showing off. To show the dedication and fun people have had collecting a single army to such a vast size! So come one come all and lets show off and chat about these huge armies! 
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