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    If you put Dispossessed on the walls of the city how can you expect to have a narrative? The city is going to hold. End of the campaign.
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    I think its important to remember is that if Jack Armstrong needs to be nerfed, well, that is entirely GW's fault. Clearly GW doesn't know how to write rules and they don't playtest their games and their playtesters don't know how to play and they can't balance battletomes and their models are too expensive and the points are way off and they can't keep Jack Armstrong in check and they hate the swarming throngs of millions of Bretonnia players and they don't know how to run their tournaments and they don't care about Matched Play and they don't communicate with their fans and Open Play is just muckin' about and they killed my Tomb Kings and AoS has no fluff and they they retconned the Eye of Terror campaign and their last ad wasn't funny and their paints come in pots, not dropper bottles and everything is Kirby's fault and they nerfed my army and something about Thunderers and they hate my Grand Alliance and the Kunnin' Ruk isn't fun to play and they blew up the world and I burned my army and...and... ...that about covers it. Please let me know if I've forgotten anything! 😀
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    After a detailed and exhaustive analysis of the size, shape and pattern of the scales, I can confidently say that this rumour engine pic belongs to something that has scales. I really hate the rumour engine.
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    Totally don't agree with most of this comment. There nothing to suggest a skill differential between the two players - indeed the op states that if Paladork does take a more optimal list, then they have evenish games. The op is therefore skilled enough to work out what optimised lists look like and to give his opponent a good game. The problem is instead that the op doesn't enjoy or want to play those types of games because they enjoy more narrative-led games. Paladork and their opponent want different things out the game and it seems like they can't both get what they want out of the same game. My advice: @Paladork, have a frank and open discussion about what you want from the game with your friend and see if you can find a compromise as suggested above. But do be aware that just because he wants to play in a different style from you (e.g. more competitively) that doesn't (necessarily) make him "that guy" - there are many different but equally valid ways of playing. If you cannot find a compromise that works for you both (or your opponent really is Tg) , then personally I would not persevere playing against that person. There's no point in playing games that you don't enjoy. I'm sure there will be other players you can find who enjoy your style of game, it might just take a bit more work to find them. If you're in or near a big city, it shouldn't be a problem.
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    AoS news of the year, right here! Forget about Forbidden Power. Consider your Gutbuster rumours busted. Warcry me a river, because... 😲THE HALFLING HOT POT IS ON MADE TO ORDER NEXT WEEK 😲🍗🍰🍽️🌽🥩😲 https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/17/forge-world-previews-halflings-and-heroes/ I hope it gets a warscroll!
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    These seem to be some kind of altered high elf runes RUNES What I could make out: Right to left: Garvir, Darkness, Gloom (mirrored) Horothoi, youth, Boundless Energy (makes sense due to the Penumbral Engine) Lacoi (as mentioned before), Might, Glory, Fear of Death Dassoir, Scrying, Sight, Forbidden Knowledge --- Or --- Lecai, Light Mobility of the Soul (this one is pure speculation) maybe Oriour, blood, birth the first one: Hard guess, this might be Tavlu, Mark of Hoeth, Misery In the right order (with a little interpretaion): Misery, Birth (Blood), forbidden knowledge, Fear of Death, Boundless Energy, Darkness Sound a little like the Nagashs story XD
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    I think the other thing is that wargamers are notoriously bad at talking about playing the game There's a few subjects we talk about super well - painting, model building, army list building. Then there's those that are sort of known but a bit harder to find info on like higher level sculpting and casting - the info is out there you just have to hunt a bit more and ask the right person. Then right at the bottom there's actual playing of the game and tactics - this is almost impossible to find detailed info on and really hard to start threads or discussions on. You can get a few general comments like "go for the objectives"; but otherwise this area is super poorly understood at a higher level. I think its because it requires actual writing in detail and often diagrams to show and oddly the youtube scene just hasn't picked up on the gap in the market to fill. Partly I think its because even at the top end a lot of players are more "trial and error/instinctive" players so they don't really formally know what they are doing to put the theory into clear words to teach another. This creates a huge potential skill gap because there's fewer ways and means to advance ones skill through external sources; its all down to personal self teaching, self assessment and playing LOTS of games against good players. So its not just playing lots; its playing lots against challenges and its playing with a mind to being self critical of the game - of seeing what went wrong, understanding why it failed; of finding new approaches and new ideas etc... So really its bringing together a lot of critical and assessment thinking coupled to repeated experiences and such.
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    I'd like to be the first to congratulate Stormcast on their new mounted hero
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    For people who do not know who Jack is - He's one of the best players ever and constantly does well at events (and I think he was the first player to get the magic 400 score in the rankings). I know this is tongue in cheek but just to turn it into a interesting discussion... I think the reason he is such a good player is because he constantly plays. Somehow he is able to get regular games quite often (even being married and having children) and I think this is the secret. If you look at any of the players that do well in an event, most of them get chance to play a lot of games. Yes some luck is involved but I think having the experience to recognise situation, assess the risk and deal with it helps massively. I also suspect Jack is actually the Chuck Norris of the Warhammer Scene and occasionally looses because the world is not ready for him to operate at 100%
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    Back on track with the Idoneth and finally finished this beast. Think I might need to add a little more colour to the riders for the next one, but a great model that's definitely not going to fall of it's flying stand when I try and take it somewhere...
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    A few thoughts 1) Dispel the idea of "casual and tournament" lists from your mind. Because whilst he latter has some meaning the former has no meaning what so ever that is universal to all players. There is simply a sliding scale of skill and your friend is simply higher up the scale than you by a noticeable margin. This means that trying to ask him to "play casual" can actually be hard for him to work out because you're sort of saying "hey build and play a bad army that you'd never actually build nor play." Which is why they still end up being good lists. There's also likely a difference in both of your play styles; if he's building lists better and is studying other players then chances are he's also playing better - making smarter choices so that even with a weaker army he'd still likely have an advantage. 2) Accepting point 1 it makes it easier to move onto attempting to mitigate this skill difference between you and there's a few approaches' a) Get him to teach you. Yep you can't bring his game down so consider upping your game and getting him to help out. It might even help him as teaching someone often makes the teacher have to learn more and formalise their understanding in order to pass that information on well. You might feel like it won't let you make "fun lists" any more, but chances are it will. All it will do is change your perception of lists and units and how to build an army and you'll still get to take fun and great looking units. b) Have him play with a handicap. Accepting prior that he wins many more times then you consider using rules that give you an advantage. So perhaps he might take less points than you; or plays with a staggered force; etc... Basically in this approach you're accepting that there's a key difference in skill between you both so you're tipping the balance a little so that the the resulting balance is a bit more even and reflects your variation in skills. This approach might be nice, but can take a little while to settle on a fair setup - baring in mind that your skill difference will change over time so you might well find it a continual state of revising and just messing around. c) Mess the rules up somewhat. Play defence and assault missions where one player has a bias in points and the other has to attack a fortification etc... Ergo vary the battleplans so that they aren't just straight battles; this ties into point b mostly and is about adapting a handicap to be more than just playing with a points variation. d) Depending how big the group is consider group games too. They can be a fun way to have an evenings gaming whilst messing with the rules. 5 players in a free for all match etc.... In general no matter how you approach this the key is to talk with him in detail first. Spend time hashing out what the issue is for you and him and work to find a compromise. Ntoe he doesn't sound like "that guy". "That Guy" is not just a competitive skilled player; he's a cheater who will win at all costs and who will cheat/deliberately pick on newbies; who will be obnoxious and generally a poor sport to play against etc... Ergo your friend isn't a bad sport it seems; its just a skill difference between you both that is causing the issue.
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    Few posts I've seen with people asking when x or y is arriving and just for my own wallet's benefit I wanted to figure it out too, no rumours just 100% confirmed to exist stuff here... (and yes before anyone starts hyperventilating and getting upset that I've included non AoS stuff let me say get over it chief, knowing what else is coming gives some insight into what production/schedule/retail space they have for our beloved game)... Anyway missing anything? Lots of 40k stuff announced but not scheduled yet, not so much AoS as it stands. MAY AoS (& related) Forbidden Power (25.5.19) Stormvault Scenery (25.5.19) --------------------------------------------------- JUNE AoS (& related) General's Handbook 2019 (15.6.19) General GW Contrast Paints Blood Bowl Halfling Team (1.6.19) 40K (& Related) Necromunda - Kal Jericho & Scabs models (1.6.19) FW White Scars Praetor & Dreadnought (1.6.19) --------------------------------------------------- JULY AoS (& related) Warcry starter box --------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCED BUT (I THINK) NO DATE YET AoS (& related) New store models - Leena Stormsire & Berek the Idomitable (might be available now) Sylvaneth Battletome, Scenery & Endless Spells 4 realm specific Warcry Warbands Stormvault (boardgame) Underworlds Dreadvane (basic, striped back version of Underworlds) Underworlds Season 3 Boxed Set (September, presumably followed by 6 more warbands through the rest of 2019/early 2020) Blood Bowl Wood Elf Team Treeman star player 40K (& Related) 40K Apocalypse Adeptus Titanicus - New scenery & upgrade packs Aeronautica Imperialis Blackstone Fortress: Traitor Command expansion Blackstone Fortress: Combat arena models expansion (if separate from CA) Combat Arena (boardgame) Chaos Knights Codex & Models Horus Heresy Book 9 FW Horus Heresy - Dark Angels FW Horus Heresy - Ruinstorm deamons FW Horus Heresy - Blood Angels Chapter Master Raldoron FW Horus Heresy - Blood Angels Dreadnought FW Horus Heresy - White Scars vehicles FW Horus Heresy - Dark Mechanicum Armigers FW Horus Heresy - Custodes Gunship Iron Hands - Iron Father, named character Primaris Repulser Executioner Tank Adeptus Mechanicus Transport/Tank Sisters of Battle - new army Space Marine Heroes - Season 3 - Death Guard Necromunda models - Enforcers, Dome runner, Ammojack, Headsman Middle Earth stuff Scouring of the Shire expansion Hobbit Holes scenery Hobbit Heroes & Ruffians models Déorwine, Chief of the King’s Knights model
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    Some of us said we do like it, though. :-P
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    They'll probably post them once we get closer to the release Edit: here's a tweet from Tyler Mengel
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    Get rid of them. No more Aelf problem. Tomb Kings and Bretts got the axe, why not Aelfs too?
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    *x-files soundtrack*
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    Very amusing thread - yes I think I need comping! Sleboda - you touch on some interesting points. I think both of the things you say are true to an extent but the way in which they manifest is slightly different. I find lots of the time people think they have lost before we even start playing and play differently because of it. My advice to anyone is don't play any different no matter who is across the table from you as if you start the game thinking you've lost, most likely you will.
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    If you are playing me KNOWING one of us won't have fun, you are That Guy. Not playing because you won't both have fun seems to be the most reasonable solution and best way to keep a friendship.
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    So cutting into the discussion again (sorry) to give some thoughts, feelings and general observations from bobo. Was a really useful weekend for me from a gaming and list building perspective. Quick games run down. Game 1 is irrelevant. Opponent was inexperienced and inept. I helped them learn what rules I could but took the major and scored my secondary (hold all obj at the end of any of my turns) and denied theirs (Kill my troggboss). Game 2 was against a solid shooty+defensive stormcast player on three places of power. I deployed ok but made strategic errors which saw me spend 3 turns grinding down 20 sequiturs with my troggs. I killed his arcanum on gryph-charger with my troggboss my turn 3 but couldn't catch him on points. I could have strategically and tactically changed my play but the game would have developed so differently it's pointless to speculate. Probably my most comprehensive loss of the weekend. Scored my secondary (Kill his general with a hero) and denied his (Kill my troggboss). The only big swing is the arcarnums -2 vs shooting artefact, if skragrott had stripped it I'd have instantly won the game. Epic game with a bunch of spotlight moments. His balista getting 3 hits and turning it into 17 hits to vape 3 fellwaters, troggboss slamming the Lord arcanum for 11 damage off 2 failed saves to kill it outright and that fecking mushroom rolling a 10" on its range. Best of all was the unit of shootas who could. 20 shots into 5 evocators dealing SIX damage, killing 2, then charging in and doing another FOUR with slittas killing a third! Game 3 was against kroak, 2 engines and some grots, sorry skinks I got greedy and deployed wrong on total commitment. Kroak then proceeded to starcall both my spear chukkas crews for 3 mw a piece leaving me down 240 points from turn 1. At that point I just couldn't keep up with the summoning and score the points. If I had setup differently with a slightly changed strategy I could have been in an incredibly strong position. Completely my fault. Got my secondary (have 1/3rd of my army alive) and his (Kill at least 2/3rds of my army). This game was incredibly useful because it highlighted the weakness of my spear chukkas. I've been using them as a crutch and they've corrupted my deployment/strategy. It's the fist game the chukkas were deadweight. Game 4 was more of a silly game Great fun but call da moon dropped the manglerboss 5 wounds and rendered it useless with 1d6 move. I used the chukkas to remove the wizards and my troggs ripped the squigs apart. Major win in which I scored my secondary (kill 2/3rds of his army) and denied his. Game 5 was a second gloomspite mirror in which we played for who got the high finish. I decimated his boingrots with my shooting and neutered his manglerboss with magic (5 wounds again and skragrott stripped the artefact). In the end it came down to a couple of rolls which if I had won any of I would have taken the game, I did make some tactical errors which would have avoided this. Very swingy but still a great game. Opponent was a lovely guy and because it was his first tournament he was understandably mental exhausted. I ended up doing a fair bit of his piling in and made sure he didn't ****** himself with rules errors. Despite that he made great tactical and strategic decisions which made it such a close game, definitely deserved his 4-1 finish. I went into the game on 2-2 with 8/8 secondaries, my goal by that point was to claim all 10. I managed to claim mine (Kill his manglerboss) and deny his (Kill my troggboss with a hero). Summary The weekend was incredibly useful for me. It highlighted some serious flaws in my gitz play which are hangovers from my ironjawz. It was the first weekend my bolt throwers weren't godlike. Webspinner was really useful as a tool to cast scuttletide however I played a bit to defensive with him so never really got to cast venomous spiderlings at properly. It also didn't help that I faced 1 army with "hordes" and it was the final game. On the other hand the mushroom was utter garbage. The range on it is just to random to justify it's 80 point cost. I need to make the unit of rockguts into 6, already knew it but this hammered it home. Would drop Mushroom and Webspinner for the 6 rockguts. Loonskin is really good on the troggboss. The shiney wotnot didn't see any use but it's in there to counter to very specific things which I didn't face. I'd love to be taking ghyrstrike or rageblade but tbh I was using him defensively most of the time so it wouldn't have mattered that much. My other big question from the weekend is the spearchukkas. They are great and can win games, that said those 240 points makes my stabbas a unit of 60 which would have massively swung all my games. I'm not sure which is the better option but I really don't like painting grots 😭
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    Uhh... You realize that bringing top-tier lists copied from tournaments and stomping your friends who are just playing units that look fun to them doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all about “skill”, right? Right???? Literally the only thing that means is that people have fun in very different ways, and when two very different playstyles collide it can be anti-fun. I agree with you only about the fact that just because a player is interested in tournament lists it doesn’t mean they’re a bad guy. BUT it also isn’t fair to assume OP’s problem is that he is worse at the game!!! I do hope that when you play your own games you aren’t assuming that your opponent is interested in just winning with the best lists possible... Many people find tournament meta very boring!! P.S. Just to reiterate- It’s asinine to assume it is “skill” that allows you to turn-2 your casual friend who plays a mixed alliance army against your tournament-ready list. Those armies are just in two different worlds of play.
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    Hey guys, first post on TGA. I just developed a nifty online tool that might help you guys with your gobbo battles in the future. I developed AoS Reminders. It only has Seraphon and Gloomspite Gitz for now. Check it out here -> https://daviseford.com/aos-reminders/ Basically, you add your units, battalions, and artifacts, and you will get an ordered list of what abilities to use during which phase. It's pretty specific! Please give it a whirl and let me know if you enjoy it! I would LOVE some feedback and critiques! Here's a look at the UI: P.S. it is print-friendly! When you hit print, all of the fancy UI elements are stripped out and you get a list like so:
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    Well, for those who like to create a thematic army or prefer a narrative element to their games, the idea of mercenaries can be quite appealing. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what GW have done in this latest iteration of mercenaries. If any fit with one of my armies, then that gives me yet another way to play and add even more enjoyment to my hobbying.
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    @PrimeElectrid That's because faction specific scenery is already included in point values of that faction units. That scenery is not faction specific so it needs a point cost.
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    This is 100% incorrect, I've lost new players in my group because of it. Specifically I had 2 new guys pick up DoK and KO at the same time, neither were aware of the power difference in the two armies. They played for about 3 months with us (and my group tried to help them out, got the KO player games against the non DoK player, etc) but every time they played the KO player was absolutely dejected. To be clear the DoK player wasn't playing a netlist but was literally just taking good DoK units out of what was available and was still just entirely heads and shoulders above the KO player. After three months of this both sold off their armies and went on to find other games to play. Imbalance has more of an impact on casual and new players than top end tournament players.
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    I can't speak for other authors, but mine are doing much better. Soul Wars, for instance, has sold ridiculously well - Horus Heresy levels of well. In fact, the only AOS novel that I've written that can be considered to have done poorly is Spear of Shadows. Which is surprising, since everyone thought that was going to be the *only* one to earn out. And even that's sold more than any of my WHF novels that didn't have Gotrek & Felix on the cover.
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    So MinimagTRAY, thats me. I've approched this as a 'What do I really want to use' kind of project. The issues I see with current designs are this: Rims, lack of flexibility, cost, not ready to use, usable for the entire game not just T1 So from my site... www.minimagTRAY.co.uk Fully magnetic trays: Made of high grade, precision cut steel the trays are fully magnetic to allow your magnetised troops a surface to really stick too. No RIM! Finally, no rim around your troops. This allows your troops to get into base to base contact with the enemy. No more ‘counts as contact’ but correct placement of your troops in the combat phase without the need to remove your tray to do it. Low profile. Steel means thin and strong. Profile less than 1mm means that they can easily stack on top of each if the situation calls for it. Practically invisible when in use. We don’t really want to see the movement tray, it’s the models we want to see. Low profile, no rim and practically invisible when in use. This delivers this like no other design. Ready to use. MiniMagTRAY are ready to use. No building, gluing or painting required to use. Just magnetised models and your ready to go. Don’t worry if you’ve never magnetised an army. Magnetising models is sooooo easy. I've always done it for transport so it makes sense to use it on the table. I did a skaven army in one night. The whole lot. I am going to expand the range to include some of the larger sizes but alos ways to really get the best use out these trays. Designed for fighting with rather than just deployment.
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    I really dislike wysiwyg. A lot of people say that it's necessary in competitive games, but I never had a problem in other games (like Infinity) . We don't play against an opponent but we play with him. Just ask and play it fair, it shouldn't matter if it's a narrative game or competitive one. But hey, that's just my opinion 😊
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    The rumor engine isn't fond of you, either!
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    For people that were wondering and complaining why the Forbidden Power scenery has really small steps -Ray Dranfield answers your questions : https://twitter.com/RayDranfield/status/1130577477322137601
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    +++ MOD HAT +++ @ElectricPaladin & @Sleboda Can we keep politics out of the forum please 🙂
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    Before commenting on what I have seen from TOs over the last few decades of going to tournaments, I'll make a quick statement about my personal expectations of WYSIWYG. Model it. My 'test' for an army is pretty simple. If you can place your army on the table in front of me and I can identify all units and weapon/armor/command options correctly without input from you, then you've done your part to create an experience consistent with both the rules and the hobby. If I have to spend in-game time recalling what something "actually" is, then you have put your personal interest above those of your opponent (me) and the concept of miniature gaming in general, which is especially problematic in a tournament environment. Now, as to what I've seen from TOs? Lip service. In several instances, I have seen clearly spelled out rules on WYSIWYG (and other aspects of the event) in the packet, only to have TOs push off the responsibility, and the risk of being seen as "that guy" for simply expecting the rules to be applied, to the opponent. TOs are people too, and they don't like to have to be the Bad Guy and tell a player that his beautiful model cannot be used. I believe that part of the responsibility of being a TO as knowing that sometimes you will have to stick to your guns and upset someone. In the case of enforcing WYSIWYG rules that are clear in the packet, you will upset either the player who followed your rules or the one who did not. I know who I believe should not be getting upset in that case. Specifically on banners (and the like), we have to remember that there are rules that eliminate specific models, sometimes resulting in several other models fleeing as well. How is it remotely fair to not let your opponent instantly and easily identify which of 20 models "really" the standard bearer? I've had to make choices about which specific models within a unit get removed, and if I get to play loosie-goosie with where the command models are from moment to moment, that's not right. No. Model your models to match the rules for which you are trying to get a benefit. You don't get to have all the benefits and none of the efforts to get them.
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    Sigmar is viewed as a a shard of the Heavens by Balthas. "The God-King stood before him, arrayed in golden war-plate. The air twisted about him, as if the realm were not quite able to bear his weight. He stood half a head higher than the tallest of his warriors, and there was an elemental strength to him – as if he were the raw fury of the storm, given solid form. But his presence was not merely physical. Sigmar’s immensity stretched beyond the boundaries of the corporeal, into spheres beyond the sight of mortal men. He was the cold gaze of the moon and the warm laugh of the sun. He was the sound of clashing steel, of avalanches and howling winds. To one possessing storm-sight, Sigmar appeared as a shard of the firmament itself. A being of pure starlight, impossible to look at for long. The God-King was Azyr, given mind and voice. In his merest gesture was the movement of worlds, and in his gaze, the flare of falling stars. Balthas blinked, trying to ignore what lay behind the mask of broad, too-human features. The face of a man aeons dead, out of whom a god had emerged"
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    Hail mighty warriors! Just had a small 20 man tourney with 1500 points and Vanguard restrictions (2+ battleline and 0-2 behemoths...) Here is the list. Goretide Lord on Juggernaut General Hoe the Foe. + torc Bloodsecrator 2 priests with sacrifice and brozed flesh. 3Mighty Skullcrushers 3Mighty Skullcrushers 5 Skullreapers 5 Skullreapers 5 Skullreapers Wrathaxe and bloodicon choices explained : 9 drops is a lot at 1500 (and i didnt have any 1st turn.) but i gave up on bataillons since they are a significant invvestment at that range and some contain too much taxes. i also gave up on 3 places of power (scenarios are random on 1D18) Goretide because of the reroll and the 3+ unmodifiable seemed a good idea. At that range 3+/2+ armor can be a pain to manage and i beleved that juggernaut battlelines could be hard to manage. Skullreapers because they are our grimgastreapers. I am against the trend that seems to find that the skulls are great. Yes the effect is great when it connects, but the stars have to align. You have to face a magic opponent, play 1st in the round or play second and make the skull survive, put the sulls in range, makke the ennemy cast, fail to cast, weak enough to be dissipated or roll a 8. not for me. Plus i had to know that a good half of the tournament are not gonna play magic heavy or at least significant (and nagash is absent in that format) Too much condition for e. I prefer the icon, d3 mortals is d3 mortals and the bravery effect can sometimes connect. I tried to play the countercharge game with screens of juggernaut with reapers behind. Battle 1 Blood and glory VS Nurgle GUO, giant daemonrat, mortal sorcerer 60 monks, 3X5 blightkings The guy was nice but seems inexperienced. He didn't seems to know the insane tricks a Nurgle army can deploy on instant-win scenarios. He took the fisrst turn and to my greatest displeasure charged with his monks and took 3 jugger a priest and my lord. Then 10 Reapers piled in and the blob disapeared. I took the double and charged his giant rat that was far too advanced and poped it. The rest of the game was me trying to hunt for his points hile trying to prevent some summoning shenanigans. By the end of turn 5 i had all points. Blood tithe usage : Extra combat-10 hounds summoning-extra movement. Battle 2 Scorched earth VS Stormcast Stardrake 2X2 fulminators 2X5 liberators 1X5 Judicators 1Castellant He took the turn 1 and made the long charge with the stardrake and 2 fulminators, distributing mortals in the shooting phase. He anihilated a unit of reapers anda priest (and ate a bloodsecrator) The fulminators bizarely bounced on the juggerlord and left him at 2 wounds. I was forced to attack the stardrae and ate a bunch of extra mortalsdue to the shield. On my turn l left the Stardrake with 3 jugger on 2+ to manage and charged both his fulminators and fished for mortals (and killed all) From that point, the stardrake took far too much time to kill all the jugger which allowed me to take all his points 18-12 for me. Bloodtithe usage : 10 hounds summoning ;to capture a point before beeing anihilated exta movement. Battle 3 Battle of the pass VS Idoneth King, Caster, Priest 9 Morsarr 6 ishlaen and 20 Thralls. (King & Morsarr in the ethersea) He made a mistake and took the 1st turn, put an eel in range to capture a point and leave the other alone. In my turn i Bloodbind him and his ishlaens where suddenly far too close. I advanced with everybody, charged with 10 reapers, killed them all, took the double turn spend 3 tithe, charged the thralls with 5 reapers, and a unit of jugger, killed them all. Took all points. At the end of that turn he had only his caster on the table. On his turn 2 he poped the king and the morsarr, charged my lord in the back, killed him, took the double and killed5 reapers and 3 jugger and took my point. At the start of my turn 3 he had mathematicaly lost. If he leaves my point i retake it with a summoning from the altar and if he stays i am still to far ahead. 38-19 for me. Bloodtithe usage : 5 hounds summoning, extra movement AND A DAMN EXTRA CHARGE IN HIS TURN 4 HOW STUPID I AM since he can disengage and charge. 3-0 not bad. Afterthought : Goretide is ok without warriors but the reroll is unimpressive. Priests are awesoms, hounds too. Juggernauts battleline are far more interesting that i thought.They are extremely hard to remove and they move relatively fast. The juggerord is a crappy Bloodtithe point. Only good because he unlocks army compositions. I missed my aspiring deathbringer. I missed dogs. I always need ore of them. There is no such thing as "too much Skullreapers. " I still missed the skulls because they are better roadblocker than the icon but the icon was a marvel. (the axe is godly)
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    Finished my Gloomspite Gitz Squig Horde. They are making their first tournament appearance next weekend. Now onto that mass of grey plastic looming in my closet...
  35. 7 points
    Don't know if I could play against someone who didn't remove their own mold lines. I prefer to play people you know who are actually involved in the hobby 😂
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    As promised, the conversion of my "Akhelian Arthropex" is finally to my taste (until I change my mind) so I share before starting paint. As for my Leviadon, I tried to follow the logic of the Allopex Warscroll: A cannon for The harpoon launcher, the Claw for the Ferocious bite , the legs and blades for the Scithed fins, and a crazy guy-on top for the hooks and blades. The oval base is the same size as the original Allopex one and the bulk of the model is pretty similar. Coming soon, the Guard, but for now, the pictures!
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    ancient crocodiles for an upcoming tomb kings book
  38. 6 points
    New rumour engine! Surely seraphon?
  39. 6 points
    Naw you don't nerf people at that stage - you make an icon of them! You let them win and win and build up the god-like worship of them and then he markets himself out like mad - the JA T-Shirt; coffee mug; mousepad; game ruler etc... Along the way he gains sponsors from big names in the market such as GW, Battlefoam, KR, that company that makes those little counters on ebay etc.... Once he attains near god-hood he either takes a crushing defeat that suddenly sets him up for a slide into nothing - continual defeats and being forgotten. OR - he retires from competitive gaming whilst he's ahead. Then he starts up a patreon or youtube or something and you pay for tutorials; then there's the weekend retreat at a fancy hotel where he gives a select few even more in depth teaching of his winning method. At that stage he also becomes a "guest of honour" and gets invited to judged painting competitions, events and the like. Being interviewed by all the big-name youtube and twitch channels.
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    No problem, glad if anyone finds them interesting! With regards to full alpha, that would typically mean committing Kurnoths, Alarielle, and Drycha into combat turn one (and get a high value swarm of squirmlings shot with Drycha in the shooting phase). Often you'd end up charging the summoned unit of 20 dryads and the general in for extra oomph, as well as pile-in control. For the alpha to work, two things need to happen: you need to get at least two out of your three pre-game abilities (so you get both of the movement ones), and the opponent needs to have messed up their deployment. For example, my game three at the BMC one dayer the week before BOBO was against Nagash, 30 grims, 40 chains, couple chars and chaff. He left his Nagash unscreened from one flank, so I redeployed the Kurnoths 6" away from there. Drycha went after the chainrasps, and Alarielle went after the grimghast. At the end of my turn one the chains were down to a few models about to battleshock off, Nagash was dead, and the grims were down to half the starting size. Had he screened his Nagash better and spread out the units, I would not have tried a full alpha. Re: defense layers, I virtually always summon 20 dryads from Alarielle, which gives me 20+10 dryads to work with and 4*5 spite revenants. Without Ranu's Lamentiri summoning extra dryads is a bit iffy, so I always plan as if I get zero dryads from Branchwraith summoning. It's a bit difficult to explain in words how the layering works but I always have a few goals in mind: force the opponent's to charge through wyldwoods to get to anything, make sure it is difficult to engage more than one unit at a time, have enough layers that it is difficult for them to get to my high value targets even if they double turn, and have the hammers in position to be able to capitalise on any overextensions (e.g. my game 5 at BOBO my opponent charged his Archaon into some chaff, but he could not pile-in to be in range of Drycha - I had 6 kurnoths 11" away ready to charge it in my turn). Finally re: Archie - I haven't really had a chance to playtest the list with him, but I was going to run it with a straight swap of the 10 dryads. He would be the general with Warsinger and Betrayer's Crown, while the second branchwraith could now take Ranu's Lamentiri. Arch-Revenant makes kurnoths stupidly good, would be a fast scoring character, and could deliver betrayer's crown a lot easier thanks to 12" movement and fly. Bit of an essay reply, but hope that helps!
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    I always think that having realistic price expectations is the best way of surviving as a GW player without getting stressed. The ferretonic furnace is a 40k scenery piece which contains 2 sprues for £30. The shattered temple contains two sprues plus the big tile for £27.50. I not saying it is not expensive but it is very much in line with gw's previous releases. As for forbidden Power, it is usually £20 for three endless spells. Forbidden Power has 4. The scenery piece is a bit bigger than the channel throne which costs £22.50. That leaves £12.50 for the book and tokens. Again. I am not saying that these prices are not expensive, merely that they are very much line with previous GW products. There are a couple if things worth thinking about for the price conscious. The malign sorcery book is currently available digitally through the app for £20. I am sure they will do the same for this book. GW has repeatedly said that the warcry release will be treated in a similar fashion to the Killteam release. One feature of that release was Killteam boards and a bunch of terrain sold at a discounted price. Some of this scenery is ideally suited to that kind of treatment. If you don't have an immediate need for the new scenery, it may be worth waiting to see how that release shapes up before spending your money.
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    Done some more work on my bloodthirster. Starting to work on bone and the armour plates which will be getting highlights still.
  43. 6 points
    My new tutorial on how to paint flesh is up and running check it out guys! I think you would find it useful. As always, thanks for the support!
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    We need a resanguination for our brother stat! My khorne boys came in second in a local tournament the weekend before slaanesh came out. Beat some fireslayers and a fellow khornate before having the slaanesh game I reported the weekend after the tournament. Probably going to the club this weekend, I'll hopefully be able to report some glorious victories for you. Not knowing what is causing your problems I'm not sure if what I have to say will help. I don't mean what armies you're facing either. I mean what about how your army plays is bothering you? Also, sometimes you just have to give the army a break. I switched over to playing FEC (before the recent battletome) because I wanted something similar but with a different vibe. (I know, scandalous!) I liked the idea of "noble" knights going forth to repel horrid invaders to their lord's enlightened realm. It also offered me excellent conversion opportunities (which is my favorite part of the hobby). Switching things up isn't necessarily bad, variety is the spice of life after all. Now if you want to stick with Khorne … I've found that there are about 2 different overall strategies with variations there of when you're building a list. (Disclaimer: I'm not a guru or even a tournament buff, apply grains of salt liberally) You could try mixing, but that has been beyond my list building skills. 1:The Lawn Mower: Slap down chaff to catch nasty things before they reach your hammers. My personal preference is the close in formation, but you'll have to base your formations on who you're fighting. Sometimes you don't want to be close to your chaff, or you'll have to use them to ward off deep strikers. But the core of this style is defense and keeping everyone safely under the buff auras. Most often result if your opponent is foolish enough to charge the mower is that the chaff disintegrates and the offending arm is destroyed. You might be surprised at how many people think that their nifty hammer can survive the mower's blades. Certain units are more difficult to deal with than others (as with all things) This type of list is a bit more vulnerable to consistent outflankers and prolonged ranged barrages. Which is where I typically awkwardly switch to style 2. 2: The Rush: This typically involves selecting a variant of someone who lets you run and charge and hitting your opponent for maximum effect. We are far from the only one to use this strategy so most people will have something in mind to face it. We aren't dependent on first turn to use ours though, so it might be better to wait (*GASP!* Waiting!?) and throw the hatchet when your opponent's tender bits are exposed. You don't necessarily need to use the run and charge mechanic to use this strategy, you just have to be reasonably fast. I'd throw the brass stampede (and whatever it's daemon equivalent) into this idea as well, even with their 8" move. If you want I can go into more detail on my thoughts on these strategies (goes for whoever) but for now, that's what I got for help. Unless you're looking for conversion ideas, in which case I'm full of 'em.
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    Hey guys, first post on TGA. I just developed a nifty online tool that might help you guys with Seraphon battles in the future. As a Seraphon player, I was always stressed that I was forgetting to do things in the right phase. So, I developed AoS Reminders. It only has Seraphon for now (mostly because I just got this working, and I am only really familiar with Seraphon). I will probably add Sylvaneth next. Check it out here -> https://daviseford.com/aos-reminders/ Basically, you add your units, battalions, and artifacts, and you will get an ordered list of what abilities to use during which phase. It's pretty specific - for example, if you add Ripperdactyls, it will remind you to place a Bloat Toad on Turn One - Hero Phase. Please give it a whirl and let me know if you enjoy it! I would LOVE some feedback and critiques! I am looking to expand this to other armies eventually, but figured my own Seraphon (of which I have over 4k points worth :p) would be a good start. Here's a look at the UI: P.S. it is print-friendly! When you hit print, all of the fancy UI elements are stripped out and you get a list like so:
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    So - if Nagash is looking for an old ally, I wonder if that is going to narrow down the pool to one of his remaining loyal Mortarchs from the End times. And considering Luthor Harkon is the lauded Mortarch of the Abyss - and we're getting teases about the thing lying in the bottom of the lake next to that city.... I mean that seems pretty straight-forward, right?
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    it is Designers Commentary in fact:
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    Do we have too much time on our hands?
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    Nearing completion the second Khornate Mammoth, now upto four crew members ready to serve atop the howdah.
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    Well the fluff all that's good eh ... but we all know that the concept sketches and photos that's what we want to see eh? 1- Inspirations Pirates of the Caribbean, Vampire Coast, Chthuluu ... idoneths feeding on death and living in symbiosis with the creatures of the abyss, even taking their characteristics (pincers, tentacles, etc.). 2- The sketches Akhelian Leviadon (photos of the model not yet painted are at the end of the post if you're in a hurry) Base tyrannofex, the shipreck, guns and a crew of ogor and kitbashed namarti. I tried to keep as much of a semblance of realism in equipment and appearance as possible to reflect the original model. The cannons for ballistae, the claws for fins, the jaws for massive jaws and the giant conch for drum void. Morrsarr et Ishlaen Guard Morrsarr with Grimghast on fangmora, Ishlaen with bladegheist on Screamer. I found that the difference between the two types of unit was not significant enough, only the weapon could differentiate two units that do not have the same role at all, so I decided to fix it. The stingrays with a voltaic barrier made me think of electric torpedoes, so I took Screamers of Tzeentch. I had thought of some crab stuff too but I finally kept the idea for the Allopex. Allopex Exactly, speaking of Allopex. I am the only one not to have been returned by the banality of the shark ..? ok it's cool a shark, but it's a shark kind ... like white shark ... a straight shark, ok the figurine is beautiful, buuuuuuut ... So I said to myself "Hey, why not a crab giant humanoid with a Cannon-clamp, ridded by a crazy deepkin unchained to it? " Finally I have kitbashed everywhere ... photos soon, I still have a white basecoat to do before revealing the three boyz, that surpasses all my expectations. (they have relayed my Leviadon hermit-crab to 2nd rank in my heart.) Aspect of Mathlann Well, I am not satisfied with that guy result. I mean the model is cool ... The sketches were valid (octopus head with fangmora tail on the official model ... it was good, but my fluff having evolved (see previous post) meeeh I'm back to the sketch. So ... I'll come back later, but it might turn into kitbashing drycha and my allopex crabs. I will perhaps keep both ideas for both aspects ... to follow. 3- Teaser photo Okok... I stop teasing you... The "Leviadon"'s pictures:
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