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    I think most people would agree that the demon Prince command ability was not intended to constantly spam d3 mortals into your opponent. I also thought this faq was the original intent of the rule. That said I think it's fair to feel aggrevied when you see nonsense like bonereapers come out and then your army book you've waited for is so kuch worse. This is how I imagine the office... Rules Guy One: "Hmmm if I give them reroll 1s vs 2 wound units that gives an extra 2 to 3 wounds, I think that's OK". Rules Guy Two: *hits crack pipe* EVERYONE GETS PLUS ONE SAVE ALL THE ****** TIME. AND REND AND AN EXTRA ATTACK AND ALL SPELLS ARE CAST ON 5 AND ****** SCENERY PLACEMENT JUST PUT IT ANYWHERE! ****** ME I LOVE THIS JOB.
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    Maybe GW could go in a direction it's never gone and keep Excelsis at a minute to midnight for the next 20 years where it's always underthreat in the lore, but nothing really changes.
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    Can we ban him? He provides nothing for discussion and I personally come to this site because it's not like bols or dakka and I dont think anyone spoils the atmosphere like this guy does consistently.
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    I know I posted a joke earlier on in this thread but now I want to wade in on this stout negativity from some posters. People mention damage and the lack of or competitive viability. I just don't understand this coming from a 40k background. Tournament players will spam the best units as much as possible or a battalion that gives a buff and drop advantage. 80+ mauraders in two 40 blobs with buff support is alot of dice with rend. Don't want damage then I think a blob of 20-25 warriors buffed and mask of darkness'd could be a foundation for a hard to shift defensive list. Then put in Archaon/sorcerers or ravagers heroes to spread the buffs (reinforments) and auras and you have the basis of something looking like a tournament list. This expectation of a top tier army that uses the whole of a codex, fluffy lists or specifically the models you own seems a little bit off the mark from reading all the other forums on this site and playing at stores and events. People mention other armies but they tend to also just use the strong units and have similar negative posters. OBR use catapults and Mortek guard. DOK use witches and Morathi in one battalion from the book. Fyreslayers use one lodge and big blobs of hearthguard, IDN use eels. BOK (which I also play) has tyrants+gore pilgrims or a gore pilgrims and you don't use half the models I own for the tournament list. From my experience at tournaments very few lists will consistently hit 4-1/5-0 and most of the time the player at the helm will make a huge difference. If you like the models and play beer and pretzel games or local games you will have alot of fun from this codex from my experience in 6-8 games now running all sorts. You will beat some people you will lose. You want a 4-1, 5-0 list for a large tournament you are going to be limited in what you can use from this book just like everyone else reading their respective codex. You want to go to the mid tables 3-2, 2-3 then I think then your options are even wider. In the end have fun, play games and see if you can find that min-maxed ultimate list if that's what drives you.
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    One of my local retailers was talking about a pure Gargant army being released. Battletome and everything. According to him the Gargants in general will be much much beefier. Think Imperial Knights in 40K beefy. Where you would essentially field an army of few models, that equals in power and points value the army of your opponent. I personally didnt really give this much credit but..... Asgard Elves...... vs Jotunheim styled Giants suddenly seems much more reasonable than it did before.
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    I’ve been trying my hand at painting and found that a drink mix container makes a good watchtower/castle tower. 🏰
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    This is what I want. I posted in the other thread but it makes sense. Tyrion is the blind god, so many of the idoneth are blind. The idoneth are also likely to be more martial than the pure Teclis aelves. I also think that Tyrion might have more sympathy for the idoneth because he was possessed / corrupted himself during the end times. The other two ideas I have for idoneth. 1) They manage to find a way to save themselves and resurrect mathlann through soul magic. Probably too similar to Ynnari in 40k. 2) They find some kind of ancient sea god / entity who helps protect and shelter them in return for some kind of service. In other words they go full cthullu elves. I know none of these are really likely and GW don't tend to move narrative forward in that way but I find them cool.
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    I personally look forward to being more isolated from humanity and enjoying our ever closer relationship with the rising sea.
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    I've never minded the pulpy aspect of Black Library novels per se, but I do think there is much potential that never gets achieved because the expectations are that Warhammer novels are these pulpy stories about your favourite toy soldier army. And while that in itself is all right and totally valid (like I said, I enjoy reading about 'my dudes'! Lore is a big reason why I gravitate towards certain models or armies), I personally feel certain authors want to one-up each other in terms of how grimdark and hopeless the novels can be. And as already pointed out, that can be really novel and exciting the first few times, but when you read the fifteenth or twentieth novel, novella or short story that ends with even grimmer and darker endings it all gets exhausting. It has been one of the factors I avoided Black Library novels for a long time and still dread reading 40K stories as they all seem to suffer from that~ It all is such a shame, because without hope and without the characters you root for winning, that darkness just feels...bland. Already seen. And why care, when you can guess from page one that the character you're supposed to relate and root for will face some horrible end? This is why I was surprised by Warhammer Horror as my first thought was 'How will this be different from any other Warhammer story?'. Luckily, I have had good luck with AoS stories in general (Although, to be fair, I have mostly read novellas and short stories). I don't doubt they lack same kind of 'overly grimdark' stories but those I've read have had it in moderation. I would, however, instabuy any 'Warhammer Romance'. Just give me something to really tug my heartstrings and maybe even have a little cry over!
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    Honestly I'd hope that 3.0 is just 2.0 where GW adds up all the various expansions to the rules; tidies them up, adds the Errata and FAQ into the book and cleans up the balance somewhat. Perhaps introduce a new mechanic or, more likely, just flesh out the current mechanics in a fresh direction. EG GW could choose to focus on sieges and thus adds siege gear to multiple factions - this sparking a block of new models to help generate worth in a new battletome; and also not making huge waves on the games core balance etc.... Basically instead of re-writing the whole game every edition; focus on refining the game every edition. Gamers will still rush out for the Big Rule Book if GW does their work and makes the lore newer, fresher and adds in new art and such. Meanwhile they could easily clean up a lot of profit off existing gamers with a new condensed version of the rules released at the same time. It also means there's less of the "oh now your Battletomes don't work any more" and less of the need for GW to put a huge amount of prep work into releasing an index system or a bunch of battletomes on the fast. Instead it lets them easily keep to a slower release pattern and ties releases back toward big model count jumps (either in updating old sculpts and/or adding new ones).
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    I don't think they'll make the Slaan any weaker, but I get the impression that they will have Seraphon settle colonies and establish lands and peoples. So I can see them being a race of two parts. Those who are still upon the great Arks and are summoned into battle by the Slaan, but also those who are now native to the Mortal Realms. Who establish a people, culture and territories of their own. I'd say that's the best of both worlds. It gives them both what they've had before, but also really opens up the lore and possibilities for them to adapt and evolve and advance as a race. There's a lot more story options when you've got a race as opposed to warriors who are temp-summoned only to do battle by great mages who mostly don't say very much.
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    As someone who religiously follows the tournament scene, it's much worse than you think it is. Stalliarch Lords are good but they still have absolutely nothing on Petrifex, and this is backed up by the stats that I've seen so far. If you're running Bonereapers competitively, you have zero reason not to run Petrifex. It is the most stupidly obvious sub-faction imbalance in the game since Hagg Narr for Daughters of Khaine. From a competitive stand-point, I will agree with the majority and say that certain books - particularly Hedonites (if you don't spam strong heroes, you're doing it wrong) - aren't fun to play against and have horrible internal balance. Others like Gloomspite Gitz and Mawtribes aren't as likely to go 5-0 but offer a far greater variety of fun builds that are engaging both to play with and against. My favourite faction of those released in the past year is Cities of Sigmar, but that's due to the sheer variety on offer, even if it's not particularly well balanced internally. My least favourite is a toss-up between Fyreslayers and Slaanesh, both mono-build armies that just aren't that intuitive to play against. Side-note; I really like the Tzeentch book. Changehost and Horrors/Flamers look like the top dogs (so not that different from before) but they've made a conscious effort to make everything at least viable.
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    "the Mistweaver Saih is a sinister figure hailing from the Realm of Shadow."-https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NL/mistweaver-saih I don't see how there can be people on the fence
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    Behemat giant's shield !
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    I chose not to do this as a private message because I want to make it clear to all of you we want you to treat each other nice. I’m completely happy for you to disagree on things, just don’t call each other names or be nasty to each other.
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    +++ Mod Hat On +++ I think this topic has reached its end as it’s going round and round in circles and I’m going to lock it. Firstly, generally the discussion has been great in this topic but I just need to remind some of you that TGA is for everybody and we should be nice to each other. Not everybody is going to agree on some things but there is no need to act childish or rude towards them. Secondly, this discussion has been going on for years. I remember going back to 96 and my first visits to Internet forums and people were saying the same thing. I remember playing DBM around the same time and people were saying the same thing then. It’s all a matter of perspective 😉 But I do need to point out that what we have now with GW with everything they do is a million times better than it used to be. So whilst some things may never be perfect for you, enjoy what we have now as it’s never been this good. Also don’t forget AOS (and many GW games) are just a framework for you to meet up with somebody and play a game against them. If you both agree something isn’t quite right, tweak it. Want to do something with matched play as well? Tweak it. As long as you all know what is happening, it’s fine.
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    Imagine complaining about admins and other posters letting conversations get personal and then posting this.
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    The immediate issue is that those "new mechanics" don't synergize with the game at all. That is the ultimate measuring stick not what the author set out to emphasize. Think about it, if Apple decided new iphones should emphasis streaming and they sacrificed text and voice messaging to get it done. Is the phone a success or a failure, at being well a phone? I've played these games for a long time, many besides, and primarily professionally spend my time taking apart legislation, and doing data analysis. There are certain things you can't help but see, the first was the lack of damage. And swarmofseals early on confirmed the lack of upgrade in regards to doing wounds throughout the book. The next was a general lack of agency, which was partially addressed by Dark Prophecy, though that has changed. With limited range dmg, and a general lack of mobility, the ability of the army to dictate the direction of a game is severally lacking. If you go through this thread and read the reports from the field, or on the facebook pages people experience the same issue repeatedly. Its just that not everyone sees it for what it is, that they are constantly fighting on their opponent's terms, even when the S2D player is successful in a combat it is because their opponent charged when they need not have, or chose a unit that was an improper tool. AoS at a reasonable level of game play is generally decided at the top of turn 3. A great player can usually minimize a lose, or two players playing very cagey can drag it out, but generally most games are decided at that point. Mostly because mechanically the good armies can put out about 80 unsaved wounds by that point, most factions secondary economy (CP, Waagh points, Tides, etc) are fully functional by that point, certain missions require a turn 3 victory, but also because concentration levels drop after about an hour. So it is imperative that you have agency early in the game because AoS2 is mostly a race against time. S2D has to drag around a point heavy, or foot speed hero, doesn't have a secondary economy, and doesn't really generate addition cp. Think about it this way, in reality it would be better to just take 5 more warriors than to take a sorcerer to buff them, but we can't because without the hero we might as well play Grand Allegiance Chaos. Which means in an objective game since your allegiance forces you to take fewer models you have to push to either kill or models or lose so few models that you can grind out your opponent. But, since you are a foot speed faction and you only have 3 turns at best in which to decide the game, don't really have the time to grind. So you really have to find ways to kill models, which if you look at the lists most people are trying to do. The question is how successful is the tome at letting players do this? I'm saying it isn't at all. You suggest that it is I'm curious to see your analysis.
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    Just came 3rd in a 30 man event this weekend. Lost on table 1 round 5 to a slaves to darkness army that focused on disallowing me to do things using kairos, be'lakor, and a spell that prevents you from moving. Then he just stacked the nurgle daemon prince command ability a few times per turn on one of his 3 units of marauders (who thought that ability should stack?), teleported to whatever unit of mine he wanted to die, nearly autocharged (the only way to fail a 9 inch charge is to roll snake eyes. Again makes me ask who thought of this) and made my unit slap itself to death. Still, game was maybe the closest game I've ever had and I was a single chaos warrior away from winning the event. Other armies I played were a trogg based gloomspite force, beastclaw, berserker swarm and gotrek fyreslayers, and summoning seraphon. But fair warning to everyone out there- until that command ability is faq'd watch out for it! It's absolutely brutal. hallelujah, its been fixed! Also, please dont take this as whining. I had a great time and he was a good opponent. Just wanted to share this (unfortunate) discovery I've made. edit: jubilation for a slightly too late FAQ
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    At my local the meta started out rather casual, people brought all kind of dumb ****** for fun and giggles. However people got tired of losing eventually and started to look for how to improve their lists. Its almost inevitable that lists eventually start to get towards the more competitive end. As much as I like to throw dice and have a laugh, who doesnt want to win?
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    I'd be more surprised if we don't see Seraphon between now and then. I'd also say if GW doesn't release Seraphon before or at the very same time then they are setting themselves up for problems if Seraphon aren't a major release. Ergo if Seraphon come long after and its just a new book and perhaps spells+terrain then its going to feel a bit short changed.
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    Manfred did kill Tyrion's daughter, so scr*w that guy.
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    Yup I remember that one, made me roll my eyes (as a DoK Player) XD
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    Between Forbidden Power, that Hammergrod short story, the Cities of Sigmar and Orruk Warclans books, and now this, the "Fall Of Excelsis*" supplement is 100% confirmed. *I hope the city itself survives though !
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    Still don't know what Kingdom Hospital is... Progress continues:
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    The sky is my terrain piece! <Firefly theme song playing in the background>
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    I fully agree here. This i so painfully obvious and even worse not even necessary. Just do the Aura right: Nurgle -1 to hit, Tzeench +1 to cast and Khorne +1 to hit and you have a thematic not overpowered army. You don't even have to play around with those bonkers fantasy rules applying randomly and are just flat out bad for the game one way or the other. The Battalion for the warshrine could have been, Warshrine ability triggers on 2+ instead 3+ and everyone would be happy because it would be usefull but not even close to be OP. Now we have pages and pages of explaining why and when this or that applies and when not. This is why people are upset, a lazy written, uninspired tome that pleases absolutely nobody and doesn't create any feeling of lore or purpose
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    Painted the last 10 Dryads, and 6 Kurnoth Hunters with Great Swords today. Completing exactly 2000pts of Sylvaneth Here's the full 2000pts All that's missing is a 2nd Wyldwood which will complete the army ready for its first non-skirmish outing next time I head to Warhammer World.
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    🤨 Ulthuan isn't Siam, and Tyrion and Teclis always operated pretty independently in both the WFB background (off leading armies/cuckolding Finubar and traveling around researching spells/teaching humans to read respectively), and game (you'd have to be playing very large battle to have the character allowance for both); and Teclis seemed pretty autonomous is his recent appearance in his recent flashback scene in Forbidden Power, so I wouldn't expect them to share a base or have to be taken together. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Tyrion wasn't even part of the new faction at all, with his own release years away. Now if Malekith and Morathi had been a single miniature with a shared base, then we'd be talking... 😉
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    Raise a hand if you are saving a huge pile of money 😅
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    No problem, you are welcome and thank you two. Here some Wips of my Demonprince.
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    I also can't help but think, long term, GW will realise that one aspect and weapon choice is like 4 times the damage of anything else and bring it all back down to where the falchions are an "elite" better choice again. That could take time though and I still plan on building my next 3 without.
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    Indeed. It helps open up the narrative. A Realmgate in your background can be anything from a gift from your diety to prosper your land with trade, an ancient relic of a lost race your people built around for safety, a construct made of magic rifts/hidden aelven ways/gnaw-holes that was forgotten after a war and can even be a local event of your city paying highly skilled duardin clans or the eldritch council to create one to open up travel for their expanding economy. Lots of possibilities.
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    Yeah I have to say also, after the reveal of Teclis art, sorry Idoneth but it seems Light Aelves are the elves for me. Redone high elves? Yus plez. I may still get a turtle or Eidolon though, since they’re such beautiful models, just to paint.
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    Neat, next Friday is going to be marvellous. His helmet better have a weapon profile in the book, that thing looks like it's no joke!
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    My A tier would be Gloomspite, Skaven, Cities, Mawtribes, BoK, And Nurgle not competitively focused but all books with huge variety of way to build armies that can at least stay on the table for a fun game. i really dislike deepkin, fyreslayers, flesh eater courts, slaanesh. fyreslayers have literally one unit hearthguard. They are the most extreme. The other three are also severely limited on options or at least viable ones. Show me the battleline and other unit heavy slaanesh list. I’ll wait. bonereapers, mawtribes, dot, ko, others are all in the middle. Bonereapers would be a tier if petrifex was ignore one rend, but as is they are way too tempting to run, despite the fact I think stalliarch will win more games due to scenario.
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    has anyone painted KO with contrasts? Id love to see how they turned out, guides would be a bonus. Lots of metallics on the KO so im wondering if contrasts are the way to go.
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    LoC? what’s exactly is that pr what’s it’s fullname?? So I hear there are a few people here wondering how the onion formation works. well the Onion formation is a great way in keeping those pesky objective in your hand for multiple turns. it basically consists of multiple expendable units, of which one is basically the core, that is surrounded by multiple layers of expendable clanrats, that are exactly 3.1- or more inches away (depended in which kind of situation your in!) from each other. with this strategy, your enemy will have to peel each expendable unit of of the formation If he/she wants to gain the control of the objective. which will take a few turns, and sometimes even till the end. it’s an interesting formation which the grand master maple or mable (I’m probably spelling it wrong) has introduced to us int this forum a long long time ago. Edit: and since we’re already at it, those anybody know, how the formation that let’s those pesky flamers teleport 9inches away from your lines. I’m just wondering what is exactly needed for those guys to be able to teleport, just so I can somewhat prepare myself for a probably very deadly and soon coming fight between my skaven or gobbos of lurktobia, with this evil beings, that do not serve the true and only real chaos deity of all 13Realms!!!
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    Cities Of Sigmar - bad. Units overcosted, condensed rules across the book taking away the ‘flavour’ of some units, no synergy or benefit to mixing factions even though that’s how they want you to play them. These factions really needed their own books. Ossiarch Bonereapers - bad. Petrifex Elite is a Hag-Narr situation where it’s bonuses are just so much better than the others. The whole Hekatos system is cool and all but if that doesn’t get rolled out to all the other factions then they should probably cost a lot more points (I’m talking about the fact the unit leaders act like heroes for the purposes of using command abilities and death saves). Morghasts and Stalkers are not pointed appropriately. Stormcast Eternals - bad. Sacrosanct Chamber units are so much better than the older stuff and points don’t reflect this (Retributors and Evocators are too close in points but so far away from each other in what they do). The army has a few game breaking negative play experiences, Gavriels command ability stacking allowing you a guaranteed charge from reserves, Longstrikes and Hurricane Raptors counting as stationary after using Scions, the Comet is way too good-for a start it’s range allows you to cast it outside of dispell range and still hit a ton of units. Idoneth Deepkin - bad. I don’t agree with the majority that everything but eels is bad, however eels are just so good that nothing else is really worth taking. Volturnos + eels is a negative play experience. Flesh-Eater Courts - unsure. I kind of think the old book was better and just needed some tweaks. I dislike how all the battalions lost the good rules and kept the bad ones (Ghoul Patrol adding models to units, Royal Family summoning Ghoul Kings). Feeding Frenzy went too far, before it was bad and hardly ever went off and now it’s too good, Savage Strike was fine but combined with Feeding Frenzy it was too good. The endless spells I think are a bit too expensive (the Corpsemere Stampede at least), the throne is basically pointless after using your summon. Mixed lists (ie Ghouls, Horrors and Flayers) are difficult to make due to needing Courtiers of the right type to babysit them. Archregent is too expensive, change his summon from 20 to 10 Ghouls and drop his points to 200. The internal balance between units is good I think, but the army needs more units. Slaanesh - bad. All I can really say is it’s always a negative play experience facing them. Nighthaunt - unsure. I think Ethereal and Fly were given too much value when they pointed these units. Aside from that I can’t say much as they generally don’t get played around here. Legions Of Nagash being allowed to use most of the army was a bad decision which they seem to have learned from with Bonereapers. Fyreslayers - bad. Points costs are all wrong. It feels to me like they changed the points costs based on what was happening before the book and changed the rules afterwards resulting in units now costing more than they should (Battlesmith stood out as the first noticeable issue). Hearthguard and Vulkites are too similar in points creating a situation where Hearthguard are being taken instead. I like that the Grimwrath and Doomseeker no longer count as Leaders. I dislike the nerfs to Magmadroths (reduced range on fire breath, volcanic blood nerf etc), extra wounds was appreciated though.
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    African flesh eater army?? That's brilliant! Nice conversion, simple and effective, I like it.
  42. 2 points
    List making while at work. Not sure how effective this would be but it would at least look cool and fun Allegiance: Gloomspite GitzMortal Realm: GhurLoonboss on Mangler Squigs (280)- General- Trait: Fight Another Day- Artefact: Gryph-feather CharmFungoid Cave-Shaman (90)- Lore of the Moonclans: The Hand of GorkFungoid Cave-Shaman (90)- Lore of the Moonclans: Itchy NuisanceDankhold Troggboss (270)12 x Squig Herd (140)12 x Squig Herd (140)12 x Squig Herd (140)6 x Rockgut Troggoths (280)6 x Rockgut Troggoths (280)10 x Boingrot Bounderz (200)Mork's Mighty Mushroom (90)Total: 2000 / 2000Wounds: 172
  43. 2 points
    Stormcast killing Khorne dudes is not hard, when they are trained specifically to fight chaos and the psychopathic cannibal Khorne dudes are just throwing themselves on the blades. I loved the realmgate Wars stuff however, but maybe you should try some of the later stuff. Here are some recommendations for you, try reading. "City of Secrets" "Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows" "soul wars" "Court of the Blind King" . city of Secrets also has a sequel, just can't remember what it is.
  44. 2 points
    I have heard black library described as 'the Mills and Boon of scifi and fantasy'. I tend to agree that many of the books feel rushed and listening to author interviews on warhammer TV reinforces that impression. It also seems like they haven't landed on a new epic character like Gotrek or eisenhorn which have been able to capture the imagination of so many people. Lastly, do we even know how much this is to do with black library vs the whole book publishing industry? I could well imagine a lot of book publishers are seeing year on year falls in sales....
  45. 2 points
    I personally haven't read a lot of Black library books (Dark imperium,Devestation of Baal, Talon of Horus,Black Legion, Lords of Silence, and spears of the emperor). I'm not to familiar with the sigmar side yet, but I will be reading Soulswars and Nagash the undying king soon. I have also listened to a couple of Eldar audio dramas. More on that in a bit. I will say anything from Aaron Dembski-Bowden had been a treat to read and I look forward to reading more Black Legion books from him. Now I do believe there is way to much Space marine books. We need more Xenos and chaos books. I'm an eldar play and I feel there is little there, sucks more if you are a Drukhari or Harlequin fan such as myself. I do think the novellas are a great idea and the implementation of a horror genre, just waiting for one of them to catch my attention. Now the Harlequin Audio Dramas are AMAZING! I cannot recomend these enough,even if you have no interest in 40k they are fan tree mastic. Great cast fun dialogue and good working building from a Harlequins perspective. I'm glad GW is even giving an army as small as Harlequins a chance, let alone audio dramas which im assuming cost quite a bit to make. Then again Harlequins are guardians of the Black Library so it is fitting. I feel GW needs to take risks on the smaller factions, even if they are the novellas, or short stories, it could bump up interest in BL and get xenos hyped to learn more about their faction. But what do I know I just want a Harlequin novel. Anyway that's my 2 cents/ramble.
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    I don't think they care about Elf bloat as Elves sell. Yeah MAlekith got in my opinion awesome story-arc in End Times, and he was first to seek out Elves in Age of Sigmar, he went through a lot to unify elves and give them chance to surive then went on a quest to find Elves souls. Surely he can make them into something powerful, majestic and shadowy but he isn't bland bad guy anymore. Maybe he hates Sigmar and sees him as usurper hence Gladiatorium twist byt he is more of dark anithero now, which is great. And works great with Teclis not being good guy at all - but all about the ends that justify the means mindset. I think Malerion and Teclis are more two sides of the same coin then Tyrion - who is just this good, purfied God of Light.
  47. 2 points
    Got to drill all the barrels out now.... grungni preserve my soul 🤣
  48. 2 points
    I summoned two and we called it in the third turn. My list was LoC W/ Feather Charm General (Bolt of Tzneetch) Fateskimmer W/Brimestone familiar (Tzneetch's Firestorm) Change Caster (Unchecked Mutation) Change Caster (fold reality) Fluxmaster (Treason of Tzneetch) 10xPink 10xpink 10xpink 3xScreams Change Host Pendulum, Purple sun, Geminids, Suffocatiing grave tide, balewind Would swap out grave tide and sun for spell portal.
  49. 2 points
    Outside of LotC I very rarely run a standard Treelord. Even at 180 points it is less appealing than paying a little more for Kurnoth Hunters. I might be more interested if it drops to 160, but for now the drop in damage output from the monster damage charts is too steep. Outside of Gnarlroot LotC I probably use a TLA about half the time, almost always to support a unit of Kurnoths with Verdurous Harmony and some 3” reach attacks. In that case I treat the stomp as a nice bonus rather than something to depend on. It’s certainly not something worth spending another 180 points to up the proc rate from 50% to 75%. If I’m running Gnarlroot LotC then I almost always give the TLA General the Vesperal Gem and Verdurous Harmony, supporting a unit of Kurnoths (6 Scythes). Restoring one with VH and healing another with Nurtured by Magic keeps the unit ticking over. The second TLA gets the Gnarlroot Chalice. This TLA tends to run with the vanilla Treelord, so Regrowth is my likely spell choice for emergencies (although he may not be the only caster with it - I like Regrowth on Drycha too), he really wants to be casting Verdant Blessing or an endless spell each turn. The Chalice is to help with those. If I’ve got a third artefact it’ll be the Spiritsong Stave for the Branchwraith with Throne of Vines. Otherwise I’ll just have the ‘Wraith cast Thrones on Turn 1 and summon normally thereafter. I don’t think that improved odds of an extra unit of 10 Dryads with the Chalice is ever worth the losing the frontline casting bonus for the second TLA.
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