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    "I am scissors. Paper is fine. Rock needs a nerf."
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    For the the love of whatever god you follow.... Can we please go back to rumours ????? 700 out of 706 page are not rumour related at all. This is a rumour thread for kitten sake. We already have a wishlisting one in existence.
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    Just to add the two cents from the other side of the spectrum. GW is so in control of leaks there are close to none rumours. But when something is their, it sparks conversation. And those are far more interesting in my mind. For example the remark someone made about GW focussing on new instead of replacing old kits, came from the conversation about the chaos warriors and knights models because of a rumour about Darkoath. Which in turn also sparked an interesting conversation about where it all would fit with the next expand is being confirmed destruction and wrath & blood fitting in somewhere in there as well. Again, to each their own, but if I wanted only a prediction of what’s to come without the reactions of others... I’ll just read the community page 😅
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    "We control the machine-checkers now yes-yes! All man-things shall type nothing but Skaven soon-soon!" -Clan Skyre Warlock Engineer
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    So new to Warhammer and to Painting miniatures in general but I have been enjoying myself so much I have even started to help paint my girlfriends flesh-eater courts army anyway here are the pics My first carnosaur was so much fun to paint and as you can see I have a gold and blue theme All in it has taken me about 3 weeks to paint and I have some more to post soon as I have a completed Old blood on foot and Skink star Priest Troglodon was also really fun to paint Flesh eater courts for my girlfriend
  6. 9 points
    I actually think those models stand the test of time very well. Personally, I'd update a few dozen other kits first.
  7. 9 points
    Hellooooo Ladies and Gentlebeards! I was in Rochester, NY over the weekend at the Da Boyz GT with my Sky-Dorfs. I ended up placing 22nd out of 56(ish? I think?). I went 2 wins and 3 losses, with 2 of the losses being quite close, and 1 loss being a blow out unfortunately. My 1 win was quite hardy and the 2nd was fairly close as well. Overall I think the list performed well, and I think some of the errors were on my behalf of getting to hungry for some objectives/kills. Below is the list I used. Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords Mortal Realm: Ghur Skyport: Barak-Mhornar - Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People Leaders Aether-Khemist (160) - General - Trait: Opportunistic Privateers - Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm Aether-Khemist (160) - Artefact: Rockjaws Battleline 30 x Arkanaut Company (360) - 9x Light Skyhooks 20 x Arkanaut Company (240) - 6x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3x Light Skyhooks Units 5 x Grundstok Thunderers (100) - 5x Aethershot Rifles 6 x Endrinriggers (240) War Machines Arkanaut Frigate (240) - Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon - Great Endrinworks: The Last Word Arkanaut Frigate (240) - Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon - Great Endrinworks: Malefic Skymines Battalions Iron Sky Squadron (130) List worked out well overall. I'm not sure if I would change much, I think it's more I need to work out the tactics a bit better. First Match - Loss - Nurgle First match was against 2 Great Unclean Ones and a Rotigus. There were a few small spats of plaguebearers and a large squad of the Plague Drone fly dudes. The Drones did the most amount of damage for sure, and I simply couldn't do enough damage to cut through the Disgusting Resilience. I managed to take out 2 of the GUOs but it wasn't enough to come out on top. Second Match - Win - Moonclan Grots 60 man block of moonclan along with a Hag, multiple varieties of Big, Medium, and Small Squigs, and a grot artillery cannon thing. I was able to shoot down the big guys in first turn and then it was a matter of slowly chipping away at the grots for a win. Third Match - Loss - Blades of Khorne This was a close one and came down to some tactical mistakes on my part. I went for objectives to win, rather than go for a tie and hopefully pull something off through secondaries. He ran Gore Pilgrims, a Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (with some nasty Mortal Wound AOE output) and Skarbrand. I managed to rip up most of his lines and forced him to summon multiple squads of bloodletters, but I couldn't kill off enough at the very end in order to hold the middle objective and lost by 2 points. Fourth Match - Loss - Clan Pestilens 200 PLAGUE MONKS. I want to start with that statement. We played Better Part of Valour which ended up being a nail biter. I managed to kill his Verminlord, Big Machine Feel No Pain thing, and about 170 plague monks, but a bad run move on my part didn't get me close enough to burn the one objective in his deployment zone. I believe this one was a 2 point difference as well. I know I screwed up here by not using the command ability for an auto-6" run. Fifth Match - Win - Stormcast This I'm very proud of simply because it was Places of Arcane Power (a mission I despise) against a Sacrosanct Stormcast army. He deep struck in half his units and failed a few key charges. First turn prior to his deep strikes I managed to rip up two units of Sequitors, a Lord Arcanum, and an Incantor. His failed charges and my ability to keep priority meant I was able to toss a ridiculous amount of skyhooks at units and fire him down. He had an 8 man unit of Sequitors and Castellant left, having started with; a 10 man and 2 five mans, an Incantor, Castellant, Lord Arcanum on Gryph-Thing, 3 Evocators on Gryph-Things, 10 Evocators, and a small unit of allied Khinari Heartrender ladies. Overall, I'm happy having been the only representative of Kharadron Overlords at the event and placing in the top half overall. Looking forward to trying to perfect the list a little more.
  8. 9 points
    I started a conversion for my (two) mortis engines into a ghost ship. anyone tried a list with two of them? I only played the arkhan battalion, but I'd like to include both in order to get the 'full experience'
  9. 9 points
    Finish Lord of Change with Kairos Fateweaver Wings
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  11. 8 points
    Minor progress on the thirster. Really thought i would have him done by now, but i probably got at least another week to go
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    Chaos warriors are beautiful models in my opinion, some of my favourite in the Chaos range. Personally I cannot see Slaves to Darkness going away any time soon with the battle box this Christmas. It would really annoy anyone who purchases it if they were to discontinue the army in the next year or two.
  13. 8 points
    Hi guys. I don't feel the need to pin this post but every now and again it does need a bump back up to the top. I have seen a bunch of reports on here recently, most of them aimed as 2-3 users. This is gentle reminder of what TGA is all about, and the awesome community we are part of here. If you don't like this, no-one is forcing (or even asking) you to stay. Please enjoy your hobby elsewhere.
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    I was given these by the owner of my local game store, I am assuming the package was damaged or something was missing. Well I hate leaving gifted models unpainted so I finally sat down and painted these. I stuck with the standard scheme I usually do, heavy on the checks! It is standard across all of the destruction forces I have done and will hopefully tie them together if I ever decide to use them in a mixed force.
  15. 7 points
    Not part of my contract, but I've completed another test model for my side project mixed Order pirate army. Lots of Corsairs and other Scourge Privateers models, but will have Ballista etc. More to read over on the Order forum, but here's a pic. I've not forgotten my dragon though. Basecoated and washed the base for it. The rider is maybe 70% done, just needs final gold and purple highlights and a sword design.
  16. 7 points
    One thing down! Probably won't get the ruins done this month, but longbeards are on track.
  17. 6 points
    I can confirm that the page is back up and already the comments are filled with half-baked answers. I would stress that for the sake of the game and the community at large that if you want your comments to be taken seriously then you need to provide a more serious and well thought out answer. Why do stormvermins need a point reduction? How will this help the army? GW said to provide reasoning why you put your voice in. How do you expect GW to take you seriously if you don't give them what they ask for? Just a bit of tough love from your neighborhood skeleton 💖
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    What's up with this fixation on Chaos Warriors and Knights... there is pretty much no way these models will get an update anytime soon. Their aesthetics have aged incredibly well and their styles works flawlessly for AoS. On top of that, their proportions are in line with Blood Warriors and other, newer Chaos models with the same base-size. An argument could be made for Chosen, as these models are not distinct enough from normal warriors but that's about it. Everything else from the 'heavy armoured' portion of StD is at least decent model-wise.
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    regarding 1), I build a ship(wreck) for my undead army from the idoneth ship, playable as 2 mortis engines (you can separate them). so it's doable
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    First attempts at wet blending done on the tail. Black to xereus purple with naggaroth purple in the middle. Used a light wash after it dried of druchii violet. Looking for tips!
  21. 5 points
    Yup! Actually I just finished mine, just need some touch-ups... I added a second dragon skull, put some pelts, a gutgouger and a shield, and choose a very badass looking head... actually he has a “second version” of him, riding a stonehorn, but this one is a more complex conversion, because you need to reposition the legs for him to sit on the saddle... hope you enjoy! cheers AJ
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    Are you seriously telling me this has aged well? Sure, the aesthetic direction is still great but look at that pose, not to mention it's the only pose you can assemble them, with the right leg front and both arms sticked to his torso. It looks awful and even worse when you have a unit with only uñone pose and 3 different scultps. Not to mention the asspull that is having to buy finecast weapons (12€ for 10, not even enough for a single box) if you dare want to build them with halberds or great weapons. Knoghts sure, they are a newer kit that holds great as it has lots of detail and posability but warriors need a new kit.
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    Guess the essential points have been covered but to give some visual approximation, I remember someone designing from scratch an ultimate gaming room, and giving details about it. You can read here (interesting and very inspiring!): https://wargamingworkshop.com/gaming/wargaming-room/ The place looks quite amazing: But it's missing a fridge and a turntable!Not good enough 🤣
  24. 5 points
    If this list gives you any ideas, I went 4-2 at the GT finals with it, and the losses were down to a lack of practice on my part and very capable opponents rather than any inherent weaknesses in the list. Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsMortal Realm: AqshyLeadersLord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger(240)- General- Trait: Staunch Defender - Spell: Azyrite HaloLord-Celestant On Stardrake (560)- Celestine Hammer- Artefact: Ignax's Scales - Mount Trait: Storm-wingedLord-Castellant (100)Knight-Heraldor (100)Battleline20 x Sequitors (400)- Tempest Blades and Soulshields- 9x Stormsmite Greatmaces5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x Grandhammers5 x Liberators (100)- Warblade & Shield- 1x GrandbladesUnits10 x Evocators (400)- 5x Grandstaves- Lore of Invigoration: Speed of LightningTotal: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 124 The stardrake acts as a massive distraction carnifex, but is also useful for getting off turn one charges in tandem with the heraldors tooting. Once it's in the opponents lines it's impossible to ignore as the evocators and sequitors get into position. That's the theory anyway!
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    Greenskins will be updated with 6 new chariot kits.... ???