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    I've played HE since they exist, and I don't find it misleading. I understood the Pointy Aelves video in the way that the new Hysh Elves would be elves and not some tree or snake hybrid, or something totally different like blind, bald, soul-hunting underwater folk. Just elves. And that's what they have delivered so far. How can you look at the full range and say "lol bull horns for all"? None of the basic troops has bull horns. They look just like HE brought into AoS. Almost everything about them harkens back to the HE. They use the same rune system, same robes, same style of armour (breast plate with chain/scale mail below). They even gave them traditional horses. All the core troops, which would be a large part of the army could be easily used as High Elves if you want to do that. Even if you don't like the Teclis and Eltharion models, they are also reminiscent of their former models. No bull horns on either of them. Then they showed us 1 out of 4 sub-cultures which is associated with a mystical beast-spirit. Again something in the tradition of the former HE (Phoenix Guard, White Lions, Dragon Knights). They just decided it's cool to make it a mystical beast with horns this time. And again the Stoneguard, if you just cut off the horned part on top and give them a great sword or great axe, you could easily use them as Sword Masters or White Lions. The rest of the helm, armour and closing is really similar to the HE style. I can really understand that some people don't like the aesthetics of the Mountain faction. The helmets are over the top, and we haven't hadn't had many horns for High Elves (Wood Elves did though). But some of the criticism (these are not elves! Hashut!) seems just lazy and pretty unfair to what GW has done. We haven't even seen the full range yet. There is a difference between meeting your personal expectations and some objective marketing fault. For example, I would have found "angel elves" (hybrid elves with wings) strange after watching the Pointy Aelves vid. But many people expected that and would love them. And they might still come with the Lumineth (wind faction). Then it would't have been what I expected, but what many others did looking exactly at the same marketing content. And there was also a pronounced backlash against the Idoneth. Many people didn't like them at all. Same goes for the KO and many other factions. I really hope though the release will include at least one more subculture which includes a winged monster with similar themed units. I think that would make many of the people happy who are on the fence right now, and it was a central theme of the HE.
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    You are all wrong. Every model that is not a dwarf is just a wasted model.
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    Hey to anyone still following this thread, today I give you my take on a recent controversy that’s been tearing up our community 😁
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    The Everchosen is complete! (On the last day to make my painting challenge deadline!)
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    Wow, can't trump that Katakros but I finished Golnir Coalbeard and Archimaine for Shadows over Hammerhal.
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    Mate thank you so much for the support, I'm over the moon with the announcement today and having other Members such as yourself happy for my excitement and joy makes it all the more sweeter. Thanks again mate I truly appreciate it.
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    I met my goal of the month just last night! I had planned to finish a start collecting box’s worth of models and so I did. 10 ArdBoyz, 3 Gore-Gruntas and a Megaboss. The plan for April is hopefully the same but this time a Warchanter to be a true Start Collecting! Box.
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    Hey guys, so I was wondering, am I totally nuts ? Am I the only one to spend so much into models I don't build or when I build them I don't even paint them ? I don't really have a lot of time to do it anyway but at least I could stop buying unpainted stuff. Buying painted is a good way to have beautiful models or cheap one without the hassle to do it (I'm a loosy painter but one day I hope I'll be able to paint at a good level). But whenever I see some cheap second hands models or even boxed second hands ones, I can't resist. It's like a drug "OOOoOOhhhh Shinyyy. Ooooh cheaaaaap" And here we go again! At least, I'll have a lot of stuff to paint if I live until retirement ;D. So here is my "Pile of Shame". How big is yours ? PS : I can't paint right now even during lockdown, I have to finish writing to get into PHD.
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    I've been slowly working through my Seraphon one Battlefoam tray at a time (I touch up everything in one foam tray before moving on). So I've completed my Saurus Guard, a Sunblood, and the new Realmshaper Engine. Those last two were purchased for the new release and I really like how they turned out!
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    The SCE half of my soulwars boxes finally got finished:
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    Sure! always happy to show them off. The Chaos Dwarves are a mix of old 2nd hand models and forgeworld resin ones, rather than conversions. It took quite a while to assemble the force, but I was patient and got a few very good deals on some of the old metal models. Dawi Zharr Regular Dawi And Kharadron Overlords, although I've got the Aetherwar models still to add, so will need to post an updated pic once they are done!
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    Finally put the finishing touches on my custom enclave and wanted to share with you all! It initially began as a quick 1000 point army to try out some NMM and quickly spiraled out of control into the 3500ish points you see here before you! It's also my first dedicated Age of Sigmar army and my tabletop go-to. The last picture is the 2k point list I've been running. Definitely not winning any GTs with it but it does keep my local opponents on their toes! This is definitely the most fun army I've ever painted and I'm not done with them by any means! Here's to hoping GW sends them some love in 2020 (more likely 2021).
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    My pile of shame is too much to list. The 84ltr really useful boxes on the left are full of unbuilt kits and boxed games. I'd love to say all the KR cases are full of painted models. But sadly its around 50/50 split between grey plastic and fully painted. The upside of this lockdown period is that my hobby time has massively increased.
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    Not sure if that blurred pic in the intro is concept art or a sneaky glimpse, I mean either way it will translate int9 models. Very excited for this release. I love Giants so this release may be expensive.
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    Home Office grants me the opportunity to use work breaks for painting Images
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    High Elf Fans: What??? They Promised us new High elves, not cow elves, look at how impractical and over the top those helmets are, nothing at all like the high elves we all love! Meanwhile: Anyone who is both complaining about how over the top the helms are, and saying they wanted something more high elven has some serious cognitive dissonance.
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    There are two kinds of people in this thread as near as i can see. Person 1: It's cool to not like something, tastes are different. I like or don't like this but I can acknowledge why other people do not agree. Such is life. Person 2: How could anybody like this? The existence of this thing is baffling, because of things I don't like about it. This thing is objectively bad and I need other people to agree with me to prove that my point is superior. Person 1 is why I come to this forum, and is fostering a POSITIVE community, they are not trying to denigrate the enjoyment of other community members. Person 2 is attacking something in a way meant to make others either feel bad for disagreeing, or to bully them into agreeing. Be Person 1.
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    Morning Everyone. I'll be setting the poll up for this today and we can talk about the next contest too.
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    WIP, a variety of stages across the model and some areas have not been touched yet.
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    Aventis Firestrike and Lord-Arcanum finish!
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    This is a place for dwarves to be dwarfs. Where beer is quaffed; beards are grown and nurtured; grudges recorded and elves insulted. Ergo a general place of very generalist dwarven chatter not suited to the specific army faction threads for the specific races present within the Mortal Realms.
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    Sure. The problem is when you're dealing with international markets the "typical person" changes *a lot.* You have to hit touchstones and you need to avoid pitfalls. The danger as a viewer is to decide that you are the "typical viewer" and that your opinion is objectively the correct opinion. If folks aren't willing to actually critique (not criticize but critique) then I'm not sure why they come here (that's not true, they come here because they are very upset about a faction of models they wanted to like but now do not like the direction of). I would argue that these models hit the touchstones of what en elf is extremely well. They are haughty, they have flowing robes and elegant features/poses. They are mostly using delicate and precise weapons and are portrayed as well-ordered and noble. They have a single unit that departs from *some* of these themes. Let's take a look at that. They are still well-ordered and noble in long, flowing robes. They have a facial expression of disdain because they are fighting "lesser foes." These elves are meant to be connected to the earth so they need a weapon that is associated with the design touchstones of earth. That's a hammer in most situations. Elves are also associated with fine craftsmen. That's also a hammer. The designers have also chosen to attach an animal to the elite units. Hopefully they carry that through to other units or it will really make no sense. You never really want to do something just once in your design. Bulls make a lot of sense for the element earth. Stalwart and strong. The horns also help give these models and extremely memorable silhouette. Their design says "we are not easily moved." The skirt lending a wide base and the strong use of horizontal line drives that home. Bulls and hammers seem like a big departure for elves but I believe they still did a great job pulling them in with the other elements (graceful, elegant, noble). In regards to Teclis- I don't actually think he's as stiff as the photo would seem. Until I see him in person I will have a hard time telling for sure. I think that model is probably incredibly difficult to photograph. I also don't think that the 'Eavy Metal style is doing him any favors. His robes and face are really calling for a softer gradient of colors (much like the art for him). I think they should really be showing more of the Lumineth (if there is more to be shown). Right now, I think folks who want classic elves are frustrated that there are strong departures from what they expect. If GW has more to show it'd be smart to show it rather than drip-feed it over the course of the next few weeks. I realize the pandemic has messed up their release schedule but I'd hate to see them shoot themselves in the foot by generating the level of resentment these models have seemed to create. Please don't believe I'm a GW fanboy. I think they make more wrong decisions in a week than most other game companies get even a chance to in a year haha. Also the behavior of coming here to vent frustration is strange to me. I don't like Nurgle models. They don't appeal to me. I also don't go into Nurgle threads to let everyone know that I don't like them. I'm not sure what that adds to the conversation because it isn't valuable feedback. I have feedback that I think could be helpful but, well, I don't think that's why people are going onto the Nurgle thread. I don't want to pee in anyone's cheerios just because I think I think X, Y, or Z. Source: I'm a working graphic designer and illustrator and I teach those subjects as well.
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    So, my lockdown project has been finished. These models where assembled, but locked away into a shelf for a loooooong time... I never seemed to find the time to get them finished. That is... Until now of course. I've decided to for a custom colourscheme/stormhost that I decided to call "the Templars of Solitude". Seems fitting for these times.
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    The limited command trait is the current cost of gaining a better battle trait, currently barring a select few factions (feast day FEC) there would be no reason not to take a unique subfaction if you also gained free choice of Command Trait, you gain a bonus but have to have a restriction in order to get it. That is the balance of the extra abilities gained, otherwise every Stormhost will be Anvils of Heldenhammer abilities, with Staunch defender command trait and instead of seeing more variety you end up with the same option chosen as people cherry pick the best of the best.
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    Well, this is what 80 Flagellants looks like. I know the standard is to say "this was a blast/joy/treat to paint", but this was a death march. I learned a lot though. Let me know if you want a closer look at anything in particular.
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    Finished 10 chainrasps in about a week, still working from home, but with no commute I have more time for painting Not my finest painting, but I'm happy with them!
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    I'm on a bit of a dwarf rampage, having built a house, temple, and started an inn. Look who's performing the opening night!
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    I mean, I get the helmets aren’t for everyone, I personally don’t see myself using these units (which is fine as I always liked more “core unit” centric armies)... but some of these responses guys.... people wanting to quit AoS, people jumping off the Lumineth bandwagon, people declaring a degradation of the skills of sculptors at GW....... Over some decoration of a HELMET? I’m getting flashbacks to people burning armies of plastic soldiers..... If you like them, cool, if you don’t, cool! But it’s getting a little worrying just how much vitriol this is irking up (in the minority, most of you guys are being super cool about this). Maybe tomorrow we will have a better idea if this kind of design is going to be an aspect or systemic in the new line... until then, you know, take it easy.
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    Water. Earth. Fire. Air. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when the High Aelves kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked...
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    Most know the Gouged Eye for their performance on the Blood Bowl pitch... however whenever they’re not beating people up on the field, they’re out raiding to get new recruits!
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    i think a way to improve Spiderfang would just be there own Alligance rules like how they did with Warclans where you have Moonclan, Spiderfang, and Gloomspite rules all in one book also I think the pillar from the Rumor engines is the weapon Warstomper is holding up
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    probably when Volturnos decides to...……..
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    Awesome painted stuff here. 10 chainrasps in a week is awesome and they look great. I need so much longer Finally finished my first 500-540 point army (can switch dracoth weapons) . Inspired by the coulors of the Byzantine Empire. Always wanted to have a fantasy Version of them. Luckily i got all colours bevor gw closed.
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    I'm currently working on bringing chaos dwarfs back to the mortal realms, in particular chaos Kharadron Overlords, PRAISE HASHUT!
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    Oh man, if you thought the backlash against the bull heads was bad, wait until the River models come out and they're all hippopotamus themed.
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    MODERATOR NOTICE That's quite enough in-fighting over model aesthetic choices. Accept that some people like some design elements and others dislike them and lets move on. This is NOT the place nor time to start arguing over who's opinion is right/wrong. If you want to go DEBATE elf hats go make a thread on it and behave yourself in it.
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    Am I alone in thinking the cow spirits are the best lumineth models? I honestly was not interested in the release at all until they were revealed. The hammerers are pretty cool too. The basic troops just seem like nothing new to me and not very distinct from high elves from old WHFB. I am personally very glad this faction is not just shaping up to be a rerelease of high elves.
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    The artwork for the new Lumineth Realm-lords battletome looks like the header for an April Fools joke article on warhammer-community.com you feel bad for because a talented illustrator wasted too much time for this jest.
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    Never. The clue is in the name "Krakeneater". He ate them all.
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    I have not really more time to paint due to the crisis, in fact I have less time, busy as hell at the moment at my work. But I had a relatively productive weekend. yesterday I was able to do the banshees for Lady Oly, and today I finally did a lot of non hobby related things in the house that were bugging me for months. Hope I can do the base next weekend, or at least make a good start. Painting is a great way to get unstressed for a bit
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    On the AOS Facebook page, GW confirmed that the new Sons kits will come with more humans!! Johanns family?
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    Perfect. My next project is all-metal Dwarfs. 50 Hammerers, 40 Ironbreakers, 20 (Long Drong Slayer Pirates proxying as) Handgunners, 20 (3rd party dwarfs proxying as) Longbeards, one Gyrocopter, and a dozen assorted heroes to use as Warden Kings or Runelords. I've got all the bases built out of Sculpey (already baked), just waiting for spring to finally get here (it was -26C this morning!) so I can do a bit more paint stripping outside. It's going to be a suuuuper terrible army. But the greatest project of all time. I can use my Flesheaters if I want to win a game. Once I finish all the metal stuff, I'll consider branching into plastic. I've got a plastic Steam Tank that is re-skinned to Dwarf themes, and a handful of Celestial Hurricanums/Hurricana in various states from sealed plastic to fully painted in a not-matching scheme to consider also re-skinning in Dwarf themes. And 10 Irondrakes I suppose.
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    Dwarfs need gods on the battlefield as much as they need monsters, wizards and cavalry. Elves are awfully frail, and need the all the divine models available to them to stand an iota of a chance in games against a proper elder race. A real dwarf player would be complaining about the lack of proper artillery available. You beardlings will be asking for endless spells next!
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    There is one unit with auroch-helmets and two auroch-like elementals. Saying they're "cow-aelves" is just insulting. It has as much sense as "sigmarines". People just confuse "I don't like it" with "it's bad". Those are two different things.
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    2 more. They divided those previews because no one knows when this whole situation will end and they didn't want to show us everything at once and then have no news about new things for long time.
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    That announcement was everything I was hoping for with Sons of Behemat. It confirmed the army is all about gargants, the army is entirely composed of gargants, the army is for destruction, and the pictures showed that the model aesthetic is going to be an evolution to the current & older Giant models rather than some sort of civilized giants or something. I am thrilled. Back in the days of 4th & 5th ed Warhammer the Giant was purchased out of regiment points for the army (when army construction involved point-percentages) and so aside from the requirement to field a hero as a general you could play a whole army of giants. So if you wanted to you could field an army of 9 giants for 1800 points and then stick a hero like a Goblin shaman as your general. It was not generally a good army - but it was oh so much fun to play. I decided early on in Age of Sigmar that I really like how this game handles big stompy monsters and the one type of army that I want, but have not yet found, is an army of all big stompy monsters. There are a few out there that you can play such as Ogors, Flesh Eaters, and now Seraphon - but none of those all-monster options really appealed to me that much. The Seraphon all-monster army came close since it is all dinosaurs - but it was just not quite what I would want. But an army of all Giants (my all time favorite big Warhammer Monster) - sign me up for that! Everything about this army is now a day-1 purchase for me.
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