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    This is honestly getting crazy, people need to calm down with this. The books will be here in a few weeks. I get it’s frustrating when you want something, but it’s really not that bad. You’ve waited years for this book, surely a few more weeks isn’t going to kill anyone.
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    Your clearly know every Warhammer player. Is it possible to learn this power?
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    Someone summoned me from my exile. Idoneth endless spells?!
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    Always here to chime in with my jaded unpopular opinions. When even base-line foot soldiers are all 100% fantastical super-powered beings, living in impermanent dimensional realm settings, that's when immersion starts breaking for me. ACTUAL super-beings like Archaon and Alarielle have less impact to me when there is less contrast between the super beings and the ways of regular mortals/elves. At least having some consistent, lower fantasy elements woven throughout the story and throughout the factions helps to ground things and sets the importance of things that transcend from the mortal. At a certain point, with certain factions (at the risk of sounding elitist), the miniatures can begin to look less like representations of troops in a "real" conflict, and more like toy action figurines.
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    I agree. The radio silence is pretty bad. Every week I eagerly await the community page articles leading up to the release only to be disappointed.
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    So the Warhammer Underworlds website has been updated with some Beastgrave stuff: https://warhammerunderworlds.com/ The rules changes are largely covered in this WHC article but the setting and warband sections are probably of interest for the background. The Beastgrave is essentially a giant carniverous mountain that acts like a psychic angler fish, planting dreams and visions of treasure in mortals' minds to lure them into its caves, where it will consume them. This also has the effect of warping its victims' minds into more bestial forms, more aggressive and compulsive about being predators or prey. The mountain was then affected by the Necroquake, which has basically intermingled it with the city of Shadespire so they all but occupy the same physical space. Phil Kelly uses the analogy of a cracked mirror with this mountain behind it and the cracks being cracks in reality, hence those trapped in Shadespire accidentally slipping in and out of the Beastgrave. He also mentions the possibility that those warbands are somehow spreading the curse of Shadespire to those they fight, so the Kurnothi and beastmen are now just as much subject to the weird reality-mirroring/warping/resurrection nonsense that Nagash de-facto inflicted on those S1 warbands. I would also note that Kelly did call the Kurnothi 'aelves', though given everything else I suspect we're talking about a pretty broad spectrum of what could roughly be considered an aelf, with your basic Azyrite dudes on one end and tree-revenants or whatever on the far end.
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    With the latest round of reveals, and eliminating the obvious 40k ones, there's actually a fairly small number left.
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    I like (pseudo)-historical, with a twist of fantasy. Plus, i tend to be more interested in the mundane lives and concerns of low-level elves/humans/daemons/skaven (etc.) than the stories involving powerful gods and emperors. That said, i only need one army, so if CoS works out i can just happily go full Kislev, and leave others to enjoy their flying sharks and new-fangled bone-whatsits*. *shouts at cloud*
  9. 4 points
    I've never liked any of the goblin wolf rider sculpts of the past, but these guys knock it out of the park. The posing of the mounts and riders and the overall detail is absolutely on point. I love that GW is showing that they can absolutely execute on both new designs and on throwbacks like this.
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    I think it will be the same moment when Fyreslayers finally resurrect Grimnir...only for Gotrek to end him again.
  11. 4 points
    I absolutely love the model - it's such a joy to paint as well... on the tabletop, though: - 1000 pts: don't even think about it - seriously, go for Lady Olynder instead (what you get for a few points more... amazing stuff). - 2000 pts: I've tried him in multiple occasions, with very mixed results. The main problem with this lad is that he's utterly unreliable. Sure, he can deal an impressive amount of damage (chiefly against the enemey general...), which is an ability something that NHs sorely miss. However, you can't really count on him to deliver consistently. But then, what are you left with? Seven rather squishy wounds, no buffs to anybody around him, and very erratic "I've stolen your CP on a 5+". Not great... I have recently tried to swap Kurdoss with 5 blood knights (same pts!). Alright, they are not as good as they are in LoB (they're still not summonable and tricky to heal there too, though...), but the punch they can deliver on the charge is something way more reliable than Kurdoss. You can deepstrike the latter turn 1 against the enemy general, but any decent opponent would make it impossible - and there you have it, that lazy Craven King ambling on a 6" move. Conevrsely, blood knights move 10", typically 12" in NHs (if you're not running the cogs, you're not really playing NHs). In a nutshell: amazing model, real fun to play with (when he spikes, man, he really spikes...), but not reliable enough, in my very personal opinion, to be included in what people would probably call a competitive list (assuming such a thing makes sense as we speak with our beautiful flimsy ghosts). P.S. All of this coming from a relatively new player currently losing an awful lot of tournament games with NHs, so take it with a grain of salt!
  12. 4 points
    I think it still falls into "just your opinion" category.
  13. 3 points
    @smartazjb0y I wouldnt say that its bad or even that it isnt viable, just that it might not be the most competitive from a tournament perspective, then again it might do alright. If this is for casual games at home or in store then go for it! If you are worried about winning even in a casual setting then like any list it comes down to synergy and how you use it. Does have it have sufficient screening units, speed, hammers and anvils? Are you focusing on killing or playing to objectives? Some tips for building that list; As Smooth Criminal said, the Beasts of Chaos can only take the mark of khorne via the Brass Despoilers battalion. So maybe start with that, work out the minimum requirements so you know how many points you have left for other stuff. If you want Bullgor then you probably want a Doombull as the leader option to support them. If you just want Bestigors or Gors then the Beastlord is a cheaper option. Decide on a slaughterhost as your choice of host may influence which units you go for (and because who doesnt like free rules?). Either of the mortal ones might be the better choice as any Slaves to Darkness units will benefit via the mortal keyword (Beast of Chaos wont benefit from any host abilities, although a doombull general wouldnt hate the Goretide command trait of +1 DMG to his axe and horns). When mixing all those factions you should look for buffs that effect units with the khorne keyword without being specific to mortals or daemons. Slaughter priests are great for this with their prayers, bloodsecrator and wrathmongers give extra attacks to any khorne. Heres a sample list for you with plenty of hammers (Doombull, Bloodthirster, 2 x units of Bullgors) a decent anvil (Blood warriors- who can benefit from the goretide command ability to get onto an objective), screening units (2 x flesh hounds, Gors), a fast flanker (chaos knights) and solid support (2 x slaughterpriests, bloodsecrator, wrathmongers). Everything has a role to play and it has 143 wounds to chew through!; Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: The GoretideMortal Realm: GhyranLeadersDoombull of Khorne (120)- General- Trait: Hew the Foe- Artefact: GhyrstrikeBloodsecrator (120)- Artefact: Thronebreaker's TorcSlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzySlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Bronzed FleshBloodthirster of Insensate Rage (270)Battleline10 x Gors of Khorne (70)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)10 x Blood Warriors (200)- Goreaxe & Gorefist- 1x GoreglaivesUnits3 x Bullgors of Khorne (160)3 x Bullgors of Khorne (160)5 x Wrathmongers (140)5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Ensorcelled WeaponsBattalionsBrass Despoilers (190)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1
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  15. 3 points
    I don't know what you're talking right now? I found Raven Guard and Iron Hands really good. Aeronautica Imperialis is also very good.
  16. 2 points
    I think the game overall could do with a little more grit in its terrain rules, its activations, and positioning.
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    If you‘re up against high armor saves, flayers are great... also their high mobility is very nice. against hordes, horrors just smash everything. both types are total glascannons and a unit of three is not much sturdier than 10 ghouls, but twice as expensive
  18. 2 points
    Infinity did it pretty well for me:: Base indicates the outer silhouette of a model, that is supposed to being in move anywhere on is base. The hight of that model is determined by a certain characteristic. Bases block the sight to bases, that are behind it. A unit is only visible, if you can see a part of it that's at least 3mm big ( size of a head ), arms, legs and equipment doesn't give sight to the model. It is in cover, who touches a terrain object with its base and is at least partially covered by it, looking from the active shooter. At least 51% of a unit have to be in cover to gain cover for that unit. No shooting through tiny little holes or even between the legs of a model.
  19. 2 points
    Honestly I don't think it is an arguement that "this is much better communication compared to when I was a kid". It's 2019 afterall, I don't think it is unreasonable to expect something as a consumer.
  20. 2 points
    Keeping in mind that I do not think having some variety of races like goblins and trolls excludes the possibility of it being lower-ish fantasy: Are they 'regular' mortals that follow the same basic physical rules of our universe, without having 'crazy' off-the-wall powers? How are they born, do they bleed when they are cut, do they have proportionate/ realistic strength to their stature (if not, why?), what happens when they "die", where do their commonfolk live, what do they do for a living, what do they eat? If all of those questions can be answered clearly, I think it adds up to give me a better picture of what kind of fantasy I am dealing with.
  21. 2 points
    This intrigues me. I am really tired of tree elves, fish elves, centaur elves. Where are the good guy elves elves? I see people complaining about "too many elves" and think "where are the normal dudes?". I got my elves squatted. No replaces on the horizon for my Order Draconis, Eldritch Council and Swifthawks and it leaves me worried. On the other hand they kept Phoenix Temple and it makes me wonder of the will be the "DoK like base" for the fabled "Tyrion Elves", and i really hope they wont be something freakish passing on as elves AGAIN.
  22. 2 points
    E P I C (Please. I never really bought in to grimdark "realism", either from GW or from the wider modern fantasy fiction community, and always steered my oldhammer toward the epic even when epic wasn't the best gameplay option.)
  23. 2 points
    This is the first time someone made sense concerning GW‘s sudden change in release politics.
  24. 2 points
    This post screams "I bought models that looked cool and had no idea how they played and now I want you to change my toys so I can play them how I want, forgot all the other night goblin players who enjoy the army and were not surprised by the "randomness" and enjoy it" do some homework on the rules before you buy an army is the best advise if your concerned with it being competitive. I think you MIGHT be the ONLY gloomspite player that's surprised/upset they aren't super competitive.
  25. 2 points
    GW has put a bit too much emphasis on Barbarians = Chaos for me to expect any Destruction barbarians. They likely would end up too similiar looking. Fimir and Fishmen have been mentioned and would be cool. Otherwise, something like an Elemental faction could be destruction... and provide something that isn't really around in Destruction yet.
  26. 2 points
    So if they’re sun-worshippers, that could make them appropriate as a broadly Hyshite faction (in the same way that Kharadron are Chamonite and DoK are generally from Ulgu), which could make them an appropriate enemy for Tyrion and Teclis’s angelic light elves.... if and when GW get around to them. Great models anyway, good sense of motion, a pleasingly subtle/non-OTT update of the old concept, and having an all-cavalry Underworlds warband is exciting. Probably a sort of new selling point for Beastgrave in the same way that magic was for Nightvault? Though from the cards there doesn’t seem to have been much special about that Kurnothi centaur dude. Was really hoping for this rumoured ogre hunter but I am still happy for those who love this stuff because I am capable of valuing things that are not directly aimed at me without getting narcissistically outraged when others get toys.
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    Some more work on fledgling rules, feedback welcome as always. Allegiance abilities: Eternity to Plunder No mere blade can sever the bonds of eternity that tie a crewman to the mast, able to deflect would be lethal blows with ease to continue their plunder of the realms. Every accursed soul that makes up the motley crew has wagered gold and spoils against the weight of their soul to escape the underworld, oft able to coerce the ferryman another day to secure their fortunes and freedom once more. If a friendly ABYSSAL CREW model suffers a wound or mortal would whilst within 9 inches of a friendly ACCURSED VESSEL roll a D6, on a roll of a 6 that wound (or mortal wound) is ignored. Infamy The crews of the Abyssal Fleet barter on legend and infamy, those who can accrue a reputation of fear are assured the respect of lesser. Heroes within an army with the Abyssal Fleet keyword each forge a legend of their own on the field of battle. At the beginning of the battle every Abyssal Fleet Hero begins at Infamy 0, and may gain infamy through a number of preset actions representing their pillaging, butchering or gaining repute through other nefarious means. Each Warscroll will indicate how a Hero changes with these progressions, with the benefits gained being cumulative as their legend is forged. Below are the ways in which a Hero may gain Infamy, a model only ever gains bonus Infamy for being the general once and this occurs at the beginning of the battle. All other Infamy gains happen as soon as the trigger as met. - The Hero is your General. - The Hero dealt the final wound to a slain enemy Hero or Monster - The Hero secured (or was part of securing) an objective previously held by an opponent. Sworn to the Fleet Though there are many a soul, cowardly and corrupt that has been cast to wander the Realms for eternity. The Abyssal Fleet is comprised of those sworn to the mast for eternity. A pirate without a ship is merely a thief with dress sense. Every ACCURSED VESSEL in the fleet allows the controlling player to setup the nominated ABYSSAL CREW unit specified on their Warscroll, make a note of the parent vessel for every unit setup in this manner as it becomes their SOUL ANCHOR for the duration of the battle. Models with the ABYSSAL CREW keyword are unable to be deployed in the normal manner. Instead each unit must deploy within their ACCURSED VESSEL, or may be set up in the Depths. Units in the depths may be setup on the table at the end of any of their players movement phases, anywhere on the battlefield as long as they are more than 9 inches from any enemy models. Units deployed in the Deep that are not setup on the table by the end of turn three are counted as destroyed. Soul Anchor The souls of the Accursed are forever sentenced to toil before the mast of the Fleet, they are never free from its siren call able to be pulled vast distances to be drawn back to the hold of their eternal prisons, should their vessel fall however those corrupt and damaged souls are unable to resist the lure of Nagash to return to their watery graves. In your Hero Phase you may declare a friendly ABYSSAL CREW unit is being pulled back to the ACCURSED VESSEL nominated as their soul anchor. This unit is removed from the battlefield and is instead embarked within their ACCURSED VESSEL. Units setup in this manner are unable to disembark in the following movement phase. If an ABYSSAL CREW unit is still on the battlefield after their SOUL ANCHOR is destroyed they suffer D3 mortal wounds at the beginning of every subsequent battle round. COMMAND ABILITY Over the Sides Lads! Though defenders might seek to repel the creaking hulls of the Abyssal Fleet bearing down upon them it is sadly all too often the case that their mutineer and cutthroat crews swing from the long lines past the garrison to vulnerable populace beyond. You can use this ability after a friendly ACCURSED VESSEL has successfully made a charge move in the Charge Phase and is wholly within 12 inches of an Abyssal Fleet Hero, or 18 inches of an Abyssal Fleet Hero that is your General. If you do so any friendly units embarked upon that Vessel may immediately make a charge move, for the duration of that move those units are considered to by Flying Warscrolls
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    I just think it is the artists rendition of genreric Orruks and there wont be another warband. The ardboyz we got are not even real Ironjawz, as we all know they are just the fan boyz hanging around the brutes who are the real ironjawz. Disappointing yes, but that would be in line with how Orruks have been handled all of the AoS lifespan.
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    Hey you are a big fan... I get it, problem is that you ignored the majority of my point and went into damage control for Games workshop, you rushed into listing everything they have done or say they will do in hopes of smothering my concerns, not cool and pretty intellectually dishonest mate . There hasn't been a official date or update release (believe me I look every day) as to when either will come out, and company reps at the last three public events said they didn't want to talk about the books. BTW Goblins was last year.... and updating has been going on for 18 months... warcry is an entirely new game with the same setting and along with Bonereapers is a product announced after the two Battletomes were announced. Also, I guess you were not aware of the whole disaster that was the Sylvaneth release? for the rest of us it was a real bell-weather about older and existing army releases and updates. Perhaps next time you could just post: "Hey Matador, I don't like that you are criticizing GW." and spare us the unrelated spin please.
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    That's Skaet's Hunt mission not the whole Kurnothi community.
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    No it's not part of Legions of Nagash, it has nothing to do with that book at this point in time.
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    The manager was wrong, with CotS you essentially remove and then heal a wound, than if there is unallocated damage left you keep allocating it as normal, continuening with the model you just saved So yeah, if SCE player used the CotS he would be left with one dead sequitor and no wounded ones
  35. 1 point
    If that's true then it looks like one of Beastgrave design principles was to create replacements for main AoS options that are either in finecast, out of production or available only as a part of expensive sets: Icebrow Hunter + Frost Sabres, Brayherd Shaman + Beastlord, Gitmob Wolf Riders, Bloodwrack Medusa (not confirmed).
  36. 1 point
    The chaos horses (Chaos Knights or Varanguard) could fit the Mortarchs' style (and butt 😊) very well. Maybe scratch some symbols and add some skulls. Here is something I had in mind and tried some time ago ...but never finished:
  37. 1 point
    I’ve been every year since the start and hope to be going this year as well. It’s a great event for new and old players alike. Any questions ask away.
  38. 1 point
    I’ll be the eternal optimist. Perhaps GW spent all their endless spell/terrain design budget on a whole slew of new Orruk models, and are delaying the book release to give us a truly epic Orruk-tober!
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    Micke Björeling gör en anmälan till detta event.
  40. 1 point
    that foot vampire lord doesnt really speaks to me as usefull, also you have way too few knights imho. I would chack out the orb and soulpike spells too if you can. I suppose the rasps are for obj taking? i would swap the dragon lord for mannfred and take the necromancer line as well
  41. 1 point
    my first game with my Untamed Beasts , I have now added a 2nd first fang which seems better , but more experimenting to do.
  42. 1 point
    There are three "vices": Stripping paint over and over again because you don't like the paintjob. Comparing yourself to people that are more skilled than you. Starting a build and never even finishing the plastic. That's my take on them, anyway.
  43. 1 point
    Ogre Hunter with Cats makes a lot of sense from a gameplay and death to finecast perspective.
  44. 1 point
    I am the Nurgle player that played William round one at NOVA. It was a great game. Something he didnt mention was that he had 100+ depravity points by round 3 LOL!! because my list was 30 blightkings. My only real chance at winning that game was to make the charge on the flank with 10 blightkings and gutrot. With a 4+ roll, gutrot can really neuter a large character by taking away a weapon profile. But I didn't get the charge. His army looks flippin amazing. Each keeper is completely converted. His list is killer. I play against a slaanesh player semi-regularly but William is incredibly skilled at piloting his list. Was a GREAT game! My nurgle list included a contorted epitome as an ally. Since we were playing in aqshy (which has inferno blades and stoke rage) I decided a double caster/unbind with RRs was worth 200 points! Anyway here is the epitome I converted up using the greasus goldtooth model combined with the mirror from the bloodwrack shrine, and rouge trader era nurglings. The coins I individually cut from greenstuff! I this as a symbol of excess of wealth and vanity (note the reflection in the mirror), that also touched on nurgle as a symbol of stagnation.
  45. 1 point
    If you like dwarfs and are at least ok with the idea of trees, then please check out this blog interview I conducted with @Brad Gammadetailing his Gharuki Forest Duardin, the undisputed best round based army of short guys with beards I've ever seen (speaking as a Squat player): https://doublemisfire.blogspot.com/2019/09/city-spotlight-chris-burwoods-gharuki.html
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    Play faster. Hear me out, that's not supposed to be a nasty. Honestly, the hero phase, movement phase, shooting phases and charge phases are admittedly one sided (hero phase a little better but...meh...not much). There is the occasional sprinkled in unit like aetherwings that gets to do something but unlike most, I don't use exceptions to prove the rules. I play with the same guy almost always and the "long wait" has never been an issue. Now...when I play with other people who I'm less comfortable asking to speed up a little, it becomes an enormous issue. I've played games where, no joke, there is two hours between my turns. It's awful. It's also completely unnecessary if everyone just agrees: 1. It's a game 2. Let's move at a reasonable pace and not take forever to make decisions 3. Understandyou may make mistakes 4. Learn from those mistakes 5. Learn to enjoy the game at a much more reasonable pace. A 2000 point game is supposed to take what..1.5-2 hours? That's 9-12 minute turns. Means that the longest you should ever have to stand around before a combat phase is like 5-7 minutes. We play a game that takes hundreds of hours to paint and assemble and costs hundreds of dollars for small plastic dudes. Learn a little patience. There's no 'game rule fix' to counter "Every time I play, my opponent and I smash all our pieces" either except... maybe you're doing it wrong? TLDR: use chess timers.
  47. 1 point
    A local player told me that Evocators are not good in 10-man units - they're only good as 5-man units. Considering taking a 15 man unit against him this week.
  48. 1 point
    Finished converting the first 5 of my Spider Riders, hopefully conveying alot more momentum than the original models with their reposing.
  49. 1 point
    Sure. It's any grey as a base, then layer up to pallid witch flesh, mixing in a bit more each layer. Then wash with thin xerus purple, and layer it up. You can then stipple it with a brush up the legs. Also I painted the 2nd snake.
  50. 1 point
    More Waaagh-Kart progress and a bit of detailing, still got the crew to do and some tidying up:
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