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    I want to use this thread to track my little Sand project, long brewing. It will mostly be conversions and one off sculpts, but in some cases... conversion parts that I had cast up. Here are the test miniatures which I'm quite happy with. Human archers. These are my own metal torsos and legs, with GW plastic heads and arms. I'm not going for a straight up araby style army... but it's an influence. I really enjoy designing costumes and weapons from scratch so I hope to make all sorts of unique stuff. Whenever I do a project like this it's two armies I design... so it will be Humans and some Stormcast vs Khorne mortals and demons. I plan on doing some Khorne warrior conversions with these same metal torsos (painted red and black).
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    Not to get bogged down in semantics (he said, as he bogged down with semantics), if you changed your post from "always" to "often", it becomes objectively true.
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    I found them! Look at the back of an American Dollar Bill! What do you see? A Pyramid! Who lives in pyramids? Tomb Kings! The All-Seeing Eye! Magic! Tomb Kings use magic. If you count the bottom number of bricks there are 13 of them. 13 is an unlucky number, the Tomb Kings were very unlucky to not be included in Sigmar. The dollar is US. The United States won independence from England. England is where Games Workshop is based. The Tomb Kings will win independence from Nagash! It all makes sense now! I know there are more clues hiding! Excuse me. I’m off to steal the Declaration of Independence.
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    I think the problem with the mortal wound spam is that makes "elite units" and Behemots with high saves kinda pointless. A Hag Naar witch elf has a better odd of surviving a Mortal wound (1 in 6) than a Leviadon (0 chance), who has a great save of 3. Saves are becaming pointless, even tho it is probably taken in account for models point cost. On the other hand we have a lot of "save after save" against mortal wounds on frail units/armies. I think AoS need a severe reduction on Mortal Wound abilties so saves will be relevant again.
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    I honestly think we need to have a ban on the phrase 'Tomb Kings' in this thread. I get it, you want them to come back, but convincing yourself that every new thing is a 100% confirmed sign of their glorious return is just silly, and it ends up filling up this thread with nonsense. I mean, people are at the point where a release that GW have confirmed multiple times is a campaign expansion, not a new army is in their eyes undoubtedly a whole new Tomb Kings release based on some slightly Egyptian looking art design. That's directly ignoring the main facts we do know in order to push a fantasy. I know this thread by its nature isn't exactly the most rigorous or serious thing ever, but to me there's little difference between all these TK posts and deliberate trolling.
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    I think one of the biggest problems many people point to DoK is 60pt Hag Queens, a decent combat model who is also a priest. How many other models are also 60pts, a decent combatant AND a priest? Combined with 30 strong witch aelves, and you have a pretty point efficient blender. Well that and all the other crazy buffs you can pump into them. I think once they're more point balanced, reigned in with Wholly Within ranges, and Temples no longer being "free" (aka have to take Trait and Item tax), DoK will be less problematic Legions of Nagash is less LoN themselves being the problem (well other than Nagash) and more so Grimghast Reapers being part of their army and getting revived.
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    I think you may need to drop the Anonymous part of that group name 😉 #tombkingthursday +++ MOD HAT +++ Can we have a little bit less Tomb King / Bretonian discussion please - already been done to death* and not really a rumour * ba-dum-ching
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    Personally, even though I'm not really a chaos player, I hope they don't branch out from chaos too quickly. There is a huge amount of potential variety within the idea of Chaos that hasnt really been explored in miniature form yet. How about exploring some of the minor Skaven clans or doing a Slaangor warband, or chaotic Aelves or a tribe of Slaanesh barbarians armed with stilettos and rapiers who believe the best way to endugle in excess is to extend a fight as long as possible. Assuming the furies are NPC type models they could expand that range with larger creatures like a bullgor, or a Skaven assassin that the players have to deal with, or a new type of deamon that we haven't seen yet. The possibilities are truly exciting.
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    Mighty lord of khorne conversion project for my ghur themed blades of khorne/StD army. Not really unique conversion since web is full of similar conversion, but still wanted to share it here.
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    So I think both camps can be right. The trailer is about Tomb Kings, and Tomb Kings are never coming back. "A god regrets what he has done". Sigmar regrets SCE. He's opening the stormvaults, where he has locked away the Tomb Kings, and is throwing the SCE in there with them. SCE model range discontinued. New Free Peoples as the new poster race of AoS.
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    Dear Mods - I think we need to form a TombKing Addicts Anonymous group. I'm concerned that some people are going to injure their brains (and possibly other peoples too) in their insane quest to see TombKings everywhere.
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    Just finished off this unit. Total of painted Ghouls now at 110. Maybe I am the crazy one.
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    Please don't let all the initial negative reactions to nerfs ruin all the new goodies, bonuses and tools you are getting. Khorne was already in a good spot and I don't believe they'll be worse off after this new tome. Some people just have a hard time dealing with the loss of their abuseable mechanics like congalines, buff-stacking and other outdated rules. Nerfs always seem to hurt more then buffs seem to heal. Besides, in AoS you as a player has the biggest influence in wether you get crushed or not!
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    +++ MOD HAT +++ Please can we avoid the doom and gloom and comments like "worst battletome ever", it's needlessly negative and if I were in a less lenient mood I'd issue warning points for breaking forum rules... Only a few lucky souls have a copy of the battletome currently so many of us are reliant on articles on WarCom and snippets of information passed over to us. Until we all have the battletome in our hands we simply don't know how good or bad armies are going to be - we don't have the full picture yet. Don't get me wrong, some changes will fundamentally change the way we use units but can we reserve passing judgement on things we only half know.
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    How can people possibly already count Khorne as part of a power creep, the book isn't even out yet. I cannot take anyone saying things like that seriously. Just like when Gloomspite was on preview and people went nuts on how broken it would be. Then it turned out to be just fine. I feel most people complaining about a power creep or poor balance are mainly unable to take control of their own games. You can have so much influence as a player and you aren't just relying on your factions OP rules. Like Stormcast players saying they can't compete without Evocators or Undead without Grimgast Reapers. Complaining is omnipresent, but the game right now is in a great place and every supported faction can compete.
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    I just have to share this: 40k in a nutshell
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    Hi all ! Thank you very much for your comments, I'm glad to read them Today I would like to show you my entire unit of Stormbushes ended !! I'm happy with the final result. I hope you will like it too. But first, let me show you my last warrior completed : And now the family pictures : Hope you will like this unit Cheers !
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    I don't think power creep is quite the right word. I think that when aos2 came along many armies got a fairly significant power bump. A handful full of armies ; all the Duardin, Beastclaw, Ironjawz and Free peoples, got left behind somewhat. If we count the Nurgle book as the start of aos2 all the books we have seen since then have been fairly well balanced. There are a few things here and there that are a little out of whack. Arch regents are too cheap, Reapers are too good in a LoN list, one of the Skaven endless spells is a little op. There are also other factors. If you compare FEC and gloomspite, there are a few obvious issues. FEC have a limited number of kits that many old players will already have. Just add another dragon and an arch regent or two and you are good to go. The power in the list is also very obvious. Wind up your terrorgheists and let them go. Gloomspite is either a horde army or almost entirely relies on new kits. It is also quite a technical book to play. If you had a competent gloomspite player going against gristlegore with foreknowledge of their abilities, the gloomspite player should win every time. They have better board control, better magic, tons of minuses to hit and some good counter units. A FEC blisterkin list would give a better match up. I think this is how GW thinks about balance. They are not aiming to balance any two lists against each other, but trying to give every book a few options that can compete. We also have an upcoming supplement that will offer new things for every army and and a balance patch in the next ghb. Hopefully the books I mentioned earlier get new books this year. Mortal wound spam is a whole other conversation.
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    Mid month update and actually reaching my target already. I’ve found a relatively quick way of painting the vulkites which helps. Magmadroth just needs basing, the runesmiters cloak painting and a final few highlights. I’ve had picked up 10 more vulkites and a both of hearthguard so hopefully I’ll get those started soon.
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    I feel like such a dork just playing this game for fun now. my bad.
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    "New magical powers" Wake me up when Dispossessed get updated.