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    Had the house to myself this weekend, and thought I better crash through as much as possible so I can somehow justify the Feast of Bones box arriving tomorrow (hopefully) and maybe a SC Chaos Warriors set for Christmas and some Warcry monsters and... Anyway finally finished the scenery from the Warcry & Kill Team stater sets and a bonus stormvault base I bought! This is what is known as a major achievement here in procrastiland. That means I’ve just got all the Warcry starter set troops, the Ravaged Lands Shatteted Stormvault set, an extra Warcry bell tower, a Bone Tithe Nexus, an entire Sector Imperialis Basilicanum, the Rogue Trader KT box, all the original KT Ad Mech Units, some Soul Wars nighthaunt, some Myrmourn Banshees, Arkhan the Black, Lady Olynder, the entire Loon Curse box, the Blackstone Fortress models, a Mangler Squig, 20 more various Squigs, some Gryph Hounds, a Chaos Noise Marine, Haarkan Worldclaimer, Inquisitor Severina Raine, several Nightvault Warbands, Forbidden Power spells & Engine, Nightvault Arcane Hazards, some Azyrite Ruins, a Dreaded Ambull and the Shattered Dominion Objectives to go! Should have that all done in the next day or so... 🤔🤔🤔
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    Delusional is a bit harsh, isn't it? They have never even been called armies so far. For now, the lore has only told us Malerion and Tyrion created their own kin, nothing about their relationship to each other. And light and dark are not necessarily opposites, particularly in AoS where the Realms of Light and Shadow are heavily intertwined and their respective gods arguably work more closely with each other than any other gods of the Realm in the current age. You seem to go from the assumption that there'd be a direct continuation of the dynamic between high elves and dark elves in WHFB, despite that dynamic having already been dissolved during the endtimes and never given any importance in AoS. Wether I'm right or wrong about there being only one more army (I consider it just a theory myself, as written in the quoted post), I think you may end up quite disappointed either way if you expect a redo of High and Dark Elves. They are gone, whatever comes now will most likely both be GA:Order on both sides and will not have the same enmity and I think only as tenuous a connection to Ulthuan and Naggarythe as Bonereapers have to Kemri. I don't really have a horse in this race, I'm a Death and Chaos boy at heart and it will be a long time before I ever pick up an aelven army. It's just something I think is possible from the information we have been given in AoS so far.
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    I think a Psychic Awakening-style event for AoS wouldn't go amiss. A round of smaller updates for every army, either introducing new units for the newer/smaller armies or beautiful new resculpts for older armies, done via dual battle boxes (the availability of which needs to be carefully managed), books and events, before more general releases, and it could fold in the continuing new/rejigged armies AoS will keep seeing. You might see, I dunno, Corruption of the Sea: Nurgle and Idoneth get the spotlight. Both get a new unit, Nurgle gets some Pestigor and Idoneth get a dude riding a giant crab. Or Shadows In The Forest: the Kurnothi get an army release and get packaged in with new Skaven sculpts for Clan Eshin Gutter Runners and Night Runners (and since I'm already at full mast, why not Death Runners too?). Basically continue the process of clearing out the metal and resin, whilst also feeding us shiny new things.
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    All hail to the silent hero within GW, who against all odds, had successfully convinced everybody, that knights should ride proper regular horses! What a surprise after all these AOS dinodogs, rhinocats, eels etc.
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    Is it too early to start a... Slaves to Darkness, hideously overpowered! Oh god GW are such idiots they’ve ruined the game for the 50th time this week alone, I hate everything to do with this game, it’s such a load of rubbish, GW are hateful morons that wouldn’t know how to create a decent game, Archaon is too powerful, Chaos Knights are too strong, typical stupid power creep. AoS won’t make it to 2020 at this rate, in fact let’s just put it out of its misery now because if you like this game then you’re an even bigger idiot than GW. Anyway why can’t I find anyone to play with? ... thread yet?
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    Pushfit models are barely less customisable than some of the full kits these days, which basically are push fit without the pegs.
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    William King is going to take a shot at AoS.
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    Had an idea for a conversion using kits from the feast of bones box and some mournfang. Plan to count it as a frostlord on stonehorn
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    Before descending into doom and gloom about current price increases, I reckoned that a little analytics would present a different story to current pricing and whether this was indeed still a good value hobby. So I focused on the Start Collecting sets, and worked backwards, making sure I was valuing the start collecting sets compared to individual sets, the points value, and even a hobby value based on the age of the sculpts and the size of the bases (the bigger the base, the bigger the hobby value such as assembly and paint job 😉). This isn’t an exact science, so there may be a few minor inaccuracies (some may say the same for GW pricing) but I thought this would give an idea about pricing approaches and what is to come: Kharadron Overlords Start Collecting This 2018 boxset released was for AoS 2.0, but with AoS 1.0 models Contents (price individually/points in Pitched Battle): Endrinmaster £17.50/120pts 5 Grundstok Thunderers £25/90 pts 3 Skywardens/3 Endriggers £25/100 or 120 pts Grundstok Gunhauler £30/130 pts Total saving on individual spend: £97.50 - £60 = £37.50 saved Total army points value: 440/460 pts Hobby value: 5xunit models on 32mm bases 1x hero on 32mm base 3xcavalry unit on 32mm bases 1xartillery unit on 105mm base Hobby comments: A slim box with not a lot of plastic, and low model count (10). Gunhauler isn’t bad though, and these are Age of Sigmar sculpts, not Oldhammer. Overall comment: A decent saving of £37.50 masks problems of pricing. The Grundstok Thunderers are massively overpriced individually (£25 for 5 models/ 1 model on 32mm bases at £5 per model/ or 3.6pts for £1). The Gunhauler is better value (4.3 pts per £1), but it isn’t brilliant. The hero is of good value for points (6.9pts per £1). The cavalry is almost standard but you get only 3 (better than the Grundstok Thunderers value, but not the best out there). Overall, the set is not great value for the hobbyist, even with some eye-catching models, and is basic value for the gamer (7.3 pts per £1), set against absurd prices individually. Overall, a slim boxset masking problems of over-pricing for individual boxes and poor hobby value overall. Seraphon Start Collecting: This 2016 boxset was released for AoS 1.0 using Oldhammer models Contents (price individually/points in Pitched Battle): Oldblood on Carnosaur £50/240 pts 8 Saurus Knights £22.50/ 80pts for 5 (both only have 8 knights) 12 Saurus Warriors £25 (for 20)/ 90pts for 10 Total saving on individual spend: £97.50 - £55 = £42.50 Total Army value (based on complete units): 410 pts Total Skirmish value (based on models): 476 pts Hobby value: 1xbehemoth hero on 120mm oval base 12xunit models on 32mm bases 8xcavalry models on 60mm Oval bases Hobby comments: big box of plastic, with a centrepiece model in the carnosaur. Lots of accessories too. Sure, they’re Oldhammer sculpts, but they stand up very well compared to the recent ones. Overall comment: Annoyingly incomplete boxset for matched play (5 extra models or 2 incomplete units), but good for Skirmish or combined with other SC boxes. And you can’t go wrong with the hobby side with a massive model in the carnosaur which is £50 on its own. Points wise, not bad at all (9.5 pts per £1), against individual costs of 4.8 pts for £1 (Carnosaur) and 7.2 pts for £1(warriors). Pricing for Seraphon seem good both individually (although pricey for the carnosaur in Matched Play) and balanced in this boxset both for gamer and the hobbyist. Beastclaw Riders Start Collecting: This 2016 boxset was released for AoS 1.0 using Oldhammer models Contents (price individually/points in Matched Play): 1 Stonehorn £37.5/400 pts 4 Mournfang Pack £40/280pts Total saving on individual spend: £77.50 - £55 = £22.50 Total Army value: 680 pts Hobby value: 1xbehemoth hero on 120mm oval base 4x large cavalry unit models on 90mm Oval bases Hobby comments: Despite only 5 models, this is a big box of plastic, with a centrepiece model in the Stonehorn. Overall comment: A baffling boxset in some ways. You only save £22.50 on individual prices, but you get plenty in terms of hobby and gaming. The best value Start Collecting set around, with 680pts to play with (12.4 pts per £1), one centrepiece model for the hobbyists, and four large models that also look good. What is odd about this, is that in terms of value, individually Beastclaw units are priced fairly. Invidually, the Stonehorn is great value both for the points and for the model. However, you still get some savings on SC box, so it’s worth it. Greywater Fastness Start Collecting: This 2019 was boxset released for AoS 2.0, using mostly Oldhammer models Contents (price individually/points in Matched Play): 1 Warden King £15/110 pts 1 Cogsmith £15/60pts 10 Ironbreakers £30/130 pts 1 Gyrobomber £30/80 pts Total saving on individual spend: £90 - £60 = £30 Total Army value: 380 pts Hobby value: 1xhero on 32mm base 1xhero on 25mm base 10xunit models on 25mm bases 1xartillery model on 50mm base Hobby comments: 13 models, 2 heroes on small bases and an artillery piece from mostly old sculpts. Hardly spectacular, and it shows in the slim box size – half the size of Beastclaw and Seraphon start collecting boxes. Overall comment: You’d be forgiven in thinking ‘what the heck?’ when looking at this start collecting set. 380 pts for £60 is awful value (6.3pts per £1). Worse than the Kharadron set, and masks the terrible value of individual prices but only just. The gyrobomber is ok as a model, but individually at £30, is nowhere near worth it (2.6pts per £1), both for the model, and for the points. And the Start Collecting boxset hardly makes up for that poor value. The heroes are lacklustre choices. Even thematically, this could have been so much better for Greywater Fastness (including a hellblaster volley gun?) The fact this has been priced as a ‘premium’ start collecting set (not £55 but £60) beggars belief for what are mostly old sculpts. This is at best £50s worth of models for £60, and I'm being charitable there. Summary: I was hoping to show some rhyme and reason in the recent pricing that I had somehow overlooked, but couldn’t, alas. If that doesn’t show what a mess pricing is, I don’t think anything will. Games Workshop are pricing products arbitrarily; not in terms of points value, hobby value, new sculpts nor materials value – their pricing is all over the place. To then apply price increases feels even more absurd given the baseline prices reflect no sensible (or transparent) reasoning whatsoever. If the most recent Start Collecting sets (as in Greywater Fastness) represents GWs approach for future sets, and by extension, individual boxes, then I suspect any pricing increases in the future will also not reflect any reason other than a requirement to improve their profits by some alchemical or byzantine process. So going from a point of optimism, I now despair (a little). Perhaps I will find more sanity in pricing from eBay resellers from now on?
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    Hey guys, Ogors have been a personal favorite of mine for some time (I have a display case full of them). I'm pretty pleased to announce that they're fully up to date on AoS Reminders Remember - Might Makes Right
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    Wooo! Ironjawz hype!! I just took a small 2 day event 2 minors and 3 majors with my ironsunz list. List and a small summary inside.
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    And more models. I'd love to see other sea monsters and a heavy infantry foot unit. ( in coral armor )
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    Why exactly? StD are the last faction that really need a tome. Anything else is just an update~ I understand it is your favorite faction, nevertheless there is no reason for a special treatment. The faction is fine, like any other is
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    This rather blurry image of the back of the start collecting box confirms head options for the warriors and a different weapon and head for the leader of the Knights. Not fully multipart kits but better than nothing. Depending on how the kits go together if will probably be easy to do some weapon swaps too.
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    Unfortunately I haven't had nearly enough time to paint. But I did finish my test model for the army! Just have another 20 guard to build and the crawler to build, then I'll start knocking out my 1k points.
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    Ok before we get too far down the rabbit hole lets leave the lore and history of the Fimir to one side. Most factions have had huge lore changes in AoS so lets not dredge up the past in a subject area which, even in a grimdark game, can prove to be contentious/painful to some. We've all got our limit points lets just accept that and move on. "Thanks for getting in touch regarding the Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord and Fimir models.I am sorry to say these have been removed from the web store and discontinued from the Forge World product range.For now, we have no information on them returning to the range but what we do know is that it is very rare that once an item has been discontinued that it will be brought back into our range at least in its original form as we once knew it.We do forward on product requests to our design team to show what level of interest a retired product has and on rare occasions, we may see a model return due to popular demand.I will forward on another tally for the product you are wantingThank you again and sorry for any inconvenience." I've also had the same message from FW regarding the Fimir and Maggot Lord. Note I've highlighted a VERY important part of this email. I would also add that the second, and likely most powerful, message you can send to FW about what is popular is by buying models not talking about buying them. IF FW see sales on a model then when the mould gets old and near death then if there's a clear market interest its far more likely they will renew it or replace it. If they see slow sales and that the mould has basically gathered dust then its far less likely, no matter how much chatter interest there is, that the model will return to service. I would say that GW doesn't "help" matters as they don't as often advertise FW models in a casual sense (eg in army lists on twitch and such); however YOU can do a lot to help out by buying, painting, building, writing articles, fielding them in battles. In the end FW is a very boutique end of the market that's already niche. I think in some part if WE want it we've got to show that we want it through purchasing. Basically if we don't buy we don't get. Of course only buy if you want too. I would not like to give the impression that I'm encouraging/forcing people to buy models that they do not wish to own. In the end if we show GW that we really want and will buy FW models then FW has more chance of staying and producing more for us.
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    I think The Honest Wargamer is skewed towards very high end competitive play in his outlook (considering he covers GTs and such). If you were hoping to regularly have a solid shot at 5-0 with Ogres this book is an absolute let down. Pairing its release with a book that could regularly go 5-0 emphasizes this even more. I do think we'll see the occasional Mawtribes on the podium, its just going to be a once in awhile thing. He did sell me on Leadbelchers. I think there's room for points cuts in a lot of areas too. Basically, most of the monsters except the FrostLord on Stornhorn seem a little overcosted to quite a bit overcosted but okay warscroll wise. You could cut their points decently and they'd still be at a points level that makes sense for big monsters. Stonehorn beastriders would probably start to make their way into my even at 280. Though Thundertusk beastriders are just doomed. Edit: Another point but I don't feel making a new post so soon: I'm not sure on the order and timeframe these books were actually written but I feel like there are distinctly different design philosophies being simultaneously pursued by the rules writing team. In Orruk Warclans we saw the Mega Boss on Maw-crusha warscroll get simplified into 3 attack profiles: The ranged attack, the Mega-Boss Attacks, and the Maw-Crusha attacks. In Beastclaw the Stonehorns still have their Horns and Crushing Hooves (which is still random number of attacks with random damage) separated out into two profiles. The Frost Lord likewise, still has his spear attack profile then the mostly pointless Punches and Kicks. In terms of general balance it feels like the writers were very careful with Mawtribes not let anything be over powered. The -1 hit Mawtribe is specifically in Friendly territory and only against shooting. In Bonereapers, they were just like "+1 save sound cool? Yeah, just slap it on everything all the time". I've said this before but it bears restating: There is some sort of communications breakdown going on in GW. Whether its due to information silos or personality conflicts or whatever the Left Hand and the Right Hand are off doing their own things.
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    That one is the most possible, I think. But if I can dream... Grotbag Scuttlers!
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    hey guys, been taking a break from the hobby with life stuff. came back and finish up my Gobbapalooza still a big fan of the Gitz though as I played a few game at felt frustration at the rules at times (especially playing against Slaanesh couple of times)
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    Long time no update! I've been keeping busy, and I plan on going hard on the OBR release too! I've experimented a bit with black bone on my Neferrata model:
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    I have finished painting Sylvaneth Endless spells. Here's some pics:
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    It's a bad idea quite frankly. Being able to score objectives the current way makes for a more exciting and dynamic game.
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    Thats a lot of beefy green. I'd like to see that in action
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    I really hope they spend the next year or two tweaking balance and shoring up model lines. Nurgle, Nighthaunt, Idoneth Deepkin, and Gloomspite could all use supplements or major FAQs/Errata to help with internal balance, allegiance abilities, or other shortcomings. Skaven, Beasts of Chaos, and MawTribes all have a lot of finecast or metal miniatures in there line up. The occasional new faction is great but it does make wonder about their production capacity. At some point they will have to cut armies to make room for new armies.
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    March like an Ossiarch down to the South London Legion any Wednesday for AoS, Underworlds, 40K, Kill Team, Bloodbowl, Middle Earth and Necromunda! We are pleased to announce that The South London Legion has a new home - Playnation Games. This is located at Unit 1113, 1117 Whitgift Centre, Croydon, CR0 1UX. This is accessible from the High Street (not from inside the Whitgift Centre). This is a central location and readily accessible from East Croydon/West Croydon and other stations. Club night is still Wednesday. The opening times have changed and are now 5-10pm. Please make sure games are finished and terrain packed away neatly before 10pm. A selection of drinks are available. @sthlondonlegion https://m.facebook.com/sthlondonlegion/  This week! Excitement over the Ossiarch Bonereapers. Heresy campaign going strong! Bloodbowl season is powering forward - carnage everywhere! Adding more scenery! Jimbo strikes a Power Pose My Fyreslayers battle to a draw vs @Leonardas Skaven. Next week There will be the usual mixture of 2,000 point games going on. If you have a smaller force, then someone should be happy to give you an introductory or demo game as well. Winter Update The Legion is in good shape with new members, exciting new armies, very solid tournament results (Leo winning Bloodshed in the Shires with Ironjawz!) and excitement over new releases. We’re looking forward to getting a lot of games in at our new venue over the winter and enjoy some drinks!  Tournaments Recently the club has seen good results at The London GT (Leo Rautonen and Ben Murphy) Bloodshed in the Shires (Go Leo!), and monthly War in the Mortal Realms events (Matt Gouldesbrough). The highlight of the first half of the year was Blood Tithe - an international team event running for its second year now. A full cohort of Legionaries were in attendance and performed admirably.  The irreplaceable Marc Wilson organised the event - feedback received was positive! Bring on Blood Tithe 2020! I supported Marc behind the scenes but was gutted to miss out - edit - delighted for my son’s birthday! Ben Savva continued his strong performances - coming second at the South Coast GT and winning 3 one-dayers at the Bad Moon Cafe.   Spot the difference Other club mates have put in strong performances. Leo doing very well with Dreadwood (bagging a third place trophy) and John smashing up Malifaux events and finding success in his initial forays into Middle Earth! Many of us are looking forward to good times at Heat 3 and Blackout @Chris Tomlin Earlier in the year, Team Fiction @Leonardas, Leo, @Age of The Erstwood and Alex Kew performed well at the AoS Team Event - getting 4th Place!  Spectacular turn one Alpha Bunkering of an entire Legions army! -2 to hit rerolling 6s on the 30 Plaguebearers! AoS Super League 2019 @Marc Wilson Team Event - modelled on the Champions League of Football/Soccer has now entered the second round. Initial round features games between players from the same club. This is an exciting new format and a way to spread a tournament over a year. Hobby Corner On the hobby front, people are building up new armies esp. Slaanesh, Khorne and Gitz. Warcry Warbands, Bloodbowl Teams and Genestealer Cults also going strong: Craig’s Death Guard: Ben Savva attended Vince Venturella’s 2-day painting class in May, with striking results:  I finished my first ever 40K army after purchasing an airbrush - great tool!   Ben Savva’s latest commission finished off Alex Kew’s striking Stormcast:  @Age of The Erstwood Ben Savva finished painting Leo’s Dreadwood commission:  I put the finishing touches on my Fyreslayers:   Craig has nailed his Custodes army:  AoS  I showed my true colours: Kudos to Jon Scrivens @jonscrivens Jon also immortalised that chariot of fire, that home away from home that we know and love:  Lord Castellant Jimbo and the Battlebus  Comedy corner     Khorne vs Legions of Azgorth! Another close one. 40K There’s plenty of fresh blood for 40K. I took my BA and Ad Mech force to a one dayer at Bad Moon Cafe - got the wooden spoon!   Seb’s Guard   John commanding the Blood Angels! I’m looking forward to the 2 Dayer at Bad Moon Cafe on 3-4 August. Bloodbowl Rob Bradley managed a commanding victory over Matt’s Chaos Dwarves to take the trophy! Preparations are afoot for the 2019 Season brought to you by Bloodweiser. Bloodbowl is such an amazing game! New players are very welcome! Warhammer Underworlds (Nightvault) We had a great time at a recent tournament hosted at the club and kindly organised by the delightful Matt from GW Croydon.  Necromunda Simon Fro is leading the charge and starting a campaign soon. I’m doing Van Saar! Will be going strong this year and the level of support from GW (e.g. Squat Mercenary and Genestealer Cults in White Dwarf). @Thanatos Ares @Leonardas @Bowlzee  @Marc Wilson Give me a shout on the forum or post below and Ican add you to our AoS WhatsApp chatroom (we broke a quarter of a million messages recently and counting - I swear fully half of it is John talking about Khorgoraths). Middle Earth Simon Fro has a great time at Throne of Skulls!  Huge amount of excitement over the new releases!
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    Nah. We are all probably murderers in real life because we enjoy killing our mniature soldiers with rolling dice.
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    It's been a whirlwind of a year since I began my venture into AoS. A bit of a background, I grew up in China for most of my younger years, and was more of a console/computer gamer (loved fantasy RPGs), so never heard of wargaming or RPG's till much later. Sadly, I didn't come into contact into wargaming while in the US (7 year), and it wasn't until I moved back to Asia that I'd started getting into hobby modeling. A little over a year ago, I started glimpsing pictures of Age of Sigmar armies (I had only assumed they were themed models at this point) in some of the hobby modeler's blogs I frequented, and thought it would be a cool little project. I began looking into AoS, and then realized they were the same themes as Total War: Warhammer, which was neat. I then realized they had rules and could be played as a tabletop game, although there weren't any local retailers (at least not listed on GW's site). After a trip back to US where I picked up some Ironjawz (and CABBAGE)! as well as the tempest souls painting box, I was contentthat at least I could play by myself with some models. After some more net searches, I realized that there was in fact a local store that sold GW stuffs, and I've pretty much been hooked since (in the past year I've assembled around 5 armies up to 2,000+ points, though only one is fully painted, and two others at tabletop). The AoS community here has been great (only a handful played WHFB, while the most of us just started in the last two years), and it's been a blast playing some of the other GW games as well (I play necromunda, blood bowl, underworlds, and occasionally 40k).
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    I find them to be a great investment however pricey. They are great battleline that you can easily get to a 2+ save rerolling 1s with a 6+ deathless and rend -1 on 3 attacks a model. This is a far lot better than their little brothers the skeleton warriors.
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    On the website, in the line where it shows your points total for the list is a circled question mark. Click that to display your list, and then you have the option to Copy the list as presented.
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    ORDER Stormcast - the birthday models are great. Daughters of Khaine - Morathi Kharadron Overlords - Brokk has amazing potential. He leans over his own weapons. So great model for OSL. Cities of Sigmar - if you can get the old metal executioners. They were the most fun I had painting the last two years. Sylvaneth - allariel Seraphon - the bastiladon with snakes. Idoneth Deepkin - the turtle. Fyreslayers - I recently painted old metal daemon slayers as hearthguard bezerkers. They are a blast to paint. So if that counts... CHAOS Hedonites of Slaanesh - Shalaxi is the best model in the range period. IMO Blades of Khorne - Disciples of Tzeentch - Maggotkin of Nurgle - harbringer or the tentacle hero have my eye. Slaves to Darkness - new hero looks amazing. Skaven - so many options. Like the arch warlock or thanquol. Both iconic and both offer cool painting challenges with OSL Beasts of Chaos - the shaggoth hands down DEATH Nighthaunt - last olynder seems like a cool challenge. Ossiarch Bonereapers -not feeling them personally. Flesh Eater Courts - Legions of Nagash - Krell’s on my list. DESTRUCTION Orruk Warclans - I have a real weak spot for the bonesplitters boss hero. Tongue out of the mouth so excited to be fighting. Basically a puppy with an axe. Great chance to practice tattoos. Gloomspite Gitz - the big boss gobbo. He’s so dope. Ogor Mawtribes - squad of Maneaters. such characterful models.
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    These are not horses. The sculptor probably tried to manifest the idea, that these creatures are more dynamic and stronger than regular horses, so that their poses are taken to 11. However, in general terms, the pose on the left corresponds to the first photo.
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    I used to have a full unit of these, so yeah not bothered by these new Warriors being monopose 🤣
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    Acronyms are an entry tax on new players and cause confusion. Any anything that causes confusion for new players is not good.
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    Getting StD out of the way so you guys can proceed with the thread. 🤗
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    What I want: - Replacing metal and finecast for plastics. This would make it easier for GW to have less differing processes. - Adding a Cities terrain piece. Cities are defined by buildings. Not having that was baffling. - Cities Underworld/Warcry/RPG warband. With a Witch hunter, Priest and proper general (and some elves and dwarves) - Updates for the earliest 2.0 books. - Expansions for the smallest armies.
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    Last game I played I got called out that DOK was so op and no wonder they were at the top win %. My list was Khailebron 2 medusa, 1 hag, 2*10 blood sisters, 2*5 stalkers, 5 heartrenders, two endless spells and Temple nest batallion.... I guess people will complain no matter what🤣🤣
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    There have been changes apparently afoot at Forge World for literally years now.
  41. 1 point
    I have been slightly concerned it could potentially be too much blue, yeah Edit: I tried a different way of doing the glow and it seems to pop a bit more now, so im a bit happier!
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    Skin Wolves never got the BEASTS OF CHAOS keyword, which is a single word change (i.e. "MONSTERS" to "BEASTS") on a PDF warscroll. For me, that is a microcosm that sums up FW's policy towards AoS. They just don't care.
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    The new Chaos Lord for Slaves to Darkness. As a lot of people here are going to buy more then one StD SC Box, you may get him for a good price. Or the new Ogroid Myrmidon because he is so cool
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    Ah, that could be. I thought those were nipples to each side, but on closer look the musculature may not be right for the front.
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    Completely agree with you. I think especially video games are a big influence. I don't think expectations should be the same because physically playing with actual people is very different than being connected to a worldwide community that is all on the same playing field, constantly updated by the publisher. I also think the internet skews our perception of what's going on in the hobby, since you don't hear about all the people playing a campaign with their friends in their garage or small clubs having their houseruled tournaments. I do think we need clear and usable rules out of the box, but I also find that a lot of people completely dismiss the idea of using the game as a toolbox to be "not real warhammer" 🙄
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    Well I’ve made some great progress last months, as it is of right now I’m rather unsure what I should finish or start painting this month. So I guess i’ll be painting Anything that fetches my eye.
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    Thanks! I do admit I my hobby projects sometimes run on praise, so thanks again! Update..... I had to go to a place I hate, walmart, I found loads of Steampunk Plastic Gears in the button area, I got enough for I think 2 full tanks, and I'd still have enough for more things, and for those wondering 10USD total, super cheap. And 3 hours of "roughing out" a track assembly turned into this: Comments and Questions welcome! Sincerely, IronCog hummm thinking of making the Iron Knights of Bretonnia with this new Cities of Sigmar book.
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    Version 4.01.00


    Decided on in which realm your game is taking place? Pull out these cards and have everything ready: from realmscapes to spells, these cards have you covered instead of wasting your time looking up rules in the Core Book and in Malign Sorcery. All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), US letter and DIN A4 printing sheet. each set contains: cover / card backside, Realmscape rules, Command Abilities, Realmsphere Magic spells and additional rules for this realm card size is 63 x 88 mm (same as Pokemon, Magic, 40k Datacards, etc.) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your Core Book, General's Handbook , Battletome and Malign Sorcery nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed. Overview and changes
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