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    As a Sylvaneth player something to do before every single game is ask my opponent "Are you comfortable with what my allegiance abilities are, what my batallions / artefacts do and what my warscroll do?" I try to be as clear as possible so my opponent has all the knowledge they need to so they can try and stop my army doing it's thing.
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    As a goblin player of over 25 years I resent this topic...
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    As a Skaven player of almost exactly 25 years I feel personally attacked.
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    I'm a bit late to the party but I've been aiming to finish my Maw-Krusha this month and maybe a Dankhold Troggoth if I'm lucky. Love seeing everybody's work! I've progressed a bit since this photo but still a long way to go.
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    I think they need more high ground types of terrain. I was interested in changing up the battlefield more, so I got these 3D printed ones. I have been house-ruling it so that you can only climb up 2", anything higher is impassable unless you are flying. This terrain has steppes, so that there's always a path to get up there if you want, but you can't jump down either! It's added a lot to the line of sight, the path to objectives or saving a low wound hero. I don't use any special terrain rules yet, but I'll start adding a bit because I want to use the goblin loonshrine
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    Hi to everyone! I joined this forum like 2 years ago and never post anything(), so i'd say it's finally time now lol! I always been a big elves fan, specifically wood elf, and they were my first warhammer fantasy army/love, so the sylvaneth were the obvious and right choice for my first aos models. Here are the photos of the tree-revenants i made one year ago, hope you like them(of course any tips/comment is very welcome!). Now i'm working on some dryads, in the next few day i'll post it (still wip); in this topic i will post any progress i'll make! ps: sorry for any error in my english, i'm italian and not so used to it, 🤐
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    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Can we please wander back to discussing some rumours please? Also for those of you moaning about this thread being more a discussion thread rather than a rumour thread - Please go to your local store or club and discuss rumours. Now please let me know if you are able to keep the whole conversation just centred on rumours and not venture off discussion some cool models or lore aspects. It is generally accepted that TGA is about the hobby and we all enjoy Age of Sigmar. The last thing we want is for this to turn into a very mechanical thread about rumours (Which is very difficult now as GW have a very tight grasp on what we find out about). +++ Mod Hat Off +++ Not really a rumour but a guess. Seeing how the last few releases have been Stormcast, Nighthaunt and Gloomspite, I think we can guess that Darkoath are next (which also mirrors the Warhammer Underworld releases )
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    You are looking at it far too literally if you think they are not extremely close in regards to the core concept and themes. If you boil the two down conceptually what you get is: An army of super human soldiers of near Demi-god status. They are selected from the strongest and most promising of humanity. Created by the most advanced of genetic modification to excel in almost every combat environment against all enemies. Psychologically trained and strengthened to be able to remain focused and resolute against unimaginable horrors. Armed with the finest equipment that technology can provide. The creation process is so dangerous that many who are subjected do not survive the process. These warriors are the ultimate tip of the spear and also last-line of defense. They are at the forefront of humanity’s survival in a dismally hostile universe. They were once human but their creation made them simultaneously more and less human. They forever stand apart from the rest of humanity but still stand firm as it’s ultimate protector. The other is an army of super soldiers of near Demi-god status. Created though the combined divine powers of two powerful gods. They are selected from the most promising mortals of all the realms and subjected to an excruciating magical process that not all survive. They are armed with the most powerful armor and weaponry possible using what is left over from the world-that-was. They have trained extensively over centuries in a magical gladitorial arena created by a god. They are the ultimate tip of the spear and last line of defense in the mortal realms. They are at the forefront of the survival of all mortals in a dismally hostile universe. They were all once mortal but their creation made them both more and less than the other mortal races. They forever stand apart from the rest of the mortal races but stand firm as their ultimate protectors. On top of that, both forces specialize in pinpoint strike shock assaults. They are also both cursed with flaws in their creation process that can ultimately damn them. The specifics of both forces might not be the same, but the broad thematic concepts are very much the same. They are effectively mirror images of each other in separate universes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Both are very strong themes and I think the Age of Sigmar team has done an impressive job at the obvious task of putting Space Marines into the fantasy universe in a way that makes sense and makes the world richer for their inclusion.
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    Alternatively, it may be that GW know how popular SC will be and so stock appropriately.
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    I finally finished painting Zarbag’s Gotz last night. Still have the basing to do but I’m so impatient and wanted to share them anyway. I had a lot of fun painting this group. I hope the scheme translates reasonably well to batch painting . I think I will start with a unit of 20 stabbas. Squigs and monsters should be fun and relatively easy. It’s the horde I’m worried about.
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    Reading the Gloomspite battletome they gave a brief background paragraph on the Grotbag Scuttlers being a different sub faction of grots from the Gloomspite and Gitmobs who went to live in the mountain ranges instead of underground during the age of chaos and develop an aerial sky force. From the amount of info and exposition, it does look GW has plans or are planning to make Grotbag Scuttlers into a new army in the future
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    Mondo Extrementus has his herald standard bearer.
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    I'd say because for a lot of us, Matched play is the only way you play and the other two ways to play just fill pages in a book that don't need to be there. I don't think we need narrative or open play to have pages in a book. Nothing stops you from playing a narrative game without those pages. Just like nothing stops someone from playing an open game without those pages.  Highly disagree. That's very selfish reason. Narrative and Open play is not only "just don't use points". It's about creating a story and GHB contains many tips and battleplans that can inspire and help begginers. Maybe it's not absolutely necessary, but it's good to have some foundation which you can build upon and that's what GHB provides. GHB caters to all kind of gamers and it should remain so.
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    Oh definitely. I think we're staying in a roughly 'Now-ish' period, for the foreseeable. And it was...around 150 years? I think that was the official span given to us for the duration between the conclusion of the Realmgate Wars and the present. The cities were founded during the latter stage of the wars (which themselves lasted around fifty years), prior to All-Gates and Seeds of Hope. On topic: I'm really hoping the chunks of duardin ruin that one troggoth is holding hint at something coming for Dispossessed. I've been doing this long enough to know that it probably doesn't, but there's always a tiny spark of hope that flares any time I see something like that. Just something to give me an excuse to put together a tiny force of duardin spell-hunters to go with my Sacrosanct army. And then maybe I'll get to pitch that novel about the last true heir to the throne of the Khazalid Empire attempting to unite the clans through great deeds, politics and general cussedness, so that they might take back all that was lost...
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    Finished the 20 rasps! Only the KoS to go to fulfill my pledge. At this rate I'll probably have time for more, but I'm waiting for the feb pledge just in case
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    I nominate this as the best typo of 2019. We might not even be halfway through January yet, but I don’t think anyone is going to be able to beat this. The trophy is yours good sir!
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    First time I've seen a release on pre order sell out. Its sold out on GW uK website. Proves people want new exciting releases like this rather than another bunch of terrible stormcast. More trolls and rats and chaos monsters are needed not more order rubbish.
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    Oh yes, that's right the RAW crew are back! And yes with a new year we're obviously bringing you a new Narrative... 2019 brings with it unsteady and unpredictable times across the Mortal Realms, and throughout the many free cities spanning them, guerrilla groups are rising up against the perceived oppression. Both sides are recruiting, and not always by way of willing volunteers! You decide whether you want to defend the innocents or overthrow the tyrants. RAW19 gives you the chance to build and model your very own "veterans" or "regiment of renown" unit. Of course we will bring you a warscroll for the unit (when it's ready) but hopefully it will get your creative juices flowing... Anyway, now that we have your attention, the Dates for the event are as follows: Friday 4th October to Sunday 6th October 2019 Save the date now, you really won't want to miss this!
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    Not sure if anyone's already talked about it, but we got a little lore tidbit about aelves of Ulgu in the second Inferno! volume. From 'At the sign of the Braven Claw Part 2' it describes aelves who retreated into the shadows and deep within mountains and are called "kuru elgi, or the grey aelves, because of the colours they wear to blend into the mists, and the magic they weave about themselves to hide."
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    I'm not convinced that Greenskins and Gitmob are totally gone as a thing. They have very prominent entries in the main book under the savage tribes. If you read the Moonclan section it describes sort of the old Night Goblin themes, but even more the concepts they brought to the fore with the Gloomspite re-imagining. There is an emphasis on moonclan being more obscenely plentiful and pouring out of the ground like a swarm of ants. They made exactly that concept with the new book and the Loonshrine just bringing units back. If GW has really killed Greenskins and Gitmob completely I would have expected more "last chance to buy" announcements and probably an annoucement about a Warhammer Legends compendium. I don't think GW would abandon the Legends pdf practice because it is a very easy and good way to say thanks to the players for their previous investments but also discontinue a line they no longer plan to keep. It costs them little to do and garners some measure of good will from the player base. But they did not do that this time. Last night I went back and looked at what they added in the core rulebook for these two allegiances. The Gitmob has no references to wolves or chariots and mainly discusses how spiteful they are and makes prominent mention that they take delight in constructing machines to kill people with. The Greenskins entry is more traditional in that it discusses wyverns, warbosses, boars, chariots, and hordes of orcs. It makes a specific mention about how insanely massive greenskin armies are. Given that Greenskins were not completely removed from the store, but rather just the Start Collecting box is listed as no longer available, I suspect that they are simply no longer making the old plastic chariot model & plastic warboss model. Those two are also listed as no longer available and they were in the Start Collecting box. The boars in both of those kits are really old and no longer fit with the aesthetic for the new boars used in the Boar Boyz kit. In fact, they look more out of place than almost anything. The gitmob plastic models were all ancient with the exception of the shaman (who still had a scenic square base on his sprue). The rest of the range was resin. I think that we will see these forces again in some fashion, but they decided to stop producing some of the older models. I would not be surprised to see the resin Gitmob artillery come back relatively soon for a "last chance to buy" limited reprint. With all the fluff entry about crazy steampunk grot pirates and whatnot I think Gitmob will eventually be reimagined. Greenskins seem like they could remain the traditional old-school Orc army but drastically needs new models and GW decided to pull some of the most antiquated from the production pipeline - which would kill the Start Collecting box. Maybe I am wrong and they tried to delete them in a sneaky way - but that seems very out of place for how they have been operating lately.
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    I'm not sure why people keep thinking that we need to lose Open and Narrative Play? Matched Play is great and has a really solid place - but it's designed when two opponents want to play a game with roughly matched forces and is the most restrictive method of playing. Just because you've written an army list using matched play building rules, there's nothing stopping you using it in a Narrative Play game or even an Open Play game. Why do we have 3 ways to play? Because it means that regardless of your model collection, experience or persuasion, you've the foundation on how to play a game of AoS. Different communities tend to veer towards a single play style, but that's not normally endemic of the game as a whole. Don't forget that GW have the benefit of having a permanent gaming hall where they can see what games people are playing - every time I've gone round I've seen people playing a real mixture of play styles. GW's game developers have been pretty open about how they're not really very happy with how terrain currently works within AoS and 40k. However the challenge they have is that terrain rules need to be really easy to use during the game - if you have to pick up a rule book then they're likely too complex and will be forgotten or ignored (think about the number of times you've forgotten that 6++ from mystical). They have to also be "non-exploitable", so if you gain a benefit if 50% of a unit is on a terrain feature what's stopping somebody stringing out a unit to benefit it, but fighting a combat 6" away?
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    Precisely my point. People pounce on the little things- "Stormcast aren't just religious zealot warriors, and they can come back when they die, and they lose part of themselves when they do! They're nothing like Space Marines!" Pff. They're big chunky dudes in armour (check out dem pauldrons) designed to be an easy-to-start good guy introduction to the universe. They're Space Marines. And that's fine! That's fine. They're allowed to be fantasy Space Marines. There's nothing inherently wrong with that. Just... don't claim they're not.
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    The Troggoth Hag is definitely a piece I believe every Troggoth army needs. It's amazing as a model and amazing on the table. I rarely do such detailed eyes and faces but when working on a model that is the centrepiece of your army you want to spend some extra time just to make it special. This is surely the best work I have ever done on a models face and I think there is just a lot of character and emotion on the model. My smaller Troggoths are just green and blue but for this model I felt like it really needed another color to make it pop more so I asked some people what would be best and after many recommendations I decided to go for a nice bright orange and I think it really fits nicely. This picture also shows well the addition of mushrooms all over the model. Even though my Troggoth army is based on swamp themed bases with lots of water effects the mushrooms really tie it to my Grots and Squigs that are based on more rocky bases but with lots of mushrooms. The base on this model was definitely one of the most fun parts of the process of creating it. Here we see a detail shot of the base with the small Free Guild soldier hiding from the lumbering Hag. I love the base I did here. The water effects came out nicely and the base that comes with the Hag looks really nice after I added all kinds of fun stuff like mushrooms and skulls to it.
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    The thing is with Idoneth almost all the units are good. The Leviadon and Shark are not as good as Morrsarr, we all know and accept that, but compared to most things outside of our Battletome they are still quite good units. I've played quite a few "suboptimal" lists and for everything outside of serious tournament play its still powerful enough to table opponents. I love the shark and Leviadon models and hope they get buffed up in some small way so they are more viable in tournament play but there is no reason at all not to field them right now unless you are on the bleeding edge competitive scene. I think a Namarti heavy army with a Leviadon providing constant cover could be pretty cool to play, 4+ save Thralls bringing back 6 models a turn is nothing to sniff at!
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    People who say Stormcast aren't Space Marines. Say that, because they are not. Big dudes in armor is all they have in common, I read novels and the lore. And I can tell you a Stormcast is not a Space Marine. I don't think anyone was arguing that Stormcast and a Freeguild are the same, We are saying Stormcast are human, as in human experiences, human desires, human emotions, human flaws, human thinking. And all the hopes and dreams that come with that. We are saying Stormcast are more human then Space Marines.