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    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    No hands to take his helmet off. Can't eat.
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    It's only a disappointment if your expectations are too high. If you take the Studio Previews as what they really are, a preview of some of the things to be released in the near future, and not as wish fulfilment, previews become much more enjoyable. For me the real disappointment is the 5 pages of salt we'll get on Saturday no matter what will be revealed.
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    Still want my Feudal Industril Ironweld Factory Empires to be a thing. Embracing innovation and strength of arms against all that is magical or unnatural.
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    Or you could manage your own expectations like an adult? You’re not owed an imminent Chaos book. People on here speculate, sometimes with good evidence, other times with none what so ever. It’s up to the individual to parse what’s likely/credible and what isn’t. Keep your chaos, sell your chaos, join a church, whatever. This isn’t a forum for announcing your life choices.
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    I honestly don't mean to sound harsh, but I think you really need to accept the fact that GW is not really interested in rehashing old Tolkein fantasy tropes. Not trying to pick in you particularly, but that is just the gaming world we are all "living" in right now. At least this strange human/Duardin/Aelf alliance army is relatively fresh and interesting.
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    Honestly all of the lore regarding the Free Cities has been pointing to this for a long, long time. The setting was growing too large for them to really ignore what they'd established - that a lot of the Old World races inhabit these Free Cities - as well as the issue of a lot of said Old World armies needing Battletome updates to become viable in any way, shape or form. I'm usually the first person to criticise GW, but not this time. At the very least, it's a much needed stop-gap between fully fleshed out factions for each of the races.
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    No you’re supposed to think it’s a light hearted throwaway quip and move on with your life.
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    2 new warbands for Warcry coming at some point
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    I came away with a good impression from the demo game I played in store this weekend. Figured it might be helpful to lay out some thoughts. The core game has a lot of Jervis Johnson to it. It's very much about movement and dice maths, with most of the complexity/skill coming from being able to recognise and capitalise on opportunities within a limited number of activations. Other than that, it's relatively rules-light compared to Necromunda or even Kill Team. It actually reminds me of Blood Bowl more than Mordheim in some ways. Warbands have particular tricks and strengths, but they all fit on a single card and they're fairly easy for both you and your opponent to wrap your head around. Very few 'actually, I've got this special rule'-type surprises. The really important thing is understanding how to create an opening, exploit it, and defend your advantage - that might feel a little abstract, but fighting to claim and hold an objective in three turns of Warcry felt a lot like breaking open a defense and making a run to the endzone in BB. The initiative dice system and the wild dice are the standout bits of design, for me. They introduce lots of mindgames and make rolling for initiative a really interactive moment where neither player really 'wins', just tries to build an advantage across a few different axes. You can cede the initiative but stock up on doubles/triples/quads for big ability combos. You can do the opposite and play for the first activation. Neither is abstractly better - it's all situational and a judgement call, which is great. Way better than 'going first is always best'. A few other subtle rules are really important too - the 'disengage' action, for example, limits you to a 3" move ending more than 1" from any enemy models. This is a really big deal because it introduces the idea that all characters are equal when disengaging. It doesn't matter quite so much how speedy your Untamed Beasts are after I've tagged you with an Iron Legionnaire - I'm going to slow you down, at least for your first action in that activation. This encourages you to create traps and chokepoints, rather than just stand on the objective and wait for opponents to come piling in - again, similar to Blood Bowl. The 'wait' action is also cool. You effectively give up an action, but being able to shunt a fighter to the end of the activation queue while leaving your other options open denies your opponent information and can lead to some tense moments. One thing I'd add is that the various scenario generation cards and extra features seem absolutely essential. I suspect a lot of players will be tempted to ignore the terrain layout suggestions, weird deployment positions/timings, and Chaos Beasts - don't. The game seems to be at its best when there's a bunch of factors in play that neither player has total control over. My game involved deployment from every board edge, hidden objectives, including characters coming in later in the game, and a massive Raptoryx with 30 health rampaging around in the backfield. Extra mechanics like this are how you avoid the 'run into the middle and fight' issue. I suspect that some players will bore themselves by deciding to avoid what feel like 'optional' rules, but are actually essential. I can't feed back on the campaign side, obviously, save to say that I kinda appreciate that they're not going too deep on gear or character progression. I definitely miss some of the sense of customisation that you get from Necromunda or Mordheim, but I suspect that Warcry has a stronger cure rules that work because listbuilding is less of a factor in who wins. Likewise, this is probably how you get a lot of people interested in playing skirmish games - it's way more accessible, the penalties for losing or falling behind are less severe, and you're not constantly having to add to or replace models as loadouts shift. Sorry for the essay! Overall, a very positive first impression.
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    UNLUCKY! Just one more and you'd have been able to activate your most powerful special ability on the forum.
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    That may be a reason why you are not a consultant. In general the boardgames market is worth much much much more than the niche wargames market. A small piece in the former may be worth more than a monopoly in the latter.
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    I don’t think anyone has a right to be frustrated about any of it. GW are a company out to make money. Not a religion or political party. They’re not abusing anyone, they’re not defrauding anyone or failing to represent the interests and rights of citizens or threatening anybody’s livliehoods. They’re just not making the toys and stories that some people want them to make fast enough for their liking. That’s literally all this is about. To which I would say again: manage your expectations. Expect GW to act in their own interests rather than yours. That’s what I do and I’m never disappointed by these things. At some point their commercial interests and my hobby tastes will align and it will work out for both of us. Up to that point there’s the rest of the other GW stuff I already like/ life to keep me occupied. If GW were making a big thing of Slaves and making it seem as though they were coming soon and to be expectant about it that’s a completely different issue. But they haven’t/aren’t, so.
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    Yeah have to say now we've got a lot more info there's just one big question left that's got me all excited to figure out. Will 'the internet' blame GW for ruining Warcry with a long & sustained roll out of entirely optional new rules packs and 'money grabbing' expansions... or for ruining Warcry by releasing everything at once and so not showing enough 'long term' support by releasing new stuff every other month? Choose your own miserable adventure!
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    At the Open Day I got chance to speak to Sam Pearson (rules writer) about the Cities book. He obviously wouldn't say much but was very enthusiastic about it - I got the impression it was something of a passion project for him (this was backed up by lots of other GW staff encouraging me to speak to Sam whenever I mentioned that I was interested in the Cities book). He said that he'd reviewed all the relevent warscrolls and had had to do a fair bit of tidying up with some of them to make them more realistic. The example he gave was something like a model which carried 2 weapons but warscroll had them using 3 in the same phase/turn. He also said that he had written rules to improve some of the weaknesses of AoS - his example was that cavalry currently "hit like a wet fish" and he'd tried to address that.
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    Thinking about how the Warcry warbands would work in AoS, I was originally not too keen on it, thought it was more of its own (more interesting tbh) thing and one which would not really pass on to the tabletop. Minimal visual and themtic coherence compared to most of the other AoS forces, which its fair to say are pretty visually homogenous in a way that WHFB armies usually weren't by virtue of how they tunnel down into a particular old subfaction or focus on exploring a particular theme. Why not just have a core of Darkoath marauders, horsemen, skirmishers, archers, etc? But I was rereading Rob Sanders' Archaon novels and it struck me that they show a greater and weirder diversity of mortal forces in the chaos hordes than we ever saw on the tabletop. Eastern armoured pikemen, cannibal ogre-worshippers, mutated maggot-men with one mother, steppe horsemasters, a warrior-cult of mirrored knights. That's cool as heck and shows a lot of variation quite distinct from the traditional axes of mortal/beast/daemon or khorne/nurgle/tzeentch/slaanesh. It's the kind of encyclopedic listing off of different groups that you see in Herodotus when he's listing off the different backgrounds of Xerxes's forces or, to use a more recent and probably more appropriate example, like in GRR Martin's books where Jon Snow sees the different distinct tribes of wildlings. Could most of this variation be represented by, say, marauders with a variant paint scheme? Probably, rule-wise, but it does lead to a kind of smoothening out of the sheer amount of weirdness. If a new Chaos Hordes book consisted of Everchosen, Slaves to Darkness and Darkoath, the latter could be the opportunity to show the huge range of tribes and peoples that follow chaos in one way or another. Folks from all over the realms that have come to the Varanspire and then left again as part of the hordes of chaos, keeping their fighting styles. So you could have a core of 'generic' darkoath marauders, horsemen, characters to represent those tribes who maybe don't deviate from the mean so much and to establish a slightly more normal core. Then you have a small phalanx of heavily armoured breachers from Chamon, a band or two of crow-masked skirmishers from Ulgu, fanatic shock troops from Shyish... Lots of visual contrast and variety, nothing else quite like it in AoS, united with a common colour scheme or banner or warpaint or base style. All the chaotic (eh? eh?) variety of a barbarian horde under a stern-faced brute in black armour, bearing the sigil of the Everchosen. Like, if GW had spent the same amount of energy (as though this sort of thing can be easily transferred) developing a single battletome, there's no way it would ever have as much weird diversity and creativity as these 6-8 warbands. In a certain light it's like Warcry is an excuse to get 6-8 new boxes of unique marauders. Obviously it's not, GW is pushing this hard enough that they clearly want an AoS kill team but as a side effect that has the potential to make mortal undivided chaos more than muscleboys on parade, it's pretty cool. I think it's more meaningful than the simple and kind of halfassed way GW has incorporated the Shadespire warbands into the codices.
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    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Right, can I please ask you all to calm down. I get some of you are disappointed with the reveals at the open day but there is no need to to treat each other badly because you have different views. +++ Mod Hat Off +++ Personally, I liked the reveals as it’s pretty much all the core races (apart from Seraphon) with books now. This is great as almost everybody has a proper book now which means GW can move into doing new stuff. 😉
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    Tell that to players that waited much longer for Ogors, new Keeper of Secrets and something for old Aelves. Mawtribes (formerly Gutbusters) and Slaanesh armies are not new armies, they were here since the beginning of AoS. Those players had the same rights to get their armies updated as you. And as most of them will surely be done with BT+Terrain+ES only, it still leaves rest of year for full StD Battletome.
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    This was posted on Facebook from the event today - unmasked Unmade:
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    I Love them. Playing as a city or city expedition is great
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    I have a different opinion on what's happening. Mostly because I think not everything has to be about Sigmar. The voice mentioned that Nagash has been gathering an army, which I presume is Deathrattle. This leads me to believe that the Gutbusters had a Pact of Bones with Nagash, where they would eat the meat of their victims but not the bones which were given to Nagash to be turned into Deathrattle. Nagash violates the pact somehow and the Gutstuffers want the Tithe of Bones they have been paying back, starting the titled Feast of Bones where they invade the Deathrattle army that Nagash has been building with their bones. It might also be the start of the reason why Destruction Armies can't ally with Death armies in multiplayer games(like how Order can never ally with Chaos).
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    On the contrary, I think GW struck gold with Meeting Engagement. It is immensely popular in my local gaming community and many players have even switched over from 2k Pitch Battle to ME. I actually think they might even change some rules for Pitch Battle next year to follow ME. Here are the reasons why; It is mentally less taxing because units come in in waves and you don't need to go through the cycle of completing all actions for the full 1000pts from T1. You can easily clock in 2-3 games and still feel energized. It takes up less space in any game store, two 6x4 tables can accommodate 8 players. Having more players gathering also helps to build the community. It is faster and players can enjoy rotating around fighting different factions and army compositions. It makes shooting viable again due to the smaller board size and how VP is calculated. If you kill off just 1 model from range and stay untouched, you will lead by VP alone at the end of each battle round! It aligns with the Start Collecting box sets as the army composition just requires 1 battleline. GW you sneaky ******... It is more balanced than Pitch Battle at 1000pts because you no longer have to deal with the full might of broken synergy from Turn 1. It addresses the horde spam issue as you can only field double unit size for the battleline in the main body and any units in rearguard. No more triple max unit size and your double units only have 2-3 turns of effectiveness depending on the battleplan. But of course there are still balance issues, which is inevitable for any gaming system and will take time to rectify. But compared with previous formats, ME is the most enjoyable till date.
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    I have to add my vote to those who believe this thread (oh so far from rumours now) should be very light on therapy for ppl who are waiting oh so patiently for new toys but more about: -Hilarious wishlist fulfilment based on the word "bone" -Pie in the sky new faction guesses based on silhouettes -Salacious fabrication from nothingburgers (thank you, you forgotten two who steered the convo this way many pages back - I'm catching up after some hiking) -If and only if none of the above can be posted, actual rumours. People, this thread is one of the most entertaining urls on the net because it is like asking a group of 4 year olds to guess who will win the eurovision song contest. It's gold! Rejoice! But don't be too sad or it spoils the atmosphere
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    Can we take complaining about our factions not getting stuff out of the rumor thread? We’ve finally got rumors and teases to discuss. With that in mind, is there a summary of that rumor about the new death faction being constructs?
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    Look, I love to grumble with the best of them. As per the name I'm deathly cynical about most of GW's decisions, especially after Fantasy. However, I don't really see how this can be seen as a negative. How many of us spent the last few years waiting for Dispossessed to - excuse the expression - get squat'ed? It's going to be a BIG book and given several of the Firestorm cities were themed around Dwarfs, there's absolutely going to be rules for tailoring your army around that theme. This is just Legions of Order. There's absolutely room for them to spin-off books from this, in the same way Nighthaunt were from LoG and inevitably so will Soulblight and Deathrattle (who seem to be coming soon). However given they're some ways off, this is a better alternative than getting stuck with GHB rules forever after. Guess what we won't need to do now either? Get stuck with only 400pts for Cannon, Engineers and Gyrocopters.
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    So tomorrow at this time could all just remember that this is only a game and should be fun for the sparetime. Im almost at the point where I feel like skipping the rumour thread for the next week due to all the negative energy that has been known to come out. Despite missing bits of info and news. Cheers everyone hopefully tomorrow will bring lots of excited stuff and even if it doesn’t I will keep enjoying AOS and the summer. 😉
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    Two sides of the same coin: The hype is so real here that what started as an 8 man whatsapp group has become a 152 players that can't wait for the game to be released.
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    let's just say i hope you warmed up before making that stretch.
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    Ogors!!! Not a wasted morning for some of you
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    Free Cities makes sense, the lore already had lots of cities with men, aelves and dwarves in them so using it as a catch all tome works within the game. It also leaves GW fully open to adding a totally new Human faction at a latter date if they so wish. As well as dwarves and aelves. Also lets face it; cleaning up the listings into fewer whole armies makes sense for GW in keeping AoS tight in terms of armies. At launch AoS had an insane number of sub-armies that never could have been supported.
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    Guess I'm massively overhauling this thread then
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    I've played a dozen games of it at this point, and while it has lots of ruling issues in particular I'm pretty dead set in it being the better competitive format. Shorter play time, less model and painting investment, in a tighter tactical framework. What's my basis for this? It's pretty simple: I consider things for ME that I wouldn't even look at for 2k. (Also the fact that I've been beaten repeatedly in ME by players who I would regularly, effortlessly table in standard AoS.) Issues with behemoths and morathi being in the spearhead etc. are overblown. I'd be more wary of Tzeentch Enlightened, Idoneth Eels, Troggoths, and similiarly moblie/punchy units than I would be of morathi or a gristlegore list with a bat in it. See: the one batrep where I beat a list consisting of Alarielle and 2 treelords with nothing but fanatics and squigs. Only reason that's the way it is, is because GW hasn't flat out stated "this is the new way to play competitive AoS". People cling to what they know, because they have a vested amount of time and money's worth of models in that format. And even if they DID point at ME and say "this is how you tryhard now", you'd still get detractors! Consider the case of KT Arena. Arena is objectively, hilariously more tight and balanced a system. But unlike Meeting Engagements it was actually packaged as a bloody literal official *kit for running tournaments with*. But to this day people still cling to the 3D terrain of standard KT for competitive play, for some reason or other. Some think the Arena format doesn't suit their factions, others don't like the boardgame feel. But IMO the main reason is that people can't let go of the broken combos that let them reliably win in standard KT. It's the same reason you see fervent tourneyheads drop meta armies entirely once they're made more reasonable: some people don't want a good, tight game, they want to win. I personally would LOVE a rewrite of the rules to be a bit more tight, especially when it comes to deployment, and especially with regards to the scary bogeyman units deploying in funny places and making people nervous. Biggest issue with the format so far is having a massive Main Body and trying to get it out in the Death Pass battleplan's MB deployment zone (12x3", good luck lol). The rules for reserve units will also typically need some more specifics, I've found those in particular required a bit of logic puzzling for certain deep-strike centric factions and units.
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    I have to say that I sometimes don't understand how people define negativity in this thread. If someone is posting statements like "I hate GW and they suck!" or "GW is the reincarnation of evil and should be destroyed" or "You and your opinion suck!" these are definitely negative. But I think posts like this don't appear very often in this thread. The only posts I see in this thread, which might have a slight negative touch to it are posts like"Honestly I have expected a little bit more" or "Sorry, I feel a little disappointed...". I don't think posts like this are "negative". It is just people voicing their opinion about something they would have expected. But why shouldn't people voice their disappointment as long as it isn't in a destructive way? Some people might enjoy the news and other people might be disappointed by the news. I think people should be equally able to voice their opinion about this. But this is also just an opinion. When I see posts like these I often ask myself, where are these negative posts, which people are talking about. Because I don't see them. Sometimes 1 in 50 posts is negative in my opinion, but most of the posts are constructive or positive. But maybe I am a little bit blind for negativity. But in my eyes negative statements aren't posted very often in this thread.
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    Hands up if you're going to boom "GET OVER HERE!" when you snag someone with a harpoon 🙋‍♂️
  38. 8 points
    Slight 40k offtopic but it brings hope that something similar could be done for AoS (or at least WFB) - EISENHORN IS GOING TO HAVE A TV SHOW!!!
  39. 8 points
    Looks like 2 new warbands coming too:
  40. 7 points
    Order Battletome: Narnia
  41. 7 points
    what if - get this - the Ogors vs X battlebox was Ogors vs ... More Ogors? ᵀʰᶦˢ ᵖᵒˢᵗ ʷᵃˢ ᵐᵃᵈᵉ ᵇʸ ᵗʰᵉ ᴼ ᴳ ᴼ ᴿ ᵍᵃⁿᵍ
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    It's been a long time since I posted anything. real life was very busy, but I also kinda lost interest in Warhammer for a bit. I was pretty disappointed with the Slaanesh releases. I was expecting something along the lines of the Tzeentch release for Slaanesh. But GW decided to expand on their daemons of Slaanesh designs and didn't bring out any mortals, which I was really hoping for. But the last few months I have been working on something different. I'm getting to know a 3D program called Blender (which is free) and I'm really enjoying it. I decided to try and sculpt my own keeper of secrets based on my all time favorite Warhammer artwork. I might have been a little too ambitious creating a model this big and intricate... But working with this piece of art also helped me stay motivated when I had trouble with the program (and that happened a lot!). I'm currently trying to figure out if I can get a decent 3D print from my digital creation. I'm trying a site called Shapeways. Does anyone have any experience with them? Here are some pics of the digital mode:
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    This sure is a mystery, make no bones about it.
  44. 7 points
    I've just put this in the rumour thread but it is also relevent here... At the Open Day I got chance to speak to Sam Pearson (rules writer) about the Cities book. He obviously wouldn't say much but was very enthusiastic about it - I got the impression it was something of a passion project for him (this was backed up by lots of other GW staff encouraging me to speak to Sam whenever I mentioned that I was interested in the Cities book). He said that he'd reviewed all the relevent warscrolls and had had to do a fair bit of tidying up with some of them to make them more realistic. The example he gave was of a model which carried 2 weapons but warscroll had them using 3 in the same phase/turn. He also said that he had written rules to improve some of the weaknesses of AoS - his example was that cavalry currently "hit like a wet fish" and he'd tried to address that.
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    Considering it’s just a mish-mash of existing units, they aren’t really taking up any design space. They’d either be there or they wouldn’t, it’s not like there’d be a new free cities unit to replace them. Just don’t take them.
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  47. 7 points
    I hope they reveal stuff for Age of Sigmar on their Age of Sigmar Open Day 2019
  48. 7 points
    No one I know seems to greatly care about Warcry. The belief seems to be that it may get played for a few months and then drop out of popularity. Whereas with AoS you can largely expect the same people to be playing it for years. Maybe it appeals more to an audience unfamiliar with wider AoS.
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    Hi guys, a bit of a progress update. I've been using a Harbinger of Decay for many a game, using my old rotfly riding champion conversion - but since the debut of the Lord of Afflictions, it seems confusing to have two very different characters both riding flys. While the original model is probably considered a modern classic: ... I have some issues with it; first of all, it's small. Way to small. It originates from the old Warhammer Fantasy, and doesn't scale well at all with the new and bigger scale of AoS. Secondly, it is finecast. I hate finecast. Thirdly, horses seem exceptionally boring to me, in a setting of high fantasy, such as AoS. Therefore, I wanted to make my own, new and improved, Harbinger of Decay. A bit of a forestory; some years ago, I stumbled upon an amazingly talented sculptor, namely Jason Hendricks; he has sculpted some insanely cool models, even some of the prototypes for the Warjacks from Warmachine. Especially one miniature enamoured me; The Nightmare Thing: http://monster-zer0.blogspot.com/2016/06/massive-darkness-nightmare-thing-aka-bob.html I stumbled upon someone selling it on a facebook about a year ago, and I promptly bought it, without knowing what to use it for. Upon receiving it, I found it really cool, but also too big to be used as a regular spawn, and some of the details got a bit lost in the casting material (I call it restic - used for lots of board games - apparently cheap, and also quite horrible to work with - cut, scrape, sand - it's equally bad for everything). Anyway, it sat in a box, until two nights ago, when I was pondering what to do with my Harbinger, and a light went off; I hurried to my desk, got out the nightmare thing, and started messing around with parts: I've replaced the head with to heads (one an upside down pink horror mouth, the other an upside down Blight King fly head, with the lower jaw from a pink horror added), and a Stone Troll arm, because I felt it was missing a bit of ye old GW aesthetic. The saddle is from the Maggoth lord (which oddly basically popped into place, as if made for it), and the torso is from the Pusgoyle Blightlords. I'm really liking it, although I'm still on the fence about the scythe; one, it just seems like such an obvious choice, and two, the 1" range of it really doesn't suggest scythe to me - any suggestions? I've also gotten some work done on the Daemon Prince, and he's really starting to come together: Not quite sure about the head on him, though - any alternative ideas? On that note, I'd like to elaborate a bit on conversions. I call this (cue fanfare...): Conversion Composition First of all, I really dislike the word kitbashing; I feel like it belittles the skill and vision required for a cool conversion. A simple weapon swap may be a kitbash, but as soon as you go a bit beyond that, you are basically taking a miniature and converting it into something else, something that better suits your vision of the universe it is being part of. I don't mean to sound snooty or anything, and I'm not suggesting it should be called art, but take some credit in your skill and vision, and stop calling it kitbashing. There. I got that off my chest. I feel like the most important part of any miniature is its composition. Let me elaborate; the composition is a combination of the pose of the miniature and shape of it. Things like details and texture are very important as well, but you can easily find a miniature where these things are there in spades, but it just doesn't work as a miniature - why? Because the composition is bad. Let me demonstrate: The Skaven Grey Seer model is an example of great composition: The model, seen as a silhouette, has a nice flow to it (shown by the green line), clearly defined form and the details don't mess up the shape or pose. I would even argue that seeing it only as a silhouette, you would still be able to guess that it's a skaven based on the pole, the iconic way skaven cloth is modelled and the hunched pose - non warhammer players could probably guess that it is a wizard, based on the stretched out hand. Wulfrik the Wanderer, on the other hand, is a walking composition disaster: Based on the silhouette, you would probably guess that it is some sort of christmas tree with a scarecrow added and a sword sticking out. There is no flow, no shape, no pose - it just doesn't work. The fact that the sculptor seemingly dipped it in glue and rolled it in his box of skulls only seems to make the issue worse. My Daemon Prince has (at least I think) a pretty good composition: You can clearly see the fly wings, the fly legs, and it has some nasty claws and spikes sticking out, adding to the creepiness and wrongness of the thing. It has a good flow and the body parts don't mess up the composition. The cure for bad conversion composition: My advice to any converter is: Get the basic composition in place before you do anything else. The best tool for any converter is holding a miniature up against a lamp to backlit it. You will immediately see the silhouette of the conversion and thereby the composition (again, shape and pose) will jump out. Don't be afraid to tweak the posing just tiny bits - sometimes moving an arm a few degrees will change to composition completely. Using bluetac or brass pinning wire is great for this - you can change it be moving the part attached with bluetac or bending the brass wire. Another trick, in lieu of having a backlit setup (and which I use most of the time) is to just squint your eyes - it works almost as good. Again the silhoutte will jump out. Another good tip is to use your camera phone to take some quick pics of the pose, once you find one that works - even if you're tweaking it more, to see if it can get even better, you now have some pics to return it to it's original state. Once the basic composition is good, you can start adding details and textures, but ONLY if they add to the conversion. Remember to check the silhouette regularly to see if it is starting to get cluttered, and be willing to remove parts again, even if you think a particular part is really cool. Don't be afraid to "kill your darlings" or rip something apart and start over. It is bit like cooking - you're free to use spices, but even the best spices won't make up for a dish that is basically lacking. Many conversions I see on my google search journeys are using way too many bits and lacking basic composition - try googling "obliterator conversion" for example; I've lost track of the times I've seen a plastic chaos terminator that looks like it's been dipped in glue and rolled in a guns bits box. Get the basic pose right, even if it takes some tries - walk away from it, sleep on it, get back to it, and make it the best you can. Good luck! and apologies for the long rant.
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