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  1. Ohh! That statue and construction equipment I like!
  2. I really love what they are doing with the objectives and (hopefully) the new terrain. From the looks of it, and the objectives' description, they seem to be based on Dawnbringer Crusade settlements, so basically work in progress buildings and repurposed ruins by the looks of it!
  3. Possible unit allocation in Starter Sets down the line I thought of while rewatching the stream. Not really sure on Gutrippaz, as we didn't get a clear look at their sprue as far as I know.
  4. I made one a while ago for Reddit. Might try making one with the Kruleboyz later if someone else doesn't do it before me.
  5. Sadly I think they won't be shown. Either they will have their dedicated live show, be featured in one focusing on the new faction and SC, or revealed in an article.
  6. It'll probably be like what they did for 40k, so it should probably drop the same day as Dominion/the Core Book.
  7. On a related note, I'm actually really glad they are doing a reveal with substance. Some of the recent previews have been a bit underwhelming, so I'm really excited that they are revealing the full contents of the box and, judging from "Join us as we unveil the whole box – there may even be a few extra surprises too.", I think it's safe to say that some "Starter set companion" kits (Easy to build, paint set, etc.), as I like to call them, will be revealed, and maybe the Battletomes for the new factions. But hey, I'm just wishlisting here I'm just glad we are seeing the whole box.
  8. I am just now realising how weirdly "lucky" I have been with limited edition things. (At least on the Rest of EU section of the site) I have been able to order or get to the product page of any limited thing I wanted to buy/look at how long it'll last. My strategy is just getting on the site around 10 minutes before pre-orders go up (usually around 11 here), get the URL from the Australian section, changing the "AU" from the URL to "EU", and then start refreshing like a madlass. Works every time XD
  9. OR, they just wanted one short story per day leading up to the preview, and decided to just reuse some art from the Realmgate Wars...
  10. Based on what is in the article, it seems to be digital only.
  11. It will probably be like Indomitus (e.g.: it sells out in like 15 minutes) IF they will make it Made to Order, I'm not sure. It is a possibility, and a highly probable one at that, but we'll have to wait. Imo it will probably depend on how popular it is, so it will probably go Made to Order.
  12. "Warhammer Preview Online: Unboxing Dominion"
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