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 We open this series of interviews with a long-term member from Germany. JackStreicher!

1 - Where are you from?

Blackwood Forest Region of Germany

2 - When did you start to have contact with the hobby?

With about 9 years of age

3 - What kind of hobbyist are you?

All of it. Playing, Painting, Building, Narrative Play etc...

4 - Which GW games have you played/ collected?

Warhammer Fantasy, AoS, Warcry, 40K, Underworlds, Boarding Actions

5 - Which GW games do you play/ collect actually?

AoS, 40K (rather passively - every Space Marine release burns me out and puts me at the edge of selling my 40K armies, it’s just too one sided at this point)

6 - How many armies do you have? (Include points count if you know it!)

Oh boy, 11? Sbgl around 10K points, CoS around 6K points, DoK 4K, FeC ~3K, IDK 4K, Seraphon 1.5k, SCE 10K, Chaos Space Marines ~3Kish, Space Marines 3Kish, Aeldari 3Kish, Drukhari 3.2K


7 - Which one is your favourite army?

SBGL and CoS

8 - What is your favourite character?

Abhorash, The Red Duke and Calard of Garamont all in equal measure

9 - What is your favourite miniature?


10 - What is your favourite AoS narrative?

Hard to say: IDK for their potential (which as of yet is untouched), FeC but it’s really dark, Vampires (Cado Ezechiar) are always great.

11 - Can you show us the miniature that you are more proud of?

That one always changes, I am usually most proud of the latest character I‘ve painted like Ivya Volga


12 - How did you find out about TGA?

Pure coincidence. I started with AoS when DoK were announced and left WHF behind. At that time I was looking for a conversation and found tga

13 - What is your favourite TGA thread?

Varies. At times it’s faction specific threads or if there’s solid information the rumor thread


Is there anything else you want to add?

Not really :D

Let's finish with a few more pics from the awesome miniatures of his massive collection!










Many thanks, JackStreicher!

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