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  1. That‘s just the way they should have been. put a Wraithknight head. on that ugly cow avatar and it might look good.
  2. 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 = Chaos Chosen for Chaos Undivided 4 =Chaos Sorcerer Lord 3 and 5= Chaos Barbarians/ Flaggelants
  3. Oh LOL I‘ve rarely seen so much ugly in my life on a single day. I am out.
  4. Sigmar, those Lumineth are ugly as hell... I am out.
  5. Eomer - Lion El Johnson (compared the Dilhoutte with the cover of the book) - Fabious Bile - sons of behemat? somehow this leaves me cold do far... mhm
  6. In Germany I've never heard of a tournament (except those taking place in a GW store) that forces you to take GW miniatures.
  7. I do. Yet it‘s mostly dead points since all the buffs are too specific and the damage is really meh. But it looks cool!
  8. @j0lt yes we have, there‘s even a separate thread for it. It can work (and it has for me!) yet you‘d better use it in a Ravager list to get the 18“ aura from the artefact on your karkadrak. =}
  9. It‘s 25mm. 32mm looks like this (Way more space):
  10. https://banduawargames.com/es/exclusivos-web/39878-6-acrylic-areas.html these seem almost perfect: If they had magical runes along the curvature of the rings then they would be perfect (the black dots are pretty immersion breaking)
  11. I had that idea when I first saw the box, but having both models I decided it‘d look too „meh“ and would not be worth the effort.
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