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  1. Very nice looking models in this chat I‘ll be painting a small contingent for Settler‘s Gain soon (Lyrior or Lord Regent and 5-10 dawnriders) plus s Converter Black Dragon ridden by whichever Model version won‘t be used by the Lord Regent Kit (I‘ll mix Dark aelves, Lumineth and Freeguild with some mages)
  2. Same. I he Faction is called Gravelords not almost noble GraveFeasters
  3. Yes, yet the only proof of those claims I‘ve seen so far was the screenshot of GW claiming it will be around for a while The image is from the SGL Whatsapp
  4. About Cursed City: GW stated on Facebook (Comment) that Cursed City will be around for a while. So keep calm, they‘ll produce more. Due to COVID everything just taking longer.
  5. I am intending on getting custom bases for my Ulfenkarn Miniatures. Is there a list of how many bases of which type are included in Cursed City?
  6. Good Review! I can’t wait for my order to arrive!
  7. You made a amazing model even cooler 🤔 Dors it make sense to play some LRL units in a Settler‘s Gain list or do they lose too many benefits?
  8. The Stone Guards with Bladelord helmets might look superb. Has anyone stumbled upon this conversion already and wants to share images?
  9. No worries about the old skeletons: You already get masses of them on eBay. After they are oop the mass will increase while their price will decrease @Nighthaunt Noob That‘s not Kragnos, that‘s the new Zombie Snail-Snake Dragon (or Malerion)
  10. Keep in mind though that importing primers out of Britain into the EU is a bit more complicated and might cost more/take longer since the primers are flagged as dangerous goods (Gas-filled, potentially explosive Can). This wasn’t an issue while they were part of the EU. Since they left such items will be checked by customs etc.
  11. I just had a idea while lock down-ing: IDK have a lack of Tridents 🔱. I personally (as well as others? Just comment on this to let me know) would love an elite armoured infantry (and or monstrous Cavalry). A perfect name for that unit, which also gives away their weaponry would be: Akhelian Trident Guard Just a thought I hope there‘ll be a Broken Realms book for us which revives Mathlann!
  12. I‘d also prefer a dark theme/night theme.
  13. Tbh I like the Ogor hero as a cheap smash hero that can heal himself and spread the generic Command Abilities. The Priest and the Mage are interesting. The Noble and the Witch hunter are superb Proxies for Freeguild Generals Also: The female human Paladin has a 3+ save. Might this foreshadow that Stormcast might go up to a 3+ save across the board? I am really excited.
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