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  1. They could do that as well with the current books, all they‘d need to do would be to release some die of page in a white dwarf with the updated rules (do you can put it in your physical book)
  2. Seraphon: Less summoning but more punch for basic troops. models: - new Kroxigors, more dynamic Saurus Warriors and Knights, new Razordons and Firesalamanders, a new Slann, endless spells, a scenery piece (floating pyramid?). All these models should have a slightly more technological Design (more Necron-tech-Armor parts like the Carnosaur Rider has, while still being vaguely Aztec but different) slaves to darkness: (just unlikely hopes) new Barbarians (foot and mounted), a war mammoth-like-thing, some kind of barbarian berzerkers, a javelin throwing unit, endless spells. Shadow Aelves: - Drake riders (big mounts like the Dracoth riders), a really cool black dragon, malerion and I don‘t k ow about the rest as long as the modelrange is bigger than IDK‘s... some kind of shadow Valkyrs?
  3. Actions of Week 02 Death VS Order, Destruction and Chaos Order VS Death Chaos VS Destruction, Death Destruction VS Chaos, Death Happy Wargaming!
  4. I am using my phone mostly though I dislike it (I don‘t have all them Warscroll cards). It annoys that you have to take it out of your pocket, and look at a tiny screen and afterwards unlock it again to look at the same rules. this is different with allegiance abilities and other non-warscroll rules: the AoS Battletomes have the weirdest and worst Order of rules so I prefer the digital copy for easy and quickly was of use.
  5. The fight for the objectives would be the same: there‘s no difference if the enemy holds an objective and you try to take it from them. Also you‘d try to secure the objective no matter what. How could you not guarantee to hold an objective right now? There are two ways how you can guarantee to hold an objective: no enemy can get to it before you score, or your unit holding it is too tanky or big to lose the objective. This remains the same no matter when you score. The only advantage the current system has is that you can sacrifice a unit to score some points in your turn which is more flexible than scoring at the end of the battleground and makes scenarios in which objectives grant an increasing amount of points per round or per turn you control them way more flexible.
  6. All this change would do is reducing the overall amount of victory points scored across a game. The result and tactical choices would remain largely the same.
  7. eh, Nighthaunt heroes just die too fast. "Just" kill the General and the summoning stops
  8. I am more hyped about DoK than I‘ve been for a while, reason being that at the moment there‘re a lot of Battletomes that are strong so I don‘t have to play down anymore ^^ I‘ve converted 10 Witch Aelves to look more elite and I am going to paint them soon 🤔 - get ready for some Slaughter sisters!
  9. Week 01's Results: The Week 02 Surveys are up! Destruction Death Order Chaos Voting stops Sunday at 12:00 CET. For all people fighting in one of the contested Provinces (Gleaming Coast and The Lead Quagmire) Victory and Defeat Survey Week 02 - This will stay up until the end of this turn week and is also used for the new battles to come. Happy Wargaming! Jack
  10. IdK this doesn't look like a modern GW model to me - not a fan Also the base is weirdly high
  11. I sued to be hardcore against AoS (I am an old Fantasy Player and I stuck to 9th age at the time). A few weeks before this Video came out I had soem test games with my gf and found that AoS can actually be really fun. After this Video it was clear that I'd expand my Dark Elves into a DoK Army (I love the snakes)
  12. Yup, still a 45% win-rate is solid. (everything around 50% +-5% is solid), everything above needs a nerf
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