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  1. I need to make a list about all the (Propably autocorrect) misspellings of ‚Battletome‘, be abuse it‘s really funny imo (not trying to bash anyone) Battletomb (Only the Soulblights can call their book that!) Battledome Battlewomb Battletom Battletohm 🤣 one but, yet many names
  2. I faced a Megaboss with a constant +2 to his save and other bonuses. It killed everything with its -3 rend weapon while being immune to everything. It was finally taken down by a very good charge of Annihalators, the Lord Celestants cloak and a two luckily failed armour saves vs the annihilators.
  3. So what really needs to change imo is: - Unleash hell: while fine for small units, it‘s absurd for big ones or MW shooting - Buff stacking. It plainly sucks. Some armies have such easy access to Dave bonuses that killing a single hero is impossible without spamming mortal wounds. Something along the lines of: the best you can ever get is +1 to your save. If the attack targeting this unit has rend you can only cancel out the rend by stacking, you won‘t receive a +1 to save.
  4. First test model done (Tabletop Standard). I am aiming for a mix of Celestial Vindicators and Anvils of the Heldenhammer. I‘d have played Anvils due to the Lore and style. Yet after painting Slaves to Darkness and Chaos Space Marines I am fed up with black armours with a golden trim. So here we go
  5. I usually try to add a suffocating gravetide into any Radukar list because of flavor! (In cursed city you have to run from several gravesides)
  6. I always build the Lance. The sword is such a magnificent failure in terms of molding that all of my Zombie Dragon boxes arrived with the sword, still on the sprue, already having white bend-marks and even first hair thin cracks. They usually break the first time when clipping them out of the sprue... the Second Time when you look at it too hard. And the third time when you try to assemble the model. 🥲
  7. So I've just finished the latest Gotrek Novel (Gitslayer)
  8. I wonder why we haven’t had any more I did about the dragons
  9. On Friday I‘ll have my first path to glory game. Let’s see how that plays out I‘ll play the the Stormkeep of the Celestial Vindicators
  10. 3/4 Games lasted until the end of turn 5 It‘s highly match-up dependent imo
  11. I like both. I am just bothered by the owl-eyebrows of Krondys XD. I hope the head comes with some option, like making the eyebrows scales instead of hair Edit: By the way. These dragons were created by the same sculptor as the new Giant Bats (compare the wings)
  12. The new Dragons are giving me pleasant vibes - a mixture of Dragon Age and Warcraft plus Smaug vibes ofc
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