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  1. I want my whalebiter now! My Idoneth need a Sea Giant
  2. Just play them anyways. No right-minded opponent would disallow it. =}
  3. Your demon prince can look through the pitch black terrain, he also can (if he could) shoot through it. He can charge through it and he can be charged through it (you never need line of sight for charging) ^^
  4. Mine was just trying to hopp onto my shoulders to abuse my beard while I tried to paint 😢 R.I.P Sister of Slaughter - You were Sabotaged by a cat
  5. It can charge him. It can shoot at him if he can fly (forest rules do not apply to you if you fly)
  6. That‘s why I stopped buying the books since before the Raven Guard Supolement. You are basically buying trash paper which will be worthless within half a year or a full year. This is neither good for your perceived value of said books and rules nor is the environment happy about it. At this point it has become almost like smoking: You could as well ignite your money except Warhammer, usually, does not kill you.
  7. Same. I earn more than enough to buy at GWs prices. Yet I rarely buy anything and I don‘t recommend it either since the prices are too high imo. I am feeling bad for buying a box with a price point of 4,5€ per Model, so I don‘t. For me the price has reached the point at which the models are just not worth it anymore. (I‘ve sold most of my backlog to make room for new stuff, yet the rooms stays unoccupied)...
  8. @Chumphammer where did you get the objective markers? 😮
  9. Which was why WHF died. And around in circles we go... @Kramer I am living in one of the biggest German cities and our GW still has 2 of 3 boxes left. Edit: The same goes for another big city in which my brother lives 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. Truly magnificent! edit: care to share the colors used?
  11. Technically the Knights have swords (on their backs). I usually don‘t play wysiwyg with my knights.
  12. In the End Times Kemmler defected to Chaos and was right vaporized by Arkhan. I hope Krell will be one (the name is cool and ordinary bones boys truly need some love!) I also hope for another Soulblight Vampire
  13. I sadly agree... looks like a werewolf foot atop a skandinavian ruin... 😕
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