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  1. The Model looks cool, yet it just looks like a normal Nurgle Warrior but scaled up. You need to add elements which symbolize the heaviness of the object (ragged hanging skin in thick folds and the likes). Adding trophies of to it - real-world big objects that seem tiny now - (like GW did) also helps keep up the good work! Cheers Edit: The Troll looks really cool!
  2. It‘s about time for a GW Potato-Camera leak imo
  3. That‘s pretty much the issue. a lot of the poses are very 2D as well.
  4. That‘s just the Vampire from the Zombie Dragon Box (with hair)
  5. I own a 130€ printer and it prints in higher quality than GW plastics yet you have to put work into it.
  6. Nice story ^^ I like how they mock Khorne 🤣
  7. Or you learn how to not interpret every word literally while missing the entire message of the post. So you implicitly claim that one is not forced to buy the book if one wants to play the entire faction (including. the „DLC“)? Interesting
  8. I can confirm that. ___ I don‘t mind GW expanding an army on the contrary even, yet deliberately making the initial release small (though all models are likely already produced or are close to being finished) to force more books down our throats within another 3 months is mean feels a hell lot like EA and the way they handle DLCs and new games
  9. Maybe! What confused me (if it is a gun): why can‘t we see the gunbut/gun handle? Same goes for a Dagger/sword? maybe it‘s a key afterall. Thinking about it the key makes sense in combination with the rumors engine: A rat has a strong association with ships. A bird for communication and the likes and of course the „Crow‘s nest“ etc.. Pirates that are keeping keys to their (soul-) treasures? Maybe these treasure chests contain their own soul which prevents them from dying? - just a little bit of brainstorming which surprisingly doesn’t even feel way off (to me) - could be a cool story for an army/warband 🤔 Edit: To add to this (prob wrong): These Undeads Are not associated with Nagash at all.
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