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  1. These would be amazing if they had magical tunes along the outer edge!
  2. This hand of James Workshop tends to bite though. One should rather not buy GW products for a few months to make a statement to show our „friend“ James workshop‘s ever hungry wallet (while he already swims in money like Dagobert Duck) that enough is enough and the hobby + hobbyists should be more important than the dividend paid to his shareholders.
  3. I am eBaying Second Hand models. The only thing I buy new from time to time is the GHB or the X-Mas Battleforces. I earn pretty well yet most prices are just rude and I am not willing to pay 50€ for something that cost 25€ a few years ago - this greed puts me off. If GW truly „adjusted“ prices they‘d reduce the price of old products while keeping a higher price for newer kits. Naming this adjustment is scratching on deception. (They don‘t need to increase anything they just do it for the greed).
  4. I have a general question: assuming it’s the opponent’s turn to pick a units to fight but there‘s none left. Then it‘s my turn to pick a unit and I decide to pile in with a unit that has a 6“ pile in into an enemy unit that hasn‘t fought yet: is the enemy allowed to hit me back after I have attacked?
  5. They might be a reason why all the big models go up in price. I guess one will be 115-120€
  6. Oh well. More more more, I hate the constant greed.... 🤷🏼‍♂️ A Discussion about prices is useless.
  7. Black highlight: use „the fang“ it‘s a blue-ish grey. Be aware though that you should not use the fang directly as it might be too bright (mix it with a little black on your Palette)
  8. The blacksmoke battery is a fun choice, yet not competetive. Keep in mind that humans are pretty bad at „guessing“ probability ^^ The battery suffers from the crew issue and the D6 random damage. The cannons would perform way better with 5 damage flat I stead of D6
  9. I‘ll also guess: vampire! (Drop of blood gems everywhere == Legion of blood)
  10. Yes. I heard some people now thinking that Malerion does not exist which is nonsense. However maybe GW added a twist: if malerion enters the realm of shadows he is malerion, if he enters the realm of light he is Tyrion? Imo the text is just a hint at the secretive nature of the shadow aelves and their assassins. ^^
  11. Teclis gets 4 auto-casts of a 10. (660 pts) The Stone Guard has a 3+ armor and ignores rend -1 and rend -2. (100 pts/5) https://spikeybits.com/2020/05/teclis-lumineth-realm-lord-rules-teasers-spotted.html
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