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  1. Reminds me too much of a crocodile to be coincidence. It could be Kroxigores for Seraphon.
  2. This is the thread to discuss about the new Allegiance which was added the „Forbidden Power“ Addon.
  3. Well Dispossessed are sadly not part of the lethis Allegiance 😕 (Forbidden power) Allegiance Abilities and Factions
  4. When are the next big GW announcements to be expected? (some kind of event?)
  5. the heck, the game looks awesome afaict. Seems to be a 1to1 Shadespire to PC Game conversion which rocks! (finally palying with my friends which live 200+ km away)
  6. After seeing several reviews it seems like the Stormvault campaign‘s new Order Allegiance (Lethisian Defenders) requires Stormcast, Idoneth, Fyreslayers, Kharadron or an excelsior Warpriest. Before knowing that I thought that „duardin“ in general could be taken which is not the case.... that looks like a huge oversight since Dispossessed appear to be the perfect fit for the Allegiance Abilities which focus around defense and priests 😕 What a wasted opportunity 😭 *shelfing my heavily armoured beardlings again*
  7. LoN, Niggthaunt, Aelves (Darklings, assassins, Privateers, Wanderers, Order Serpentis), Dispossessed, Stormcast, Idoneth, Daughters of Khaine, Seraphon (my girlfriend), Sylvaneth (Shared army with my girlfriend).... I‘ve got way too many armies
  8. That is if you only apply a nerf (in this case a point increase) on those two units. If you simultaneously decrease the points of blood stalkers and say Khinerai, the witches suddenly lose their status quo of being an auto-include. Good balance is reflected by fitting point costs which leads to the biggest indicator of good balance: You really have a hard time deciding to pick which unit since they're all sooo good. (mission accomplished). Currently you sadly skip most units since they just lack for their price tag. @Xil concerning the counts as Different topic! Is there a "Unit roles and uses" thread already? If not I am going to start one since this can really help newbies (and regular players) understand how to use which unit. I'll need help though since I am not a DoK pro (I am switching among my armies on a weekly basis XD)
  9. I've played a little with the contrast (pun intended). The Runes are way more recognizable now: But wait, there is more on its hand (and was even before using Contrast)
  10. These seem to be some kind of altered high elf runes RUNES What I could make out: Right to left: Garvir, Darkness, Gloom (mirrored) Horothoi, youth, Boundless Energy (makes sense due to the Penumbral Engine) Lacoi (as mentioned before), Might, Glory, Fear of Death Dassoir, Scrying, Sight, Forbidden Knowledge --- Or --- Lecai, Light Mobility of the Soul (this one is pure speculation) maybe Oriour, blood, birth the first one: Hard guess, this might be Tavlu, Mark of Hoeth, Misery In the right order (with a little interpretaion): Misery, Birth (Blood), forbidden knowledge, Fear of Death, Boundless Energy, Darkness Sound a little like the Nagashs story XD
  11. They still are btw. "shootcast eternals". Heroes still die like flies 😛 I am a bit sad there isn't a rune system in the new SCE book I really liked those about the old warhammer books
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/16/forbidden-power-the-artefactsgw-homepage-post-1/ I really, really love that! Guess I have to integrate this mechanic into my next semi-comp narrative tournament =}
  13. Thx! so I guess I‘ll draw the maps myself and use a more neutral non-GW background. i already did the loading icons myself do no issue there
  14. Hello, Since the AoS Rules and Addons are very decentralised I wrote an Android App a while ago which my friends and I use to generate games in an instant. What the App does: - Generating the Mission - Toggle to include/exclude Realmscape Features - Showing an image of the Battleplan (just so you instantly know what Battle will be played) - Showing you on which page in what book you will find the rules for the game you are playing Once I know I won't violate any of GW's rights (since I used images of the Battleplan Map and I used their images for random backdrops) I will upload the app on this forum for free Feedback is needed! 😃 (especially about the legal part) Loading Screen with random "Action-Comments" Example of a generated Game.
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