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  1. @Agent of Chaos holy hel, you are covering the whole Deployment Zone - that‘s what I call a cavalry army =D
  2. Perhaps an unusual request: Do you have pictures of the battle? it sounds like Great fun @ColsBols yes to both. You can even play Archi in any of the Chaos Battletomes
  3. Sounds compelling... This is absolutely made up and based on no story whatsoever: to expand upn your idea: What if some Slann indeed discovered a rescue pod/ship of one of the Old Ones. Boarded it and freed/awakened one of their former gods? This god in turn draws a portion of the Slann back to his former plan of defeating chaos/forming the now-mortal-realms by some kind of great plan. However not all Slann believe in the old ones anymore since they've failed and abandoned the Saurus in the past. They're not hostile by any means but they follow their own plan while being allies to the old one. The old one's faction starts settlements, terraforming and the building of more Slann world ships and spawning pools, creating more, new Saurus species to deal with the dangers of the mortal realms (remember: Lizardmen were made to fight the perils of the old world, the mortal realms however are vast and full of more powerful dangers). Therefor you can still summon normal (old) Saurus to the field, but you get additional new Saurus-Reptile-Beings to add to your army. 😃
  4. Partly true. Yet the following is the case: My friend simply fields all the units he has for his Big Waagh! So he can't adjust anything there. Buying new models just to "play down" feels really wrong to me. I could simply switch to let's say Daughters of Khaine but I doubt he would have any fun against them since I'd simply wipe him off the board. Imo the balancing is a responsibility of the Product and therefor of the company producing the product in order to be a good (premium) product. Edit: I do not expect perfect balance at all. I'd just like that powerlevels across all factions were more normalized. (my standard example is Slaves to Darkness VS The Big Waagh: Slaves are worse at everything while costing more and while having worse Allegiance abilities.) cheers
  5. I'll start off with my opinion on AoS: - The Miniatures design is supberb! - The Art and Battletome design is really good. - The increased speed with which points are being adjusted. - Most rules are doing a good job of representing how a unit or an army should play. - great! - It appears as if there is a lack of rules review concerning the powerlevel and wording of Rules, I'd love to see that corrected so an FaQ isn't necessary anymore. - Though the game plays really smoothly and a lot of the times the match-ups are fun there are some factions, which are simply put, too strong or weak so they hardly can beat or win against certain factions. I'd like to see a more normalized powerlevel across all Battletomes, old and new, in order to keep casual gaming fun. - Point adjustments sometimes can't fix a unit or rule. In order to normalize powerlevels across factions I'd suggest a frequent rewrite of heavily overperforming and underperforming Warscrolls. This step won't be necessary anymore if the Rules Review process catches those rules and warscrolls before they're published. This step might also increase sales for units no one wants to field due to their current state if power.
  6. Let's take this to a more focussed approach, shall we? I opened another thread that is not supposed to be a rambling thread but a collection on opinions. The Constructive AoS Feedback Thread
  7. Since there's been a lot of discussion about balancing, balance as a whole, point values, GW's business practices and the likes I figured we should take this to a more focussed constructive level by posting actual constructive feedback. Write your factual opinion about what you like and what you would like to see improved and why. Please do not attack other Forum members and be civil and try to be positive while doing so. Cheers Jack
  8. Easy: Everything you claimed. And now I advice you to read the posts first before you write anything. This discussion is over now.
  9. I just find you funny since you haven't even read what I wrote but you are making wild claims which have nothing to do with what I said XD but okay be cute
  10. Sorry I am right and you are WRONG XD Who exactly claimed that GW games were ever balanced? XD You are funny 😛
  11. I'd really love that. For me the old ones were what made lizardmen even more interesting back in the day
  12. A lot of words and you actually missed the point. First off: It's not about competetive play. The comp. scene deals rather well with imbalanced. The issue is that the "balancing" or let's say "relative powerlevel" of armies is sometimes worlds apart which ruins CASUAL games. The argument "It's better now than it used to be" is no argument at all, without evolution everything dies. Justifying bad relative powerlevels and bad rules due them having been even worse back in the day is rubbish. GW does too little and them being just the worst a few years back doesn't make the situation now good or something we have to be thankful for. With these topics we rathert clearly point out imbalance otherwise we would not be posting, would we? Edit: I agree however about swiftly labeling units trash or op.
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