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  1. I heard it three times now. 1. Time I thought it was Egyptian 2. Time I could have sworn it was Celtic/Nordic 3. time it‘s obviously Chinese/Mongolian wtf!? 🤣
  2. Since the trailer sounds somewhat Celtic these also have a Scottish/Celtic feel to them. who knows @Ashendant AoS already has Mongolians: Ogors.
  3. So, I was finally able to listen to the video with sound and compared it to total war‘s khemri music. It is very NOT similar indeed. It sounds Celtic/Irish/British I am looking forward to this.
  4. Sounds like Krell though he technically did not „survive“ Ghal Maraz 🤣
  5. It is in a sense. Merge the upper body of a wild rider and the lower body of a more fantasy-like deer. =} not that surprising since we already have half snakes, malerion‘s Aelves are apparently hald-dragon.
  6. I Love them. Playing as a city or city expedition is great
  7. Could be nurgle, though I hope not well I won‘t be getting any Ogors either yet I want to play against them.
  8. I still like ME and Play them. MWG also plays ME. there‘s just less hype around it.
  9. Nagash ate Morr and the Khemri god of death. Sigmar possessed Karl Franz‘ cold dead Body (well it was still warm). Sone dwarven gods were also eaten by Nagash „Nommnomm“ the gods if the old world once were mortals in the time before the old world. The cycle looks like this: a world dies -> some special mortals become gods -> world dies old gods stay gods (if they weren’t destroyed) and some special mortals become gods etc. Etc
  10. That‘d be nice. What factions are missing? idoneth Daughters of Khaine Nurgle Slaanesh (obligatory SCE Warband xD)
  11. Perhaps an escalation: tentions grow until a battle among Stormcasts and Aelfes erupt. This will be a short outburst of violence until they see reason and a common cause (VS Death/Chaos) maybe even Dispossessed will be the voice of reason.
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