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  1. Technically the Knights have swords (on their backs). I usually don‘t play wysiwyg with my knights.
  2. In the End Times Kemmler defected to Chaos and was right vaporized by Arkhan. I hope Krell will be one (the name is cool and ordinary bones boys truly need some love!) I also hope for another Soulblight Vampire
  3. I sadly agree... looks like a werewolf foot atop a skandinavian ruin... 😕
  4. Blood knights Zombies Chosen Daemon Princes Grave Guard Freeguild Guards Freeguild Handgunners Saurus Warriors Saurus Knights Kroxigors Salamanders Dreadlord on Black Dragon All Dragons ever released except the SCE one.
  5. Rule of thumb for this kind of modeling: model details in a thickness of about 0.5mm (smallest). This way they‘ll show up nicely.
  6. Hello, straight to the feedback: The faces need more definition and some hard edges. cheers!
  7. I’d say: It used to be in the LoN Battalion with Arkhan
  8. The usual „this army is too strong cry“ I guess. It might be warranted for some of them though ^^. Yet as long as you play the army as you want without abusing the most broken builds I don‘t think anyone will cry about the army
  9. Interesting. I don‘t get that feeling though. Most comments on this forum are positive and they rarely devolve into the nerf debate (they usually are „pls buff my army“ debates like S2D) or they‘re purely competetive 🤔 I also never got a bad reply if I needed help with an army build . In what Threads of the forum do you linger, if I may ask? Edit: And that is coming from me, a salty Lord of Saltiness 😅
  10. Welcome to the Slaves to Weakness „Oh no, my opponent showed up for the battle, how did he know that he could counter my army with this? “ 😅😂 just kidding, kind of... srsly: Against OBR you cannplay the denial game, or you ally in a Lord of Change in order to spell-nuke their Harvesters first.
  11. Thanks for the comment! You can get a great mammoth model from Mierce miniatures (http://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_dkl_fmr_rve_mbs_815_200). You can get the adequate huge base as mdf online Sadly the Mammoth was put into legends so it‘s not competetive by any means. It usually works better in a Slaves to Darkness army in the Subfaction „Ravagers“. There you can give your general an 18“ aura. With this synergie my mammoth oneshotted Alarielle (Khorne Mark) and in a different Game it stomped 30 Ard boys (Mark of Slaanesh) (killed 23 and the rest ran) I‘ll take your advices on the two lists into consideration, thanks again!
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