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  1. They‘re elven spirits (if I remember correctly from the lore)
  2. That‘s due to AoS only having one city that we know much of: Hamerhall. I‘d like to see GW do a cartographic campaign for each realm so that at least there is a huge „known“ space within each realm that holds more history and is the staging place for bigger events. (The Amethyst princedoms would be interesting)
  3. The level of fantasy as it is represented in the Realmslayer novels and the likes is very pleasant in my opinion. So high fantasy is fine as long as it doesn‘t get too crazy on a regular bases.
  4. A king would be a Vampire which this one is not (they don‘t have facial hair and look more beast-like). (Unless they changed that) I guess some kind of Sergeant? Or a Crypt Ghoul Courtier? Perhaps you are right and it is a non-vamp King =}
  5. I would really hate if they made the once good, then evil, then good again then mystical character a Chaos god. malekith is Order (at least in some weird way). If he was a Chaos god is power would be so much beyond Nagash.
  6. To me the new rumour Engine looks like a Kraken „playing“ with a hoard of treasure (monster summoning for IDK as a endless spell) @froo do you have a Link to the Sister of Slaughter Card?
  7. This is the first time someone made sense concerning GW‘s sudden change in release politics.
  8. Don‘t get me wrong, those models are great and would have been amazing for the old world orcs n Goblins but I don‘t get the AoS feel from them since they‘re just a „remake“ of the old wolfriders which is unusual and this could be a „first“ for AoS (just adding a freshly for AoS remade unit which was exactly the same back in 8th).
  9. It might. Though I am pretty sure raven guard wasn‘t Known for having the best psychers in the game while mostly ignoring Vanguard and stealthy unit’s rules-wise.
  10. Stop right there. I guess you are a relatively new player? Because what you are describing is called the „GW power spiral“. GW has been doing this for decades, either to increase sales or due to sloppiness. @michu Raven Guard would get a 5 in any essay because it failed to grasp the topic.
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