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  1. They only hit and wound on 4s with one attack each and no rend. That‘s nothing at least for me ^^ Yes you can.
  2. It‘s not the chariots that are broken. It‘s the Warchanter buff ^^. It turns any well made unit into a god-like machine of overkilling murder.
  3. 1. Marauders, Daemon Princes, the Krakadrak with rend Artefact Lord, Buffed up Chaos War Mammoth, Archaon, Warshrine, Host of the Everchosen Varanguard. That’s pretty much it 2. I would not call them useless: for cabalist lists you get something out of „The fang“ and Iron golems Are in general good to hold objectives. Yet non of the warbands will ever deal any damage at all. 3. If you only have the heroes for the sake of it =} if your heroes don‘t fullfil a role on the battlefield then you are usually better off taking other units instead. Yet if you love those models then there‘s nothing wrong with using them =} „Godsworn Champions of ruin“ is a battallion.
  4. ... idk I am pro-new units because it’s healthy for army building yet gameplay-wise I am against a „Trollol look at my chariot, my chariot is amazing: For 100 points and a Warchanter buff I get a dmg potential of 44...“-Situation.
  5. It would be utterly time consuming and they‘d have to Re-do all the models (depending on the way they create sculpts) to make them poseable. @PiotrW I don‘t think you will fare well with the list: You Lack damage big time and you‘ve put too much points into units that won‘t do anything for you (cultists other than iron golems). You‘re also pretty heavy on the hero-side and your Army can‘t tank a lot of damage. if you really want your cultists to take part in a battle then you should remove them from your list, switch your subfaction to ravagers and summon them in during the battle. add some Marauders to your list and play 15 chaos warriors in one unit.
  6. GW said that when they released the new start collecting. At least they said that the old Chaos Warriors are here to stay
  7. Blackstone battery maybe 🤷🏼‍♂️ Greater daemons don‘t give anything to the army but their Warscroll-Power
  8. Nope. the Portal does not displace the caster so that does not work as you don’t send a spell through the portal since you cast it on yourself
  9. @Stroke he specifically talked about a double turn so don‘t get rude if you don‘t understand what he is talking about. efit: the spell would be great if it lasted until the players next battleshock phase
  10. I‘ll call them Lecaith (thx @Cèsar de Quart)
  11. I am still hoping GW will introduce a subfaction that allows S2D to include other mortal Chaos units into our allegiance abilities (blightkings, Ssyl’esske, drones, bloodwarriors etc.). I‘d really love a „mortal Grand Alliance Chaos“ vibe ^^ (I really dig those models but I am not fond at all of starting those armies)
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