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  1. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    Don't look at Chaos/Khorne threads. It seems that Khorne ended in bottom tier. In two weeks I will have an small tournament with at least 3 khorne players. Time will tell if they are "that" bad.
  2. Beliman

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    I didn't say bigger because bigger is better (that's a bit orky). I said they should have some balance between being big, strong and agile. If you want to point that normal elves are the best sized elf-entities, then go for it. Imho, an elven god could aim a bit higher. About mindless elfs... It was just a concept. I wanted to say that they can create whatever they want to put something under the grimdark umbrella. You can go with the same (arrogant, racist, etc...) or any other thing (perfect entities being broken because their father's arrogance).
  3. Beliman

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    Imho, they need to be something close to Brutes or StormCast. If you are an aelven god, you want perfection (tell that to Idoneth...). In other words: something big, strong and fast (perfect balance). Tyrion & Teclis don't have an anvil to reforge their children, so it's not out of place to think that hysh aelves should be designed with some type of healing" powers too (auto-healing, auto-ressurect, Ynnari abilities, etc...). And of course, magic. A lot of magic (buff, debuff, missile, etc...). I'm not sure if they need any type of mount or warmachine (wings can be an answer for mounts for example). The grimdark face of this design could be that they are mindless entities (that explains a little bit their problem with ID). If you are an Aelven god and wants to control everything, it could be the best/worst solution (classic elven fix).
  4. Beliman

    Current State of the Armies

    Im really sure that some of them were written with AoS 3.0 on mind (mainly Gloomspite, skaventide and FEC). Don't know why, but their rules seems to have something more behind them.
  5. Beliman

    Your favorite unit model kit

    -Kharadron Ironclad -Kharadron frigate -Grundstock gunhauler There are other awesome miniatures, like Brokk, Arkanauts companies, Grundstock Thunderers, etc... but I believe that they are one tier below.
  6. Beliman

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    The Game seems awesome. I will wait to see more before going all in.
  7. Imho, even if there are some TGA users that don't like this type of "easter eggs", I believe that we have a healthy forum. I usualy read WHF forums (Carpe Noctum, Ulthuan, etc...) and some of them are AoS-friendly, others just ignore AoS and there are some of them full of angry players writting some ****** about AoS. If you want to lose some hours reading AoS forums, TGA is one of the best if you look for mature discussions and after working 9 hours, I don't want to read how my hobby sucks.
  8. I really love Settra and I have a library of old army books (so, we can say that I'm in the second group). But I don't agree with what you said (I'm the exception maybe?). I want Settra to be alive in the Mortal Realms and I want him with new miniatures, army and enough background to have a "logic" return (TK 2.0). An easter egg is just some fuel to still believe that's possible even if I know that not all easter eggs are going to be a new army.
  9. It can mean a lot of things. Maybe Sigmar just copy&paste Settras formula in another soul. At least, he knows what Settra accomplished in the old world... Maybe it's Settra, that Nagash couldn't take his Soul and all the Chaos Gods destroyed him and throw his soul away to never be seen again... until Sigmar found and forged him without any memory to have one of the most powerful leaders on the battelfield. Maybe it's just a joke... But in the end, it's up to the reader if he/she wants to be upset.
  10. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    If this Settrus is Settra, how do we know that he still remember his old live? I mean, if Sigmar needs your soul, I'm sure he will lobotomize you to take care of any possible drawbacks that the your old dude had. But my main concern is what will happen if Settrus recovers his memory? On my book, Horus Heresy will become a fairy tale.😂
  11. Beliman


    I'm curious because Sequitors are liberators from a SCE-Chamber focused on magic, and Banshees are an anti-magic unit, but the box doens't come with any magic dice. Another thing that I'm interested is in the boards, seems to be one big board with the same size of two Underworlds boards, but even if it's divided (and they just photoshope'd the edges), there seems to be 5 starting hexes for one board and 4 for the other. Some other hexes seems to have some type of pit but are not marked red too... Maybe this box/game uses a board that is not compatible with Underworlds?
  12. Beliman

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    We use this term to any fighter that at first sight doesn't have enough stats to be dangerous, but using ploys (or even upgrades) give him/her high chances to kill one target in one hit (scurry, pushes, etc... will help too). For goblins, that usualy means 2/3 cards. That's why I asked if Bag of Tricks has enough value for us because it could be awesome to search for that card that I need to finish my "missile" loadout.
  13. Beliman

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Imho, Navigator should be "navigating". I mean, they read the wind, see where the aethergold goes, and use our ships movement at maximum eficiency. On the table, I see him like an utility tool, focused on ship's movement (and skywardens/endrinriggers), endrinmaster should be another tool but focused on shooting with ships, aetherkhemist should be an endrinmaster but for Aerther-weapons and Admirals should be the Big Boss with some melee punch (If you want the job done...). No need to have endless spells, but maybe some terrain miniatures or "bomb" miniatures (like SCE comet, but with a big bomb in the middle of a big crater) maybe giving endrinmasters an ability to reload ships after dropping this bombs. I feel that Fyreslayers have better background to have "Endless prayers", after all, they are monks/berzerks that want to ressurect their god.
  14. Beliman

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    Well, I started without obliterated but because I usualy played with passive decks. Lastly, i switched to aggro, or at least "burst" with a mix of passive objectives and aggro objectives and I'm doing really good now. Aggro bands usually end without any fighters at turn 2 and obliterated helps with my plays. I usually put my fanatic in a random space that nobody gives a ******, and just throw him if I can see a kill (previously with some ploy dmg cards and follow with teleport ploys). After scoring 3 coins with obliterated and being at the middle of my enemy team, I have enough pressure to prepare another goblin-missile (with ploy dmgs or with upgrades). Aggro players usually go for a kill (or throw another missile to kill to kill one gobbo) and I can take another enemy just because he has less miniatures and a missile usualy means a charges action or two combo ploys. If they retreat, I could deny maybe one objectives card from their hand if they are aggro and it means that I can start rolling and I have more miniatures to either build/prepare another missile or go for passive objectives. I'm still still learning if Bag of Tricks works for my playstyle, it's one action that helps building a missile or deny something for my enemy, anyone has some experience with that card?
  15. Beliman

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    Imo, strength vs thougness shouldn't return for anything related to AoS.