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  1. Beliman

    The resurrection selection...

    Imho, I want the game to stay the same (1.5/2 hours). So I'm focusing on things that are closer to build-listing and pregame than gameplay: 1- Granular points for units: like some people said, that gives the option to create new specialist units. From throwing 3 dogs to mess with some charges to have a nice ranged-mob unite that is still buffed after losing 1 to 9 models. 2- General and hero builds. Use points to give heroes X weapons, Y artefacts, Z powers, families, etc... that can change a bit their modus operandi (or just make them better). From an endrinmaster that can heal ships (or make them better, give them ammo or new mines, etc...) to an endrinmaster that can summon a ship after recollecting X scraps of other destroyed warmachines. Some crazy ****** like that. 3- Kill models faster. Using miscasts, warmachines going bananas, etc... can have a nice impact if they don't have more phases or rollin' dice involved, but can speed the game if they are more destructive to everyone. 4- Customizable army-wide buffs. Same as point 2 but for all units. Kharadrons and other armies have something close to that, but old fantasy armies (6th edition) had a bit better "fluff rules". My main issue with AoS is that all this builds are already done (battalions, stormhosts, skyports, etc...) and it's just about picking one. 5- Points outside of minis. We already have battallions, but I hope to see promotions (wizzards levels, the old big'uns Orcs, etc...), artefacts and weapons to be bought with points, magic abilities (no lores, just something like ol'vampire abilities), etc... With this, we can have the option to spare that 20-40 points that we can't fit in any other or new unit. 6- Hybrid armies. Well, that's more "...after all armies are AoS'ifed" than anything. But I hope to see battletomes that take X units from other armies to build new ones like Dogs of War (or Ravening Hordes). Un other sords, "free cities" that had crazy lists (vampire leading some orcs with dispossessed canons supporting them). Of course with their own lore, artifacts, etc.. 7-Battleplans/campaign books. New books to play with campaign (Scenarios) that have some impact over your army (or the scenary where you play). maybe a bit more generic than the older ones (at least to be played with all the AoS factions). Balancing all of this seems impossible, but with another "matched play only" rules could help (only two ítems for hero and three for general or something like that).
  2. Beliman

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Looking at the Core Book: and So, you chose Beasts of Caos Allegiance unlocking "Battle line if..." Bullgors and build a lists with them (with the battallion that give Khorne marks). After that, you can chose three Allegiance Abilies: GA Caos, Beasts of Caos and Khorne. Taking Khorne abilities doesn't invalidate your list with your battleline bullgors. Is that right or I misread something?
  3. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    Giant crabs, Ship-golems, Land-Ships (marienburg landship doesn't count), etc... All screams AoS!!!
  4. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm really loving this new warbands. All of them has some personality that was lacking in the season 1. That's what I hoped to see in season 2, and I'm glad that they desgined them so well. Can't wait to see the KO band.
  5. Nothing is a fair fight for KO?. But I have a bit of hope to see a new rework/battletome/whatever to fix them. And a new box could be the best time to do it btw.
  6. Kharadrons Overlords vs Grotbag Scuttlers New rules for vehicles (and maybe flyers). And everybody is waiting for Karak Eight Peaks round 2 (this time with less skavens and more clouds)!!!!
  7. Beliman

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    It seems to be the case. But from the core rules, you don't chose an Allegiance, you unlock them (so you need to make a list, taking in mind what you want). At least, that's what we interpreted just reading the rules (there is even an exemple). From the FAQ, you unlock what you can chose. So, if you take GA but you still have another (more specific) keyword (ex.:Stormcast Eternals), and that keyword unlocks another Allegiance Abilities, you must take them (removing your option to take the GA ones). I think that RAI, you are right. You take an Allegiance, and then, if your Allegiance doesn't have any Allegiance Abilities (so you are forces to take GA), then, you can use the free city abilitites. P.D: They need to clean up the rules about when you can take "battleline if...".
  8. Beliman

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    Our gaming group plays a bit diferent, but we usually follow the same points: 1-You build a list. To build that list, you need to have at least the same keyword in all your units (can be Order, Stormcast, whatever...). 1.1-Doing your list, you can unlock some new battlelines (taking X general or whatever*). 1.2: Allies don't need to have the same keyword but they have their own rules to be allowed to be taken (Allegiance keywords from point 2). 2-Chose your Allegiance. If all your units (ignoring allies, 1.2) have the same keyword (point 1), you can chose your Allegiance and unlock some Allegiance Abilities: Battle traits, Artefacts of Power, Spell Lores and Unique Abilities (prayers, hosts, mount traits, etc...). If your army can chose multiple Allegiances Abilities (for example, Order and Stormcast), they must chose their specific Allegiance Abilitites (FAQ**). Some armies don't have Allegiance Abilitites, so you can chose the GA Allegiance Abilities (ex.: Swifthawk Agents army has the Swifthawk Agent keyword, but don't have any Allegiance Abilitites, still they have the option of "Battleline If..."). 2.1- If your army took the GA Allegiance Abilities, then, you can take a Free City (if your units have the keyword for that city). 2.2- Don't know if allies needs to have the same keywords to be from that city too, or they don't recieve the Freecity abilitites. Anybody knows something about that? 3-After building your list, chosing your Allegiance, unlocking Allegiance Abilitites and (if you are allowed) Free Cities abilities, your can chose a Realm for your army to unlock new Artefacts and Weapons (they are from that realm). 4-Chose the Battle Realm where your match will play to unlock New Spells. 5-Equip your heroes with all the unlocked Artefacts, Spells, Prayers, etc... following their rules. 6-PLAY THE GAME!!!!! *-The Warscroll builder seems to follow another rules. It seems that the Allegiance is what unlocks this "Battlelin if...", but I can't find anything in the rules. maybe someone can find any rule to clarify that? **-Faq: Page 62 – Pitched Battle Profile, Introduction Add the following section: ‘ARMIES WITHOUT ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES If a faction army does not have a set of allegiance abilities, then you can use its Grand Alliance allegiance abilities instead. For example, if you had an Eshin army you could use the Grand Alliance Chaos allegiance abilities, and if you had an Order Draconis army you could use the Grand Alliance Order allegiance abilities. Note that if allegiance abilities exist for a faction army, you must use them.’
  9. Beliman

    Your Collection/armies

    My KO collection: 1-Aether-Khemist 1-Aetheric Navigator 2-Arkanaut Admiral (only one painted) 1-Brokk Grungsson (not painted). 1-Endrinmaster 40-Arkanaut Company 12-Endrinriggers 12-Skywardens(only three painted). 10-Grundstok Thunderers (5 painted). 1-Arkanaut Ironclad 2-Arkanaut Frigate 3-Grundstok Gunhauler (1 WiP the others are not even assembled). Some of them are still waiting for highlights and some details, so not fully painted.
  10. Beliman

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Well, the point wasn't about to be updated with a new battletome. What I was trying to say is that we are going to have new toys (nightvault band) before our update/ battletome/ new wave of minis/ whatever... Just be optimistic!!
  11. Beliman

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    My optimist side. Btw, has any army recieved a new wave of miniatures without a new battletome? I only remember some random characters (Gavriel, shadespire minis, promotional minis...).
  12. Beliman

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    New minis before a new battletome! Can't wait for them!!
  13. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    Can't be more happy to see new Kharadrons minis!!!! With some luck, new characters!!! 10/10 release!!! Can't wait!!!
  14. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    So, let me understand what is happening: -Chaos Marks with battalions. -3 Stormhosts -Racial abilities for Warherds, Thunderscorn and Breyherds. -An scenario that provides Passive Battleshock Inmunity AND -1 rend that improves it's range every turn. -Summoning (well...sacrifice miniatures to take other miniatures/units). That sounds really awesome!!!!!
  15. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    Sorry @Skabnoze, no grots this time. Clearly KO!!!!! All aboard the hype train ship!!!