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  1. I can understand that some people will not like this new release and they talk about their issues and give some feedback (there is even a post in the Lumineth forum to give some possible options for the "headgear" problem), but I don't get your point. I'm really curious what are you trying to accomplish with this argument?
  2. Maybe a lot more could be fun (going crazy!): All subfactions could have 6 items. 3 of them shared by all of them and 3 unique. No restriction to chose any of this 6. All subfaction could have 6 traits. 3 of them shared by all of them and 3 uniques. No restriction to chose any of this 6. All subfactions still have their own Passive/s and their own Command Ability/es. Remove the option to not take subfaction. Create a modular system to build your own subfaction (like 1.0 Code from KO or Successor Chapters). that should give you unique Passive/s and Command Ability/es. All this "new" subfaction share the same 3 traits and 3 artefacts from the normal subfactions but have 3 "basic" ones to chose from. I know, really crazy and unbalanced, but I really love this things!! I'm a Warscroll Builder rat.
  3. Best preview ever, and I don't give a ****** about vouchers.
  4. Dwarf Gods are so honorable that they need to be "handicapped" to play fair in the mortal realms!! Everybody knows that this game was going to be called Age of Grimnir but Grimnir put Sigmar on the leadership and "removed" himself for the health of this game. Look at Gotrek, he is just his chosen champion and is destroying everone.
  5. Well, to be fair too, you can paint/convert Gotrek to match any Order lists. But that's not my point. Beard for the Beardly God !!! Beer for the Drunken Throne!!!
  6. We have a low number of kits for all Dwarf armies and Dispossessed are still the same Dwarfs that you can buy in any other company (not very AoS btw...). I hope to see new pool of kits for all of our armies (with new Female Dwarfs in it) 😤 Btw, if we count Allarielle as an Aelf, the pointy ears are going to have 2 Gods on the game soon!!!! That's another line in the Grudge Book!!!!
  7. You are all wrong. Every model that is not a dwarf is just a wasted model.
  8. Celenar has an old nun on his "shoulders". At least they are not High Elfs 😜
  9. You are not alone. It's the best miniature of their range. But it has a big problem: it's not a dwarfs unit 😭 But doesn't matter, I will convert one of them in to a Chaos Dwarf K'dai destroyer mauhahahaha
  10. Grotbag Skuttlers and now a hint to a possible new Soulblight? What's next, new dispossessed or 2nd fyreslayers wave... I hope you are all wrong...
  11. Btw, I suggest to wait until more things are revealed. Remember that we had cartoon armies (Old Chaos dwarfs) next to other history-based ones (Empire). If you have the oportunity to play a demo of ASOIAF, go for it. I think that you will like their models.
  12. There isn't any problem, I'm part of the community discussing them. I'm with you (they are not for me too). Even if they were the best elven miniatures on the market, they are still not dwarfs. Btw, The Old World or even other AoS armies are more grounded and more realistic. Imo, this armies have the best books to read.
  13. Warcry or Underworlds Bonereapers maybe?
  14. That's the point. This release is not about you, it's about what GW/lead designer want to accomplish (appart from making profit).
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