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  1. Btw, it's an awesome show. P.D: New Kharadron Hero. The Bounty Hunter 🀣🀣
  2. Nobody knows. The only thing that we know is that they talked about a new "group" in the Main Studio and that one of the lead designers of Forgeworld was in the video and talking in the stream about TOW.
  3. Being "good" or "bad" is something subjective and irrelevant. Btw, I don't think that AoS will be pushed aside. Cubicle 7 is going to release a new rol playing book, making the setting a bit more "grounded". At some point (maybe next year?), we are going to have all AoS armies fleshed out and playing in the same league/ edition. In other words, AoS has one of the most bright futures!!
  4. Not even that. The square base was just a sneak-peak to another teaser-preview that only showed the only oficial thing at this moment: the logo. Edit: @Panzer beat me XD. Square bases incoming too.
  5. Yeah I already know that there are other "less flexible" armies. But I prefer to be compared to armies that have a lot of styles to play (in a non-competive way) than armies that are worst imo. Always aim for the bigger quarry/ bounty, that's the way XD!!
  6. @mikethefish You know what I tryied to say. Even the armies that are focused on one phase have more tools to play around.
  7. New information: Yesterday's stream, Tony Cottrell (one of the Forgeworld lead designers) talked about "Warhammer The Old World". It seems that it can be a side project from the Forge World team and not from the Warhammer Studio, like the preview pointed. That doesn't mean a lot because warhammer 30k seems to have a solid ruleset. The worst part of the anouncement is the "3" years waiting. No problem @Panzer , that was my fault (I'm not an english speaker and my posts are a bit "orthopedic" and most of the times I have problems to say what I have in mind).
  8. LOL. Nobody has denied that!! Of course the debate between both games is something (in my view) healthy. Constructive arguments are always good, and of course some pepople are going to take it personal in some points (I think that's what you are talking about...). Like I said, AoS for me seems to be a "beta" than a full fleshed game. At least you should read my posts if you want to answer me. I said that one crowd (and not every WHF fun, just a loudy crowd on internet) just started insulting (ignoring any type of debate) both the game and the players. Looking how arey you answering other people, I must say that I understand a lot now.
  9. Wtf are you talking about? Where were you been betwen 2015-2017? Just check Warseer, Dakka Dakka, Ulthuan Forum, Carpe Noctum, Bugman's Brewery, Reddit r/Warhhammer, etc... I'm not talking about pointless arguments about "my game is better" o " I have bigger ****** than you". I'm talking about people insulting the game and the players. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's a fact. You can look up (just aim for 2015-2017 posts).
  10. Hey, I'm an AoS and WFB fun. So a bit of both worlds. But like I said before, AoS players don't just insult the other players and say that the game is just an abortion (said in this web page, an AoS friendly forum...). I mean, if you want to sound funny, that's nice, but don't try to sound like a moron.
  11. Don't lie yourself. They can do whatever they want. Like bring back a game that was killed 5 years ago. A new "army" of "classic" Orruks/orcs or Gobbos is not really dificult for them to do.
  12. We know a bit more than that: We know that at some point (between 6 and 7 edition), some designers moved from GW to other companies (don't want to write names here). We know that the CEO started something to renew their product (between 7-8 WHF editions) and at 2015, AoS was born. We know that the same CEO was put down (don't know if he just resigned or whatever) and a new CEO entered the big stage (Roundtree). Why? I can see that the AoS numbers for the first year weren't really...high. After Roundtree taking the reins , GW had a lot going on: New "old" games, they opened a lot of new community platforms, etc... Between 2017 and 2019, AoS just climbed to the top 5 wargames in the world (you can search some magazines like Forbes). It's not a FACT, I know, but for me, it just means that the game was going really well (not 40k well btw..). The same team exapnded their own numbers of workers (new model designers, new game designers, etc...). From my viewpoint, Kirby shoot their own foot trying to "fix" one of his prodcuts. Roundtree just did his work (imo, it's still in "beta", but a lot better than Kirby's "alpha"). Roundtree knows that people are happy with AoS now, and the ones that aren't will never be happy until WHF return. So here we go, don't know how this new "old" game will be done, but I can't wait to play it!!
  13. Hey, we can play both settings!! We don't know how are they going to design the mechanics of the game or what type of bases are going ot use. So imagine if we have round bases with square movements trays. that means A LOT of new possible miniatures for both settings (and a lot of bits for conversions). I'm really optimistic about this reveal.
  14. I know that it's just for fun, but they already answered that it will be like 40k and Horus Heresy.
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