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  1. We don't betray our allies!! How dare you.. Btw... emm... nothing seriously... but... how much aethergold are we talking about?
  2. Remember that they took some new designers to write rules (Bottles was one of them). I don't think it's as black and white as you suggest, but I'm sure you are pretty close.
  3. Of couse, I wasn't talking about 1:1. Vampire Coast. Btw, without any new death miniatures at that time (Firestorm suplement), the troops that you could use for the Wraithfleet were what we already had (Fantasy troops). Imo, nothing to take in consideration.
  4. Not exactly. The last KOs battletome mentions a special KO unit (Black Marines) to fight them (AoS 2.0). We already know that the leader is a vampir (Varkos Varaktyr) and the troops were just a GA:Death.
  5. AoS have the Wraithfleet too. And let's be honest, giant bats with zombies full of bombs, vampires riding giant zombie crabs and ship-colossus thing with a gatling gun instead of an arm seems to fit perfectly for AoS.
  6. They used the old slayer design to build something diferent. Btw, I think that everybody in this forum knows what you think about Fyreslayers XDDD.
  7. Plis no! I'm more about duardins than elfs, but I can't pass a platypus mount... I must resist!
  8. I'm not used to play vs any IDK but can I ask what combo makes the Leviadons 1+save unrendable? I know that they are hard to take down, but 1+ save that can't be modified is disgusting to play against.
  9. I'm with you, but to play devil's advocate, some people can understand that the Fly High description says that there is some type of link between Fly High and Retreat or Disengage: The "No" team seems to understand that this two actions are linked to Fly High (they are not 100% autonomic) because, if that's the case, why retreat and disengage are exclusively mentioned in the Fly High description instead of all the normal moves (run and move are missing from this description). And Fly High specifies that "you can say that it will Fly High", in other words, it's not an obligatory move, so you can pass and do whatever "normal move" you want. So, this suggest that we can Fly High (using the retreat or disengage if 3" from the enemy) or we can use any normal move (run, move, retreat and disengage). I still don't understant why they wrote Fly High description like that, but that's one of the topics we usually discuss in our What's App groups.
  10. Another warscroll for an old friend. Really dificult to translate to AoS but whatever. Just for 190 points. Note: I reduced the armor to 4+ because 3+ seems to much for someone tha doens't have big armor nor shield, but 5+ seems to low for a hero.
  11. Not sure if I can answer that, but I saw two possible answers: No, we can't. We have a modified retreat movement called disengage. The thing is that Fly High says that the skyvessel can use Fly High even if engaged and it can retreat and disengage. What's the point of this specification if we could ignore the retreat and disengage part in a Fly High ability? Yes, we can. There is a FAQ that talks about reserves and Set-up abilities. It states that a Fly High is not a normal move (so it doesn't need to use a disengage nor a retreat if the skyvessel is enganged): This FAQ seems to be supported with the last KO FAQs that specifies that an Skyvessel using High Fly doesn't count as retreat move: I don't know if it helps, but our gaming group allows that because we understand that a disengage is not a movement, but an ability that modifies our retreat moves, so the last FAQ prevails over a warscroll description.
  12. There is no need to take that to an extreme. We could have 30 units and 10 could be really good but couldn't be spammed, 10 could be good and last 10 could be average with enough gimmicks to be considered for some specific strategies.
  13. I can't answer that question, but maybe there are a lot of personal filters that we just ignore. For example in the link that you provided before (http://toyarmies.com/wiki/index.php/Dwarfs), the dwarfs that I like the most are the ones that you depicted as "worse design". Don't get me wrong, I like the old ones too, but I prefer troops to be a bit homogeneous and I don't want heroes to pass as normal troops like Garagrim or any Giantslayer-Dragonslayer-Demonslayers. Expression-less dwarfs seems to accomplish this and even if they have a lot of details, the whole pack has less "noise" than other old units. Btw, I want new units too, and I don't mind if the new ones have exaggerated expressions; I just wanted to point that everyone likes diferent (toy soldier) things and all of them are right.
  14. Glad you asked! Kharadrons have a lot in their background, from specialist units to unique titles or new characters: Lord Magnate: We already have Brokk, but it's a title granted to the most wealthy Admirals. As we can see in Brokk design, they usually use custom-made equipment, weapons and fashion (that top hat). Brewmaster: Kharadron Society seems to catch up with the old brew tradition from Fantasy. Brewsmiths are a revered job that, if mastered, it become a Legend inside KOs society with a new title called "Brewmaster". We recieved the first one in Jakkob Bugmansson XI (but he doesn't have any rules) and Soulbound has an archetype and adventure around it. Khrundhal-class Battleship: Not sure if it should be a model or just a battleplan (and we play on it) but seems to be a sculpt for Forgeworld! The most powerful skyvessel in any KO fleet, this massive Battleship is big, really big, as you can see at the back of this picture: Arkanaut Captain: Maybe not as a "new sculpt", but rules or even a possibility to play as an Arkanaut Captain (bottom-right dude) without a ship. 2nd in charge under Admirals. Black marines: Awesome Grundstock Thunderers-like troops that fought the Wraith Fleet (Firestorm Supplement)!! I really want them!!! Copperhats: Our "longbeard" version of Grundstock Thunderers. They could work as a "melee" arkanaut-like troops. Makaisson-Class Gunhauler: A new skyvessel from Spear of Shadows. Captain Njord Brondt gave a ride to humans (Owain), Fyreslayers (Lugash) and even a Demi-gryph (Roggen mount)!! Let's be honest, how many of you dreamed about Gotrek bowling around the table in a Gunhauler?! Zonbek: Flying lighthouse-like constructs to secure profitable trade routes. That SCREAMS terrain in to my ear. Sponsors: Maybe not a new unit, nor even a hero, but maybe something (rules?) to represent the sponsored fleets from all the companies? Gw, make it happen!! I'm sure that there are a lot more units that exists (and I will want when I read about them), but that's the ones that I remember.
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