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  1. Everything I mean, a new design for all the army. Like new mechanics, new "battleline if", new/ diferent rols for our units (skywardens, thunderers, endrinriggers, navigators, etc...) and some tools to play more elite than horde.
  2. Kharadron Overlords. Note: I'm trying to have one army from each GA, but it seems that I can't chose Grotbag Scuttlers, Skryre flying fleet nor a Vampire coast army....yet.
  3. The game is not the problem. The setting is not the problem too. Heck, even the company/platform is not the problem here.
  4. We are part of the Lethisian Defenders army!!! After reading the preview, a new army mixing some Order races ( Stormcast Eternals, Idoneth Deepkin, Kharadron verlords, Fyreslayers and Excelsior Warpriests) with their own allegiance abilities, artefacts, prayers... I cannot wait to see more!!!
  5. I really hope to see the mercenary system expanded with new regiments (not just fyreslayers and FEC, maybe some Ogors, Orruks and Free People too). I can't wait to see how you can build an army of Lethisian Defenders, and Legion of Grieff sounds awesome. New scenary for everybody seems right for armies without one, but I'm not sure that I want that. New Endless Spells is allways good (btw, I play without preists and wizzards, so it's not something I'm looking for too). My only question, how many of this things will be relevant for matched play?
  6. Are dogs of war just a group of mercs that become famous (and a Paymaster/Big Dude just group them under a banner)? If that's the case, Dogs of War are already in the lore, the only problem is that GW are not working on them yet.
  7. There is a black ship in every family...so I can't count how many "black ships" should be roaming the mortal realms.Now, I must say...that I really want to read someting like that!!! Or better, I want to play with this concept with new types of ol'regiments of renown!!!
  8. Yes, you are right with that point (Orktober). But I believe that GW will continue with the same modus operandi of 2018 (or something close). Imho, Forgoten Power is just this year "Malign Portents" (campaing with new mechanics). With some luck, we are not going to buy three diferent books (GHB+Malign sorcery+core book) and everything will be packed in maybe one or two books (core and GHB) with a new box opening a new conflict. Only time will tell if 2019 will be closer to 2017 than 2018.
  9. Well, I don't know what will come this june/july. I just aim for new mechanics and rules (with maybe a new box), and that's what AoS 2.0 was last year, so it's logic to use "3.0" label this year until we know more.
  10. Well, I believe that it started with more than that book: new core mechancis and of course, all 2018 books (Core Book, GHB2018 and Malign Sorcery). I just re-read the old news from warhammer community and looked to all 2018 books, and there isn't any "2.0 edition" written on them. In other words, it's just fan-label for 2018 books and new mechanics.
  11. Just swap "AoS 3.0" for "GHB2019" then (the point I made is still relevant). Explanation: there isn't any 2nd edition of Age of Sigmar, just "new edition (aka, new GHB book, there isn't any Battletome or Book that talked about "Editions" like of Fantasy, and I only remember the Community team talking about "new edition" and not 2.0 or anything like that). So, instead of GHB 2019, I used AoS 3.0.
  12. It seems that Forgotten Powers will have new mechanics: open vaults and recieve some type of reward (or something bad). That take me thinking, if Malign Portents expanded a new point system (previously called "Prophecy Points", and later addapted to Command Points), what kind of new mechanics are we going to see in AoS 3.0? Can't wait for more previews!!!
  13. It's simple, people wanted a full AoS army, but this release was focused on Slaanesh-y Demons and rules for them (and 40k). People that wanted mortals are still going to wait. I was an old Sigvald fan, and I still want some type of Slaanesh-mortals, but the next release is not about them. Disapointing or not, it's our fault that after two presentations we still believed that half of the range was hidden because "reasons".
  14. If they go for the same thunderers route (what you have in the box, is the maximum loadout that you will be using), then I hope to see some diferent rules to play. I'm a bit bored to rolling for 3-4 diferent weapons for the same unite (it's a waste of time). I hope to see something diferent. For example, special weapons could give some type of buffs to the whole unite: -Skypikes could give us +1 to hit to melee weapons -Skyhooks could give some rend to ranged weapons (-1). -Aethermatic volleyguns maybe could give some range (6" maybe) or +1atk . Aetheric augmentation could double the buff itself (-2 rend or 24" range pistols could be scary if you have in mind that it's a battleline unit).
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