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  1. That makes a lot os senses. Maybe with one batallion for every city that gives to that city the oportunity to use other battletome-armies without using ally slots (Sylvaneth and StormCasts for the Living City, etc...).
  2. Hope you are right! I want to play with a fleet and still try to win the game!!
  3. I'm not sure that "removing" is the word that people are looking for. I mean, being "inmune to battleshock" is one thing, but imho, there are a lot of Bravery Mechanics that can be used too: +X to bravery, re-roll battleshock, use Hero/General Bravery, 2D6/3D6 and use the lower one, kill one model to pass the battleshock, etc... There are some uits that already have some type of defense (banners, being close to a hero/skyvessel/whatever, etc...), but using 1 CP to become inmune is better, can't be countered and eazy to use.
  4. All phases should be really important (and I mean, REALLY important). It opens a lot of creative ways to expand the game. If there is some type of "legal" mechanics that makes you ignore/inmune to one of the phases, in the long run it could be really problematic.
  5. I know that these are just "rumors" (check them in the rumor thread) but if they are right, it could mean something more! First hint for a future new KO update maybe? 2 wounds arkanauts sounds awesome!!
  6. It's all about what you want to do with them: Make a mini-alpha strike with Khemist+10 thunderers+6 endrinriggers+frigate with Barak-Zilfin. Maybe just a team to capture objectives with the frigate and 2 units of 5 thunderers (Keep Your Distance is awesome!). Go Urbaz and buff 1 unit of 10 Thunderers+Skyhooks Arkanauts and use the frigate+volleygun arkanatus and endrinriggers secure objectives in another side of the table. These are only a few examples but you get the point. Traits like Fleetmaster can help vs armies that doesn't have teleport/movement bonus, Prospector can give you the edge early game with Volley Fire instead of Inspire Presence:, Barak Thryng is awesome if you roll a 3, 4, 5 or 6, Barak-Mhornar hits really hard and Zil'fin will always be useful with the Endrin,... All of this highlight your strategy, you just need to know what you want to accomplish and build the list aiming to do that. I can't wait to see your new lists!!! Remember that apart from points reduction, we have 3 new Command Abilities: re-roll hit rolls of 1 for ranged, re-roll hit rolls of 1 for melee and re-roll saves of 1 in the combat phase.
  7. Yes. You don't need to play with ships and still be "competitive". Arkanaut blobs with some khemists hit like a truck, Endrinriggers with 2/3 grapnels can move really far and still charge (and with brokk, they can run+charge too), Skywardens have some tricks and thunderers are still awesome. Imho, Khemists are still mandatory and Barak-Urbaz is one of the best Baraks forgunlines. Just remember to take care from cover/ LoS blocking terrain and Prismatic Pallisade and use some type of chaff for turn1charge/alpha strike armies.
  8. Nice tournament! KO kicking hard and fast again!! And playing with less Endinriggers!!! Just awesome!!! I had a list with some useful artefacts sometime ago... the only artefacts that I remember are: The Aethershock Earbuster for another battleshock phase on the deep-strikining Khemist. The Gryph-Feather Charm for my general (I usually go with the "Prospector" trait to try to focus on offensive Command Abilities). The Aethersight Loupe to stop the Prismatic Pallisade (or any other Endless Spell). Main problem is that i had better results with a Runemaster or Knight Incantor than just using one artefact. Ignax Scale for Mortal Wounds abusers on my general. Hate when some random Thundertusk just kills my general... Don't know if this artefacts are going to have enough presence on your games, but can't wait to see more KO winning!!!
  9. I saw an picture in the Sylvaneth Battletome that seems to be a fight between Dryads and some Warriors of Chaos. What caught my interest is that the WoC armor design is close to the Varanguard (baroque patterns, more details, etc...) than old Warriors of Chaos design. Maybe it's nothing, but it reminds me about War40k Chaos Space Marines update.
  10. Maybe you are right but imho, that's a confirmation that they are part of this Cities of Sigmar. They are not "squated" per se (or end with being just some random units in a soup battletome) and I still think that GW can make a new Battletome and follow the same pattron of DoK to expand our classic stunties (into something less classic). Of course I don't have anything that can support that, but still, I want to believe!!! After the Warhammer Community post about the Black Library books (AoS Gotrek book's, etc...) some GW artists started to post their own works ont heir ArtStations/Webs/blogs, etc... Johan Grenier (that made the Cover Ghoulslayer) posted some characters and one of them catched my interest.
  11. Are we sure that Dispossessed are going to be semi-squated /absorbed by Cities of Sigmar? I mean, all the models that are in Last Chance To Buy are old model. The new ones that have a cohesive aesthetic are still part of AoS. The lore behind dipossessed is still advancing: they have Grugni doing something in Chamon, Grombrindal was redesigned for AoS (same hair btw!), some books like my favorite one (Eight Lamentation: Spear of Shadows), etc... I mean, everything seems to focus on keeping them and not just being a part of the Cities of Sigmar battletome. Of course I'm not saying that they will recieve a Battletome soon, but I'm really sure that they have better options than other armies.
  12. I just think that it could be a miss if they just copy&paste "Endless Judgements/Prayers". We had some fun brainstorming in our gaming group about what can be done with tech-based armies, and we all thought that there are a lot of new concepts to develop. Some examples : The core units that can cast spells are Mages and for Prayers we have Priest. For this new mechanic, maybe Navigator seems fine if we go with "Endless Aetherstorms", but maybe it could be better to give that role to Engineers (that keywrod could be given to Skryre and KO, with Ironweld already having it, and opening the door for future new tech-based armies). Or even War Machines could be the main catalyst to "summon" this "not-endless spells/prayers"!! For how they should function, I'm fine having the same priest-mechanics (no need to duel-roll with the oponent). Some priests are usually punished for rolling 1, maybe this new mechanics could be punished with some type of "missfire"if we go with the war machine keywords (no need for a table, maybe fixed punishment?). If we go for the engineer keyword, I don't know what it could be, but you get the point to what I'm trying to say. At this moment, prayers seems to only function if you take the Army Allegiance Abilities, in the other hand, the majority of Endless Spells don't need Allegiance to work and it seems fine for me if this Tech-based "Endless spells/prayers" could follow the same of rules of magic instead of prayers (in the end, it's just a man/woman/duardin/whatever that pulls the trigger or just push buttons, no need to be locked behind any Allegiance). That's just some random points that we talked about. I don't have a problem if we had some "Aetheric Storms" for our navigator (IMO, that's the eaziest way to go), but like I said, they can make it bigger and better integrated to the whole game. P.D: Sry for my english!!!
  13. I didn't want to be pedantic (sry if I offended you, I'm not an english user and I'm not sure if I'm writing over-agressive or just giving some arguments). Of course they can can design some "Aetheric Currents" and just use the navigator to "call" them. They can even give the Mage keyword to navigators and say that they learned from other races if they want. But I just wanted to say that, imho, that would be a miss for me.
  14. Maybe. But imho, we shoudn't get neither spells nor prayers. We know that spells are just not for us, but Prayers are linked to "religion and gods". Their main mechanics are about "asking them" (chosing a prayer) and then "they" answer (usually on a roll of 3+/4+). Some gods even "punish" you if you are not worthy (rolls of 1). Kharadron Overlords don't believe in gods: Trust Aethermatics, Not Superstition (maybe Barak-Thryng, but like they usually say: Honour The Gods, Just In Case).
  15. I will be really happy if it's something that buff our ships!!!
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