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  1. Riding a Thunderhawk. Although presumably the big reveal will be on Christmas Day ALA Gloomspite. Maybe whatever the not-zombie-thing was?
  2. Darkoath are probably just going to be whatever the updated Marauder models are. Slaves to Darkness was a weird release, wherein only the Start Collecting(!) and arguably the War Cry bands were new models. We know a multi-part Chaos Warrior/Knight release will land at some point, presumably alongside updated Marauders which will probably be rennamed Darkoath Raidkin or something - a lot of older models have aged gracefully, but the Marauders are not one of them.
  3. As much as I'd be fine with seeing Grimnir return either in a weakened/tabletop state (thus requiring more Ur-Gold) or as an Avatar, there'd be something said about the army most criticised for "99% of the range are mostly-naked Dwarfs running around with axes" getting a giant version of a mostly-naked Dwarf running around with axes. I think Grimnir will return at some point, but I don't know how many of the same "faction desperate to revive/help their god return have their deity come back to active godhood" story beats GW will want to repeat in the same series. With that being said, in my bias opinion Fyreslayers should be the number one priority for a Mechanicus-esq release wave of new models after Slaanesh Mortals, although I don't see it happening in Broken Realms. I think if we get a Dwarf-focused book in BR, it's going to end in a unique Dwarf-only Free City akin to Har Kuron, which 1/4 units can be be Fyreslayers/Kharadron. The storyline would presumably focus on whatever the hell Grungi's being up to, perhaps with him finally deciding now's the time to go on the offensive into Chamon and that leaving his people to their fate was a bad idea. There's also been various plot threads about much stronger ties between the various Dawi factions, particularly now it's becoming known the Fyreslayers aren't just selfish mercenary ****** in it for the sake of money. Valaya's still a dangling plot thread, but I think like she'd be the onus for a whole new faction - be that Hysh Dwarfs, or something darker - thus I don't see anymore than plot seeds being planted in Broken Realms for her, rather than something revolving entirely around her (beyond Grungi being upto something that in the end is revealed/strongly implied to be about about her in the same way Katakros wasn't namedropped in Forbidden Power but was about his rescue).
  4. They're Kurnothi. The quote is attributed to one of their warband and he has the same orange hair/tail. The armour design is admittedly different though. Those Order/Chaos Underworlds dice are tacky as hell. The lack of specific-dice and sleeves for the two new warbands surprises me though. I had been planning to buy the themed sleeves to put the corebox warbands in, but hopefully they're coming later down the line - might be that being done by a third party the supply chain had a breakdown somewhere.
  5. The start of AoS (infamously so) 8th Edition 40k and Underworlds. GW can make simple rulesets, but as you say, it's keeping them simple and not drowning them in bloat - both edition and supplemental books - which is the problem. They just don't seem to be able, or willing, to restraint themselves, presumably because they know if things get too bad they can go "Look everyone it's the new Malibu Stacy and she's streamlined down to be the smoothest version ever!" and people give them infinite chances and gobble down every splat book until it's bloated again, repeat ad nauseum.
  6. The webstore updates 10am in your region on Saturdays, for future reference. I'd definitely look at/ring up your independents and local stores since with AoS stuff being less sought after you might be able to bag one today. The Christmas Battleboxes are usually around for a while - not this year of course. The only one you really need to be quick on the draw with are the (Primaris) Space Marine ones and even then, you've usually got a few days via the official webstore (versus a few hours on independents). The non-Primaris 40K ones usually last anywhere from a few days to a whole year - they were still selling 2017's Genestealer Cult and Ork boxes for over a year and Slaves to Darkness I think took even longer. This year probably suffered from their reduced production, coupled with the sheer number of people desperate to buy anything GW due to lockdowns meaning there was less reason to actually sell bundles when people were happily gobbling up individual boxes.
  7. Disciples of Tzeentch box sold out on the webstore after some thirty minutes. I guess we can expect to see a lot more boys in blue on the tables soon.
  8. I don't think GW would ever do it with TOW on the way, but there's a few notable rank-and-file systems out there which make such things very simple. Hell, in game terms it's a lot faster doing a pivot-move-pivot and basing angle on the four corners of a square than individually picking up thirty models and getting them within cohesion as best you can.. I do think an AoS-Apocalypse system which plays with rank-and-file the same way 40k-Apocalypse plays a bit with alternating activations could be fun experiment. I don't think GW will give hordes a major hit when it's obviously proving profitable to them. The problem is when they start falling into WHFB's trap of "make them add more boxes to their Core/Battleline units!" and Lil Timmy gets burnt out painting 30+ of the same, identical chaff he's going to be scooping up by the handful and just decides to go play with his Space Marines instead, especially now price hikes are becoming more prominent again.
  9. Isn't there a Free City (Excelsis) where people get visions of the World That Was, being built around a fragment of it? The Mortal Realms are so huge, it's probably not a stretch to assume there's vast swathes, if not most of the mortal population, haven't heard about it before whilst in others it's common knowledge, albeit only to more scholary/learned individuals and groups.
  10. It would genuinely not surprise me if we saw an Apocalypse-style ruleset akin to War of the Ring, wherein you put your round models onto regimented trays for larger games. I could see them doing it if only as a prelude to TOW ("look AoS players, isn't rank-and-file in the Mortal Realms fun? You should try it in The Old World(tm) as well in a few months!") War of the Ring and A Song of Ice & Fire prove you can have rank-and-file rulesets that flow very smoothly and play very quickly, which I think would be a damn good alternative to what will presumably be the crunchier TOW.
  11. I'd say it's more of a meme than something with any substance, sort of like how people read one line about Grot-Pirates in the first Kharadron book and took it as gospel they'll be landing. Part of it's genuine wishlisting (as above there's a mention or two of a Vampirate fleet), a lot of it's meme'ing, I think a lot of it stems from 'Vampire Pirates' being one of those more whacky, out-there concepts that people feel would fit AoS - Elves... but Aquaman! Slayers... but on fire! Space Marines... on the ground! Keeping in mind that the Vampire Coast was largely a creation of CA absolutely stretching the most threadbare bits of scattered lore lines/a one-shot White Dwarf article to piece it together. Probably not until Season 5. Beastgrave's cards are still legal, so presumably we'll see a separate, individual release for the Cursebreakers and Thorns very soon and the Wild Hunt/Despoilers next year.
  12. In fairness, Darkoath 'kind of' got their release by proxy of the War Cry boxes and Slaves to Darkness. It's not a stretch to assume the ancient Marauder models will get an update at some point which will cover the Darkoath bases. It's probably fair to guess a Soulblight army is coming at some point, given Legion of Blood Exists, it's just that an Underworlds warband is absolutely no confirmation it'll be anytime soon. Presumably the very-obviously-Ossiarch Rumour Engines will be solved when their warband is shown too. I think there's still some oceanic ones not covered by the Krakeneater too?
  13. Another redundant echo on my part for Vampires. The bat skull says it all. The next one I also think's Bonesplitters. The green background, skull motif (ironically next to Ossiarchs) and their not having a warband thus far makes it a solid guess imo. I'm admittedly gutted it does nothing to confirm Soulblight for AoS proper, but it doesn't hurt the chances either.
  14. They're probably going to share that really awkward spot Sisters of Battle did in regards to Psychic Awakening, wherein they're referenced in the fluff and might even pop up quote prominently, but likely won't receive any new rules.
  15. Don't forget they're getting stuff in a Crusade book as well - content siphoned off into three separate books? Come on GW. My concern is that Wrath of the Everchosen appears to have been AoS' Vigilus and now Broken Realms is AoS' Psychic Awakening. If they're attempting the same strategy with AoS as 40k, it wouldn't be unfounded that we started seeing Day 1 DLC books for future Battletomes in 3.0. Hopefully GW keep trying to make AoS the more accessible of the two, but if they think they'll make more money off a smaller playerbase buying everything (whales) than a lot of players buying a few things, I could see them ditching that strategy.
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