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  1. Dark Elves being biologically the same as High Elves was their biggest difference, I think. They weren't literally 'dark', just ideologically opposed which was always more interesting than the usual Drow depiction.
  2. GW probably looked at their product selling out pretty much everywhere despite the crisis and the demand drowning their webstore upon reopening and figured (see: knew) that people will pay pretty much any absurd price for their products. I mean, I don't blame them. They could mark up 100% at this point and most people would still gobble it up. They probably figure the number of people who'll buy at increased prices - especially with a new 40k edition on the horizon - will make up for those who can't afford to buy into the games anymore.
  3. Was the news regarding Manflayer being Josh Reynold's last BL book posted yet?
  4. I'm going to say Flesh Eater Courts again (specifically a Warcry warband) and whilst my first instinct was to assume he was wielding a bone, it looks more like some sort of pipe has been carved out of one? And a herald would definitely fit the 'dark mockery of a court'.
  5. A Song of Ice & Fire has a bigger scale than AoS and it pretty much exploded, even AFTER the disastrous Season 8 of the adaption. Locally, even Kings of War got pushed aside for it. The advantage that it has is when you a buy a unit, that's your unit. If you want more of it, you're buying another unit. There's no 'buy four boxes to make it viable' that 8th WHFB had. It also has a very surprisingly low model count overall for a mass ranked game - most armies at an average 40pts is looking at about four to six units (Free Folk are an exception, but not necessarily). Ultimately I think TOW's success is going to come down to if GW can keep themselves from trying to force people to buy hundreds of identical models by relying on the whales making up for the lack of newcomers who'd rather buy x2 Tacticals (Intercessors now?) and x1 Captain versus x12 Core. Games Workshop's advantage is the almost cult-like brand loyalty from older customers. They don't even need to make a great game and the name alone will bring most people back, if they can only hold onto them.
  6. I really don't understand this snide, gleeful hope from certain people that TOW will not be what WHFB fans want from it. Ah well, tick tock.
  7. Even on Adobe on desktop mine's been laggy as all hell too.
  8. Figure I'll write something regarding a local Fyreslayer Lodge, but the last few days have been pretty killer on my energy levels - thus my absence from this thread otherwise.
  9. The muscle and fingernails are almost identical to the Grymwatch, I'm tossing my name in the FEC Warcry pile as well.
  10. There were rumours floating around that Psychic Awakening: Engine War might get released digitally before the physical copies, but that one was debuked. GW appears to do most of their printing in China (CHY-NAH), so the book itself has presumably been ready for months now.
  11. Part of me wonders if the removal might've been at GW's behest in order to 'future proof' against whatever the totally AoSified equivalent the Freeguild being replaced by in the future. Just a stab in the dark.
  12. Between Lumineth, Sons and most likely 9th Edition 40k taking up most of the post-lockdown schedule for the remainder of the year I, personally, wouldn't expect a new AoS army until next winter... maybe another Gloomspite situation where it's shown off on Christmas Day or New Year. Multipart Chaos Warriors/Knights don't seem like too much of a stretch though, I agree with this.
  13. As somebody who does a fair bit of writing for kicks, I'd be down.
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