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  1. Would Corona even make that much of an impact in their development to say that it probably wouldn't be anywhere near their factories for a couple more years?
  2. Kings of War was hyping up it's third edition launch, Conquest and A Song of Ice & Fire were gaining larger fanbases. It's probably not a coincidence that GW decided to do the uncharacteristic when they did and reveal their plans early in an attempt to knock the wind out of those other rank-and-file fantasy games sails. The timing is just too spot on, especially in relation to Kings of War. They know the majority of players of those other games were former, disgruntled WHFB players and that there's a massive brand loyalty to GW no matter how many teeth they've knocked out before, so the conversation turns from "I'm playing this other game because GW killed WHFB" into "I'm playing this other game until GW launch The Old World." Sure some will never come back, but 8th 40k showed that it's very, very easy for GW to bring people back to their brand. Arguably, it also helps AoS' sales in the short/medium term, because somebody who's sworn off AoS by virtue of it replacing their favourite game is far more likely to be accepting (and thus, buy into it) when said favourite game is coming back and will be living side-by-side with it. If an early announcement nets them a few more sales from disgruntled former WHFB players then GW wins.
  3. It's not an entirely new concept to GW really They used to do similar army boxes that generally featured one of each new character/unit as well as a limited edition sculpt (generally a standard bearer) and the codex/army book and was a way of getting your hands on some of the newer stuff potentially a few months in advance. I think the last one might have been Beasts of Chaos or Bretonnia? But don't quote me on that.
  4. They don't want The Bard to get his hands on it and rip it apart.
  5. Marauders. I don't even play StD but to say they're such a core part of their army, they desperately need updating yesterday. After that I'll take basically any bones they can throw to Free Guild in order to help assure people they won't be squat'ed in the medium term.
  6. Whilst Werewolves have an association with Gothic horror, I don't really see them as a Death thing. A strand of vampirism-gone-wrong is probably edging too close to Ghoul territory, unless of course said werewolves were an extension of that line. Varghulfs aren't exactly a million miles away from a vaguely similar-ish aesthetic. Destruction could work, similar to how Orboros look in Warmahordes; primitive, savage, fiercely independent, potentially revering a form of Gorkamorka or their own deity. Destruction still really needs it's identity fleshing out, especially when everybody can take Sons in some capacity. Chaos already has Skinwolves from WHFB, but since they're a one-note Forge World unit I could easily see them retconning them to fit elsewhere. By the same token, they would still fit Chaos very well with the whole mutation thing but probably hit too many of the same beats as Beastmen. Even Order's a possibility depending on how much control they might have (similar to Gilneas in WoW), although that seems very unlikely. That said, I'm still betting the model's an extension of the Kurnoth in some capacityi:
  7. The way GW's been going with Marine releases, I've not be shocked if it actually was Space Wolves related. But yeah, my mind did immediately go to werewolves. I doubt it's Elf-Kurnothi as they have hooves rather than claws, but at a glance it's not dissimilar from the shape of their cat's paws and I suppose it's possible the Kurnothi do have different beast-themed 'mutations'?
  8. Optional for now, but I'm willing to bet a few quid that the vast majority of tournament organisers - particularly those 'courting GW's favour' - will make it mandatory before too long and if that proves successful enough it might end up becoming part of the core rules circa 10th edition.
  9. I'd be happy to see more terrain sets, but I really do not like the weird 'DLC Terrain' route they're going with 40k. I don't want to lug more books and more, big chunky pieces of terrain. I don't mind the faction-specific pieces we have for AoS (and I guess 40k has 'em but they cost points) but I have this uneasy feeling about terrain turning into a sort of... unwieldy, mandatory purchase people are expected to lug with them to games. I like the idea of terrain being important, but I don't like the idea of boards becoming overly 'gamey' if that makes sense?
  10. Terrain/Endless Spells are made in China I believe, which might've compounded stock for it compared to other models they produce in the UK.
  11. I'll second Abhorash. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'd love for them to be a sort of Gothic re-imagining of Bretonnia; an emphasis on heavy shock cavalry and flying monsters supported by chaff in the form of mortal levies.
  12. The Storm of Chaos themed army lists were largely dropped and pretty much none of the units made it into future army books, most notably the Teutogen Guard (some of the best sculpts GW ever did) Doom Seekers, Goblin Hewer and Flayerkin. Only the Hellcannon survived over into what would become Warriors of Chaos and Daemonic Legions eventually became Daemons of Chaos. They were, admittedly, more like spin-offs of the existing Army Books than full, unique armies but they didn't lack for flavour and unique models.
  13. I think part of it comes down to how recognisable you want the models to be as women at 28mm. In artwork it's all well and good, but when you're staring down at 28mm models the distinction between what's a man and a woman in heavy plate becomes very muddled. Now whilst I'm sure that's what most people on this thread would say they'd like, you sort of end up in this redundant position where none can actually tell they're women without squinting - Schrodinger's Woman, if you will. Now if you're trying to pitch an army that might appeal to women, at first glance I imagine the vast majority of people would just assume they're men anyway and if you're after models that are distinctly women, they're sort of... not. I won't claim to be a fan of boob plate, but I can see the out-of-game logic of Stormcast keeping it in order to affirm the distinction that they're a mixed gender bunch rather than making someone squint hard and see a few of them have slightly narrower faces. I think something that's also worth mentioning is that most women I've wargamed and RPG'ed with (be that on an MMO or D&D) are not, shock horror, adverse to their characters being attractive, having a distinctively feminine appearance, etc. It's not a hivemind of, "silly boys just want to sexualise us!" There's a reason that Elves tend to be absurdly popular amongst the fairer sex. (anyone who's ever been in a large RP group can tell you this) That's not me saying every female model has to be beautiful and lithe and a spellcaster (they shouldn't), but similarly not everyone of them needs to be grungy, gritty, grizzled and indistinguishable from men.
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