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  1. Honestly. just try having a word with him and see if he'll play a less tournament-build list. From what you've wrote, it doesn't seem like he's doing anything 'wrong' save running powerful lists. He may genuinely not know that you're being discouraged from playing with him/not enjoying yourself.
  2. I feel like Warcry's problem is that it doesn't sell itself as Not!Kill-Team visually, if that is their intention. Kill-Team is very easy to visualise what it actually is; squad-based, small, short games using existing 40k miniatures. People easily associate it's meant to be for small '40k' games because it literally uses the same models. Warcry meanwhile looks more like Necromunda: Mortal Realms Edition, owing to it being advertised with a suite of Chaos-only models, specific to that game. GW can go "b-but we're allowing AoS models too!" but most people aren't going to read that deep into it. You can use Chaos Cultist and Genestealer Cult models in Necromunda too, but all people think of is the game-specific Gangs. This is presumably why Underworld's new beginner-friendly box actually uses existing AoS models instead of new, uniquely Underworlds ones.
  3. The theme of heavily armoured, mounted knights wielding lances is a timeless and iconic fantasy image. Bretonnia ever existing in WHFB or not, I'm sure we'd still see very similar requests. Hell, looking at that one artwork of what appear to be Free Guilds we may just end up with something between them and the old Empire. Like others have said, it's less Bretonnia specifically and more the theme of knights. I think everybody here accepts Bretonnia with a capital B is never coming back. Hell, the Sisters of Battle were last properly updated in 2003. Low and behold at what's now coming to 40k. I'm sure the usual suspects would instantly change their tune if Daddy GW said "they're cool again guys!" and without a shred of irony talk about how they always thought they were an awesome idea to bring into the Mortal Realms.
  4. Highlights as well, since it leaves sharper edges lighter. It's going to be a huge boon to horde armies where you don't necessarily want to fiddle with every bit of detail, but still want the basic job done.
  5. Are they doing an AoS Open Day this year? Could be why things have been held back. Remember they don't like announcing things for mainline games (40k/AoS) that are over (roughly) a month away from being released, which isn't a great span of time.
  6. Short-sighted is telling people to get over hundreds/thousands of pounds worth a collection being invalidated because it doesn't suit their aesthetic preferences. Now that's the part which gets repetitive. I know I'd rather see a discussion about, "Hm, how can we blend Old World armies into the Mortal Realms?" rather than "TIMES CHANGE, JUST MOVE ON."
  7. There's a prevalent attitude on here that due to the overwhelmingly negative reaction AoS's announcement and launch had, fans of WHFB content need to be 'punished' by proxy. It doesn't help that this site became so successful because great swathes came from other forums where AoS is often derided even to this day. This manifests in glee at the prospect of doing away with just about anything that came from Fantasy, especially if they can slide in a passive aggressive remark about WHFB players. Of course, this is done under the veneer of 'positivity' in favour of AoS, so it's very much allowed.
  8. Fantastic for horde armies, but the traditional methods will look better for more elite armies I imagine.
  9. They've still got nothing on some of FFG's 'latest' RPG books taking nine months to get across the ocean.
  10. Consider how many of 40k's armies are some variety of Space Marine though. Hell, compare Order's range diversity to the Imperium's.
  11. I think his point is that AoS has such a refreshing diversity of releases. I know I genuinely get excited to see what the next AoS faction is, be it an updated Battletome or whole new army, just because everything is so different. Whilst Stormcast do receive plenty - more than they should in my opinion - at least it's a fair bet that not every other release will be for them, unlike 40k, where we're all but guaranteed to get a Marine release, followed by a Chaos release, followed by a Marine, and so on.
  12. I think the kits will be compatible, but I don't think it's 'the' Darkoath release judging by the almost identical Warrior of Chaos hand on the Rumour Engine.
  13. If mercenaries eat into your Allies points, I don't think it will be too bad. I do hope it's restricted to certain Battletomes though, rather than "take any GA and count them as mercenaries." Fyreslayers or Ogres would be fine, since there's a precedent for that, but not so much Stormcast taking pennies to help Chaos.
  14. I'm genuinely happy with the existing Allies system. It allows people to slot in a decent amount of units if they so choose, but still keeps the vast majority of the army (at least in points) to the one, singular force. Compare than to the Soup nonsense we have in 40k, where 'Imperial Guard' armies consist of two squads and a HQ.
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