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  1. Let's look at it like this. How many people predicted Empire models would be squat'ed months into AoS because they, in their view, "didn't fit the style of AoS?" But now they're getting a whole new tome. The absolutely ancient Marauder box received a reboxing which is usually a good sign and Everchosen/StD are a combined force on the website. GW have been moving away from these smaller, handful-of-unit Battletomes for a while now, so there's absolutely no way Everchosen with it's literal three units isn't going to get merged... which they've all but signalled by the website. Archaon isn't on the chopping block now is he? I get your frustration, I do. I think it's absolutely reasonable that your patience would start getting tested after this long of waiting and wondering if your chaps are on the chopping block. Unfortunately, somebody has to come last in the release lineup. I play Genestealer Cults in 40k (alongaide my Guard), so you can well imagine how impressed I was at getting a codex right at the end of the queue. All the signs point to, at worst, a new force that's very, very similar to StD or more likely, a merged Everchosen book. As I said, unfortunately, somebody has to come last and that happens to be the army you're collecting. If it wasn't you in this position it would be a Mawtribes player. I'd like to thank my parents, my Warden model for being there for me when much of my army was squat'ed (no pun intended), GW for being so vague as to allow speculation to abuse, those who sent me love hearts and trophies, the people who didn't like Cities of Sigmar so I could write positive things and inevitably receive a load of Likes from it, you're all truly wonderful.
  2. You're right, but I'd rather get a shared book with some Dwarf art in it than flick through GHB that includes literally everybody and maybe one Dispossessed picture.
  3. My take is a new character. Potentially, with the Mongolian chanting, it could be a particularly intelligent Ogre who became a necromancer, made his home in the Realm of Beasts because that's where most Ogres dwell anyway, thus the pact (that's now broken), and leads the 'Bone Construct' faction that was rumoured a while back. In a realm known for it's giant beasts, that's going to mean some large skeletons, no?
  4. What most people describe as 'Generic Tolkien Fantasy' they mean to be 'Generic Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy'. The vast majority of generic fantasy settings have Dwarves and Elves as tolerated friends, in the same way that 'generic' magic is everywhere, all the humans wear platemail, all of the Orcs are big, muscular, greenish barbarians, etc. Tolkien's Middle Earth works are actually pretty different to what most would consider 'Generic Tolkien Fantasy'.
  5. Look, I love to grumble with the best of them. As per the name I'm deathly cynical about most of GW's decisions, especially after Fantasy. However, I don't really see how this can be seen as a negative. How many of us spent the last few years waiting for Dispossessed to - excuse the expression - get squat'ed? It's going to be a BIG book and given several of the Firestorm cities were themed around Dwarfs, there's absolutely going to be rules for tailoring your army around that theme. This is just Legions of Order. There's absolutely room for them to spin-off books from this, in the same way Nighthaunt were from LoG and inevitably so will Soulblight and Deathrattle (who seem to be coming soon). However given they're some ways off, this is a better alternative than getting stuck with GHB rules forever after. Guess what we won't need to do now either? Get stuck with only 400pts for Cannon, Engineers and Gyrocopters.
  6. Uhhh... Humans, Dwarfs and Elves uniting against the other stinkies in the world is pretty damn 'generic'. If anything, the animosity between them in the Old World was pretty refreshing compared to most 'generic' settings.
  7. Cities of Sigmar. I must have about 2000+ at least of unassembled/unpainted Fantasy units of Dwarfs/Empire/Elves alongside my existing 2000+ Dwarf army. At least now I have an excuse to turn them into a cohesive force.
  8. Between the Tithe of Bones, Mawtribes, Underworlds and the like, it seems this year will be Realm of Beasts themed all around.
  9. I think Warriors/Thunderers are safe just by virtue of getting a reboxing. We've still got the (MUCH) cheaper metal Tech-Priest and Commissar models for Imperial Guard, despite both having plastic versions out. The Warrior Priests are probably safe, a least until the mould breaks. Unforged will definitely go, since no models for them exist anymore and Fyreslayers are a thing now. Swordmasters will go, but I think everybody knew that. White Lions have gone 'No Longer Available' on the UK store and they've not shown in any previews yet, but they may well be getting a reboxing.
  10. It's only been about a year since Legions of Nagash came out and AoS2 has, thus far, largely been about trying to bring armies without a Battletome up to speed. We'll see spin-offs of them eventually, it's just not going to happen overnight with such a full schedule.
  11. I think this is about giving themselves breathing room to expand into more unique, spin-off armies. It's a lot easier to do that when 50% of your range isn't stuck in obscurity with barely playable rules, especially when it's very confusing to a newcomer why X has a Battletome and Y doesn't. Can you imagine the state of Death in 2019 if it hadn't received Legions of Nagash, for example? But now it's a thing, they're able to potentially expand on things like Soulblight without leaving most of the range in the dust.
  12. If I remember right, there's a quote floating around from a staffer at one of these that GW generally doesn't show stuff off that's any longer than two months away. There's exceptions to this when it's their big releases (Warcry), but it's generally consistent. My guess is we'll get an Ogor vs X boxset before the Battletome, so some ways out yet. Free Peoples and Orrukz even had their limited edition books on display, so my guess is no more than a month for them.
  13. My guess is you'll only be able to take the more baseline units that came at the start of AoS1. None of the spin-off, specialised chambers like Vanguard, Sacrosanct, etc. Basically those who're left behind to garrison a city.
  14. They've forgotten to disable comments a few times before. I wouldn't read much into it.
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