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  1. They're not unplayable, but short of finding copies from independent retailers, you won't be able to actually get hold of their warband cards.
  2. People will say gatekeeping is bad, but then turn around and go "it's a luxury hobby bro."
  3. I think it's a sort of grey area wherein to most people wargaming = Warhammer, therefore people use 'Warhammer' as a byword for 'you can use this model to play Warhammer with, even if it's not official'. Sure GW can enforce it, but I'm not going to clap for a multi-million/billion pound company for swinging it's weight around.
  4. Champions of Death is up for pre-order.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't land until it's been released. I think the Direchasm Roadmap was out just shy of two months after release?
  6. Nothing AoS or tangentially related next week.
  7. Hyping up a Warcry reveal just to make a teaser was a bad move in my opinion, especially when Warcry is already fleeting in the popularity front compared to their other games.
  8. I'd say Chaos is closer to Clive Barker than Lovecraftian. Chaos has shades of the latter, but it isn't really all that mysterious or 'unknown' to us as readers. Slaanesh is straight up Hellraiser.
  9. There's the sword-wielding, presumably Black Templar, silhouette so presumably it's at least the Army Box contents.
  10. This is floating around the Underworlds communities. It's a zoom-in of the artpiece of the Stormcast and Kruelboyz fighting. With the underwater theme, I can't help but think of the Kvaldir from WoW.
  11. Warhammer Day is on October 31st right? I think they did a unique Grimghast on 2.0's launch year for it. This'd fit a similar bill.
  12. I just like linking Bloodborne memes. Dwarf-bros, we're going to keep winning, I can feel it.
  13. Fyreslayers desperately need anything that's not a foot Hero. Nothing in the Rumour Engines points to it but seeing them get a new unit disguised as a warband ALA Khainite Shadowstalkers would be fantastic. Fyreslayers vs Chaos Dwarf (warband) would be the icing on the cake.
  14. The lack of an AoS announcement makes me wonder if the Chaos Battletome will now end up pushed back into at least November. Even if it's just a 'Tome and some dice, they usually make a point of sliding the reveals into these type of events.
  15. I'm definitely thinking the blue model on the left is some sort of Stormcast Ranger warband. Thunderstrike version of Vanguards? Centre is probably a Black Templar since Horus Heresy wasn't mentioned on what's being Preview'ed. Right is probably the leaked Sister of Battle vs Tau Pathfinder box for Kill-Team.
  16. Terry goes on a twenty minute tirade about collecting resources, diminishing returns on Versus boxes for larger, new units/non-32mm Heroes, most of it goes over your head or just sounds nonsensical but that's normal with the Marketing guys. It makes more sense when you remember Terry is the guy who also asked you to make a new Kharadron Hero and said Terrain and some kind of Not-Endless Spells for them was stupid.
  17. Well, generally people provide a source of some kind of it's dismissed as wishlisting/false rumours/stirring nothing.
  18. I wouldn't call it a filler week just because it's not the one half of the AoS releases you want.
  19. I'd like to get excited about Chaos Dwarfs, but remember we've been getting references to Malerion since 1.0 and nothing has come of it yet. I'm sure they'll pop up eventually, but I'm not holding my breath at it being anytime soon for the above reason. I hope I'm wrong of course.
  20. If I recall, AoS rules are included it in the box or they'll slap it on Warhammer+(tm).
  21. Watching GMG's video, why would you ever run Scions of the Storm over Stormkeep?
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