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  1. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    Updates AoS Championships pack is here - https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/BG-AoS-V-0.2.pdf
  2. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    Yes to forge world and Yes to places still available! Get tickets at bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/shop
  3. Ben

    AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Discussion

    I've played a fair bit with the Thrall Warhost. Its an excellent list that people really don't expect the combat power from. The dragon Sorceress is very resilient and tarpit even the best combat unit with the right spells and artefacts. Running Black Guard and Executioners is a very good distraction as the triple threat with the dragon is often too much for an opponent to decide between which to try and take on.
  4. I can't take all the glory for this but thanks for the comments. At Blood and Glory we endeavour to make the event as a whole have a high standard of painting. We are not looking to produce a single amazing army, but we do have a painting award for that. Instead we have painting scores geared towards ensuring that everyone attending has put some effort into their army. If you don't want to go to that extra effort then thats fine. You have the choice of clearly knowing you are out of the running for all prizes, or just choosing another event. I think the key is that everyone knows upfront.
  5. Ben

    The Ultimate guide to High Aelves in AoS2

    Order Draconis is very strong and has a good showing in some of the UK events recently @Chris Tomlin has been doing well with Pheonix temple, in a recent study they are the most powerful Faction in AoS
  6. good work on this. Going forwards, what do you need from a TO for the results? Is there a particular format that you prefer, or just any 'per round' results?
  7. 2000 points. I don't think there is any need to have a minimum requirement but I has to be Grand Alliance. Not an Allegiance.
  8. The threads in the subforms are now open. Lets get some lists built and theory hammer going to create the best lists for each faction.
  9. Is anyone going to be live-blogging this? Feel free to post it all in here to keep it in one place. I'm looking forwards to hearing all the news.
  10. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    B&G18_AoS_V-0.1.pdf The Blood and Glory Age of Sigmar rules pack is here. This pack is 100% set in stone, there will however be an ADDITION to the pack to regarding TIEBREAKERS as a 200 player event with 5 rounds will result in a high number of players being on the same points totals for each bracket. We are working on a secondary objective system that will be in play in each of the games in the AoS Championships. These secondary objectives are still to be confirmed. This will not change the result of a game, the battle plan will still decide that, but they will be the difference in who will win the event when 2 players are on equal battlepoints. I want to post these by the 1st October but we 'might' leave it until registration to ensure they are properly tested.
  11. Ben

    Thread sticky/preservation request

    @Gaz Taylor what do you think?
  12. Ben

    Signature rules policy question

    The rules section had natural grown over time. If there is an abuse then generally we deal with it, if something keeps cropping up then we add a rule and enforce it. I really dislike sigs, I think they detract from the forum experience, but users enjoy them. Don't go mad and you will be ok.
  13. This is turning in to a great topic. Try to think about what you could do differently next time and how you will do it.
  14. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    Not yet. I'll get it up soon.
  15. Ben

    Tell me something awesome

    My awesome gaming story. I've not played for a while and been a bit down on the hobby. Feels more like work at the mo with all the B+G prep. However, me and Mark Wildman had an awesome game last club night and now I'm buzzing again and even managed to get some painting done!!!