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  1. Morning Everyone. I'll be setting the poll up for this today and we can talk about the next contest too.
  2. Spirit of the mountain in Warform!
  3. Ok guys The preview is on right now with 30K + viewers. Share your thoughts in here. War Com preview post - https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/03/28/the-first-ever-warhammer-preview-onlinegw-homepage-post-1fw-homepage-post-1/ Twitch stream -
  4. As the title, Whats the 'Worst' Warscroll and why. For the purposes of this let's say worst as in bad performance. Also if that warscroll is bad, what could you do to make it work in a list.
  5. Warhammer Community have just announced a bunch of cool stuff they are doing. Free Twitch back catalogue Daily Hang out and Hobby Online Previews Event exclusive Mini's for everyone seems a pretty great set of things to keep us all occupied at moment! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/03/20/warhammer-on-twitch-is-free/
  6. You were on Bad Dice last week you traitor!
  7. I played play by mail football managers. You had to write letters to other managers to negotiate transfers and post your team sheets every week!
  8. We have decided that a bit of fun is in order so myself, @ianob and @Paul Buckler are running an online, interactive game of Age of Sigmar. Team Bad Dice vs Team Just Play. Ian and I will be team captains and taking opinions, tactics and strategy’s from everyone watching at home to play against each other from afar. @Paul Buckler Is the games master who will be playing out the game at our instructions. Play by Mail for you young uns - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play-by-mail_game Over the next few days we will take suggestions on how best to play this out, the battle plan to play and the lists that are to be used. There will be multiple daily updates but I expect a game will take at least a week. Social media posts for discussing should use #AoSbyMail let us know below if you are #TeamJustPlay or #TeamBadDice
  9. @Jack Armstrong should be able to help!
  10. Is no-one interested in entering this?
  11. Hey, thanks for the question. No, Rob has very publicly made clear his feelings about me. As mentioned in the post above, we will be doing coverage, online and on site, with Wargamer Online.
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