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  1. Dark Mode is now live See screenshots for how to activate.
  2. I agree @hughwyeth, and there should certainly be events that cater to those tastes. It seems that sometimes all events are geared towards that level. Our local pub charges £2.80 a pint. Half a mile down the road it’s £6. Both are full on a Saturday night.
  3. It’s an excellent conversation to have. the tournament scene will reach new heights when a commercially viable event company gets involved and is able to charge the money required to hold spectacular events. look at the prices of the same spectacular events in other industries. Extreme example, but how much were tickets to Fury/Wilder fight at the weekend? £500 for a few hours in the nosebleeds? I just paid nearly a grand all told for an overnight trip to Legoland. Cinema tickets with popcorn and drinks easily run to £30-40 per person for a couple of hours. Comic-Con, League of Legends worlds, and lots of other major nerd events are amazing. But the tickets price needs to be high enough to cover the cost of it.
  4. Ben

    Inappropriate Ads

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look into the settings.
  5. So many avatars! How are you managing to get them all moving and fighting? 1 - Sacrament. 2 - Avatar prayer 3 - ?? Or are you not too worried on turn 1. I’m not sure you can use the Alpha Beast Pack ability on them either. Pre-game move is still a normal move. Avatar can only move if Animated. I reckon you would be rolling your ward saves if you took pre-game damage…
  6. What’s everyone doing about this? has anyone done a sticker sheet to put on the old ones.
  7. I’d love to play with Medusa’s but my opponents are all hung up on monster lists 😭 last week it was SoB. 6 Thurdertusks. Archaon and 2 Thirsters. I don’t get much mileage from the medusa. Avatars are interesting. Has to be Hag Narr though.
  8. What I took from that lot is that you must try Lifetakers!
  9. On Warhammer Launch day I….. Went first and Miscast Morathi turn 1 for 3 wounds. 🤷‍♂️
  10. I broke it so I had to fix it 🤣🤣
  11. We've had to update the site and the older theme was not updated to the new software. The latest view on mobile should be much better.
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