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  1. Looking forwards to this one! See you all in april
  2. until

    Awesome!! Thanks for the update
  3. Is there a list of 2 casting Order Wizards anywhere. I'm looking at Mixed Order/Cities of Sigmar (Not Hallowheart) and was wondering if anyone has already made a list? Thanks, Adding from the comments. Morathi - Daughters of Khaine Allariale - Sylvaneth Eiodlon - Asect of the Sea - Idoneth Deepkin Lord Arcanum on Tauralon - Stormcast Aventis Firestrike - Stormcast Slann Mage Priest - Seraphon Lord Kroak - Seraphon Battlemage on Pegasus (Compendium)
  4. Hi, Here is my (Example) entry to the contest And here is the link to my twitter post.
  5. Hi, The thread is for entries to the painting contest only. All other posted will be deleted or moved. Please head over to TGA.Community/Contest for the painting challenge general discussion and rules. Each entry must consist of one image (a montage is fine) and a link to the post on your social media account. TGA resizes to a maximum size of 800x800, so bear this in mind when posting! Your Social Media post must include a link to the contest - tga.community/contest and we're using the hash tag of #TGAPaint1 Example entry below
  6. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This months theme is: Blood and Glory Like all fine art, you are free to convey that however you will. The more creative the better. The Rules Entries must be posted in the results thread - tga.community/entries Only one image per entry. Feel free to use a montage, but bear in mind that TGA resizes images to a maximum of 800x800 so don't make it so big we can't see what it is! The Final image must also be shared on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with a link back to this contest thread and the hashtag of #TGAPaint1. Please add a link to your your social media post on your entry on here. (An example of this is waiting for you in the results thread already). All miniatures entered must be your own work (no getting a commission painter to do something for you) You need to be a member of TGA.Community in order to enter Prize Support Element games and Artis Opus have kindly sponsored this months Painting Contest. Element Games are giving a free Start Collecting set to a random entrant. Artis Opus are giving a free brush set to the person voted as the contest winner. How to Win. At the end of the last day of the month the entries thread will be closed and a new Poll thread opened. This will remain open for 1 week. The winner of the poll is crowned the TGA Painting Challenge Champion and will be remembered for all eternity.
  7. Hi everyone. back in the early days of TGA we held a painting contest that was really well received and everyone seemed to enjoy. I'd like to bring this back with a monthly challenge. The original thread - I'd like to bring this back and will get things rolling in March. So you all have a 2 week head start. Good Luck! This thread will remain the as the contest thread. In future months I will update with a new post and edit this first page.
  8. New site rules update at the above link.
  9. Like this? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7701-envision-dark-43-by-ipsmake/
  10. Hey, Take a look here - https://jobs.games-workshop.com Games Workshop are always recruiting.
  11. @ChippyRick just took out the Hammer and Bolter event in Belgium. 100 players. Gristlegore Flesh Eater Courts.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the Chaos Gods turn against Archaon in an effort to further their own power struggle.
  13. The GT have been added to the rankings. new update is live. Also a fix on the 2019/20 season running for 18 months.
  14. Welcome to TGA. I have fond memories of playing Warhammer in Copenhagen during 7th and 8th edition.
  15. Welcome to TGA! Korea might be a new one for members. I know we have members in the Philippines and Japan already.
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