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  1. Ben

    Making Soup

    I always thought a generic Greenskinz book would be a given. Same with Skaven. Seems to be the way things are going with Chaos. There are too many factions that all follow the same god.
  2. Ben

    YouTube Channels for Battle Reports

    Through the wonders of technology, if you paste a link to a vid in here it will embed in the forum. So post your fave vids up for all to see!
  3. Ben

    Making Soup

    I’d love to see the various Aelves get some love.
  4. @Terry Pike can you post your list? Pics too ????
  5. Ben

    New Reaction Emojis

    Morning all, I have been testing a new reaction emoji. Let me know how you find it. thanks, Ben
  6. Ben

    Forum reactions

    Its restricted to 15 a day. We will be adding unlimited likes in as a premium feature for supporting the forums. This will be coming in the next few weeks.
  7. Help me fill the usernames in? 1 - @Age of The Erstwood 2 - @Sedge 3- @Terry Pike 4- @Gary 5- Steve Curtis 6- Nick Thompson 7- @Bruce ??? Chris Myhill 8- Dan Bradshaw 9- @Countmoore 10- Colin Cochrane
  8. The GT Final has been won. Ben Savva @Age of The Erstwood defeated Gary P in the final round to take the title. Winning list was Daughters of Khaine. Full top 10 was: DoK w/Morathi Nighthaunt Nurgle Daemons Stormcast Sacrosanct Chamber Nagash DoK Snakes Order Soup Idoneth Nagash Daughters Horde Quite a mix. The final was streamed and the last game was quite a nail biter with some ballsy play and great sportsmanship. An amazing advertisement for the game We had Realm rules, spells, artefacts all in play. Soft scores too. No dramas. Fantastic split of lists and a worthy winner. @LLV is already working on getting the match ups from GW and i'm sure @Antipodean7 will be putting together one of his epic run down blog posts. If you were at the event let us know how it went, if you were watching from home what questions do you have for the players?
  9. Somewhere on ther internet there is niche deep in that niche is another, and another, and another. Until eventually we have the Gryphhound owners club.... ?
  10. Ben

    The Rumour Thread

    Shush now!!! ???
  11. Ben

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    Yeah. Keep up the good work. When I introduced the player rankings it had polar viewpoints. Some loved it. Some hated it. Most don’t care!