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  1. Alcina

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    My list for a 2K tournament in 2 days: Heavy heroes, with decent MWa and might go well against monsters, fast, but… might be killed rapidly. Just wanted to try it as I just finished painting the LoC :) Heroes: Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot (200) General - Command Trait : Nexus of Fate - Staff of Change - Lore of Change : Unchecked Mutation Kairos Fateweaver (380) - Lore of Change : Bolt of Tzeentch Lord of Change (380) 1 Artefact : Wellspring of Arcane Might - Lore of Change : Fold Reality Ogroid Thaumaturge (180) - Lore of Fate : Infusion Arcanum Units: 3 x Screamers of Tzeentch (100) 3 x Screamers of Tzeentch (100) 1 x Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch (100) 1 x Burning Chariots of Tzeentch (160) 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (200) - Lore of Change : Treason of Tzeentch 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (200) - Lore of Change : Bolt of Tzeentch TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 92 LEADERS: 4/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 2/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ALLIES: 0/40 PS: Mainly for the fun :) photos of the army attached
  2. Alcina

    The 5000+ Owners Club

    just go for chaos daemons. you get 4 differents armies that you can mix (or not), and you can add slaves to darkness models and skavens models (nurgle). and if one day you want to try and play 40k you also have an enjoyable army to start with
  3. Alcina

    Gaming Tables

    awesome! do you plan to market it? Depending on the price ( I am in Switzerland), I would be interested.
  4. Alcina

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    I bought the Death box 3 weeks ago in a GW store :).
  5. Alcina

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    - Order: either Stromcast Eternals or Daughters of Khaine - Chaos: Daemons of Tzeentch (could also be a mixed 40K battleforce) - Death: Nighthaunt - Destruction: I dont' know. Then, I am not sure whether GW will continue with the 4 AOS and 4 40K battleforces pattern: as far as I understood, there will be terrains and paints bundles, the 40K Warhammer quest is expected by November, like the Khorne/Slaanesh box set, (should be Daemons, i.e. both for AOS and 40K) and the Ynnari box set also this year (maybe withe Ynnari Codex too). If you add some new Kill Team (new teams, new Kill Zones, …), some stuff for Necromunda, Bloodbowl and Underworlds, it might be more than enough for Christmas… Just hope for some surprises ...
  6. Hi guys, My boy, 12.5 years old is learning English as second language at his school in Switzerland. this is the 3rd year, so still low level in English, but improving. I start thinking/planning to send him in exchange holidays in a British family with a kid of his age, with sth like 2 weeks in one family, and vice-versa. AS he (like myself and his younger brother who is 9) is a complete AOS fan, playing AOS (also in turnaments here in Switzerland), Bloodbowl, Warhammer Quest, and starting 40K / Kill Team, I was thinking that he might be a very good idea to mix the language learning and the game. He also like Playstation games (currently FIFA, Fortnite and Paladin) We are French living in the German part of Switzerland, meaning we speak fluently French and German. The summer, we go mainly back in France, in Bretagne and in Béziers (South of France, see, sun and …) to see the family. Anybody that would be interested by such an exchange? Or Ben: What about setting up a AOS summer kid camp at Derby/Nottingham? That might interest Games Workshop Thanks Best regards
  7. Alcina

    Any members from the Geneva/Lausanne area?

    Hi Guys, I am in the German part of Switzerland (Langenthal), but I am French. I play AOS with my boys, and we also participate to some tournaments in Zürich/Lucern. Happy to discuss with you for potential games/discussions
  8. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    I guess it will be some heretics Stormcast... but not from Chaos, but Death... If I am not wrong im one of the books, one Lord Relictor has a brother within Death, and we know that each time they are reforged they lose a part of their souls. The Vandus Heresy....
  9. @Ben you started the TGA community, you just started a 40K podcast and a 40K army, so, when do you start a 40K "TGA"? ? just would love it
  10. Alcina

    Holidays / Summer vacation

    Hi Gotrek, just move out, no need at all to stay in the US: there are a lot of other places/countries all over the world where you can have a very decent work-life balance, and also be able to play AOS.
  11. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    A new Seraphon model for launching their switch to Destruction.
  12. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    here you are: Khornish Zombies featuring dead Bloodreavers half-eated by surviving cannibal Bloodreavers ? with a dual Warscroll with Death keyword as well as Khorne keyword ?
  13. A kind of World of Warcraft but based on the AOS fluff. 4 factions, heroes, warriors, wizards, priests, 8 realms, multi-players dungeons á la Silver Tower, Artefacts/Weapons quests, Past to Glory for those willing to build an army, simply a lot of interesting possibilities for different ways of playing. at the crazy idea to start such a game as a bloodreaver, growing as a bloodwarrior, then Slaughterpriest, Lord of Khorne, Daemon Prince (with possibility to switch allegiance), Bloodthister, Skarbrand, ..., I simply buy it right now
  14. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    Who knows what will happen with Death? After all, Death being already dead, they cannot be completely murdered and disappear... What if the old TK have simply taken a sabbatical á la Sigmar, simply for coming back stronger? Would love to see a new starter set/edition of AOS with new TK against either a new Stromcast Chamber or Slaanesh / Aelfs. I am quite new to the GW world as I started only 18 months ago, but with what happened during this period, I would not be surprised by such a move.
  15. Alcina

    2000 Point Khorne Daemon/Mortal

    Another 2'000 points mixed list of Khorne Bloodbound/Daemons of Khorne, that I played with this afternoon: Probably not very competitive, but very very funny to play with, and it gives a change from the usual Bloodreavers/Bloodwarriors/Bloodletters/Wrathmongers/...: - Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (140), General - 3 units of 3 Mighty Skullscrushers (3x160=480) - Warscroll Battalion: Brass Stampede (80) - 2 units of 6 Bloodcrushers (2x2x160=640) - 1 Skullcanon (180) - 1 Bloodsecrator (120) - 1 Bloodthirster Wrath of Khorne (360) Total: 2'000 points, with 22 Juggernauts, and a total of 25 models only for a Khorne list Really funny to play, 5 rounds (narrative game, i.e. no objectives, no artifacts, ..., and some pieces of scenery) against a kind of standard Stromcast Eternals list (with the Celestant Prime), ended up with only 2 models on the table: the Bloodsecrator duelling against the Celestant Prime. The duel has been won by the Celestant Prime, who ended with 5 Wounds remaining only. I will play again the same list against a mix of Seraphon/Stromcasts later this week. This is really amazing the diversity of lists you can get with Khorne Bloodbound, and when you add up Daemons of Khorne, I think I never played once the same list in something like 30 games. This is the magic of AOS.