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  1. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    I guess it will be some heretics Stormcast... but not from Chaos, but Death... If I am not wrong im one of the books, one Lord Relictor has a brother within Death, and we know that each time they are reforged they lose a part of their souls. The Vandus Heresy....
  2. @Ben you started the TGA community, you just started a 40K podcast and a 40K army, so, when do you start a 40K "TGA"? ? just would love it
  3. Alcina

    Holidays / Summer vacation

    Hi Gotrek, just move out, no need at all to stay in the US: there are a lot of other places/countries all over the world where you can have a very decent work-life balance, and also be able to play AOS.
  4. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    A new Seraphon model for launching their switch to Destruction.
  5. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    here you are: Khornish Zombies featuring dead Bloodreavers half-eated by surviving cannibal Bloodreavers ? with a dual Warscroll with Death keyword as well as Khorne keyword ?
  6. A kind of World of Warcraft but based on the AOS fluff. 4 factions, heroes, warriors, wizards, priests, 8 realms, multi-players dungeons á la Silver Tower, Artefacts/Weapons quests, Past to Glory for those willing to build an army, simply a lot of interesting possibilities for different ways of playing. at the crazy idea to start such a game as a bloodreaver, growing as a bloodwarrior, then Slaughterpriest, Lord of Khorne, Daemon Prince (with possibility to switch allegiance), Bloodthister, Skarbrand, ..., I simply buy it right now
  7. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    Who knows what will happen with Death? After all, Death being already dead, they cannot be completely murdered and disappear... What if the old TK have simply taken a sabbatical á la Sigmar, simply for coming back stronger? Would love to see a new starter set/edition of AOS with new TK against either a new Stromcast Chamber or Slaanesh / Aelfs. I am quite new to the GW world as I started only 18 months ago, but with what happened during this period, I would not be surprised by such a move.
  8. Alcina

    2000 Point Khorne Daemon/Mortal

    Another 2'000 points mixed list of Khorne Bloodbound/Daemons of Khorne, that I played with this afternoon: Probably not very competitive, but very very funny to play with, and it gives a change from the usual Bloodreavers/Bloodwarriors/Bloodletters/Wrathmongers/...: - Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (140), General - 3 units of 3 Mighty Skullscrushers (3x160=480) - Warscroll Battalion: Brass Stampede (80) - 2 units of 6 Bloodcrushers (2x2x160=640) - 1 Skullcanon (180) - 1 Bloodsecrator (120) - 1 Bloodthirster Wrath of Khorne (360) Total: 2'000 points, with 22 Juggernauts, and a total of 25 models only for a Khorne list Really funny to play, 5 rounds (narrative game, i.e. no objectives, no artifacts, ..., and some pieces of scenery) against a kind of standard Stromcast Eternals list (with the Celestant Prime), ended up with only 2 models on the table: the Bloodsecrator duelling against the Celestant Prime. The duel has been won by the Celestant Prime, who ended with 5 Wounds remaining only. I will play again the same list against a mix of Seraphon/Stromcasts later this week. This is really amazing the diversity of lists you can get with Khorne Bloodbound, and when you add up Daemons of Khorne, I think I never played once the same list in something like 30 games. This is the magic of AOS.
  9. Alcina

    2000 Point Khorne Daemon/Mortal

    Just love this list Blood for the Blood God!!!!!
  10. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    2 crazy ideas for the rumour engine: - might it not be a part of a dwarf armour for Blood Bowl? I think the dwarf team is the next one to be released? - I think I read somewhere that something big is coming tomorrow (18th) or this weekend (19th). Might it not be a dual kit (both playable for AoS and 40K) with Dwarfs and Tzeench? It would be BIG, it would interest those waiting for the next campaign and new releases for AoS before Christmas and not really interested in the big starter boxes, and it would fit also with Magnus. But they said on the warhammer community site that is was something for next year only.... so don't know...
  11. Alcina

    Masters of Desasters Tournament

    Advent Tournament on 3rd of December. Organised by Garagentroll, in Herzogenbuchsee (Canton of Berne) 1'250 points, 3 turns for each game, whole day, General Handbook rules (1'000 points), adapted with some special "Christmas" sceneries and rules. As far as I understood, not super competitive, kind of a mix between narrative and matched plays, for the fun, as it would be the 1st AoS tournament for most of the participants. Inscription on T3: http://www.tabletopturniere.de/ch/t3_tournament.php?tid=17889 http://www.garagentroll.ch/cshop/
  12. As far as I know, 1st tournament organised in Switzerland: 3rd of December 2016, in Herzogenbuchsee, Canton of Bern. At the new address of the "Garagentroll" Inscription on T3: http://www.tabletopturniere.de/ch/t3_tournament.php?tid=17889
  13. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    I guess they should re-name their site: instead of BoLs, it should be LoLs ...
  14. Alcina

    The Rumour Thread

    I heard on Saturday in a GW shop: 8 Mega bundles, even spitted 40K and AoS, i.e. 4 for Aos. For Aos: 1 for each Grand Alliance: - Order: Sylvaneth - Chaos: Khorne Bloodbound - Death: not mentionned - Destruction: not mentionned. Price would be twice the normal Start Collecting Boxes price (i.e. 100 £ or 130 €), with around twice the minis. But this is not 2x the Start Collecting Box in term of minis. It might be released on 19th of November (not sure whether it would be the pre-order day or the final release). I also heard that beautiful models are on their way, with, for Chaos, especially Tzeench but also Slaanesh were mentionned. Release date not sure, maybe starting still this year but more probably beginning of next. Next year would be as interesting as this one, or even more. It seems also that GW sells currently more AoS products than 40K ones on a worldwide basis.
  15. Alcina

    AOS in Zürich

    I was yesterday in Zürich, and went to the Tactica Games shop, wonderful shop, which fully support Age of Sigmar. The manager told me that quite a few people are playing AoS there (but they probably don't know yet TGA). Special online forum on the internet site of the shop (only for registered people) for discussing and organising local games. I am in the process of being registered, and hopefully will be able to play there. For those interested, here below the contact détails: Tactica Games Schaffhauserstrasse 411, 8050 Zürich (Bahnhof Oerlikon) www.tactigames.ch