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  1. In recent months, personal struggles on TTS have tended to be vs many of the top echelon: Seraphon, Legion of Chaos Ascendant, Tzeentch, KO, and IDK. Each of them have elements that can be incredibly punishing to Sylvaneth, e.g.: Seraphon: Sallies (hopefully the rumored point increase is real); Kroak's ranged MW spam + horde-unit nuke; bound endless spells; Skink spam; shutting down our magic; multi-layered MSU screening; teleporting; even Coalesced with half-damage reduction can be difficult (e.g., in one game, it took 3 turns to clear 40 Skinks off an obj with 6 Kurnoth Swords). Chaos Ascendant: Potentially summoning 10 Pink Horrors every turn on a 9+ or 10+ on 3 dice; shutting down our magic; Kairos' essentially-auto-cast 6MW nuke with ~50" range with Spellportal (he flies, so no-go on woods blocking LoS); and lots of other strengths. Tzeentch: Pink Horror spam; teleporting Flamers that bypass our LoS-blocking; and shutting down our magic. KO: It can be difficult to deal with their shooting output, when generally everything will ignore our LoS-blocking. IDK: They continue to be strong and difficult to deal with. Some clear patterns with many of the above, and at least 4 out of 5 have been among the strongest factions over the last 4 months. Quite a few armies have the means to snipe 5W heroes early and/or shut down magic. I've been feeling this on TTS...a lot. Hopefully we'll have more equity in the ecosystem and a fatter middle in a few weeks after the FAQ/errata.
  2. Yeah I remember that moment re: Prime taking out the Akhelian King. You were 100% right on the rule: he's just picking a visible point to rain down a comet. If an Akhelian King happens to be by that point...well...sucks to be him.
  3. Were you the one who put up the Stardrake + Prime Time list on The Honest Wargamer last year? If so, thank you! Rob streamed a game with that list, and it was love at first sight. Played variations on the theme from Sep 2019-Feb 2020. So much fun.
  4. I like the Exorcist's price but think at least one auto-unbind is critical in the meta we're in, and would like to have two ideally. Lifeswarm is more interesting, now that we're going to have a 50/50 chance to pick the realm we're playing in. Tend to agree on 3 more Longstrikes...1x9 is still quite good. Appreciate the thoughts!
  5. Was referring to this mate...it ain't playing the drop game. Celestant Prime (300) Relictor (100) Azyros (100) Incantor (120) 5 Liberators (90) 5 Liberators (90) 5 Liberators (90) 10 Sequitors (240) 10 Sequitors (240) 9 Castigators (210) --> replace with? 6 Longstrikes (340) 3 Aetherwings (40) 3 Aetherwings (40) 2000 | Anvils | 135W
  6. Any thoughts on how to reallocate the 210 pts? Maybe just commit to the 1x9 Longstrikes and add another 1x3 Birds?
  7. Appreciate the update, @Nizrah! Re: Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber...yeah I might be underrating it...we'll see. Just thinking about mobile + high-wound-count armies, mobile + high wound count + hard hitting, mobile + hard hitting, and/or mobile + hard hitting + shooting mitigation. That's a tough Seraphon list! Supposedly Sallies are going up 30, if the #'s going around are to be believed. Yeah, the Castigators were the one "I hope this works, but it probably doesn't" part of that list. Glad to hear you liked it, though! That 2019 version was an absolute blast to play, with some competitive teeth.
  8. Yeah, that’s one reason why I suspect anyone viewing this as a tier 1 army is overestimating it’s potential, unless my understanding of AoS, and any past ability to assess builds, has gone out the window (it may have). But a chance to play an SCE Chamber in 2K? Living the dream.
  9. So... Drycha 300 All Kurnoth 190 ? And no other changes? Appreciate the info.
  10. Yeah that looks pretty strong. Had been looking at Soulstrike Brotherhood as well. I think it's quite interesting now.
  11. That's a pretty interesting list, @Maturin! Never realized you could take multiple Shockbolt Bows in a unit, probably because Judicators were painful enough — at least in recent years — at 5 for 160. Had also completely forgotten about Warrior Brotherhood, since it wasn't in the 2018 SCE BT. Loving the options the new points are opening up for SCE.
  12. Looked at my 2019 Nashcon list and how its combined arms style might be updated with new points...here's a first pass. Prior (Anvils, 1990/2000, 105W): Celestant Prime (340) Relictor (100) Azyros (100) Incantor (140) 5 Liberators (100) 5 Liberators (100) 5 Judicators (160) 5 Hunters (110) 6 Longstrikes (340) 3 Kurnoth Swords (200) 3 Kurnoth Swords (200) Everblaze Comet (100) Updated (Anvils, 2000/2000, 135W): Celestant Prime (300) Relictor (100) Azyros (100) Incantor (120) 5 Liberators (90) 5 Liberators (90) 5 Liberators (90) 10 Sequitors (240) 10 Sequitors (240) 9 Castigators (210) 6 Longstrikes (340) 3 Aetherwings (40) 3 Aetherwings (40) Some thoughts: 1. In a magic meta, may be necessary to have a second Incantor/auto unbind. Might require dropping the Relictor, which isn't ideal, since the potential Translocation pairs well with Castigators/Longstrikes. 2. Prime is almost always in, regardless of efficiency/points. He's just a perennial fave. I think he has good value in an SCE toolbox build, though, especially now at 300. It's just a little frustrating what you can do with him outside of our book, in CoS Hammerhal, where he becomes quite scary. 3. Azyros' RR 1's H can help mitigate Prime s---'ing the bed when he comes in and/or help improve shooting. 4. 2x10 Seqs replace 2x3 Kurnoth Swords...better utility/synergy at a similar price point. Might be better making one of them a 2x5. 5. Still unsure about Castigators but they look interesting now at 3 for 70. A unit of 9 offers another potential Anvils target while having a respectable # of bodies/wounds. 6. Tend to prefer spreading out power in units, so that's why 6 Strikes over 9 (+ it tends to be a less-rough experience...). Given the prevalence of ranged damage/MW splashing now, they may have to start off the board regularly. 7. Dropped Comet, as I suspect the odds of its ROI in a zero-casting-buff list are lesser now than last year, and it was hit or miss even then. 8. 2x3 Birds...best damn unit in the book, now with an extra discount. 9. May be necessary to buy an extra CP, particularly with LRL's "1 CP costs you 2" spell.
  13. Yeah, I just suspect there's a sizable difference between Vanguard Chamber at 2K vs 2.5K, mainly since at 2.5K, you have room to make one of the Longstrikes a 1x9, whereas in 2K, you're capped at 3x3. I could be wrong, though. Another potential issue, as someone mentioned to me on Twitter: if we're losing Aetherquartz Brooch, then that will really affect this build, given how hungry it is for CP.
  14. Many of us have dreamed of this day... Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber (130) - Lord Aquilor (170) - Knight Azyros (100) - Knight Venator (110) - Knight Venator (110) Vanguard Angelos Conclave (150) - Vanguard Hunters (100) - Vanguard Hunters (100) - Vanguard Hunters (100) - Vanguard Palladors (170) Vanguard Justicar Conclave (120) - Vanguard Longstrikes (170) - Vanguard Longstrikes (170) - Vanguard Longstrikes (170) - Aetherwings (40) - Aetherwings (40) - Aetherwings (40) 1990/2000 | 1 drop | 3CP | Anvils
  15. Yeah, I think that list, and slight variations thereof, will be a common direction. It seems solid, especially from a drop-count standpoint. Another variation, e.g., would be 2x20 Wardens and 2x10 Sentinels, which frees up 60pts for endless spells instead of 40.
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