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  1. Lists consisting of 800+pts of the same type of unit in a battalion plus some heroes and tarpits like powerful lists nowadays threaten to frequently make games more stale, regardless of who wins. If there were more incentives to include honest variety it would be a boon to the game unlike further encouraging streamlined strategies to the point of lists being one-trick ponies. Battalions are neat, but unchallenged they can all but dictate what faction lists are "supposed" to look like instead of simply offering additional ways for factions to build their lists. Not to say battalions are poorly designed or outdated but they should never be as mandatory as they currently are, or as they're threatening to be. Some factions simply don't have any strong battalions so they're left in the dust, whether they set up last or not. There's way more flavor to the game than battalions offer; GW should let players explore that and add a variety of units to their lists instead of funneling them into only a few drops or less. My honest guess as to how GW would best go about this is to generally allow extra points for lists that include a smorgasbord of units rather than just one dedicated strategy. This would refrain from encouraging the "horde" list mentality (which ironically would be even more severe homogenization), all while encouraging players to explore more unique models to add to their armies. If 2k lists have just one or two small behemoths, less than a couple hundred points worth of allies, a few hundred points maximum of any unit or the same amount towards all their heroes, for how much the game works against lists with these restrictions they should get more points at their disposal to put towards becoming more robust instead of letting them be sitting ducks to the current meta. Regardless of my hot takes, points per list within conditions can be a fantastic lever for list variety that GW simply has yet to pull. If I'm predicting the 2021 GH with this I'd be thrilled; if not I sincerely wish the best for GW and hope they come up with a way to promote selling new models for lists in the future without compelling players to either buy 600+ pts worth of them while they shelve all their older units or ignore new models entirely even if they really like them. Power creep is not the play here; inclusion is.
  2. I'm under the impression AoS games play themselves out too quickly at the moment. Optimal strategies seem entirely funneled at this point; there's no reason to have a unit in your list if it can't contribute to the one gimmick your list is trying to focus on. Despite lists having 2k units it feels like they might as well be 250pt games despite taking 5x as long, since unit variety in more powerful lists is arguably at an all-time low. AoS is unfortunately just doing very little right now to encourage anything else.
  3. From what I can tell it's the terrible duality of unanswerable offense and impenetrable defense. Some stuff can kill everything on the charge. Some stuff just doesn't take combat damage. Some stuff says "I don't need to get close to you to hit you with my entire army" and/or "your wizards are 100% useless". Gimmick armies being overpowered and stomping eachother while folding to gimmick lists is a bad time for everyone. GW needs to find a way to incentivize players to deploy more than just a firing squad or a pure deepstrike army as well as a way to make a handful of elites not quite as daunting to a thematically sensible army. Nothing's fun about wondering what on earth within your faction overcomes 2k points worth of a single gimmick by turn 2. I get that the game is simple but earning this much of an advantage just by picking ultimately braindead armies is pretty silly.
  4. I think Fellwaters seem rad too; mainly what I've noticed about Gitz is if there's not a big block of Stabbas or at least a half dozen troggs they sort of crumble to an actual frontline so those would go a long way towards solving that. While Bounderz and Arachnaroks are tougher than most Gitz units they aren't fine-tuned enough towards going wound-for-wound with other units to justify not having a core tarpit/frontline. Having some more durable melees to play around plus those double Arachnarok Webspinners should make the list way more sturdy in general.
  5. In case you're considering suggestions I'd recommend either combining the two 15 Riders into one big block of 30 and fitting in just enough Riders to fill battleline spots or just splitting the Riders into three separate units of 5, 10 and 20 so they can be micromanaged more efficiently (bravery be darned). Also regarding the Spider Cluster battalion since it's tricky to fit into Spiderfang lists anyway thanks to requiring so many Arachnaroks you might just want to embrace the chaos of having more drops while putting those points towards more units and maybe an Endless Spell as well. The points from dropping the battalion could go towards a second Scuttleboss or more Riders plus either Scuttletide or Malevolent Moon, or combined with the 60-pt discount from having a 30 Rider battleline a whopping 10 additional Riders or 5 and a Scuttleboss. I see you're interested in a second Webspinner on Arachnarok and the list could likely pull it off despite demanding more cuts beyond the Arachnarok battalion; fitting in more hordes instead could also likely be a boon since lists only having 126 wounds is abysmal under normal circumstances. You should be able to get a lot done with two Webspinners on Arachnaroks regardless, whereas otherwise bumping that wounds total up to at least >130 should be crucial towards having enough pieces to deal with both tarpits and behemoths, plus Behemat's tarpit-behemoths.
  6. I know it's tiring hearing about double turns as everyone's likely heard and seen everything regarding them at this point. But I do really like these particular ruling ideas - at least thematically! - for double turns. While they're not perfect, they should be simple enough to keep the game from being overly complicated for newer players. 1.) Rapid Fire As marksmen furiously empty their quivers and reload their handguns enemy forces will try any and everything to avoid the fates of their comrades, from crouching to aerial maneuvers and hiding behind their less fortunate footsoldiers. During your consecutive turns, treat all enemies as though they're within basic terrain cover (even if they can't be affected by cover). 2.) Steady Charge As units continue their furious assault they pace themselves so as to avoid the consequences of breaking their own lines. During your consecutive turns, the result of your units' charge rolls is the highest number shown between either dice +1. (A charge roll of 4 and 3 results in a 5" charge instead of a 7" one; a roll of 6 and anything (including another 6) results in a 7" charge). 3.) Heroic Resolve As heroes face down furious magical forces they remain staunch in their ways, creating a near-palpable sense of will. During your consecutive turns, subtract 1 from Mortal Wound rolls for enemy Heroes if the source is from a spell or Endless Spell (if the result is 0, they take 0 damage). An important note is that the 7" max charge from Steady Charge means that most units can no longer make a 9" chump charge after performing a Deep Strike on double turns under normal circumstances. Is that okay or is it too punishing for cavalry units? Let me know what you think!
  7. Here's my prospected budget list based on the Fungal Loonhorde Battleforce box if anyone's curious: 15 Boingrot Bounderz (300) 6x Rockgut Troggoths (280) 1x Skragrott, the Loonking [general] (220); lore: Itchy Nuisance 1x Dankhold Troggoth (190) 1x Zarbag's Gitz (160); lore: Hand of Gork 12x Squig Herd [battleline] (140) 5x Savage Boarboy Maniaks [allied] (140) 20x Shootas [battleline] (120) 1x Loonboss on a Giant Cave Squig (110) (moon-cutta); artefact: Loonstone Talisman 1x Loonboss on a Giant Cave Squig (110) (moon-cutta) 1x Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90); lore: Call da Moon 6x Squig Herd [battleline] (70) Endless Spells: Malevolent Moon (40) Scuttletide (30) Total: 2000/2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 140/400 Wounds: 173 While I own everything here save for 6 Squig Herd models + the Battleforce stuffs I definitely wouldn't mind replacing a couple of units in the near future if I get the box for cheap, bar going down the rabbit hole of declaring a new archetype . I aim to play conservatively on turn 1 to farm CP and cast Endless Spells, then follow up on the next turn with a strong Squig/Bounderz run+charge and start contesting points. What is the weakest link here for doing that? If it's any consolation for the 20 Shootas, I can use them with Hand of Gork as charge fodder/point contesters and have them poke at something without charging. Alternatively it can move the 6 Rockguts and use their D3 mortal ranged attack and also potentially get a chump charge. Either way the spell makes the most immobile units in the list more mobile assuming Zarbag doesn't mess up the cast with a +3. Anyway thanks for reading my walls of text guys haha.
  8. Gobbapalooza. It's 5 distinctly different wacky Grots yet they have the most boring abilities in the Gitz army possible. Two of them are mages that can't cast Arcane Bolt or Mystic Shield. One member in particular is complete garbage unless you expect to get a ton of mileage out of specifically Skragrott's ranged attack. They attack separately despite not being heroes as they're 5 separate units. Want to know the two abilities they all share? It's Look Out, Sire and a 4+ and 5+ save for the first two respective battle rounds. Wow. What makes them particularly boring is that their Know-Wots have a 1/3 chance to just not even happen. This is remedied by taking them as a Battalion, which also buffs the cast rolls on the pair of dunce mages by +1. But the stupid mages can't learn any Lore of the Moonclans! They can dispel, cast Endless Spells and cast their close-range gimmick spells, one of which is ignoring a potential Battleshock. That's about it. So it costs an additional 110pts to make a wacky ball of loony characters remotely entertaining.
  9. For some reason I thought the battleforce boxes (particularly the Gitz one) would be $120. Expecting that might be ludicrous but atm it's $200+ on Amazon, all with a 3-to 5-week delivery time to America lol. Any chance we'll see the 2020 battlehere in america before Xmas? If so what are the odds I could still get one for ~$150?
  10. Skragrott's other merits as a general are his on-average +1 CP at the start of each of your turns and that Squig Herds can still contribute to his battleline despite him not being a Squig hero himself. However if you're not using endless spells I wouldn't consider him as a general, and if you have a better general for your list's synergies just go with them instead. Outside of being a general, as a standalone hero he's honestly not bad if your army keeps him protected and, again, if you're running endless spells. He's a pseudo-artillery unit as well which he can get some mileage out of given his whopping 28" ranged attack.
  11. Wow. That is in the ballpark of 800 pts for only $120 lol. Even if I didn't use the second Loonboss on a Cave Squig I'd still make off like a bandit with that new battleforce box! For the sake of fitting everything in my list (I would like to keep 5 Boarboys for their mobility after using them in 1k games) I'll have to cut a couple corners and use only 5 Squigs for one of the battlelines and take out Mork's Mushroom. Also I'd need to either omit a Loonboss on a Cave Squig or downgrade the Troggboss to a Dankhold Troggoth and lose the extra command point - both are worth the last 110pts. But that means all that's left is to get my hands on 6 Squig Herd models and 20 Shootas and I'll reach 3 battlelines and 2k pts! With 12 units/heroes I would literally never choose who goes first in games. But that's fine! That is absolutely acceptable - not only is the list beefy as all getout but Loonshrine/Battletome aside it would cost well under $200 to make PB ready. Thanks for bringing up the upcoming deal; that box is a dream come true!
  12. I'm looking to buy a budget 2k list for Gitz by sometime before summer next year. So far I've assembled 1k points worth of Gitz and allies, consisting of Skraggrot as general, Zarbag's Gitz, a Squig Herd, allied Savage Boarboy Maniaks, a Fungoid Cave Shaman and a Loonboss on a Cave Squig. I'm thrilled that it was all fairly cheap to get (especially the Boarboys!) so I'm attempting to keep the finished 2k list cheap as well while also keeping it fairly competitive. If I could get the rest for ~$300 that would be amazing. So far my plans are to get the Start Collecting box and use all the models it comes with and also use all of the Gitz Endless Spells that I may or may not be getting from my brother for Xmas. The rest is fairly up in the air. I have a few ideas for filling the remaining pts that don't involve removing everything trying to go all-in on a synergy. I could cut half of the Maniaks and maybe Mork's Mighty Mushroom for 3 Spiderfang Arachnaroks w/War Parties plus their Battalion bonus. They'd need to stick together for their bonus and wouldn't be particularly mobile but would offer a non-negligible amount of bow attacks as well as a pretty devastating charge and a hefty 14 wounds per model. Another idea (possibly my favorite) is adding a unit of 2 Dankhold Troggoths and a unit of 20 Shootas so I don't have to spread out Squigs to fill battleline reqs and have access to more netters beyond the one in Zarbag's Gitz, which will be Skraggrot's entourage. Finally I could cave and get a wall of 60 Stabbas to fill the battleline plus a mage or two. What would y'all suggest? I know Dankhold Troggoths get some flak but I do appreciate how strong they are per model for their point value and that one won't normally be affected by Battleshock if the other dies. To make Mork's Mushroom much stronger I could get my hands on a Balewind Vortex for Skragrott to cast on top of as well, increasing the range for his spells to match or even exceed his ranged attack. While 60 Stabbas seems boring to me I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if my list included them.
  13. boo; I was hoping I could cut Loonshrine from my budget by using a Squig-only battleline! Now even with either a pile of Squigs or Rockguts it seems inevitably good. I'm actually convinced the Loonshrine has a downside in that it takes up space to maneuver on your side of the board.
  14. Well to go into more detail, Savage Boarboys/Maniaks have a foot of constant movement plus a 2" bonus to charge, whereas Gitz have no cavalry to speak of and their fastest units only have 2d6 or a conditional 3d6 movement. They'd be great to contest points with that aren't affected by Da Bad Moon as well while most of the army can stay within it, theoretically at least. The best Battle Trait they miss out on as allies is the Bonesplitterz' save on an unconditional 6 a la Nighthaunt, but that doesn't really seem like a dealbreaker as they still retain their daunting number of attacks per model.
  15. Lure doesn't matter during Da Bad Moon - that being said, if you've got something like a block of Bounderz or multiple Squig behemoths you want all the reliability you can get plus Loonboss on a cave squig at that point. If you just need more leadership or a point sink, said Loonboss is a solid hero by himself with decent mobility in Da Moon; he doesn't need many other Squigs to help justify him.
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