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  1. They could be seasons but it seems very coincidental that the days mentioned in the story all line up and repeat every 7 days. Now they could have structured their calendar around the seasons; hence the names. Golden Harvest definitely sounds like the time of year when farmers would gather their crops which is in Autumn. It would be interesting to hear the author's opinions on this.
  2. Potentially. The rest of the days seem to repeat every 7 though. Since it fell on a Moonsday, it could be something related to the moon. Perhaps Sigmar's day is celebrated on a full moon? Or when a comet makes it's periodic trip across the sky?
  3. That's a good point! It doesn't mention anything about years so it's entirely possible. It could mean that it took a full year for the city to fall because they just refused to give up, even though food and morale had been running low. Oh! I completely forgot to mention Sigmarsday in the post. I'm going to add it now.
  4. I was reading some of the Malign Portents short stories this morning. Beyond the Walls is broken up into dated entries which intrigued me for some reason. I felt like getting into the weeds and seeing what I could infer from this; so I made a calendar based off the entry dates (attached). What I gleaned from this story is: 1. The story takes place in the City of Heldelium. Not sure what realm but, given the naming convention, it could possibly be Azyr. 2. We know there are two months: Azy'rs Gleaming and Golden Harvests, in that order. Given the name of the first month, I feel the Realm of Azyr is a safe assumption. The second month implies it could be during the time of year that crops are harvested which is October-November. So this could mean the story takes place in the fall. 3. Five days are mentioned by name in the story: Moonsday, Starsday, Cometsday, Voidsday, and Sigmarsday. 4. There are three entries of Starsday in the story: 10th, 24th and 31st. The 10th and 24th are 14 days apart and the 31st is 7 days. So it looks like their calendar follows a 7 day week. 5. If we assume the 31st is the last day in Azyr's Gleaming, the next entry in the story, Voidsday (2nd), would be 14 days from the previously mentioned Voidsday. This shows that Azyr's Gleaming has 31 days and confirms the 7 day week. 6. With this in mind, we can extrapolate more days and populate the calendar. Starsday (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st) Voidsday (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, and 2nd) Cometsday (6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th) Moonsday (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th) 7. From this, we see that Voidsday, Cometsday, and Moonsday are always in that order. My assumptions all line up with the story except for the last two entries. It says both Voidsday and Cometsday are on the 2nd. Maybe it was a typo and Cometsday was supposed to be the 3rd; or maybe it happened at midnight. Not sure. For me, this excercise has painted a more vivid picture of what the town is going through. I now imagine an chilly autumn scene with gray, dreary clouds. The author trying to defend the city while refugees come in to be safe from the undead. Townsfolk locking themselves inside their homes. The city is running low on food because the farms that should be sending crops (because it's harvest time) are being raided. Anvils of Heldenhammer dragging people out of the pubs because they are spreading stories of what they've seen or heard is happening outside the city. The overall fear of the townsfolk growing as the story progresses. I hope someone else finds this useful. To me, this adds more depth to the lore which is what I think people are wanting. I think it would be interesting to see more of these little details build upon each other as the AoS lore progresses. Azyr Calendar.xlsx UPDATE: I forgot to mention Sigmarsday. It's on the 28th which is also Moonsday. My thinking is that it might be a special day that they observe; or possibly what they call the last Moonsday of the month?
  5. I personally like using the Branchwraith as a little combo piece. She's usually overlooked when you have stuff like Hunters/Durthu/Alarielle on the board. With Briarsheath she can be a pretty decent support piece. Most of my opponents just ignore her when they hear she's -2 to Hit and +1 Save in a wood which means she sticks around until higher priority targets are dead. I usually have regrowth or verdant blessing as her spell which means she can heal your threat units or increase your board presence with more woods. I've recently been playing around with her as a horde killer too. Give her Ranu's Lamentiri and Dweller's Below for the spell so she's casting it on a 5 instead of 7. And, unless I'm wrong, the wording of the spell means only one model has to be in range from the target unit. So she's 10 inches away from 40 skeletons and she gets to roll 40 dice; dealing 1 mortal wound per 6+.
  6. Congrats to everyone at LVO, but especially @SlaaneshCultist. As a fellow Bloodbound enthusiast, I was super excited to see them in the top 10. I think we could see a different spread of top armies at Adepticon. Last year Balewinds were not allowed. If it's the same this year, then Kroaknado won't be a thing and the Gaunt Summoner will be more manageable. Just my thoughts.
  7. Responding to @Gotrek, I think Slaughterpriests are correctly pointed and balanced. Yes Blood Boil can be scary but it's a 50% success/fail rate and a 16.7% chance they hurt themselves (outside of Gore Pilgrims I mean). And with a 5+ Save, they can die easily in combat or ranged. I also think Gore Pilgrims is balanced as well. "Within the context of Gore Pilgrims" means you are spending a minimum of 670 points for the re-rolling prayers and Bloodsecrator range increase, 770 if you take three. And, as others have pointed out, they must remain within 8" of the Bloodsecrator to maintain the banner increase; So the Slaughterpriests will usually be clumped around the Bloodsecrator. That means there is a 320-420 point clump of very important heroes in your deployment zone (e.g. not scoring in Duality of Death). Your opponent can swarm them easily and take them out in combat or focus them down with ranged. Blood Boil is a 16" threat range which is small compared to the threat range of strong ranged units (Kurnoth hunters 30" + teleport move, Judicators 24"+ 5" move, Skyfires 30"+16" move, etc...). It isn't hard for the Slaughterpriests to get picked off one by one. And, as each one dies, the Bloodsecrator range decreases 8" which lowers the effectiveness of your units that are out grabbing objectives (and makes them vulnerable to battleshock). TLDR; I think 100 points for Slaughterpriests is right, given they are squishy and can also hurt themselves with failed prayers (which happens!). Yes it sucks when you get triple blood boiled but that means you got close enough to let them do it! Take the Slaughterpriests out with ranged first, or swarm them in combat. SIDE NOTE: I know some people take issue with the fact that there is no rule of 1 for Prayers/abilities; and they cite Blood Boil as the main example. In my opinion, there are other abilities that are far more powerful than a 16" range 50% chance to do d6 mortal wounds. For example, the Orruk Warchanter's Frenzy of Violence ability that gives +1 to Hit on a unit; no rolling or anything, it just happens (and it can stack!) A 10 man unit of Brutes hitting on 2's is way scarier to me.
  8. I believe it can stack. It just says "pick a unit and add 3 inches". It's a similar mechanic to the Ironjawz Warchanter +1 to Hit ability. There is an FAQ that says duplicate spells/abilities can stack unless stated otherwise (pg 6, second column of AoS rules FAQ). An example of otherwise is the FAQ on the Bloodsecrator (pg 2, first column of AoS Chaos FAQ):
  9. I think he might be meaning a 4+ Save with 4+ spell save from shields?
  10. Wow, that's quick work man! I think the Azyr app still has issues so you're ahead of the curve. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  11. I always thought it was Coldplay because of Drycha's mood swings Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  12. What apps do you use? I use podcast addict and have had zero problems. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  13. Your show has been a great addition to my cast list. Keep up the good work! Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  14. I solely play bloodbound and I highly recommend the new book, for the reasons everyone stated. The way the meta currently is, a pure melee army needs ways to counteract that. The new tome gives you access to things like blood tithe, new battalions and artefacts that give options to do that. Things like longer pile ins and charges/attacks/blood tithe in the hero phase. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
  15. Do you have a particular interest in content? My favorites have changed over time. When I first started, top 3 were Garagehammer, Heelanhammer and Facehammer. Now they're probably Garagehammer, ScrubyAndWells, and Hard6. That's not to say others are bad at all. Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk
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