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  1. You are seeing this in the wrong order. I did not say any unit should be bad (Black knights), but the contrary. You are writing about Black Knights, I was referring to the use of Goregruntas as the standard of cavalry. The points were too high for Goregruntas in their first book. Being a brand new and small faction, GW listened and lowered their points. Which can not be taken totally out of context and compared to any other cavalry without any further considerations towards what faction they are from.- Regarding whether Black Knights -that were ****** poor- are any good now, I don't know. That is irrelevant to my point regarding using Goregruntas as a standard to be dissapointed about.
  2. Which has just been taken care of with LEGIONS OF NAGASH.
  3. First; Goregruntas - Goregruntas should be seen in the context of their faction, which has only eight playable units, which makes every single unit much more precious. That is why Goregruntas has a low points cost compared to other cavalries. GW wanting the faction to be playable to some extent (and sell models). Now for something else In the new White Dwarf leaks there is an article on the Malign Portents stating that the book comes with new spells and two new command traits, one that allows the general to steal the lifeforce of nearby friendly units. That is for all you deathly minions out there: "Look out Sire!"
  4. I think the best bloodline for Blood Knights is by far Mist Form: allows charging after a retreat. Together with the Blood Knight ability Martial Fury (The Damage of this unit’s Templar Lances or Blades is increased to D3 if it charged in the same turn. ) and the Standard Bearer (You can return one slain model to this unit in your hero phases.) Should look like this for your Blood Knights : charge - replenish - retreat - -charge - replenish - retreat - charge in all eternity. With the old rules from GHB this already worked great, When interchanging the two units charging/retreating. Now its crazy obliterating. Also like the +2 move and fly though.
  5. I think that's just GW focusing their casting on 40K and the new sculpts at the moment, to the point of other models taking the back seat- Dark Imperium is selling massively.
  6. I think that's just GW focusing their casting on 40K and the new sculpts at the moment, to the point of other models taking the back seat- Dark Imperium is selling massively.
  7. BUT! It states in french 'Le Generals Handbook présente des nouveaux styles de jeux..." Which means, "The Generals Handbook present the new wayS/styles of playing..." which would hint at more than just points. That said, I don't think the image looks very official. The weird white backlighting, the image that the book is superimposed upon is not very flattering etc etc. Doesn't really look like the right design that GW has been using lately. EDIT: Ah, just saw all the posts after the one I was answering as well as the one linking to an english version to the same image. The whole picture looks very official, and text says what I just listed, just ignore my post. I'll creep back into the shadows in shame.....
  8. ARE you Martin Grandbarbe? If so, I love your work mate. T
  9. Veeery nice! Did you use Martin Grandbarbe's ethereal paint scheme? Did you use air pistol for it, or is it possible to do it with brush? Very nice work!
  10. ...First time Frankenstein came to the big screen was in 1910... Just saying.
  11. "That one IS nasty though!" I shout out over my shoulder, while skulking away to my cave not to be seen again today.....
  12. Hah, I hadn't thought that through...... You're right of course. On a 1-3 wound model most spells will be powerful. Too tired to be active on the boards today. Will skulk over to my cave and not come out until I have more wits with me... Please disregard my post!
  13. A question for all you people with the rulebook in hands... Can you play a human battlemage? More specifically, the spell Final Transmutation seems pretty OP in a small skirmish sized game where every model counts as a unit in itself? PS: Sorry if this the wrong thread for this, and only partly on subject...
  14. the battalion says - and works- for units with the keyword 'Spiderfang Goblins'. Sadly there is no unit with that keyword anymore (they're called Spiderfang Grots), and because of this, it can't be used if you go by a strict reading of the rules (that I've read a lot of cons and tournaments do). Something to solve in the group.
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