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  1. 1k needs 4' x 4' or else it would be really squished. For me I echo those above. My wishlist would be : No batallions Max point cost of a unit Limit on behemoths Scale abilities that don't scale automatically Proper 4 x 4 mission maps Unique missions for 1k that don't resolve around 6 objectives or heroes with artefacts as there's too few units around at 1k for that.
  2. Totally don't agree with most of this comment. There nothing to suggest a skill differential between the two players - indeed the op states that if Paladork does take a more optimal list, then they have evenish games. The op is therefore skilled enough to work out what optimised lists look like and to give his opponent a good game. The problem is instead that the op doesn't enjoy or want to play those types of games because they enjoy more narrative-led games. Paladork and their opponent want different things out the game and it seems like they can't both get what they want out of the same game. My advice: @Paladork, have a frank and open discussion about what you want from the game with your friend and see if you can find a compromise as suggested above. But do be aware that just because he wants to play in a different style from you (e.g. more competitively) that doesn't (necessarily) make him "that guy" - there are many different but equally valid ways of playing. If you cannot find a compromise that works for you both (or your opponent really is Tg) , then personally I would not persevere playing against that person. There's no point in playing games that you don't enjoy. I'm sure there will be other players you can find who enjoy your style of game, it might just take a bit more work to find them. If you're in or near a big city, it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. For me wysiwyg is a yes / no thing. Either it is wysiwyg or it's not. If someone says an army is wysiwyg then I would expect no proxies/no armaments/no models to be anything other than what is modelled on the table in front of me.
  4. Personally I suspect those models were originally built for Underworlds and then re-purposed (I think their bases look like Underworlds bases and when we saw them at first we all assumed they were new warbands before they got AoS rules). Anyway I don't personally see any problem in Underworlds having its own look like Necromunda (p.s. plenty of munda players play Genestealer Cult)
  5. Clearly you've e not been paying enough attention to White Dwarf, Stormcast or Warhammer community... So either you're being very snarky about GW for the sake of it or your simply aren't paying enough attention to the GW sources about how they and why they are approaching balancing the game. Either situation, you need to give it a rest. Moving swiftly on (please), I'm looking forward to Forbidden Power a lot. I enjoyed the first set of Realm Wars campaign books but hopefully this will be much better written in line with the rest of aos 2 0.. Also is it me, or does it feel like the spells were perhaps originally designed as Legions of Nagash spells?,either way I need that boatman for my skeletons!
  6. There's nothing stopping the model paying enough movement to move one side of its base up the wall until it reaches a height that can allow the base to squeeze through the gap because of the angle it has reached, although you'd need to pay the movement to come back down the wall too, at least as far as I can see from the rules
  7. I'm expecting an entirely new gaming system (like kill team/necromunda compared to 40k rather than skirmish to aos) so I would be surprised if any of the existing rules port directly over
  8. One wish for warcry: make Lotan, and Warden of the Soul Ledgers, a good investment!
  9. A new Varanguard release would be an excellent tie-in for Warcry which is set in the Varanspire. Oh yeeeaahh!
  10. Woop. With so many battletomes to be released between now and October it's impossible to plan what to bring!
  11. Yeah this looks good. I've had my hand on the trigger of a Sylvaneth army ever since it came out and this might be just too tempting! Ruining my best attempts at sticking to Tzeentch...
  12. I can believe that darkoath models were repurposed into Warcry. GW have talked on Stormcast about how the rules designers received the Shadespire models and only then decided to base a game around them. Could easily be the same thing here for Warcry. Would explain as well why the new models are all chaos only. The 2nd run of warcry models may well expand that out, and be inspired by the game system itself, which was inspired by the original models.
  13. We saw a fallen statue in the Warcry trailer (giant sigmar head?) so perhaps they will be similar?
  14. I don't know if that was an intentional or unintentional spelling mistake but I love it and will use it when ever it is appropriate. Derp de derp derp derp.
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