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  1. Imagine if ...Black Knights and Slaangor were good... Is that asking too much? I can see that Black Knights doing mortal wounds is maximised by lots of small units and they take up a relatively large area too so good for screening but boy they're not chea points wise. I don't really see what Slaangors get from the new rules but might head over to the Slaanesh forum to find out Do I need to get the magnifying glass out on all the BR Kragnos pages now?
  2. I am wondering if in Matched Play, all units must fit inside a battalion of some sort
  3. Notwithstanding that AOS might be better, i agree, AoS 2 was overall, brilliant! this interview video is ambiguous as to whether existing battalions remain in matched play
  4. These things have been present since the very birth of AOS so no jumping the shark here. AOS was born post-shark jump
  5. so far it's been people getting angry about dwarf soup
  6. by posting this i've just realised I have 87 pages of these genius insights/guff to catch up on 😁
  7. As soon as I heard a spoiler went up I have avoided TGA until I could read BR - had to stay off here for two weeks! Would have been gutted if I'd had BR Kragnos spoiled so really hope you managed to enjoy it anyway!
  8. IMO the quality of short stories and battletome lore writing is at an all time high for AoS (can't speak for oldhammer as well but don't see how this can be disputed 2015 onwards). as you surmise, this goes for the full length fiction too (particularly Richard Strachan's books) Overall i really enjoyed this whole series. The only thing missing for me was a map of pre-siege Excelsis. That would have been great. Reading everyone's comments now, I can see how the Slaanesh stuff was a bit anti-climactic but other than that, I thought the quality of writing was good enough that
  9. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/GoOdPej7qcXOKbTT.pdf answers what happened to Sigvald and Glutos!
  10. I suspect this is just flavour. We've already seen some of the new stormcast and they don't look particularly vanguard-y
  11. warhammer+ needs to include access to wahapedia
  12. completely understand that Warhammer+ as a separate subscription channel is pushing it, but also I'd much rather give my money to GW rather than our corporate overlords amazon, so will be quite disappointed if it was only a prime channel also perplexed by how they think they can generate enough content for a full channel but i hope they pull it off! want to watch new stormcast cartoons at 10am every saturday with some sugary cereal
  13. the Richard Strachan book "The End of Enlightenment" has some great insight into OBR too. highly recommend it - Strachan is now my clear favourite AoS author, even surpassing Josh Reynolds' stuff
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