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  1. Misread that as Start Collecting: Varanguard and got super excited
  2. I dunno. That looks like nipples and a beard to me. My money is on this being another Spire Tyrant
  3. That would be awesome and also makes sense but my memory is telling me that for some reason gw don't really release new content at Christmas?
  4. I was looking through their warscrolls this very morning and was surprised at how much utility they have. Some the warcry warscrolls are really useful! First turn charge with a swarm of the untamed beasts yes plz. That would cost a command point for the Goretide to do the same with bloodreavers. Lots of cheap units of the Cypher Lords there to defbuff. Solid. Horde unit of the Splintered Gang regenerating a few wounds a turn and doing mortals on 6s. Useful. None of them are exceptionally strong but they've got decent warscrolls and they look amazing.
  5. I read the last two pages but couldn't see - so you know when this is being released? I'll be buying it just for the lore
  6. (I think my prev post didn't post for some reason) As far as my opinion goes, the AoS fiction is just getting better every time - almost every release is an improvement and the new stuff is way better than the old stuff. My current favourite are the Red Feast by Gav Thorpe and Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods by David Guymer. But all the new stuff is fun. They've really built up an excellent world. Personally I can see how in a few years time the Mortal Realms will be even better than the old world. Already places like Excelsis, Shadespire and Hammerhal have loads of stuff going on. But I accept as a possible criticism that you need to read the fiction books to get to the good stuff - although the latest core rule book has loads of inspirational stuff too.
  7. That would be a shame if so. I thought the main book was great and the short stories that accompanied it were too.
  8. There was a recent short story in white dwarf that involved female fyreslayers
  9. The alternative paint schemes look really good!
  10. It would be a bit of shame if season 1 warbands were cycled out. If its just the season 1 cards that get phased out, I don't think anyone can complain but hopefully they can keep season 1 warbands playable for season 3 too - that way the range is playable at tournaments for between 2.5 - 3 years which is pretty good. Even if they do get phased out,they all would have had a shelf life of over 1 year and most closer to 2 and are still supported in AoS, although I accept if you only play Underworlds that wouldn't help. I expect GW will tell us when Beastgrave is released. I wouldn't expect them to tell us any earlier what the next stage is or how it works tbh, not sure what benefit GW would get from that. I've collected most of the warbands so far (the ones I like the look of) but not all of them, and they all double up ij my AoS armies. and I'm completely overwhelmed with card choice, so personally I'd welcome a hard reset of Underworlds.
  11. I used to enjoy coming here to read this thread but boy oh boy is it full of repetitive whinging these days. It makes for an incredibly dull read and also makes this community appear very entitled and unable to cope with change. Makes me long for the old days; even just a year or two ago this thread community was much more fun. BTW I don't lay the blame on this change of attitude on gw, who have improved their communication over the time that this form has gotten so salty - let's face it, things are improving on the AoS scene, with only a handful of armies requiring battletomes and the general direction of the game pretty clear, plus there are now frequent updstes/reveald over what is happening and where the lines are going. All the positive vibes still exist out there in other threads on this forum and also WhatsApp or discord servers. Hell even Facebook comments are more fun than this thread. I don't know what has caused the change in tone for this thread - or maybe it's always been the same and I'm just less able to put up with it? Anyway I would seriously like to ask the mods: could they have a think about employing a heavier hand of moderation so that this thread can take a step back from the repetitive whinge-fest it has become?
  12. For me Ironjawz are a stone cold hit with no second thoughts at all! So consider this not agreed! 🤣
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