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  1. I don't understand what having Core as a keyword would bring to AoS. Surely the rules writers can already limit what buffs apply to which units just by using targeted keywords that already exist?
  2. ooooo I like this A LOT Now just to work out a way to get Decimators into combat with the Ironclads...(beyond the charge buff guy)
  3. I would definitely buy the Malign Portents stories if they bound those up into a single book. I think they have it away at Adepticon but I wish they'd sell it too.
  4. This is me being a bit pedantic but what you describe is not Sunk Cost Fallacy. You are describing a decision to invest in a less enjoyable game because it has a stable fan base so there will be more chance of finding players. In this context, Sunk Cost Fallacy would be when gamers continue to invest their time and money in Warhammer because they are worried that if they stopped doing this, their past investments of time and money would have been a waste. That said, I definitely think the Sunk Cost Fallacy applies and is one of the reasons why some wargamers persist with wargaming even when it no longer brings them joy. But that's slightly different from reasoning that you want to play a certain system cos you know it's gonna have enough players to get games regularly.
  5. I only played 40k before AoS - (a stint of WFB when I was a youngster but never really properly) I love AoS - the game, the models and lore are all top notch I'm v sad to not be playing it much right now but equally v excited that I have a gardenhammer date set up for later this week!
  6. As long as warscrolls remain free for everyone I'm happy for the subscription cost to increase to have more features
  7. I actually think they've scaled back (get it?) the scale creep over the last year. Nothing has increased in size over the Khorne Bloodreavers from the very beginning of AoS - if anything we've more recently got a whole host of smaller scale humans via warcry. Mortek Guard are smol too. Maybe that's why they're so cute?
  8. I would have thought Khorne will love playing against Lumineth - as long as they remember to bring their floating skulls along!
  9. And it also means you can model a gargant riding Cellenar!
  10. Interesting. For me my one criticism of the Gotrek model (other than having to magnetise him to both base sizes) is that he should be totally nude
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