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  1. It looks like the new Dreadfane box has interactive terrain rules so maybe that's a vision of what's coming in Beastgrave. Personally speaking I've fallen out of love of playing Nightvault but still love the models. I'd welcome a complete new rule set for Beastgrave with all previous cards being cancelled...but I'm not sure many would feel the same way!
  2. Imagine if there is a new range of seraphon models but they're all just reptile leather adornments for other models...
  3. I agree. I say bring on the bloat! I want the Mortal Realms to keep expanding because there's a lot of cool stuff to explore and I wouldn't want to miss out on that just because they were afraid of losing some mythical competitive balance
  4. In terms of playable warscrolls, they're a huge step up IMO. They're tidy simple and clean whereas the underworlds warscrolls try and cram in different options for every model! These guys are a cheap distraction unit as they should be
  5. Just realised I should have posted it here rather than the rumour thread... But anyway, I think there's Mongolian-style throat singing doing the bass drone at the end
  6. On the topic of where does the music from The Tithe Part 1 Necropolis, come from, I think at the end you can hear Mongolian style throat singing doing the bass drone. To me that suggests a more Asian and less Celtic origin. Not sure about the accent though. Could be chinese/mongolian/Eastern european/Indian filtered through a British actor
  7. I hate to derail again but I'm so confused how the STD guy is complaining... Didn't Games Workshop just release 8 new warscrolls for Slaves to Darkness along with around 50 new models for the Slaves to Darkness range? Most of which are outstanding?
  8. That would be perfect and give me a reason to bust out my old libs and rets
  9. That Bonesplitterz box makes 3 standard troops (Savage Orruks/Morboyz/Arrowboyz) plus leader, musician and standard bearer plus the Big Stabbas. So there is at least seven options just from that box plus they might be able to squeeze out a few other variations somehow
  10. Oh god. I hope you can do a full on gryph hljnd army. I've got 8 gryphounds that just sit there. Please tell me I can use a Neave Blacktalon model to lead them as a stand in raptor. I'll die of happiness.
  11. I feel the opposite. Almost everyone I know is at least intrigued and I'd say about half are actively excited. I guess I just am lucky!
  12. I thought the same thing. I wonder if they were originally going to release the new Death faction before Warcry but rejiggered it and so they've created some emergency Nagash cards to cover this (we all need emergency Nagash cards at times)
  13. Don't really agree with that. My impression of the Slaves to Darkness range - from marauders to knights/warriors to varanguard they're all chunky heavy hitters. Nothing like most of Warcry. The only similarity is the (much more recent) Darkoath models (Warqueen, Chieftan and Underworlds) which could be their own distinctive Warcry wrestling team. I think Khorne Bloodbound could be a Warcry wresting team too.
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