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  1. Haha it's definitely going to be Nurgle again. Everyone knows Nurgle needs a bit of love with new rules and where is that going to go except in the inevitable Alarielle book. On the plus side maybe they will fix sylvaneth. Morathi was a great start for Idoneth so wishing good luck to the trees.
  2. I don't think there will be any new battletomes now before 3.0 in the summer. We're likely going to see all the major factions get some kind of greater or lesser rules update in these books to keep them ticking over until the new battletome in 3.0. Honestly as an Idoneth player let me tell you the last thing you want is to be a battletome released just before the new edition.
  3. We need a rumour bingo card of skygrots, Idoneth endless spells and vampirates.
  4. I mean he seems 100% confirmed now. Interesting to see how he will fit in with the new slaanesh aesthetic. I guess this also matches the precedent for new chaos armies in January as set by Tzeentch and Nurgle in 2017 and 2018 respectively.
  5. That would be super cool, but pretty much goes against modern GW. There are hardly ever optional parts on the new kits.
  6. You could have something like a single vampire or necromancer with a load of zombies as a warband. Or a mixture of monsters like the bloodbowl team. Given we had the kurnothi and snarlfang I wouldn't be surprised if they throw in a couple of warbands that aren't directly connected to aos armies in themselves.
  7. I'm sure a Slaaneshi ogor model is coming up as part of this release in some way. Noth the ogor battletome and the morathi book specifically mention ogors as part of the Slaaneshi warbands.
  8. For Underworlds they used to release two new warbands around the same time as the starter set. It seems like its changed now to be a slower rollout and warbands releasing on their own rather than in pairs. I still hope we get to find out if there is an Idoneth warband in this season.
  9. It seems like elves in aos are like Eldar in 40k now. If they die their souls automatically go to Slaanesh unless something happens to stop that. Hence the deepkin doing their best to keep all their fallen souls in the coralaium. I'm not clear on exactly how it works, but it seems to be the case that living deepkin can communicate with the stored souls of their ancestors. These can also then be used for powerful magic, such as summoning the eidolons. I'm guessing it was quite a big deal for Volturnos to get the original souls back. Plus it seems like they only wanted the lantern to stop Teclis having it. So overall, other than the casualties of battle, it seems like the deepkin got what they wanted. I'm not really sure why they would want to side with Morathi long term unless she has a specific plan in mind. Though I suppose "I'll pay you in souls" is a good enough reason as any.
  10. What have we got left? Death guard for pre-order next week maybe. Underworlds in December and general Christmas stuff? Presumably some sort of preview on Christmas. Slaanesh for aos and the next broken realms plus the two 40k books in January?
  11. The battleforces are existing stock models. All they would need to do is package and distribute them. So we will have to wait and see, but I don't think covid would have specifically caused an issue in that area.
  12. Just a bit of lockdown fun with tongue planted in cheek. It's a pretty broad question so feel free to go for a specific character, a model or maybe even something that only exists in black library. Personally as much as I love Idoneth It's a bit hard to stare lovingly into a pair of sockets. Plus there are only so many soul raids you can go on before date night starts to get a bit samey. I'd have to go for witch elves to be honest. Toned body, lots of hair, a little bit of a dominant streak... what's not to like? I wouldn't mind taking one for a ride on my eel if you know what I mean.
  13. The punch stuff could be for Idoneth, I thought that too. Along with the crab claw. Probably for the Underworlds warband.
  14. I dont really disagree with the comments about MW output and power creep. I haven't been able to play a proper game since Feb, so I don't have much experience against the latest offenders for it. I think the original intent for mortal wounds was that they would either come from magic (which can be countered by unbinding) or from rare critical hits on elite units. Part of the issue is that magic has now reached a point where the armies who use it can pretty much guarantee their effects will go off, while everyone else ignores magic entirely. For instance with deepkin there is basically no point in taking either of our wizards because if you play against a few different armies your chance of casting anything is zero. The other thing to bear in mind is that as a low model count army we are naturally going to suffer against mortal wounds, so imbalance in that area is bound to hurt us more than others. At the end of the day we are the second oldest book in play and I think we have to accept being on the weaker end of things for awhile. I wouldn't be surprised to see changes to the basic mechanics of magic in the new edition though.
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