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  1. The only thing that makes me question 40k getting a new edition is the fact that the space marine codex is so new. I'd have thought if they were going to do a new edition it would come with a load of new marine models, new marine starter set and a new marine book. I still think they will announce 9th Ed 40k at Adepticon though and do the aos 2.0 style thing where the codices are kept in use. I don't really care though to be honest. It's hard to be into 40k when everything they release is so relentlessly focused on marines. Plus pretty much every decent army list is soupy as ****** and includes over priced forge world nonsense. In aos they do a good job of focusing on all the factions evenly and making sure you can run thematically coherent armies and still do well.
  2. There is so much stuff you can do with the Varanguard if they get the hero keyword. It's going to get errata'd. Pretty sure that Nurgle one will too.
  3. That's the opposite of good news! *seclusion intensifies *
  4. Joke answer - Grimgor Ironhide Serious answer - Archaon wins 100%. He smashed up Nagash who is a so called "god" so therefore would beat a general created by Nagash. Also Archaon literally destroyed a planet and has only gotten stronger since then it seems. He beat Sigmar up and is seemingly on a similar if not greater level of power in the AoS setting. When it comes to combat prowess I don't think there is a single individual stronger than Archaon in the setting. How it will go - GW doesn't want to ****** off all the death players who have become OBR fan boys over night due to their op rules. At the same time they don't want to ****** off the chaos players who are buying a book specifically marketed towards them. Plus chaos can't actually lose the eight points because then GW would have to explain where Archaon and the chaos armies have all moved to and it would mess up Warcry. So this means (as others have called) you get a quite boring story where OBR win a lot of early victories, then inevitably Archaon shows up and wins. It will end with a note to pacify death players that they got a death artefact / secret objective / foothold that means it was all worth it.
  5. I know it's a bit off topic but I am disappointed at the lack of Ynnari stuff since the first release, so this would be welcomed.
  6. We all know there are more campaign books coming. At least one which will be order vs destruction, possibly more. I wouldn't feel too downhearted if this one focuses on chaos.
  7. Yeah possible. I hope not though. GW really short changed the idoneth with a poorly balanced battletome and a release just before 2nd edition.
  8. I still think this and Could be idoneth if we're lucky.
  9. Weekly reminder that the text doesn't ever relate.
  10. The sort of "staff" part looks too elegant and smooth to be destruction in my view. The rock looks too rough to be Lumineth though. I'm wondering if it's something Ynnari maybe? I'd love it to be idoneth, but I can't seen any design elements in common and the swirl looks more magic than water. The only hope I have for idoneth is the rumour engine pic that featured coral.
  11. Totally stumped on that. I don't recognise any of the design elements.
  12. That doesn't make much sense because the lore about Tyrion, Teclis and Malerion says they couldn't find any aelves. That was in the age of myth. Anyway now we have Lumineth I imagine they will phase out all the old WHFB elves.
  13. If anything aelves are like eldar now. DoK = Dark eldar Idoneth = Ynnari (sort of with the souls to bring back the dead god / neither dark nor light) Lumineth = Craft worlds
  14. Kind of hoping the river subfaction allows you to use idoneth units. A bit like the KO subfaction that uses fyreslayers.
  15. Ha! I knew it they can't feel emotion. So called perfect elves are just as tainted by slaanesh as the rest of us.
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