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  1. I will quit AoS if this goes into Matched Play.
  2. The war cry sculpts were designed prior to war cry as a game coming into existence. Originally intended to be for a darkoath release, but now repurposed to allow for an AoS killteam.
  3. If a KoS is that large how does it... y'know... with mortals?
  4. Double turn is quite irritating, that said in 40k I found that going first is a colossal advantage most of the time. It effectively puts you one turn of shooting ahead, which for some armies can basically guarantee a win. It's very easy to kill one or two of your opponents units before they even get a turn. I am marginally in favour of getting rid of the double turn but it's such a characteristic part of AoS now. I've learnt to live with it basically.
  5. Greetings fellow Germans. I'm about to start my freeguild army and was thinking about paint schemes. Does anyone know of a good source for images on this? I'm leaning towards black uniform with red finishings and maybe a gold beast plate.
  6. Well I personally wouldn't cut out a horse's eyes and then mentally break them.
  7. As far as I can tell nothing in the core rules states you can't roll all your runs before deciding if and how to move. So for example seeing how far my unit of thralls will run and then doing the same for my eels, then moving both in the order I choose. Or for charges roll each unit, then decide which ones will charge and move them in order. Obviously this would be very beneficial for positioning. Thoughts?
  8. I think what we will see is a named KoS as all three other greater daemons have a named version. Then potentially a new plastic herald. If there was going to be a big mortal release they would have shown at least one I think.
  9. I don't think Slaanesh will get any mortals, if you count the enrapturess, fiends, KoS, masque, Xerxes, mirror buddies, endless spells and scenery piece that's 8 new boxes.
  10. Daughters of Khaine have the medusa and masked thing going on, idoneth have Greek hoplite style warriors. Slaanesh has Xerxes and the cow person KoS. Elves are Greeks and their enemy Slaanesh are the Persians. Mind blown.
  11. As an Idoneth deepkin fan I want everyone to be underwater but I blub bloob glub glub.
  12. I would wager we all know at least one person who will buy nearly all the new armies / army models GW release. Even if they later sell them on via ebay or Facebook. Keeping a lid on things until just before release probably helps maintain these high spenders as a customer base. Because of the resale market for GW product I would also suspect that people who buy the new shiny thing now, then want the next shiny thing, probably end up buying both as well.
  13. I agree that from a fan perspective Fyreslayers deserved more units to give them improved diversity. However, from a business perspective it may not be justifiable to release new units from a range which is unpopular and may continue to be so going forward. If the criteria for releases is that they will only happen if the whole range gets some new units, that might mean some just never get touched. It may be far easy to balance business with doing right by fans and agree that the minimum for all factions will be a new book, scenery and spells.
  14. People clearly do want that because otherwise they wouldn't be doing it.
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