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  1. Theory: allocate the first wound you receive to the arch revs flying buddy so you lose the keyword and can sit in the woods without being shot.
  2. It could be Ogors vs orruks. The pact of bones that has been broken being an alliance between the two. That way we would see a new plastic sculpt to support the battletome release for those two factions as well. I don't think they would do a box with an all new faction as one side and then an older WHFB faction as the other.
  3. They are ****** soup tomes without new models though...
  4. Does anyone know if there is an actual preview seminar at the event? Possibly our best hope for a big announcement.
  5. I think a lot of the small third party stores attempted to expand by offering a good level of online discount 20%+. However, this can mean you have a small shop staffed according to the customers in store trying to deal with large online orders from all over the country. Best thing to do is complain and if that doesn't work raise it on social media.
  6. Warriors of Chaos, Bonesplittez, new death and aelves reunited.com.
  7. No one I know seems to greatly care about Warcry. The belief seems to be that it may get played for a few months and then drop out of popularity. Whereas with AoS you can largely expect the same people to be playing it for years. Maybe it appeals more to an audience unfamiliar with wider AoS.
  8. Follow up question... If not a new grand alliance then what is the narrative pay off? So for example we got endless spells and nighthaunt from malign portents. Where is the story about sigmar losing allies going?
  9. Latest fluff seems to suggest Teclis and Alerielle are unhappy with Sigmar. We also have older fluff suggesting Malerion was plotting against Sigmar in some way. Furthermore, if all the rumoured aelf factions are released we'd have the following list: Daughters of Khaine, Idoneth Deepkin, Sylvaneth, Old Dark, High and Wood elfs that still have kits (aelves), Malerion aelves and Hysh aelves. That's six unique battletomes as possibilities, more if they don't soup the older kits. This would leave Order as Stormcast, Free People, Fyreslayers, Dispossessed, Kharadron, Seraphon. Also six factions. From a gameplay perspective it would also make all the grand alliances must closer in size than they currently are. It also perhaps makes it easier to balance without ending up with order soup (like Imperium soup in 40k) eventually ending up as very powerful. So what does everyone think? Is this a real possibility?
  10. I'm not targeting anyone in particular but there seem to be a lot of apologists for GW on this forum. Why defend them? GW are making record profits yet now decide to push up prices on a scale we've never seen before. Paints, start collecting, existing kits, forge world... None of us benefit from these continual price increases.
  11. So 2005 to 2018 would turn £18 into £26.40 using BoE calculations on inflation. If anyone can recall the actual date of release then we could have a clearer idea. That said old woods were presumably hand sculpted and made in the UK. New sculpts are digitally sculpted and made in China. So they should be cheaper to produce all things considered. (otherwise GW wouldn't have moved to China in the first place). So I do think it is an increase in real terms £25 would probably have been the sweet spot. But who can say? Inflation varies based on industry. I'm still pissed off.
  12. What a joke, was thinking they would be £25 rrp in line with similar models. Genuinely just rinsing us for cash.
  13. Most FEC summoning isn't that great too be fair. I'm not scared of some ghouls etc. Given they were already struggling a bit vs the newer books I don't think FEC are going to dominate from now on. Skaven will still be too good, but at least the top lists have seen a fairly good bump in points. Slaanesh and fyreslayers will remain strong.
  14. Anyone wish that skaven went up more? The horde spam is just not engaging to play against. Especially with the death frenzy spell.
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