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  1. I don't know why you would bother faking something like that. The cost to produce it all is probably more than it's worth. I reckon it might have been a tester model that they didn't go for.
  2. GW are using the same companies to produce this stuff, like "wargames factory". Presumably you could search based on the exporting company and find everything that way? Unless they hide stuff by calling it unrelated names,but if that was the case we wouldn't have found any of this stuff. I also searched "idoneth" and "deepkin" to no avail. So no endless spells for us any time soon...
  3. Seems really odd to me, unless there are going to be 4 or 5 new kits that are all giant. I don't really see how they would work as a standalone army. I suppose for starters giving them a rule for capturing objectives, like Ogors... Eh seems legit though so I suppose we will see.
  4. I'm surprised Icegoat hasn't popped in to confirm seraphon as being squatted. GW would never have given them a rules revamp in GHB 19 if they were being squatted. They were also one of the first battletomes for age of sigmar. If anything I expect that seraphon will get a larger release. Maybe similar to DoK where a few kits are added to the existing range.
  5. What I want to see: Dragon of some sort. Infantry unit similar to swordmasters. Maybe a nice wizard with high movement I could ally into idoneth. What I don't want: Annoying scenery piece that is hard to transport. Models which break easily. Cool models with bad rules that never get played.
  6. One day you'll see. I'll get my endless spells and who'll be laughing then? Your little "meme" will be over and the time of the d3 mortal wounds 18 inch effective range generic fish spell will be nigh.
  7. I honestly don't have any issue winning games. I am confident in my ability to win games regardless of which army I play, though obviously if I was going to a lot of major tournaments that wouldn't be the case. The difference is that 40k has always been the same game over those 18 years, but aos is a totally different game to WHFB. I also don't hate WHFB. I liked the lore of WHFB at the time and had WHFB armies. I didn't like the rules of WHFB or how impenetrable / toxic the community became. I want aos to be it's own game, with it's own lore and it's own identity. What I do hate is the group of players from WHFB who have wanted aos to fail from the beginning. Those who regularly went on rants, in person and online, about how stupid the game I was enjoying is. Who go on and on about how stupid my army is. Those who continue to spread rumours about new armies selling badly. If it was up to me would I squat a lot more stuff? Yes I would. But I'd also make a lot more new aos armies to replace them. I'm not in charge of ****** though, so you can rest easy 😉
  8. CoS is an incredibly competitive army. Also counter question, instead of waiting for a battletome for an army that was a carry over why not buy an army designed for the game? If you don't like aos armies then why play aos? I don't mean that as a personal attack, they are the questions I pose to many of the posters. I don't mean the newer the army the better it should be. Just that armies released since 2015 should be the ones the game is designed for, while those prior to 2015 should be seen more as "legacy". I agree about the balance though, its very hit and miss as to which armies end up on top. Anyway this is going to be my last reply. I think it's evident that the majority are against what I'm saying, at least on this forum. I do hope that GW try to improve balance in general either way.
  9. I'm not saying WHFB models should have rules so bad they are a total joke. More like if you have two equal skilled players and one is playing an old WHFB army and the other an army made for aos then the aos army should be better on paper. Is it really good for the game that a new player to aos who picks up either Nighthaunt or Stormcast will soon discover they are far worse than ancient WHFB armies like cities of sigmar or skaven?
  10. OK well basically no one agrees. I'll try to go back to having good ideas like Tyrion being in charge of the Idoneth.
  11. I did lol. Also I don't want it all to be squatted, just to be worse than armies designed for aos until they receive a thematic update. I don't want skaven to cease existing, just for them to be weaker until they get thematic update.
  12. The only reason I am responding to this post is to debunk any rumours about new armies selling badly. There is absolutely no evidence for that. What we do know is that GW profits keep increasing dramatically over the last few years. Now why would GW persist with a strategy of releasing new armies each year if a significant proportion of the new armies released thus far sols badly? Why would they decide the solution to elves selling badly is to release more elves? Why dilute your elf playing base? You would instead try to sell the existing elves as you've already spent a lot of money paying designers and building moulds etc. Alternative take the elves actually sold well so they want to replicate those profits by tapping into the same vein. This actually matches the picture of increased profits rather than the doom and gloom.
  13. I get what you are saying. I'm not suggesting they should make these armies unplayable. More like they should be lower tier than the new armies. And not that the newest army is always the best. Just a clear line between armies released before summer 2015 and armies released since then. Basically so the old armies are there for people who want to use their old models, but not to encourage them being chosen over the newer factions. Does that make more sense? Genuinely not a troll topic. I am most familiar with idoneth out of all the new armies, so I used them as an example. I am dissatisfied with their battletome, but not because it isn't competitive enough. I wish it had better balance and its a shame that such a small model range is made smaller but dodgy rules, but that isn't the point. I believe many of the new aos armies should have better rules, stormcast, KO, Nighthaunt...
  14. To be clear I'm not saying old armies should be squatted. I liked in more in aos 1 where you could play old models but doing so meant you didn't have access to a battletome and solid rules. Then if GW decides to refresh the concept with a new model release the army gets a battletome. Basically like gloomspite. It seems mad to me now that as a new player you might be better off buying some 20 year old plastic kit that barely fits the aos setting than picking up stormcast, fyreslayers or idoneth. For example phoenix guard, an old high elf kit, are about three or four times stronger than nemarti but are only slightly more points. Plus they have better buffs from cities of sigmar than thralls do from the idoneth tome. To me these new armies should be the most competitive and then old armies should only be supported enough to let you use an existing collection. Not to encourage new players to buy them over proper aos armies. You also have a load of players hanging around now who don't really like AoS and like to hurl insults at stormcast, idoneth etc. Salty WHFB players who are probably the most negative people still in the hobby. (to be clear I'm not saying everyone who plays an old army is like this, just that these people exist and would only play old armies).
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