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  1. What is a woman? BoC removed with index at the launch of 4.0.
  2. Obviously Wave 3 for LRL. Like I say IDK have been squatted. There is zero interest at GW in supporting them.
  3. Personally I don't count those as releases for AoS as they don't add anything to the army. IDK need some serious love or they risk becoming a forgotten army.
  4. Sylvaneth, LRL, DoK all getting significant kit support since their initial range launch as well as continued narrative focus. IDK had no battletome or model release in all of 2nd edition. In 3rd they've had a battletome and a single foot hero. They are the most neglected faction released specifically for AoS.
  5. This was a spider incarnate model. It might be scrapped or potentially repurposed into something else later.
  6. I can't speak to Tome Kings as I know almost nothing about them. Personally I like that GW are making Brettonia a good faction and having a clearer divide. No one has to be perfect, but I don't like that most of the GW lore seems to be about making factions bad, badder and, worse. Even Stormcast in AoS went from shining golden heroes to soulless killers by 2.0. Having everyone be "morally grey" doesn't immediately make a setting better or more mature.
  7. GW makes a new IDK character but she's useless in IDK. Clap.
  8. GW hate IDK and won't ever give them new kits.
  9. 99% it's Stormcast Vs New faction or new subfaction. Probably chaos duardin or something. Aside from that I do hope we get a dawnbringer book that advances the alliance of DoK / IDK Vs LRL.
  10. Huffing some hopium these two pics could be an IDK hero.
  11. Agree, more just giving them another identical foot hero is a bit silly.
  12. GW giving Fyreslayers another ginger lad. Meanwhile IDK still don't have a crab hero.
  13. I don't think IDK are going to get any new kits for a long, long time. Same with KO. They aren't priority factions for GW.
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