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  1. This sounds real, but if true I'm out of aos for a bit.
  2. Idoneth and Fyreslayers are going to get more than a single new model right guys?
  3. If the box has crabs that would be pretty sweet tho.
  4. Looking at it I'm pretty sure it will be twin swords on the back and they've just edited out the model. Don't know what the new hero unit will be, I was expecting an Ishrann Embaillor but they use a weapon called a pain staff in lore.
  5. It's going to be the one new model for Idoneth in the battlebox.
  6. Just going to put it out there that it could be crab or crab related.
  7. Malerion is a chaos God. Checkmate fellow nerds.
  8. I mean... I think we all want Idoneth veil lady and beef cake stormcast lady to kiss right?
  9. I know! What is this madness? I thought GW hated us. Hopefully she doesn't die in episode one.
  10. Confirmation of ogre pirates and the previous Harrowdeep rumour?
  11. I'm still a bit ehhh about getting another wave of new armies. Expand the existing ones please!
  12. Seems plausible. GW like campaign books at the moment. We know chorfs and Malerion are coming at some point. Only thing I'm not sure on is the combined dwarf book. I'm sure Whitefang is hinting at Fyreslayers.
  13. That would be super cool, but I feel like Fyreslayers is probably more likely than Chorfs.
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