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  1. Someone summoned me from my exile. Idoneth endless spells?!
  2. I think we all know cities of sigmar is just a plot to get players with old WHFB armies to play stormcast. Week 1: "oh... Sure I'll take a box of longstrikes for my city army, they'll go with my freeguild". Month 3:"oh well... I can take as many stormcast units as I want with the city I like and still use my old guys. Might as well get a few more boxes". Month 12: "I used to play freeguild but then I got into stormcast and they just so so much better! Plus you the new battletome you can also buy super cool battletome supplements for each stormhost!"
  3. Kurnoth died in the age of chaos, killed by Nurgle peeps. They could bring him back, replanted a bit like Alerielle. Personally I think it's more likely Orion will be a named character for them who leads their forces.
  4. I agree, though when you compare the style of some of the Warcry bands with the darkoath models there is a clear difference in style. I wonder if darkoath were seen as a bit cartoony, so they decided not to go that direction with a large scale release. I feel like at somepoint the tone and focus of aos changed. If you compare sequitors with liberators the newer models certainly seem a bit more grimdark. Re: responses to my original comment. The real proof of whether kurnothi are a one off for shadespire or the precursors of a new faction will come in the warscrolls. With Zarbag's we saw a lot of new keywords that previously didn't exist, madcap shaman, loonsmasha fanatic etc. If kurnothi have multiple new keywords I think we can expect them as a launch.
  5. So new faction right? We saw Zarbag's for Underworlds before we saw Gloomspite. The question is when. I'm going to guess January 2020.
  6. It's painted so not a release that is a long, long way off. Looks elfy, so I'm going to say part of the beast grave warband.
  7. They won't do a battlebox of years old ogor models vs brand new death models.
  8. Nurgle are struggling, LoN are overpowered with a few units, DoK seem really strong but have a lot of "trap" units. Idoneth are in a bad place which is heavily masked by one particular list doing well at tournaments. Many Idoneth units are basically unplayable.
  9. Re: books released just before 2.0, Idoneth, Nurgle, LoN, DoK etc. I think they will want to give these factions endless spells at somepoint, DoK and LoN potentially will get scenery also. Given that GW said they expect to have all tomes at 2.0 standard by the end of 2020 I suspect we will see releases for these armies mid to late next year. 2 years for a book to be valid is legitimate, plus I doubt it would take them until late 2020 to update all the factions if we discount the borderline ones.
  10. I know it's frustrating but there is no way they will leave std behind. In some ways the longer is goes on the better chances you have of a bigger chaos unaligned release. Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and now Slaanesh all got fairly meaty releases with new kits, Skaven got a tome, new hero and spells. When it comes to the next chaos faction to get a large scale release it almost certainly has to be StD. (as I said earlier I do expect a small release for tzeentch first).
  11. The problem with StD that makes it unlikely they will just get a new book is that GW have to balance their units for four other factions. If they make positive changes to chaos warriors, knights etc then these models could accidentally unbalance khorne, Tzeentch and so on. At the same time they don't want to take marks of chaos away when players have been able to build armies for the other chaos gods including StD models. As such I do think that when we see a chaos unaligned book it will have some new models. That does mean it could be a long way off though. I expect tzeentch as the chaos tome.
  12. Agree, seems like a one week double battletome release to me. I do really hope this wanderers rumours come true, but I don't see another major release in 2019 after this new death faction.
  13. Normally you'll be looking at a grey seer on screaming bell and verminlord warpseer as the core leaders. After that it's mostly combinations of max sized plague monk and clanrat units. They buff up the plague monks so they are doing 7 attacks each, 3s and 3s with some rerolls. They also cast death frenzy and super death frenzy. This means each model can pile in and attack twice when slain. Best bet? Try to be in a position to block spells and to kill the leader units before fighting the hordes. Much easier said than done. That said your opponent might be a fluffy casual who is running doomwheels and the like. In which case you'll be fine.
  14. This is why I hate Skaven players.
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