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  1. Anyone else wondering why Morathi and Kroak are buddies now?
  2. I honestly can't see why they wouldn't reprint it. Blackstone fortress is still around even now right? Plus they will want to sell expansions for cursed city.
  3. Interesting thing to note. If AoS 3rd is expected in July, that doesn't give much time for them to release Be’lakor and Kragnos plus at least one other book (assuming witch hunters aren't part of either of those). Plus if we are getting new Monday previews for BR models that implies more books than just the two we know are coming. This to me suggests if we are getting aos 3 it may not be in July.
  4. Hey @Icegoat nice to see humans aren't getting any new models for aos right?
  5. I have a feeling they will do a preview next Saturday.
  6. I'm going to say it's not jdoneth as it looks crude. Also, every time I call idoneth I'm wrong. So maybe this time if I'm wrong I'll be happy.
  7. I get why people are annoyed at LRL. My one hope for aos 3 is they try to bring more back and forth into the game. Magic has basically reached a point where you either pretty much guarantee being able to do all your spells or you don't play magic at all. Likewise they can't seem to balance shooting at all. It always seems to land in horribly overpowered or totally useless territory. I honestly feel like aos could really benefit from shooting being you go, I go. Also let's just get rid of fight first from the game. Every faction that has had access to reliable fight first, ID, FEC, S
  8. I feel like Kurnothi are coming and that centaur guy hints at it. They have done a fair bit of lore building around Kurnothi over the last year or two and Cursed City also brings in another model. It doesn't make sense to me from a brand perspective to introduce Kurnothi and then release new "beast people" that look similar to but aren't Kurnothi. That said, Kragnos sounds like something different. So I'm thinking possibly a new faction for destruction vs Kurnothi as the start of aos 3?
  9. I'm sure they will do aos media eventually. Given this is a new venture it makes sense to use their most established IP at the beginning and then branch out later. AoS as a tabletop game has become extremely successful, but outside of that medium it has very little appeal. A lot of people who play the 40k video games, read the books and watch the media may never have played a game of tabletop 40k.
  10. Hey guys look at all these cool new models! Except we aren't selling them. At least you can grab a new coin and a free model! Except our shops aren't open.
  11. We're still missing at least two elf factions (kurnothi and Malerion) plus we need Tyrion lumineth. I hope they focus on making sure elves are supported before doing any other order stuff.
  12. The warscroll for the wardens doesn't state it can target a non visible unit, it says it treats that unit as being visible. So I think it bypasses our faq. Yes I went and read a bit more after your post. You can the "true los" from the core rules, then the overgrown / warscroll visibility rules in the GHB and elsewhere. I'm still a bit confused by the Palisade because it doesn't say anything about visibility, it says "cannot see". Do we take that to mean the same thing? I'm kinda inclined to think lumineth can do this combo based on our discussion so far?
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