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  1. About 11 months old and still no confirmation if it's for Idoneth
  2. I hope we get some big breasted Hammer horror style vampire ladies.
  3. Have I missed something lately? According to these stats Idoneth have become a S tier army. Obviously the broken realms morathi changes were appreciated, but I didn't think they would shift us much.
  4. Remember the "typo" from that book that said Malerion was a chaos God? Maybe it wasn't a typo and Malerion / Belakor are part of chaos as a new shadow daemon thingy. Of course this makes little to no sense and is almost certainly untrue, but I am getting a bit tired of all the Malerion teases without them going anywhere.
  5. The decision to show a dead chaos warrior on the base of Belakor is quite interesting. You would have thought he naturally ties into the slaves to darkness range, but maybe this is suggesting something else?
  6. Can you remove the whole page pop up ads, they are quite intrusive.
  7. Idoneth Fishlords? Ok... forget it GW hate us now.
  8. Lol. That explains why Idoneth are mid tier at best even when playing the most competitive lists possible.
  9. I feel like a Soulblight vs Kurnothi box could be a thing.
  10. I used to do historical reenactment as a pikeman. Got pretty comfortable marching and fighting with a 16 ft pike. I can confirm they naturally droop to a greater or lesser extent.
  11. Its hard to know what a new edition actually means now. 7th to 8th in 40k and 1st to 2nd in AoS had some really big changes. 8th to 9th 40k has been minor. Battletomes / codexes carry between editions now too. I wonder if now it's more of a marketing thing than anything else. A new edition being a time when lapsed / curious players are more likely to get back in.
  12. I don't think that Grotbag Scuttlers are actually intended as an army. For KO and Idoneth they threw in some stuff to explain how they could be under attack on their home turf. It's like how in the Idoneth book there is a whole sentient race called Kelpdar or the skaken submarine forces. It's just fluff. As for Malerion and AoS 3 I'm thinking maybe this is going to be 2022. We already have 3 major releases for aos scheduled, not including stuff like DoK. I wouldn't be shocked to see nurgle and Idoneth battletomes chucked in later this year either.
  13. Every single female stormcast looks like a man. Seriously, they look like they've been injecting testosterone.
  14. Does anyone else suspect The Old World might turn out to be small scale models (like warmaster) or something? Now they are talking about Kislev and Cathay, which is presumably in addition to the core old factions like Empire, Brets, High elves etc. We'd be talking about a game as big as WH40k and AoS. Presumably needing at least two factions to come out at once to get it started. I can't see how the specialist games team can run that or GW have the production capacity. Also arent they worried about splitting their playerbase? I'm starting to feel like the old world is going to be something quite different and there could be some real rage when that difference comes to light.
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