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  1. #WetforWhitefang My dad who works for Nintendo says you are full of it.
  2. GW hate Idoneth now, they are Teclis IRL. Facts.
  3. In all seriousness it's pretty cool setting for the new season. Weird that the Idoneth were part of Beastgrave rather than this setting though.
  4. It's bad right? I don't mean power level bad. I'm sure Stormguard spam is going to do a job. There might be a Vindictor spam build and possibly some meme lists with annihilators. But it's the most bland and inspired rules I've ever seen in either 40k or AoS.
  5. The in app army builder doesn't seem to be very good. It doesn't seem to understand "battleline if" and reinforcement. Otherwise the rules and stuff are fine, I'm not going to pay for it unless they just make all the rules included as part of the sub. I will happily pay money for access to rules if it's done fairly, I'm not willing to buy every book that comes out at £30 rrp just to be able to check my opponent's rules.
  6. Paying once to use the app, then having to buy battletomes on top to even use their rules in the app seems trash to me. I'll stick to the alternative.
  7. You can download it on Google play and sign in right now. It seems very good. If they make it so you have to sub to WH+ and pay to unlock the book rules as well then it will be trash. For now you can see all the rules and warscrolls on there for free. There is also a working army builder.
  8. For cities of sigmar I think it would be cool if a plastic release is formed around a specific city. So rather than "Here are some German looking guys you can use in any army" why not "These are Camel rider dudes with flame grenades from Aqshy".
  9. I don't care whether it's for ToW or AoS but I need these Cathay units to actually be models. If these dragon peeps are that powerful maybe they survived the end times? Please GW, we need more colorful and exotic looking armies that aren't just medieval dudes.
  10. I think it's a stormcast with her helmet off from the new Underworlds warband.
  11. Exactly let's go. It isn't an elf release if it's sea monsters.
  12. Personally the only thing that could get me into warcry would be a seafood buffet of Idoneth sea creatures.
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