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  1. Still severely disappointed the gliding flyer is mechanicus... it would be a perfect AOS fit, and I don't see how the AdMech would sanction it for combat
  2. Of course they have this big stuff the one year I can't make it down to PAX Unplugged i stg... Hoping there's no exclusive models and it's only 'exclusive' previews
  3. is there a consensus about the new tree rumor being 40k or AOS? Some of these rumor pics feel like they could be AOS aelves OR 40k Exodites... if GW wants to actually expand 40k xenos that is.
  4. ok that's pretty sick, thanks for the catch-up lol! Trying to read more lore but it's a lot to dig through their community posts to get the chronology right.
  5. is it confirmed Katakros was the entity?? Because the OBR intro lore sounds like he's been traveling around with the army
  6. So maybe the tusked rumor is a better chance at being Seraphon than LOTR or (Exodite?) 40k?
  7. I hope Made to Order is how they decide to do any releases honestly. It would cut down on waste and be a smart business choice as well. Stores could stock some items, but the majority you could get MtO and get it shipped for free to your local store. It feels like they have enough stock in the wild at the moment that even any current boxes could be Made to Order.
  8. Stormcast box should be a true SC for Sacrosanct. Maybe it will even allow Soul Wars to have the proper unit numbers. But that would be weird numbers... 12 sequitors, 2 or 7 evocators, and 4 castigators Not sure if it'd even make me return my unopened SC Vanguard box to buy this Battleforce, even if the models were actually from the boxed sprues. edit: people are hoping for dracs in the box, I can see that but definitely not Aventis. Maybe Astreia for the dracs since she buffs them.
  9. what do y'all think the Christmas boxes will be this year? I still have an unopened Vanguard SC and wondering if I could return that to put towards a bigger Christmas box...
  10. So I can use all the tokens and other accessories from Shadespire, just no universal cards correct? I bought a NIB Shadespire and Nightvault recently... feels slightly bad now but hopefully my buddies will chip in to split stuff.
  11. Order 'daemons' vs Chaos daemons would be a sick box... both having big monsters to clash against one another!
  12. Came here to see what y'all though, I am mostly hoping they don't go the WOTC route like Magic and rotate things so fast you have to spend a stupid amount of money to keep up. With them adding new mechanics past Shadespire though, it does make sense to stop printing Shadespire universal cards and rotating them out. I don't want to think the sky is falling but game companies and money grubbing is par for the course
  13. Once you get the hang of things, I will say there's always room for more battle reports (ESPECIALLY narrative games)
  14. I think starting an in-depth hobby like this while trying to run a video channel might take time away from either that would be better spent focusing on the other (if that makes sense). If you are BRAND NEW, highly recommend watching other people first. Miniwargaming and Tabletop Minions are my recommended places to start. 2+ Tough does good lore vids, and Rerolling Ones has good battle reports.
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