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  1. which is completely fair, and why I'm so frustrated that Black Library is barely publishing AOS titles. their PDFs are fairly priced but it's still a pretty penny for everything if you don't split it between people.
  2. Working my way through this thread and this is exactly it: WHF got expanded through a ton of supplements, including WFRP. I haven't really seen Soulbound talked about here at all, and I really think it solves a lot of issues people have with AOS lore/narrative.
  3. I guess my thing here is that characters are allowed to (and should) change. What happens after you herald the apocalypse, after you grasp the victory you so fervently wanted? Archaon could never stay as he was in WHF exactly because he finally won. I heavily disagree that AOS is either childish or naive. The setting literally opens up with refugees being hunted by members of their tribe who were forcibly turned into Khornate cannibals. It hasn't let up since then & 3.0 is even looking to dip a little more into the grimdark. I also disagree that "morals and ethics were never settled in WHF" not only are they not settled in AOS, but WHF is a straight war of Order vs Destruction (Death and Chaos included), wherein Chaos ultimately wins. There are very clear Good and Bad factions, even if the Good Factions suffer from grimdark syndrome. GW's hallmark of their settings is never settling morals or ethics. ----- And I guess that leads me to my own unpopular opinion: Stories/Lore can be both engaging and adult-oriented/dark while having clear-cut Good vs Evil morals. Unabashedly Good characters can still have flaws and be both deep & interesting. Noblebright isn't bad and would actually help even out how overdone grimdark gets. Turning Stormcast into inhuman, unfeeling super soldiers is the laziest way to continue their lore. not so unpopular: Corrupting Stormcast is also extremely lazy & too close to 40k. probably not unpopular? Stormcast should overtly feel fear. A pillar of their lore should be overcoming and struggling with fear in order to protect the Mortal Realms.
  4. What you describe is why the lack of AOS media bothers me so much. It's like GW probably understands some of this issue, but either doesn't know how to get around it (COMMISSION MORE BOOKS MAYHAPS) or actively won't do it ("hey do y'all want a reprint of some WHF books??"). Like we're how many months into AOS 3.0 yet the ONLY books so far are Dominion and... a short story collection... with zero on the horizon. I 100% agree with you that unless GW actually, truly, and fully commits to the Mortal Realms as a setting then AOS will never reach its full potential. That being said, Soulbound is probably the best way to get non-Warhammer and non-wargamer people into AOS. It's not only an accessible tabletop RPG, it is stuffed with all sorts of fun, silly, and cool lore! Every one of their supplements has brought even more of this lore to life & there really has not been a release that's sounded boring or uninspired yet. It's diversified the Realms in a way that GW probably never would. The amount of heavylifting the Soulbound team at C7 does for GW is utterly MIND BOGGLING when you start reading their handbooks.
  5. It doesn't need to be the whole new line to be true by any means, especially as the half of Thunderstrike that looks bad now may turn around once more 3.0 tomes are out.
  6. in case this is a language barrier issue: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/I_have_a_bridge_to_sell_you
  7. Pushing people to buy new kits, by giving those kits a bump in power over older models is like... the entirety of GW's buying model so I have no idea why Ragest was attacked for saying that. After seeing our old handful of movement abilities removed or gutted, AND Imperatant only affecting Thunderstrike, it is pretty clear what the deal is. You can love the book and still recognize this. I don't hate or even dislike our new tome by any means, either. It's most frustration I guess? Scurvy's post nailed how I feel: maybe this was necessary to 'balance' all the warscrolls yet it doesn't stop the feeling that something is missing. (other than keywords of course...)
  8. Anyone thinking of easy ways to convert the Knight Relictor into a Lord? I'm not sure what to do with the censer hand, and he's already got bones on his back so that censer is the likeliest candidate to change.
  9. I picked Stormcast based on their vibe: I love their lore and love the look of most of the models. GW seems to have both made 3.0 Stormcast closer to their fluff while making the Stormhosts, enhancements, and traits feel awful. A lot of points increases that kill off heroes or units in anything but casual/narrative lists. Warscrolls are straightforward at the cost of deleting fun/cool abilities like spirit flasks or extremely needed mobility. I like the split between Scions and Keeps, though Stormkeep feels like the go-to choice now that Scions lost its -1 hit on the drop. I'm mostly upset at the amount of typos that ended up in a book I paid 50 USD for. AND we're still waiting on answers to missing questions in the FAQ (namely missing keywords).
  10. I think people would be less upset if a ton of our other movement abilities weren't gutted, which is what pushed lists towards Translocation to begin with... regardless of being able to move after it or not
  11. @Andrethegreat we have a 3.0 thread up for discussion now
  12. It's a moon-- Red Harvest refers to the harvest moon phenomenon https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/harvest-moon-2/
  13. I'm leaning towards calling this a throwback (not a respawn) because Lokhir wouldn't be caught dead inland; he's too much of a sailor to be anywhere without access to the open seas. Can't recall GW bringing anyone back without giving respect to their WHF origins.
  14. Blue highlight looks like a trough you'd pour molten metal into, but it doesn't look attached to anything under the other woodwork. heavy guess we're seeing 2 pieces here. The other piece reminds me of a medieval crane. Furnace vibes are heating up Fu
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