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  1. me seeing they have a US site me noticing their international shipping is 17 USD 😧
  2. pretty disappointing to come back after a bit and see that our only play against the Gargants will be ballistae yet again I wonder how well other armies are going about gargant-hunting. I at least finished painting my first Stormcast in between work and trying to read more Soul Wars 😅
  3. AOS reminders is a full app already??
  4. They don't even have Lumineth in there. It's literally one team working on both the AOS and new 40k apps... that alone makes me want to never subscribe to any GW app. Overcharging for 40k and not even paying a separate team? I sure hope their programmers are getting a decent wage for 2x the work
  5. My enjoyment (and preference) for the High Fantasy of AOS can't be untangled from my issues with GW--especially concerning prices and how they're handling having a monopoly on wargaming--but I will say I've been enjoying AOS more than WHF for the spectacular designs, ease of playing, and how much support non-2k/matched versions of play get. Get your Warhammer Fantasy fix through the Total War games, they feel better than the tabletop ever did.
  6. they could add the "this unit is a wizard with 5 or more models" requirement, so you've got 140pts minimum ?
  7. I was just thinking about this in bed last night lol, if LRL have units that are wizards then the entire Sacrosanct chamber should be wizards/able to unbind yes? With the exception of the ballista and Lord Ordinator.
  8. that's the plan, hopefully a mini swap but if not a LGS/reseller
  9. the new points changes are really making me want to buy a box of Judis... I might do so just because I love the models so much, but darn if this wasn't sad to read through even without the full Lumineth/Seraphon rules context
  10. how soon do you think? I know any date we can guess will be pushed back 3-6 months because of pandemic stuff. I had figured Q2 or 3 2021 for AOS 3.0 originally; it gets both Lumineth and Gargants out for a while while giving GW room to update any lagging tomes before a larger change. Judging by the 9th Edition move to digital content, AOS 3.0 should be following suit. I can only hope there are two separate programming teams to both lighten the load and keep release schedule(s) on time...
  11. Yes but SCE and NH are very clearly behind the rest of 2.0, where DOK at the least has still excelled especially in tourneys.
  12. I think it's... DOK, Nurgle, and Nighthaunt that also need proper 2.0 books along with SCE? so there's a couple other matchups if the next starter set is Stormcast again.
  13. @Laststand SCE definitely need a new book, but for now the decreases are a nice start
  14. @Kramer thank you so much! by "no details" you mean, detailing the greenstuff being used to fill in the holes? wondering if simply clipping off the cloak but leaving the pauldron part would eliminate the need for greenstuff...
  15. I didn't see this posted before but here's a complete list of the points changes from https://ageofminiatures.com/points-changes/ units AND battalions! (under spoiler for length)
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