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  1. what they're wearing yes, but from the 4e trailer we're going to see tons of warpstone, including Stormcast going inside the Vermindoom itself. Gold armor under a sickly green light is going to straight up look sickly green and not have much contrast at all
  2. We can debate and discuss Hammers vs Hallowed color scheme until the next End Times, but I think there's a bit of an Occam's Razor here too: the sickly green hue of warpstone would overtake the gold of Hammers and anything gold would just look like green metal. I think it's partially a decision based on Skaven's color palette.
  3. to be more clear i meant soup as in soup list "can take each other's units without needing auxiliary or mercenary/ally rules", not a soup tome.
  4. Well the Vermindoom happened while they were separated sooo 😅
  5. again I think the main problem is that GW already cornered themselves in 40k for "baroque, gothic hero", which sadly means when they actually use it for fantasy... it's hard not to think of 40k. We'll have to see more of the new kits to get a better idea of whether this is a bigger move back towards SM or if it's only the Ruination Chamber aesthetic that will feel like this BeLakor? None of the Stormcast fit, which is part of the point of how they're chosen. let Death or Chaos have their own schism war. this is why i'm thinking/hoping 4e will allow COS and Stormcast to army soup a little bit as a treat! edit: no book souping
  6. which painting video? the stream? I need to see the full map GW 😭 that would be a great subversion of the April Fool's Joke, maybe too good!
  7. "wear the hood" they said. "it looks cool!" they said. but you stumble over ONE rock and suddenly it's MY fault for burning half of peepaw's memoirs...
  8. that's a great point, I do like the IDEA behind these attendants, but the vibe/look is a bit too gothic for their intended purpose for sure. the only problem with this is that we've had writers tell us GW did this in 1e before allowing those writers to actually give Stormcast better/different characterization.
  9. the irony being that 40k just copied a bunch of usually-fantasy tropes like squires to plop into scifi...
  10. give them a MW ignore and they'll be set TBQH... i'm fine with Ruination looking more grimdark than other chambers, and it seems SCE lore isn't turning grimdark/grimderp this edition either so as long as that doesn't change I'm down with most model aesthetics.
  11. Reclusians could have a 2h variant along with the shield and dual wielding. like how Annihilators got 2h with their separate kit gotta agree with that!! no? if anything, these mortal attendants probably help the Sacrosancts keep Ruination together. it makes sense that the Chamber for dealing with the Flaw is the one who takes care of Ruination Stormcast.
  12. BEST MORTAL ATTENDANTS IDEA EVER also, these do not seem to be paladins like people were saying. i think these are a new keyword for Ruination edit: forgot they have a paladin mark-thing. i still don't think they are replacing any other paladins because of how specific they are
  13. the bottom armor and robe remind me of the Knight Relictor a bit
  14. the way that was described in the short story was "quicksilver" which implied it was liquid-y to me... possibly leaving room for a certain smith god to help Bael out? or did his DB book actually talk about what happened after the fight with Trugg?
  15. i hope city duardin keep a heavy anvil unit as a longbeard throwback, but i wouldn't be surprised if we mainly see them in technological roles like Ironweld. I dont THINK the WH+ episode showed any drivers of the Cogfort? we only saw human gunners on the outer decks. so Ironweld is definitely still on the table. if Spearhead allows for smaller skirmish games for tabletop AOS then I'd be fine with this.. Stormcast by design/narrative should fit right into COS armies without either having to take the other as auxiliaries/mercs/whatever holy ****** this ogre is so cool??
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