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  1. do you know of any place that collects the lore of the WD Flashpoints for ease of reading?
  2. yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled the same tactic as Indomitus. I get stopping scalping/botting is reactionary security (as opposed to proactive) but unless GW gets a kickback from scalpers, there's no reason to not *try* a new approach against them.
  3. I get front-loading production for releases makes things slightly cheaper, but seriously at this point we need a new pre-order system that relies on Made-to-Order and not an existing stock that is highly susceptible to bot scalping. a made-to-(pre)order system that looks something like: express interest after reveal in official survey to give GW initial production numbers, done through Warhammer account Email reminder shortly before paid pre-orders go up, for survey respondents and newsletter subscribers Official pre-order day is a finalization and payment of orders to m
  4. and this is what's weird, GW is advertising this both as "Year of the Beast" and also the edition that reframes the setting to show how much of the realms Chaos still holds (as opposed to the other Alliances) . They're usually pretty clean about the distinction between Beasts and Daemons, so a very interesting edition is ahead of us. Let the Second Waves begin!
  5. @Yoid here it is for those who haven't read it https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/01/22/broken-realms-fiction-the-squint/
  6. we also have the BR fiction where a gloomspite shaman gets the prophecy out of a Tzeentch scryer(?) and Tzeentch has been eerily quiet through BR... I'm still wondering if there's a long term scheme GW has cooked up for the God of Change
  7. judging from how the new Cities/Order of Azyr models use a lot of the same Empire/Witch Hunter aesthetic... would not be surprised if you could easily use Old World models in COS.
  8. yea expect Soulblight until May 29th when the countdown ends
  9. there's a site you can 'paint' models in the color scheme you want, I don't remember the name though..
  10. of course that's in a White Dwarf would be lovely to hear more about gnawhole stuff
  11. No, that's why we're all waiting for the countdown ageofsigmar.com
  12. should we have read the other short fics and/or BR books before this? I want to see Malerion but I also want this to make sense lol
  13. While true, it is harder to get and retain new customers than established ones--this gives GW an incentive to not ****** off current SCE players by giving us a lukewarm book. Sure, people with other established armies might fill in some of the gap, but I think the potential sales lost from entrenched Stormcast players is worth putting in extra effort to make our new book good and not just lukewarm.
  14. Annihilator sounds like it'll be more armored than other paladins, but it would be nice to have 2+ paladins and 3+ everyone else. Hoping we get another wound added to everyone if the saves aren't buffed
  15. oh wow okay, must have missed that! I figured she'd be too big for a starter box
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