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  1. there's another preview on April 18th, which apparently now MUST include the veiled lady. Really hoping they have more to show besides her...
  2. others probably have reasons beyond this, but IMO at this point we may see a staggered release because of how F'd up global supply chains are going to be. GW is completely closed as well which they then have to decide to either delay an entire release, or stagger it
  3. I'd like to implore everyone to send GW an email about Stormcast's current warscroll and balance issues: aosfaq@gwplc.com I talked about the need for more synergy, better warscrolls for older units, and possibly 3 wounds for regular troops. I also linked PJetski's revamp project to ask them to read through it for ideas and to better understand the current problems
  4. it does look like there could be more units on both sides of the picture, though I'm not sure if there'll be any more heroes depending on placement. While this is already a big release, having only a single-kit elite unit feels meh if this week's reveals are only going to be a hero and...something
  5. they are, but i'm tired of any changes to what is completely malleable, fictional lore getting such pushback because it doesn't remind people of what they were reading/watching/playing 10+ years ago. we went from this thread being a discussion to half the posts complaining that these somehow aren't "real aelves" Europe and the US don't consider cows anything special, that's not the entire world's attitude about cows. India seems them as graceful, beautiful creatures worthy of reverence. Oxen have always been a symbol of strength and resilience to agricultural peoples, including in the Mediterranean and Europe. It's not farfetched to think that a group of aelves could find grace and poise through oxen. the idea that these ethereal beings have come to revere rudimentary animals of their realm, as a way of healing the rift between them and the spirits that reside in it, is REALLY good as a lore aspect--and yet people can't get past "cow and hammers" to see what this actually means for these new aelves.
  6. it really doesn't, the models overall look great aside from the helmets. y'all need to get over this hump of fantasy aesthetics being ~required~ to fit into what dead authors used in their own works decades ago. breathing new life into fantasy aesthetics is how you actually move your brand forward
  7. so what's this email then? can we organize a Stormcast board email zap 😅
  8. a lot of people on the facebook post are super salty this isn't the aelf faction they SPECIFICALLY WANTED, so your theory holds water. My personal issue is I like the aesthetic chances they took but jfc they need more input on helmets
  9. i really wonder how many people these designs actually go through before finalization and casting? the mountain bull looks dope, and so do the hammers...all the way up to their helmet adornment
  10. The current situation + this new article about Kislev Ice Guard (which look more like AOS to me than anything WFB) has me thinking: what is GW planning on doing? Should the Old World even be something they pour tons of resources into now? How many 30k models are applicable to 40k? Even before the pandemic problems, higher production wasn't going to remain stable or sustainable for long. It makes me a bit worried for what GW will be able to actually do for all of their games in the future.
  11. came here to say this, third post in aw yea
  12. Most if not all countries are adopting this strategy. We need to heed the warnings of having no non-essential contact. I have good healthcare in the US (for once) and even I'm still very anxious because I work with older folks. It's confirmed younger people can spread covid19 asymptomatically. Don't do anything you don't need to.
  13. Sons of Behemat wouldn't be Destruction anyway; they come from a civilization of giants. I would rather have another Order army of actually fleshed out giants, than yet another iteration of "big stupid giants" that do nothing but smash and squish things
  14. I thought there was a general agreement Tyrion is the Sun brother? or you mean, he's the physical manifestation of the sun spirit?
  15. said this a few times already: Nurgle winning is the convention going ahead anyway--to increase transmission vectors and infect more people
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