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  1. Don't blame me, I didn't create it. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  2. Laugh while you can and may you drown in my tears, you disgusting aelf! As soon as they get rid of the ones pushing those annoying aelves, you'll be back to Eldar-level support! Then new oceans shall be formed and I will be there with you in the darkness and sustain myself on that sweet taste of victory for all of the next 25+ years. Mod edit - removed content which not appropriate for these for these forums.
  3. I just watched the new He-Man series second part so I'm too weak to go on another tirade now but you are absolutely right.
  4. Seriously, that GW has to state this ****** is pathetic for absolutely every side. If fiction that uses bad ideas to create a setting or tell a story needs to justify itself for it, we're heading down a very difficult an amazingly stupid road that would have to result in the destruction of a ton of great books. If you see radicals as something other than clowns, you're doing it wrong.
  5. Already pre-bought it after seeing the Tzeentch trailer… what more do they want from me?
  6. Now you're just being hurtful, you monster. πŸ˜„
  7. Whoops, my bad then! πŸ˜… I see pretty much any negative opinion as unpopular around here.
  8. Agreed 100%. So far AoS 3 has been a gigantic leap in the wrong direction. They really need to hire people that are actually good at game-design if they wanna keep up with the competition. Right now, they got great models and an amazing legacy but that's it. The rules bloat make it tedious for anyone that doesn't know them by heart. it's difficult for new players now.
  9. I certainly hope that Tzeentch warriors will actually look more akin to a mix out of Stormcast (as in pristine armor with proper leg armor, not old boots with holes, that is beneath a proper follower of Tzeentch) and classic Chaos warriors as opposed to the Chaos warriors put onto discs in the game. Oh and slight avian design cues in the armor! I'm currently painting some views of my old rpg character's armor that i wanna 3d print... I started modelling him with procreate but I fear I'll suck too hard for the rest of the headgear...)
  10. Ouch, that hurts. And talking about those snobbish Aelves... how come the Space Elfs don't get some proper update? I know they're supposed to be ancient but the kits don't have to be. We got so many aelves in AoS but Eldar get pretty much nothing. What were the last releases? Banshees and the Phantom Guard? And they better start going all out for Skaven, Seraphon, BoC, Cities (Crusade, whatever) too...
  11. That's just dyslexia with extra steps! Aelf Schmaelf. As for how this could turn into bashing those arrogant fools... I live to serve. 😎
  12. It's good that you realize what you are, you arrogant elf! 😏 As for us, we're of course totally noble and inherently good creatures!* * Except the Nurglites. And a smattering of others.
  13. YES-YES. But I like nothing more than the kind of players that stick to their favorites. Hope Skaven will get a TON of new stuff soon! πŸ₯°
  14. Just admit it, you'd think the Skaven way would be best even if they used really long descriptions for the other races
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