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  1. Well GW certainly got the derpy part down pat with the Vespid... so chances are high, theyโ€˜d do better now. ๐Ÿ˜…
  2. Yeah, personally Iโ€˜d also like them to release something completely new... a) are the new kits way better (those cadians seem stubby for todayโ€˜s standards, which is a shame) and b) CoS should look more different than just a few extra bits... and c) the mix out of different races would be a cool and unique thing too.
  3. Noone said that that would be bad. It was merely stated that we'd find more crabs and creatures like that cooler than other possible new units. Doesn't exclude new elf stuff tho... I also stated that I'm all for more IDK as they're an unfinished army, just like FEC, FS, IJ and the others... Salty fits the ocean theme.
  4. Another dumb post, congrats. Lots of conjecture too. Are you slow, a second account or 10 years old?
  5. This post is pure unfiltered idiocy as I was praising the warband if you read my post. Me agreeing with another poster, who said he'd like more exotic creatures in IDK and fewer aelves (to make them more Lovecraftian) had nothing do with you, yet you quoted it and complained that I stated my opinion in the rumour thread, about something new (and ironically you then stated yours, you absolute genius). And yes, as long as major factions got no proper update, we don't really need another elf faction or release, no matter if Phil Kelly wants to push them. The oversaturation is real. But just to be
  6. Bloodborne certainly took inspiration from Warhammer. I was happy when AoS returned to those Warhammer Fantasy-ish roots (or copied BB in return, which is highly ironic). I love the darker mood of BB and CC. While I appreciate some of the new high fantasy stuff, I certainly wouldn't Warhammer to go in the recent Forgotten Realms territory exclusively where things are too colorful and "friendly". I like it desolate and bleak, just like real life! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
  7. If they don't re-release Cursed City, they gotta release Jelsen Darrock on his own to stand in for a "good hunter".
  8. Seeing how the net is hyped about the crab, it's safe to say that it generates more interest than the elves/other figures in the warband. Personally, I find the leader to be THE standout figure, very cool design, but it certainly wouldn't be a bad thing if they went off the Lovecraftian end if a lil crab already gets such positive reactions... that said, I'm all for them getting a sizable second wave, much like IJ, Fyreslayers, FEC and all those other IMO "half-done" armies should. But I like varied and big armies personally. Not being a fan of elves doesn't make me a HAYTOR zomg!!. I just fin
  9. Yeah, that would definitely be cool... but I think if they were less about somewhat typical Aelves visually and more about weird fish-things like those critters or something more mutated, then that would be good enough to make them really interesting. Perhaps in the future they'll become just that.
  10. As you know I'm not huge on Aelves but it's a nice warband!
  11. Ludwig certainly looked more like a spawn but I'd love to see more Bloodborne-influenced stuff in Warhammer.... which is ironic, as BB seemed to have quite a few inspirations from Warhammer in the first place.
  12. At least your nickname fits now! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  13. Might very well just be the scene over here but from what I gather elves are certainly not top-sellers with the local GW even stating that LRL didn't sell too well - and SC are no marines either. Dark Elves used to be VERY popular in WHFB so I guess Malerion will be very popular as well but in no way would that suggest that adding more elf factions is the way to go. I'm hoping for more of the other stuff.... and soon! I just think GW is trying to create its own self-fulfilling prophecy again, negating that the marine appeal is a once-in-a-business thing...
  14. Ironjawz not getting new models is very unlikely to be a direct result of them merging 'em with Bonesplitters... I actually believe they did that to push sales for Bonesplitters as nobody cared for them much. I'm sure they'll get more stuff though thankfully and it takes waaaaay too long for IJ to receive their second wave. Many things got split up in AoS that used to be one force (e.g. Fyreslayers). I thought that was in some cases a strange decision. And merging them again - if done right - doesn't have to a bad thing either. I'd enjoy seeing fyreslayers along more classical dwarves (make
  15. I'd prefer for them to make a small wave for Tzeentch Mortals with our missing heroes and some Chosen equivalent before. Then the army would be complete and I won't need new stuff for the next 10 years. I hope the rumour engine teases just that. Oh and a Chaos dragon... it doesn't get more Tzeentch than that.
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