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  1. I'll try to remember that! But I came across it so often that it's hard to shake it by now, I appreciate the reminder though! When I start to mix up "there", "their", "they're" the circle is complete and I will have a typical bored American teenager's full command of the English language! 😎 (yeah, not a native speaker...)
  2. While it's true that women naturally see subtle color differences better than men, I've also read that people (no matter if male or female) that have to do with colors (let's say artists) develop a greater eye for color differences irregardless of gender. That said it really doesn't matter here anyways. But that Tzeentchian Sphiranx is absolutely beautiful (and cool and very unique) and Louise is a truly worthy champion of Tzeentch. I've seen stuff from her before but she got even better. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Yeah, the guy who named the Khorne stuff really should get put in a corner and think about those names for a long, long time. But I guess there has to be a reason for it (cause it doesn't sound cool or unique) so I guess it has to do with those names being rather easy to remember, even if they sound terribly alike. It's a mystery indeed. Perhaps they think Khorne and his boys are that uncreative.
  4. Not all names are bad but I do like fantastical names more than composite words... e.g. Minas Tirith sounds cool, Hallowheart, while not a big offender to me, doesn't as cool. Gore/Blood/Wolves etc. definitely fall into the "sounds really lame" category. I'd rather see units have names like Sardaukar, Dai Re'****** or Uruk-Hai than let's say Bloodwarriors. Others like Wrathmongers work better in my opinion. A good unit name is Kairic Acolytes. It kinda explains what it is and yet sounds exotic enough without having to go for some weird composite letter-diarrhea. If the Khorne guy named them they'd probably be Changegivers. Some of the new heralds got quite dubious names too. I can imagine that it's down to them having easy names so that parents get the right stuff for their kids. If I imagine I was a kid and asked for a Bloodthirster (although I like that one actually) it would stick with them due to the cheesy easy name. If the unit was called a Rar-Gargash and the all the other units had similar non-descript names like that, it might be harder. Just a theory. Knowing me, probably a dumb one. 😎
  5. Not my picture but you can see that they're pretty similar in size - the new models are a tiny bit bigger (a perfect comparison is the guy with chopped off elf's head as he's got the almost same exact stance) but what differentiates them more are more pleasing proportions. Their heads are smaller, their legs longer and thinner, their boots and hands are less comical and son and on...
  6. I've been thinking about going for a mix out of Ryleh Grey and some blue for the general tint (I wanted to get that eerie Diablo 3 Pandemonium look) and then highlight with it with a bone-color to add some interest. I've added a very quick photoshop to get the idea across... I don't get to paint at the moment so it might take a while but I'll gladly share it then. :) It's not too different to yours, hence why I asked cause I don't pay lots of scenery and yours was so excellent that your mini tutorial will help me a lot. :)
  7. Thank you very much for your detailed reply/mini-tutorial! I will definitely do something similar to yours (perhaps a tiny bit more blue than a straigther acier color like you have) as I love the subtle color variation you've got going on. Great, great job and thanks again!
  8. No, this isn't what you think... but perhaps someone can help me out and perhaps others want to ask similar questions. I'd like to build an alternative mini to the Manticore and thought about using a Tauralon as the base for it but how bigger is it than the manticore? I don't want my miniature to be much bigger than the original mini. Thanks for any help!
  9. Beautiful color test - did you do it akin to the GW tutorial but using slightly different hues rather than just one glaze? Sorry for the annoying question but I feel I could learn a valuable lesson here!
  10. You've just opened a portal to the Chaos Wastes. I'm not a native speaker but this is funny because I once saw Jennifer Garner argue with Conan O'Brien about the correct past tense of "sneak" - it's actually either sneaked or snuck, whereas sneaked used to be the correct past tense and snuck is now the most common way for the past tense. Excuse me!
  11. Perhaps they do it like that to make Warcry focus other factions outside of Chaos and still be concentrated in that one place? 🤔
  12. That sounds like disgusting power-gaming but it also sounds hella devious.
  13. I'm not a big fan of drybrushing personally but unless you use old, totally unsuited and or/too thick and gloopy paint it will have no effect on the contrast colors outside of them being a tiny bit brighter where you drybrushed and having a bit of a textured/chalky look. A good tip IMO might be to get some makeup brushes for your drybrushing. It's great for "sketching" in values (as in highlights) and gives less of a texture than traditional brushes. It's no airbrush but it's a much softer (and IMO better) effect for what I think you'd be going for. See this video for an example:
  14. Well, I could imagine you'd have a blast with them. I'll definitely will try them out myself soon (when I get a bit of freetime instead of work 24/7). Either way, you've certainly inspired me big time.
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