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  1. Well, then GW needs to fire these bad writers ASAP and bring Chaos (Warriors) back to their former glory as that old flavoring is sorely missed. There's a reason why Chaos Warriors outsold all other factions by a GIGANTIC margin. That said, I love Orks. They can be super-strong (and Black orcs were almost CWs back then anyways) and I got no problem with brutes wiping the floor with a Chaos Warrior (or even Chosen) but as it stands the power-level of Chaos mortals is 9 circles of wrong at the moment and they've massively misinterpreted what it should be. Reminds me of Disney not getting their own stuff (this is a nefarious stab at those horrible new SW movies)... It already started back when suddenly Eldar started becoming more adept in close combat than Khorne Champions. Something is seriously wrong there too. When lots of players argue that taking Marauders (those are your run of the mill mortal chaos dudes by the way) is the better option, then your Chaos Warriors are wrong. Simple as that. Edit: But I gladly agree to disagree. However i still feel that they need to fix a lot of things about AoS to get that proper feeling again. I'm sure in time they'll manage.
  2. Well, in the case of CWs they got a background reason for being mean mofos, kinda like Space Marines and definitely more than Ardboys. The rules simply don't reflect it properly. I'm fine with the Ardboys being what they are but CWs should be better or at the very least equal in offensive output. Make em more expensive, whatever but don't destroy what they're known for - being the toughest battleline in Warhammer there is (Libs are arguably their equal or even stronger). Writers these days simply don't know Warhammer anymore. In fact the whole StD battletome should have way more offensive output (with the units being more expensive in return) - that is how Chaos is written in the fluff. As it stands we got lots of units/heroes now that are easily stronger. Feels wrong.
  3. That's fair - Liberators should also be better. Black orcs were never better than Chaos Warriors (and Libs should be their equivalent) so why should Ardboyz now be better?
  4. Undivided? More like undecided! And we all know that Tzeentch is best anyways. Ahem, anyways - I feel like undivided has always been the biggest part of Chaos and should stay just that. I think it's kinda sad to see DPs losing that option but it kinda also makes sense - usually only one God will elevate you, sometimes more than one of them wants you as their minion. This also makes those all-favored dudes like Archaon, Abbadon or Be'Lakor more special. Not long ago the situation used to be more like Chaos is Undivided and the God-specific guys are usually degenerate freaks. With them expanding those aspects into full-blown forces, they also made them a bit less mad and more strategic which in turn makes Undivided much less of a thing than it used to be.
  5. Fully agreed, Chaos Warriors should have a tiny bit more bite. I'll field them regardless as they were the very first Warhammer minis I've ever bought (back when the plastic kit were a set of identical ones) but it's sad to think that those points would be so much better invested in other units when CW should rock!
  6. Grimrock, that's disgusting. Adding Nurgle units to your fine Tzeentch-marked list. How can you stoop so low without feeling tremendous amounts of guilt? UNLESS they're expendable pawns, destined to be slaughtered. Then i shall congratulate you for your perfidious plan!
  7. Huh? The horrors split - one pink splits into 2 blues, 1 blue splits into two brimstones (one base). You can get more models than you started via rolls of 1 in your battleshock phase as the already added blue and brimstone horrors don't disappear if pinks get added back in. You can only have 10 pinks in that unit though if it started as 10 pinks. But in theory the blues/brims are endless.
  8. Regarding losing all the fun with your army if the rules are bad - I played Thousand Sons even when they were pretty much the worst possible thing to play in 40k. Obviously as a loyal follower of Tzeentch there was no other option but to play with a bad army but did it kill my joy and appreciation for my dustboys? Hell nah. Yeah, I played less but in the end (mostly because of uni/work and I worked on some Thousand Sons stuff for dawn of war) but still, I loved them just as much when I lost way more. I think it's the wrong hobby if you lose fun because your army sucks. If the models are great, then much can be forgiven. That said, I wish for all armies to get to a point where no army is an auto-win or auto-lose. That clearly has to be the goal.
  9. As a follower of the one true god, tzeentch, I don't even read the nurgle rules in fear of being turned into a spawn so I don't know how hard the nerf actually was but regarding your second point - that this nerf came way quicker and more fierce than other changes - I guess it's up to the people who either wrote it or what gets noticed inhouse quickly. I think it's safe to assume that StD get a lot of play (they were the best selling faction WHFB after all). Or it's divine intervention by big ol' T himself. GJ, mighty Tzeentch, next time give us the great rules instead.
  10. Exactly! That's what I've been saying all along - Nurgle's the true problem in this wonderful family!
  11. Indeed, it's better to prime in a light grey and if you own an AB just use regular white paint (or ink - white ink is the bomb) usually. Although not all white primers are as bad as GW's (used) to be from what I've read online... I think I've read that it's better these days.
  12. yeah, there is indeed something you can do - take that vallejo pu primer and throw it in the trash where it belongs. No matter what I did, it always scraped off easily - I've cleaned the model and so on and on and yet it did not stick properly. I've had much better result with the Stynylrez primer. But in my experience none of the airbrush primers is as sturdy as the ones from a spraycan. Hell, never cleaned a model before priming with a a spraycan and the paint stuck and was really durable. With AB(airbrush) primers I've never managed to 100% pull off the scratch-test although you need to scratch pretty hard for Stynylrez to come off. And I tried all kinds of things, from using it more wet to more dry... I believe that those that claim that AB primers are anywhere near as scratch-resistant as spraycan ones are simply lying. Just my two cents, sorry for the bad news. The good news is that it'll come off easily (and all of it) so you can start from (excuse the wording) scratch in a pristine state. These days I use Tamiya spraycan primer for a quick (not perfect) priming so that all the raised detail is strong and then go over that with black stynylrez for the deeper parts that wouldn't be scratched by handling. Then I blast it kinda from above with white ink through the AB for a really good preshading effect. Takes long if you do it for a single model but the process is okay if you do a whole unit at once. I'm still looking for the perfect primer.
  13. Hmm, infusing those pointy Aelves with a bit of Asgard's might would only add what they lacked before - total manliness. ✌️ I'd be all for it.* * Having never played Aelves, i get no vote. But "Norse" Aelves could be cool!
  14. Uhm didn't we have SCE vs Nighthaunt? Like literally all the friggin' time?
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