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  1. I've got some foam trays, although they aren't really fitting my units so it kinda sucks for my AoS army. (They do fit my Rubric Marines though). Really thinking about getting some magnetic solution in the future... The 2 big problem I have with that is the LoC and my cute Mutalith. While the latter might somehow fit, the LoC is so big I don't how he'd into any premade solution nicely - maybe one of those old-style metal tool boxes would be a good solution for me... 🤔 edit: I think I found something that in theory should be able to transport everything, including my sweet chickenboy! https://www.amazon.de/Bosch-Zubehör-2605438624-Metallkoffer-420/dp/B0014GN5VK/ref=sr_1_29?keywords=werkzeugkoffer+metall&qid=1561200961&s=gateway&sr=8-29
  2. Thank you very much sharing this tidbit - time to look for the faq!
  3. Let's say I use a Balewind Vortex that grants my wizard a couple of extra inches - do these inches also affect endless spells? E.g. caster on BWV summons a Pendulum - can he set it up more than 6 inches away from him? Our group is not sure about this one. Also, do splitting Horrors need to be summoned (as in using dice) or can they simply be placed automatically as in an ability? It would be kinda logical to simply place them as the pinks split into two... but I'm not too sure about it. Thank you for any help!
  4. They are the very definition of trash. Take em, throw em away, order Stynylrez and thank me later. That one is almost as strong as spraycan primer, the Vallejo ones are good for absolutely nothing. It WILL rub off and it WILL ruin your models sooner or later. Search the internet, you'll see hundreds of guys complain about them. Only thing you can do is use a spraycan primer at first for the raised parts that will get handled and then do the rest of priming with the Vallejo ones. Else it'll come off. Sorry to be the partypooper.
  5. Points can be seen here: LoC still seems too expensive IMO but that might just be me. Screamers can't be seen in the video but I guess they didn't get changed. They certainly need a new warscroll or a big reduction as else there's no reason to take them (unless your opponent fields lots of monsters).
  6. I've read a few of the coming changes... sound quite good but why oh why didn't they reinvent (or reduce the points of) Screamers of Tzeentch? Lovely, lovely models but pretty much a bad pick 95% of the time.
  7. I think this list would be quite sexy - I'd reduce one set of Kairics to 10 and give the Enlightened discs though as they are so very important against tough units! I guess Enlightened will go up in the next GHB but outside of that I don't think we'll get many nerfs anyways and we're not really in need of a new BT anyways (personally I'd like to see the LoC come down in points as it's hard to include him and not feel kinda bad about it). You might also want to pick some endless spells. Shackles(! cheap and good), Palisade, Pendulum and the 2 orbs (forgot the name) worked really well for me so far, just in case you're open to some suggestions there. Good luck!
  8. Outside of waiting for the next GHB, I'm pretty sure you'll soon realize that Kairics are not exactly very good, depending on whom you play against. It might be better to go for Horrors instead - shooting feels very overrated against anything that has decent saves and Horrors at least net you lots of bodies (and more shooting!) due to splitting and they can cast spells which translates into MW (aka useful shooting). Or you get the Witchfyre Coven, where Kairics shoot twice. I haven't played it but Enlightened are sexy and you'd double your shots... what's not to love about this one? And the Pyrofane Cult would turn them into actually dangerous units (but it would be kinda far removed from what you plan...) Why would you go for two Curselings?
  9. Well, I'd say that the metal colors by Scale 75 simply want you to treat them like regular paints, more so than other metallic paints. E.g. they want to be shaded, highlighted, layered, glazed, all that. When I think of most people using metallic colors, they simply basecoat, wash with one of 3 shades, extreme edge-highlight. If they painted a normal color, they'd use more steps though. I guess this is down to GW showing to paint them like that.
  10. For Acrylics: If you want your metals to be really shiny, then Vallejo Metal Color are what you'd want. Biggest drawback are that there is only one gold (very old goldish/greenish) and copper for other colors than grey metals though). if you want your metals to be a bit duller but have NO visible metallic flakes (which is HUGE), then you go scale 75. They can also be combined for the best of both worlds, as the scale 75 ones give a very painterly feel to a miniature. But IMHO it's a very sexy effect, definitely better than the noisy textures all other metal paints give (and work great if mixed with Vallejo Metal Color as you could use those for highlights and the shadows are only more realistic if they are duller anyways). Airbrushing Vallejo Metal Color reduces the noisy texture too, less need for a mix with scale75 if you go that route. Just my experiences... Vallejo Model Color Bronze is one of my favorite paints too. Scale75 Necro Gold is a very interest color as well. That said, I'm not big on vibrant, yellow golds so I always mix some grey metal color with them and most often a tinge of red metals too.
  11. It actually does say how to do it (under one pic in the ruinous powers part): Masonry: Tallarn Sand basecoat, Karak Stone heavy drybrush, Ushabti Bone heavy drybrush, Terminatus Stone drybrush The washes are not stated but looks like it's Serpahim Sepia.
  12. Not everyone has as devious spells as Skaven it seems ( very fitting, yes, yes! (sorry, couldn't help myself)) - well, the Shards are definitely something I'd like for my Tzeentch lis as well.
  13. The Shards feel great vs CC armies (Nurgle in particular) while all the other spells feel like they were made for slow ol' Nurgle!
  14. I'm pretty impressed by the lobster-y color on RuneBrush's test model. Great pic indeed. I'm sure now that these could have their uses in more than just the simplest of paintjobs as well (think zenithal highlight with white over a white-grey and some slight blue grey for shadows and then some felsh color over it - instant skin that is likely better than what most can do with lots of layers). Arguably you could also just glaze good inks for a similar effect but they do have some nice colors.
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