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  1. MitGas

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Can you quickly get a job at GW just to pitch them those changes?
  2. MitGas


    If you got a friend with an airbrush, ask him to help you out - airbrush coats are extremely fine/thin - way, way finer than spraycans. That way you won't muck the details up with a thick layer of paint.
  3. MitGas

    Painting Finecast

    Clearcoat (and time! Usually the primer gets stronger after some time) helps but I fear that you'll have to be careful with them - at least that is my experience. (oh and I washed all my models before priming - resin, finecast, plastic...). I've got no idea why some claim that the Vallejo primers are any good, really. Everyone I personally know that has tried them had nothing but problems with them...
  4. MitGas

    Painting Finecast

    The Vallejo PU primers are IMO pure trash, sorry to drop the bomb. Either go for Stynylrez (that is pretty durable, not as durable as spray-painted primer as it doesn't etch itself into the mini but pretty damn strong - very hard/impossible to scrape it with a nail... ) or one of the finer spraycans. But if you plan to play with them, I'd always give the mini a quick coat with a spraycan - at least the main surfaces and edges should be sprayed, other detail doesn't need to be too durable and could just be covered with some airbrush primer. Then you get an amazingly smooth paintjob that is really durable.
  5. MitGas

    Sylvaneth Dryad test

    Thanks for the mini-tutorial and the detailed list of colors, it will definitely come in handy. Much appreciated!
  6. MitGas

    Sylvaneth Dryad test

    Beautiful color - I hope you don't mind but what color did you use for the main body? A grey with carroburg crimson with a fade to brown/black? Looks exceptional! Great job!
  7. Well, it was obvious to me that SCE would go the SM route - but I really hope they don't create equivalents to all the SM subfactions like SW, BA, DA, etc in miniature form. After new berzerkers (which followers of Khorne in 40k really deserve) and Angron, I don't wanna see another Khorne release for like the next 5 years (seriously, Khorne and Nurgle get something all the time, it's just as bad as Space Marines). I've got a similar view on SC. Give them lots of exposition in the background, that's cool, but if some of their subfactions get miniatures outside of maybe a special character, we know AoS got worse for it. Personally all I want a good armored Chaos warrior kit (or Chosen/Varanguard on foot, whatever) but when I think of the game as a whole, I want to see new kits for Skaven, Lizardmen, Beastmen, Aelves and - most of all - Freepeople. Aelves (and Freepeople) don't interest me at all but they would be great because then all major factions are established (Slaanesh falls in there as well). So yeah, more variety would be cool before we get another bunch of clones in the form of slightly different SCEs.
  8. Not gonna list GW's art as basically almost everyone in here knows the many amazing pieces and artists... that said,I think Brom's art for Dark Sun ticks all those boxes and really made sure it set itself apart from other worlds. Outside of paintings/artists, I think the Witcher 3 was outstanding for creating a world that really conveyed the setting/mood - not sure I've seen it done this well in a game. Bethesda sure could learn from that, where everything seems lifeless and stale to me. I also think Final Fantasy got that aspect right in most cases (with Yoshitaka Amano's very unique artstyle), although the series hasn't really captured me after FFX. Edit: Great thread btw. - will be interesting to see more suggestions and maybe get to know something new.
  9. Well, if you word it like that - I also think they should do it. Would be pretty awesome but it seems quite improbable for now, which is a big shame. Hence I'm hoping for a cool new Chosenkit as those are IMO a sure bet (and if they get buffed, lots of bits and decent mark rules, they could be a big moneymaker thanks to at least 5 armies using them (plus some guys might use for normal chaos warriors). They already missed that train with the Varanguard, although they might change their rules with the new battletome... A DP akin to the illustration would be nice for sure but something similar could be archieved with the current kit and a few bits. Sure, it would need lots of work to slim down the barrel chest and upper arms (so that it's less brute-ish), but in theory it's actually quite doable. (not my pic)
  10. As much as I'd like to see it, 2-3 kits sound extremely unrealistic to me. While there's definitely room for improvement, the current kit is plastic and so it's unlikely that GW will replace it with a slew of new ones. While I disagree very hard with the somewhat current trend of making all champions and DPs of Tzeentch frail(-looking) (back when I started Champions of Tzeentch had the exact same statline and weaponry as other generic Chaos Lords and were sorcerers on top of that, more like Vilitch - Tzeentch's minions only became puny back when the Fatemaster was a new sculpt...) and thus needing their own kit, it would look decent. But there are so many other kits that need updates much more, I'd rather see those get some love (like new Chosen if we can't get new warriors). I think a DP is the perfect opportunity to convert your very own hero (or villain). I totally agree with you that the DP is lacking in stats but to be honest I find that to be true for most Chaos hero units - how the hell is a goblin hero more adept with his weapon than a Bloodthirster? (hitting on 3s instead of the BT's 4+) Why is a Megaboss way more dangerous than a DP? Why then sell your soul to the Dark Gods if you're not the absolute elite anymore like it used to be? There's a lot GW needs to fix in that regard IMO, starting with looking at the "to hit" and "to wound" stats... I'm beginning to rant, excuse me.
  11. Started in 5th edition when Chaos had that lovely box instead of a simple book. Soon after they also released "Champions of Chaos". Something around 20 years ago...
  12. MitGas

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    Well, they could easily have some kind of Mordheim up at the Allpoints - maybe a haunted city of "normal" people that used to live there. It does sound interesting and I can't wait to see the terrain that might come with it. Personally I was really hoping to see new Chosen minis (or more of Darkoath/Slaanesh in general) but at least the 40k Chaos reveal was lovely. Yeah, I'm impatient. Khorne getting endless spells prayers before Tzeentch is kinda ironic though.
  13. MitGas

    The Rumour Thread

    Hmm, if it's for ALL players, perhaps they thought about doing stuff like hills or modular rivers, especially with now everyone using printed/textured mats for gaming. Or even printed maps?
  14. MitGas

    The Rumour Thread

    Terrain as good as the 40k one would be awesome, I just hope it's not another ruined temple/fortress7cathedral as we got the azyrite ruins already and something different would be cooler...
  15. MitGas

    The Rumour Thread

    "rat and mouse" here, take my like!