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  1. MitGas

    The Rumour Thread

    While I welcome new barbarians, I think "generic cool, evil knights" are like 5 times cooler than generic Fantasy barbarians (no matter if inpsired by Frazetta or Brom) with a Chaos twist - to each their own I guess but I think it's unfair to say the basic Chaos Warriors are a bad concept because the minis are showing their age. The StD minis just suck, the concept is still great. Basic Chaos Warriors made me start Warhammer in the first place. Give me tzeentchian Chaos Warriors like those painted by Adrian Smith and I wouldn't ever ask for more in regards to Chaos (truth be told, I got everything else already, including lots and lots of Tzaangors). But I'm happy for everyone else if Darkoath fills the gaps for those that want em - I'd just like to see new CW sculpts akin to the Varanguard. Don't give a damn about half-naked barbarian rabble. ?
  2. MitGas

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    No nice tips against Nurgle for an AOS noob? Come on, this is a matter of honor, after all we hate Nurgle!
  3. MitGas

    The Rumour Thread

    I don't play Orks and Goblins but I always loved mixed forces of them (a friend of mine played O&G, now Ironjawz) - so I do hope that there will be a decent solution for IJ to ally with Gobbos or something...
  4. MitGas

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Hi guys, anyone got a few good tips against Blightking-heavy Nurgle lists? Geminids are important for the -1 I imagine but are there any other debuffs that can counter their insane hitroll ability? Our jolly Nurgle-player is very, very lucky with his dice rolls and tabled our Ironjawz player easily last game (we usually play 2v2). I was thinking about running 2 squads of 10 Pink Horrors, an Ogroid, a Tzaangor shaman, 3xEnlightened for a 1k points game (against Nurgle and StD) while our Ironjawz player will go lots of Ardboyz and Brutes. Unfortunately I can't fit in my favorite, the Gaunt Summoner, but I really wanna try the insane CC of the Ogroid for a change.