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  1. Just my theory: it's not about being hostile to you (or any other poster) personally I believe, it's about sending a message to GW so to speak. Many things that get criticized get spat on because they are objectively bad; hence people repeat their dissatisfaction so that someone from GW stumbles upon it and will share the "feedback". If a whole faction is seriously lagging behind after a recent update, people are especially frustrated. Those poor Slaves to Darkness Weakness*. *ยฉ JackStreicher
  2. Yeah, should've been put into CoS at least for sure. I'm not sure about it but apparently he got upgraded into a special Stormcast character now.
  3. I'd like to see new Seraphon and Skaven models as updates. For a new/updated army, I'd like to see a generic human army; whether that is a continuation of CoS or something similar but new would be up to them. For me personally I'd like to see new Chosen (maybe similar in style to Varanguard), new multipart Chaos Warriors and/or Tzeentch heavy-armored units. But I guess that won't happen, so if it comes to Tzeentch, I hope for plastic updates on our heroes. I love the Curseling but I hate finecast, it's ******. Fatemaster needs an update too.
  4. Blanche definitely mixed the contrast paints on the model rather sloppily and used layers of them. Lots of yellows, oranges, reds and blues in the shadows. Might also be inks, he's known to use them heavily. When I look at the image above, the undead just look like they're in wet mud... if you want them to have a texture, you could just paint them in a muddy color and slap some Vallejo mud texture on them. A bit of gloss on top and it would look quite similar. Oh and wise Ggom gives the best tip ever: get oil paints if you need to panel line a lot of stuff or want quick shading in batch painting or employ lots of grimy effects. Yes, they come with their own quirks but for shading/blending they are simply amazing. The people liking them are not over-hyping them, they are just great, great stuff.
  5. Back when I was a wee lad, the Chaos Sorcerer Lord was also a beast in close combat (not Khorne champion level but not too far off), not just one of the best mages in WHFB. So IMO even he is weaker than he should be.
  6. Yeah, the writers really failed at doing them justice.
  7. Rule-wise Tzeentch Chaos Warriors are far from optimal. If you care about pure power-gaming then it wouldn't be the army for you but I guess you know that anyways. Nothing else to say there in that regard unfortunately - that said, good choice, Tzeentch is the best even if the rules don't favor his Mortal minions. ๐Ÿ˜Ž It's a bit unfortunate that the new Warrior sculpts are so so full of cuts and holes and lacking lovely details though, Tzeentch armor would be a bit more sophisticated than that (as in the cool concept art you've posted).
  8. Chaos Warriors, Chaos Knights, Chosen, Varanguard... and quite a few of the first Stormcast Eternals units. I feel like these units should be much more elite and have better damage output as they don't feel at all like they're represented in the lore...
  9. I'll echo my own post but obvious approximations to RL historical units would look off with women, it's just a fact (you didn't seem to be bothered that in Game of Thrones very few armies had female soldiers... cause it's unusual) - not that this is of much consequence as armies like CoS will probably be phased out and the newer figures that will replace them will likely be more fantastical, thus allowing for more room for women in said units. That said, they need to find a good balance and put women where they "fit" (no, not the kitchen or some joke). I don't wanna see a single female Chaos Warrior personally as "hulking brute" gets done better by men, it's just the nature of things (yes, i know that there are also female bodybuilders). I'd like to see more female Kairic Acolytes (we only got 1) though or new barbarians with a lot more women in there. Or special characters, heroes, sorceresses, whatever. But find a good spots and don't enforce a general 50/50 mix, as that would just feel tacked on. I'd rather have all-female armies, armies with lots of women, some 50(50, some with almost none and something exclusively male ones depneding on their personal flavor. But all in a 50/50 ratio just to fulfill some quota would be lame.
  10. Personally I don't care much - if it feels shoehorned in, I'm against it, if it fits, cool. While I do enjoy looking more at women than men in RL ๐Ÿ˜‚, I usually pick male characters in RPGs and the like as I prefer it that way (likely because I naturally identify more with my own gender). Then again I do enjoy female characters just as much in games or other media if they're done well too. I'm pretty ambivalent I guess although i do think that "bad-ass female hero" is in more danger to induce eye-rolling than "bad-ass dude #4498". Might be down to the women I know in life really not being anywhere near that archetype. Guys more often try hard to be bad-ass. If I translate that to Warhammer, I simply go by my first sentence. A female Chaos Warrior or more historically-driven fighter (like minis from the old Imperium range) feels kinda strange to me (mostly because historically women were not soldiers and hulking brute usually doesn't go hand in hand with woman to me) but female Aelf warriors aren't "off" - might be down to aelven biology where men aren't that much bigger and more muscled than women though or because that is already part of the lore since a long time. Not sure i wanna see female Orruks, ogors and gitz though! I think they should take the safe route: Use women where it fits (there's ample opportunity still), don't add too many where it does not fit just because you could and personally I wouldn't enforce a 50/50 mix in general. All-female armies are fine, all-male armies are fine, mixed armies are fine just don't blend everything to a 50/50 quote thingy at which point it would probably annoy people. I also think adolescents wouldn't be happy about it but that might just be my personal opinion - I just think that when I was a teenager, I looked up to cool guys and would rather field said cool guys than "girls". But that might really just be me... Long post, short conclusion: make more female models for those who care, just don't force it.
  11. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, much appreciated!
  12. Second Exalted is definitely a good pick but I'd also look into endless spells - they often helped me a LOT, if only for the tactical advantage. I'm very big on the pendulum, Balewind and Prismatic Palisade to cut off melee threats I don't want to engage but your style might be very different to mine.
  13. Just a question: How apparent is the 3d print's texture? Is it smooth kinda like GW plastic? I think this is terribly interesting (I'm not very good at modeling myself but wait for an excuse to learn it properly... or just pay someone ludicrous amounts for a couple of head replacements, would be worth it), sorry for annoying you with questions! Oh and very cool models. ๐Ÿ‘
  14. Am I too blind or stupid (or both! ๐Ÿ™€) to see your list? I know you run an Eternal Conflag list but I think posting it would be best to get some feedback. In theory there are so many cool things that can be done with 100 points but IMO it depends on what you got and who you play against.
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