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  1. We didn't have a single dedicated mortal unit like Slaanesh's Hellstriders though so from the human mortal perspective it's even now. We did get dedicated Beastmen however but I wouldn't count them towards the human mortal aspect - ideally new Chaos Warriors/Chosen would be "clean" enough to fit right into Slaanesh and Tzeentch armies as Nurgle and Khorne have dedicated "Chaos Warriors" anyways.
  2. Regarding new models for Tzeentch: We'd be lucky if we got a Curseling or Fatemaster, I'm only counting on endless spells as a given (I mean... he's the god of magic after all...). But if they gave us Varanguard/Chosen on foot, we could quite easily kitbash those two for the time being and literally every Chaos faction would get a new toy to play with. If they do make a new sculpt for the Curseling, I'd love for it to look similar to Vilitch. It's a great model IMO.
  3. I haven't used Contrast Paints yet but from what I gathered you're actually supposed to varnish after using them anyways, as they rub more readily off than classic paints. If you varnish with a matte coat, paint will easily stick to it - matte paints a very porous, hence they break the light and make the finish duller than let's say gloss varnishes - that's also why a gloss coat makes washes/shades or even oil paints flow better and stain the whole mini less, as the surface is much smoother and the wash can flow into the crevices easily. You might need to it again with a matte coat after you're done though, as many acrylic paints have at least a semi-satin finish, which is often reflecting light more than the varnished version. If your paintlayers are thin enough that won't hurt the overall quality of the paintjob though!
  4. Watch the Warhammer TV tutorial for it, looks like they got the steps straight from the guy that painted the official models like they did with the Sector Mechanicus tutorial. You could also tint it with a different color than green (I think they used Loren Forest with Lahmian Medium to tint it green) pretty easily, in case you want more blue-ish or let's say red stone.
  5. The familars getting dropped is akin to sacrilege - they are too cute. ☹️ My GS will still have them by his side even if they have no effect now. 😂 Personally not much changes for my lists - the spells getting more expensive is the biggest change indeed, the enlightened point bump cancels itself out with others becoming a tiny bit cheaper.
  6. Could well be that the new Battletome will be the biggest one yet but I'm also kinda miffed that their update takes so, so much longer than those of the other 4 heralds. or you do it like me and settle for the BY FAR best God there is, Tzeentch (tzeentch even beats unaligned). When StD hit, you can use half of their units with a mark anyways and probably ally in everything else you'd want from them. And meanwhile you get sexy Tzaangors, the beautiful Gaunt summoner and other truly handsome fellas, like the Ogroid thaumaturge! Don't despair just yet!
  7. For those in Germany (or Austria etc.), "battlefield berlin" has Warcry in both English and German for 110€ - quite a bit cheaper than GW. Soon to be proud owner of the new amazing Warcry scenery and the lovely Cypher Lords. Oh and those awesome new Sylvaneth trees.
  8. I wish they'd solve that Varanguard gauntlet rumor engine pic too. Could very well be for the Warcry Tyrants or new Chosen but either way it's what I am waiting for. The old Chaos Warriors still look pretty damn great for their age but they'd be like 3 times better now. Plus they're kinda small in AoS sizes.
  9. Well, I'll take new Chaos Warrior/Chosen sculpts in any way i can get them - and if it means I gotta buy a few boxes of the tyrants! 😍
  10. At around minute 44 they talk about how the Cypher Lords are pretty much Tzeentch-aligned (as if the helmets and eyes didn't give that away already) and would later on probably become Kairic Acolytes. Not sure if that is much of an upgrade though. Cool vi with lots of info on the warbands...
  11. Greenstuffworld Colorshift paints... they can also be applied over other colors than black for a more subtle effect. It does work though! EDIT: Replied before reading all these answers. *facepalm*
  12. Cypher Lords for me! I like all of them though.
  13. Hmmm.... avian helmets: Check Lots of eyes: Check (the biggest Tzeentch tell) Magics: Check 1k Sons-esque headdresses: Check Shoulderguards similar to other Tzeentch designs: Check The only thing that feels Slaaneshi is the fan IMO. Doesn't matter though, it's even better if more more people can use them.
  14. I love their headdresses - very avian and thousand Sons-ish. I think I'll cover up the eyes of my leader though, as it makes him look even more mysterious.
  15. More dmg output and new minis. With Warriors and Chosen being useful for 5 armies absolutely nothing speaks against buffing them and make them look as great as they should - lots of people would buy them. I'm just waiting for it.
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