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  1. red is only used for the effects in this piece but IMO it's a striking theme and probably rather easy to do:
  2. Not sure how you'd get 11 fate points reliably per turn - shaman has 1 spell, gaunt summoner (with balewind) 3, curseling 2, CSL 1, PH 1.... rolling doubles with the Gaunt is possible but in general you'd just get 8 points (or less if your spells fizzle). Outside of that this looks like a decent list although more wounds/units might be wise and I'm not sure if the CSL really offers enough punch against big threats or armored elites (cause else you only got Enlightened - Kairics are useless as soon as the enemy gets to them, same with Horrors who only buy you time). Does Infusion Arcanum even work on the sorcerer lord (or better said: on the manticore)? You might want to consider "Shield of Fate" - it's pretty amazing if you got enough fate dice.
  3. Pretty sure (99.9%) it's gonna be a generic chaos sorcerer as their backpacks looked exactly like this. My personal guess is an update of the sculpt they used as Sindri Myr, as people loved that character back in the "dawn of war" era.
  4. The AoS -Orruk? one kinda reminds me of a scorpion. Could be some xenos for blackstone fortress, something slaaneshi or indeed some bit for Orruks, ogors or whatever...
  5. Shackles and the Prismatic Palisade are great for slowing down melee-focused opponents or denying them a certain route as well - at least in my experience they've worked pretty damn well (especially once when he was trapped with a pendulum on the other side of the palisade).
  6. I also asked for some way to update battletomes - I mean the tzeentch one is riddled with errata to the point of it being somewhat useless. Obviously I wished for updated (Tzeentchian) Chaos Warriors (I'd also be content with a plastic Curseling (hopefully true to the kickass metal version of Vilitch) and a Fatemaster) and in general more vanilla terrain - movement-restricting (but not LOS blocking) stuff like swamps (we got lots of terrain that works against shooting but none that works against melee) for example or at least to bring back terrain and painting masterclasses (Duncan, Peachy and the new guy are cool and all and I really enjoy watching the vids (they're doing a great job) but most of their stuff is aimed at beginners and I would like to see more advanced tutorials too). TBH I forgot about mentioning Tomb Kings but I asked for some factions like Ironjawz or Fireslayers to get more units and be fleshed out in that regard. In regards to Blackstone Fortress I mentioned that I'd like to see more obscure stuff (maybe Hrud?). I was against the double turn. I like going A/B/A/B/... There were so many questions I probably forgot half of what I've written in there yesterday...
  7. With mortal Chaos I imagine that at the beginning of their journey into damnation they got urges and feelings just like more normal folk and later those lessen or even vanish in some cases - else all those tribes would've died out in old Warhammer before some of them became huge champions of Chaos. Beastmen - apart from being born by the raw mutating essence of Chaos - I imagine to have females just like more standard races (Aelves, Humans and Dwarfs). Orruks are fungus to me, simply because I don't wanna imagine female ones or kids. I don't think there's anything feminine about them as a race so it would feel kinda weird to me as I can't imagine, less brutish, more nurturing, caring and diplomatic specimens - it's just diluting what Orruks are in essence. (Yeah, I know, I'm sooooooooo sexist for saying that - cool it, SJW poster). Stormcast are in my opinion able to preocreate but don't out of duty. Since Seraphon got real/alive ones by now, i imagine they simply got females too - it's kinda hard to differentiate in reptiles anyways, so in theory the existing models could be female as well. That said, I don't know their background so maybe GW has other ideas. But in many real world cases the female often lays a huge bunch of eggs so it would fit the whole spawning pool theme...
  8. Hmmm, if Chaos Warriors get no new rules and models when GW gets to rework Slaves to Darkness (Darkoath, whatever- just release it already!), I'd like something that buffs our saves. Some "Iron Aura" or "Shiftings Mists" or something, so that our battlelines wouldn't get killed as quickly vs. more melee-focused armies (Khorne, Ironjawz, Nurgle). Because right now all we can do is throw masses of Horrors at them in my experience - who are pretty much useless outside of being a buffer vs more elite cc troops. Playing against such armies I've come to love Shield of Fate and an Enlightened deathball. Either way, at least one of the three spells should be pretty random in outcome as that would fit so very well, maybe some kind of oracle-thingy. I think a spell affecting movement would be good, something like a fata morgana/mirage that gets enemy units to maybe fall for it and get lost in the illusion (much like mortals wander around the crystal labyrinths). Just some ideas... we got plenty of basic damage spells in our tome and there are endless spells for that already, so yeah, some nice tricks would be fun.
  9. Hmmm, I think greenstuff alone would be one of the worst choices for this - it's super sticky (which might not be a factor depending on your prep or method) but tends to lose/softens detail while it cures (memory effect), not something that you'd want for complex texture stamps. Ideally Procreate mixed with Magic Sculp (or Milliput or Apoxie Sculpt) would be much better for this as you'd get very crisp results, it would stick less (less of a problem with rubber molds or if using oil/mold release, etc.) and you could use it for sculpting armor and other stuff too as those mixes are amazing for that stuff too (also GS mixed with one of those is much superior). Idea: if you wanna break tiles and stuff for a ruined look, then mostly milliput white (like 80 -90%) with a bit of Procreate or GS is your thing as it would still be pretty damn brittle.
  10. Oh, thanks for the info! As someone who got into airbrushing about a year ago when a friend bought me an airbrush I just wanted this to be a new GW airbrush as it really does help with lots of things so much...
  11. edit: posted by u/dope_danny on reddit.
  12. This is a pic of an airbrush in April's white dwarf apparently. 50 shelves of grey and all...
  13. I really like your vision of DPs - I'd instantly field one with that warscroll. The spell is too potent when you roll two sixes IMO but apart from that he seems quite okay, if a bit on the cheap side of things if his point cost wasn't changed with such a good warscroll (also, the casting value should be higher than 6 IMO). He's like a better Ogroid Thaumaturge - could stand up to a Megaboss in close combat and yet a very potent caster. Exactly what a 1337 Champion of Tzeentch should be like (and used to be back in older editions, before all champions of Tzeentch got turned into frail nerds). B) I really hope the DPs will get a new warscroll similar to your design with the new Darkoath/Everchosen/Whatever battletome as I'd love to field one.
  14. 2000 but I always feel like I could use another unit, so in my mind 2250 would be perfect.
  15. Hmmm, you could buy thin plasticard or similar sheets that you simply glue to the surfaces. It's white, quite robust, usually has at least one very slick surface and should be easily cleaned. I'm not sure any paint will give you those properties, although there are some special wall paints used in bathrooms that are very plastic-like and can be washed/get wet without a problem. Just an idea...
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