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  1. That's what I'm arguing for - the current CW look is not female - I don't need female CWs to have bikini-plate or a typically stylized female body (like Witch Aelves) but they should have some slight adaption to the female form to make it work (and even brutish females look different to male brutes, and it's nice men and women look different). Can be reasonably close but just sticking a female head on a warrior with the basic proportions of a dude will always look off to me. I'm not saying that women couldn't be super-strong and successful followers of the Dark Gods, just they'd probably look slightly different. no need to make them "sexy" though.
  2. Personally - as you might've mentioned by now - I think it looks off. From an artistical POV. But well, I can only respect your opinion, thanks for illustrating your preference!
  3. Not my point. I'm arguing that the current look of Chaos armor as seen on Chaos Warriors or Varanguard minis is a decidedly male aesthetic and doesn't work all that well with a female (even a strong/fat/uniquely shaped) in it as the visual disparity is jarring in a way - it's similar to sticking a dude's head on a Sister of Battle mini, it would look off if not downright stupid. Add more girls of all shapes and sizes to Chaos armies and units, worst thing that can happen is that I won't buy those models - not much of loss for GW. If they're good models though, I gladly will. But don't twist established looks and units to fit trendy representation parameters, rather smartly adapt (which will slightly change the look ... which is dangerous territory in itself in iconic designs, I'd count CWs e.g. among them) or create new things to the existing range to include these "new" concepts. Yes, I accuse people of forcing change for change's sake (tzeentch be praised) when it's detrimental to the original design as this is one of the most prevalent things since around 15 years - just look at Hollywood for many examples. I'm not against chaotic women at all but make it right. IMO arguing that women were supposed to be in Chaos Warrior armor since 20 years feels off as nothing suggests that. Neither fluff nor aesthetics.
  4. But would you think that say a Varanguard with the exact same proportions as the current models but a decidedly female head would look remotely "right" (right as anatomically fitting, not that women couldn't be a strong follower of the Chaos Gods)? Notwithstanding that a female warrior would arguably have a rather athletic frame and thus suggest a certain look? A few days ago, on reddit, someone recreated the female SC from the rulebook as a mini - I don't wish to single his work out but it illustrates the problem to me pretty well; the body is too wide which makes it look like her arms wouldn't even really fit into the armor as the model is simply too wide, even if she was heavily muscled with and not a low bodyfat percentage. They could only upscale the heads in those cases as else even the heroic scale is completely off. So all they can do is adapt the armor to fit a brutish woman (not something I'd personally wanna collect but I understand if someone does) but that would still look different to the IMO obviously male CW or Varanguard sculpts we currently have. They have to work with visual stereotypes as else no army could get a distinct look and visual identity quickly if every model was as unique as people are in the real world. I see no fat aelves either, yet nobody argues for representation of those - and I'm sure somewhere a fat guy collects Aelves and would enjoy an Aelf with less typical body.
  5. Seriously, you got less than ZERO need to apologize. Sorry if I made you think that way. All cool, if I put out my opinion, I gotta defend it as well and vice versa - that's why we even discuss these things and well, I know my opinion is unpopular in this day and age but I stick to it out of conviction that it doesn't look right in some cases. I'm only disgusted if someone doesn't bother explaining their POV and instead like say posts smileys, I'd rather hear people angrily disagree with me as why else be part of the discussion.
  6. Put a female head on the current Varanguard models and see how well it fits. It won't unless you lie to yourself. There's a good reason why female SC (which also fall into the heavily armored warrior category) have different proportions to the male ones. If you want it to fit, then the base model needs to be changed. Same for Chaos Warriors as the champion got mistaken for a dude at first by multiple people (see blog posts or reddit). All I'm against is that a wonderful design gets changed cause some people need to enforce gender equality and inclusivity in minis. It's similar to enforcing male sisters of battle. Noone in their right mind would want to change their beautiful design ... and if you put a male head onto their models it simply wouldn't work as their overall body shape is clearly female. Add a female sculpt to Varanguard (SPOILER: it won't come for Varanguard, maybe for new Chosen or for a champion or whatever), make it bulky, huge, whatever - but make it female. Don't use the body of a guy and stick a female head on it like they did in the WH:U warband. Simply doesn't look "right" and simply messes with a concept that is older than most of you are because it's "in". There are unlimited ways to add more women to Chaos without ****** with an established look. The gender and race swapping of today is annoying as hell (especially in historical storytelling) and pointless as all that is needed is to make cool new characters or units that fulfill the requirements. So leave stuff like Witch Aelves, Sisters, Space Marines and Chaos Warriors alone. *Chris Crocker* That's what's written, look at those faces. I see no female face. The one with the nose ring looked female in the first image of it but it's clearly a dude on other images. That was a mistake in the description.
  7. Yeah, all I see are a bunch of people that have no idea what women look like apparently. Are you white-knighting The armor of Undivided suggests a man under it so strongly, it seriously makes me wonder if you've ever seen a girl in the wild or you're deliberately white-knighting cause you want girl Chaos Warriors to exist. I know the answer. Women certainly don't look like CWs and even less so Varanguard. Not even men naturally do unless you inject them with huge amounts of illegal substances and they have the genetics for it. Yes, there are very few females like that too but they're fully outside the norm as they take supplements that aren't even meant for their gender (hell, no even men should take them). It's not a natural look. There's a ZEROOOOO (*Greg Doucette voice*) chance that Varanguard are women at the moment. Look at the neck. That is not a female neck. Of course you can imagine them to be women if you like. Then you can also imagine the moon to wink at you at night too, though. The female WH:U leader was thought of by many as a dude at first, cause the overall body shape of a CW clearly doesn't read as female (else that mistake wouldn't have been made). And yes, they could change the armor slightly to make it look more female but that's messing around with an iconic look and I'm heavily against it. It would be like messing with Space Marines (that is out of the question due to background thankfully) or other iconic looks. Not a single piece of Warhammer art in the last 21 years (since I know them) suggested females under Chaos Warrior armor. Chaotic females had their own look (Yes, it was Chaos armor but the style was different, it was feminine) and they weren't part of Chaos Warrior units. Karic Acolytes: The single female sculpt looks clearly like a woman. I'd like more girl sculpts in there. Bloodreavers: No women as far as I know. Would you also argue there are women under the armor of the Blood Warriors? Cause those are also clearly male. Nurgle: The only woman is the WH:U witch AFAIK. Which looks like the part. Not sure anyone wants more Nurgle females. Slaanesh: The heavily armored units still look predominantly male in body shape and we all know Slaanesh blurs the line... they could all be hermaphrodites for all we know. S2D: The new Start Collecting box has no women in it. The helmetless head variants are ALL male. We got a single female leader in the upcoming WH:U warband. It's all good to have women be part of Chaos but give them fitting spots and looks (what everyone is waiting for are Marauders). And don't change the look/feel of established units. There are a billion ways to add more women to Chaos without ****** around with things. A woman in Chaos Warrior armor is not a natural fit and I'm against it not because I'm backwards thinking and hate women but because I like the established look and HATE for it to change just because self-proclaimed enlightened kids think this is the way. And you're bending the gender's identity to make fit the CW aesthetic anyways as it's not a natural fit. A natural fit would be the Lumineth models, where the sexes are much closer in looks. Oh and please also argue for male models in basic DOK units.
  8. Don't care about the Gotrek novels... plus it's a champion. The same armor doesn't mean she looks like normal Chaos Warriors either.... As long as they look like all the artwork and current models so that nobody in their right mind reads them as remotely female looking *in body shape*, then fine, all cool. But if they start to dilute the iconic look just to include chaos girls, I sure as hell won't buy em. Thank God Marines will never have that discussion.
  9. Unpopular opinion: Hard disagree... I'd hate hate HATE HATE a female Varanguard rider! Whenever something is described as a HULKING BRUTE, I don't think the female form fits that description. So yeah, I'm far from a fan of female Chaos Warriors (or Chosen, Varanguard, whatever). No, I don't hate women. I usually like them. Usually. And yes, I know it's a magical world but I still don't like it. WH:U warband included. Female marauders aren't such a jarring image to me, probably because they work fine visually. Or even special cases like Valkia or Dechala. Or the Marauder Warqueen character. But hulking, heavy armored Chaos guys should stay dudes.
  10. In GW's defense I think the old models were really limited by the weight of the material/technical limitations. The newer models like the Magmadroth or Maw Krusha are great... The Star Drake looks weird to me but that might just be its stance. Anyways, I can remember the GoT Finale and despite not being a big fan of it, (NO SPOILERS=) the scenes with Drogon at the end were really cool.... since the closeup of his face I keep thinking of dragons.
  11. Baudros, Egrimm's chaos dragon wasn't all that twisted (outside of the two heads) actually - that "mutated" look came with Galrauch. I guess that Egrimm was a champ of Tzeentch influenced the decision in Galrauch's backstory to turn him into the result of a wonderfully cunning Lord of Change's cross with an aelven dragon but anyways, Chaos dragons should be available to all Chaos factions cause I'm sure many would appreciate them. That said, lots of people here and on other sites actually instantly asked for Egrimm, so there's lots of love for that cool guy...
  12. Marines kept GW alive at times. Yes, they do outsell everything else. I do believe however that 40k collectors are starting to concentrate less on marines now that other factions get lovely plastic kits as well. The new necrons sell like mad over here, Tau are still pretty popular, Chaos became a big thing in the last years thanks to many plastic updates... and I'm sure Eldar would too if the range got some much needed updates. Let's hope GW will stop the Aelf terror in AoS and instead get some Eldar kits out.
  13. They wrote themselves into a corner with forcing you into buffing your stuff - and those buffs usually target a single keyword. It would be better to make warscrolls better and rely less on stacking buffs onto the units. Cause else you get marauder bombs and the like.
  14. Indeed, or lots of Procreate - thing is, not sure Dorghar is sufficiently dragon-like in the end to make it worth it - the body shape is more demonic than draconic.
  15. Maw krusha and the Fyreslayer things are both nice. But considering that there is a LOT of talk about dragons in the background apparently, we still got very little dragon stuff. Especially not more classic dragon stuff. And even more especially no CHAOS DRAGON STUFF. Which is undeniably the coolest form of dragon. A Galrauch/Egrimm Van Horstmann kit/vanilla Chaos Dragon kit for Tzeentch and they'd get me to buy a 130 € kit 3 times.
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