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  1. If that IJ leak is legit, I'm surprised Ardboyz are staying in unit buys of 5. I was expecting them and chaos warriors to come in 10s.
  2. I assume Kragnos will eventually lead a new destruction faction that matches his aesthetic (not necessarily Drogrukh , but matching him as the OBR match Nagash). Usually the big centrepiece 'god character' comes out along with the rest of the faction (Teclis, Morathi, Alarielle) but not always. Archaon kind of had a barebones everchosen mini-faction in AoS 1.0, but it eventually got consolidated under a unified Slaves to Darkness battletome. It wasn't until Bonereapers that Nagash was slotted into an army that reflected his theme and aesthetic. From what we've seen of the Kruelboyz,
  3. Analysing texts for politics is obviously fine. AoS's sibling is more up front with that stuff, but that's because it deals with more reflections of 'modernity' than a setting riffing on medieval fantasy. I get why people have questioned the term 'crusade'. The term is arguably appropriate for how they seem to be using it in AoS, it's just 'crusade' has been misapplied onto real life conflicts which have zero actual link with the history the term describes (conflicts such as those which have their 20 year anniversary this year) so that's where that conversation arises. I saw some p
  4. Any rumours about whether the orruk release will have anything for Ironjawz/Bonesplitterz? Kruelboyz being one of three factions within Warclans is a cool idea. Kruelboyz are the aspect of Mork, Ironjawz Gork, Bonesplitterz are kind of the purest in their Gorkamorka worship. And it also means those factions can be more niche, since they can plug up eachothers' gaps. But I do feel Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz could do with getting a few extras. The latter in particular, I know they're monster hunters but a rogue idol type behemoth would do a lot to make the army look less samey.
  5. Skryre's remit of "weird tech" is very fertile but would be easy to overload. The solution? Make the Skaven pirates their own great clan. If you read the Skaventide battletome, an entire great clan disappeared through a gnawhole. It's a fun story to leave open ended, but GW could just as easily have them return from the hinterlands as master explorers (exploration being a solid theme to set beside engineering, assassination and disease). So you could still have sky-ships but perhaps only incorporating some Skryre stuff (like how Stormfiends mix Skryre and Moulder technology). I'd lov
  6. Interesting narrative series which shakes up the status quo? Execution so rushed they likely scrapped an entire campaign book? The ending spoiled early? Broken Realms 🤝 The End Times. The main difference? The fanbase is conditioned to actually WANT narrative progression. I mean the other difference is that the end times had tie-in novels, some of which were alright (thank you Josh Reynolds). Broken Realms coulda used that. There's a difference between 'lore' and 'story' and not everyone enjoys wiki summaries.
  7. Calling it now, this is from the launch of AoS3 trailer that's dropping next week. Presumably these are both previews of the starter box figs too. s
  8. On the one hand you're right. They've done chaos, death, it seems to follow they'd do destruction. But there's one factor which makes me doubtful. Both AoS starters reflected the focus of the narrative at that time. It launched with the realmgate wars, where Khorne was the ascendant god and the spear of Archaon's counter-attack against the Stromcast. The second chapter revolved around Nagash's schemes (building to Malign Sorcery and Wrath of the Everchosen). So in both cases, the faction set against the stormcast either represents their primary antagonist or is actually driving the narrat
  9. In terms of new factions, there are obvious candidates like Grotbag Scuttlers, Silent People or revamped chaos dwarfs, but honestly I'd like to be surprised with left field stuff. My wishlist is for the AoS 3.0 Starter to set a particular tone of releases and lore direction: Cities of Sigmar vs Skaven or Beastmen. Cities of Sigmar half is the part I'm particuarly interested in. Now, I know we've only ever had SCE in starter boxes (and to be fair they are in need of rules update) but on the other hand, Sigmarite cities have been a major focus of post realmgate wars lore and haven't g
  10. While everyone saying that Glaivewraith Stalkers have horse skulls are correct, wanna share that in the Lady of Sorrows book they're described as having rodent faces so nobody is on the same page about this lol
  11. I agree the joke that Gorkamorka is extremely vague and can be basically whatever people want him to be is fun, but disagree that Destruction lacks an identity apart from that. I stand by the fact that there's a shared ideological and material interest, just like the other 3 GAs do. Destruction is sort of the opposite of Death (though they aren't narratively framed in opposition like chaos and order are). Death, like order, is concerned with civilisation building and law. It's just that this crosses beyond the "I just want to grill" version of civilisation that many order factions want i
  12. I agree that IDK shouldn't be considered at the front of the queue for expansion. Being so new, there isn't a bad quality sculpt in the range (Beast of Chaos, Seraphon or Skaven players are sobbing into their finecast) and the faction has more variety than the likes of Sylvaneth, Fyreslayers or Flesh-eater Courts. They're in a similar boat as Kharadron Overlords (pun not intended). Room for expansion, but not a priority. However, there is an obvious part they should flesh out. Since the soul harvesting and resultant caste stratification is their most unique narrative aspect, I'd hope GW
  13. I'm into the idea of a insect-orientated human society, especially if they end up in destruction. I that GA needs some humans, else it risks feeling like it's drawn along species lines instead of the more interesting ideological definition. Destruction rejects both GA Order and Death's notions of civilisation, but is also opposed to Chaos' aspirations of dominion. They're similar to Order in the sense that their main goals are survive and flourish, it's just that their notion of flourishing tends to be at odds with the aelves, humans and duardin that want laws and stability. Howeve
  14. Hell yeah! Not every ogor is Eddie Hall, some are like Hafthor Bjornsson. As for the Belakor teaser, it's not much, but the fact he's leading a force of Bloodletters and Horrors makes me think they're leaning into the Legion of Chaos Ascendant (all the chaos daemons together). Hope he's still playable in Slaves to Darkness though!
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