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  1. Klamm

    Slaaneshi Warriors: Resin Hell

    Thanks! As for the size issue, I guess it's a preference thing. The Namarti aren't that different to Revenants in terms of size (though the trees are a little taller), so it depends on whether you like the large weapon look. Plus, they're the same height as my Chaos Warriors (though lither) so I feel it's consistent. My reason for choosing that over the Dark Elf stuff is that, to me, the Slaaneshi Aesthetic is soft curves and swirls rather than the harsher, jagged look of the Dark Elves. But either would work.
  2. Klamm

    River Basing Tutorial

    Thanks! For such old models they're great, and an excellent foundation for conversions.
  3. Klamm

    River Basing Tutorial

    River Basing Tutorial I've put up several pics of my slow hobby progress, and the one thing everyone wants to know is how I did the water effects. I'm no pro-painter, so I feel a little weird making a tutorial, but people are curious and it's an easy technique so why not? Here's what you'll need (aside from paintbrushes and a pointed sculpting tool of some kind): Water Texture (transparent is best) Course texture gel Gloss Varnish ('Ardcoat) Incubi Darkness Coelia Greenshade Jade Green (Kabalite Green is GW alternative) Foul Green (ditto, Sybarite Green) Gauss Blaster Green White Shaping the Waves Figuring out what waves 'look' like took me a little while. My army's theme is Hysh, and I wanted it to look like they are crossing an alpine river, glistening in the sunlight. The nature of your body of water will dictate how the waves behave. Below is a good picture of the chaotic pattern of a river's surface. You don't need to see the bank to sense a certain direction, and a more roiling stream will have even more dynamic splashes. The sculpting process requires trial and error, but it's not too difficult once you apply yourself. Below are three Slaaneshi Marauders, about to leap into the river. Using my pointed sculpting tool (silicone ones are good because they have a little give), I slap some texture on the bare base and start sculpting. You'll want to have an elevated riverbank, else the lack of height difference will make the river look unnatural. That's a few minutes of work. You need to pick a direction of the current and sculpt it with that in mind, sketching out a messy, crisscrossing hex pattern and pushing the waves around until you deem it to look natural. The above seems good to me. It'll take a little while to dry but when it does it'll be transparent, and so the shape might be a little difficult to make out on the black base. Once you undercoat it, you'll have a better idea of whether it needs any tidying up. Painting the Surface As I'm painting up Chaos Warriors at the moment, you'll forgive me if I demonstrate the water effect on a different trio of models (the technique is identical). I didn't include painting the turf in the tutorial because it's a fairly standard technique (Dryad Bark for soil, Mechanicus Grey for rock, washed with Agrax and drybrushed with Celestra) and most of it will be covered up by foliage anyway. Onto the main event: Step 1 Base the water surface with incubi darkness. At this stage, the wave's 'shape' becomes more obvious, and you might decide to soften the sharpness with 'Ardcoat. Step 2 Wash the surface with Coelia Greenshade. Step 3 Drybrush with a 50/50 mix of Incubi Darkness and Jade Green. Step 4 Drybrush with Jade Green, leaving some of the previous mix visible below. Step 5 Drybrush with Foul Green (again, lighter than the previous step). Step 6 Light Drybrush of Gaus Blaster. Step 7 Add the Coarse Texture Gel as if it's water foam. This is also a great opportunity to mask any paint blemishes on the river bank or rocks from drybrushing, so this step is doubly beneficial. The gel is very bright when applied, but it dries into a dimmer hue as you can see below. Step 8 A light drybrush of white, picking out the wave's "glisten" as well as the texture of the water foam. It really brings out the, well, texture of the texture gel. I did this a little heavier than would be realistic, but I want it to feel like a sunny day. Step 9 The final steps are applying a gloss varnish to get that wet look (Slaanesh approves), to tidy up the black of the base (you certainly don't want to paint your base rim an earth tone, it'll seem incongruous) and finally adding static grass and foliage. As this will all be done after I spray the completed model matt varnish, here are some Chaos Warriors I prepared earlier: Here is another pic, this time with an additional "splash effect". This is pretty self-explanatory: cut thin strips of transparent plastic, stick it where you want a jet of "splash", slather water texture over it, and repeat the foam technique from steps 7 & 8. I did overdo it with my first few attempts, so I'd recommend a "less is more" approach. Well, I hope this tutorial was useful. Now, if you'll excuse me, I want to throw up some more pics of my Chaos Warriors. It's a project I've been planning for a while and I finally have finished my first three and am very happy with the result The NMM gold came out better than expected, and even the dreaded chainmail turned out okay. I've commented where I'll be putting certain light hotspots on future models, especially the swords, but we live and learn. Now I've officially got at least one of every variety of Chaos Warrior dedicated to a specific god. A true coalition of chaos (well, other than the current UK parliament, badum-tish).
  4. Klamm

    The Rumour Thread

    Since GW seem to be signalling a boxed game with some new models followed by book release (+terrain and spells), what I would most want from a KO thing (which I guess we could hope for by around 2020, realistically), is a special aerial battle game. You could release an all-flying KO force and an all-flying antagonistic faction (Grot Scuttler sky pirates perhaps, or a Skaven air navy), with some neutral natural air threats (loved the KO book asides about various beasts drawn to Aether-gold). So, instead of endless spells or terrain (not in keeping with the army, really), I'd rather see a cool battlebox to go along with a different air-themed faction. I'd like to see yet another ship added to the roster (perhaps a specially designed monster hunting ship?) as well as some cool ariel beasties (some manticore pups and one crazy sky whale or Kraken monstrosity). The latter could solve the endless spell deficiency: what if the KO had some ability to lure (e.g. 'summon') hazardous sky beasts to the battlefield? It would be dangerous, but have some strategic value and make sense in the lore. So you could have a 'neutral' sky monster whose mechanics would be similar to that of a predatory spell, except you can't unbind it (though perhaps as well as simply killing it there's a battleshock mechanic to 'scare it off'.
  5. Klamm

    Carrion Empire

    Neither army is likely to tempt me to buy it, but I am excited about the possibilities (Skaven and FEC have some of the more unique lore). Hopefully the factions get a new battletome and a smattering of new models, as well as the obligatory endless spells and terrain. My guesses: A two-model piece of FEC terrain. One half is the 'Royal Marquee', a regal tent outpost for a lord's hunting party with wealthy amenities. Then you have its true form: a 'Carrion Cave' where the ghouls pile up the bones of victims. I think it's likely that GW will realize that the delusion is the best part of the FEC lore, and so represent it on the tabletop. This could take the form of an endless spell, perhaps, or: A new Vargulf kit. I know, there are other finecast models that need replacing, but the vargulf is hideous and a new kit could have added customization alt-version possibilities. Plus, as these are among the more magically potent characters aside from Kings, you could have a Morathi-like dual model for the projected delusion and the actual beast. Perhaps you release a pack of Bretonnian style heroes as stand-in option for infantry heroes, it could introduce a fun new mechanic to the army (though best leave it at a few heroes: nobody wants to paint two armies for one). An Arborash Ushoran model (got those mixed up). Not strictly essential, as death has a good ratio of named characters, but would be nice. As for the Skaven, I have one major desire: explain WTF Thanquol is doing in the mortal realms! Or, pull the plug and turn that model into a generic Hero or new, coincidentally similar named hero. If there's to be a combined Skaven release, then Moulder and Eshin need the most updates. I'd, of course, love to see some Skaven sky pirate ships but I wonder what the scope of the release will be. I think we'll be lucky to see a new Rat Ogor kit and some new Night Runners. But perhaps I'm wrong. If the Skaven terrain isn't realmstone of some sort, I'll kiss a Crypt Horror.
  6. Klamm

    Slaaneshi Dreams for 2019

    Slaanesh Release Specualtion Okay, so I’m a massive Slaanesh fan and I’m salivating at the prospect of a new release. The following is a mixture of speculation and pure wishlisting for a release, with the focus being on lore and models with some mention of mechanics (this is how GW itself does it, after all). Obviously, I want 1000 new kits for Slaanesh. What would be a realistic guess? Well, I think it’s realistic to go by recent factions (either brand-new or significant additions to a few older kits, NOT INCLUDING terrain or endless spells): Idoneth Deepkin (11 total: 5 unit kits, 6 hero kits), Kharadron Overlords (11 total: 6 Unit kits, 5 Hero kits), or the upcoming Gitz (11 total? 4-5 Hero kits, 6 Units kits) set the precedent that we can expect at least 10 new boxes of stuff, not counting terrain and spells. Okay, let’s work with 10. My assumption and hope is that, given that Slaaneshi Daemons currently have 10 units (5 units, 5 heroes), most of the new models will be Slaaneshi mortals. That said, I can see 2 ‘slots’ going to round out the Daemons. First is the inevitable centrepiece Keeper of Secrets, which will almost certainly be a dual kit for a special character. As for who the alternate build will be, well, it could very well be a Rotigus style wholesale invention. But if they were to take someone more established (like Kairos) N’Kaari may be a perfect oldie to make a comeback, given his history with Tyrion and Teclis. The only other addition that the Daemons need is one more generic hero. My idea would be a ‘Vice-Sribe, a Scriviner-style scribe Daemon whose responsibility is to be a database of mortal vices, which would translate to buffs to Daemonette units. The Mortal Hosts One thing I want to get right up front. I really REALLY REALLY don’t want the army to focus on chaos-tainted Aelves. It seems like the lazy choice that doesn’t really make much sense (as Morathis demonstrated, even Aelves who work for Slaanesh just end up as food anyway, so there’s no incentive to give into the Dark Prince). And when you think about it, the reason many mortals would turn to Slaanesh is that they desire grace, perfection and beauty, all inherently Aelven traits. Wouldn’t it be more interesting and make more sense if Slaanesh’s followers were mortals who wished they could be LIKE Aelves? Now, saying 'no' to Aelves doesn't mean I don't think the mortal hosts should have a distinguishing theme. Indeed, my hope is that GW decides to explore how Slaanesh straddles the contradiction of Ulgu and Hysh (there's one rumour engine picture which appears to depict this light/dark duality on a yet-unreleased model). This is one fascinating aspect of Slaanesh, and I hope the new units manifest the different aspects of light and dark. It's more than simply a realm of origin, but the direction of worship the followers take. And it goes without saying: this entire army is mixed gender. Light and Darkness If you read my previous lore post about the aspects of Slaanesh, Hysh represents Dominion, Vanity and Indulgence, while Ulgu represents Submission, Creativity and Neophilia. Hellstriders are the only currently available basic Slaaneshi troops, and I think their aesthetic would serve as a 'baseline' for the factions style as a whole: ornate soft-angled armour with a light Greek theme. The Hysh theme would run with the ornate, resplendent plate gilded with pristine cloaks and buckets of gemstones, to represent a vain perfectionism (the current Sigvald model would fit in this niche). In contrast, the Ulgu theme would take cues from some of the older Slaanesh champions models with a bit of Dark Eldar thrown in: pallid, sadomasochist mortals with claw-like mutations and armour painfully fused to their bodies. These two aspects represent the contrary desires within the faction, and we might consider those which manifest both in equal measure as ‘unaligned’. And it doesn’t need to be codified to the extent of keywords, merely the lore enriching gameplay in an unobtrusive way. Unaligned Units Pleasuremage – As the faction lacks a mortal wizard, this would be the Slaaneshi sorcerer lord choice, with a potent augmenting spell capability. As the current Slaaneshi Lord on Daemonic mount is somewhat dated (not to mention underwhelming rules-wise), I can see them releasing a multi-part kit with which you can build a Slaaneshi Lord, Pleasuremage or named character on Daemonic Mount. The non-mounted version of the Pleasuremage would come from a different kit, which I’ll get to. Hedonaughts (Battleline) - Though we already have one example of basic infantry in Daemonettes, it is absolutely essential for there to be a mortal ‘grunt’ unit. There needs to be a clear ‘entry level’ rung on the totem pole, a version of the everyday Slaaneshi acolyte (this is the most glaring absence in Maggotkin, detracting from the ‘papa Nurgle welcomes all’ lore). It makes sense to harken back to the hellstrider aesthetic for these foot troops, with a little less armour. This marauder equivalent would be more elite than your bloodreaver or Kairic acolyte, with combat stats closer to Idoneth thralls or Witch Aelves. They could have a close combat or ‘spell conduit’ variant, and be customizable enough to fit either a Hysh or Ulgu theme. Hellstriders (Slaanesh Battleline) - we all know and love these chaps. Their current rules are strange but work, so changing the warscroll is unnecessary. However, if you were to lean into the Hysh/Ulgu divide, you could turn the box into a dual-kit: the crested helmet and whip assembly could be a Hysh warscroll retaining the Soul-hunter rule while the mutated, bare head claw-spear version could be an Ulgu-style warscroll with different rules. Hysh-Themed Units Lord Paragon - the old Sigvald model still looks great and would represent a vain, elegant leader perfectly. He could do with a rules boost, though, to put him in line with the Mighty Lord of Khorne or a Lord Celestant. Soulwring Sommelier - a rotund lady clad in finery. She isn't quite a wizard per se, but has studied the arcane in order to master the ways of soul extraction and infuses fine wines with the captured souls of Aelves, Daemons and Mortals. This would be a versatile but short ranged support hero, with her various vintages functioning like prayers. Quicksilver Paragons (Hysh General Battleline) - Clad in gleaming plate, these are the faction’s elite warriors (equivalents of Paladins or Skullreapers with better damage output but more brittle, having 2 rather than 3 wounds). One or two in this unit are rotund gluttons. These are no yucky blightkings, though, rather Bon vivants who enjoy feasting almost as much as they enjoy fighting. Paragon Lancers - These are essentially mounted versions of the paragons, riding Slaaneshi Daemonic mounts similar to the lord (the old ‘boobsnake’ could get a complete overhaul or just a minor redesign, but should be a beefier beast than the Hellstrider steed). These warriors are so arrogant and snooty that they enter battle with blindfolds so that they need not gaze on the crude beasts they slay as well as to intensify the taste of battle on the air. Ulgu-Themed Units Blissflayer - This would be a lightning fast assassin, a loner who takes enormous pleasure in the murder of great heroes. Both in the lore and on the table, this would be your depravity point engine, and would likely have some nifty deployment shenanigans that enables him to get to protected enemy heroes. Agonic Impressionist – Where the Pleasuremage derives power from positive sensation, the Agonic Impressionist paints pure torment onto the world’s canvas. A jovial saadist clade in studs and blades, this character would come as part of the same behemoth kit as the foot Pleasuremage (as in unmounted, not a... you know). The Unsated (Ulgu General Battleline) – the unsated are perennially unsatisfied, their search for extremes having left them numb and hungry for sensation. They nit would visually harken to the sadomasochist aspects of Slaanesh, pallid bodies covered in mutations and self-inflicted mutilations. Though they lack the Paragon’s brutal combat power, they have AoE debuffs and hit-and-run tricks. They could use javelin throwing weapons, representing one of the few ranged options in the army. The Behemoth Many recent armies have more than one centerpeice model, and the mortals deserve something distinct from the Keeper of Secrets. My concept rejects the obvious ‘big beastie’ in favour of a large, mobile shrine (similar in scope to the Cauldron of Blood or Arkanaut Ironclad) which manifests the Ulg-Hysh duality in two builds. Either build is a large, ornate mobile shrine. It would be cool if it was a wagon pulled by a crowd of Slaangor, so that even if they aren’t represented in the core army there exist models to use for conversions. As for what is on top of the wagon, the platform would be modular enough to allow for the following variants: The War Banquet (Hysh) – This would be what it sounds like: a mobile feast of decadent food and drink. Honoured champions of the Slaaneshi army would be rewarded with this privilege, and the sight of them eating and drinking on the war banquet would fuel fellow warriors to the height of jealous zeal. Agonist Orchestra (Ulgu) – Replacing the banquet table would be an orchestra platform. Taking cues from the Enrapturess, the band’s instruments would be gory perversions of the mortal form: a cacophony of painful music. This would be a damage dealer, rather than the Hyshian buff engine. The orchestra’s conductor is the Agonist Impressionist, and so her infantry model is a spare from this kit. It’s also where we could get the infantry version of the Pleasuremage (considering that’s how the Cauldron of Blood and Magmadroth do it, I think it isn’t inconceivable). Other Terrain – Repository of Vice, an ornate structure of shelves filled with tomes and locked chests, each holding within them guilty secrets and hidden addictions. This could have some kind of fun temptation mechanic, wherein units the opponent sets up after deployment have a chance to be drawn to this terrain piece rather than where the opponent wants them, and perhaps dazing nearby units. Or, alternatively, it could force the opponent to reveal secrets (e.g. hidden units or being forced to commit to a specific use of command abilities a turn early). Mortals (8 New Kits) Heroes Slaaneshi Lord on Daemonic Mount (Unalinged) Pleasuremage on Daemonic Mount (Unaligned) Pleasuremage (Unaligned). Lord Paragon (Hysh) Soulwring Sommelier (Hysh) Blissflayer (Ulgu) Agonartist Mage (Ulgu) Pleasuremage on Agonist Orchestra (Ulgu) Units Hedonaughts (10 models, unaligned) Hellstriders (unaligned, though could divide into the Ulgu and Hysh Variant) Quicksilver Paragons (5 models, Hysh) Paragon Lancers (3 models, Hysh) War Banquet (Behemoth, Hysh) The Unsated (5 models Ulgu) Agonist Orchestra (Behemoth, Ulgu) So, that’s 8 new mortal kits and 2 new Daemon kits. I think that’s realistic quantity to hope for, and not impossible that the Ulg-Hysh angle is what GW will focus on. Well, those are my prediction/dream-picks. Anyone have anything they want to add/disagree with?
  7. Klamm

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    To add to the Slaanesh speculation topic, I really REALLY REALLY don’t want the army to focus on chaos-tainted Aelves. It seems like the lazy choice that doesn’t really make much sense (as Morathi demonstrated, even Aelves who work for Slaanesh just end up as food anyway, so there’s no incentive to give into the Dark Prince). And when you think about it, the reason many mortals would turn to Slaanesh is that they desire grace, perfection and beauty, all inherently Aelven traits. Wouldn’t it be more interesting and make more sense if Slaanesh’s followers were mortals who wished they could be like Aelves? There's just a lot more appeal for me in the idea of mortal followers. It's a Chaos god which doesn't need to coerce followers through war or disease but tempts the people of the mortal realms with the opportunity to seize pleasure and perfection. I'm all about the mortals, and there are so many great possibilities the army could explore. I want them to take the Helltrider aesthetic as a baseline and expand from there, with the units reflecting the dualism of Hysh and Ulgu Slaanesh represents. More Hysh themed units would be resplendent, quicksilver paragons in gleaming plate, really embracing the ornate Greek look. The Ulgu themed contingent would visually harken to the sadomasochist aspects of Slaanesh: pierced skin, mutations and armour fused to the body. And here you've got an opportunity for divergent playstyle, with the armoured warriors being more survivable and CC damage dependent while the Ulgu reavers would have stealthy glass-canon deep-strike abilities and short-to-medium ranged shooting capabilities. That's my wishlist, though, and if we end up with Slaanesh elves I'll happily convert them.
  8. Rumours abound of the next Slaaneshi battletome. What is certain is that it'll represent a definitive direction for the god in Age of Sigmar, and so I'm anxious to see what direction they'll take it in. The rumours about Slaanesh being 'toned down' to be more child-friendly can be pretty much discounted based on the surprisingly extreme models in the Wrath and Rapture box (fiend mammary glands and the tendon harp are pretty disturbing details). However, it's not enough for Slaanesh to keep its 'teeth': what I'm looking forward to is an interesting and iconic exploration of the inherent potential of a Chaos god of 'pleasure'. GW has produced some of its best lore out of relatively limited ideas (Flesh Eater Courts and Kharadron Overlords becoming instantly iconic) so I think it's entirely possible the background writers can knock it out of the park. What follows is a kind of mix of sepculation and fan theory, trying to artoculate what I think is so interesting about Slaanesh, and why I'm so excited about a Slaaneshi mortals release. 6 Aspects of the Pleasure God The aspects are not rigid categories, and indeed a follower may embody many simultaneously to varying degrees. Each aspect describes a form of hunger for pleasure; the desire that serves as an avenue through which a person comes into the Slaaneshi fold. They're also arranged in three pairs, with each representing a contrasting duality of ways in which Slaanesh may be worshipped: a mirror of the light/dark duality. 1. Indulgence The Glutton, The Hedonist, The Debauchee Indulgence is perhaps the most commonly manifested aspect of Slaanesh, yet still comes in a variety of forms. It may be expressed through gluttony of food, drink, carnal activities or other sense-pleasures. The commonality of all such pursuit is excess; overstimulation of corporeal pleasure. Within this aspect, there is a thin yet profoundly meaningful line. It is the difference between the proudly hedonistic bon vivants and the compulsively overstimulated; the slaves to their own addiction. It is usually only the former category which has a chance to rise to the status of champion. The latter group is likely doomed to an eternal, unrestrained sensory excess. The Prince of Pleasure is grateful for this self-sacrifice, and he looks upon his thralls of addicts with fondness. 2. Neophilia The Thrill-Seeker, The Adventurer, The Explorer The neophile shares with the glutton a desire for overstimulation, but seeks it through the novel discovery of the-not-experienced. The insatiable thirst for newness means they rarely over-indulge in any one thing, but quickly tire of one activity and are thus spurred to seek another. Slaaneshi neophiles are perhaps the least reliable followers, given their penchant to abandon their masters in order to seek new adventures. They tend to favour mounts, as a good steed will allow them to cover more ground and explore more lands. They tend not to get too attached to their mount, though: there's often some strange new creature to tame just past the next hill... Aestreth the Magpie Lord, great plunderer of Ghur, was a notoriously fickle Slaaneshi champion. His military exploits earned him the favour of his patron in the form of a Demonic sword, said to have been forged from a shard of Slaanesh’s fingernail. This formidable blade earned him yet more victories… for a time. As the novelty of the weapon began to wane, so too did Aestreth’s enthusiasm. One day, he stumbled across a particularly fluorescent warpstone blade, which he pried from the dead claws of a Clan Skryre Emissary. Any Duardin could have told him that a Skaven blade isn’t worth a Grot’s expulsion. However, mesmerised by its jade glow, Aestreth dropped The Prince’s Nail into his massive hoard of trinkets and decided to use this new blade instead. Aesthreth had the misfortune to christen this warp blade in a duel with an Urruk Megaboss. The first sweep glanced off the brute’s shoulder plate and the second shattered the skaven-forged blade to the hilt, and Aesthreth soon found himself splattered into a cautionary about respecting one’s gifts. It is said that, following the Urruk massacre of Aesthreth’s Chaos horde, Aesthreth’s trove of exotic treasures is still somewhere in the realm of beasts. The Prince’s Nail waits impatiently for a new wielder. 3. Vanity The Handsome, The Aesthete, The Paragon Slaanesh’s vain followers are numerous, and it is rare for any disciple of the Dark Prince to truly not care about their appearance. However, the true path of vanity is not simply a superficial one. It is those who strive toward self-centred perfection in all things, in intelligence, grace and a thousand different skills who truly embody the path of the vain. While those who embody the aspect of dominion strive toward leadership, those who embody Slaaneshi perfectionism become leaders as a product of their quest for mastery. Thus, the selfish desire for perfection creates some of the most powerful and important leaders within the faction. This aspect's desire for power invites the lure of Tzeentch, but while the changer can only offer diverting boons and obstacles to their ambition, Slaanesh lavishes the fruits of their vain ambition with admiration. 4. Creativity The Artist, The Poet, The Musician Least likely to worship Slaanesh via the blade is the artist. Painters, musicians and poets pay homage to the dark prince with their craft tools instead. The creative aspect is similar to ‘vanity’ in a preoccupation with aestheticism. However, instead of focusing on themselves, the object of the creative follower’s aestheticism is transposed into the art. The creative aspect is perhaps most reverently respected among the Slaaneshi hosts, even if this doesn’t always extend to the creator himself. Every self-respecting Lord has a chronicler, chef and musical band: one of the perks of leadership. Most common are the various types of musicians who serve in the command of units, and these individuals invariably take more pride in their craft than the crude hornblowers and drummers of the other gods' armies. Slaanesh is the patron of all aestheticism. No piece is too explicit, too strange, or even too Heretical. There are whispers of Sylch, a mighty Slaaneshi Sorcerer Lord who resides in the Realm of Hysh. He is rumoured to have gazed upon a vision of Sigmar and has since dedicated himself to painting the god king’s likeness in portrait. Though perceived by the other chaos gods as heresy, Slaanesh has blessed Sylch for his work. The Dark Prince understands that examining and re-creating beauty is a worthy task, even if such a pursuit glorifies his enemy. For if Sigmar's glory can be painted on canvas, perhaps his power can be understood... 5. Dominion The Tyrant, The Patriarch, The Mentor This aspect is embodied both by the sadistic tyrant and the benevolent protector of his people, for the aspect does not dictate HOW the dominion is exercise, only that an individual's power/influence exerted upon others. Indeed, many a benevolent voivode who think they know best for their subjects falls into the worship of Slaanesh, who encourages them to take pleasure in their power and control. Yet this can also entail sadism and tyranny, for how the master plays with his pets is up to them. What matters is the impulse to assert one's will onto another. Mortals who embody this aspect feel the temptation of Khorne but it is only Slaanesh who allows them to savour the experience of control, while Khorne encourages domination for its own sake. 6. Submission The Acolyte, The Servant, The Maaasochist Opposite the aspect of dominion is that of the submissive. These souls are often insecure or fearful, wishing to transcend their sad existence by dedicating themselves fully to a rapturous cause. Few who worship Slaanesh recognize their 'death drive' enough to articulate it, but the dark prince senses their existential terror and gives them what they truly want: a warm, accepting oblivion. Such despondent souls might also be tempted by the embrace of Nurgle, who will free them from their pain if they give into dispair. However, Slaanesh offers them something more: if they relinquish not 'sensation' but their very 'self', they can experience the rapture of oblivion. These zealots form a foundation for any Slaaneshi revolt of civilization and they serve in the armies as loyal minions to the cause. I've fitted these aspects on the oppositional axis below, as well as which of the three categories of Slaaneshi follower the aspects tend toward (in context of how they are reacting to the absence of the god: either seeking to find him, asserting themselves as replacements or simply pretending everything is fine). This text post has gone rather long, so I'll save my speculation/wishlisting of new releases for another time. Oh, and just for purposes of starting an argument, here is my subjective ranking of the philosophical depth of each of the four chaos gods: Slaanesh Nurgle Khorne Tzeentch (Swap Nurgle and Tzeentch and that's how I rank my preference of the aesthetic style). Thanks for reading, let me know if you share my passion for the dark prince.
  9. Klamm

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    Well, since there's a teensy baby Dankhold pup on the base of one of the five grot shamans, this could be the first unit in AoS to have a model representing its baby, adolescent and adult stages. They make a nice family photo.
  10. Klamm

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    I've been wondering about Mollog's size. Just judging by base rim dimensions, NV's Mollog is on a 50mm. That would make him shorter in stature than the rockgut troggoths, let alone the dankhold troggoth. I'm guessing the dankhold troggoth will be a mutlipart kit in with which you can build a trogboss? Unless the mysterious white Troggoth model seen in the background of a few leaked images is the trogboss, but it looks smaller. My guess is that Mollog is an anomalously small/young dankhold.
  11. Klamm

    The Rumour Thread

    The banner has gone full gobbo loony, but I can't examine it on my phone. I assume the vid will drop any minute now.
  12. Klamm

    Hedonytes: First Recruits

    This is the first batch of my Slaaneshi acolytes; my 'Hedonaughts'. I want to proxy them as daemonettes (as I like the rules, but want the majority of my force to be mortal). Painting this starting batch of five has made me try several new recipes and techniques, to various degrees of success. White Cloaks Easily my fave aesthetic of the lot. The only negative to wet blending is that, in painting the cloaks first, I ended up getting errant smudges on them I would have to cover with more stark colour transitions. I like how the white is darker than the white of the shields, as this makes it feel like real clothing. I'm not sure whether the edge highlighting was advisable, but at least it fits with the TT style of mini. NMM Gold This was something I'd never done before. While not perfect (mainly due to my iffy judgement lighting values), it at least looks gold-esque. And it didn't take me too long. I'm mainly talking about the shield designs here: when it came to small and complex shapes like trinkets I muddled through, and it shows. NMM Steel I tried a kind of NMM metal once before, but that was for an ethereal effect on Shadespire Guard (see below). I tried something more conventionally metallic, and the results are mixed. It's too similar in colour to the cloaks, which is especially noticeable on the axe. I painted the sword with a more blue hue, which was a slight improvement. Let me know your NMM steel hacks. Gemstones This is one aspect which will be present on every single model in my army, so I had to get it right. I was surprised at how quickly the difficulty of achieving the effect becomes (booth because of brush control and visibility) at a certain size. The big gems be a little dopey in terms of verisimilitude, but I prefer them because I was able to paint them properly. Skintone I decided to go with an easier, layering system to save time. My Shadespire Targor pic below is probably my best flesh paintjob, and, while I'll be using a similar colour scheme for batch 2 of this unit, I've accepted that I need to keep it simple if I ever want to finish this project. Overall, this was a good learning experience for my project going forward. As you can see from the pink mowhawk dude (the first test mini I painted, which I dropped within 10 seconds of the final brushstroke and snapped his horn...)I was planning on free-handing cloak embroidery but it didn't quite work. On the other hand, I was nervous about the workload going into making the weird 'bumps' on the armour (easily the strangest aspect of the idoneth aesthetic) gems, but it turned out to be the most fun part of the project. I overdid the splash effects of the waves here and there, so I'll be more restrained in the future. And I kind of haven't nailed which direction the river is going, which makes it a little confusing to look at as a group. Ah well, live and learn. C&C welcome!
  13. Klamm

    Slaaneshi Warriors: Resin Hell

    Hello all. Post two is about the battleline I'll be working on. First of all, Chaos Warriors. I already professed my love for the archetype in my previous post, but here I'm planning out my resplendent Slaaneshi champions. I'm using the model as basis for a kitbash: the helmet's horns will be shaved off and replaced by a plumed crest, the weapon replaced for a more elegant blade (I'm using Tree Revenant bits), the shield will have a Slaaneshi emblem (more on that below), the torn cape un-tattered (tried this with green-stuff to mixed results, but hey) and some extra gems added. Colour scheme is something I'm struggling with a little, though. I know the general colours I want: NMM purple for amour (still learning how to do that, though) Gold trim (also perhaps NMM, as I've tried the Valejo liquid metal range and it's such a pain to work with) Sea-green teal as the contrasting colour (gems and the basing water) Rich pink as the complementary colour White for cloaks and tabards to balance out the dark colour I've just not exactly worked out how this will all fit together. I'm currently thinking white cloak and shields, purple NMM armour, minimal gold trim, pink crests and teal gems. I've put together a rudimentary colour tester for the basic warrior in paint. Let me know if you have any thoughts. As for the shields, I sculpted 4 Slaaneshi patterns on filed down chaos warrior shields with the plan to try out resin casting them (though, funny story: I had them ready for a mold pour for a few weeks. The super-sculpey I was using as the base kinda melted the edges of the plastic, ruining the shields. I got annoyed, tore the green stuff off and stuck it on new shields, which is why the designs are a little janky and not quite symmetrical. Oh well). So far resin casting results are mixed, but some have come out okay, and it's the only workable solution to crafting bespoke Slaaneshi shield designs. In terms of the design, I wanted each to have the elegant curves reminiscent of Slaanesh's icon, but with slight design differences. I especially like first right and third right (using the prototype image). The first is supposed to resemble a melding of the male/female icon as symbol for gender-fluidity. The third is supposed to symbolize a unity with Chaos as a grand alliance, a Slaanesh icon with lines converging in a way similar to the classic eight-pointed star. Oh, and lastly: an indication of my marauders. I'm a lore gamer, with mortals being the focus of my army, but I'm thinking of proxying them as Demonettes (hence the choice to use their claws) since they are some of the best Slaanesh units. The base is the namarti reaver. I remember seeing them when the Idoneth previews came in. I was already considering some kitbash to make a Slaaneshi marauder, with little which appealed to me, but upon seeing these new Idoneth I KNEW: dynamic, mixed gender, and simply gorgeous models. True, the strange markings on the armour will be a little inconsistent with my army, but I think the models work as a kitbash. The recipe is basically Slaaneshi heads (hellstrider bits for men, independent female heads with horns added for women), hellstrider shields, revenant weapons and demonette claws. I'm happy with how these have turned out, and am already beginning the paint job. White cloaks and shields, purple armour (not NMM, just a simple bit of edge highlighting), pink hair and tassel, teal gems, black trousers, brown boots, and three skintones (dark skintone, tan caucasian and pallid). I'm starting the cloaks, going to give wet blending a try...
  14. Klamm

    Intro - First Miniatures

    Hello all. Having just begun a busy MA, I'm of course trying to cope with the pressure by taking on a massive hobby project I've started a lot and completed a little, but, as my holidays begin, I've decided to commit and finish my project. Slaanesh has always been my fave Chaos god, so when I returned to the hobby, I knew I wanted to finally realise my vision for a warband of slaaneshi mortals. Lore and other models forthcoming, I decided to start off by simply enjoying/getting to know the mini of the chaos warrior. Seems odd to start off a Slaaneshi plog by painting up everything but. I have this odd neurosis about my painting shortcomings, and so put off the things I WANT to work on as I'm afraid I won't do them justice. Either way, though, since my glorious Slaaneshi warriors shan't be sporting tattered capes or Viking horns, I wanted to paint up some more 'traditional' warriors (stinky bois, nerdy bois, angry bois, and one hipster who thinks the old four are too 'mainstream'). I'll probably use them as unit fillers, though my Glitterhost is sure to get a perverse pleasure from tempting worshipers of other gods to fight their battles. The basing is that of a Hyshian alpine river, the realm of light being this host's home. I've made some generic terrain to fit with it: grassy outcroppings and corrupted tar-pits. Coming up: Slaaneshi Chaos Warriors and Marauders (kitbashed Namarti reavers)
  15. Mostly a lurker on here, but I think we're losing something if we frame the debate as media-sceptic vs 'this debate doesn't matter'. TGA is a pretty impressively non-toxic forum, which is commendable. Part of this comes from rules enforcement, which is perhaps more hands-on here than in other places. This is no a criticism. But it is to say that non-negative DOES NOT MEAN apolitical. I've seen plenty of threads which acknowledge the relevant questions of race and gender in the hobby, either in GW's recent steps toward representation or in asking the questions of how to get/why aren't there more women in the hobby. Obviously, this is not to invite the kind of bad faith #GG ****** that we've seen. That mess was a backlash against the rise of discourse about inclusivity/representation within a non-introspective male culture. It was not, in fact, a movement which articulated any *valid* critique for corporate ties with media and their non-transparent symbiosis. And 'introspection' is something I think TGA should find room for. I know the living wage point seemed like a dark horse in the conversation, but it's relevant to the overall discussion about how we feel (and should feel) about our relationship to this corporation around which we construct parts of our identities. And it's more relevant than ever in the era of 'new-GW', with delightful personalities like Peach and Duncan or appetite-wetting hype mastery. The almost antagonistic relationship old GW had to us was bad, but a useful reminder of the fact that we are all consumers first, fans second. And it's not like GW engages in the kinds of unethical practices that, say, Apple does (there's no Foxconn for miniatures, thank god). But I've heard ****** from people who've worked/managed GW stores, and speaking as someone who has worked for places under the JD sports group, there's a space to criticize anti-worker practices. The nature of capitalism and of media discourse which relies upon it is one of symbiosis. Not inherently bad, but certainly co-dependant, and arguably an impediment to authentic appreciation (though we can argue about what use authenticity even IS in this context). In articulating that, a modicum of said authenticity is reclaimed. The corporate/media attachments don't really bother me, but I'm glad that there's a thread on TGA about it.