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  1. Trying to get back into the swing of things. I've had the metal slaanesh lord model kicking around for a while, and fortunately it's a perfect canvas to test out a colour scheme for the Myrmidesh Painbringers (side by side you can see the influence). I've started to establish lilac as the colour used to distinguish leadership, whether unit command or heroes. So with the pain bringers, I might keep the cloaks white like with my warriors. We'll see. The blending looks a little rough in places, which I'll blame on using multiple levels of matte and gloss varnish. Metal models make me nervous.
  2. So, that Slaanesh news, huh? After reading broken realms, I decided to finish my squad of chaos warriors. I'm glad I did, coz those painbringers manifest the exact aesthetic I've been trying to recreate. My slaanesh project kinda sputtered to a halt, mixture of life stuff and losing enthusiasm on such a mortal-lite roster. Well, that's changed now. I'm kinda glad, because now I have many WiP mortal models I can finish before 2021. I guess the only thing now is to rename the mortal contingent of the glitter host coz Hedonytes... WHERE'S MY ROYALTIES GW?!
  3. Hey, what's with the chaos warrior war scroll having options for halberds, great weapons, banners, hornblowers etc. when the kit doesn't come with any of that? I understand they want to accommodate people with the old kit, but isn't the tradeoff of having weapon loadouts on the new kit which people can't actually use worse? Is there any clue that these are the only chaos warrior kit that is coming? Looking at the sprue, they're disappointingly lacking in customisation.
  4. Klamm


    Ah, the pre-8th ed skintone. Harder to get right, but I do sorta miss it. Nice job, Ogor bulls are great conversion fodder.
  5. It must be pretty safe to say that the name dropping of 'Gutstuffers' rather than 'Gutbusters' in the GHB write-up implies an Ogor battletome coming soon, right? Unless it's simply a mistake, but one would assume they'd have edited it if so.
  6. A WiP of a mortal overhaul: the Ulg-Hysh epitome, arcane synthesis of light and shadow.
  7. @Sleboda I'm not quite sure, I'd assume she's a bit smaller. However, she does seem to be a very similar scale to Sylle'Esske (both on 50mms, Sylle'Esske stands probably a head taller by my measurements from pictures), and that's going to be her peer on the table.
  8. Just a quick update today: I finished my Alarielle-based Slaaneshi Daemon princess conversion, and now just need to paint it. It'll be cool to have another similar scale Daemon princess alongside Sylle'Esske to lead my Hedonites (and now I'm going to have to find a different name for my mortals since GW used mine lol).
  9. Klamm

    Combo Demon Armies

    oh yeah lol, will delete
  10. Klamm

    Combo Demon Armies

    [wrong thread, sorry]
  11. Well, it's been a long road completing my unit of Chaos Warriors (my course has gotten busy, so hobby time is scarce), and this blog has been pretty dormant. I am back to trying to finish my group of 10 warriors, but I've at least got 5 ready to show off. Hobby productivity has been generally so low that while the lack of mortals in the upcoming hedonites release is a huge disappointment (I could rant about this for hours, but let's leave it at that), that I feel almost like I deserve it: paint up the WiPs before tackling new shinies. Here's a WiP banner bearer: I did, however, do a 'for-fun' project in between the Slaanesh slow-grow, and that was repainting an old Ogor Maneater conversion. I actually got back into the hobby a few years ago with a sculpting project of making Maneaters for my old WFB Ogre Kingdom Army. I spent a while on this conversion, but the original paintjob was... less than stellar: Anyway, re-doing the chivalric chonker gave me a nice metric for how much I've improved. Here are some more details: I've got a Dark Elf one which I never painted, decided to base it. Maybe I shouldn't pick up more projects, though...
  12. Yeah, this is how GW does seem to do it, which is fair enough. That said, if they can't think of compelling mortal concepts for Slaanesh, the most philosophically interesting of the four, then they aren't trying. Just a few I've come up with recently: Quartzblind Knights: arrogant Slaaneshi warriors who accept a Daemonic cristal circlet which covers their eyes, becoming gradually more transparent the more they kill. It's a thematic mixture of a prideful 'I can do it with my eyes closed' attitude while also building rapturous anticipation for the glorious spectacle of battle: once they kill enough, they'll get the pleasure of seeing their bloody handiwork, before the quartz clouds again and they have to slaughter fo Slaanesh once more. Unsated: roving packs of self-flagellating hedonists, their search for extremes having left them numb and impatient for sensation. Maybe they follow sense-blessed champions into battle, hoping these shepherds will help them feel again. Soulwring Sommeliers: a cheerfully gluttonous buff-piece/wizard who makes wine out of captured souls. Valourbane Brigands: the Valourbane are epicurean devotees who are riddled with fear and scorned as cowards. Slaanesh augments their failings and gifts them with magical bows that feed on courage, shifting in range and power according to the strength of will of their target. The bolder the quarry the greater the spiritual reward reaped by both demonic bow and its wielder if they succeed in shooting them down, and so the Valourbane are spurred to seek out the most courageous foes and riddle them with daemon-blessed arrows, like courage vampires. While I am proud of these ideas, it's not like coming up with good Slaaneshi concepts is that hard. There are so many ways to go here.
  13. It'd be criminal not to release a few kits which explore the aesthetic hinted at by the Hellstriders. And we have to hope Slaanesh won't get short-changed compared to the other gods. Khorne and Tzeentch both got sizable mortal contingents. Nurgle got less, and suffers thematically from the fact that they lack an 'entry-level' unit. I love Daemon Princes, but this is why you also need Blood Reavers and Acolytes: chaos is all about the meritocratic dream (Whether it is a fantasy or not). It's an assertion of self-determination in a world of oppressive, large scale war. A Chaos faction is incomplete without a representation of the rungs of this hierarchy. I'm not holding my breath, but I think we can at the very least expect Slaanesh to match Nurgle's Daemon-focused release: at least one new mortal kit, and a couple of mortal heroes (the lord on Daemonic mount should get an overhaul, perhaps an alternate build with a sorcerer instead).
  14. Amazing KoS, and love that Daemon Prince. Disappointed we've not seen any mortals yet, but hopefully that is yet to be revealed... Also please stop continue using my ideas lol
  15. Makes sense, as the KO and Sylvaneth are the next Underworlds warbands to go. As for Fyreslayers... I mean, they definitely need an update, but I don't really see evidence of which of the 'priority update factions' will come out first. We've got brand-new AoS factions which are stuck in the past like Seraphon, Ironjawz and Fyreslayers, as well as GHB allegiance armies which have never received a battletome like Darkling Covens, Disspossessed, Free Peoples etc. Has there been a FS specific hint I've missed?
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