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  1. Klamm

    The Rumour Thread

    That Thunderscorn origin tweak was on my wishlist for ages. After all, they're all about the storm, so why not lean into the animosity with Sigmar? It's funny, I made a for-my-eyes-only wishlist of pretty much exactly this last month (well, with new models too). Didn't expect them to actually make most of it! What I hope is the case is that they're setting up three different faction "focuses" to keep them distinct: Brayherds are the despoilers, hating civilization above all. Warherds are the bloodthirsty, seeking slaughter to glut themselves on. Thunderscorn are the betrayed, the proud ancient natives of Azyr in exile, and seek to reconquer it. If there's one thing that's a missed opportunity, it's not having the Herdstone be a multipart kit that can better reflect one of the three aspects (a bloodied altar for Bullgors, a storm-conduit obelisk for Dragon Ogors). Oh, and I'm a little sad there was no Stardrake sized Shaggoth ancient model, but oh well.
  2. There are a dozen other suggestions that would make more sense, but my pick would be Sky Titans (http://warhammerfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Skytitans). The Sky Titans were the reclusive, advanced progenitors of Giants in the world that was. When the Ogres first migrated to the mountains of Mourn, they conquered the Titans. Supposedly, though, the last few survivors departed to the clouds and were never see again. Well, surely the most logical place they would flee to would be Azyr, right? Perhaps they remained reclusive but became more distrustful of the smaller races after their run-in with the Ogres. Over time, though, they become allies to Sigmar, what with their shared affinity for the sky and desire for peace. Their seething hatred for Ogors would also introduce a more concrete Order/Destruction antagonism than we've seen so far. Sky Titans never had any official art, but I'm imagining a massive blue-skinned humanoid, dressed more like a philosopher than a warrior. It could be a cool behemoth ally for order.
  3. Klamm

    Slaaneshi rumour engine teaser

    I'm most excited for a mortal release too. I like the idea of humans wanting to attain the vain grace of an elf, and seeing devotion to slaanesh as their only option. Most of all, I want the philosophy of Slaaneshi faith to be developed , as it is easily the most rich vein to explore within the chaos pantheon. I have my own headcanon for this: Slaaneshi faith consist of three conflicting 'vice aspects' (thus 6 vices in total). Submission and Dominion Submission involves the desire to obliviate the self and give one's essence fully to Slaanesh. This aspect is for the masochists: the frenzied hellstriders and singleminded acolytes who only know devotion. Then there are those spurred to dominate. This can be embodied either by a sadistic tyrant or by a benevolent patriarch: in both cases, pleasure is derived from controlling the fates of others. Excess and Neophylia Excess is perhaps the most commonly manifested aspect: the overpowering addiction to food, drink, sex or violence. It differs from Neophylia by being the obsession with a singular thing, while the Neophyle prizes novelty and interest: any diversion from monotony. These individuals become collectors and explorers, forever malcontent with what they have. Vanity and Creativity Any self respecting Slaaneshi devotee is somewhat vain. This vanity can manifest as the pursuit of aesthetic splendour, or in the pursuit of arcane/martial prowess. The inherent drive is to be the best , and to SHOW that you are the best. The creative takes the same instinct for externalizing perfection but separates it from the self, and instead it manifests in the individual's art or craft. I like this taxonomy, if only to argue with my friend that "pleasure " is actually a philosophically rich topic. There's just a lot more to do with Slaanesh than androgynous shiny bois. Personal wishlist: Mage/artist hybrid character who is all about creating dazzling illusions, the batteries his canvas. Mixed gender, portly warriors, striding into battle with sword and wine flask (gender representation is getting better at the moment, so let's have some fat ladies and gents). A leviadon/stegadon style big beastie (some scaly insect horse thing) with a howdah housing a banquet of warriors, complete with a music band. Could alternate build as a library, a repository of forbidden secrets and deviant thoughts. I could go on, but you get the point:)
  4. Klamm

    Opinion of an actual warhammer fan

    Oh, Ach Warhammer is a true WH fan? The arch who casts Trump as 40k's God emperor with an increasingly thin veil of irony? That same arch who whines about SJWs daring to analyse warhammer in order to pander to the YouTube manosphere? The guy who fundamentally misunderstands the tonal register of 40k (ie the relationship grimdark has with it's more politically satirical roots, but that's a whooooole other topic ). I'm not saying he isn't a fan. there's nothing sillier than attempting to erase somebody's legitimate enjoyment of a thing just because one wants to attach their identity to that thing. That being said, I am unimpressed with those who pander to the most regressive ideas prevalent in modern (mostly male, mostly white) geek culture. Not yucking your yum, but I'd personally prefer the hobby to be inclusive .
  5. Klamm

    Malign Portents

    Behind the scenes video is up on Youtube. Writers are interviewed about the Portents *book*, which sounds like a change in tone toward a grittier fantasy-verse. There's a map and timeline tab on the site too.
  6. Klamm

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Making the jump from lurking to posting with my first two warbands Painted up the SE and Skellies. The Stormcast are supposed to have a colour-shifted celestial vindicators scheme (teal to green and red to pink). Not happy with the gold, I'm having trouble with ink-shading the Vallejo liquid metal paints. Skellies are ethereal (therefore easier to paint) except for the warden, who I thought would make a good undead chaos warrior with just a little kit-bashing. The helmet is a *little* big, what with the Chaos Warrior kit being a pre-digital, heroic sculpt style, but it doesn't bother me too much. (Colours may be off due to using two different coloured bulb lamps as makeshift lightbox)