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  1. That's true, the proportions were very different to the standard ogor glutton. That said, the proportions of the ulfenkarn ogor hero are bit different too (classic ogors have larger hands and heads). Since ogors are one of the two factions I "main", I'm interested in how AoS is gonna do new models. I think the majority of the Mawtribe range holds up splendidly, if they wanna change the proportions then fine. What I hope they don't move away from is gutplates. Gutplates are the one constant in an army where every day is casual friday. That's turned up to 11 with Maneaters, which explore the idea that ogors travel around and enthusiastically embrace cultures into their own identity. That's why I was excited about a Vampire ogor, it was the natural AoSification of the maneater archetype. But every maneater still had a gutplate, the reminder of the society they came from. So while the proportions were off he does seem to have a gutplate whereas none of the Cursed City ogors, dead or alive, do.
  2. 4 OGORS? 3 OF THEM UNDEAD? YESSSSSSSS TBH the zombie ogors, while great models, depart from the ogor aesthetic in ways I don't love. I like how pliable ogors are in adopting different cultures but that the importance of gutplates was a constant. They're also a little lanky, but then maybe death is slimming. Gratified the vampire ogor appears to have a gutplate, that may have been the most delightful surprise of the reveal. Hope there's a Gnoblar Nighthaunt supplement.
  3. bro you're gonna set the crow on fire
  4. I guess it's encouraging that basically everything from the first Hedonites Battletome has been rebalanced and improved. I hope that when Slaanesh gets its third book (hopefully not soon, just coz I'm disappointed doesn't mean I want GW to start dropping three books in three years), there will be a similar improvement to the mortal half. In that vein, I've been thinking about a way to spend depravity aside from summoning, basically inspired by the Bloodtithe table for Khorne, Here's an example of such a system. I'm not a game designer so I'm sure this isn't up to the standards of real rules writers, just ideas for some thematic and tactically satisfying abilities. While there are some costing issues with the new mortal Slaanesh units, Depravity abilities would be something I'm even more excited to see. I don't know how likely it is since only Khorne has this system while Tzeentch and Nurgle don't, but then the latter two also get some additional mechanics (Nurgle's cycle, Tzeetnch's destiny dice and agendas). Slaanesh's allegiance is comparatively dull. Not terrible, just... austere. Locus and Euphoric Killers are good but they're passive abilities. Depravity points are the part of the allegiance you actually play for, the thing that the three hosts change up. I just want an option to not play Slaanesh as a summoning army (which means running S2D for now but hey, one day).
  5. Look on the bright side, Beasts of Chaos are due a new book and the Slaangor warscroll is so disappointing they HAVE to redo it right haha riiiight?
  6. Oh cool, great to hear! I'm trying to modulate my feelings about the battletome. Definitely a bit disappointed but I can have fun in another allegiance, and then there's a chance points/warscroll adjustments (looking at Slaangor with that one) could happen. Also, can't fault the models! This is a very egopomp move, but I did call my Slaanesh warriors Hedonytes... in 2018. So I'm gonna do whatever weird vision board thing I did last time in hopes for a Bloodtithe-style Depravity table.
  7. Thing is, I'm a Timmy not a Spike. I'm not disappointed because the new Hedonites book is bad (there seem to be some effective summoning tricks). I'm disappointed because it doesn't seem fun (for me). The points costs and lack of interesting buffs might be balanced with summoning in mind, but that's little consolation for someone who wants to build an effective mortal force without a Daemon sideboard. I like the lore behind the three Hedonite hosts, but the main tactical change they offer is how you generate Depravity. Pretty much the only benefit the allegiance gives mortals is Euphoric Killers, which is the same as S2D's aura of Slaanesh anyway. So I'm not saying S2D is a more powerful book, just that it seems more interesting The four legions are much more mechanically distinct than Hedonite hosts and there are varied character auras/command abilities. I'm glad I already started a Slaanesh S2D force, originally intending it for Hedonites. The thing I want more than points changes (Shardspeaker/LoP are 150 points but Sorcerer Lord/Lord are 110? c'mon) is an alternate way of spending Depravity. Even if it's less competitive than summoning, if I can spend depravity on buffs (like Khorne Bloodtithe) it'd go a long way. I doubt that's happening soon, though.
  8. Between placing an order for a box of seekers, 2 Painbringers/Twinsouls and a Shardspeaker, I worked through my disappointment about the release and have just decided to play them as Slaves to Darkness. Like, a mortal army isn't making use of Locus or Depravity, and at that point the only thing I'm getting in Slaanesh allegiance is Euphoric Killers, which I can get through mark of Slaanesh in an S2D force anyway. It actually works out, the only Daemons I wanted to run were Princes, so I think I'm doing a Despoilers list where everything has mark of Slaanesh: In terms of Proxy, I need to make chosen and the knights. The Twinsouls as Chosen proxies, I'll probably use the slickblade heads to make them look a little more uniform and make one a musician. Turning the Slickblades into Knights looks a little trickier. I want to convert their wargear to match that of chaos knights, which means shields (painbringer spares) and either swords or lances. It's hard to know without the kit in front of me, but it looks challenging to repose. I'll probably have to forego my preferred lance loadout as well, just do sword and shield. I guess I can always use them as slickblade seeker allies, since aside from euphoric killers they weren't benefiting that much from the Slaanesh allegiance anyway.
  9. I didn't know Morathi were providing anaesthetic, the god of murder is getting soft under new management. Sorry, seriously, I'm also in the camp of wanting to make mortal heavy, summon light Slaanesh work. There are some decent mortal units but are maybe expensive for what they do and you have limited buffing capabilities compared to DoK. From the mathhammer people are doing, it looks like Slickblade Seekers are an alright attacking unit. Shardspeaker has some useful abilities, and Blissbard Archers are decent battleline (though their main strength is generating depravity). So you could definitely make a list out of mortals, I'm gonna do that. Dipping into Slaves to Darkness is valid, you won't benefit from euphoric killers but you can get some survivable units. 30 Daemonettes is generally going to be better for objectives than a Keeper but they are good fighters with solid command abilities so yeah, don't see why not. Oh btw for now ignore Slaangors, they're not good. Maybe one day.
  10. I appreciate that the overcosting of units might be offset by summoning potential, though it sucks for people who were planning mortal armies only. What I would like to see (forlorn wishlisting here) is changing depravity into something akin to a Khorne blood tithe system, where you can spend it on summons or bonuses. That way you're either making up for expensive units with additional summons or getting buffs that will allow them to fight as well as the cost implies. I'm cool with a mid-tier army I just don't wanna be forced to do Daemons lol.
  11. Yeah, I'm also mixed on the release. Certainly happy not to be playing a notoriously powerful faction, but I don't like that it only seems good when geared toward depravity summoning. The units I want to play are overcosted but have mostly alright warscrolls, which gives me hope for future points decreases. One thing I've decided I don't like is how bare the warscrolls are. I remember the Warcry preview that first mentioned Slickblade Seekers, it talked about them being arrogant knights that didn't like getting upstaged. I thought maybe they gain an extra attack if there's another mortal slaanesh unit in combat within 6" or something. Instead, the warscroll is just reroll charges and the same mortal wound on 6s ability that two other units have. I'm not complaining we have mortal wounds, but it's kind of weird that all the mortal units have 1 or 2 abilities which are generally good but commonplace. Where's the uniqueness? Where's the excess? They managed to do that with some of the Heroes. Gluttos and Sigvald have a lot of flair, but the one I really love is the Shardspeaker. Great model, interesting lore which is translated well into rules (good spell, fun buff, flavourful conditional melee ability). Sure, a little overpriced like most of the mortal Hedonites are, but once she's dropped to 100 - 120 points she'll be in every list (maybe for S2D as well). I'm also heartened by how universal the panning of Slaangors has been. They're probably the worst on-release new unit of AoS 2nd edition, a 140 point scroll with a slightly better output and survivability than 70 points of Spire Tyrants. Considering a BoC update is likely coming this year or next, I'm hopeful for a full Slaangor redraft. I don't mind the 3 wounds with a 5+ save, considering the seekers have a surprising wound pool it would make sense for the Slaangor to be more of a glass cannon. It's an interesting unit to write rules for because they need to fulfil a useful role in two different factions, I'd like them to be harder hitting but squishier Bullgors. The mortal wounds at the end of the combat phase rule is a first draft of something interesting. Since they'll die like flies, that end of phase ability should be better, like D3 mortal wounds per Slaangor on a 3+. They probably won't live to the end of the phase, but now the opponent has to make sure of that or take the mortals, therefore being actually useful distractions. And of course, their weapon profiles have to be rewritten so that taking them in large units is ever an option. And why don't they attack with their horns?
  12. Just thinking, I've heard people complain about the lack of a mounted Lord of Pain type hero to support slickblade seekers, maybe a Slaanesh Daemon Prince would work. 12" fly so they can sort of keep up, the +1 to hit command ability isn't as good as a Keeper but they are 120 points cheaper.
  13. I'm in the opposite camp, gonna use chaos warrior conversions as Myrmidesh coz I wanna run Nobles of Excess without spending 200 pounds lol BTW, I do think that the Slaangor Fiendbloods are underwhelming even taken in isolation (even compared to other Beasts of Chaos units tbh), but I think the reason it was such a surprise is that Dread Pagent warscroll. The underworlds slaangor had 4 -2 rend 2 damage attacks! Our thoughts and prayers are with the Slaaneshi beastmen who mourn their greatest ever hero wandering into a chasm.
  14. Looking at everything, I've written up a list of the kind of stuff I want to make work, a lot of which I already have done or on the hobby table. That unit of Slaangor is hilarious wishful thinking, but it's in there as a placeholder bit of chaff that I might replace with some endless spells. Double Daemon Prince in invaders is probably workable, not super competitive but it's what I want to run. I guess I could drop a hero for some extra Twinsouls, since the Nobles of Excess are gonna be the hitty core of the army. That's kind of affected by my financial budget though, 2 boxes of painbringers is pretty costly (I'm planning to proxy my Slaanesh warriors as the 10 strong painbringer unit). As for my summoning pool, I have a unit of fiends and a viceleader (or resurrecting the epitome). I'm not gonna do anything to maximise depravity anyway. I also have an unfinished unit of hellstriders, I could switch them for the Slaangors.
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