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  1. Malerion is a chaos God. Checkmate fellow nerds.
  2. I mean... I think we all want Idoneth veil lady and beef cake stormcast lady to kiss right?
  3. I know! What is this madness? I thought GW hated us. Hopefully she doesn't die in episode one.
  4. Confirmation of ogre pirates and the previous Harrowdeep rumour?
  5. I'm still a bit ehhh about getting another wave of new armies. Expand the existing ones please!
  6. Seems plausible. GW like campaign books at the moment. We know chorfs and Malerion are coming at some point. Only thing I'm not sure on is the combined dwarf book. I'm sure Whitefang is hinting at Fyreslayers.
  7. That would be super cool, but I feel like Fyreslayers is probably more likely than Chorfs.
  8. I do think Whitefang was hinting at Idoneth vs Fyreslayers. 1) Ages ago I mentioned the idea of a Nurgle vs Idoneth box and he said "choose your opponent. 2) I specifically asked him for a reason to feel hyped and I'm a well known Idoneth simp. 3) He posted about their being precedent for a same grand alliance vs grand alliance battlebox. 4) He reacted to posts about Fyreslayers getting a foot hero. 5) He told me to be less pessimistic about GW hating Idoneth. To me an Idoneth vs Fyreslayers box does make sense. As they are both relatively older tomes, didn't receive any new units (i know slayers got some terrain and spells) in 2nd and have yet to appear in a battlebox. It's also reasonable to think GW likes the pattern of releasing new models in battleboxes accompanied by books as this has been used for 40k 9th as well as AoS 2nd.
  9. I feel like 40k has the issue of neglected factions not selling as well. Like even with Craftworlds getting new banshees most of their stuff is still ancient. Plus I think there is a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy that you want to play an army that gets rules and model support so a lot pick imperial, then imperial sells best so they get more support. I always hoped in AoS you would see relatively even support for all the armies. Thus far this seems to be true.
  10. If they do it like Kill Team and use it as a way to stealth release new units for AoS armies that would be hype. Otherwise I'm not super bothered! Never seen anyone playing it locally.
  11. I feel like we might get coalition rules with DoK, at least some of the enclaves might.
  12. It was first mentioned by a guy on 4chan who claimed to work for GW Italy and was throwing out a load of dubious claims. At that time he basically said Idoneth were a massive flop. I'm pretty sure the whole thing is a troll that originates with people who are hostile to AoS who started the whole "flying shaerk " meme to try and discredit AoS as a game. I honestly think that any rumour coming out of 4chan is almost certainly false. All the genuine rumours I can remember in the last 5 years originated elsewhere and almost all the 4chan ones are false.
  13. Yeah this is true, but that 2k list probably cost about the same as any 2k list for Idoneth money wise. To be honest I hope they don't change too much with the warscrolls as Idoneth are quite well balanced at the moment. I'd like to see Morrsarr go down in cost a bit. I think 170 is probably fair in the current edition. 195 makes them hard to justify.
  14. I know I'm super biased, but I honestly can't imagine Fyreslayers as anything other than the least popular modern AoS army. Edit: If we look at this survey by @SirSalabean from early 2021 we can see Fyreslayers are very unpopular while Idoneth are middle of the pack popularity wise. Of course this doesn't necessarily mean they sell well, but it gives some basic idea of what might and might not. If I look at some army specific fb groups Idoneth has 4.3k members, Slaves to Darkness 4.2k members, Sylvaneth 4.5k members, Kruelboyz 3.3k members, KO 4.6k members. None of this is hard sales figures, but it doesn't seem to indicate any big issue with Idoneth popularity.
  15. I think it's just mentioning the events of Broken Realms Morathi. The last canon story we got with Idoneth had them working with Daughters of Khaine loyal to Morathi. It was a broken realms short story where they kill a Lumineth guy.
  16. Well guesswork. 1) we know it's a chaos book. 2) Maggotkin is the oldest book. 3) When the aos app launched the Maggotkin section wasn't on there.
  17. These old 4chan rumours are nonsense. The next three tomes are almost certainly Maggotkin, Idoneth and Fyreslayers. Idoneth vs Fyreslayers with a foot hero for each in a battlebox.
  18. Imagine if Umbraneth was a troll, but then GW decided to use it anyway. 🤣
  19. These rumours are quite easy to falsify as we should get an announcement on at least the first expansion warband before the end of the year. If true slightly sad, but not surprised, that there isn't going to be another Idoneth warband for the under the sea version.
  20. Maybe they will do a road map for AoS after the Stormcast are out?
  21. The other thing that you could consider as to why Idoneth may have sold poorly is that they came out only a month or two after DoK. You had two brand new "dark elf" style armies that released very close together. It's possible that many players who had been waiting for an AoS elf army hopped onto the DoK wagon and then didn't have any need to commit to Idoneth. Especially as Morathi was an existing figure from the lore. Lastly, you could also argue that Idoneth are the hardest army from a hobby perspective. You have to deal with a lot of flight stands, sub assemblies and detailed models sitting in weird positions. I would never recommend them to a new player because of that.
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