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  1. Would be a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. However, as happy as more Grots would make me, I can only wonder if GW would be willing to re-introducing Gitmobs after squatting them alongside old school orruks. Maybe popularity of Total War Warhammer convinced them to not abandon vanilla grots? Or maybe there's some yet unknown twist to them.
  2. They look beautiful! Now I wish even more we'd get new Dispossessed but GW giveth and GW taketh...
  3. I would like some Shaggoths running around, but unless this is a completely new Destruction army Kurnothi seems the other obvious choice (despite me not thinking Kragnos has the hallmarks of a Kurnothi creature) . Would maybe break the Gorkamorka focus of Destruction if a god(beast) leads a new army. So their civilisation was destroyed and they most likely followed another god? Interesting...interesting indeed...
  4. Wait they killed off Arkhan??? Has this happened before - I know that in WHFB characters like Marius Leitdorf were really popular "dead and buried" characters long after their deaths but this is a first for AoS innit?
  5. Ogroid Kragnos would be really cool! Does any of our forum loremasters know if Ogroids are purely chaos (haven't Ogroids so far been STD?) or have they any ties to other allegiances like Destruction?
  6. I wouldn't be so sure to call the centaur a kurnothi yet - although I doubt that he's a bull centaur either.
  7. Now the question remains whether the Centaur is one of the "Silent People" or just a misdirection - he at least isn't insectoid at all! So, either he isn't one of the Silent, or Silent aren't insectoids, or the centaur lad has no relation to either Kragnos or the Silent.
  8. The worst thing with these reveals is that just when I'm ready to open my wallet and commit to a single army, GW comes and teases something even cooler. Oh the humanity! Jests aside, Soulblight look absolutely gorgeous as expected. Real proper Vampire Counts, i.e exactly what I had been hoping for. Kragnos however, ended up being the reveal (or rather tease) that kept me up at night. A beastman? I don't think he (or the centaur fellow seen in the tease) is kurnothi, I'd expect more aelfy aesthetics in that case. I hope its something beastly instead, as big monsters are inherently cool and fun (as our resident Sons of Behemat fans can attest) and BoC despite the name have a surprising lack of big lumbering beasts.
  9. I must repress all internal screaming as this model looks SOOOOOOO cool - I knew we'd expect a proper glow-up but it has to be said...the sculptors at GW are real proper artists and deserve so much credit for the absolute gorgeous models in the last few years!
  10. Spot on. I know this hobby is a 'luxury hobby', but we as community need that constant injection of new blood (and I'd argue most, if not all. of us got into this hobby as pre-teens/teens). I'm not a parent, so I can be self-indulgent when I really want something, but I am sure most parents would rather give little Timmy a Playstation game all his friends are raving about than risk that the £100 plastic men go unused (not to speak of the costs of paints, and purchasing larger armies...in many ways videogaming is the more affordable hobby these days!).
  11. At least we'll have something to speculate on until BR: Be'lakor drops, I suppose! I must admit, it IS quite odd that we haven't seem him yet...is there even room for two winged, shadowy villains? I don't know if this is just GW playing 4D chess and waiting until 3rd edition to unveil him...or if they just don't know what to do with him they can't do with Morathi (morally evil aelf deity) or Be'lakor (shadowy supervillain).
  12. Anyone here knowledgeable about the Stormcast? I don't know if I missed earlier discussion about this, but it seemed as if the shadows surrounding Be'lakor caused the souls of dead Stormcast to fizzle out, or at least prevent them from returning to Azyr being reforged. Is that a correct interpretation of the teaser? Has Be'lakor found out a Stormcast nerf? Is Daemons returning with a bang?
  13. No way it's gonna be ya boy Aekold Hellbrass (even if I know at least one Tzeentch-player who'd sacrifice his firstborn for Aekold returning to AoS with the Sigvald treatment). I'm of course guessing here, but gives me Death vibes. I assume the headpiece is a cowl rather than hair - I'd wager it to be another Gravelords character (perhaps an executioner?).
  14. > I wake up from my slumber > Look at my phone > 1 new message > One youtube link followed by emotes in different stages of hype > 'Huh, I wonder if I have missed someth-' > See the title > GET ON THE HYPE TRAIN My reaction can be summarized as:
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