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  1. I second this hope! Eshin is also the clan most in need of updates in general - it is the hardest one to make a 'pure' clan out of, with oldest sculpts.
  2. Oooh, these gargants look gorgeous! Well, as gorgeous as a hulking wall of angry flesh can be gorgeous. I love how they have been designed with the Alegizzlers in mind!
  3. Well, it seems I need to start playing Blood Bowl Those snotlings are CUTE 😍
  4. Well, there seems to be some kind of word document blurred in the background...a script perhaps? Oh, hold still my beating heart!
  5. That was a really pleasant read @Skabnoze it is always fascinating (and really inspiring) to hear from other hobbyists why they have ended collecting certain armies. Although I was never into orcs nor goblins, I can really relate to being drawn to the weird and the quirky most overlooked - when I got into Dark Eldar they still had their '96 codex that was two editions behind. In Fantasy I finally settled on Bretonnia (after buying way too many army books and single hero models of most factions - if I wouldn't have been slightly too late for affordable Chaos Dwarves, I'd probable gotten into them), which quickly became an outdated army too. My brother collected Night Goblins and Tomb Kings and we used to have the (really bad) policy of not collecting the same army, but I used to borrow his army books to just read the lore and dream of running a Forest Goblin themed army, or one with big monsters such as trolls and giants. Well, now I can! I haven't pulled the trigger yet as I've wanted to save for Sons of Behemat but either troggoth or Spiderfang-themed Gloomspite is my second choice if SoB wouldn't excite me. Unless GW brings Chaos Dwarves into a mainline army, FW prices are too steep and I don't want to proxy them like I ended up doing in Fantasy. Using Bretonnian models, hahah!
  6. I hope the same, for same reason as you both! Definitely an influence on my own desire to field an all-Gargant army to the point of listening to the soundtrack of the show whenever I've wanted to hype myself up for Sons of Behemat in the past 5 months!
  7. I personally think these will be much larger than the current Aleguzzler. It will probably act as a cheaper battleline choice for the army (although they need to have the Behemoth limit removed, or somehow lose it for Aleguzzlers). Maybe the three Gargants seem in the teaser are either heroes or specialised units!
  8. I'm so happy we finally got the tease we waited last week for - now that I know they're indeed real and on their way, I'm not that bothered by not seeing any models yet. But I wonder, how expensive will they be pointwise? You'd think that in a 1K game you'd only run 2-3 (in my last 1K game I ran Troggoths, about 9 models) πŸ€” Guess time will tell~
  9. FINALLY!!❀️❀️❀️ https://youtu.be/xTLD8Ol-bPk
  10. Eshin are my favourite Skaven clan, but I doubt anyone in their right mind would run a pure Eshin army due to the criminally low options such an army would have. Even Moulder have more AND can spam Giant Rats and Rat Swarms which, if nothing else, is at least hilarious.
  11. Either the Norse gargants already wished here or Greek-inspired Gargants! If anyone remembers the titans from the old PC classic 'Heroes of Might and Magic III' you know what I'm talking about.
  12. Well, giants ARE scientifically proven* to be the most awesome of fantasy concepts... * This was, in fact, not scientifically proven.
  13. The Battletome's existence has been leaked, hasn't it? Surely we'll get from all of this, if not tomorrow, a proper reveal?
  14. I'm mostly looking forward to see Sons of Behemath, but if I dare to dream I admit the idea of Chaos Dwarves returning would be sweet indeed - but I doubt it is something that will happen anytime soon, if ever. Otherwise I'm content, but I really like the Specialist Games GW produces so I will be keeping an eye on those reveals too.
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