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  1. Could be part of a new Huskard model? Maybe a dismounted one?
  2. Nothing wrong with being excited for things.
  3. We have to remember these are just added little abilities unique to each Alliance. We've yet to see the full lists of the Megas so in conjunction with other parts of the lists they could end up being very useful. Another thing to remember and I dont mean to sound rude, is that the Megas are a Mercenary unit and they are optional. The Sons of Behemat are their own army and GW could have of chosen not to allow them to ally with anyone but Destruction if they wished.
  4. Cannot wait to see an alternate angle of the Gatebreakers flail to see just how large it is!! Also whatever is strapped to the Warstompers back, I think it's a Ghorgon/Cygor head.
  5. I am living for these named Megas and their alternate colour schemes!! Big Drogg Fort-Kicka is an awesome name, I should start doing some research into my own lads names. Really looking forward to all the conversions to come from the Megas and also looking forward to seeing the back of the Warstomper to see what exactly is strapped to his back, I think it's a Ghorgon head and also to see a different angle of the Gatebreakers flail.
  6. Absolutely loving these named Megas and their paint jobs!!
  7. These character driven Megas are ****** incredible and I am over the Bad Moon that they are keeping their Jump Up and Down attacks!! As soon as the 40K sheet leaked I think we all had the sinking feeling...BUT it means next Sunday they will announce the Sons of Behemat for their 10th of October Pre Order date!! In a few weeks we will feel the earth tremble beneath our feet as Bundo Whalebiter, One-Eyed Grunnock and company shake the Mortal Realms to their core!!
  8. One Eyed Grunnock!! Absolutely loving these character driven Megas!! I've always loved a red beard (biased to my own) but his paint scheme is incredible and over the Bad Moon that they have Jump up and down!! Unfortunately so, we all had the feeling it was coming as soon as those 40K sheets were leaked I feel. No worries though as we have next weekend and week to look forward to as theyll announce pre orders for the 10th!! Hopefully we get at least 3 articles before the Sons drop on their long awaited 17th release day!!
  9. Yes the 10th does seem to actually be the date, I think the Facebook posting hyped myself and others up far to quick Haha. Glad that they're finally coming though!! I fully expect to see the Facebook comments, when it's not the Sons this evening, moaning about being lied to when in fact as we have seen the Audio Drama gives us the most solid release date yet. *My fingers and toes are still crossed just in case but I wont be shocked if they're not announced today.
  10. The Aleguzzler kit just had quite a few extras for the base and seeing that the Megas base is enormous it would make sense to have options to put on there.
  11. It would seem the 10th may just end up being the date yes. Fingers still crossed though.
  12. I cant wait to see your Sea Gargant mate. The conversions this kit are going to make are going to be insane and we havent even seen all the extra bits!!
  13. So were thinking back to the 10th for Pre Order for the Sons? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe that was just a 40K sheet.
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