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  1. I did the exact same thing when they first teased the Sons of Behemat in November 2019 It was the same article that announced the Old World returning with a line saying 'something GIANT was coming to the Mortal Realms'. At first I was so excited that we were getting a new Gargant model!! And then I started to convince myself it was an entire faction and I was shut down fairly heavily online, which makes sense as that tease at best was a single new model which it did turn out to be *technically. But in the end I was right and it felt so damn good.
  2. 100% mate and GW already said they were Previewing the Underworld Warbands on the first Friday of every month, this month they only delayed it by a week because that Friday was New Years Day. So we should see the next Warband on February 4th.
  3. Oh I was under the impression they would be new CoS!!
  4. I cannot wait!! This is going to be a very exciting week!! Im sure the Death reveal has to be one of three things. Vampires, Zombies or Broken Realms next book is death. Now Vampires and zombies could be one in the same.
  5. This would be unreal!! I would 100% buy this!! I want this to be true and now you've set me up for disappointment mate Haha.
  6. YES LADS!! @Overread you jinxed us in the best way possible!! Please be Zombies please be Zombies!!
  7. Flashed back to Sons reveal in April and then October release
  8. I think Saturday the 30th would be a fantastic date, end of the first month of 2021, gives us a good look into the first half of the year.
  9. If I was any good at Green Stuff I would sculpt the hell outta some fur for a Kong Gargant!! Damn I may need to practice green stuff for this... Hahaha no worries mate I want fun things for all!! It looks very close too, much like the Ossiarch Bone Mortisan.
  10. This has nothing to do with AOS or Warhammer in general besides the fact it has Gargantuan participants but Godzilla VS Kong has had its release date moved up and more footage shown!! I havent been this excited since the Sons of Behemat reveal. As a massive fan I'm beyond hyped and just needed to let it out!! Sorry folks!!
  11. I'd love to see some more Armoured Fyreslayers. I know they dont need to be but it would be an awesome aesthetic. Honestly mate I had forgotten!! I love how the Leader is standing on a Mega Gargant skull, they were teased for so long without us even realising!!
  12. I really would like to see Duardin players recieve Underworlds units. I'd love to see new sculpts for Fyreslayers especially. Or even new Dispossessd as Underworlds is the perfect way to introduce new models without immediately create a whole Faction. Eg: Kurnothi.
  13. A Troggoth launcher?! Or perhaps even do the old Colossus/Wolverine fast ball special and get a Dankhold sized Troggoth that physically throws Squigs and Grots at the enemy!!
  14. The Orruk Warclans Gork/Mork Foot is so in your face throughout Orruk/Orc history it's quite shocking it hasnt happend yet. I would 100% be down for an upgrade sprue!! A Priest upgrade sprue with a church/chapels tower as a staff!!
  15. Behemats moist armpit those are impressive!! I really hope that eventually every Faction has either an Endless Spell or Terrain Piece. I'd love to see Orruk Warclans get something and of course the Sons of Behemat. My idea for the Sons is still an overturned Caravan or Mammoth covered in gear and food that acts as a 'Healing Station'.
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