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  1. There are many many reasons I prefer AOS. Fantasy had always been more alluring to me than Sci Fi, the Factions are far more interesting to me, the Lore is better in my opinion and when it comes to the hobby itself there isnt one Faction or Army that gets 90% of releases and that is Space Marines. They're the poster boy of the company sure, but far out if they dont get the bulk of releases. No army in AOS is treated as such and I think GW realises their mistake with 40K and is making sure it doesnt happen again. PS. I have no problem with Space Marines or their players.
  2. I've seen this posted a lot by 40K players saying how unbalanced Knights were at launch and Sons will be the same, which is quite the opposite as we dont need explosives or AP rounds to wound a Gargant, a lucky Clanrat could wound one.
  3. I have 3 Aleguzzlers currently on Order.
  4. I cannot wait for them to *fingers crossed* release an exclusive Mancrusher Gargant for Warcry/Underworlds/Quest.
  5. They definitely had chances before 9th edition to drop some of the Warcry/Underworlds Warbands but there probably wont be any AOS releases until August now, with the rest of the Lumineth dropping first and foremost.
  6. GW did say there was going to be humans in the kits so I am hoping that the handheld manlings arent the only ones!! A crew of Humans would be awesome, 3 humans per the 3 Mega Gargants in the kit.
  7. Speaking of bases I wonder what extras are going to be on the sprues for the Mega Gargant!! Hopefully a road sign or two, maybe a broken carriage and hopefully some of Johanns relatives running for their lives.
  8. Chaos Duardin are also mentioned in Wrath of the Everchosen.
  9. If this is the truth, then I'm definitely running 3 Mancrushers and 3 Megas.
  10. Hopefully this will be revealed in a short amount of time, much like the Cogfort leg that was revealed 2 weeks later as the Hammerfall Drop Turret.
  11. Rumour Engine July 7th 2020 Is this Nurgle related? Tyranid? FEC? Soulblight?
  12. Interesting...this does bode well that we could be getting Gitmob before the year is out, or at least before A0S 3.0
  13. Fantastic!! I'll definitely be running Mancrushers purely for the name alone!! I'm hoping they pad the book out with copious amounts of lore!! Maybe even sneak in a passage written as a Childrens book warning them of Gargants.
  14. Stormcast VS Orruks would be awesome. I'd love for the Greenskins to take centre stage as it feels as though Death and Chaos have had the lions share of being the bad guys since AOS began and the Orruks have been sort of there or as fodder. Orruks especially Ironjawz need more models pushed through, if they bring in standard Orruks for the Warclans that would be amazing, especially to see their new sculpts all Age of Sigmafied. Would be a great way to reintroduce Chariots if they wanted, massive hulking chunks of metal pulled by some huge muscular beast, something like a Fantasy Hippo strapped with metal and metal tipped tusks. Hopefully they'd update them going forward, slowly fazing out the resin . Who knows though that may take until they recieve a 3.0 Battletome which would be years away.
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