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  1. Chapter 3 – They are here Two days later, on a bright but chilly spring morning, Stadthouder Adriaanus Manstien, Sheriff Albertus and the consigniliari of Montalban stood waiting in the middle of the road, just inside the main town gate . The huge, forged iron gate was thrown wide open, its portcullis raised. The town's guard lined up in front of them outside the gate, on either side of the road leading into the town. Halberdiers on the left, Handgunners on the right. The company of Greatswords stood to attention on one side of the road inside the town a little way past the gate. The dismounted Demigryph Knights stood on the other side of the road facing the Greatswords. Stadthouder Manstien made the decision to leave the Demigryphs in the city's menagerie. They were nervous animals at the best of times and it would be one less thing to worry about. The Demigryph Knights, proud sons and fathers of nobel houses and wealthy merchant families, were not pleased about this decision. The Stadthouder knew he would have to grant a few of them a private audience later in his cabinet room. They were certain to protest their displeasure at having to stand like peasants and ordinary guards to meet the Knights Excelsior. The Stadthouder had already heard some of the grizzled Greatswords jeer at the dismounted knights opposite “Where's your coo-coo bird, son?” Every time Sheriff Albertus boomed “Silence in the ranks!” And so they waited. And waited some more. The Greatswords grew tired and began to lean on their Zweihander swords. The Halberdiers were put at rest and the hand gunners were allowed to put down their guns. Sheriff Albertus shouted up to the gate guard aloft the battlements. “Can you see anything?” “No my lord” was the reply. Some of the consigniliari began to complain. Another practical joke by the festival committee, they argued. Then finally came the cry from the battlements. “My lord, they are here!” A double column of 30 Knights Excelsior Liberators with warhammers and shields, marched briskly up the road towards the city gate. In locked step, they covered the distance in no time at all. Manstien could hear them singing a rousing marching hymn. “As I walk the valleys of Shyish, the lord Sigmar is my guiding light. My resolve, my strength, my righteous fury,...”. Their officer was at the head of the column , marching in silence. Manstien noticed they did not wear golden plate armour but white plate. Sheriff Albertus shouted orders to all around him. Sergeants and captains were redressing ranks and files. Drum rolls came from the far end of the files and the shouts of ‘present arms’ were heard getting ever closer. The Knights Excelsior slowed their pace and silently, they marched past the guard regiments. Under the gate they halted in front of Manstien, Albertus and the party of consigniliari. Stadhouder Manstien looked up to the Stormcast officer in front of him. Dressed in his ornate white battle helmet he stood at one and a half times the Stadthouder's height. The warrior was like a perfect white statue. Manstien's eye twitched nervously. “W..Welcome”, Manstien stuttered. “Welcome. The city and people of Montalban bid the Knights Excelsior welcome. May your stay with us be most agreeable.” The Stormcast officer in unblemished battle plate, decorated with leather scrolls fluttering in the draft, looked down at Manstien. Slowly he raised his arms and removed his helmet. The look on his face made Manstien wish he had kept his helmet on. Manstien looked into the face of the man like a rat hypnotized by a snake. The officer raised his gaze to peer over the heads of the welcoming party and across into the city. He took a long sniff of the air three times, once centre, once left and once right. Sheriff Albertus, who stood next to Manstien, kicked the shins of the Stadthouder. Manstien looked at him “Hmmm?” Then the Stadthouder remembered the young page behind him with the velvet pillow and a large golden key on it. He grabbed the pillow with both hands and held it up aloft to the Stormcast officer. “As Stadthouder of this city, I, Adriaanus Manstien, hereby offer the Knights Excelsior the keys of the city gate and the freedom of the city”. The Knight Excelsior finally answered, still looking over Manstien's head: “My name is Germanus Graghus and I am Lord Veritant of the Knights Excelsior.” He looked down at Manstien. “You can keep your key. We don’t use keys to enter a city.” Manstien was a bit startled. “It is just a symbol, my Lord Veritant.” The Knight Excelsior just nodded. “Thank you for welcoming us. Where do we stay?” Sheriff Albertus took the Knights Excelsior to the guards barracks. Luckily it was not far away. As the Stormcasts marched through the city streets, with the Greatswords behind them forming a guard of honour, the streets filled up with citizens eager to catch a glimpse of the fabled storm warriors of Sigmar. As they walked, shouts turned to murmurs and then to silence. Everybody was overawed by their presence and the aura of solemnity they projected all around them. Once the Stormcasts had entered the barracks, the doors were closed behind them and the Greatswords took up guard position outside the barrack's gate. Inside, Sheriff Albertus took the Lord Veritant through the building, explaining where he would find everything and when their provisions would arrive. The sheriff couldn’t help but noticing how the Lord Veritant seemed to sniff the air as he entered each new room. Finally the Lord Veritant turned around to him and said: “Thank you. This will be all”. “My Lord” answered Albertus. He took a slight bow, turned around and marched out of the barracks without even once looking back. Once Albertus closed the gate door behind him, Germanus Graghus, the Lord Veritant turned to his nearest Knight Excelsior companion. “This place stinks of chaos and every other foul thing to be found in the realms”.
  2. until
    Hey guys, the German Tabletop Championships 2020 are a cooperation between several clubs to host tournaments for several systems in one place simulatneously. With the "Eishalle Herford" we have found a place to host a tabletop-event for up to 600 players (120 only for Age of Sigmar). Food, drinks and the option for a free overnight-stay are included in the particiaption-fee. See details: www.germantabletopchampionships.com (More Age of Sigmar tournament news will follow soon) Quick information to start: 2 days event 5 games 120 players 5 Battleplans from GHB with Hiden Agendas Ask me for question / Greetings Kowa
  3. Event Title: German Tabletop Championships - AoS Event Author: Kowa Calendar: Events Germany Event Date: 06/06/2020 07:30 AM to 06/07/2020 06:00 PM Hey guys, the German Tabletop Championships 2020 are a cooperation between several clubs to host tournaments for several systems in one place simulatneously. With the "Eishalle Herford" we have found a place to host a tabletop-event for up to 600 players (120 only for Age of Sigmar). Food, drinks and the option for a free overnight-stay are included in the particiaption-fee. See details: www.germantabletopchampionships.com (More Age of Sigmar tournament news will follow soon, registration about this page and T3) Quick information to start: 2000 points army list 2 days event 5 games 120 players 5 Battleplans from GHB with Hidden Agendas Ask me for question / Greetings Kowa German Tabletop Championships - AoS
  4. Hi guys, Just looking for a place to share some of my stuff! I've painted a little before I decided to choose Idoneth Deepkin for my Age of Sigmar army. This is really my first foray at actually painting an entire army. I watch a lot of tutorials and paint videos in my spare time for fun, so I like to think that I've picked up a decent understanding of the essential techniques. Some of the more advanced stuff like wet blending still elude me, however. Let me know what you think!
  5. It will be my first year at Blood and Glory just creating the discussion so anyone who's going can post maybe get to know a few people before going up. Also for us newbs to B+G can ask the old Vets any question. Also bit of banter is always fun.
  6. "The Mountain Guard are the elite forces of Averland who guard Black Fire Pass. They are the cream of the Averland forces and include regular troops, Halflings, as well as a special unit of trappers and rangers. They are often the first forces to intercept invading armies and as such commonly take high casualties. They are successful at their job of patrolling the pass, although it is difficult to patrol such long piece of road" Do you want an unit full of German William Wallace's? The Freeguild Greatswords are the elite infantry of the Free Peoples, wielding giant Zweihanders into battle, they are staunch defenders of the realms of men and veterans of hundreds of battles. They aren't much to look at on paper, they have basic human stats, 1 wound each, 5" move, a slightly better save than the Freeguild Guard at +4 and a slightly better Bravery at 6. Their attack profile is pretty solid, 2 attacks, 4+ hit, 3+ wound, -1 rend and 1 damage each. Not bad really, it's something to work with in the realms of all the buffs the Free Peoples have access to. The Guild Champion (unit Sergeant) gets 3 attacks instead of 2. The Standard Bearer also makes an appearance in this unit. Whilst their save and Bravery is standard for humans. Rolls of a 1 for battle shock in this unit is an automatic pass. This is important as it stacks with the Order Battle Trait Defiant Avengers (allowing you to re-roll battleshock tests) and the Freeguild General on Horses banner (roll two dice for Freeguild units with 24" of the Freeguild General). In brief, ALWAYS keep these guys within range of the Freeguild General with Banner. The Hornblower - Like the Freeguild Guard this creative gentlemen allows your unit to counter-charge after your opponent has moved all of his charging units so long as no enemy models are within 3" of this unit. The counter-charge is a charge based on a D6. Not great, but you will be surprised by the amount of times you can actually get this off (as it overlaps with the Free Peoples Great Company support ability). Abilities Oathsworn Honour Guard - If a unit of Freeguild Greatswords is within 14" of a Free Peoples Hero from your army when they attack, you can add 1 to all of their hit rolls. Only one ability for these mustachio twirling gents. You will rarely move these guys outside of 14" of a Freeguild General (Foot, Horse or Griffon variant). These guys are bodyguards for your General, this ability merely confirms it. As long as you remain within range of your Freeguild General this will bring your guys to a nice to 3+/3+ on their attacks, pretty tasty. Positives Cheaper with GHB2019 - 300pts for 30 finely dressed, mustachioed pantaloons wearing murderers Consistent weight of attacks with rend; a unit of 30 (assuming you can get them all in) has 61 attacks. Standard Bearer has good synergy with the Defiant Avengers battle trait and the Freeguild General to make a highly battle shock resistant unit. They can be underestimated by your opponent - these guys love to get jacked off all the Free Peoples buffs. Perfect as a bodyguard for your General and as the core of your army. Negatives 4+ save - these guys are the hammer to the Freeguild Guards anvil. Bravery 6 - low, but we have have high battleshock resistance. 5" move - They are very slow, hence susceptible to the next point. Highly vulnerable to ranged attack. Very unwieldy in a 30 man unit. They require significant investment of buffs to be viable. Recommendations DON'T put them in threat range of nasty shooters, these are 1 wound +4 save basic dudes, they will get decimated. Keep them supported by Crossbows and Handgunners and within range of your Indomitable Freeguild General. They are great bodyguards for your Freeguild General who is vulnerable at only 5 wounds. Keep him nearby for the 24" battleshock banner, the Indomitable Command Trait (+1 save wholly with 12") and chuck the Hold the Line! command ability on these guys to make them 2+/2+, 3+ save, battleshock resisting monster men. Don't take them below 10 men, it's simply not worth it. A 20 man unit is a nice medium, they aren't to unwieldy to move around the table and you can get two ranks in on the 25mm bases. Good synergy with the Freeguild General on Griffon's Rousing Battle Cry ability. 1+ hit, +2 bravery and +1 to charge roles makes them significantly better. The Amber Battlemage is good to buff these guys with the Wildform spell. +1 wound in the combat phase, couple this with the Rousing Battle Cry command ability and your Greatswords won't be limited by the movement restriction of the Hold the Line! command ability and will have the same attack profile of 2+/2+. A Grey Battleamge is also good for keeping them alive, cast Mystifying Miasma to make the unit they are fighting -1 to hit. Put them in a Great Company, every unit in the Free Peoples needs SUPPORT! Knight-Azyros re-roll 1's just makes them even crazier.
  7. Announcement Time!! The First AoS GT is happening in Ireland! Due to a number of issues we decided to move the GT to a bigger venue later in the year 2000 Points Matched Play Event 64 Players 5 games 2 Days Held in the Carlton Hotel near Dublin Airport Tickets are 55 Euro To secure your place at this event please send 55 via the following link: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8dnk8xSrHQ any question please PM me or email me at theherophasepodcast@gmail.com Thanks all, Mick
  8. Event Title: Autumnal Altercations - 1500pt AoS One Day Tournament Event Author: Tropical Ghost General Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 08/31/2019 09:30 AM to 08/31/2019 06:30 PM A one day event in Bristol, UK. Held at Bristol Independent Gaming, hosted by Bristol Age of Sigmar. 1500pt armies using pitched battle Battlehose formation (so 3 battleline). Places limited to just 20 players. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and wooden spoon. Plus award from 'Best Army'. No painting requirements, but any entries for 'Best Army' must be fully painted and based. Tournament Pack included for downloading. Link to more event details and how to purchase tickets below: https://www.facebook.com/events/1021111808080153/ Autumnal Altercations - 1500pt AoS One Day Tournament BIG Autumnal Altercation.pdf
  9. Event Title: Warpath at Common ground games, Scotland singles eventEvent Author: Lord-of-Scotland Calendar: Events UKEvent Date: 10/08/19 10:00 AM to 10/08/19 06:30 PM The Scottish Fanatics are happy to announce Warpath 2 the path to war ! an Age of Sigmar tournament! We are hosting a 1 day Singles 2000 points AoS event on the 10th of August. Venue is the awesome Common Ground Games in Stirling, Scotland. Signup on Facebook, Scottish AOS WhatsApp, Twitter and TGA. Will keep a list of entrants on TGA. Will update the post when a pack is available and we will spam everywhere soon once we have something set up for tickets. Will be £16, including lunch on the day and prizes! First game begins at 10:00am *****IMPORTANT***** As we all want to grow the hobby and encourage people to join in we are going to offer a free ticket to first time Tournament attendee - so the the first first timer who signs up gets free entry. Any queries contact thescottishfanatics@gmail.com Pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ui31fs4reudfkf6/WarPath 2 v2.docx?dl=0 Sign ups are now open 1: Jack Carruthers (Paid) 2:John Connelly (Paid) 3: Mark Roberts (Paid) 4: Steven Ramage (Paid) 5: Adam Martin (Paid) 6: Leigh Martin (Paid) 7: Craig Deakin (Paid) 8: Grant Fraser (Paid) 9: Ben Carlin (Paid) 10: David Nemeth (Paid) 11: Kat Fekete (Paid) 12: Phil McGuinness (paid) 13: Jamie Ferguson (paid) 14:Scott Smith (paid) 15: Alan Lipowski 16: Liam watt (Paid) 17: John harper 18: Jonny forde (Paid) 19: Kev low (Paid) 20: 21: Christian white (Paid) 22: martin Kershaw (Paid) 23:John Craig (Paid) 24: Sean McKechnie (Paid) 25: Greg summers (Paid) 26: Paul Di Duca 27: Craig Graham (Paid) 28: David Jack (paid) 29: Martin kershaw (paid)
  10. Event Title: March To War 4 Event Author: DodgyRoller Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 07/27/2019 10:00 AM to 07/28/2019 06:00 PM After the success of several one day AOS events the Purple Sparkly Unicorns will be running a 2 day Age Of Sigmar event on the 27th of July 2019, the event pack has been added to this post all details including tickets and venue are covered. Any further questions regarding the event please email psunicorns@hotmail.com. March To War 4 Event Pack.pdf Entrants list = Andy Woods Andy Bryan Alex Tooth Jack Mayland Matthew Crowther David Jennings Simon Holmes Jason Hodgkinson Ant Boulton Mike Thomas Tim Unwin Tom Bailey Aaron Walters Eilir Davies Lee Downes Mark Edge alex Johnson danny biddal jason stanyer carl bagnall gareth cosby gaz ravenscroft Andrew Brown Buddy Lane Mark Chadwick Craig Chesters
  11. until
    Ludic Incoming Milano is happy to announce that on, the weekend of the 19th – 20th of October 2019 the very first edition of “Winter Incoming” will be hosted, a gaming event dedicated to the promotion of organized play in the city of Milan! Our first Weekend Warlords will take place during this occasion, a two day - single player, Age of Sigmar Tournament. The event will be endorsed by the “Champions of Age of Sigmar”, Lega C.A.O.S. and will be sanctioned by their Official Info pack wich will be available soon. TOURNAMENT INFORMATION · Format Structure: Age of Sigmar 2000 points. The event will follow the official info pack, the missions and scenarios will be selected randomly the last days preceding the start of the event and after the closing of Lists Submission. · Rounds Structure: 5 Matches with the maximum round time being 2 hours 30 minutes. 3 Games will be played on Saturday 19 and 2 will be played on Sunday 20. · Realms of Battle: Will be selected randomly and announced two weeks before the list submission closure. · Participation Fee: 25 EUR. The whole Prize Pool will comprise plates, gift vouchers, and event-exclusive gadgets distributed to all the players · Prizes: Will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Best Army. Best Slaughterer. Best Sportsman. Event-Rookie and last but not least the formidable Wooden Spoon. TIMETABLE Saturday the 19th: - 10.00 A.M. Sign Up Opening - 10.30 Tournament Starts/ First Round - 13.00 End First Round – Lunch Break - 14.00 Second Round Starts - 16.30 End Second Round - 16.45 Third Round Starts - 19.15 End Third Round Sunday the 20th: - 10.00 A.M. Sign up Opening - 10.30 Start Fourth Round - 13.00 End Fourth Round – Lunch Break - 14.00 Start Fifth Round - 16.30 End Fifth Round - 17.00 Awards GENERAL RULES 1) Tournament Points: - 30 Points Major Victory - 20 Points Minor Victory - 10 Points Draw - 7 Points Lesser Defeat - 0 Points Major Defeat 2) Painting: - Full Paint Requirement. We are aiming for the best Hobby Experience for all our players and as such we kindly impose to our participants to have full painted armies. ludicincomingmilano@gmail.com 3) Proxy: - Proxies are NOT allowed, nor for models nor for scenery pieces. - Modifications are allowed as long as these do not compromise the shape/dimension of the original model. - Any proxy found during the matches without previous authorization will be promptly removed from the table of play. A certain degree of freedom is allowed as far as weapon equipment is concerned. Do ask the Staff in case of doubt. 4) Materials: - Each participant must be self-organized, with all the different needs for the correct occurring of their matches (Dice, Ruling, Measuring Tape, etc). LIST SUMBMISSION & PARTECIPANTS Army Lists, specifying each detail, should be sent to the following e-mail, no later than Sunday the 30th of September: ludicincomingmilano@gmail.com 1-Leonardo Ravioli 2-Alessandro Nordino 3-Andrea Radaelli 4-Elias Poggi 5-Roberto Battistini 6-Alfonso 7-Andrea Alfano 8-Alessandro Galli 9-Nicolò Caniglia 10-Ambrogio Lamartina 11-Mattia Lo Parrino 12-Federico Tarroni 13-Ambrogio Facchini 14-Pietro Braghieri 15-Raffaele 16-Luca Grimaldi 17-Salvatore Lanza 18-Manuel Clemente 19-Stefano Dimasi 20-Marco Finotto 21-Stefano Monopoli 22-Luca Onorati 23-Simone Perego 24-Federico Ronchi 25-Nozza 26-Tirloni 27-Michele Onorati 28-Fredi Marcarini 29-Vittorio Canziani 30-Andrea Epis 31-Federico Azzali 32-Stefano Bonamin 33-Daniel Lenzotti 34-Stefano Chiodi 35-Andrea Graziosi 36-Lorenzo Canali 37-Teo Rolezio 38- Pierpaolo Danese 39- David Gori 40- Marco Pinto 41- Cecco 42 - Damiano 43 - Matteo Compagnoni 44- Jacopo Favarotto 45- Domenico Palmieri 46- Luca Bellino 47- Leto Colombo Alessandro 48- Pisacreta Jacopo 49- Dinardo Davide 50 -Alberto Azzani 51 - Vendramini
  12. Greetings to all fellow hobbiysts from our on-growing community here in Milan, Italy. Our name is Ludic Incoming Milano and our mission is to bring together people and gamers to play what the love the most and discover new games! In particular our Age of Sigmar community has grown a lot in the past months. We are currently holding Wednesday - Gaming nights featuring atleast 5 tables for Age of Sigmar. We are happy to be here and share our passion for the hobby with people all over the world!
  13. until
    A one day event in Bristol, UK. Held at Bristol Independent Gaming, hosted by Bristol Age of Sigmar. 1500pt armies using pitched battle Battlehose formation (so 3 battleline). Places limited to just 20 players. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and wooden spoon. Plus award from 'Best Army'. No painting requirements, but any entries for 'Best Army' must be fully painted and based. Tournament Pack included for downloading. Link to more event details and how to purchase tickets below: https://www.facebook.com/events/1021111808080153/ BIG Autumnal Altercation.pdf
  14. Event Title: Spear The Rear Event Author: TimM85 Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 10/19/2019 09:00 AM Limited to 32 players 1000 points - Meeting engagements Tickest -https://entoyment.co.uk/event-tick/store-events/spear-the-rear-aos-itc-1000pt-tournament.html Event Pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/pl66wvuq2dp2v9t/SpearTheRear19%3A10%3A2019.pdf?dl=0 Event Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/328522638092918/ Spear The Rear
  15. TimM85

    Spear The Rear

    Limited to 32 players 1000 points - Meeting engagements Tickest -https://entoyment.co.uk/event-tick/store-events/spear-the-rear-aos-itc-1000pt-tournament.html Event Pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/pl66wvuq2dp2v9t/SpearTheRear19%3A10%3A2019.pdf?dl=0 Event Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/328522638092918/
  16. Welcome pirates, raiders, corsairs, freebooters, marauders, privateers, picaroons, rovers, and anyone seeking to be Truly Free! [This thread is the start of a narrative collaboration that anyone is welcome to join if you're interested in telling pirate-themed stories, with words or miniatures, in AoS] Ya see, there be many forces seeking to control the heart and mind of folk like us. Be it Sigmar by law or Slaanesh by obsession, they all seek to shackle our bodies and tame our spirits. Stories are told of great captains from long ago who had the whole of the 8 Realms at their disposal. In the rule of chaos we saw all opportunity snuffed...and in the God-King's push to "take-back" the realms, opportunities are opening back up. But mind you, if the Pantheon of Legend succeeds in gaining control, we will see our lively-hoods snuffed just the same. So what are folk like us to do to protect our freedom from the shackles of order or chaos? Why, this is the reason we invited you here.. Let us band together, and where mutually beneficial and agreeable, share in the pain and reward of this life we've chosen. What that means is up for discourse and democratic affairs. Some have suggested an accord or a code to create our community by. That's not to say you can't have a proclivity for one or more of the gods, we're not looking to bring down the ire of any of them. But if you have a greater commitment to your own self than anyone else, perhaps you'll find more like-minded confederates here. Our First Order is to find a place in the 8 realms that we might find safe harbor and could protect from the building of cities or the ruination of filth. Not your personal cove of safety, but someplace that could become the capital of our pirate coalition. If you're interested, do this for me: 1. Introduce yourself [your pirate captain or general] and your crew [share pictures] 2. Submit a location that you have visited in your travels across the 8 Realms and why you think it could serve this purpose. Please include any strategic advantages, natural or magical features, or aesthetics that would make it an ideal location. Looking forward to getting to know you and making the seas, skies and lands safe for mortals like us. - Crulg, Commander of the MÜHLE
  17. As far as I know no Bretonnian miniatures were released during 4th edition (1992-1996). Many 3rd edition models, but not all, are found in the 1991 Citadel Catalogue (also called Red Catalogue). There are also many 2nd edition models shown in this catalogue so it is intended not to show them together with 3rd edition models here. I found many models that are not shown or named in any publication (catalogue, White Dwarf). So I can't be completely sure if there are more unlisted models. It would be very much appreciated to get information on that. All 3rd edition models were made from metal, but all horses were made from plastic. Miniatures before 1989 were in smaller scale (25 mm). Bretonnian King and Bretonnian General (1989) Bretonnian Knight Heroes (4 different models, 1990 or 1991) Bretonnian Wizards (1989) The left one was released as an Imperial Wizard, but was used by GW as a Bretonnian wizard in their studio army.) Chevalier d'Honneur and Chevalier de Notre Dame de Bataille (1989) Knight from the King's Retinue and Chevalier Rampant (1989) Bretonnian Knights with Handweapon (10 different models, 1990) Bretonnian Knights with Lance (10 different models, 1990) Bretonnian Foot Knights (21 different models, 1990/91) Mounted Men-At-Arms (8 different models, probably 1991) Mounted Men-At-Arms with Bows (3 different models, probably 1991) Retainers and Men-At-Arms (16 different models, 1990/91) Archers (10 different models, 1990) Crossbowmen (3 different models, 1990/91) Crossbowmen (3 different models, 1990/91 and 1987). The right one was released in the "F4 Men-At-Arms" series in White Dwarf 96 from December 1987. This month there was also the release of the 3rd edition of Warhammer and the model was labeled as Bretonnian later in the "Red Catalogue". Crossbowmen (6 different models, 1988) Brigands (10 different models, 1990/91) Breech Loading Bombard (1990/91) Mortar (1990/91) Organ Gun (4-barreled, 1990) Organ Gun (7-barreled, 1990) Pot-de-Feu (1990) Ballista (1990) Swivel Gun (1990) Mantlet (1990/91)
  18. Hello, I programmed a little AoS Mission Helper App for Android a while ago which my friends and I use to generate our games. I'll upload the app for anyone to use for free on this forum once I can make sure I don't violate any rights of Games Workshop. Since I've checked everything thoroughly and all the art is either copyright free (background image) or self-made (the rest) this app should not violate any rights. You can get your free Android App here: Click Me Also if you'd like to support me consider becoming a patreon. Kind regards Jack
  19. Hi, Im new in the hobby and need advise to start my army, un first place I wanna create an 1k army and then jump to 2k. I asked a friend how built the army and also told him that I loved the character Ogrid si if he could make a list where it could fit in. Any advice or guide I should follow?
  20. Respecting the Redfists Full of lust for battle, the orruks raised their weapons, beating their armor and shields rhythmically with their choppaz, as they shouted challenging war calls. The Bloodtoofs were ready for another fight! In the midst of the raging sea of green bodies and red armor, the Redfists marched on, disciplined in rank and file, proud to be even better and harder than any other greenskin. They pushed their ironclad mob cheekily next to Uraugh's brutes. As soon as Uraugh noticed this, he turned around and screamed: "Back to the back rows! Gits do not belong to the front! " "Then you have to go first," retorted Gotmork Redfist, leader of the Redfists. Gotmork had proven himself in many battles and the rumor went that he was different than the other Ardboys. What that meant, no one could say for sure. But that did not matter, Uraugh thought to himself. An Ardboy was not a true Ironjaw and only Ironjawz had the right to choose the best fights, he thought. Especially since Uraugh could not tolerate that a small Ardboy acted stupid towards him. He stalked towards Gotmork, scraping his spiked club against his boss claw, creating sparks between them. "You want bashin’, huh?" he said with a sneering grin upon his face. Immediately, a circle formed around the two opponents, but to Uraugh's astonishment, the leader of the Arboys did not pinch his tail, but straightened himself up, teasingly clapping his ax and choppa with an evil smile. Uraugh did not hesitate. His club lurched down from above on Gotmork, which skillfully parried the slash with his cleaver, but the maneuver had been a feint. While Gotmork had warded off the blow, Uraugh grabbed with his bossclaw and tried to fix the other arm of Gotmork. However, as it turned out the Ardboy had expected this and the parade, with which he had staved off the attack, served to get some momentum at the same time. His left hand, armed with an ancient choppa, rushed down onto the Brute. A blink of an eye later, Uraugh's arm with the Bossclaw lay on the ground, cut clean on the joint. By turning around his own body, Gotmork also released his forearm from the claw's grip and the backhand swing sank his ax into Uraugh's head. As the Redfists lined up back in formation, Gotmork caught the glances of the other Ironjawz. An amused smirk spread across their faces, some even slightly nodding. Gotmork knew that he had earned the respect of the Bloodtoofs today, but he was no fool. He would not turn his back on any of these killing machines in the future ... ***** And with this little narrative intro, I`d like to relaunch my little army project here. I had it running once already, but due to new guidelines of photobucket the pictures simply didn`t show anymore. After finally overcoming this huge annoyance, I decided to give it another go and simply begin with a fresh start. As the Start Collecting Ironjawz box came out, one of them quickly became part of my collection. Instead of using all the models that were in the box, I chose to paint up some of the older models for the Ardboys which lay around my place for almost a decade already. Guilty feelings and curiousity being my drive, motivation caught up with me as I painted the first of them. Ugtur The newest member of the Redfists swings his axe with cunning but brutal precision. Although he is the new guy, being part of the Redfists does have value, as it means you`re at least harder than the other Ardboys. Being rather quite Ugtur longs to prove himself in battle and be part of the best WAAAGH! All of my painted Orruks have an own name, which is painted on the bottom of the base, and a little narrative going along. My intention was to start with a couple of skirmish games and giving the guys some background helped to make the feeling more immersive and strengthen the narrative a bit. Before I painted Ugtur I noticed, that he looked noticeably smaller than the newer Ardboys of plastic. Switching out the head helped to blend him in smoothly with the rest. Another interesting fact came to me as I went on painting the mini. The older models practically paint themselves, as all sections are clearly divided into "Skin", "Red armor", "Black armor", "Cloth" and "Metallics", and have much less additional details on them, like some fur or leatherstraps. Following the basic paintscheme of the Bloodtoofs also helped speeding up the paintjob a little (and trust me, if I say something like this it means a lot, as I am probably the slowest painter on the planet). Adding some flames on various spots gave the appearance a little extra, while the Bloodtoofs fluff of their Ardboys not using wood or normal skulls, kept the job simply on all the weaponry. So this is it for the beginning, as I slowly fill up the thread with what has been done already. There is five Ardboys in total and a halway finished Warchanter, which I kind of dare to continue at the moment. But I think I`ll go for that guy as soon as I`ve finished the next Ardboy. Can anyone guess what model I use for him by this little teaser?
  21. Hello everyone! As the title says. I bought a Kharadron Overlord starter set plus a Warden King and dwarf warriors. Could I use these in a match? Thank you very much for your time. Kazukhan Khazahit Ha!
  22. Hey guys! For the past year, like many others I've been working intensely on bringing over the much beloved Mordheim game over to the Age of Sigmar system. Thanks to the release of the new AoS skirmish game in this month's White Dwarf, I've had to make a few adjustments on how how convert hire costs to the latest renown system. With that however, I finally decided to compile everything I have and start to make warscrolls of Mordheim units that can't be found in AoS. So far I'm posting two Amazonian units, I'd love to get a gut check on how I did in terms of the stats and conversion of mechanics. Normally warscrolls don't display point values so I'll put them here. The Champion is weighted at 80 points, while the Warriors are weighted at 130 points per unit of 10. Thanks for reading!
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