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Found 683 results

  1. Hey everyone, first post here. I recently switched back to AoS after collecting 40k for a while. I picked up a box of gors and I'm really looking forward to painting them. But I'm really stuck on finding a good colour scheme. I'm also not sure on which goes they should worship, and how the colours should portray this. I understand the battletome could explain some of this but I can't quite afford it right now! Just looking for a bit of guidance from you all, thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm working on Maggotkin and Disciples of Tzeentch and thought I'd log my progress to keep me motivated. Also, taking pictures is a good way of noticing mistakes. Nothing is painted yet unfortunately but my goal is to have both forces built before the end of the year. I'm currently working on Plague Drones and I'd like to know what people think before I get started on the other five. Are the eyes maybe too big? Do they need some kind of texture? Best, Plokoone
  3. Greetings hobby-landers. Some of you may have seen my progress on Balogog's war host, a mixed orruk destruction army that I have thoroughly enjoyed up until recently, so they are getting a rest for a while. In their stead will be this blog for a while, my Slaves to Slaanesh. I have had a chaos army for a long while now, and haven't really gotten around to much of it (ok, thats not strictly true, but they have been languishing for some time). So it is time to rectify this. My current holdings for chaos are very long, but my core will look something like: Keeper of Secrets (its actually an exalted greater daemon, but I think I will just use it as a generic KoS, happy for advice here) 30 Daemonettes 10 Hellstriders 30 Warriors of Chaos After this I am out of ideas. I have plenty to choose from and don't really want to buy anything else (the start collecting box will come at some stage) but this should keep me busy for a while. Would love to find a way to work the warqueen in just for the thematic part, and she is such a great model. Anyway, as I get some photos together I will upload them here. If anyone has advice I am all ears on how to build these guys up to a decent force. I would ideally like to keep the mortal/daemon mix fairly even. Thanks for checking in and happy hobby-ing.
  4. Hi, this is Zailcha, my herald of Slaanesh on big chariot. To make this model pop a bit and differentiate it from a "normal" exalted chariot, I did a few conversions. First, I added a mirror left over from the DoK cauldron of blood kit and topped it with an unused Slaanesh emblem from the daemonettes kit. And I added a few purple/pink acryclic gems here and there and the chariot. Gems and mirror seem like a good way to symbolise vanity. And secondly, I switched the normal herald mini with a Sorceress of Lust (from Avatars of War) that I converted a bit to equip her with the long barbed whips. More pictures there: https://legolemquireve.wordpress.com/2018/09/21/zailcha-emissaire-de-slaanesh/
  5. Hi, this is Zailcha, my herald of Slaanesh on big chariot. To make this model pop a bit and differentiate it from a "normal" exalted chariot, I did a few conversions. First, I added a mirror left over from the DoK cauldron of blood kit and topped it with an unused Slaanesh emblem from the daemonettes kit. And I added a few purple/pink acryclic gems here and there and the chariot. Gems and mirror seem like a good way to symbolise vanity. And secondly, I switched the normal herald mini with a Sorceress of Lust (from Avatars of War) that I converted a bit to equip her with the long barbed whips. More pictures there: https://legolemquireve.wordpress.com/2018/09/21/zailcha-emissaire-de-slaanesh/
  6. SigvaldtheMagnificent

    Sigvald's Decadent Host - Slaanesh Army

    During the capture of Slaanesh, exhausted, it made one final attempt to secure it's future by reincarnating it's greatest champion... Sigvald The Magnificent is reborn in the Mortal Realms, several years aged, and bearing the scars from the time of his death. He quickly recruits followers, raises an army, and begins his search for Slaanesh so that the god may restore his former beauty and power. Sigvald vows to destroy the pretenders who are attempting to replace the god of excess as one of the great 4 chaos gods. Shrine to Sigvald's former glory from the old world, before his unfortunate incident: Extra Motivation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOxcAMEBSmM Keeper of Secrets: Sigvald and his lieutenants: Sigvald with his Mirror-Bearer Chosen: The rest of the army so far:
  7. Frodeck

    My Chaos Army

    Hi I will post here my work on Chaos army, mostly Slaves to the Darkness, but i plan to put some gods flavour in it First of all group shot: There we have: Lord on Manticore Sorcerer Lord 30 Warriors 15 Knights 3 Varanguards 1 (of 2) Charriots As an addition we have: Kitbash Lord And kitbash Hellcannon: First fully painted model is my Lord on Manticore: I don't have a lot of time to work on this army, but I hope this thread will keep me motivated
  8. terrainguy

    terrainguy paints

    I’ve enjoyed being inspired by so many of your works, I figured it was time to start my own painting log. In general I just paint what strikes my fancy. I’m rarely concerned with performance on the table, because I play very infrequently. Generally I just try to get a good solid paint job, nothing too fancy. I’ll kick off with my Khorne. I paint them more than most my other stuff. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
  9. Valamanathrax

    Red headsmen khorne

    Hi all, Sorry if this has already been discussed. Red Headsmen battalion? All the fluff a side. Is it worth running? Has anyone else played it with any decent success. I also wanted to know if the blood warriors get the 'alter if skulls' ability straight away.. or does the skullgrinder actually have to slay a hero/monster to kick it all off?? Thanks.
  10. TheBlackHood157

    New Faction Idea: Champions of Malice

    So, my idea is a Mal-themed chaos faction with a mixture of daemon and mortal units. I still haven't really decided on the allegiance abilities, but here is what i have so far: Let the tyrants fall: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 when attacking an Order or Chaos unit. Strength from Ruin: Every round from 1 to 5, gain a new ability. 1. Uncontrolled frenzy: Re-roll charge rolls of 2-4. 2. Break Hammerhal: When you make a hit roll of 6+ in melee combat, you can instantly make another attack using the same weapon. 3. Unbreakable Will: When a model suffers a wound, roll a D6. On a 6+, the unit ignores the wound. 4. Chant of Anarchy: All enemy models within 3" from any friendly models add d3 to all Bravery tests. 5. Take no Prisoners: All friendly units can run and charge o the same turn. The army style will be about Killing Heroes and mostly based around flexibility. Here is what my ideas are for units: Lord of Anarchy-Combat hero, stronger in one on one fights against heroes. Lord of Anarchy on Winged Steed-Combat hero, stronger in one on one fights against heroes, rides o a giant flying frost-breathing wolf. Lore Burner-Standard wizard, unique spell controls an enemy unit for 1 turn on a 9+.
  11. +++ Updated 1k List, Below +++ Hello everyone, This is my first post on TGA! I've chosen Maggotkin of Nurgle for my first AoS army. I would like some veterans to give me advice as I plan on having my first game soon. I currently own all the models for the 1,000 point list: HQ: Lord of Blights - 140 HQ: Poxbringer - 120 Battleline: 5x Blightkings - 160 Battleline: 5x Blightkings - 160 Battleline: 10x Plaguebarers - 120 Plague Drones: 3x - 200 Nurglings 3x - 100 Thank you in advance ? ++ I removed the 2k list as I'd like to build a 1k list first ++
  12. EvilWantCookie

    Khorne vs Stormcasts

    Hello there! I am new at AoS. I started with Khorne army. My friends (some of them know Warhammer from FB, other are new here just like me) organized small league - to know better the rules and have some fun. To be honest, most of them got Stormcasts. We set that first battles gonna be played on armies on 750 points on first scenario - First Blood. For now I have those units: - Blood warriors x15 - Bloodreavers x10 - Mighty Lord of Khorne - Bloodsecrator - Bloodstoker - Slaughterpriest x2 - Garrek's Reavers - Khorgoraths - Mighty Skullcrushers x3 - Skarbrand Can anyone help me with set up army for 750 points? And my second question - how to fight vs Stormcasts with ranged units? Any ideas? Any advices?
  13. Hello everyone, So I am pretty new to AoS and played a few games already but looking for some advise on a 1k point Army list for a tournament coming up soon. I have mostly StD models but just brought some blades of khorne also so thought I would put down the models I have available and see if anyone has some ideas they can throw at me!? StD: 1x Chaos Sorcerer Lord On Manticore 2x Chaos Sorcerer Lord (on foot) 1x Lord of Chaos (on foot) 1x Lord of Chaos on Daemonic Mount 1x Daemon Prince 40x Marauders (axes) 10x Marauder Horseman 30x chaos warriors (sword and shield) 5x Chaos warriors (dual hand weapons) 10x chaos Knights (glaive) 5x chaos knights (esorcerlled weapons) 5x chosen 1x gorebeast chariot Khorne: 1x Mighty Lord of Khorne 1x Bloodsecrator 1x Bloodstoker 1x slaughterpriest (with hackblade and wrath-hammer) 5x Blood Warriors 10 x Bloodreavers 10x Flesh Hounds 1x Khorgorath I am happy to run straight StD or Blades or Khorne or have a mixture of both.... Thanks for taking the time to help me out!
  14. Hi fellas, I am new here. I have been sloooowly collecting and building, or at least starting to build a chaos army for AoS. Became a dad recently, so time for hobbies is slim - but I am trying still. I am hopefully going to stash my progress here, as I try to make a full army somewhat based on Masters of the Universe villains. I am going to play them as Slaanesh, but depending how the rules change I might swing a different way at some point. My group decided that we should try AoS as we all were kind of intrigued by it - we are veteran gamers but have had a bit of a break from GW games untill we started playing bloodbowl and it escalated from there. Nowadays building anything as instructed is nigh impossible for me, so I decided to go all in with a theme I really liked. I completed the first of my generals, lord of slaanesh on a daemonic mount / Evil-Lyn and Panthor. I have plenty of other stuff in the works, but I will let her lead the charge as she will in games. I am in no hurry as my time is limited, but hopefully I will add to this collection sooner than later.
  15. NeverEasy

    Chaos Furies of Khorne

  16. The Golem


  17. So i've edited this from a purely Wolves of Ghur PLOG (although i strayed from that quite early on) into a PLOG for all of my various AOS armies and related projects past and present and I want to keep this first post as contents section with links to the various armies: Wolves of Ghur (Khorne Bloodbound) - Pages 1 -3 (ongoing) Duardin - Page 1 (complete) Sylvaneth Page 2 (complete) Beastmen (Brayherd, Warherd, Daemons, Monsters of Chaos) Page 3 (complete...for now) Ogors and Gargants Page 3 (complete)
  18. Hi everyone I have my first AoS tournament coming up. It is 2000 points but I have never played that way before. I have done a few casual games at 1000 points. I would like some advice to field as competitive army as possible with what I have. 20 Bloodletters 3 Bloodcrushers Blood Throne Skull Cannon 10 warhounds 20 bloodreavers 5 Bloodwarriors Daemon Prince Khorgorath Mighty Khorne Lord with Hound Skarbrand 2 Slaughterpriests Bloodsecretor Bloodstoker (the 4 minis from Gorechosen) I have the Daemons of Khorne codex and the 2017 and 2018 General's Handbooks. Can I do anything with these guys? I really appreciate any help and advice. Thank you!
  19. Hey gang, I'm building my Maggotkin army and am considering investing in 40x marauders. Unfortunately the models aren't the freshest of the bunch. I'm thinking about kitbashing a few units together (all within the Nurgle theme). Most likely using marauders, zombie & beastmen. - it seems fluffy to have decrepit mortals in various stages of decay (Plague Garden by Josh Reynolds is my source of inspiration). My question is; will other players, especially tournament players be cool if the models aren't their generic build? I don't want to dish out the dosh only to be told that I'm not allowed to use "proxies." Thank you! Imperi-um.
  20. Pyreshard


  21. Hi everyone, Recently had a flurry of activity, and I've finished off a scratch built chaos temple based around Tesco Halloween skulls from last October, plus finally began to go back and document my ongoing gamesmastered narrative campaign from the start. Here's a few pictures, as with my last big terrain project I'll do an article on construction in the next few days (check out HERE if you're interested) ? Mark (IG: @hippy_hammer)
  22. Hey there guys, With 2018 just around the corner, a new AoS storyline about to begin with Malign Portents and hopefully some sweet Campaign Weekends being run at Warhammer World I thought I would begin a new project that I've been thinking about for a while - a Clan Moulder army. I have a good sized Skaven army from the World that was that needs to be updated for Age of Sigmar but I thought I would focus on a single clan for my new army, one I had never touched before. The main thing I want from this new army is to make it look like a horrifying mass of flesh and fur when arrayed on the table, and to me the current Rat Ogre models just don't fit that vibe - so as my first unit I have begun converting the Stormfiend models into normal Rat Ogres with, I hope, some success! Let me know what you thing and I'll hopefully be back with some more soon!
  23. C&C much appreciated, always looking forward to learning new tricks. What would you suggest I'd need to fix/learn/try to take my painting to the next level? Cheers, Sam
  24. Hey folks! So I just had this pop into my head the other day: what sort of ideas and themes would you like to see for new armies in age of sigmar? The game already has some crazy themes and concepts (Idoneth Deepkin, shadespire lore, Nighthaunt, the realms themselves!) Thought it would be fun for everyone to share ideas they would like to see used ? Recently I've been thinking of a reimagined free peoples with a more generic look to them and less puffy shirts to really make it easier for hobbyists to do their own thing with them, but also things like mixed duardin and human artillery crews, perhaps more mad sciencey stuff like a a small unit of handgunners equipped with fire rockets (a la total war shogun 2) and weirder steam tank variants, maybe even clockwork golems like the Thallax in 30/40k? A lightly armoured but skilled unit of duellists that go into battle with swords and pistols or a mixed unit of human and aelf archers? The possibilities are endless for them and I would absolutely love it if they looked a little like the freeguild fighting the darkoath in this piece of artwork ?