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  1. lare2

    Poxbringer, Herald of Nurgle

    Last of my lockdown freedom.
  2. I've grown impatient for GW to come out with some really cool Vampires and with the COVID Pandemic it has given me suffcient time to hobby. So without further ado, I present House Corvent, a Vampire Coven that turned its back on Nagash and made a deal with Khorne. House Corvent “To be on the cusp of dominating the mortal realms, only to be denied such power from a group of greedy rats only shows how ignorant he really is.” - Duntov Von Corvent, discussing Clan Eshin’s intervention during Nagash’s Necroquake and the Arcanum Optimar. House Corvent is an ancient Soulblight Coven that is of significantly smaller size than many other Soulblight Covens. Despite its size, House Corvent’s members are known as being some of the deadliest and fiercest fighting of all Soulblight. This has resulted in the Coven being tasked with some of the most difficult and deadly missions. Duntov Von Corvent, the head of House Corvent dates back to a time when there were only faint whispers of blood sucking immortals that inhabited the realms. Duntov has served under Neferata since she turned him centuries ago. However, that came to an abrupt end several years ago when Duntov made a deal with the Blood God, by turning the Covens back on magic and the Great Necromancer. In return House Corvent would, for the first time in centuries, have their minds free from Nagash’s grasp and no longer would they be puppets in his undead army. Having served Neferata and as a result Nagash, Duntov became increasingly frustrated with the strangle hold the Undying King and his Mortarch had over their servants. It was during a bloody battle in Shyish when the forces of Khorne appeared and House Corvent was sent behind enemy lines to assassinate leaders of the invading Khorne Warhorde. Duntov ruthlessly slaughtered a high-ranking Chaos Lord, plunging his sword through the Chaos Lord's skull and then sucking his body dry of any remaining life blood. The feasting did not stop there, the warriors of House Corvent drained the warriors of Khorne of their blood as was the Soulblights nature. It was at this very moment that the eyes of Khorne gazed upon Duntov and house Corvent, for the Blood God cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows, and on this particular occasion the blood flowed endlessly. Khorne was aware of the existence of the Soulblight, however never had he seen such bloodthirsty warriors as those from House Corvent and this pleased the Blood God. Sensing turmoil within Duntov and his House, Khorne appeared to the Vampire Lord offering House Corvent freedom from Nagash and Neferata and in return they only needed to turn their back on magic and pledge loyalty to the Blood God. Duntov and his House accepted the offer, and at the snap of his fingers, the Chaos powers of Khorne freed House Corvent from the grasp of Nagash and his Mortarch of Blood. The following years proved to be difficult for House Corvent, no longer would they have the luxury to do as they pleased in Shyish; no longer would they be the apex hunters of the realm of Death, now they were the hunted. Despite being incredibly cunning, Neferata was blinded by her rage, one of her oldest and most elite Soulblight leaders had defected to the forces of Chaos. She would send countless Deathrattle legions in search of the traitor Duntov Von Corvent and his House. However, each skeletal legion was met with swift destruction. Duntov not only had the elite forces of his House to command but was supported by Khorne daemons. In one particular bloody battle against the forces of Death, Duntov called upon The Tyrants of Blood and he was greeted by Skarbrand and two Bloodthirster escorts. The trio of Bloodthirsters went on to decimate the front lines, allowing Duntov and his Blood Drenched Knights to ride down the remaining forces of Death. The once powerful magic wielding Soulblight in House Corvent, now turned warrior-priests, were often found drinking the blood of their fallen foes so that Khorne would answer their prayers. Top Lieutenants, now called Deathbringers were found spearheading charges, some aspiring to gain Khorne’s favor and others being exalted by their new God. Through these victories in Shyish, the locals in surrounding areas bore witness to an alternative life, one that wasn’t dictated by the Undying King. Over time these locals would flock to Duntov Von Corvent, pledging loyalty to him and worshiping Khorne as their new God. Most would fill out the ranks as Bloodreavers or Chaos Warriors, but those that proved particularly savage would receive The Red Baptism and become a fearsome Blood Warrior and thus was established the Corvent Warhorde. Less than a decade after their pledge of loyalty to the Blood God, House Corvent had grown to become a thorn in Nagash’s side and for a fleeting moment the Undying King questioned the vulnerability of Shyish. House Corvent Organizational Background of Notable Leaders & Units Faction: Chaos, Khorne Realm: Shyish Motto: Ut neque quod duceretur captum neque quartam partem dare, non accipere vulnerum occidioni (Take no prisoners, give no quarter, accept only bloodshed). Duntov Von Corvent (Chaos Lord on Karkadrak): Often found leading his House into battle from atop a Karkadrak. He carries a Khorne blessed Sword as old as House Corvent itself, forged from the metal of Chamon that has the ability to pierce even the strongest armor with relative ease earning its nickname The Gorecleaver. Arkus Zrone (Chaos Lord on Manticore): The famed Vampire warrior and right hand of Duntov Von Corvent, Arkus leads the troops of House Corvent head first into combat, riding atop his Chaos Beast. Cazdrakk Corvaul (Chaos Lord on Foot): Perhaps one of the most ruthless and bloodthirsty officers in House Corvent. Cazdrakk prefers offense to defense and thus throws caution to the wind, wielding a Reaperblade in one hand and a Daemonbound Axe in the other. Cazdrakk leads House Corvent’s foot soldiers and is usually tasked with taking and holding areas of great importance on the battlefield. Zori Zosix (Priest): Oldest in House Corvent, second only to Duntov Von Corvent himself, Zori was the spiritual leader of the House in their mortal days. When Neferata turned Duntov and subsequently the remainder of the House, these rituals were practiced in secrecy as it was seen to be heresy. However, under their new Chaos God, their bloody rituals are welcomed. In battle, Zori is often found atop his skull altar or warshrine praying to the Blood God for support in battle. Sometimes answered in the form of daemons, other times in the judgments of Khorne. Lt. Unu (Bloodstoker): One of Duntov Von Corvent’s most trusted lieutenants, he is tasked with keeping the infantry known as the Gore Seekers in line, whipping anyone that dare disobey an order. The Blood Drenched (Chaos Knights): It is rare to see Duntov Von Corvent without his royal cavalry escort of Chaos Knights called The Blood Drenched. Their name paints an accurate picture, as these former Blood Knights charge at terrifying speeds, crashing into enemy lines breaking bone and detonating organs creating a red haze in the air and soaking the riders and their mounts with their enemies’ blood. Gore Seekers (Chaos Warriors, Blood Warriors or Bloodreavers): The Gore Seekers are a general term used for the foot troops within House Corvent. The Gore Seekers look to capture The Blood Gods' eye through spilling as much blood as possible and as a result they are usually found on the front lines and oftentimes they are the first to see combat, in hopes that their eagerness will earn Khorne’s favor. Art of Duntov Von Corvent Duntov Von Corvent on Foot (Chaos Lord) Duntov Von Corvent on Karkadrak (Chaos Lord on Karkadrak) Arkus Zrone (Chaos Lord on Manticore) Cazdrakk Corvaul (Chaos Lord on Foot) Zori Zosix (Priest/Chaos Warshrine) The Blood Drenched (Chaos Knights) with Duntov Von Corvent on Karkadrak
  3. Hey there guys, With 2018 just around the corner, a new AoS storyline about to begin with Malign Portents and hopefully some sweet Campaign Weekends being run at Warhammer World I thought I would begin a new project that I've been thinking about for a while - a Clan Moulder army. I have a good sized Skaven army from the World that was that needs to be updated for Age of Sigmar but I thought I would focus on a single clan for my new army, one I had never touched before. The main thing I want from this new army is to make it look like a horrifying mass of flesh and fur when arrayed on the table, and to me the current Rat Ogre models just don't fit that vibe - so as my first unit I have begun converting the Stormfiend models into normal Rat Ogres with, I hope, some success! Let me know what you thing and I'll hopefully be back with some more soon!
  4. I noticed that there is no thread for the new allegiance from Wrath of the Everchosen so I created this one. The army is an allegiance for all units that share the CHAOS and DAEMON keywords. This includes not only all daemon units from Blades of Khorne, Disciples of Tzeentch, Maggotkin of Nurgle and Hedonites of Slaanesh, but also some Slaves to Darkness and old Warriors of Chaos compendium units and even the Skaven Verminlords. Here is my Legion of Chaos Ascendant at about 24000 points: Edit: my army roster:
  5. I just finished up my Nurgle Chaos Furies kit bashes and I'm super happy with how they came out. I'd love some feedback if people have suggestions. I'd also be interested to see what other folks have done with their Furies if they've likewise built some. Enjoy!
  6. We all have our favourite alliance/faction in AoS. I want to know why your favourite is better than everyone else’s. So what is your favourite and why is it the best.
  7. Might be an obvious answer. If I run a slaves to darkness sorcerer lord or chaos lord in another chaos allegiance other than slaves, for instance Tzeentch does the Eye of God's table apply if they kill anything? Or does it work like marks of chaos and outside of StD the rules only follow the respective codex traits.
  8. Blisterfeet


    Ok so me and my friend have played alot of games with Bel'akor recently and particularly in Legions of Chaos ascendant. He has a rule that says the following 'In addition before you allocate a wound or mortal wound to Be'Lakor, pick 1 friendly bloodletters, plaguebearers, Daemonettes or horror of Tzeentch unit within 8" of him and roll a dice. On a 4+ that wound is allocated to that unit instead' How does this work with MW allocation? 1) 3 MW are assigned to Be'lakor. He makes 3 6+ legion saves and saves 1, I then nominate the 2 remaining to nearest unit and make additional 6+ legion saves. 2) 3 MW are assigned to Be'lakor. He makes 3 6+ legion saves and saves 1, I then nominate the 2 remaining to nearest unit and they just take it 3) 3 MW are assigned to Be'lakor. I then nominate to nearest unit and make additional 6+ legion saves on them only and kill any that don't save. 4) other please use above example 😁
  9. Dear Allpoints and Chosen of Chaos ! I don't think I've seen a post related to this campaign on the TGA so I thought I would share it here! It's starting today but it's really easy and not too late to join! 6 Coalitions are fighting over the next 5 weeks, The Servants of Chaos are represented by two coalition (and I'm a speaker for the Undivided), please have a look at the trailer which is amazingly done, browse the website and join us on Discord if you want to take part in any shape or form ! (We have some TTS games, some Background story writing, some Soulbound RPG and more! ) Youtube Trailer for the campaign https://animositycampaigns.com/2020/07/17/animosity-ii-you-learn-to-swim-by-jumping-in/ Hope to see some of you soon! :)) Best regards, Ninelives Silvertongue of the Undivided
  10. So, I've begun a project dedicated to collecting every single GA: Chaos army, with heroes and generals based off of friends/people I know. And since I have way more female friends than male, it lead me down the rabbithole of, "Why would only the leaders of an army be female?" which goes back to the main topic, what would be the best way to go about converting the masses of Chaos to include women? A ton of the models are already fine, chaos warriors, knights, and blood warriors are all clad in heavy plate already, so there's really not much to distinguish male from female. The maggotkin are corrupted to high heaven, and daemons are well, daemons. So far, for the DoT, I've been planning on using Lumineth models, with some conversions they look like they'd fit right into a secret cult in a City of Sigmar. And for Slaanesh, one of thr friends I'm basing a KoS on collects DoK irl, so I thought I'd be a fun tie in. Currently thinking of marauder horsemen and blood reavers, and possibly the beastmen(?) I've never really done conversions before, nor do I have much experience outside of GW, so I'm mainly looking at simple conversions using GW bits, but I'm open to any help available! Thanks in advance y'all
  11. So i've edited this from a purely Wolves of Ghur PLOG (although i strayed from that quite early on) into a PLOG for all of my various AOS armies and related projects past and present and I want to keep this first post as contents section with links to the various armies: Wolves of Ghur (Khorne Bloodbound) - Pages 1 -3 (ongoing) Duardin - Page 1 (complete) Sylvaneth Page 2 (complete) Beastmen (Brayherd, Warherd, Daemons, Monsters of Chaos) Page 3 (complete...for now) Ogors and Gargants Page 3 (complete)
  12. In his many years of captaining The Earnest Coin, Engstrom Bokkrinson has never experienced such a storm. The clouds were made from an azure colored ash, that seemed to grip onto every exposed surface and erode certain metals, and the winds were howling so fiercely that he had to shout at the top of his lungs in order to be heard from five feet away. His onboard khemist could not identify the elements that made up this gods be damned storm, and it was starting to seem like a lost cause to try to map ou-. Suddenly the frigate lurched to the starboard side as his systems began to go haywire, his ship was loosing Aether Gold at such a pace that there must have been a hole the size of an arkanaut in the cargo hold. Rapidly he reached for the aether-shot rifle he kept nearby in the event he needed to repel boarders and began to look over the decks to find the beast that’s hurting his profit, but to no avail. The best he could do was catch glimpses of a being encased in what looked to be a twisted endrin-harness...... He didn’t see the blasted creature until it knocked him off the railings of his beloved ship, the last thing in his view before being enveloped by storm was the twisted rune painted onto its armour, marking the creature as a son of the Father of Darkness..... Hello everyone, welcome my conversion plog for my chaos corrupted Kharadron Overlords! If you haven’t already guessed these guys have been converted to the worship of Hashut! The lore behind these guys is that Tzeentch once tried to capture and convert a minor sky port called Barak Easifa, trapping them in an a tainted hurricane. Desperate to escape this hell the people of this port cried out to any and all gods that would listen to them, and it was Hashut that answered. Expending a great deal of power he bound the souls of the airborne city with the spirit of the storm, a debt that these twisted privateers must now pay in souls and aether gold. It is my hope to not only show the depths that these poor souls will go in order to repay their savior, and the degradation of their ethics under the temptations of Tzeentch, starting with this guy: meet Feraq the Ravenous(I swear it is a coincidence that his name sounds like mine), a master Daemon-Rigger and his two sky shark familiars(they get to be rather large later on...). Hope you enjoy this adventure with me.
  13. Hey everyone, In an effort to hold myself accountable, I'm starting this thread to share my progress on an Archaon conversion (and solicit some feedback!). I am totally one of those people with a bunch of conversion projects sitting at ~50-75% complete, so I'm hoping that creating this thread will inspire me to finish Archaon (modeling-wise) before too long. I also may be throwing up some other stuff (mostly Khorne) here and there. Archaon on horseback was my favorite model as a kid, so I was excited to take a stab at my own version of the Everchosen. Here are a few things that have guided my approach: Dorghar: I'm not a big fan of the Dorghar sculpt, so decided to leave him out. I will explore a few "deconstructed" Dorghar options once I nail the Archaon model himself. More on that down the road. Bits!!! Given my feelings about Dorghar, I didn't actually want to buy the full Archaon Everchosen kit. I managed to get Archaon's body via a bits site, but that was the only actual "Archaon" piece that I could find (no head, no sword, etc etc). The rest of the parts have been salvaged from my bits collection, chopped off of kits (sorry, Skulltaker...), or purchased as standalone bits for the sake of this project. I very much wanted him to be recognizable as Archaon, despite not using much of the real kit. Wings: Because he doesn't have his trusty steed and he flies in his rules, I figured I'd give Archaon some wings. I am ~90% committed to this (he could always just levitate, after all). I also want the model to feel large enough for a 160mm base (though he may have some friends on it....) and feel that wings are one way to "fill him out" a bit, plus make it unique. Vibe: I am a big fan of grimdark / Aos28 style. I'll plan to do a more muted color palette, though am interested in making the model fairly "cinematic" in feel. As of right now, I'm in somewhat of a "sketching" phase. I've done some gluing and very rough green stuff here and there, but am still deciding on final posing. You'll see a lot of blue tac remnants. Here's a basic shot with no wings: From here...I've been in torturous deliberation on what style wings to go with (and which pose, given that they're slightly different). I edited the photos because I took them in poor lighting . Option 1 - Floating Celestant-Prime-esque pose: He would be connected to the ground by some long trailing cloak tatters and/or some chains. First shot is him "stood up" to capture the correct angle of the wings. Second shot is him laying down, with some other Wings bits stuck on to play with the idea of making the wings larger. Option 2 - Come at me bro: This one uses the larger manticore wings. I threw this together on a whim but find myself liking it. The wings are quite large for the model. I always dislike the look of wings that are too small...definitely wouldn't be guilty of that here. This one would likely be standing on a tallish rock or structure, and I'd probably change the angle of his left arm slightly to make it a bit more "beckoning." Has more of a "fallen angel" feel to it. I think Option 1 is the safer play. Option 2 seems a bit more unusual. I like 'em both for different reasons. I'd love to hear: Which do you prefer? If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! Looking forward to continuing to share the journey with all of you. Peace.
  14. hello everyone, do you have some advice with khorne armies, I already read about the necessity of the bloodsecrator, the slaughterpriests and the bloodstoker. I also read that warmongers and aspiring deathbringer are good units. Is it units which are not advised ? are adding slaves to darkness armies like marauders, chaos warriors and chaos knights a good idea? I will play for fun but I would like a lasting army nevertheless, thank you in advance for your answers.
  15. Hi Guys, I'm a first-time poster and am recently getting back into the hobby after a few years so I am relearning everything. This forum has been an awesome source of inspiration so thank you to everyone who has posted their projects! Have to say that the GW shop in Epsom were incredibly helpful too with getting me back into things so shout out to those guys. I have always been a fan of Slaanesh and conversions in general - I'm a fan of the 'Slaves to Darkness' feel of wild chaos mutations and am finding the plastic kits (yes it's been a while!) really easy to chop around and work with. So I decided to go for a small Slaaneshi beastmen / Slaangor warband. I imagine them rampaging through Hysh on the hunt for Slaanesh, becoming ever more warped as they do, with their leader, a dragon ogre shaggoth having growing designs taking Slaanesh's place as his band becomes more and more powerful. This was my first time painting in a while so it was a bit rough and ready! But as a unit I think they are neat enough to hold together. This was my first test model, using a Gor torso with the claw and leg from a daemonette. And these are my takes on centigors, using the upper torsos of gors, the lower bodies and spears from melusai and claws again taken from daemonettes. I tried to hide the join with a bit of Greenstuff fashioned into fur. And lastly some works in progress. The dragon ogre shaggoth leader of the warban,made with a combination of the shaggoth and an Idoneth deepmare torsos, pinned together with some greenstuff to fill the (big!) gaps. Lastly, another WIP - a beastman shaman, who I imagine as some kind of prophet or vizier to the dragon ogre. He is put together with the shaman model and part of the discarded tail-part of the dragon ogre model. Lastly I added the rock base from the shaggoth kit and the standard from the gors, just to make the model a bit more interesting and to possibly represent a shamanic totem. (I also should have spent the time to get the banner straight as I have noticed it comes down at an unnatural angle!) Thanks for looking guys. I will keep this thread updated as I (hopefully!) make progress. Mick
  16. Hello everyone, I am new to age of sigmar and I really like nurgle, in particular the blightkings and I would want to create an army. I read somewhere that to begin with the start collecting is a good idea, I also read that adding heros like the Harbinger of decay, gutrot spume, the lord of of blights and the Rotbringers sorcerer is a good thing for the army but I also read that the blightkings tend to be slow so do you have any advice of units in the nurgle army or in the other armies (if possible not skaven) thank you in advance
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