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Found 816 results

  1. This is a list of the models and bits I'll need for creating my Hosts of Slaanesh army and how far along they are, so I have it all in one place. So far it's only a list of things I plan to buy in the near future. Italic ~ Item ordered Bold ~ Item acquired Phase 1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Chaos Steed Assembly ~75 x 40 mm wood plank base Herald of Slaanesh (mounted) (2) (Seeker Chariot) Assembled ~60 x 35 mm wood plank base Herald of Slaanesh (Seeker Chariot) Assembled ~25 mm wood plank base Daemonettes (10) Assembled ~25 mm wood plank base (10) Phase 2 Infernal Enrapturess (Wrath and Rapture) ~60 x 35 mm wood plank base Daemonettes (10) (Wrath and Rapture) ~25 mm wood plank base (10) Seekers (5) (Wrath and Rapture) ~60 x 35 mm wood plank base (5) Fiends of Slaanesh (3) (Wrath and Rapture) ~75 x 40 mm wood plank base (3) Phase 3 Keeper of Secrets ~60 mm wood plank base Daemonettes (10) (Daemons of Slaanesh) ~25 mm wood plank base (10) Seekers (5) (Daemons of Slaanesh) ~60 x 35 mm wood plank base (5) Exalted Seeker Chariot (Daemons of Slaanesh) ~120 x 92 mm base Phase 4 Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount ~Corsair head and torso (Black Ark Corsairs) ~Drakespawn knight arms and shield (Drakespawn Knights) ~60 mm wood plank base Hellstriders (10) ~Drakespawn Knight legs and shields (10) (Drakespawn Knights x2) ~Steeds of Slaanesh (10) (Seeker Chariot) Assembly ~Hellstrider Champion Weapon and Standard (Hellstriders) Assembly ~Corsair torsos, arms, heads, trumpet and standard (Black Ark Corsairs) ~Darkling Spears (Dreadspears) Prepped ~Daemonette Head (Seeker Chariot) Assembly ~60 x 35 mm wood plank base Phase 5 Slaanesh Sorcerer (Mounted and on Foot) ~Sorcerer (???) ~Mounted Sorcerer (???) ~Slaanesh Mount (Seeker Chariot?)
  2. Hi people ) I bring some khorne army painted by me It only remains to finish a few unit's Mortal Skullcrushers, Daemon Prince ,wrathmonger's and few hero I can soon post a phased guide as I painted the khornites
  3. The_Wendol

    The Wendol

    Welcome All Thought I'd start with a brief background about me and Warhammer/AoS: First taste of Warhammer Fantasy was around 1997 Always been a HUGE fan of the lore and the novels Chaos has always been my favourite army (mortal armies in particular) I have collected the books, novels and special characters for years - love the old chaos champions! Never been involved in the scene, never owned , assembled, converted or painted an army (yes I am absolute theory boy) Decided this year to build an army (FINALLY) & get involved in the scene along with my missus - managed to rope into it (Seraphon player) So in this blog I will be documenting my journey to own a full army and hopefully go to some tournaments. The Army As mentioned, I have always been a follower of chaos, mainly Undivided but also Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Khorne and Nurgle (in that order, never been keen on the pus boys). So with that I plan to start a Slaves To Darkness army. I am going to theme it similarly to the Wendol in the "13th Warrior" film based on the "Eaters Of The Dead" book by Michael Crichton (granted its no Jurassic Park and definitely not the best film or book made, but it is one of my favourite films). Basically the Wendol are cannibal savages in the Norse lands who live in caves, wear bear furs and ride to battle on horses. The plan is to have the whole army mounted (obviously I am not creating a all conquering tournament force) and every model will be converted. This will be a SLOW process but hopefully will be entertaining and informative and through this blog my skill will grow from the advice of you more experienced folk. I have never done any conversions or modeling before but am a fashion designer and did art a lot at school and college so hopefully that will land me in good stead. As mentioned previously, I will be creating this army at the same time as my missus is building a Seraphon army. We have purchased the Skirmish book and Path To Glory book so we will be growing our warbands whilst playing these with the aim to have a 2000 point force each at some point.
  4. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 1

    My first ever hero painted
  5. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 2

    My first ever hero painted
  6. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 3

    My first ever hero painted
  7. Dreadmund

    Nurglings Detail

    Gazing across snot lake
  8. Dreadmund

    Nurgling Bases

    My first attempt at these Nurgle Cheerleaders
  9. Gothicwaltz

    Walk into the Sea

    Recently I found myself in a bit of a predicament, a pirate themed predicament. I have an abiding love for dark elf corsairs and found my dedication to Slaanesh wavering as I read through the Idoneth battletome and Scourge Privateer rules. I wanted pirates, coastlines, ships, and ports. The advice given to me was “just make your Slaanesh army pirate themed.” And that’s what I did, but it took me a day or two to reconcile the two together. Admittedly, it’s not too far off from the original pleasure cult concept, but breaking down the original material did take some mental effort, like breaking cement to pour a new foundation. Nagh Kython Khyrkanashaith ~ Pale Serpent Cult of Pleasure Thanharath, the Lord of Slaanesh’s new name, roughly means “subtle/hidden ambition,” something that an “exile” aelf mother might realistically name her child, especially if he was a ****** of nobility. Along that vein, I imagine Thanharath taking to the sea with the scourge privateers to earn gold and glory, and a measure of freedom from his mother’s expectations. During the course of his voyaging about Ulgu, pillaging the forces opposed to Order and capturing great beasts, Thanharath’s moral character is tested by an encounter with a seeker host on the hunt for Slaanesh. The daemonettes are routed, but he and his crewmates are hard pressed to let the memory of it alone. Sensing an opportunity, a herald within the shattered host tracks the privateers back to their home port, infiltrating the community as aelven refugees lost in Ulgu’s mists. After a short time, and several ventures upon the shadow sea, the privateers return home to find the port covered in strange fog and eerily silent. A desperate cry from the captain as his head in bound up in the Talunhook of an Idoneth soulrender signals the ambush. The privateers fight desperately against the sea aelves, making bloody progress out of the docks and into the streets. The Slaaneshi herald, under the assumed name of Fiannagh, guides the besieged crew into a fortified house where the last of the port’s populace wait for the next attack. Privately, Fiannagh reveals herself, and his bound mother, to Thanharath, and offers to drive off the Idoneth if he will embrace the worship of Slaanesh and complete the ritual that will summon their salvation. With a shrug, Thanharath sacrifices his mother to Slaanesh. The Idoneth raiders are ill prepared for the daemonic forces that spill from the fortified house, and their bodies line the streets as the enchanted mist rolls back out to sea. Conversion plans: Thanharath Serpentsworn ~ Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount The model will use the mounted Lord of Slaanesh as a base, but replace the torso, arms, and legs with corsair parts, especially the corsair champion head with the serpent motif. The shield will be replaced with a drakespawn knight shield bearing another serpent. I plan to use wood plank basing for this and the rest of the army. Elthyirah Blisscutter and the Kython Khalirii ~ Hellstriders Slaanesh mounts, drakespawn rider legs and shields with serpent icons, spears, hellstrider standard, and corsair bodies, arms, heads and trumpet. Elthyirah will be given the hellstrider champion claw spear and a daemonette head to show the extent of her corruption and devotion. Fiannagh’s Host ~ Herald of Slaanesh and Daemonettes of Slaanesh Herald mounted on a steed of Slaanesh, using bits from the seeker chariot kit, and daemonette kit. Paint scheme for Slaanesh daemons will reference salt water crabs and other sea creatures to tie in with the corsair theme of the army. Not much conversion needed, they already have claw hands. --- That fills out my first 500 points, and allows me to drop the black dragon kit from my earlier plans. I just need to get a box of corsairs, two drakespawn knight boxes, and the mounted Lord of Slaanesh box to finish out (excluding extra bits and bases). To lead into the next 500 points, I may just do a simple doomfire warlock conversion for my mounted chaos sorcerer, and there’s Wrath and Rapture on the horizon.
  10. SigvaldtheMagnificent

    Sigvald's Decadent Host - Slaanesh Army

    During the capture of Slaanesh, exhausted, it made one final attempt to secure it's future by reincarnating it's greatest champion... Sigvald The Magnificent is reborn in the Mortal Realms, several years aged, and bearing the scars from the time of his death. He quickly recruits followers, raises an army, and begins his search for Slaanesh so that the god may restore his former beauty and power. Sigvald vows to destroy the pretenders who are attempting to replace the god of excess as one of the great 4 chaos gods. Shrine to Sigvald's former glory from the old world, before his unfortunate incident: Extra Motivation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOxcAMEBSmM Keeper of Secrets: Sigvald and his lieutenants: Sigvald with his Mirror-Bearer Chosen: The rest of the army so far:
  11. +++ Updated 1k List, Below +++ Hello everyone, This is my first post on TGA! I've chosen Maggotkin of Nurgle for my first AoS army. I would like some veterans to give me advice as I plan on having my first game soon. I currently own all the models for the 1,000 point list: HQ: Lord of Blights - 140 HQ: Poxbringer - 120 Battleline: 5x Blightkings - 160 Battleline: 5x Blightkings - 160 Battleline: 10x Plaguebarers - 120 Plague Drones: 3x - 200 Nurglings 3x - 100 Thank you in advance ? ++ I removed the 2k list as I'd like to build a 1k list first ++
  12. Hi everyone, I'm working on Maggotkin and Disciples of Tzeentch and thought I'd log my progress to keep me motivated. Also, taking pictures is a good way of noticing mistakes. Nothing is painted yet unfortunately but my goal is to have both forces built before the end of the year. I'm currently working on Plague Drones and I'd like to know what people think before I get started on the other five. Are the eyes maybe too big? Do they need some kind of texture? Best, Plokoone
  13. Last summer I returned to the hobby after a 15 year hiatus. Before that I collected Dwarfs and Dark Elves, had an combined army of Ogres with my dad and had just started on a Skaven force when I lost interest/went to university. Since last summer I've been painting things left over and i'm still not done with the backlog. But I've decided to do the one army that has always been on my list but I never started on.... A Slaanesh army. The heroes are just fantastic and with the daemons the faction became gritty. The arrogance and bravoure but without it looking misplaced is what I liked in the models and something I would like this army to show. My inspiration to get started on this theme was an old episode of QI: Greeks. In this episode the weird story gets told of why you should run to the hills if you saw a Spartan doing his hair, makeup and applying perfume. Spartan Warriors did this before a battle to the death because they wanted to be sure to look their best in death. Further building on the similarities, and differences, between the Slaanesh Lore and Spartan history I have a backstory in mind that inspired me to start. But you will have to discover that for yourself through the blurbs with the models/units I post. (also the made to order deamonettes came at a perfect moment as I don't really like the new models ) So i'm using this plog and the realmwars campaign thread and site to keep me going. So all C&C is welcome and all questions will be answered. First up the Slaanesh Lord on Foot.
  14. Gothicwaltz

    Founding the Pleasure Cult

    The only Slaves of Chaos options that elicit my interest are the Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount (LoSDM) and Hellstriders. However, as much as I enjoy the decadent greco-roman motifs, the old Norscan influence is prevalent, and does not appeal to my tastes. Men are not the only race to fall prey to the Dark Prince's machinations, He has a long and sordid history with the Aelves, and old lore states that of all the Chaos Gods, Slaanesh was the most pervasive in their culture. With Morathi now firmly set against She Who Thirsts, the old aelven pleasure cults are lost to history... Leaving room for new cults to form, no longer tainted by Shadow Queen's fickle leadership. The hedonistic spirit of the Druchii lives on, set loose upon the unsuspecting realms! Malcontented with the imposed conservatism over Ulgu's common populace, Lystroth eagerly joined the slaughter of Karond Drannach as a Seeker Host of Slaanesh savaged the city, penetrating toward its namesake tower. His blade tore into the throat of a boorish neighbor, spraying red across the rode. He watched the blood twist through the cobblestones, pulsing his hand against the head of hair still clutched between his fingers. After moments, or hours, a great call undulated through the streets, Lystroth's gaze rose to the burning tower and the victorious, glistening host parading back down the the Witch's Road. He felt the blade slip from his palm, and into the sheath. His legs stepped behind the corpse, his arms heaved his neighbor into the oncoming revel, and he could not find the will to take command of himself until the daemon chariot coursed by and sent gore splattering into the air. Blinking through the mess, he caught the gaze of the daemoness standing atop the chariot's dais for an instant, before the crack of her whip hurled him into darkness. He woke to a city in mourning and turmoil, it brought a smile to his face. --- Nagh Kheitain Khyrkanashaith (Pale Soul-Eater Cult of Pleasure) Lystroth Serpentsworn (LoSDM) After the siege of Karond Drannach, Lystroth was shortly found by its architect, the sorceress Lesith as she searched the city for others that had fallen to She Who Thirsts. Despite her wiles and magics, the cultists would not be swayed by 'the Usurper' to blindly obey, but instead gathered around Lystroth who urged the cult to quit tiresome Karond Drannach and hunt across the realm for greater pleasures. Following his lead, the cult sacked the tower's armory, stables, and pillaged corpse, then quit the city with their stolen horses and blood crusted arms. Nagh Kheitain's leader should be fairly simple to sort out by combining the LoSDM kit with a Black Dragon or Drakespawn rider. For all of the helmeted aelves in the cult, I am considering the removal of the standard helm ornaments for slaanesh icons, or just smoothing them out and painting the symbols on later. Lesith the Usurper (Chaos Sorcerer on Steed) Seductive, but lacking in sorceress power, Lesith turned to Chaos to revenge her lack on the others in her coven. The daemon siege culminated with the destruction of her peers and coven master, and her entire retinue. Intent on restoring her power base, she ventured out to bring the budding followers of Slaanesh into her personal garden, but Slaanesh's favor protected them from her iron grasp. As her deeds became known to the cult, she was named 'the Usurper' to remind followers of her treacherous nature, but as the harbinger of their new freedom she welcomed as their priestess and spiritual adviser. Currently, the only mounted Sorceress figure is in the Black Dragon kit, that with a Dark Steed from a Scourgerunner Chariot should be perfect. Vebha Blisscutter and Nagh Kheitain Khalirii (Hellstriders) Garbed in the blasphemed armor of their murdered suppressors, astride daemonic mounts, the Nagh Kheitain Khalirii case down their prey with wild abandon. Led by the insatiable Vebha, desperately loyal to Lystroth's perverse crusade, these riders gladly offer the souls of their victims to She Who Thirsts and luxuriate in His blessings. Using the arms and mounts from the Hellstriders kit with Drakespawn riders should make for an impressive themed unit. Vebha might only need a sorceress head on a rider body, or perhaps another Black Dragon sorceress, a decision best left until the models are in hand for conversion. --- This set-up will be nearly twice as expensive as not doing a Cult of Pleasure army, but I think there's a lot of potential and I'm enjoying the narrative. I'll likely only dip into this a little bit, until I have my copy of Wrath and Rapture. But first, I need to get a box of Daemonettes and some paints so I can ease back into the hobby! Let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions!
  15. Gothicwaltz

    The Seed of Corruption

    I don't play Warhammer to be competitive, I play to experience the world and its lore, I like to flesh out my armies and give them narrative. At this point I am, creatively and pragmatically, starting from scratch, striving toward the first benchmark of 500 points (1 hero and 2 battleline units). To move forward, I must consider the nature of the story I want to tell, and the game-play I want to experience (and keep in mind that HoS is yet to receive its battletome). As I enjoy a narrative with a upward trajectory, and because the Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount (name forthcoming) has the only instance of chaos armor I don't loathe, and wouldn't a big unit of Hellstriders look great alongside him, I'm going to take the mortal aspiring to daemonhood angle. Maybe someday I'll get a Sorcerer Lord on Daemonic Mount, one can certainly dream. With our dashing villain and his five companions finding favor from Slaanesh (or similar) in the form of their daemonic steads, he receives visions that inspire him to hunt for the Dark Prince's prison, gathering more followers as he chases whispers in the realm of Ulgu. His adventures in the shadow realm inspire five more Hellstriders to join his revel, and attract the eye of a Herald of Slaanesh, and her cabal of daemonette servants. Hellstrider Host (500/500) Hosts of Slannesh: Seekers Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount 10 Hellstriders (Clawspear + Shield) Herald of Slaanesh 10 Daemonettes Which is about $150 off the GW webstore. With that finally in hand, I can start putting some money away for this little project and give some personality to the Lord and Herald.
  16. Gothicwaltz

    Desire Made Manifest

    With the mortal portion of my warband on hold, and there is a possibility of getting new models for them soon anyway, the daemons of Slaanesh take center stage. I find myself in a bit of a quagmire for character ideas, as while Lystroth, and his cohort, can indefinitely crusade for glory and power, coming into conflict with all manner of internal and external opposition, daemons are more like forces of nature and make for better antagonists than they do protagonists. You could certainly propose that the different hosts of Slaanesh indicate otherwise, but the daemons of these hosts are still only acting within the parameters of their creation. This fact is something that's kept me away from playing daemons for a long time, actually. There are two ways to circumvent this narrative issue, as far as I can see: an exterior antagonist or conflict within to Nagh Kheitain Khyrkanashaith. Lacking a creative partner in his endeavor, though my wife will be playing Daughters of Khaine, I will need to create my own exterior antagonists. I'm not entirely opposed to doing that, but that takes the locus of the army's narrative away from the army itself. Instead, I will aim to make the daemonic heroes in the army foils to the mortal heroes, as well as a gauge of their favor with Slaanesh. While daemons are individuals, they are still an extension of their creator's will and aspect. In modeling terms, my wife purchased a box of Daemonettes for my birthday, and I'm about halfway through it. I paid particular attention to the Alluress, emphasizing her female side and using perspective to foreshorten and obscure her claw and face when looking straight at her. I noticed that the command models, as presented in the material, favor more hair and a humanoid body, where the lesser daemonettes have lack hair and are more monstrous, and took it for my own. Once I get onto painting, I'm going to also keep to the "official" look, save for shifting it a bit more toward purple and fleshy pink. Next up will be a short story further detailing my theoretical mortal heroes, and their first gift from She Who Thirsts.
  17. With AoS 2.0 I really enjoy how the realms are coming to life, with more description and even bonus rules. Because of this with each army I start work on I try to pick a realm and base them accordingly. I put most of the realm representation in the basing of the army. I have a bigger picture idea working up to ArchAeon and the Everchosen where I want each of the non-daemon chaos allegiance factions based on being from a distinct realm, from each other, and the daemon side to be the same realm as the mortal halves but with a realm of chaos twist. So for example Nurgle Rotbringers May have realm of life bases and the Nurgle Daemons would have the same realm of life base, but with corruption and decay added. Then Archaeons basing would be a circle of transition between the 8 basing designs,4 realms both with and without chaos taint. I already have allocated Aqushy, realm of fire, to Tzeench Arcanists which ruled out that as an option. I wanted a darkish basing so that the lighter bone elements of the armour contrasted. I eventually chose Chamon, the realm of metal, as I thought this would be a great setting for an army who through known for being crazed have a large dependence on the forging of weapons and armour. It will also, over time, be a good realm to be able to build up a faction narrative beyond drinking blood out of gathered skulls. For the basing I used cork with texture/grit paint to represent the earth which I dry brushed with metallics and finally applied a gloss black wash to darken it down. Then I mixed metallic paint, in this case Vallejo gold, with gloss varnish to created a flow of molten metal within the cracked earth. I allowed the metal to dry and then reapplied 1-2 more times to create volume.