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  1. Absolutely. Can't discount the mounts as well. With Blood Feast in LoB, that's 20 attacks in addition to the 25 lance attacks. Don't forget that in LoB, they also spread a -2 Bravery debuff. And they are naturally a 3+ save against attacks with no rend with the ability to heal a wound a turn. Not bad.
  2. I regularly run a mostly vampire force using Blood Knights, a Vampire Lord, and (at least) one Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon. If you can effectively manage a screen from one of the numerous chaff options in Death, Blood Knights are lethal on the charge. The fact that they automatically charge 6" makes their minimum threat range 16", which can't be understated. In Legion of Blood, with the Blood Feast command ability, you're looking at a unit of 5 knights with 25 attacks at -1 rend D3 damage in addition to their mounts' attacks. Couple that with the Dread Knight command ability, and now they're all rerolling hits as well. That is a mountain of damage that most armies can't take. The army certainly doesn't play itself, but with smart strategy and timing, a vampire-heavy list can easily compete with most of the top tier lists out there.
  3. I 100% agree with this. Every list I've written has 20 Eternal Guard. You can line them up across your deployment zone with Thralls within 3" for a nice pile in counterattack. They're also super tanky naturally and especially while in cover. And I've converted mine to look more like Namarti - just need to put some paint on them!
  4. My struggle with Reavers is that there are allies who are just flat out better at the same job. Most of the Stormcast shooting is more powerful for a similar points cost. Vanguard Raptors w/ Hurricane Crossbows 140 pts: nearly the same number of attacks (compared to Reaver volley) but at 18". Judicators 160 pts: 24" ranged shooting with rend and bonuses to hit against Chaos Castigators 160 (for 6): access to -2 rend and the option to improve accuracy Celstar Ballista 100pts: No need to explain. They're just great. I LOVE the models, but when I'm looking through a purely competitive lens, it's hard to make a great case for them, outside of them having more bodies or being marginally quicker than the above lists units.
  5. I played Brets when AoS first dropped, and the next army I gravitated to was a Blood Knight heavy Death list. You can run Legion of Blood, rolling out Blood Knights, Vampires on Nightmares, and Vampires of Zombie Dragons with Dire Wolves as screening chaff. Legion of Blood gives all your vampires +1 attack. You still pack tons of punch on the charge and can take advantage of some seriously great command abilities from the Vampire Lords to further buff your attack profiles on the Blood Knights. It's a lot of fun, and the army feels very similar to what I enjoyed doing most when I played my Brets.
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