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  1. Hey, Yeh typically for Mercs you would just send over the individual payment (£47.50) and I’d group you together. I can tell you the 4 guys in that second team are all really nice. What I’ve done with the first team is stick them all in a WhatsApp chat. If you want to chat to them beforehand though, James is @Caffran101, Dave is @Thenecbromancer, Carl is @Cas797. and Heath is @Heath Barnes. Feel free to get a group DM going or something. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hey guys, I've updated the second post with team lists and player names. At present we are look for two Mercs to fill out the second team. Also I have now agreed space with Firestorm for two more teams!! Get in there quick if you're interested. Payment info in first post. Many thanks, Chris
  3. Hey guys, I figured that it's better to put this here rather than clog the AoS events calendar. Just wanted to shout out my next Warcry event. It's taking place on Sunday 24th November in Weymouth, UK. The full pack and ticket info can be found here - http://traffic.libsyn.com/theblacksun/The_Fall_of_Carngrad.pdf Currently on 16/30 players signed up. We had 20 for the last one so looking to improve on that. There's fish & chips provided for lunch from an award winning local shop, with prizes from GW OP and Pro Painted Studios. You don't need to bring any terrain along I am building and painting all the tables for it. So as long as you have a warband, which doesn't even need to be painted, you can take part! Gimme a shout if you have any questions. Chris
  4. @Dreadmund - Everyone who has paid so far is definitely in. I've just been clarifying some things with Firestorm and will have a list of entrants up very soon. Apologies for the delay. @Caffran101 - There is likely to be some availability. Watch this space.
  5. Hey guys, Tomorrow myself and @Sangfroid will be on WHTV to talk Ironjawz and have a game. I am super proud of this book and am looking forward to facing off against the mighty Ghostwulfz! Check it out if you can! Hopefully speak to you all soon. Much love to all my Destruction bros here, Chris x
  6. Everyone who purchased a ticket is in, I just need to get everything updated when I have a moment to breathe haha! I believe we are at 20 teams which is utterly phenomenal!
  7. Hey guys, Tickets for this event go on sale tonight at 7pm tonight. Please have one person send a single payment of £285 as friends and family. Include the team name, the 6 players and the captain in the notes. Payment address is lunatic_pandora@btinternet.com The full pack will follow in a couple of weeks, however you should expect something very similar to the ETC. If you are a player (or smaller group of players) without a full 6 man team, you can still get involved. You can send individual payments of £47.50 to me and I will group people together in teams of 6. This has traditionally been a nice way for newer players to get involved and enjoy team events (which anyone will tell you are the most fun!) I’ll post up a list of entrants tomorrow. There has been a big buzz for this on Twitter so make sure you get your team payment in tonight! Chris
  8. Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I’ll have to fish out my recipes for you both. Please drop another message in here if I have not done so within the next week to remind me. In other news, I can’t wait to return to the Ironjawz very soon! 💚
  9. Team List SUPERMEGABROS - Matthew Lyons (c), Aaron Bailey, Wayne Rendell, Paul Buckler, Will Philpott, Tom Hewitt Facehammer - Les Martin, Russ Veal, Byron Orde, Terry Pike, Tony Moore, Tom Mawdsley Team Darren - Darren Watson (c), Chris Myhill, Ric Myhill, Nathan Prescott, Dan Bradshaw, Luke Morton Team Keen - Laurie Huggett-Wilde (c), Steve Curtis, Ritchie McAlley, James Tinsdale, Jack Armstrong, Craig Namvar Team Angel - Donal Taylor (c), Andy Burton, Simon Froley, Alex Ley, Adam Cunis, Nick Tolfree Fish Finger Exit Wound - Ross M Howard (c), Chris Nielsen, David Busse, Matt Dawson, Mark Tucker, Tom Landy Tunsgate Tyrants - Sam Loving (c), Sam Saunders, Chris Francis, Simon Cobb, David Glaysher, Martijn Zuidema Rollmodels - Matthew Ward (c), Michael Blatherwick, Tom Newton-Dines, Tom Field, Richard Nutter, Laura Bates Beast Midlands - Liam Jordan (c), Tom Fretwell, Max Barton, Christian Moore, Ady McWalter, Will Barton Go FAQ Yourself - Jack McQuiggan (c), Edmund Alcock, Michael Parker, Josh Richards, Ben Richards, Joshua Moazami Team Wales - Marc Brookes (c) +5 The Great Big Secret - Pete Allison (c), Chris Allison, Chris Denmark, Declan Waters, Thomas Holmes, Rory James Searle Fiction - Leo Rautonen (c), Ben Murphy, Benjamin Savva, Rob Bradley, Alex Kew, Matt Gouldesbrough More Bang For Your Buck - Mark Curtis (c), Dan George, Chris Hibbins, Carl Martin +2 Team Bad Dice - Ben Curry (c), Ben Johnson, Adam Hall, Martin Morrin, Bryan Carmichael, Liam Cook Fact - Maxime Julian (c), Sebastian Delmonte, Adam Mumford, Ralph Hugh +2 Dad's Army - Colin Cochrane (c), Stephen Mitchell, David Kane, Neil Montgomery, Dead McLaughlin, Jay Kinsella Team Andy Joyce+ - Joel Smith (c), Andrew Lewis, Steve Smith, Mark Saunders, James Harding, Danny Cashman EATBATS - Jimbo (c), Mitzy, Jon Williams, Ben Mardle, Ollie Fox, Dan Seymour Legio IX - Tim Martin (c) +5 Mercenaries 1 - Matt Arnold, Steve Hursell, Ant Moylan, James Eveleigh, Michael Wilson, Steve Phillips Mercenaries 2 - James Box, David Roberts, Carl Smith, Heath Barnes *TWO MERC SPOTS LEFT HERE*
  10. until
    Afternoon guys, I'm pleased to announce that I will be running a 6 man team event at the amazing Firestorm Games in Cardiff on the 18th and 19th of January 2020. Details will follow. Many thanks, Chris
  11. Event Title: Brotherhood - 6 man team event - Firstorm Games, Cardiff - 18th & 19th January Event Author: Chris Tomlin Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 01/18/2020 12:00 AM to 01/19/2020 12:00 AM Afternoon guys, I'm pleased to announce that I will be running a 6 man team event at the amazing Firestorm Games in Cardiff on the 18th and 19th of January 2020. Details will follow. Many thanks, Chris Brotherhood - 6 man team event - Firstorm Games, Cardiff - 18th & 19th January
  12. until
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