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  1. Got to love how threads like these start with a point and then go off on wild tangents and arguments between people My thoughts on the original discussion of balance and stats, for what it’s worth: - Balance is good for the game regardless of the 'way' you play. Outside of highly competitive tournaments it could be argued that balance could be more integral to the health and growth of the game. I'm thinking of the new player that picked up Ironjawz to play against his friends Daughters of Khaine and losing repeatedly regardless of what they tried or did. That feeling of hopelessness can mean a player is less likely to stay invested in the game. It's one of the reasons I think the stats are important - for players to have a point of reference and a realistic expectation of their chosen faction before they spend countless hours and funds on it. - For those arguing GW have no intention to make the game balanced, I think this is a fallacy and my 'proof' would be the existence of match play and the existence of a large play tester network. Neither of these would exist if GW were not interested in at least trying to make a balanced game. FAQ's and patches also provide strong support of GW's desire for balance. - Perfect balance - that is, in stats terms, every army being a 50% win ratio - is largely unachievable without constant updates. I think neither match play enthusiasts nor the casual crowd want rolling monthly changes. Also each change in a variable has a knock on effect. Maybe DoK and LoN are holding a bigger monster in check ? My opinion is that the aim should be for a given range. 45-55% win ratio I think should be achievable to maintain via the current update structure and using the visibility of the stats. - Taking the above point into consideration AoS is actually in a very good place right now. Discounting factions with very little data; there are only a handful of factions that fall outside the 45-55% win ratio. As far as time and resources of balance go, the stats should enable GW to highlight the factions falling outside of a desired 'balance bubble' and bring those in line - the key here is small tweaks. For instance DoK being gutted and falling below the 45% win ratio is almost worse than leaving then at their 70-75% (fluctuating) current win rate. In hindsight I'm of the opinion now that this is why nothing was touched in the last FAQ TLDR; There is always going to be a 'best' and 'worst' faction. I think the goal is to narrow the margin between those 2 points. In the meantime it's about managing expectation. If you're playing for fun or narratively - great! The old addage of choose what you like the look of works. If you're wanting to play AoS a little more seriously - the stats should help you decide what's best for your intentions.
  2. The moment when John realizes he’s been losing to the most powerful army in AoS this whole time was priceless.
  3. Www.thehonestwargamer.com - all the AoS stats, bobo list run downs and a full bobo break down.
  4. So I’ve seen variations on both these lists compete and still no major event podiums. Don’t get me wrong I love Templars and everything you say makes sense, except against DoK .... and certain realms(auto lose in shadow with 6” shooting) ... and total commitment.... There are very good lists out there but there are also very, very good players that have settled on gav bomb being the best tool at their disposal. Your arguements seem like the one I see constantly in mtg from less experienced players thinking ‘their deck’ is something the pro’s missed in their thousands of hours of structured testing. Yes now and again something gets missed but even then it’s usually a fad. im not saying you’re wrong, I’m just pointing out that people are taking the lists you mentioned (I have seen them) and there’s a reason people like Gary P and jack Armstrong are using gav bomb. As someone said- go out there and prove it. They are.
  5. If the gav lists aren’t ‘the best’ I would love to know of some of the better options that you’re talking about. I have seen my fair share of lists and tournament results (probably more than is healthy tbh) and in over 30 main events the only list winning events currently is the Gav bomb.
  6. This isn’t me that did this- I just provided the stats! The site is the hard work of The Honest Wargamer team led by Rob Symes- former WHTV presenter. The fantastic workbook on there is his work too! All I did was give them some spread sheets lol 😝
  7. Matchup up specific win % is being worked on. The data set wont be as exhaustive as the main set but I have a number of events, including Blood and Glory and Da Boyz(so over 1000 matches still!) that I am working on!
  8. Something amazing has been created! A place you can get comprehensive AoS list and unit break downs, Event Roundups and the BEST,(In my unbiased opinion :P), in current up to date AoS tournament Stats! Happy Thanksgiving! https://thehonestwargamer.com/aos-list-rundowns/ https://thehonestwargamer.com/age-of-sigmar-stats/
  9. 100% this. In fact if the #pleasantforplastic creators want to keep their dealings with GW off the record, I'd love if the WHW and Honest Wargamers of the world would start to mark their offerings with #NOTpleasantforplastic!
  10. Yeah- after being back in the hobby after a hiatus and seeing all the early reviewers telling people how great soul wars was I bought it. Not a good experience building and even worse finding out there are only a couple actual playable units in the box. If I was a brand new hobbyist that would have put me off big time. #pleasantforplastic is IMO actually worse for the hobby as a whole than good unbias reviews.
  11. One of the reasons I enjoy and can trust what I see and hear on Warhammer Weekly! The Honest Wargamer takes a similar stance - its is run entirely without sponsors and is "free press" for the people by the people.
  12. Care to elaborate? All the wins and losses seemed good which is what this data uses.
  13. Expanded Overall Stat table and some extra's for you all to dissect discuss and distribute.... Big thanks to BCP https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/ for providing data for Blood and Glory and SoCal Open among other events. For TO's reading this you should really consider using aTO app like BCP to run your events rather than fiddling with manual spreadsheets - plus makes my life WAY easier, lol! Enjoy
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