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  1. Totally agree to an extent. The Chris tomlin graph was just a bit of a tongue in cheek. However looking at a faction like DoK or LoN that consistently post solid results over multiple events over different continents it’s safer to say that those armies are ‘good’
  2. I think @Chris Tomlin possibly did a write up some where on TGA ?
  3. Wow this went off the rails fast! My 2 cents - people bringing good/ tough lists does not make them a "poor sports" or "win at all cost". In fact I could argue that the worst games I've ever had at any event - including MtG - is usually against players with the less optimum lists. The 'pros' regardless of scene tend to be the best and nicest of people to play. In any case here's a little something to get this back on track - I call this table - "Chris Tomlin is amazing at AoS (and Frostheart Pheonix's are quite good too....)"
  4. LLV

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    Not thin skinned, just looked up EldritchX other posts and realized he likes to invest waymore time and effort that I have into arguing with people, so I cut it short. MtG is a far more granular game than AoS could ever be and represents wins losses and meta % in even less detail than provided. However as others have said there should be context which there will be soon, with examples and lists linked.
  5. LLV

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    There’s no need to differentiate armies. I’ll stand by if mtg presents something as WUR - 3 colours with Zero context, the broad factions work for this exercise. The only context you get from mtg showing something as it’s base colours is looking at the deck in question. This will be presented very soon. Put simply- if you don’t like the data, and are not ready for it, don’t look at it. That will be my last contribution to this thread.
  6. LLV

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    wow - just read through EldritchX 33 posts. Each one arguing or disagreeing with someone. No positive content whatsoever- just contrarianism at is finest. And people wonder why our hobby is so isololationist - exhibit A. good job mate.
  7. LLV

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    I'll agree to disagree. I could spend hours providing more evidence but you're not worth my time as youve already made up your mind. Have fun with that
  8. There are a few LoN lists popping up that are 4-1 that don’t include Nagash. Check out @ianob 4-1 facehammer list for instance. There are efforts in the works that will eventually tie this data in with lists.
  9. LLV

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    Everything you said could also be applied to MtG, DotA, Hearthstone, League of Legends etc. None of these games are any less ‘ random’ or any less ‘skill based’ than warhammer, yet huge efforts go into maintaining meta % and win loss tracking for those games. I’m an ex warhammer fantasy player coming back to AoS after playing competitive MtG. My first questions were- what’s decent and how much is it played. Where as in any of the games I mentioned I,as a new player, could have had an answer to that question from a quick search there was nothing in AoS except forum topics which largely resulted in conjecture and people arguing backwards and forwards trying to be the loudest voice in the room. As others have said the data isn’t there to try and prove anything 100%. I’ve never made any such claim. It’s there as a community resource for new and old players alike who are interested in it. It’s just a tool. How we as players and a community use what is presented is up to us. It’s opened my eyes to how little some factions are played at tournaments. Im even seeing some players look at some of the lesser played factions and champion them. Who knows maybe there’s is another ‘Chris Tomlin/Phoenix temple’ out there. I’d love to see dispossessed rise up and start taking out tournaments, or Darkling Covens start 4-1 regularly. In the very least the fact we are even having this conversation I think is testament to the increased interest in the ‘tournament scene’ updated results and data can bring to the community. Giving more of the spotlight to tournaments and events and the tireless work that the TOs put into such things I think is a great side affect and IMO will help grow the community and attendance at these events even more. anyway that’s my 2 cents.... not that I’m biased for any reason....😜
  10. oh you noticed.... it could be some top secret way of splitting the factions giving further insight into which factions performed better than others further than the win %'s...... or it could have just been that they split grand alliances and I sorted the data and didnt remove the lines. I'll let the people decide.
  11. I’ve said this a bunch already but might as well repeat here. Good sports shouldn’t be rewarded- it should be expected. It should be the standard. Rather than giving arbitrary scoring that people can ‘game’ we should be instead punishing the bad apples. Simple system- if you’re reported a ‘bad sport’ once, the TO has a quiet word. If reported a second time TO reviews ( to avoid collusion of trying to dock people) and gives the player a penalty against their event score and a yellow card. Third time, review and red card. Your tourney is over. Simple, clean effective.
  12. I feel I should mention - all those people who told John Roy that Castigators were bad - The TOP performing Stormcast list (7th overall) from Facehammer (a large UK competitive tournament) had 9 in there....NINE! Cue Anakin Vader Voice.... "Tell the internet you were right John...You were Riiiiiight"
  13. Guys calm down - its obviously "Zzelbo Elves"