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  1. I think your list is solid. I think the big issue will be getting across the board and taking objectives. The way your list is built, it's a very defensive list. The majority threat from your list is going to come from the Crawlers and to get the most out of them you will need to keep your heros back and the the buff range of your heros is what limits your movement. As long as your are able to clear 50% of an army or lock them in combat you will be able to reach objective using the Deathrider to get the major. Otherwise, your playing for the minor victory hoping your opponent makes a major mistake. I may be completely wrong. I look forward to hearing how your tournament goes.
  2. What do you guys think about these heads?
  3. Any thoughts on this list? Katakros Soulmason w/ Soul Reservoir, Mortal Contract 3x 10 Mortek Guard Crawler Shield-Corp battalion 2× 3 Stalkers Morghast Harbinger Nightmare Predator Endless Spell
  4. What was your recipe for this color scheme? I am looking to do something similar.
  5. I have been thinking on this and you need to take a group. There are 2 things things that hinder steam tanks, random movement and a mixed shooting profile from 8" to 30". I seem them as line support, a moving artillery platform that moves and supports the bulk of your force. The other thing, to get more consistancy you need at least one commander to add a +1 attack and an other bubble +1 buff the make the tank reliable. Just my thoughts and first impressions
  6. Nothing. The rule set was bad and the cosy of entry was too high. GW over reacted. Look at the success of Total War and Vermintide
  7. Here is a list Im toying with. With 3 CP to start. The griffons and CPrime go around wrecking face. I forgot to add artifact and command trait. Gen on Griff would have Indomitable making boths Griffs 2+ save and Meteroic Iron for Gen on Horse.
  8. With a little help, I have the all snake list I'm going to build. Medusa on Shrine: General -Thousand Blessings -Mind Razor 2x Hag - Blessings of Khaine 2x Hag - Blood Sac 3x 20 Blood Sisters 5 Khinaries
  9. Crossbowmen no longer get double attacks for have 20+ models. They get +1 to attack for 20+ models.
  10. Is this the correct representation of wholly within 12in? Picture is not to scale....
  11. Meta is still new. It seems like magic is a must. What are everyones thoughts on Free People Allegiance with: General on Horse 100 General on Griffin 240 Great Company: 20 Guard 160 20 Greatswords 240 30 Handgunners 300 D Knights 140 30 Handgunners 300 Hurricanum 380 GC to hold objective and G on Griffin, Hurricanum, Handgunners and D Kights to attack opponent.
  12. What does everyone think of magic in this addition? Is it going to be necessary to take wizards? There is no way tournaments are going to use realm rules. They vary to game TOO much. I am not really a fan of magic with my Free People army. I like the powder and man power feel. But you have to adapt to survive. Thoughts?
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