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  1. Sotek sent it through to me, and I saw it on Facebook which was a link to Reddit which linked to here 🤣. I'll be checking it out soon. Great job on expanding the topic, and for those who are providing a counter argument. I've always believed there is no right or wrong with this game. You take what you like and construct your own thoughts.
  2. Thanks Rors. I will say one thing here that I haven't already addressed in the comments section of the YouTube video. Live talking about your lists is tough and without pausing the discussion to bring up warscrolls, we're prone to error or remembering things incorrectly. He isn't the first and won't be the last to say the wrong thing on YouTube. We've since made a post below the video with a few of the errors we've picked up. I picked Sotek because he's not only a very passionate Nighthaunt player but also because he's been playing them since 2e, has been running them in local events in 3e, and has been getting a fair amount of reps in between TTS and IRL. Some of the errors slid in because my computer has been on the way out. Normally I have the relevant documents like warscrolls on my browser so I can check in the moment to keep the guest talking but this week I had to stop doing that. That's on me for not helping my guest. Despite some of the errors, I will say it's still a relevant and interesting way of looking at Nighthaunt. I'm used to players pairing up their units in pairs or trios. I can also appreciate listening you were probably a little frustrated hearing some mistakes wishing you could correct us. Anyway, thanks for listening to my TED Talk. This won't be the only Nighthaunt video I'll do on AoS Coach
  3. It’s Anthony / AoS Coach 😁 I’m not busting your chops on the data mate. If somebody wants to make a claim that playtesters gain a significant advantage, I believe it’s up to them to prove it via data, not you lads defending yourselves with data. I’m sure there are some examples where a unit gained a significant benefit that wasn’t already strong in the meta. Witch Aelves is the first that comes to mind. Did a play tester get the DoK jump by having 90-120 ready upon release? I doubt a Dark Elf player ever had that many. As an example. The big consideration is if the play tester even got to use their “advantage”. You might have playtested Tzeentch but did that play tester play with Tzeentch or even face them at a tournament post-release? Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not too bothered because playtesters don’t play at events where I live. It doesn’t impact me but I can see how people locally might perceive advantage and be frustrated. How do you solve it, ban playtesters from events? That’s a poor outcome that I don’t think many want to see. Do event organisers enforce different rules for you? Again, I don’t think that’s fair either.
  4. Interesting topic raised @Jack Armstrong. First, i’d love to define “advantage”. At its core, prior knowledge before the market is an advantage, no matter the tournament outcome. There could be an argument that you could have done worse without that knowledge. I imagine your problem statement is more focused on if being a play tester improves your chances of winning a tournament because of prior experience with battletomes before public release. The challenge is that to be a play tester you must have proven yourself to be successful competitive prior to joining as a play tester. I’m not sure if there has been a play tester who joined the team without winning an event or consistent high performer to see such a spike in from play testers “advantage”. I’d say more data is required, especially looking at performances at tournaments within the first few months of a play tested battle tome is released. Through the play tester experience was it quicker to find the optimum build, to gain the tactical knowledge to pilot, to have the models built and ready for an event after release. BTW I actually don’t care. I thank you all for your hard work and dedication to putting out the best product with your limited influence.
  5. Just recorded a discussion with Dayne Thompson who came 16 of 219 at CanCon 2020 with Daughters of Khaine... and not even Hagg Nar. Hope DoK players find it valuable;
  6. Recently we recorded Faction Focus Seraphon which some of you my find valuable. It's a 2.5hr discussion with 2 great Seraphon players sharing their experience on list building, customisation and advice;
  7. Some of you may find Faction Focus: Cities of Sigmar valuable. The video is 4 hours long and I've time stamped the best I could in the episode description. Between a human, aelf & duardin player... we attempt to deconstruct the book as best as possible, and to be honest; we could have done another 2+ hours.
  8. Join Clint Mallet (🐦 @heraldsofwar), Deke Johnstone (📷 @abyssalgoblin )& I (🐦 @AnthonyMagro) as we unpack the Legion of Nagash in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. In this video, we explore the factions strengths, weaknesses, list builds, tactics, and recommendations. These generals are highly experienced in this allegiance and will help both new and experienced players.
  9. Agreed! Definitely work checking this podcast out... it's rock solid
  10. Congrats mate! I saw you streaming with CanKrohn recently too... solid insights
  11. Just about to hit 2,000 subscribers & recently launched Patreon... so I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's watched one of my videos, shared them with a friend, or commented.
  12. We'll treat the Legions as sub-faction (Chambers, Temples, Sky Ports) which is essentially what they are
  13. I think the threats are different, so it depends on your style. I like to set up a massive kick in the groin to my opponent, with my attacking units all charging in at one turn. I remember in one round of combat I was able to kill 140 clan rats. The Terrorgheist can hit pretty hard and act independent, but your other models like the Reapers have a higher resilience and can be summoned back.
  14. I’ve got Legions of Nagash organised for 2 weeks time, and scheduling my FEC guests have been a nightmare. Ideally i’ll get at least 1 of FEC/Nighthaunt done in Sept and the other in October. Just dependant on my guest schedules.
  15. Join Chris Welfare (@WoundedMortally), Laurie Huggett-Wilde (@lhwaos), Dan Street (@AoS_Shorts), Liam Burnett-Blue (@shadowhammer_) & I (@AnthonyMagro) as we unpack Sylvaneth in Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
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