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Found 6 results

  1. AoS2 - FREE CITY DISCUSSION AoS - CITIES OF SIGMAR DISCUSSION Recent news means that this thread is in for quite a substantial rebrand! I'll get on with properly updating the OP over the next couple of days, but for now celebrate and speculate I guess! 😁 If you're asking what the hell a Free City and is and/or if GW managed to sneak another battletome out without you noticing, worry not, you've come to the right place. The Free Cities are the settlements founded in the Mortal Realms by the races living in Azyr after the Stormcast did the really difficult job of beating Chaos back into it's rightful place as a second tier antagonist behind Death. If you like old WFB good guy factions you've come to the right place! The Free Cities do not have a battletome per say, but the seven best known ones to have their own boutique sets of mini allegiance abilities, usable in any AoS game included in Season of War: Firestorm, a map-based campaign supplement that's probably one of the best things released so far for AoS - check it out if you haven't already (Destruction , Death and Chaos also got one set of mini allegiance abilities each but they've got their own sub forums). These "City Armies" as they're termed by the Firestorm book all have an extra battle trait that you get on top off the existing grand alliance allegiance abilities for Order are unlocked by taking an army made up of only the required factions for that paticular Free City (for example an army from the Phoenicium could only contain Stormcast, Free People, Dispossessed and Phoenix Temple units), and no named (special) characters (I will be abandoning this thread for good when a Gotrek model is released alongside Realmslayer at the end of the year ?). I created this thread as a response to the discussion of Free City allegiances currently spilling out of the Dispossessed thread, and thought it would be cool if we had a community hub to share list ideas, tactics, awesomely converted and painted armies, and background for such a cool set of mini-factions. Without further ado here's a list of resources for current and aspiring Free City players: USEFUL STUFF: Season of War: Firestorm errata - IMPORTANT, updates the way Free City allegiances work and adds to the factions available to Tempest's Eye and Greywater Fastness. Community article confirming matched play "legality" - For use in the event an opponent, gaming group or tournament organiser claims the army allegiance rules in Firestorm are only for use in campaign games, and not "normal" games of Age of Sigmar. The Hammerhal Herald - Fun, regularly updated Warhammer Community offshoot site exploring daily life in one of Sigmar's Free Cities. Free City generator - A fun extra put together by the Warhammer Community team allowing you to randomly generate background for you own Free City, right down to name, size, inhabitants and what it's best known for. Previous Anvilgard thread - The old let's chat thread for the Free City with easily the most unusual battle trait. Contains a lot of useful advice and theoryhammering. Overview of the Free Cities - Quick breakdown of each Free City, who lives there and how to get the most out of their battle trait (literally the post below this one). "Lonely Realmsphere Guides" detailing how to get the most out of the battle trait and troops available to your chosen Free City: Discussion threads for the factions available to the seven different Free City allegiances:
  2. So I posted a while back about a mobile armoured list for Cities. After some feedback I've come up with my second iteration of it. Leaders- Steam Tank Commander (General) (230)DrillmasterSteam-piston armour- Cogsmith (60)Macroscope- Cogsmith (60) - Lord-Ordinator (140)Units - 20 x Freeguild Guard (Battleline) Spears (160) - 5 x Pistoliers (100)- 5 x Pistoliers (100)- Gyrocopter (70)- Gyrocopter(70) Behemoths - Steam Tank (Battleline) (180)- Steam Tank (Battleline) (180) Artillery - Helstorm Rocket Battery (130)- Helstorm Rocket Battery (130)- Helstorm Rocket Battery (130)- Helstorm Rocket Battery (130)Battalions- Greywater Fastness Artillery Company1990/2000 The extra cogsmith is there just to help heal the tanks. The Lord-Ordinator can be swapped out for a unit of Irondrakes if things are a bit too "all eggs in one basket". Pistoliers were chosen simply to add some more mobility over a 20 man unit of handgunners. Any advice welcome.
  3. Hey, I've been writing up my first 2k list for Cities of Sigmar and I'm trying to base it on a more mobile Greywater force. The idea for the paint scheme is Vietnam War flavoured, so I've tried to go as mechanised as possible. Any and all advice welcome Leaders - Steam Tank Commander (General) (230) Drillmaster Macroscope - Battlemage (110) Choking fumes Realm of Chamon - Cogsmith (60) Steam-piston armour - Cogsmith (60) Units - 5 x Outriders (100) - 5 x Outriders (100) - Gyrobomber (80) - Gyrobomber (80) Behemoths - Steam Tank (Battleline) (180) - Steam Tank (Battleline) (180) - Steam Tank (Battleline) (180) Artillery - Helstorm Rocket Battery (130) - Helstorm Rocket Battery (130) - Helstorm Rocket Battery (130) - Helstorm Rocket Battery (130) Battalions - Greywater Fastness Artillery Company 2000/2000 My own thoughts so far are I am torn between pistoliers and outriders, but outriders just seem to fit my theme better. Handgunners would also work but are just less mobile. I have no idea if Gyrobombers are worth it but the idea of painting them up as Hueys is too hard to resist.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm slowly preparing a Greywater Fastness army and I'm diving in the lore of this city. I knew that Valius Maliti and his craftsmen built it, using Realmstone. Here's a first question: I have to think that part of the buildings are actually made of this prodigious stone, or means that Valius used its magical power in some ways? Also... I've read in Lexicanum that Valius "served Tzeentch and worked his secret patron's designs into a dozen Free Cities". Well, I've definitely miss something! He's always been a chaos devotee or maybe he converted after the construction of GF? Thanks in advance
  5. bottle

    Greywater Rifles

    3 Handgunners I converted up ready for going out onto Warhammer Live this Wednesday (17th May) to play AoS Skirmish!
  6. bottle

    Greywater Rifles

    3 Handgunners I converted up ready for going out onto Warhammer Live this Wednesday (17th May) to play AoS Skirmish!
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