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Found 6 results

  1. Long time no post. This time I'm posting a classic conversion of mine, which was inspired by the old marienburg landship forgeworld used to produce. This great kit was unfortunately long out of production at the time when I started working on this army. Nonetheless I wanted to do a model which paid tribute to it, and a steam tank conversion seemed a ripe candidate (fun fact: the original fluff in WFB for the landship was that it was created as something of a crude imitation of the steam tank, which they were unable to replicate). I searched for a super-long time for a suitable base model, because I didn't want to have to build the right shape from scratch from framing (I was concerned about symmetry issues). Luckily, a visit to a prominent hobby shop lead me to finding this bandai model kit, which made for a great basic shape to form the structure of the new model. Oh, and I was working from a steam tank kit that I'd partially painted and had lying in sub-assemblies when I began working on it, hence why some of the part already have some paint on em. First things I did with it was cut back a lot of the bandai kit and then gave it a flush, flat back part with a large piece of flat plasticard. After that I added some banding and basic trim, and then I added a whole heap of plasticard to cover up the original surface of the bandai kit because the detail on it was totally out of scale for Age of Sigmar. I also played around with adding a decorative mast from some left over dreadfleet bits, but I ultimately decided against it (too much clutter imo, and there wasn't a nice mounting point anyway). All the wood texture was just done by inscribing it in with the point of a hobby knife - quite simple and effective. Here's an undershot - all the rivets were carefully sliced off the hull of a kharadron hull that I managed to get for cheap on a bits site. A dab of plastic glue and job's a good one. Here you can see it finally coming together. I made a steam tank commander from greatsword parts (I had other plans for some of the original commander parts). As you can see I've added quite a few details and decorations to break up the surface. AND complete! (At least in terms of construction, not painting of course). On this pic you can see I've added some rungs (how else does the commander get inside?) leading up to the lowered part of the upper skirting/trim. I've also added back some viewing ports from the original steam tank kit, but I had to invert them just like I inverted basically the whole shape of the tank. I also added some decorative greenstuff heraldry with a creepy deep sea creature on the trim/skirting. Hope you enjoyed this entry, I'll be adding more entries soon.
  2. AoS2 - FREE CITY DISCUSSION AoS - CITIES OF SIGMAR DISCUSSION Recent news means that this thread is in for quite a substantial rebrand! I'll get on with properly updating the OP over the next couple of days, but for now celebrate and speculate I guess! 😁 If you're asking what the hell a Free City and is and/or if GW managed to sneak another battletome out without you noticing, worry not, you've come to the right place. The Free Cities are the settlements founded in the Mortal Realms by the races living in Azyr after the Stormcast did the really difficult job of beating Chaos back into it's rightful place as a second tier antagonist behind Death. If you like old WFB good guy factions you've come to the right place! The Free Cities do not have a battletome per say, but the seven best known ones to have their own boutique sets of mini allegiance abilities, usable in any AoS game included in Season of War: Firestorm, a map-based campaign supplement that's probably one of the best things released so far for AoS - check it out if you haven't already (Destruction , Death and Chaos also got one set of mini allegiance abilities each but they've got their own sub forums). These "City Armies" as they're termed by the Firestorm book all have an extra battle trait that you get on top off the existing grand alliance allegiance abilities for Order are unlocked by taking an army made up of only the required factions for that paticular Free City (for example an army from the Phoenicium could only contain Stormcast, Free People, Dispossessed and Phoenix Temple units), and no named (special) characters (I will be abandoning this thread for good when a Gotrek model is released alongside Realmslayer at the end of the year ?). I created this thread as a response to the discussion of Free City allegiances currently spilling out of the Dispossessed thread, and thought it would be cool if we had a community hub to share list ideas, tactics, awesomely converted and painted armies, and background for such a cool set of mini-factions. Without further ado here's a list of resources for current and aspiring Free City players: USEFUL STUFF: Season of War: Firestorm errata - IMPORTANT, updates the way Free City allegiances work and adds to the factions available to Tempest's Eye and Greywater Fastness. Community article confirming matched play "legality" - For use in the event an opponent, gaming group or tournament organiser claims the army allegiance rules in Firestorm are only for use in campaign games, and not "normal" games of Age of Sigmar. The Hammerhal Herald - Fun, regularly updated Warhammer Community offshoot site exploring daily life in one of Sigmar's Free Cities. Free City generator - A fun extra put together by the Warhammer Community team allowing you to randomly generate background for you own Free City, right down to name, size, inhabitants and what it's best known for. Previous Anvilgard thread - The old let's chat thread for the Free City with easily the most unusual battle trait. Contains a lot of useful advice and theoryhammering. Overview of the Free Cities - Quick breakdown of each Free City, who lives there and how to get the most out of their battle trait (literally the post below this one). "Lonely Realmsphere Guides" detailing how to get the most out of the battle trait and troops available to your chosen Free City: Discussion threads for the factions available to the seven different Free City allegiances:
  3. Hey so I haven’t touched Age of Sigmar since around the time it came out and I’m getting back into it. I’m joining a local escalation league that starts at 500pts and was thinking of running Anvilgard with two Hyrda or Kharibdyss as my battle line . Any experience with these two as to which would perform better? Thanks
  4. New to the forum, so apologies this should be posted elsewhere. Am new to the game and have thrown together an army list, mostly based on the models I have picked up on EBay and the getting good value out of the Anvilgard Start Collecting box. Am mostly interested in narrative, and am happy with it in that context. Just want to know how badly I would get stomped in matched play. Am opened to suggestions for how the list could be tweaked. M.pdf
  5. In my first hobby post of the blog I'd like to show the origins of my longest running project, my pirate themed Anvilgard Allegiance list. I was given an unopened box of Black Ark Corsairs almost 2 years ago, and from there I was interested in the idea. The aesthetic was something I really liked, but I was disheartened by the rules available (Allies were not yet a thing and the Free City rules were but a glint in GW's eye) so I shelved them, taking them out only occasionaly as a palette cleanser. Over time I acquired more models for this army, always second hand and pre painted, old and forgotten models put aside during the rollout of Age of Sigmar. I hoarded these away an told myself I would get to it, eventually. I dedicated my time largely to painting my Skaven Pestilens force, and took them to every tournament. At first I got utterly steamrolled, by good players with better armies. But over time I learned how to make the force work, I started to catch people off guard, play objectively and even win games. And I thought to myself "if I can win with this goofy army, surely I can make a mixed order pirate list work". So I promptly filled a bucket of detol and dumped half a hundred models straight into it. Some were caked thick with paint by inexperienced painters, some were simply a scheme i didnt like or want to paint over the top of. Some made it through the stripping process in tact, others went to the surgery table to be modified with spare bits from other dark elf kits to become servicable again. Here's a look at a few being drained of their detol before some light scrubbing. Not pretty, but they would be eventually. Check back next time to see what they would go on to be, more pictures below.
  6. Hey there I'm making a mixed Anvilgard army between Free people and Duardin, however i have a little problem.... I can't really find out how the Free people from the Anvilgard army looks like! Does any of you know?
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