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  1. Double Misfire

    Can I use this Duardin force?

    Yes, though you'll need to have at least two battleline units for matched play games of under 1000 points (more in larger games). I'd recommend using Order allegiance instead of Kharadron Overlords or Dispossessed allegiance as it'll give you a wider pool of options to mix without worrying about a limited allies pool. Perhaps a box of Arknaut Company as your second battleline choice if you're choosing to play matched play games?
  2. Double Misfire

    Looking For: Ogor Ironblaster Head A

    Message sent. Out of pure curiosity, what is the head for?
  3. Double Misfire

    Looking For: Ogor Ironblaster Head A

    At bits trader buddy of mine's got one he says you can have for £2 + UK p&p. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you his PayPal
  4. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Detailed Flesh-Eater Courts and Skaven battletome video reviews for anyone so inclined:
  5. Double Misfire

    Blood on the Streets

    Sort of illegal dude. Buy the White Dwarfs!
  6. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Various special characters (who albeit have mundane counterparts), the 7th edition character mounts (never had models released), Wolf Rats (who never originally had models during 3rd ed) only for Forge World to bring them back (with models) 20 years later, the Vermin Lord and Doomwheel also disappeared for an edition and then came back, Chaos Hounds as a Moulder Beastmaster option in the earliest skaven army list if you're gonna get really pedantic... Very relived about the Warpfire Thrower surviving, it's too iconic to have gotten the boot.
  7. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    It's the same price as the Skaven one and will likely have a loooot less warscrolls, so I'm hoping for lots of juicy background content!
  8. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    🤨 Er, no they weren't. If anything they became the complete opposite, with certain armies becoming more "one trick" or playstyle focused over time. When Warhammer first debuted as a mass fantasy battlegame (with an RPG/narrative focus and GMed games advised) for people to use their collections of Citadel Miniatures in, the first army lists were pretty samey affairs divided by race, with each list having access to combat characters, heroes, troops, elite troops and cavalry, all of which could be armed with missile weapons, generic monsters and in the case of most lists an artillery piece, all only really separated by a basic statline. It was as the setting and it's inhabitants began to become more fleshed, that some armies slowly began to narrow their focus and settle into a gameplay niche -Dwarfs losing cavalry and then wizards, Chaos losing access to missile troops, and Bretonnia becoming cavalry charge focused and losing (then regaining) artillery being the easiest examples. Yes, you could obviously argue that with the setting's development and expansion you were greeted with a greater variety of units, but not playstyles or battlefield roles (let's face it, White Lions, Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard are all High Elf elite melee infantry armed with double handed weapons). There have even been instances of entire swathes of units and options being dropped from an army list because they didn't fit with the people at the top's vision of the setting, the most notable probably being the launch of 6th edition when halflings, Empire War Wagons, Kislevites, Imperial Dwarfs, Imperial and Orc and Goblin Ogres, Forest Goblins and Spider Riders, and Wood Elf chariots all went bye-bye (though to be fair many of these remained available to their parent armies as Dogs of War if you didn't mind giving up a rare choice for them). It's interesting that you use Skaven as an example - Skaven were the first instance of a fully fleshed out army being added to the game, and having developed less organically than the others (not starting out as a Tolkien/historical/fantasy trope pastiche) have kept much of their original structure and MO. When Skaven first deubted they were a cowardly horde army, with lots of powerful special weapons prone to going wrong, and included Grey Seers, Warlords, Warlock Engineers, Assassins, Stormvermin, Clanrats, Slaves, Warpfire Throwers (RIP 😟), Poisoned Wind Globadiers, Plague Monks, Moulder Beastmasters, Giant Rats, Rat Ogres and the generic monsters everyone got - that's a bigger selection of troops than most new AoS armies get on launch, and really your core Skaven, with every new unit monster or hero subsequently introduced being a variation on one of the originals.
  9. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Seems like a real shame that possibly the definitive skaven warmachine, and a unit that's been around debuted with the very first skaven miniatures has gone the way of the dwarf miner because it was redone in plastic for long enough for the metal model to be discontinued, then discontinued entirely when it had the misfortune of sharing a sprue with some High Elves. In-setting you could probably say that with warpfire projectors being the sole piece of kit worth taking Stormfiends for, the Arch-Warlocks of Skrye ordered a mass recall of weapons team manned (ratted?) warpfire throwers to keep up with the demand.
  10. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Next month's White Dwarf cover for anyone yet to see it: https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/3620 Quite excited to see an AoS faction get the Index Astartes treatment, even if they are St*rmcast
  11. Double Misfire

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    Ironweld Arsenal related news! (Not very impressive news, but I'll take what I can get right now) I'm not sure how long this had been the case, but all Ironweld Arsenal items (including formerly Dwarf units) have now been moved on the GW online store and now exist under the Free Peoples tag. (told you that was exciting )
  12. Double Misfire

    Do you want to write for TGA?

    I've got very little time for AoS/hobby related stuff at the moment, but you're welcome to use any of the Free City and Ironweld Arsenal articles I've written (indexed in the OP of their respective threads, both linked in my sig).
  13. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Interesting! On a quich chck all Ironweld Arsenal stuff (including the originally Dwarf kits) has been lumped in with Free Peoples on the online store too... 🤔
  14. Double Misfire

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    Haha, thrilled that Free City armies can now take allies! Can't wait to load up on allied heroes so I don't have to paint as many models. Here's hoping Firestorm allegiances make it onto the AoS app now they're sufficiently different to the basic Order ones.
  15. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Don't you have a Tomb King Tomb Swarm avatar? No weirder than heavily converted pre Heresy armies before the Horus Heresy was a Forge World thing or "historical" special characters like Magnus the Pious or Gorbad Ironclaw. I've played plenty of games of 40k using an army of original squat models against opponents who weren't alive when squats got discontinued; none of them have struggled to get their heads around "GW used to make space dwarfs to go with the space orcs and space elves but they were kind of daft and got discontinued; these are Imperial Guard now" I'd also love to see a given conversation between two wargamers that couldn't be considered "weird"