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  1. Azazel too, I post this every time Slaanesh comes up, but as a former mortal peer of Sigmar's I can't stress how great a foil he'd make in the new setting!
  2. Cross posting from the rumour thread. Full Guerrillaa Miniature Games Fyreslayer battletome review vid 🍿🍿🍿
  3. Whoop woop. Guerrilla Miniature Games have posted a full Fyreslayer book video review:
  4. Not new, there are (Empire) Great Cannons in the army shots in Grand Alliance: Order
  5. Warscrolls and matched play points in the GHB. I'm fully expecting (Ellyrian) Reavers, the Prince of Griffon/Skywarden and Sea/Spireguard to go the way of the Poisoned Wind Mortar with the next GHB.
  6. I'm holding out for updated allegiances similar to the Firestorm ones in Forbidden Power and future campaign books.
  7. A (matched play legal) Order grand alliance army made up entirely of Free Peoples units is still an Order army. if you want it to be. If you had an army that you couldn't take without filling your minimum battleline slots with Demigryph Knights and Greatswords, only then would you be forced to use it as Free Peoples faction army. The examples given in the errata, Order Draconis and (pre Skaven battletome) Eshin both have allegiance dependant battleline, and (at the time of writing) did not have allegiance abilities of their own. In both instances they are faction armies without faction allegiance abilities of their own. The purpose of the errata is to allow factions who do not have their own set of allegiance abilities to use their grand alliance allegiance abilities instead. An army made up entirely of Free Peoples units, with minimum battleline slots filled by Freeguild Guard, Handgunners, Crossbowmen and Archers is not by default a faction army, and can be played as a grand alliance (and by extension) Firestorm/Free City army should you choose to. The most recent Firestorm errata even uses the example of an Anvilgard army made up entirely of Stormcast units. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Eh? As long as you're not taking allegiance dependant battleline, you can always run a "pure" army as it's grand alliance allegiance (and by extension Firestorm/Free City allegiance), there just aren't normally a lot of gameplay advantages in doing so. 🤨
  9. Hey @Floom I haven't played many games of AoS recently, so I'm not sure how good my list advice is, feel free to disregard it! Unless you prefer the models (which is always the best justification for taking anything), Organ Guns are mildly better than Helblasters for exactly the same points, with better range and more reliability. I'm not sure Endless Lifeswarm is worth it's points either, and would look at swapping it out for an offensive spell like the Geminids, or Soulsnare Shackles to slow your opponent down with. I'd also be worried about your list not having the mobility to secure objectives in most matched play scenarios, and would think about adding a Gyrocopter or two, or some Aetherwings as cheap objective grabbers.
  10. They already have the priest keyword, it just doesn't confer any special abilities outside special battleplans and interacting with scenery.
  11. They already are real hero units. Zhargrim is the name of the priesthood Auric Runemasters and Runesmiters belong to: http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Zharrgrim I don't doubt they'll be throwing endless spells runes around when a new Fyreslayer battletome hits though (whether next month or next year).
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