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  1. Dare to recommend the most prolific non Rick Priestley WFB and 40k background writer of all time, and the guy who set the template for Black Library's house style? Ok 🤨😉
  2. These guys, both on their own and as part of Start Collecting Greenskinz turn up pretty frequently for fairly reasonable prices on ebay, so keep your eyes peeled if you're not already.
  3. Looks pretty solid. I've seen Pistoliers used in units of 10 to great effect, and that's without being able to run and charge via Aetherguard Windrunners, so yeah, I'd drop the guard for two 10 strong units.
  4. GW scalecreep trends indicate that if a new aelf faction's released anytime soon they'll be at least nipple height to a Mega-Gargant, sorry
  5. Kemmler's already active in AoS, he's just had a Malerion style rebrand
  6. Do we have any more info on these books yet? I want my full Mordheim Cities of Sigmar roster
  7. Sorry mang, Dorghar will always be a horse with a smaller frame than an Empire knight's, who fit's neatly on a 25x50mm base in my heart
  8. They all went into hibernation/migrated to WotC when Sigmar became the celestial equivalent of a very lonely person who takes photos of their cat styling Christmas jumpers and started handing out t-shirts.
  9. He's only got little legs. Gonna take his time doing it. Aenarion's got to be Initiative 10, always strikes first, and has a thing for catching rides on dragons...
  10. I don't think Aenarion's coming to the AoS proper, if only because the guy's a Chuck Norris meme (appropriate given his age) of efficiency, and would throw a spanner in the all important business of selling plastic toys by going round perma murdering characters with kits (look at what he did to Morathi while he was a disembodied spirit yes, the other Phoenix Kings are ineffectual sissies and it was good to see them go, especially Caledor II *spit*, but dayum son), and he'd simply get too much stuff done. 'Morathi says she wants spousal support payments for both her bodies; off to the Realm of Shadow on whatever you guys call a dragon in this weird setting to decapitate her twice' 'You didn't mention you guys had an Everchosen problem, stopped off and one shotted him with a spear on the way home' 'I don't know what orruks were, but I really enjoyed fighting them. Starting to regret doing a full genocide' I think the coolest way to do something with Aenarion's ghost would be if Tyrion, who post resurrection and cleansing of the Curse of Khaine is kind of a boring, flavorless dweeb who could do with some inner conflict, became possessed by it, spent most of his time trying to suppress murder grandpa with some serious Lumineth meditative techniques, only to take a back seat and let Aenarion go full Isle of the Dead when his back's really up against it.
  11. @Televiper11 Nice! The Gyrocopter/bombers will go a long way towards grabbing objectives, and Tempest's Eye's probably your safest bet city-wise, speeding up the rest of your guys, though you may want to experiment with Irondrakes and the Living City. Not too sure about the Cogsmith without any artillery to support, and feel you may be better off with another Runelord, or extra (half price) Gyrocopters to fill out both your units. Unless you're totally in love with the Cogsmith model, in which case more power to you!
  12. Store fruit long enough and it's guaranteed to go bad.
  13. Spoiled for anyone who's not read the Inquisition War trilogy yet (if you haven't you really should):
  14. Oh that's the End Times: Archaon tie in novel. It's full of weird Easter eggs that don't serve the story very much, and feel like forced fanservice that nobody really wanted or asked for. The main story with the Empire soldier with a bit of Ulric stuck in him, and Kanto the Unsworn, the Chaos Warrior from Road of Skulls is pretty good though.
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