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  1. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Don't you have a Tomb King Tomb Swarm avatar? No weirder than heavily converted pre Heresy armies before the Horus Heresy was a Forge World thing or "historical" special characters like Magnus the Pious or Gorbad Ironclaw. I've played plenty of games of 40k using an army of original squat models against opponents who weren't alive when squats got discontinued; none of them have struggled to get their heads around "GW used to make space dwarfs to go with the space orcs and space elves but they were kind of daft and got discontinued; these are Imperial Guard now" I'd also love to see a given conversation between two wargamers that couldn't be considered "weird"
  2. Double Misfire

    Realmslayer (possible spoilers)

    Oh hey @Turgol. I just finished typing up a Realmslayer review and spoiler summary in the other Gotrek thread We really need a main Gotrek in AoS Discussion thread.
  3. Double Misfire

    Gotrek in AoS

    It's a mighty shame that Gotrek didn't receive an AoS model and rules to tie into Realmslayer the same way Inquisitor Eisenhorn did recently. Please get on it @Ben Johnson! As a bit of fun, what kind of rules would you give Gotrek post-Realmslayer in game? I'd see him as a much more powerful Grimwrath Bezerker, on roughly the same power/matched play points level as the Celestant-Prime (though much harder to kill and less mobile). Unless Gotrek were given a Celestant-Prime style model with fire everywhere I couldn't imagine him being on anything larger than a 50mm base, it would make for interesting gameplay to have such a powerful model on a much smaller base (appropriately countered with a 4 inch move?).
  4. Double Misfire

    Gotrek in AoS

    QUICK(ish) REALMSLAYER REVIEW AND SUMMARY (SPOILERS BEHIND TAGS): Hi all, I listened to Realmslayer over the weekend and was overall very impressed. Here's a fairly rambling review of the audio drama and spoilery primer of Gotrek, Felix and their old supporting cast's new condition in the Mortal Realms for anybody allergic to audio/curious/planning on reading The Bone Desert when it comes out on Saturday. ? Spoilers are behind tags and I've kept anything concerning the plot of the audio drama not directly tied to Gotrek and friends' new status quo in the Mortal Realms (including Gotrek's new look) to a bare minimum. Pick up the audio drama if you want to know know the ins and outs of what happens, it's very good and 100% free if you haven't signed up for a 30 day free trial with Audible yet. Right, spoiler free part (scroll through this to get to the good stuff): I'd been pretty apprehensive about Realmslayer since it was announced, as as fantastic an actor and personality (and all round lovely human being), Brian Blessed is I'd never imagined Gotrek as sounding anything like him (probably in a large part by measure of exposure at a young age to a suitably gravely Yorkshire Gotrek making a brief cameo in the 1995 video game Shadow of the Horned Rat); and hadn't been massively into David Guymer's previous Gotrek and Felix novels, particularly Gotrek's characterisation and seeming lack of attachment to Felix in Kinslayer and Slayer, despite having been adventuring with him for 20+ years by then and having been shown to hold him in high regard under previous authors; and his three novels overall humourless tone (though he can hardly be blamed for that, they were all written at a time when it felt like GW had big NO FUN signs hanging in their IP offices). In hindsight I'm actually grateful for these misgivings, because I was pleasantly surprised on both counts. Brian Blessed gave an excellent performance that I very quickly came round to, and while I still think he was miscast based on how I'd personally read Gotrek, there's nothing I can remember in any Gotrek and Felix novels or stories by Bill King or anyone else that go into any particular detail on how Gotrek's supposed to sound, and so any hang ups I've got on how I think he should sound are entirely subjective. The plot and dialogue of the audio drama were both excellent and very funny; and without giving anything away Gotrek... feels like Gotrek, and is shown to value and miss Felix an appropriate amount, more than being simply annoyed that he's not there, putting my previous concerns about David Guymer to rest. Over the course of the audio drama's four (roughly hour long) chapters Gotrek emerges in and proceeds to go on a rambunctious romp through the Mortal Realms, encountering new companions and villains and at least one other returning character from the old setting (more on this behind the spoiler cut), that probably feels the more like a Bill King story than any Gotrek and Felix story since Redhand's Daughter. By the end of the drama Gotrek's new Age of Sigmar status quo (or at least the state he's in and who he's travelling with ahead of The Bone Desert, anything can happen in the Mortal Realms...) are firmly set up. Realmslayer has a fantastic sense of tangible danger that the post Bill King Gotrek and Felix books (and Giantslayer) lacked, with the earliest Gotrek and Felix stories (found in Trollslayer) feeling very visceral and real, with the duo feeling like a pair of mid level WFRP characters, able to be killed, damned mutated or at least loose an eye to a stray arrow with a little bad luck. Post Daemonslayer it was obvious neither Gotrek or Felix was going to die, or change very much, with the pair having become very pair of hugely likeable, but very static characters, with Gotrek having some great mystical destiny that was never going to be resolved and having warmed up to Felix, and Felix having toughened up significantly; but King had introduced a solid supporting cast of friends and foes, who could evolve or unexpectedly die (in Ulrika's case, both ?‍♂️). The post King books were largely well written but became formulaic, with anyone who wasn't Gotrek, Felix, a surviving member of King's supporting cast (Max, Snorri, Malakai Makaisson), or an established Warhammer special character expected to suffer a grim and perilous fate (Kinslayer and Slayer being the exceptions here, having been written to tie up the saga!). Realmslayer completely avoids this pitfall, placing an overconfident but purposeless and unfamiliar Gotrek in situations that quickly force him to adapt and develop, and a likeable new set of companions and foils who's stories have some surprising twists and turns - the possibility of the new setting is a welcome breath of fresh air for the series and I can't wait to speed through The Bone Desert on Saturday. As David Guymer mentioned in this interview, Gotrek is very much an old-timey WFB grognard begrudgingly getting to grips with the new setting, complaining about dwarfs riding "wingless runt dragons", Teclis status as a god, and even the quality of the eggs he's served at a Freeguild outpost. Gotrek still unabashedly calls dwarfs and elves "dwarfs" and "elves", to the confusion of many of the characters he meets (though it's pointed out by a returning character from his old adventures that he only calls dwarfs dwarfs because that's what humans called them, causing Gotrek to point out that he's spent enough time around humans that he'd actually grown to like them, which is a nice touch and reflected in other parts of the story) It's an innovative and hilarious angle to take, and without giving too much away a running theme of the book is Gotrek getting around his existing preconceptions of the very tightly defined conducts of races and factions from the old WFB setting, and the more free flow nature of AoS, where much more is likely to surprise you. The quality of the audio drama was probably the best of the already high GW audio dramas I'd previously listened to, with the large cast lending themselves excellently to differentiating between characters from from factions that had been assigned distinct accents (Yorkshire Fyreslayers, sub-Saharan Adasan Freeguild). Noteworthy shoutouts to Brian Blessed himself, giving as energetic and thunderous performance as anything else you've ever seen or heard him in, and the amazingly horrible helium/coffee/cocaine voices used for the skaven, on par with Shadow of the Horned Rat's skaven voices, and a welcome step up from the disappointing skaven-who-were-vocally-orcs-with-the-occasional-repeated-verb from Total War: Warhammer 2. Audio is the perfect medium for a story centred on Gotrek without Felix (Gotrek's mindset not exactly lending itself to being the main POV character in a novel), and Guymer and the drama's producer have done a great job capitalising on that, with the slayer on bombastic, sarcastic form. Realmslayer is the perfect listen for an old WFB or Gotrek and Felix fan who's stayed away from AoS since launch and does a great job of introducing the new setting (with only a few cursory Google image searches needed to find out what a Fyreslayer or Tzeentch Arcanite looks like). I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in Gotrek, dwarfs or AoS, and would easily call it Black Library's best AoS output to date. ? Right, that was a wall of text and a half. tl;dr, Realmslayer good, go buy it. Here's the bit you actually want to read: SPOILER SECTION (below tag):
  5. Double Misfire

    Gotrek in AoS

    Pretty great interview. I love this quote: Bringing an Old World classic like Gotrek to the Age of Sigmar was honestly the best bit. He hates that dwarfs now ride magmadroths. He hates that you can’t get a Bugman’s anywhere. He hates that Teclis is a god now. From my very first thoughts on this I wanted Gotrek to represent the old fan who never got on board with the Age of Sigmar. He’s the guy who snarks on message boards, who closes his eyes and prophecies the doom of Games Workshop. He’s the guy who sets fire to his Tomb Kings. But he’s in the Age of Sigmar now, he’s got to deal with it, and in doing so, reluctantly acknowledges that there’s a place for him in it.
  6. Double Misfire

    Gotrek in AoS

    Realmslayer up for preorder with some swanky previously unseen disk art: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Gotrek-Realmslayer-cs-2018 Still no sign of a Gotrek mini/warscroll. Not giving up hope though, maybe with a future novel after he's found Felix so they can be released as a pair. ?
  7. Absolutely no words for how great the new stuff is @Brad Gamma! Have a thumbs up dwarf Where did you end up sourcing the Gyrocopter bits from in the end?
  8. Double Misfire


    The "Ordinator"'s absolutely great, great job. ?
  9. Double Misfire


    Bloody hell, I love them. No words❤️❤️❤️
  10. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Up there with the 3.5 CSM codex and the original Realm of Chaos books. Chaos Space Marines may not have won the Heresy, but they definitely won the codex bowl!
  11. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Return? He never had a model (and never had rules in WFB, only ever 2nd ed 40k)
  12. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Already came out last year, disguised as an Eldar release
  13. Double Misfire

    Gotrek in AoS

    New Gotrek novella announced on the Warhammer Community site (still missing his axe and Felix!): https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/10/10/new-novellas-to-collect-and-read/
  14. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Gotrek's making his AoS debut next month in a new audio series staring Brian Blessed, originally announced in February: https://www.blacklibrary.com/coming-soon/november/gotrek-realmslayer-mp3.html Between sharing a cover with the AoS logo and CARRYING A BLOODY FIREARM it's very unlikely the green guy you mentioned is a Bretonnian. If the lady Scourge Privateer is written by Nick Horth, she's probably Arika Zenthe, the corsiar queen/mafia boss who featured in his Calis and Toll books, City of Secrets and The Silver Shard. Image of Gotrek and link to today's community site article announcing new novellas for anyone else is interested: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/10/10/new-novellas-to-collect-and-read/
  15. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    If you're looking to get really inappropriate, ask a Swede if the fancy playing though Bögenhafen with you