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  1. Yep, City of Secrets (not sure if these posts should be in spoiler tags or not... 😳)
  2. From the new Tzeentch book, roll on Gordrakk vs Excelsis supplement after Wrath of the Everchosen...
  3. And I'd throw a gromril brick through the window. Perfectly good theme wasted on a daft race 😤😉
  4. 🤨 Ulthuan isn't Siam, and Tyrion and Teclis always operated pretty independently in both the WFB background (off leading armies/cuckolding Finubar and traveling around researching spells/teaching humans to read respectively), and game (you'd have to be playing very large battle to have the character allowance for both); and Teclis seemed pretty autonomous is his recent appearance in his recent flashback scene in Forbidden Power, so I wouldn't expect them to share a base or have to be taken together. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Tyrion wasn't even part of the new faction at all, with his own release years away. Now if Malekith and Morathi had been a single miniature with a shared base, then we'd be talking... 😉
  5. I was just thinking the other day about how much I miss the WFB Undead with Nagash as a dormant presence in the background of a faction of self-interested schemers who've not realised they're stuck in a holding pattern. Still, have enjoyed Mannfred's fall from grace/recharacterisation from the biggest, baddest thing that hasn't happened to the Empire yet to Starscream with daddy issues. Nagash obviously benefits (or seems to think he benefits) from giving Mannfred and Neferata a degree of/the illusion of agency, so a full fleshed out vampire/Soulblight faction could have a wonderful pitiful feel, made up of a bunch of aspiring Machiavellis, each secretly plotting to bend the mortal realms to their own will, never realising that the only reason they're compelled to think like that is because Nagash thinks it'll keep the other grand alliances second guessing.
  6. Ebay box splitters and most bits sites seem to sell them off for next to nothing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warhammer-Age-of-Sigmar-Soul-Wars-Battle-of-Glymmsforge-Booklets-Ruler-Dice/283184743900?hash=item41ef2045dc:g:9eEAAOSwZrdbQ09L
  7. Re: Point Aelves: It could be an oversight, but the Cities of Sigmar Battletome's background mentions both Skycutters and the Eldritch Council as things that still exist, make of it what you will. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Thundrik and the Profiteers have to be taken together and share a points value, but do indeed count as two different units, so run as many duardin with visible beards as you please!
  9. A few new mercenary companies would be nice.
  10. Credit where it's due, it's @Nacnudllah's amazing model/idea, I'm just reposting it.
  11. Preach! Make like @Nacnudllah and stick the proper classic Brian Nelson Archaon on a big enough pile of skulls to fill a 160mm base and reach the height of his successor
  12. You might be on to somethign here... Thumbing through the Slaves to Darkness book, and in the Legion of the Everchosen allegiance abilities and Varanguard warscroll Archaon's referred to as a bolded keyword, and his warsroll's titled ARCHAON THE EVERCHOSEN in the same way as a LORD-CELESTANT ON DRACOTH, implying there could be a different version on the way... 🤔
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