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  1. That would kind of be bizarro world logic, right? Not making additional production runs of Cured City because it's too popular?
  2. Some of the previously "no longer available online" LoN kits have been completely removed from the webstore. It really seems like Gravelords are about to release soon.
  3. I'm fully expecting a preview show announcement this weekend. We've got to be pretty close to the release of both Be'Lakor and Gravelords at this point if they are not just marking the models as unavailable, but fully removing them from the store.
  4. Both are possible. The new Skeletons are confirmed to be updates Skeleton Warriors. You are officially allowed to keep using old sculpts of the same unit (not that it matters unless you want to play in GW tournaments, the sculpt police is not going to come to your house and slap those models out of your hand) and new and old skeletons are on the same base size of 25mm. If you like the look of the old Skeleton Warriors, there is no problem with mixing them in with the new ones or using them in separate units to differentiate them on the tabletop.
  5. I could see that! Stormcast and the AoS 1.0 stuff were definitely the time of experimentation at GW, both in terms of game design and business models.
  6. Let's hope we get Ulfenkarn rules in some time soon, then, right? I get your concern, but I think models from boxed games are really different from releases for AoS proper. It makes sense to give them weaker rules. I personally trust that if Order of Azry becomes a real subfaction for Cities, they would not commit the blunder of purposefully making it impossible for them to benefit from city allegiances.
  7. The problem is, we currently really don't know what models will get an update in the new book. As far as the Skeleton Horde box: We know skeletons are in, but they are getting new sculpts, so think about whether you would regret getting the old ones. We are reasonably sure Black Knights are in the new book, because of the new mounted Wight King, but we don't know whether or not their sculpt will be updated. For what it's worth, some believe that they won't get a new sculpt because the Black Knight kit also builds Hexwraiths, which are part of Nighthaunt. As for the mortarch kit, it's another tough one. Currently none of the mortarchs are really good, but they are all perfectly playable. Neferata and Mannfred will likely see some rules changes in the new book, but we don't know if the kit will be updated or not. I would say probably not, because it's a fairly recent, well sculpted, commonly used plastic kit. However, BROKEN REALMS: TECLIS SPOILERS: With that in mind I would say you can get the Skeleton Horde box if you think you will still be happy with those models and extra bits even if the sculpts are updated. The absolute best way to start a Gravelords army would probably be to get the just released Warhammer Quest: Cursed City, which will give you 10 new sculpt Skeletons, 10 new sculpt Zombies, 6 bat swarms, 6 rat swarms and several heroes. It is hard to get hold of at the moment, though. It just went on preorder and is currently sold out. You could try to pick up the new Gravelords Underworlds warband that launches this weekend, too. It's basically 4 Vampire Lords. I think it might actually be best to just wait another month. We have seen a good part of the army revealed, as well as the cover of the Battletome. Historically, that means that army is coming in at most two months or so. No guarantees, though, because the release schedule is screwed up due to COVID.
  8. If they do it right, they will just make Order of Azyr a keyword in the style of Freeguild or Dispossessed in CoS. I think that's just a no brainer. Just do the exactly same thing that already works, again.
  9. It does seem like boxed game warscrolls are generally weaker. I'd say it's intentional, but we can only speculate about the reasons. At least in the case of Warhammer Quest there is a fairly clear one: GW don't know how long those games will be supported and don't want important game pieces for AoS hidden away in out of production boxes that cost $200. This might seem a bit out of character for GW for being too pro-consumer, but AoS and 40k generally don't have a scarcity/rotation component like collectable card games often have and they have never (to my knowledge) tried to introduce one. Plus, kitbashing exists, so it probably would not work anyway. For that reason, the damage from a marketing standpoint if AoS and other GW games became know as "Those games where you need discontinued models from a box set from 20 years ago to win (or need to scratch build them)" probably makes it more attractive to err on the side of underpowered. As a player, I definitely welcome the fact that there is no chance that the new Cursed City models will become staples of the dominant tournament lists. It's nice not to have to worry about getting those models to play the meta lists just as it is nice not to have to worry about not being able to find a copy to actually play Cursed City as intended. With Underworlds and Warcry it's a bit harder to see the reasoning. I guess maybe they don't know if they want to continue restocking these warbands indefinitely. Or it's the point about the availability of those boxes for Underworlds/Warcry mentioned above. We definitely don't want a graphics card/bitcoin mining situation on our hand with respect to Underworlds models in AoS.
  10. You can certainly build a Cities of Sigmar list full of normal dudes and with only a handful of heroes who are also pretty normal dudes. It would definitely not look like a collection of superheroes. I am not sure that is what you want, though.
  11. On the one hand that seems inordinarily quick, but on the other hand I want it to be true so I'll choose to believe it.
  12. Yes! There is no general rule that forbids this. Individual deep strike/ambush/teleport effects will usually prevent moving right after in some way, but you can frequently still do it using additional abilities.
  13. This mechanic emerges naturally from the nitty-gritty of the game mechanics, but it was nonsense to write a warscroll that actually relies on this stupid, obscure interaction. Just a huge design blunder. It's something that should have been "patched out", not put into the spotlight.
  14. Any hero with a shooting attack and good melee profile is good in Living City because it can be placed in ambush, shoot and then be moved foreward using the Living City command ability. This makes it easy to charge from ambush. The free one wound heal per round is also pretty nice on high-armour targets.
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