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  1. Maybe, but for mortals get to the point where a 2+ save battleline is not worth considering, they would really have to reach a level much higher than even the most mortal spamming armies can put out right now.
  2. I always tbought Longbeards were more solid than most people gave them credit for. But for AoS 3, Ironbreakers would be my dwarves of choice with their 3+ save.
  3. Two units who have gone up quite a bit in my estimation are Galen and Doralia ven Denst. It looks like endless spells will be absolutely everywhere in AoS 3 and the ability to attempt to dispell them several times in the shooting and combat phases seems quite good. The same goes for double damage against wizards. Small heroes are also really nice to have around. If you take three of them, you can fill another Warlord or Command Entourage battalion to get extra command points and enhancements. I think I will personally go for double warlord a lot in Cities, so a useful small hero to enable
  4. I think you were able to do this with in Legions of Nagash with Mastery of Death for a while, but that eventually got fixed. So yeah, probably unintended.
  5. I have a Tomb Kings/Gravelords army, too. But I also can't really find a good conversion idea for zombies. My personal solution is to keep the Deathrattle and Deadwalker sides of my army separate. In the fluff, Deathrattle kingdoms often form mutually beneficial alliances with Gravelords. That's what I intend to represent in this way for my army: An ancient Deathrattle kingdom that provides all the skeleton and deathmages stuff allying with the Vyrkos dynasty who brings in bats, wolves and zombies. Of course, you can blur the lines a little and have a few Vampire characters represented by
  6. The Black Coach is a monster as far as core battalions is concerned. But sadly does not have the MONSTER keyword, so it does not get rampages or count for grand strategies/battle tactics.
  7. I definitely will, since I am doing the math out of my own interest, anyway. I should probably start posting them as blogs, too, I guess.
  8. Don't misunderstand me: I believe I mostly share your position re: Lumineth. It's just that I think using this specific ranking from ListBot is not a good way to convince people. I have watched that Warhammer Weekly episode with the creator of listbot, and he definitely knows what he's doing and takes a lot care. But that episode also made it apparent that you need to be careful interpreting the data on his site. This should not be a surprise: If you have ever done any kind of data analysis, you know that you have to be careful about picking the correct data and means of analyzing it if y
  9. I'm not really sure. I think both zombies and skeletons are good in both lists, actually. They just have slightly different uses. Skeletons bring staying power, while Zombies bring 40 bodies for just one reinforcement point, plus their pile in and mortal wound shennenigans. I have been thinking about the choice between zombies and skeletons since we got the new reinforcement rules. I think 40 zombies for just a single reinforcement points are strong in a world where most units will be max-size 30 for two points. Having access to this option makes Gravelords one of the few factions that ca
  10. Totally fair. I personally really love that the head of the Vyrkos dynasty is a weird, old fairy-tale wolf witch. I also really like all the other weird Vyrkos vampires like Kritza and Annika. But I totally get the appeal of the more martial Kastelai take on what vampires are like. It was actually really difficult for me to decide whether or not to go all-in on Blood Knights or wolf weirdos.
  11. And even rerolling casts in Vyrkos, which means she casts like a +2/+3 to cast Wizard in all cases that matter. She's really super solid and I also find myself putting her in nearly all my lists. Great model, too.
  12. Totally agree. If you think you can get the charge, casting Arcane Bolt or Mystic Shield seems like a good default plan on the VLoZD. Pinions is just to make sure you get where you need to go. I have recently come to realize that my lists have more good spells than I can cast by default. All the dedicated casters have good warscroll spells, and all the combat-casters can try for one of Pinions, Bolt or Shield. Plus Invigorating Aura and endless spells. That's why I am pretty OK now with taking situational Lore of Vampires/Deathmages spells. They don't need to be part of my game plan, they
  13. I think you are making a semi-joke here, but you are hitting on something real that I think people are not appreciating yet. Reinforcement limits and coherency don't really prevent horde armies. They hardly even discourage them all that much. All armies that get a min-size 20 battleline units will definitely consider just running two blocks of 60, or 4 of 40. Simply because it allows you to out-number a lot of armies in a world where most only get to run 2 blocks of 30 at most. Granted, only a few armies have this option. Gravelords with Zombies, Skaven with Clanrats and Gitz with Sh
  14. I'll miss your voice on this forum, @Mcthew. I always thought you had good, reasonable and well considered takes on most topics. But really, who could fault anyone for taking a break from a hobby or focussing their energy elsewhere when they feel like they are not getting what they want out of it. From your recent posts, I could tell you have been stuggling with the direction of AoS 3. I think taking a step back and taking a break from AoS and particularly AoS online communities seems like a good idea for you and I hope it helps you keep your enthusiasm for the hobby alive 🙂
  15. After recently looking at the viability of a bravery bomb in Gravelords, I took a look at the math behind the Lore of Vampires spell Spirit Gale. Spirit Gale casts on a 5 and targets a unit wholly within 18". You roll 2d6 and check against the target's bravery. If you roll over their bravery, deal mortal wounds equal to the difference. So, for example, if they have bravery 7 and you roll a 9, you deal 2 mortals. I (and I would assume many other people) initially looked at that and thought it was probably bad. You need to "win" two rolls for the spell to do damage (casting and bravery
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