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  1. Use the report function and don't proliferate spam by quoting it in the future. Just makes it harder to clean up for the mods.
  2. I would just put that down as general future proofing, not necessarily evidence of concrete plans for an expansion. This language might even be standard for all resurrection abilities.
  3. The Era of the Beast is over. The Era of the Dorf has begun. Let's just say the days... ...are getting shorter. 😎
  4. My experience with AoS 3rd is pretty unequally distributed over its life span. I played the game a little at the start, then took a long break from playing in the middle, and now towards the end played very regularly. Overall, I don't know I can really say that 3rd edition was a straight upgrade over 2nd, but at the same time there were a lot of improvements that I would not want to revert back to the 2nd ed standard. 3rd edition was an experimental edition in my mind due to all the different GHBs, but also all the other adjustments that happened over the course of its life span. Remember Amulet of Destiny and how big of a problem that was? At times, this was overwhelming for me: In the beginning, I followed the rules closely and was thinking a lot about battle tactics, grand strategies and artefacts for my armies. I revised my lists when new changes were introduced, such as in the Tome Celestial updates from White Dwarf. But after the change to the first Gallet GHB, I really lost my motivation to keep up. Partially, this is because I was just not actively playing at the time, but in the past I have actually been into the whole theory-crafting and mathhammer part of the game even without having games lined up. I hope all the rules experimentation was worth it in the design process for 4th ed, because it definitely took a toll on me living through it. As far as stand out rules go: I think what 3rd edition did a lot better than 2nd was faction rules. Not for all factions, but IMO for the majority. My least favorite bit of rules writing from the edition was what they did in Battlescroll: The Hunt, where they gave players victory points more or less directly for playing bad armies. I just thought that was the completely wrong approach to game balance, and I am glad it went away very quickly. Much like I did for 3rd ed, I appreciate that 4th seems to want to address weak problems in AoS that I also personally perceive in my own experience. But I am more excited for 4th because the designers seem much more willing this time around to change basic mechanics of the game if they don't make sense anymore and I get the general impression that they have a similar idea of the kind of game AoS should be as myself. I hope they are able to realize their vision of AoS as a game that plays smoothly, but retain tactical depth and has something to offer to many kinds of players with different interests.
  5. That's a big advantage not many people are picking up on. It is very helpful to have a common base line of what a small AoS game. Being able to play without first having to negotiate specifics (points level, table size, bans...) is huge. If you look at the Spearhead board, the objectives are on the corners of the board (as well as the center), while they are usually on quarter or half-way lines in big AoS. If you lay it out in real life, the distances are more similar to full AoS than you might expect at first.
  6. I think it is really easy for long time players to forget the barrier to entry and just how steep it is. Just being able to pick a Spearhead, play a game right away and get a feeling for what makes a good warscroll by actual experince is so huge. Having to decide what units you want in your list in the abstract, by just looking at the warscrolls before you even play a game, is so difficult. Unless you are based "I just play what looks the coolest" chad, of course.
  7. Self-policing, and also straight up homebrewing to make battleplans conceived for a 60"x44" board and 10+ units per side actually play well. That was that was always the biggest barrier to small games (sub 1000 points) for me. I played a few and they were fun, but they did require me to put in a bunch of design work that new players can't do because they lack AoS system mastery. The self-policing point is really salient to me as well, though. It frequently caused some friction in my low point games when one side could assemble a unit combo, while the other either could not get there due to points or restrictions on big models. In a way, I think Spearhead is the natural solution to the problems with low points AoS. A smaller board with a mission system tuned for it, recurring chaff units and fixed lists all made immediate sense to me because they directly adressed problems that I personally experienced with small games.
  8. It's not just you, this whole thread has taken a weirdly negative turn since the preview a few days ago that I honestly find baffling. Everyone outside this thread in particular seems really positive about Spearhead, but this thread has been the notable exception (which I find very uncharacteristic for TGA). I for one am still super interested in this new game mode, especially with people like AoS Coach, 2+ Tough Doug and Honest Wargamer Rob independently talking about how fun it is.
  9. Maybe chill a little with making up scenarios that have not happened in your head and then getting upset about them? So far literally all the opinions I have read from people who have actually played Spearhead have been positive.
  10. Stormcast are the Ryu of AoS. Them being vanilla is to be expected.
  11. Actual good beatstick characters? In my AoS? Seems like Matt Rose watched that one Warhammer Weekly about foot why combat heroes suck just like the rest of us.
  12. Yeah, but Stormcast should have at leadt rend 1. I don't want to play through another edition where the literal golden super men and women are among the most pillow fisted armies around
  13. I need to get into the habit of actually paying attention to the ability frame
  14. I didn't even see the damage doubling effect at first! That definitely makes her a huge threat against any kind of MONSTER. I occasionally ran the Ven Densts in my lists, and people were already respecting their rend 2 damage 4 shots on their WIZARD HERO MONSTERs. A big rend 3 damage 8 (!) shot will definitely make people pay attention.
  15. Oh, they are based on the old warscroll battalions? That's kind of cool, I'd love if Deathmarch made its return in the Soulblight Gravelords index. That's what I originially ran when I started in 2nd edition.
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