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  1. Normal casters are just really kind of awful. Getting out a spell of any casting level through an unbind at one cast per turn with no bonuses is at best a coin flip. If spells straight up said "on a 4+...", I doubt people would be putting up with paying 130 points for their wizards, but the math hides how low your odds to cast successfully really are.
  2. Box art Anasta Malkorion: I did the red armour in true metallics by tinting it with contrast paint. Highly recommend it! Mix in some gloss medium for the best results. Just don't look at the floating skull, please.
  3. Is anyone else doing Anasta? A bit of a fiddly model, but definitely quite cool looking. I see a lot of people going for a head swap on her, but to me the Nosferatu head is the best part.
  4. Command traits: Probably Pack Alpha on the Vampire Lord for the free command point so that you can spam Crimson Feast or Hunter's Snare on the VLoZD to pretend you are playing Ogors. Artefacts: They all kinda suck. Sangsyron on the VLoZD maybe, after that Amulet of Destiny on whoever. Arcane Tome would be good if you had a Necromancer, but probably not in your current list.
  5. Yeah, it would always be nice to have better stats. And those meta breakdowns also don't tell you too much about the casual experience. I would wager that the old Beastclaw three Start Collecting box list actually does a lot better in most casual games than the Warcom break down would imply.
  6. I don't think it's disingenuous. But it does depend on your perspective of what it means for a faction to be viable. I'm not denying that there are a few obvious top tiers right now. But what I am denying is that no other armies have a chance to compete. Everything above Sylvaneth in on the Metawatch list seems to have a fair chance to win a tournament. Everything above Fyreslayers is at least a dark horse competitor. And we occasionally see even the bottom tier do well. My perspective on this data is by comparison to other competitive games. There are no games I can think of without top and bottom tiers, but in many games the gap between those tier is a lot larger than in AoS. Frequently, even mid tiers don't really have a chance at winning a tournament at all. That makes me say that there are many tournament viable factions in AoS: If a faction has won a tournament, that proves that it can win tournaments. And about half of the factions in the game even seem to have a pretty good chance at doing so. Those are good numbers from a competitive point of view. That's right, of course. I'm not claiming that Nighthaunt are on the level of Sons of Behemat or anything like that. The post I was responding to specifically claimed that low tiers can't win tournaments, though, which is what I was trying to refute.
  7. Nighthaunt recently went 4-1 at Da Boyz GT and 5-0 at Little Bo Peep GT. I think Beasts of Chaos also recently went 4-1. Not to mention the other recent notable upsets, like Flesh Eater Courts, OBR and Slaanesh: As far as competitive games go, AoS seems to have a fairly healthy number of tournament viable factions and a combination of skill and luck seems to allow even low tier factions to have a shot at winning a tournament.
  8. Only rumoured for now. Let's calm down until it actually happens. At which point, feel free to riot.
  9. Oh boy, better not go to other Warhammer forums then.
  10. I don't know about no shooting unit, but I generally agree for big blocks of ranged infantry. I think mid-range shooting is really what those units should mainly be capable of. Somewhere between 12" and 18". Enough range so that you can actually have the chance to outrange an opponent, but still need to worry about positioning. But what I really want is artillery to be better. I can't off the top of my head think of any artillery units that are actually good right now. The closest I can come up with are the Mortek Crawler last edition and maybe Celestar Ballistas before that. Artillery models are really disadvantaged by the rules right now compared to non-artillery shooting units, because they can't be reinforced and can't self-buff, so they don't benefit well from command abilities. I think the game would be more interesting if artillery units, with all their disadvantages, were the most common way to get dependable long range shooting. Slow moving, minimum range requirements, can't capture for beans, decently expensive... Put the average artillery battery at the price point and strength of a unit of Stormcast Longstrikes and I'd be pretty happy.
  11. I suppose Ogors could get an update to all their Finecast stuff. Maneaters, Yhetees, Frost Sabers, Gorgers and most heroes are still in finecast, after all. Their basic troop selection is pretty solid, but they could do with a few more interesting heroes/named characters. Maybe they could get war machines? That kinda fits their style.
  12. Who do you guys think are the weakest armies? And what do they need? My gut instinct would be Beasts, Gitz and Slaanesh. I think those three are at a point where they need more than points updates. Most other armies seem fine in the sense that they are probably OK with just point changes. I would say Fyreslayers and Sylvaneth are probably the weakest Order armies. In Death, Nighthaunt is probablythe weakest. Nighthaunt and Bonereapers are both kind of interesting, because even though they seem fairly playable, they would definitely appreciate being made properly 3.0 compliant. Especially OBR, whose Relentless Discipline used to be an upside, but is now arguably a downside.
  13. Your Stormcast are really starting to take shape! It's always nice to see your progress. But yeah, faces, how do you deal with them? They are definitely one of the few places on a miniature that you can't cheat on. Or if you can, I have not found out how. Two things have helped me get better at faces, particularly eyes: Number one is to just bite the bullet and paint the eyes on every miniature. You never get better at stuff you don't practice. It was a pain at first, but I definitely started to notice some improvement with time. Number two was to get the order of operations right. I had always tried to do the eyes last, but that's hard because at that point you are likely ruining the skin you have already painted. Now, I usually do the basic skin colour first, then a dark wash, and then I start with the eyes. That makes it way easier in my opinion, because you don't have to worry about messing anything up. I also use the method of putting down a thin off-white line in the eye area, then putting in the pupil and finally cleaning everything up with skin colour, so there is usually a good bit of white/black outside the lines. Another secret pro tip is to put the pupils into the corners of the eyes instead of the center. It's way easier to get right and your models won't end up cross eyed. Oryou can just, you know, learn to love the mysterious shadow over the eye area you get from a good dark wash and stop worrying about it. It's not like you can tell from a few feet away anyway.
  14. Man, I hope that one does not pan out. Stormcast don't deserve the triple nerf Slaanesh special.
  15. This is a dilemma that I also struggle with sometimes. Personally, I am all for de-tuning your list to match the lower power level of a more casual group. There is fun to be had in that: You get to play fully to your theme and bring all your favourite conversions you made of models that are usually not good enough. Or you get to try out those models that can be powerful and fun, but are not reliable enough to use in competitive games. But I find it very hard to play badly on purpose. Like, to not use resources I know I have or to not take opportunities that I think I should. When I bring a list, I really want to play it to the best of my ability. Otherwise, I kind of feel like "What's even the point? Why am I even playing?".
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