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  1. So I have been looking into how the five foxes list is supposed to win. The piece of the puzzle that was missing for me before is this: Instead of hanging around outside of melee range the whole game, the foxes are supposed to charge your guys and pin them in. Their Helon "pile-in in any direction" shenennigans and "reduce pile-in distance by 2" keep them mostly safe from melee damage. And then they move out of combat with their "move in the shooting phase" ability on your turn before you get to really hit them back. It seems to me that Gravelords are still in a fairly good position here, though. We have enough 6" pile in available to negate that part of the strategy. Blood Knights get their Riders of Ruin, so they can't easily be pinned. Big monsters like the VLoZD are fast enough to retreat out of combat and still get where they need to go (possibly capturing for 14 models in Vyrkos). Gravesite deployment makes it easier to start further up the board. Overall, I think Gravelords are in a good place to combat the fox spam list, especially for a melee army.
  2. Grave Guard are really good, but hard to use because of their low mobility. Personally, I also think it's easy to over-buff them. Here are the calculations for 10 Grave Guard (you might well be running 20 and would have a good chance of getting them all into combat with their small bases) with +1 attack and +1 to wound from Vyrkos allegiance (so, with support from a Vampire Lord or Radukar the Beast): Save Grave Guard 2+ 12.63 3+ 17.22 4+ 21.81 5+ 26.41 6+ 31 - 31 You really get into the territory where you have to ask your self: What am I trying to kill where I need to also need them to pile in twice on top of this? Each Grave Guard already kills two enemy models on a 4+ on average.
  3. I'll throw out some basic pointers in that case: All basic Soulblight battleline are good, and they all play different roles. Zombies are excellent bodies/wounds for their points and surprisingly mobile with their 6" pile-in (allows them to run and still get into combat). They can be punchy, as well, if you buff them with extra attacks. Direwolves are fast screens that can take a punch, but their offense is not great. They synergize with Belladamma Volga. Skeletons are the defensive option. They resurrect about half of their casualties after fighting. The Necromancer's warscroll spell lets them fight twice, for double resurrection. The Necromancer frequently wants to take an Arcane Tome, so that they can attempt both their warscroll spell and a lore spell (usually Overwhelming Dread for the low casting value). The Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon is a very solid hero-monster. He can make good use of the Amulet of Destiny and becomes hard to kill with it. Belladamma Volga is frequently included in competitive lists even outside of Vyrkos because she's a 200 point 2 cast wizard that offers a lot of anti-shooting tech. Similarly, Mannfred von Carstein often goes into lists that are not Legion of Night. He offers the ability to teleport of out combats he does not want to engage in (even if he gets charged), which is probably the dirtiest trick in Soulblight Gravelords. Blood Knights are just allround good, but their defense is better than their offense. Kastelai offers the most payoffs for running Blood Knights, but they can go into any list.
  4. Soulblight are for sure not underperforming competitively according to the recent metawatch article. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/09/10/metawatch-which-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-armies-contested-the-top-tables-at-the-warhammer-open/ They are firmly one of the top factions right now. There is tournament-winning Vyrkos list and a write up of how it plays in that article, too: Here is an example of another top-tier Vyrkos list: However, I don't want you to think that Vyrkos is unquestionably the best lineage. Legion of Night and Kastelai have also been doing well. I see at least three tournament viable archetypes, personally: Vyrkos or Legion of Night goodstuff (leans hordey) Kastelai Blood Knight spam Nagash
  5. I can certainly see the worry. This situation is not 100% clear because the timing of Blaze of Glory references "removing the model from play" and we don't really know how AoS rules handle situations where an event used to determine rule timing is replaced by another event. Personally, I think there should not be a problem, because you resolve Blaze first, but the ability does not require you to remove the model at the end, just that it resolves before the model is removed. And then when you go to resolve Cycle, whatever Blaze says does not matter anymore because it's already resolved.
  6. My take on this is that the rules are actually compatible. Both rules trigger when a model is slain. The "before removing that model" part of Blaze of Glory seems to me to just be a timing clarification: You do the whole mortal wound thing before removing the model. Makes sense, too, because otherwise you would not know what models are within 1" of your slain model. I don't think this rule needs to be read as requiring you to remove the model immediately afterwards. Cycle of the Storm is a replacement effect. Also triggering on "when a model is slain", you replace removing the model with healing it and don't count it as slain any longer. If the "before removing that model" part in Blaze of Glory is indeed just about the timing of that ability, then there should not be a problem combining those two rules. It would normally work like this: Model slain -> remove model Blaze of Glory inserts itself in between the two: Model slain -> Blaze of Glory -> remove model Cycle of the Storm: Model slain -> Cycle of the Storm -> remove model heal model And finally, combined: Model slain -> Blaze of Glory -> Cycle of the Storm -> remove model heal model
  7. I just had a thought: Imagine trying to paint that guy's face without sub-assembling. Also, someone correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think the two new warbands solve any rumour engines.
  8. Might be able to kitbash her with a Sisters of Battle head, though.
  9. That sounds extremely plausible right now. I imagine the next GHB will bring us to Ulgu, too, and Umbraneth will come out some time while that book is current.
  10. I have recently heard a bunch of people complaining about the five foxes list (Sevireth+4 Hurrakan Spirits). I get that the list is probably awful to play against because you can't hope to engage the foxes ever with a melee army, but how does it actually win? From my perspective, I am looking at 1405 points of units that capture equivalent to 10 models and deal like 20 damage a turn at range before saves. Is there something I am missing here? Why can't you just ignore them and win on points?
  11. Gravelords do not seem to be having problems participating in AoS under the 3rd edition rules at the moment, so it's not like we are particularly in need of a new book. It's definitely possible that our faction won't get a 3rd edition book at all, or only towards the end of the edition again. However, I think there is also a real chance that Gravelords jump the queue in ~1.5 years or so, much like Lumineth or Slaanesh. There is still room to flesh out the Vyrkos and Avengorii dynasties and a few sculpts like Grave Guard could still get updated in theory.
  12. The damage of Sevireth plus 4 Spirits is actually much lower. Sevireth has a profile of 4 attacks, 2+/3+/-3/d3 A Spirit of the Wind has 4 attacks, 2+/3+/-2/d3. So overall 20 attacks. As a rule of thumb, 2+/3+ is a ~55% conversion rate. You can buff Sevireth to 2+/2+ once, but the rest of the foxes seems to be stuck at 2+/3+ unless I am missing something. So we are looking at 20*0,55*2 damage before saves on average. That's ~22, which is awful for 1405 points. Here are the numbers against different armour saves: Save 5 Foxes 2+ 11.85 3+ 15.56 4+ 19.26 5+ 22.22 6+ 22.22 - 22.22 And again with Deathless Minions factored in: Save 5 Foxes (6+ ward) 2+ 9.88 3+ 12.96 4+ 16.05 5+ 18.52 6+ 18.52 - 18.52 I really don't think the five foxes list looks very good. The Teclis+Sentinels list seems way more threatening.
  13. The weakness of that list is that it only deals high-quality damage, but can't beat raw number of wounds. G-Lords have great meat-tank battleline. 4 Sprits of the Wind and Sevireth are 1405 points. Kill on average 18.5 zombies per shooting phase. They can't even wipe 10 Direwolves in a single shooting phase. Both of those units are also summonable and have a very good chance to come back for free at some point. The foxes also can't break a 3+ save character model on their own. Put a model on a 2+ ignore rend 1 with the Amulet of Destiny and they deal ~5 damage to it per shooting phase. If your opponent wants a substantial number of Sentinels on top of the foxes, there is literally one way to do it: 2x10 Wardens and 20 Sentinels. That puts the list on 1995 points. No support heroes means that you will probably be able to unbind the spells the sentinels need a good number of times, making them a lot more managable. And even then, the whole Lumineth army (with Lambent Light and Power of Hysh) focus firing a kitted-out VLoZD (Amulet+All-Out Defense) does not even kill it on average. The list is absurdly pillow fisted. Literally just ignore the foxes and win by points in round 3.
  14. GW is being really non-commital about what will and will not be free or available on the app after the beta period, no doubt intentionally. I would generally expect the worst. I would hope that we don't end up with the literal worst of all options, where you have to buy a physical battletome to unlock the rules in the app. There will probably at least be an option to unlock the rules in the app for a fee without buying a book. But as far as I am aware (and I may be wrong here), you actually have to buy the physical codex to get access to the rules in the 40k app, so who knows?
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